Phreaok, I have got another stupid question :)00:35
Phreaif there's anybody left active that is00:35
j_one_dI'll help if I can00:38
Phreawhat is the difference between su, sudo,, gksu and gksudo ? :)00:39
PhreaI am VERY much a beginner00:39
Phreagoogle knows, but I want a real life answer00:39
j_one_dSorry, I don't know. I've always used sudo, never su.00:41
* Phrea too00:42
Phreabut I'd still like to know the difference00:42
Phreao, wrong chan :D00:43
j_one_dsudo is subject to a configuration file, su is not00:55
j_one_di think with su, you can't use your own password to run an elevated command.00:56
phillwsu stands for Switch User, if you do not say which user you wish to become, it assumes root. root should be a disabled account.00:59
j_one_dI also have a small issue. My custom icons aren't, custom anymore. What do I do?00:59
phillwsudo grants person in the sudo group temporary permissions as the super user (hence the mis-understanding of su which is *not* super user)01:00
phillwgksudo is needed if you are running a gui application, such as gedit with root privalidges, not using the gk bit can really mess up permissions. gksudo keeps permissions on the profile area and elevates the permissions to be able to alter root owned files, using sudo can really mess up the user who issues the command's own profiles01:03
phillwj_one_d: a good article is over at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:04
j_one_dPhrea was the one enquiring about sudo vs. su , gksu vs. gksudo, but thank you very much :).01:05
j_one_dI had more humbler issues.01:06
phillwoops :-\ sorry, j_one_d01:08
phillwand, just to rub it in , I'm no good at doing personlisation, either01:08
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jasper_ok so, trying to install ubuntu 10.04 and we get to where it go to 5% and then it says partition #5 scs1 failed01:58
jasper_Its an empty drive, if that helps at all.01:59
jasper_I dont have a clue why it would be doing this since, i got it on my External hard drive no problem at all. In the event of that though it  ate his vista boot files and he lost vista :(02:01
starcraftmandarn, missed jasper.02:25
ZeRoDeAtH50435I installed devede but it is not in my app menu02:44
pedro3005sometimes you have to restart gnome02:45
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok wanted to check first02:45
geirhaI wonder why that happens02:51
geirhaI open alacarte and toggle the visibility of the menu-option to have it appear02:52
jasper_how would use chroot to install a driver to a hard drive from the live cd?03:02
stlsaintjasper_: chroot into system and compile driver for use03:06
jasper_im new. . lol...that sounds super scary :/03:07
stlsaintjasper_: i dont think your new :P03:07
jasper_the desktop reads the moniter in the live CD, but wont from the HDD install. All we need is to install the driver. >.>03:07
jasper_semi new haha.03:08
jasper_Im not terminal friendly03:08
stlsaintlol...nope...not even semi new03:08
jasper_So what do you mean? do i download the driver and grab it from the terminal and install it some how?03:09
stlsaintjasper_: well i have never done a install via chroot myself but if i had to, the method i would use would be the one i have...03:09
stlsaintjasper_: are you aware of what chroot is?03:10
jasper_Not really. lmao.03:10
jasper_I'v been learning by mistakes so im down for anything03:10
stlsaintjasper_: start here with some basic reading.... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:11
jasper_thank you :) im gonna start seeing what i can do03:12
jasper_this says [gutsy]03:17
jasper_should i replace that since im on 10.04?03:17
stlsaintjasper_: just the basic idea...you can still replace whatever distro you want03:17
jasper_ok. this is so much haha.03:18
jasper_I just gotta figure how to get the thing to install on the hdd and im gold xD.03:18
dr4c4nhas anyone run into bug 546992 on xubuntu after lucid lynx and been able to find the hal upgrade in the -proposed sources?03:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 546992 in hal (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "libhal fails to dbus-activate hal (affects: 23) (dups: 3)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54699203:29
stlsaintjasper_: hows it coming?03:34
jasper_well we found an easier way03:35
jasper_if i can get the permission to enter the hard drive from the disk to put something on it, i can just install the driver there03:36
stlsaintjasper_: the livecd runs as root, thats all you need...just mount that drive and do wahts needed03:36
