summersi would like to announce a new ubuntu channel, #ubuntu-faggots, all are welcome to join08:38
vishkwwii: can you kick/ban ^08:45
kwwiithere, no need08:59
vishkwwii: yup , just got kicked kicked from freenode ,he was spamming a lot of ubuntu channels ;)09:00
kwwiistupid, really09:00
thorwilstupid and not one bit creative09:05
vishheh , seems he is part of a group that is targeting the -women team  :/09:07
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
Cimiiainfarrell: how is it going? :)16:37
kwwiiCimi: I think iainfarrell is really busy today, not sure if he is checking irc16:38
kwwiiCimi: hi, btw16:38
knomekwwii, is there a day he ISN'T busy?16:38
iainfarrellkwwii:  and Cimi I am here but yes very busy16:38
iainfarrellkwwii: flattery will get you everywhere16:38
iainfarrellCimi: is it urgent or could it come to me via e-mail?16:38
Cimiiainfarrell: nothing urgent, just want to say hello :)16:38
knomeme too! hi iainfarrell :)16:39
iainfarrellphew! hi to both Cimi and knome :)16:39
iainfarrellapologies for not being more chatty of late16:39
iainfarrellthe life of a project manager is fraught :)16:40
knomeiainfarrell, no problem. you can always compensate for this later on, by offering us free beer, for example16:40
thorwileveryone is very busy! where will that get me?16:40
knomegrave, eventually16:41
thorwilknome: heh, thanks for cheering me up! though that "eventually" seems to indicate i could get that wrong!16:42
knomei'm not sure about the grave part, though, since people tend to get cremated as well16:42
knomebut i'm sure you'll die one day.16:42
* thorwil goes to have a woman treat parts of his body with scissors16:43
knome(just make sure you die because of busyness, since otherwise i had made an another false statement) ;)16:43
iainfarrellknome: next time you're in London, it's a deal16:43
kwwiithorwil: you are scaring me16:43
knomeiainfarrell, heh, okay :) so when does canonical invite us the next time? ;)16:44
thorwilkwwii: haircut ;)16:44
iainfarrellheh knome that's an excellent question16:44
knomeno seriously, i'll get in touch if/when i most possibly get there next time16:44
kwwiithorwil: only if you are lucky16:45
kwwiiit could all go horribly wrong16:45
knomekwwii, at least then he would die, and reach at least one goal16:45
knomekwwii, (didn't you see he was fearful about the fact he might go wrong in dying too, eh?)16:46
kwwiisooo...if anyone wants to test the new theme engine with a new version of Ambiance, check out ppa:ken-vandine/dx-theme16:46
* knome makes a not of that16:47
kwwiiI'll send an email around later with instructions, a list of changes, etc16:51
kwwiibasically, a list of what Cimi and myself achieved last week :p16:51
zniavre_ambiance is quite nice like that too (still do not like so much the big expander +/-17:31
kwwiizniavre_: the expander is currently too dark, need to lighten it up quite a bit18:11
dashuakwwii, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/74748/screenshot_P0G0jT.png19:03
dashuaHaven't messed with the CSD stuff yet.  Still on Lucid.19:04
vishholly *** , kenvandine's ppa has a lot of stuff!19:09
dashuaHeya vish19:14
dashuaHow's things mate?19:15
vishhehe , i was about to say , "busy" and was fearful of thorwil ;p19:16
zniavre_dashua, good evening , how did you get the network-manager into indicator-applet please?19:42
dashuaHey zniavre_, it's still in the notification area19:43
zniavre_ho?  ok ...19:44
dashuaYeah, I haven't test ConnMann yet.19:44
zniavre_connmann ?19:44
zniavre_there is a soft to use nm-applet into indicator thing?19:45
dashuaThe new connection manager to get it into the indicator applet19:45
dashuavish, Better?19:46
zniavre_thank you dashua19:47
vishdashua: yup , \o/19:47
dashuazniavre_, https://launchpad.net/~indicator-network-developers/+archive/ppa19:48
dashuaThere's the PPA if you want to test it19:48
dashuavish, Nice19:48
