dholbachgood morning07:15
aragood morning dholbach :)07:29
dholbachhola ara!07:29
dholbach¿como estas? :)07:29
jussisigh, who made mornings...07:29
doctormojussi: Nature's Spite07:30
aradholbach, estoy bien, gracias, y tú?07:31
dholbachara: bien tambien, gracias :)07:32
dholbachhi doctormo, hi jussi07:32
jussigood morning dholbach07:33
* dholbach gives jcastro a big07:41
dholbach _   _ _   _  ____07:41
dholbach| | | | | | |/ ___|07:41
dholbach| |_| | | | | |  _07:41
dholbach|  _  | |_| | |_| |07:41
dholbach|_| |_|\___/ \____|07:41
dholbach                   07:41
dholbachhola dpm!08:20
dpmhey dholbach :)08:21
dpmmorning all08:21
aramorning dpm08:47
dpmhola ara :)08:56
dholbachhola randa_09:28
randa_morning guys09:28
dholbachhey czajkowski10:17
czajkowskidholbach: ello there :)10:17
bencrisfordmorning czajkowski10:26
nigelbabubencrisford: Afternoon :)10:27
bencrisfordnigelbabu: is it really :(?  I should still be in bed10:27
nigelbabubencrisford: Around 3 pm here.10:28
bencrisfordnigelbabu: 10am over here :/, well closer to half past10:29
nigelbabubencrisford: and you're still in bed?10:29
bencrisfordnigelbabu: I've got a week off school :D its allowed10:29
AlanBellnigelbabu: is it 15:30 or are you in one of those half hour timezones?10:30
bencrisfordhaven't had my coffee yet, brb :P10:30
nigelbabuI'm in one of those half hour ones10:30
nigelbabuAlanBell: which part?10:32
czajkowskihow is it half term for school, all ours are finishing up this week over here for summer10:32
bencrisfordczajkowski: really? :o, i've got another term10:33
nigelbabuSchools here just opened today.  1st June.10:33
bencrisford7 weeks or something?10:33
bencrisfordI didn't realise it was so different everywhere else10:33
czajkowskiyup all secondary schools finish up this friday and then the leaving and jnr certs two offical exams in ireland start for month of June10:33
AlanBellnigelbabu: I was always a little curious about those half hour offset timezones, can't quite see the benefit and I can imagine it being a bit confusing10:33
nigelbabuAlanBell: makes sense for us I think10:36
AlanBellI found out about them when writing some software that schedules meetings. I was not impressed :-)10:38
nigelbabuHaha.  Yeah, frustrating in that sense.10:39
nigelbabuAlanBell: The worst part about half hour ones is figuring out meeting times.  Goes crazy when DST turns off and on.11:14
dholbachara: thought you might be interested in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/585824 - maybe we can convince mvo together to implement it :)11:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 585824 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "When removing a PPA, offer to downgrade to "archive versions" (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:28
aradholbach, you read too many wiki updates emails ;-)11:29
dholbachara: no, it was just coincidence11:29
dholbachnormally I almost don't :)11:29
popeyit does make me smile whenever i see your nick when i edit a wiki page11:29
dholbachpopey: so my wiki subscription definitely serves a purpose :)11:30
aradholbach, but it was indeed a coincidence that only 5 days ago you wanted the exact same thing ;-)11:30
* ara hugs dholbach11:30
dholbachara: it's for the daily builds spec :)11:30
* dholbach hugs ara back11:30
araI subscribed to the bug :)11:30
dholbachnow we need to pester mvo :)11:31
nigelbabuah, pester mvo - sounds like fun!11:40
jussioooh, pestering someone... can I join in? :D11:41
nigelbabuoh, jussi! Heya11:46
czajkowskihttp://www.opensourceuni.com/ have folks seen this13:14
bencrisfordczajkowski: no, but it looks exciting!13:25
jussithat is cool!13:33