jasper_but it says the permission of "Blah blah insert title of it here" could not be determined03:36
jasper_it wont let him paste or move anything inside the HDD03:36
stlsaintmount it manually03:37
jasper_i have no idea how03:37
jasper_It's already mounted as far as i knew03:37
jasper_it's on his desktop03:38
stlsaintif its on the desktop than its mounting...you should be able to do what you need to03:38
stlsaintjasper_: even moreso you can run: sudo nautilus from the terminal03:38
jasper_ok im gonna try this "nautilus"03:39
jasper_but i have no idea why it wont let him copy anything anywhere but the desktop lols03:39
stlsaintrun the nautilus command to be able to move, copy paste etc03:40
jasper_yeah i just opened it.03:40
jasper_about to try it.03:40
jasper_now we did that, do you have to save it or anything, or is there for good now?03:42
stlsaintjasper_: save what?03:43
jasper_never mind i had a brainfart03:44
jasper_ok so we installed the driver, but when linux starts to load off the HDD the moniter just switches to HDMI 2 and never show's linux, but you can hear it.03:46
jasper_HDMI 2 is where the screen is and all, but idk03:47
jasper_im about to just find a way to put vista back on that comp03:47
stlsaintok, starting from the beginneing...why are you starting off with an hdmi03:47
stlsaintjasper_: does the generic driver work just fine??03:48
jasper_because its the only thing his computer came with03:48
collinpIs it a nVidia chipset?03:48
jasper_yeah i beleive so03:48
collinpThere should be support for the HDMI port with the proprietary drivers, then.03:48
jasper_Well we could do wonders if we could see the screen from anywhere but the live disk haha.03:49
stlsaintjasper_: so after you install ubuntu directly to the hdd do you see the screen?03:49
jasper_All we see is the black screen with the flashing cursor03:49
collinpCtrl + Alt + F103:50
jasper_then the screen goes black and gives in input03:50
jasper_whats that do?03:50
dr4c4nI'm having trouble with automount and random unmounting03:50
collinpThat'll switch you to a virtual terminal login.03:50
jasper_ok ill give it a shot03:50
jasper_im restarting right now03:50
collinpstlsaint: Have they installed the nVidia proprietary drivers yet?03:50
jasper_I dont beleive so, the only time we can actually see the screen is when we are running the Live CD03:51
stlsaintcollinp: nope03:51
stlsaintcollinp: from what i got they installed to the hdd and now the screen doesnt show anything03:51
collinpThat's odd.03:52
stlsaintcollinp: never got a chance to install anything else, yes very odd...they said from the livecd they can see everything as needed03:52
jasper_yep np at all.03:52
jasper_hell i'd let you link up to the computer and check it out if i new how haha.03:52
collinpOk. So, when you hear the little sound that's played when you hit the login screen, press Crtl + Alt + F1 (at the same time), and tell me if you can see anything there.03:53
jasper_nothing yet03:53
jasper_nope, the tv is just black with the input on it.03:53
stlsaintjasper_: what imput?03:54
jasper_HDMI 203:54
jasper_thats the input of is computer to the moniter lol03:55
stlsaintyou dont have vga connection?03:55
jasper_None :/03:55
stlsaintwhat type of laptop is this?03:55
jasper_uhm lemme look03:55
jasper_its an HP paviliion media center m8530f pc03:56
jasper_9300 GE nvidia graphics card03:57
jasper_my bad on the vga, it has digital outputs or whatever, and the graphics card has HDMI03:58
stlsaintdo you have the dvi-vga adapter that came with the system03:58
stlsaintvga cable?03:58
jasper_we have a cable, but the only moniter for some reason wont even show bios03:58
jasper_wont read the output at all03:59
stlsaintDennis77515: hey03:59
jasper_This is all my fault too :(03:59
Dennis77515i wanted to regester this nic04:00
stlsaintjasper_: the issu is that you must install the propietary driver...just have to find a way to get that output showing04:00
Dennis77515im a beginner for sure lol:-D04:01
jasper_so if i got say, a junk moniter and hooked it up with the adapter, it would show?04:01
stlsainta vga monitor with that adapter should get you some picture04:02
jasper_well currently the only vga moniter i have is my laptop haha.04:03
jasper_and i dont think that will work04:03
jasper_unless there were a way for it to pick up the signal04:03
jasper_but i thought it was just an output so hell if i know04:04
jasper_you know i just realized something04:08
jasper_the digital thing that came with it04:08
jasper_wont plug into the digital on the motherboard04:08