vishdashua: hmm , eclipse breaks the patchbar on regular nautilus :(19:50
dashuaah damn19:51
dashuaI'll try to fix it.  Regular nautilus is ghastly to me now after using n-e19:52
dashuaThe breadcrumbs are probably fsk'ing it up19:53
vishdashua: afaik ,  it can be fixed the buttons are separate :/19:53
dashuaGuess you will need two versions, which sucks.19:54
zniavredashua,  thank for ppa20:03
zniavreit looks ok but half working20:04
vishCimi: kwwii: the focus for the button and combobox are different > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot-The%20Widget%20Factory-1.png20:07
vishfrom ken's ppa^20:08
vishoh the pleasures of using mainline kernels! , when i try to take screenshots , X crashes at some point after that!20:18
vishwow! the gtkrc and metacity are both merged :)20:37
kwwiidashua: actually, the purple is only for the server21:26
dashuaAh, nice looking though.21:42
dashuaNew colors are nice.21:43
dashuaThe circle expanders need some tweaking.21:44
dashuaJust tried CSD on my other laptop and there are just grey blocks where the buttons go.21:45
dashuaI think I'm going to scew this laptop up too.21:47
* dashua upgrades21:47
kwwiidashua: I think that is a bug21:48
kwwiiie. it happens to everyone21:49
kwwiithe expanders need to be much lighter21:49
dashuaYeah, I enabled all 3 of the CSD options.  Everything else works good.21:49
dashuaThe buttons works, just no the theme ones.21:50
dashuaThe bg and selected bg are really nice.21:58
kwwiiI made quite a few small changes which really effect lots of bits21:58
kwwiilook at the radio buttons, that is one change in the engine21:59
dashuaOh didn't notice that21:59
dashuaSolid focus is awesome22:00
kwwiiCimi did some great work...I was amazed how fast it was22:01
dashuaYeah, good stuff22:01
kwwiidashua: note that I put the source of the buttons in the package as well22:05
dashuaI hope this upgrade is not catastrophic.  Seems ok on my other machine.22:05
kwwiithe engine upgrade will not break anything22:05
kwwiibut eventually I think there will be a fork in the engine22:05
dashuakwwii, Oh , I only saw some corrupted images.22:05
dashuaMaybe it didn't pull right22:06
kwwiiI haven't heard of any problems22:06
dashuaOh no, I mean a Maverick upgrade22:06
Cimicimi can be even faster xD22:06
dashuaI usually wait until alpha 2 or 3 but I'm bored.22:06
kwwiiCimi: there is a ppa with the todays snapshot and the new themes available22:07
kwwiiit will go into maverick after a bit of testing22:07
dashuaWell, that purple can be changed back to the black.  Was just testing some things22:07
dashuaCimi, Hey mate22:07
kwwiidashua: you should make the dark-dark variant a seperate theme22:08
dashuaI did22:08
kwwiidashua: we also wanted to make a very light theme as well22:08
dashuai renamed it22:08
dashuaAmbiance-Dark was confusing and for testing22:08
kwwiiI started a version a long time ago called dark-dark22:08
Cimikwwii: ivanka told me she would have contacted me on tuesday22:08
kwwiiat first the themes were simply dark and light22:08
kwwiiuntil we named them22:08
dashuaI called it Eclipse.22:08
Cimibut I did not received any mail yet22:08
kwwiiCimi: ok, no worries on that front...she was *really* busy today22:09
kwwiiCimi: I will contact her tomorrow and get the current status22:09
kwwiiCimi: I'll call her while she is on the train :-)22:09
dashuakwwii, Lighter than Radiance?22:10
Cimikwwii: just because I'd like to know the plans22:10
kwwiidashua: yeah, a nearly white theme22:11
dashuaOh nice22:11
kwwiidashua: I am going to make Radiance more grey, no yellow/brown in it22:11
dashuaRadiance will evolve and a new lighter theme?22:11
kwwiithe idea is to have a really dark theme, ambiance and radiance, and a really light theme22:12
dashuaah nice22:12
kwwiithe nice thing about working on the dark and light themes is that you'd have a lot more freedom to work on it22:13