nhandlerdholbach: Do you know someone who might be able to help me get ClassBot modified to support translations? It is a Perl script, which makes it a bit more challenging14:55
dholbachnhandler: I'd write a minispec or at least a bunch of todo items on a wiki page and write a blog entry and microblog about it14:56
dholbachnhandler: offhand I don't know, sorry :/14:56
nhandlerdholbach: Alright. We had something like that when we were in heavy development mode to track the features we needed to implement. I'll continue poking around I guess14:57
dholbachI found it important to have all the TODO items neatly documented (bug reports, etc.) so people can easily help out14:58
dpmnhandler, http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#Perl In the hello world package -> "An example is available in the examples  directory: hello-perl" I think that could help14:59
nhandlerdpm: Awesome. I saw that page, but did not notice the Perl section (or the example). That is exactly what I needed.15:01
czajkowskijcastro: *hugs* congrats15:05
czajkowskijcastro: very cute tweet15:05
jcastroczajkowski: hi!15:06
jcastroand thanks!15:06
* dholbach hugs jcastro15:07
czajkowski▌ ▌▌ ▌▞▀▖▞▀▖15:09
czajkowski▙▄▌▌ ▌▌▄▖▚▄15:09
czajkowski▌ ▌▌ ▌▌ ▌▖ ▌15:09
czajkowski▘ ▘▝▀ ▝▀ ▝▀15:09
czajkowskijussi: dont start being all cranky15:11
popey\o/ dots15:11
jussiczajkowski: Imalways cranky at you, didnt you know?15:11
czajkowskijussi: *yawn*15:13
arajcastro, congratulations!15:20
macojcastro: \o/15:20
jussijcastro: congrats :D15:30
nigelbjcastro: heya! Congrats mate!15:39
Pendulumjcastro: congrats!15:44
dholbachhey jono15:51
dholbachjono: how are you doing?15:51
jonohey dholbach15:52
jonogood thanks, you?15:52
dholbachgood good15:52
czajkowskijono: nice shotofjaq15:54
jonothanks czajkowski :)15:54
jonodpm, good to go in 5?15:54
czajkowskijono: I had it up on the scartch pad as a topic :D15:54
jonoahhhh cool15:54
czajkowskijono: could you tweet/promote https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamsBestPracticesandGuidelines please15:55
jonowe are going to do a series of perfect 10 segments15:55
dpmhey jono, yes!15:55
czajkowskijono: thanks, we've mailed -loco contacts list, but not everyone reads that, where as they do follow you15:56
jonoczajkowski, done15:56
jonodpm, :)15:56
czajkowskijono: you're handy to have around :p15:56
jonoczajkowski, lol15:57
jonoczajkowski, would be great if you could spread the word about SOJ :)15:58
jonoI want to raise it's profile some more15:58
jonoget more people involved15:58
czajkowskijono: I do I rt ye everytime ye post15:59
jonothanks czajkowski16:00
jonomaybe a blog entry could be good ;-)16:00
jonowhatever you have time for :)16:00
czajkowskijono: I get the sneaking suspicion I've been action itemed! :p16:00
czajkowskiI'll add it to do list this evening :)16:00
Pendulumczajkowski: you have quite a few blog posts for this week, eh? ;-)16:01
jonodpm, ok, mumble ok?16:01
czajkowskijust started a thread on the -ie mailing list of Getting to know one another to increase the discssion on our list16:01
dpmjono, yep16:01
czajkowskiPendulum: you're tomorrow right16:01
jonoI just heard you dpm16:03
jonois your volume up?16:03
jonolet me check my mic16:03
jonodpm, my mic seems to be working16:03
jonocan you play back music?16:03
jonoodd, lets do skype16:04
czajkowskisype ftw16:04
dpmok, on skype now16:05
Pendulumczajkowski: I know :)16:08
czajkowskiPendulum: was just checking16:08
czajkowskiin the middle of a post now16:08
jonodpm, https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-process-improvements16:16
qensegood afternoon16:17
jonodpm, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity16:17
akgranerGood Morning! or whatever it where you are :-D!16:39
nigelbhey akgraner16:41
nigelbFeeling better now?16:41