jasper_theres a tab on it, on the male side with 4 prongs 2 on each side, and the mobo has a female slot for the tab, but not the 4 prongs04:09
jasper_thanks for your help guy's :D04:20
jasper_ill just have to buy him a new cable04:20
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summersi would like to invite everyone to my new ubuntu channel, #ubuntu-faggots08:47
summers+o for everyone08:47
ZachK_collinp: Uh what08:59
collinpThat works.08:59
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iantlopphow can I change filetype associations? I'm trying to get VLC to play all media types.15:55
iantloppalso, is there any way to have a windows program (through wine) be associated with filetypes?15:56
Dizkonnekted!defaultapp | iantlopp16:00
ubot2iantlopp: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.16:00
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bin10101I have an odd problem, I installed tomato on my wireless router and setup WPA2 personal with TKIP/AES and now ubuntu can't seem to attach to it....Any ideas why?  Windows XP and Macos clients seem to attach fine.17:12
bin10101the connection says WPA/WPA2 Personal and then I enter the passphrase....it keeps trying, but never connects17:13
bin10101sorry, that would be 10.4, fully updated, on a Dell e650017:14
bin10101wow, it wouldnt connect to a open neighbor's wireless either, something new?17:17
bin10101any ideas?17:17
holsteini would try like you have17:18
holsteinconnecting to an open network17:19
bin10101that's what I said holstein:  LOL17:19
holsteini would probably test with mine open too17:19
holsteinand then start looking at the hardware on the laptop17:19
bin10101good point17:20
holsteinyou can try connecting to the box with an ubuntu live CD from the other computers17:20
holsteinto rule out lucid not connecting to tomato17:20
holsteinwhat are the chances though right?17:20
holsteingood luck17:21
holsteini think you got some trouble shooting to do17:21
bin10101holstein: too weird17:24
bin10101it connects fine in the other room17:24
bin10101and stays connected ifI walk back into this room  :)17:24
bin10101it just cant connect17:24
holsteini had to mess with the settings17:25
holsteinwhen i did ddwrt17:25
bin10101which settings17:26
holsteinnothing thats going to help you17:26
holsteinframe-bursting i want to say17:26
holsteinfor my roku streaming video box17:26
holsteinit was impossible to watch17:26
holsteinand i was throttle-ing bandwidth to it17:27
holsteindidnt help17:27
holsteini just kept fiddle-ing with it17:27
holsteinand now its great, and stable17:27
bin10101can you force nvidia to re scan for monitors like it does at boot, for when you put a laptop on the docking station?17:30
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mcwlo there17:50
mcwanybody home?17:50
paultagsup mcw17:50
paultagmcw, most of the time you have to wait for someone to see the message :)17:51
mcwnot much17:51
paultagmcw, I just so happened to be looking ;)17:51
mcwhad to reinstall a couple of times17:51
paultagmcw, kk, 10.04 ?17:51
mcwgot a terabyte finally17:51
paultagnice :)17:51
mcwlucid lynx baby!!!17:51
paultaghell yeah :)17:51
mcwand my old 160 will be for music pics backup17:52
paultagso, any issues with the install mcw?17:53
mcwno just compiz extras17:55
mcwI like the fire17:55
mcwI had to add them in terminal17:55
paultagah, yup17:55
mcwoops I gotta go appointment see you later17:56
paultagWell that was _AWESOME_17:56
paultagDizkonnekted, I was totally expecting someone needing help17:58
Dizkonnektedpaultag, yeah i was wondering when he would get to the point myself lol17:58
paultagDizkonnekted, aye :)17:58
Dizkonnektedi guess a little ubuntu praise doesnt do any harm either ;)17:59
paultagHell no!17:59
paultaghey drubin :)18:01
paultagdrubin, howdy doodie?18:01
drubinHow goes?18:01
paultagdrubin, not bad, how are you?18:01
drubinpaultag: I am about to go home will be back online in +- 20mins depending on things and stuff18:01
paultagdrubin, kk18:01
paultagdrubin, safe travels :)18:01
drubinneed to be back before meeting later18:02
drubinpaultag: thanks check you soon18:02
paultagdrubin, there is no meeting18:02
paultagdrubin, don't rush18:02
paultagdrubin, it's the second tues18:02
drubinpaultag: not bt meetings18:02
paultagdrubin, OK, kk18:02
paultagdrubin, later!18:02
drubinloco team meeting now isn't it?18:06
drubinpaultag: &^18:06
paultagOH SHIT18:06
collinpOH SHIT18:06
paultagdrubin, 30 minutes, me thinks18:06
paultagdragondon, thank christ for reminding me18:07
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drubini was just looking at the fridge.18:10
paultagdrubin, ok, wow18:11