vishkwwii: the tabs look nice in -csd22:13
kwwiivish: the tabs in that should be the same as in the normal ambiance theme22:14
kwwiivish: hi, btw22:14
vishhmm , weird , then i have had an old version of the ambiance , the tabs were flat22:14
vishkwwii: now they are nice and curved22:15
kwwiivish: only the inactive ones have a slight gradient22:15
vishkwwii: yeah , that was what i was mentioning  :)22:15
vishheh, i was looking at the radio checkmarks and wondering if it was new ;)22:16
kwwiiindeed that is all new22:17
kwwiias well as the button highlight states22:17
kwwiiall the new colours22:17
dashuaCimi is a hacking madman.22:17
kwwiithe gripper is now visible22:17
vishkwwii: did you check the button highlight? screenshot i posted above? the combobox and button active are a bit different22:18
kwwiivish: yeah, I saw that and I agree that they look different22:18
kwwiinot sure why22:18
kwwiiCimi: ^ ?22:18
vishkwwii: the combobox active looks better :)22:18
dashuaCimi, kwwii, The murrine fork is for Ubuntu specific changes, right?22:19
kwwiidashua: no, it is for anyone22:20
kwwiidashua: we simply suggested some ideas...Cimi did not implement some of our crack :-)22:20
vishCimi: looks like the combobox active is drawn below/behind the button and for the buttons it is drawn within the button22:20
kwwiihe always has to keep his existing userbase in mind22:20
vishkwwii: hmm , 4 themes by default ? ooh22:20
kwwiivish: it might very well be a problem with the way gtk draws the widget22:21
vishlets switch to KDE ;p22:23
kwwiiI still use kde as well :-)22:23
vishdouble agent!22:23
kwwii7 years working on kde versus 5 on gnome22:23
vishkwwii: which do you like for theming?22:24
vishor prefer..22:24
kwwiignome is easier for a non-techie to theme but kde is much more powerful and precise22:24
vishyeah .. :s22:25
kwwiinot kde but qt itself22:25
kwwiialthough plasma is amazing22:26
kwwiisuper simple to theme22:26
kwwiibetter than gnome22:26
kwwiiI must admit I have not tried to theme gnome3's shell22:26
vishgets dizzy if you use it for a while ;)22:27
vishand then theming it will be even tougher22:29
kwwiitry to theme unity22:31
zniavrecan you theme this new expander ?22:32
kwwiizniavre: yes, as you always could22:32
Cimihere I am22:32
zniavreit did not change the desktop22:33
kwwiizniavre: not sure I understand22:33
zniavrehttp://img46.imageshack.us/img46/1473/capturexbr.png  > twf ok , the rest no22:34
kwwiizniavre: what is the "no" in that? I do not understand22:35
* dashua reboots 22:35
kwwiizniavre: after updating the theme engine you need to restart every app to apply the changes22:35
kwwiiso log out and back in22:36
zniavresame ... : o( i did something wrong for sure but when and where22:39
dashuaRelatively painless, for now ;)22:39
kwwiizniavre: what is the problem?22:40
Cimikwwii: can I share the mockup (the button s) with cairo devs? :)22:40
kwwiizniavre: I still do not understand what the problem is22:40
Cimijust to know if they have ideas in how to implement the blur22:40
kwwiiCimi: certainly, everything is open now22:41
kwwiino more secrets from canonicals side22:41
kwwiiwe just needed to keep the original work a secret until we could develop the first version22:41
vishkwwii:  where/how will we get controversies  :(22:41
* vish waiting for a murrine fork \o/22:44
dashuakwwii, The buttons you mention should be in the src directory?22:44
kwwiivish: the best way to make that happen would be to suggest lots of ideas for improvement22:44
kwwiiI already have my list :-)22:45
kwwiidashua: yes, indeed22:45
dashuaI have two images and they seem corrupt22:45
kwwiiit should be two svgs22:45
vishooh , open to new ideas , even better :)22:45
kwwiione with the lucid state and one with maverick ideas22:46
dashuaAh disregard22:46
dashuaThey open fine in Inkscape22:46
zniavrekwwii, sorry for my bad english22:46