greg-gakgraner: can you PM me your mailing address, I have a present for you16:41
greg-galso, really sorry you couldn't make it up to jcastro's wedding :(16:42
jcastroakgraner: we saved you some pint glasses!16:42
jcastrogreg-g: I ended up with like 2016:42
nigelbjcastro: everyone knows exactly what you want perahsp :)16:42
greg-goh, well then, can I keep mine and you send one, jcastro ?16:42
jcastrogreg-g: yeah, that'll work the best I think16:42
akgraneroh wow16:42
nigelbjcastro: when can we see the pictures?16:42
jcastronigelb: after I catch up. :D16:43
nigelbjcastro: haha :)16:43
greg-gjcastro: awesome! I love pint glasses :)16:43
akgranernigelb, I was given a shot this morning to keep the pain at a min. for the next couple of days to get some things done - but with a warning that overuse will cause further damage.  I'll have surgery the 2nd week of July barring any further complications16:44
greg-gI'm so sorry akgraner16:44
nigelbakgraner: I hope it all goes well :)16:45
akgranerme to :-) I am sure it will - but it is amazing how they can do temp nerve blocks and stuff now - better living through chemistry :-)16:45
nigelbakgraner: Its not *that* safe for you.  Please don't forget that its injured or you'll hurt it even more16:46
jcastronigelb: she won't listen. :D16:48
jcastroshe's probably bench pressing right now16:48
jcastroknocking out push ups16:48
nigelbjcastro: Most probably.16:48
nigelbI would suggest not doing anything that caused pain when you didn't have the shot16:48
Pendulumnigelb: I agree there16:50
* dholbach hugs akgraner16:51
akgranerThanks y'all :-)16:55
nigelbPendulum: my friend had an ankle sprain.  Took pain tablets and played basketball and eventually tore it :/16:57
Pendulumnigelb: I probably tore my rotator cuff when I was 15, but swim coaches made me keep swimming and my parents didn't think it was so bad I needed to see a doctor. This is likely why I have so many shouder problems nwo16:58
nigelbPendulum: Oh :(16:58
jcastroI had my shoulder lasered up!16:58
Pendulum(saw an orthopaedist about 4 years ago who said "there's scar tissue from what feels like a badly healed tear" which is why we know it was probably torn)16:58
* dpm is just reading the scrollback and *hugs* akgraner!17:20
akgranerdpm, thanks!17:21
qenseI don't know what happened to akgraner, but it does sound bad. I hope you'll be better soon, Amber!17:22
* dholbach calls it a day17:36
dholbachhave a good one everybody17:36
jussilaters dholbach17:36
* dholbach hugs you all17:36
dholbachbye jussi17:36
nigelbnight dholbach :)17:36
* dpm calls it a day too17:39
dpmSee you all tomorrow!17:40
* nigelb calls it a day too17:47
nigelbGood night folks!17:47
bencrisfordnigelb: g'night17:51
jcastropopey: czajkowski: pings18:32
popeyjcastro: hullo18:37
popeyczajkowski is afk18:37
jcastroah ok18:37
jcastropopey: where is the most up to date list of official locos?18:37
jcastrothat huge page on the wiki still?18:37
popeyofficial or approved?18:37
jcastroapproved gets mailing lists right?18:37
popeythey all get mailing lists AIUI18:38
jcastrook so like18:39
jcastroput in a request for a mailing list18:39
popeybeen around 3 years, has 52 members18:39
popeyi see no reason to hold them back from having a list personally18:40
jcastrook so just punt to you guys then?18:40
popeygo fer it18:40
jcastroyeah, I don't really make that call18:40
jcastroI leave that to your capable sideys18:40
jcastroI mean ...18:40
popeyPOWER SIDEYS!18:40
jcastropopey: ok so just so I'm clear18:41
jcastroI just assign them to you, and then you pile em up and agendaize them for the loco council meetings right?18:41
jcastrothen after you approve you assign it to vanguard right?18:41
popeyyes and no18:42