paultagdrubin, you are right. No council member is around, and no one is in locoteams18:11
paultagdrubin, this is a shitmess. I need to remove that event.18:11
paultagdrubin, thank you18:11
drubinlolz bt meeting spans 5 days18:11
drubinok but now I really need to get out18:11
collinpSpeaking of the fridge.18:11
paultagdrubin, leave!18:11
paultagdrubin, :)18:12
paultagwhat up collinp18:12
collinpCould someone look on June 13th and tell me if they see a meeting titled "Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team Meeting"?18:12
collinpI don't have FF open currently.18:12
paultagnothing ChanServ18:13
paultagerm collinp18:13
paultagdamnit xchat18:13
collinpHrm. Damn.18:13
collinpApparently the Fridge isn't liking the meeting I schedule.18:13
nhandlercollinp: Did you follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar ?18:16
collinpnhandler: Yeah. To the letter, I triple-checked before I saved it.18:16
nhandlerAh, check now. It should be up18:16
collinpStill not seeing it.18:18
collinpI'm seeing a multi-day UBT meeting, though.18:19
drubinpaultag: change your default tab complection18:58
nhandlercollinp: Can you re-add it once more?19:09
paultagdrubin, already done19:09
* nhandler accidentally deleted it19:09
collinpOk, hang on, let me open Firefox.19:09
collinpIn other news: Cappuccino baby.19:10
bin10101does ubuntu 10.4 keep a cache of the hardware configs it has seen?  like laptop, laptop on port replicator x, laptop on port replicator y?19:13
collinpI believe it logs those, yes.19:14
bin10101I am wondering why it is trying to setup automagically like I would have it setup at work vs realizing my setup at the house is different, is there a way to make it slow poll each time vs take cache?  Or I guess it could get that info from the bios, it senses these things too, right?19:16
paultagbin10101, do you have a bit of unique hardware that signifies you are either at work or at home?19:17
collinpYour computer is apparently configured for your setup at work. I don't know how you can change that on the fly.19:17
paultagbin10101, such as a USB device that you will always have in ( keyboard etc ) at work19:17
bin10101paultag: well it is two different port replicators19:17
paultagbin10101, are they hooked up via USB?19:17
bin10101same keyboard :(, different mouse though19:17
paultagbin10101, well, use `lsusb` and | grep for the device ID19:18
paultagbin10101, ( on boot or something )19:18
paultagbin10101, and then swap the home dir depending on where you are19:18
paultagbin10101, you can do that via /etc/password for a quick-and-dirty script19:18
bin10101what is that called, can I google that technique?19:19
paultagbin10101, have /home/bin10101 for home, and /home/bin10101-work19:19
paultagbin10101, Nope, I just came up with that19:19
bin10101okay, I will try that19:19
paultagbin10101, sure. I'll be here if you need more details or something19:19
drubindon't edit /etc/passwd directly19:20
paultagdrubin, you can write a script to sed the home directory19:20
paultagdrubin, it's not that big of a deal as long as you have a backup account19:20
drubinpaultag: usermod -d19:21
paultagdrubin, damn, great move19:21
paultagbin10101, drubin is right. use usermod19:21
paultagdrubin, thanks <319:21
drubinpaultag: :) sed on /etc/passwd is a mess up waiting to happen19:21
* drubin knows19:21
bin10101ok, np19:22
talvigihay guys this Hanif balohc20:05
talvigii need help on gnome-ppp20:10
talvigican somebody help please20:10
hobgoblintalvigi: ask the question - if someone can answer they will - unless you already have and they haven't ;)20:12
collinpI've got a person coming in from another network - standby.20:12
hobgoblindo we have to salute?20:12
collinpWell, no. Just expect them :P.20:13
hobgoblinoh good :)20:13
talvigihobgoblin thanks i have been asking in #ubuntu, someone told to cross my wvdial gnome ppp but i dont kknow how to do this20:14
angusi have a problem accessing my network using nautilus20:14
angusif i open nautlius and select network20:14
angusthen windows network20:14
hobgoblintalvigi: neither do I, I'm afraid - in fact I've never heard of it20:15
angusi get an error saying unable to mount share locaion20:15
angusfailed to retrieve share list from server20:15
anguscan anyone help?20:15
Chesamoangus: Have you tried manually mounting the share via smb://ip.add.ress/sharename ?20:16
angusit isn't set up as a samba share20:16
angusi don't think20:16
angusit's just my local network20:16
collinpdtwrites: There's people in here that can help you with your issue better than I currently can. And I'm off to edit wiki pages.20:16