kwwiizniavre: no worries, I just want to understand22:47
vishdashua: which buttons?22:47
kwwiidashua: indeed, they are svg's22:47
Cimikwwii: and give cimi a lot of money would be good too :P22:47
vishi see only png , from the ppa22:47
kwwiiCimi: hehe, indeed!22:47
zniavrethe problem is i made some change in gtkrc for expander it works with twf but not in nautilus(elementary) rhythmbox and xchat im looking for what i did wrong22:48
kwwiivish: in the src dir in the source of the package?22:48
vishhmm , i dont think i have the src22:48
kwwiivish: then you do not have the latest stuff22:49
kwwiiit is definitely in the source22:49
kwwiialthough I have already updated things they are the versions of what is now included with the latest update22:50
kwwiimore changes coming soon22:50
kwwiiwell, am off work until monday22:50
vishkwwii: ken'ppa or a different one?22:50
kwwiivish: kenvandine'S ppa22:50
kwwiiI will include a newer snapshot in my ppa sometime soon22:51
kwwiibut maybe not until monday22:51
kwwiizniavre: I honestly do not know why that would be a problem22:51
kwwiizniavre: just remember to restart all apps after updating the engine22:52
kwwiiand re-select the theme in the appearance dialog22:52
kwwiisometimes it helps to log out and back in22:52
kwwiior "killall nautilus && nautilus"22:53
kwwiithen again, I think nautilus will respawn23:00
kwwiibut anyway23:01
zniavrethank you23:01
zniavrei did that already23:01
kwwiihrm, what is the exact problem?23:02
kwwiiI cannot see what you mean23:02
kwwiior at least, I have not noticed it in the pic you suggested23:02
zniavresorry i do not want to disturb all of you more with my silly stuff23:03
kwwiizniavre: it is not silly stuff23:06
kwwiizniavre: don't worry, if I understand I will help23:06
kwwiiif I can, that is23:07
kwwiinobody here cares about language23:07
zniavreexcept me ...  :o(23:07
kwwiiI have spent 3 weeks in brussels trying to speak french23:07
kwwiitrust me, I understand23:07
kwwiimy accent is wonderful but I simply don't know enough words or vocabulary!23:08
zniavreso (maybe another question can help) why the gtkrc modifications can works with the widget factory (twf) and not with the desktop ?23:08
kwwiiwhat is the difference?23:08
kwwiitwf is not exactly perfect either23:09
kwwiithe widget laboratory is somewhat better23:10
kwwiifrom my experience23:10
knomekwwii, where to get that?23:10
kwwiiyou really need to test things in their real state23:10
kwwiiknome: there is a ppa23:10
kwwiilaunchpad is your friend23:10
knomeno ppa's here23:10
* knome even checked his pants23:11
zniavrenautilus -q23:11
kwwiisecond google link: https://launchpad.net/twl23:11
kwwiinever heard of that23:11
kwwiizniavre: what are the problems you see?23:12
kwwiizniavre: I do not understand the problem23:12
zniavrei can 't see my change in my theme (only twf show the nex colors)23:12
kwwiisounds like gnome-settings-deamon died23:13
kwwiirestart your desktop and it should be fixed23:13
kwwiior restart gnome-settings-deamon23:13
knomekwwii, cheers :P23:15
kwwiimy next suggestion is to get parasite23:16
kwwiia great gtk module23:16
kwwiifor findind and special casing gtk stuff23:16
zniavreyep i tried it but it's ununderstandable for me23:17
kwwiiit is indeed complex23:17
kwwiitime for sleep soon23:17
kwwiizniavre: yes, that is the new style23:19
kwwiiwhat is the problem?23:19
zniavrethe color23:19
kwwiinow I see23:19
kwwiihrm, seems like a wierd bug23:20
kwwiiCimi: ^ see the problem in that screenshot?23:20
kwwiiCimi: http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/3489/capture1jm.png23:20
kwwiiCimi: any idea what that is?23:20
* zniavre is happy he's a bit understandable23:28
Cimiit is using23:29
Cimiit is fg23:31
zniavrehttp://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-95451  im using this strange color_set just to try23:42

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