popeyyes you throw them at us18:42
popeywe deal with them on the mailing list / irc / meeting18:42
popeygenerally as soon as we can18:42
popeyno point waiting for a meeting for us all to go "+1"18:42
popeyshort answer: yes18:42
AlanBellword of the day: "agendaize"18:59
jcastroI felt clever!19:07
AlanBellit was inspired19:11
czajkowskiI could play with this all night long http://instantsfun.es/20:44
* JFo sends jcastro's word to M-W20:50
akgranerjcastro, is like the EF Hutton of the community-team channel - when he speaks people listen :-p20:59
czajkowskiakgraner: way with words girl!20:59
czajkowskiakgraner: can you op up in -women-project and invite in airuando he's having issues joinging21:00
czajkowskiand wants to say thanks to folks from Orla21:00
akgranerokie dokie21:02
czajkowskisee -women-project21:03
Pendulumczajkowski: btw, his nick is airurando you keep missing the 2nd r ;-)21:04
jcastrojono: call today?21:04
jonojcastro, yep, can you give me a few to wrap something?21:04
jonomight be about 10mins21:04
jcastrono worries!21:04
jcastroI'm going to go buy a coke21:04
jonojcastro, all set21:17
jcastrome too!21:17
jcastrojono: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/add-more-apps-to-ubuntu-messaging-menu.html21:22
czajkowskiis the only way forward now for news to get out on ubuntu though a non ubuntu form, no mails from canonical dev folks just via OMG :(21:23
Pendulumczajkowski: I hope not :(21:24
czajkowskiseems to be the way being pushed forward which is rather disapointing21:24
jonojcastro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperStackTour21:31
jonojcastro, https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-process-improvements21:38
jonojcastro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PostReleaseApps/Process21:42
czajkowskioh I've action items on there that need working21:43
jonojcastro, oh shit, I forgot to say, I have music for you21:50
jonojcastro, you got a few mins in a few mins to give it a listen?21:51
jonowould like to hear your feedback21:51
jcastrofor sure21:51
jonook let me go and upload them first21:51
* jcastro goes on a biobreak first21:51
jonojcastro, mumble ok?21:58
TechnovikingI think OMG is secretly ran by Mark22:11
czajkowskiTechnoviking: heh, well it's just getting a bit ridiculous for news to only go out via that tbh22:13
Pendulumam I the only person who has trouble reading omg in a visual way?22:14
Pendulumbecause of all the bright colours it reads as "too busy" to my eyes and tends to give me a headache22:14
AlanBellhow many people attended UDS?22:21
jcastroPendulum: I read it in a feed reader, it's the only way22:29
czajkowskiAlanBell: 300+22:30
Pendulumjcastro: I kinda feel like, that if multiple people have trouble reading it on the native site (I'm not a fan of feed readers), then maybe a better way ought to be used to disseminate news22:34
PendulumI don't have a problem with their reporting stuff, just when they're the *only* people reporting things that maybe ought to be coming more directly from Canonical and/or Ubuntu teams22:35
jcastroI find UWN to be the most comprehensive22:35
czajkowskijcastro: aye, but the point atm is some really imporant info seems to be only going down the route of being told via omgubuntu22:35
* jcastro nods22:39
akgranerI don't think anything OMG is reporting is not accessible publicly but requires time and effort to watch list ect...then take the time to write it up23:04
czajkowskiakgraner: I think it's a shame it's not coming from canoincal and tbh I put less faith in it because of that23:05
akgranerand I think they have many eyes watching many lists23:05
akgranerand that they send them links so they know23:05

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