Chesamoangus: Samba is the protocol through which Linux accesses Windows shares.20:17
dtwritesGood luck, collinp. Thanks again.20:17
collinpNo problem-o.20:17
angusi don't know the ip address either i'm afraid20:17
ChesamoCan you find it out?20:18
angusi don't know how20:18
angusit's my wireless router20:18
angusand that's all i know20:18
Chesamoangus: On the Windows machine, open up a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" and the first IP will be the one you want20:19
angusthank you20:19
angusi can't do that for i while20:19
angusbut once i o i will return20:19
Chesamoangus: fair enough. Just as long as you know an alternate method.20:19
dtwritesThis morning I started up my computer and ubuntu ran fine. When I came back this afternoon to start my computer, ubuntu ignores my internet connection. Any clues what happened?20:24
dtwritesI'm using my Mac OS to log on and it seems to run fine.20:25
Chesamodtwrites: Is it an Apple machine?20:25
dtwritesYes, an old eMac20:26
dtwritesI've been using ubuntu very nicely for about 3-months now.20:26
dtwritesI've had problems getting sound to work, but that was it.20:27
dtwritesI'm not sure, since it's an old machine, I should have updated my ubuntu. But I did.20:27
dtwritesMy processor is a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 (if that helps)20:28
talvigiguys i was asking if any body can help me with the gnome ppp problem. it does not connect while wvdial connects20:29
Chesamodtwrites: When you boot into Ubuntu, what do you mean it "ignores your Internet connection"? It doesn't recognize it?20:29
dtwritesIt says "network disabled" up in the right corner. and ff says "working off-line"20:30
dtwritesI try turning it off, but that does not seem to work.20:30
Chesamodtwrites: Network "disabled"? Hmmmm....20:31
dtwritesIf it were hardware I would not be discussing this with you now.20:31
dtwritesThe only thing I did this morning was check emails. So I don't think I messed up anything.20:32
Chesamodtwrites: Wired or wireless?20:32
lukjaddtwrites: Have you been able to confirm you have network access to your router?20:33
dtwriteslukjad, I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I'm using my computer in a different software now.20:34
dtwritesWould it make a difference in ubuntu?20:34
lukjadWhat I mean is, have you been able to connect to the internet or your router in say, windows?20:35
dtwritesYes... I'm using the same hardware in Mac 10.3 now that I was using in ubuntu.20:35
Chesamo10.3? Panther? Really?20:35
dtwritesIt's an old machine, I can't find Tiger and it doesn't have enough "juice" to run Leopard20:36
dtwritesI had to do some digging to find an ubuntu that would run on this machine, that's how I met collin20:36
ChesamoCan't find Tiger? *coughcoughtorrentscough*20:36
wangbhi, I'm new here.  Have anybody used RNAMotif software?20:37
dtwritesYes, I understand that Chesamo.20:37
dtwritesWhat I want is to use ubuntu and delete the mac stuff.20:38
Chesamodtwrites: I think I did that on an old iMac G3 once...20:39
dtwritesI've one of those too, but I don't use it on the internet. =)20:40
dtwritesIf I have to, I'll scrap what I have and start over, but I'd rather find an easier way.20:42
collinpdtwrites: Solved your problem yet?20:49
wangbI was trying to install RNAMotif-3.0.7 on my Linux laptop.  The error massage showed up.  Could anyone help me figure out what's the problem?  Thanks!20:50
Chesamowangb: What error message?20:50
wangbunin@admin-laptop:~$ cd rnamotif-3.0.720:51
wangbkunin@admin-laptop:~/rnamotif-3.0.7$ dir20:51
wangbconfig.h     doc      iupac.codes  README     src20:51
wangbCOPYING.GNU  efndata  Makefile   revision.history  test20:51
wangbkunin@admin-laptop:~/rnamotif-3.0.7$ cd src20:51
wangbkunin@admin-laptop:~/rnamotif-3.0.7/src$ make20:51
wangbbison -y -d -v -t rmgrm.y20:51
wangbmake: bison: Command not found20:51
wangbmake: *** [y.tab.h] Error 12720:51
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:51
ChesamoYou a Windows convert?20:51
wangbthis laptop has both windows and linux20:52
Chesamowangb: For your future reference, the correct command in Linux is "ls", not "dir"20:53
Chesamowangb: "dir" works to help people transition to Linux ;-) Anyway. To your problem.20:53
Chesamowangb: try sudo aptitude install bison20:54
Chesamowangb: then do make again20:54
dtwritesNot yet, collin, but I've a radical idea.20:56
dtwritesI didn't start having problems until my last upgrade.20:56
dtwritesI've got a program that says "it will take software back to it's last version."20:58
dtwritesAt this point I have nothing to lose but time.20:58
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dtwritesSee you later, I hope.20:58
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tediseasyGetting a grub error 21 (selected disk does not exist), was having booting problems before but it doesn't even go as far as where it was hanging before--the "Starting Up..." screen. I've been reading reading reading but still don't know where to go from here. Running off a LiveCD 8.04, but partitions were current on updates (Lucid?). Halp?22:45
holsteintediseasy: can you get a lucid live cd?22:47
holsteinim not sure about recovering grub2 with a hardy live cd22:47
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub222:47
tediseasyIt's conceivable I could d/l and burn one today... eventually.22:47
holsteinthat should tell you about recovering grub22:48
holsteinCOULD be as easy as running sudo update-grub /dev/whatever22:48
tediseasyprinted holstein, thanks.22:48
holsteinfrom a live CD22:48
holsteinwith grub222:48
holsteinnot sure though22:48
tediseasyis that something I could try without muffing things further?22:48
holsteini would read that link first22:49
holsteinand decide22:49
holsteinyou probably cant break it anymore22:49
holsteinand in theory, grub is always recoveralbe22:49
tediseasyHave /home backed up. Am not attached to current partitions...22:49
holsteinyou could also try something like http://gag.sourceforge.net/22:50
holsteinlast time i looked at gag22:50
holsteinyou could use it without installing it22:51
holsteincould get you in without changing anything22:51
tediseasyGroovy. Reading, working on a Lucid LiveCD, will bbl. Thanks!22:52
holsteintediseasy: good luck :)22:52
tediseasyI can make a bootable usb flash drive, right?22:53
tediseasy(burner occupied by current LiveCD install, heh)22:53
tediseasyOK, wait. If I'm running GRUB 0.97 (probably from attempting a new install on another drive from this disc), which I am, would it make sense to update to GRUB2?22:56
tediseasySorry for the flood of q's.22:56
jokusHi, Is it possible to boot Ubuntu from Win XP bootloader without using Wubi ?23:14
holsteinjokus: what are you tying to do?23:41
holsteinyou want to keep the windows bootloader?23:41
jokusI want to keep the windows bootloader and boot Ubuntu from it.23:42
holsteini would ask in #windows ;)23:42
holsteini bet you can23:42
jokusI tried a few methods, but does not seem to work !23:42
jokusI keep getting the blank screen with cursor blinking. :)23:43
holsteinsomething like http://gag.sourceforge.net/ not going to work for you?23:43
lukjad86jokus There should be a way, but out of curiosity, why do you need the windows bootloader?23:43
holsteinive only ever gone the other way23:43
holsteingrub booting win and others23:43
jokusWell, the machine is not really mine, so would like to keep it intact, when I leave, no traces of any ubuntu :) !23:44
holsteinwubi might be the way to go then23:44
holsteinyou can always run fixmbr23:45
holsteinfrom a windows disc23:45
holsteinto restore23:45
jokusSome people suggested Wubi is not a permanent workaround. fixmbr would work, but the install media will not be around all the time ! :)23:45
phillwthere used to be a file called boot.ini for windows that you could alter similarly to grub legacy, but idk if it is still there / what its replacement is.23:49
jokusWell here is what I did or rather tried. I had unallocated space left on my hdd. Booted the 10.04LTS cd, chose manual partition during the install, made a ext4 partition from the unallocated space, made it primary, also made another swap partition, then chose to install bootloader on this particular partition, completed the install.23:52
jokusNow booted up the Ubuntu cd again, chose the live CD this time, mounted that ext4 partition, copied the 512bytes to usb. Rebooted to windows and copied it to C:\ and made an entry for it in the boot.ini.23:54
jokusBut when I chose ubuntu from the bootmenu, only a blank screen with cursor blinking !23:55
Riiiishi, i've just downloaded ubuntu 10.04 32bit and are trying to install it. but when i get to step 4, Prepare partitions, it doesnt show me any devices at all...23:55
bobo123no harddisks at all to make a partition on?23:57
Riiiisand there is one it the box23:57
Riiiisif i skip the installation and go to the live system i can see it and "edit" it23:58
Riiiisand i can boot on the system on the disk already23:59
bobo123hmm.. strange that you can use the disk from the livecd but not from the installer23:59
Riiiisit seems so23:59

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