humphreybcvish: ping05:08
nisshhubuntujenkins: hey, in case your still interested, im putting pytask through final testing before i release it thisarvo06:43
humphreybcInitial draft of the new ubuntu manual website design: http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/ump-index.png06:44
nisshhhumphreybc: thats much better than the current one06:46
nisshhthe strip up the toop kind of reminds me of launchpads top strip too06:47
vishhumphreybc: pong!06:47
humphreybchey vish :)06:48
humphreybcI need some icons06:48
humphreybchave a look at this, http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/ump-index.png06:48
* vish looks06:48
humphreybcsee the icons for the top nav bar, and the twitter icon down the bottom, and any more that I come across... they're just default shapes from photoshop. I want better ones.06:49
humphreybclike boxee: http://boxee.tv06:49
vishhumphreybc: k , what is the sice that they are used in?06:52
humphreybclet me look06:52
* vish tries to think of a metaphor for "Get Involved"06:52
humphreybcyeah, I actually stumbled across the puzzle piece06:52
humphreybcit kind of works, "we need you to fit in" all that stuff06:52
humphreybcabout 32 x 3206:56
humphreybcthey have to be monochrome, about that shade of gray06:57
humphreybcI'm trying to decide whether to replace the fading animation of each page of the manual with a larger image07:00
vishhumphreybc: righto, 32px . i'll get them done in a couple of days07:04
humphreybcalso, monochrome facebook, twitter and planet icons would be nice too :)07:05
vishhehe , where do those go?07:05
humphreybcnot sure07:05
humphreybcI'm still working on the bottom part of the site, going to try to make it into a "social" area07:06
vishhumphreybc: hmm ,any reason you avoided using orange?07:07
humphreybcI originally tried making the top bar orange07:08
humphreybcbut I couldn't find a suitable colour combination to make the items in the nav bar stand out enough07:08
humphreybcI'll keep playing, though07:08
humphreybcI sort of want to use colour sparingly to attract to buttons and other important things07:08
vishusing that would be more consistent with other Ubuntu community sites , well the website team might already have templates07:08
humphreybcYeah. Part of me wants to make us look like the other sites, but part of me also wants to separate our team a bit07:09
humphreybcAlso, Quickshot is going to get its own site I think07:09
humphreybcThe program isn't going to be team specific - so it shouldn't be hosted on our site :P07:10
humphreybcI have to chuck the ubuntu logo in there too07:10
humphreybcstill figuring out where to put those things07:10
vishhumphreybc: hmm , if it is hosted on lp , the homepage shouldnt matter07:10
vishfor quickshot^07:11
humphreybcyeah, I think Quickshot deserves its own site though07:11
humphreybcI want to attract more attention to it07:11
humphreybcget more teams using it, etc07:11
humphreybcas for the domain name, for now it can just be quickshot.ubuntu-manual.org or something crazy like that07:12
humphreybctill we buy quickshot.org :P07:12
ubuntujenkins nisshh have you fixed your problem that you asked about in #ubuntu-app-devel?11:29
ubuntujenkinsI have an hour or two spare before i have to get back to revision11:31
ubuntujenkinshmm nissh after reading #quickly i see what you mean11:42
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: when you make a package it looks like you make an older package as the titles of the columns are different11:56
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: you have an unusual set up for your branch or quickly has changed the way it does things. How have you done a 64bit build of the package. I have built one but can't do it for quickshot12:01
ubuntujenkinso may be there is not a 64bit package i am confused12:03
ubuntujenkins?ppa > ubuntujenkins12:11
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins, please see my private message12:11
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: this is strange i can't work it out, I am going to lucnh now12:21
nisshhubuntujenkins: sorry, i was deep, in my "what the hell does this code do?" state, as far as i know it is not a 64bit package12:45
ubuntujenkinsyea for some reason i thought it was a 64 bit package but it is not12:47
nisshhubuntujenkins: also, i merged some code from rick that made the column names fully translatable and various other things, you will find that the branch has changed alot since you tried it only a few days ago.12:47
nisshhubuntujenkins: there are some strange problems going on with the ppa package at the moment12:47
ubuntujenkinsyea I have the new one now and i really can't work out why the package is not doing it properly12:48
nisshhyou have the package from my ppa, or from trunk?12:48
ubuntujenkinsI have tried both, and can't get the scrolling window working12:49
nisshhif you run the code in trunk using, quickly run, then it works, but in package form it doesnt12:49
ubuntujenkinsyea, its so baffling12:49
nisshhiv never come accross this issue before12:50
nisshhiv been trying to get hold of someone who knows python really well all day but its been hard12:50
nisshheveryone seems to be busy12:50
nisshhdidrocks was telling me to check that i imported stuff correctly and i did a bunch of tests in my python session but so far nothing is out of the ordinary12:51
ubuntujenkinsits crazy it makes no sense, what was added to make this work which revision?12:52
ubuntujenkinsthis -> the sckrolling window12:52
nisshhthe scrolled window?12:52
nisshhum let me see12:52
nisshhwas not long ago12:53
nisshhrevision 102 i think12:53
nisshhubuntujenkins: ^^12:54
ubuntujenkinsthats what i thought12:54
nisshhall that was added was the glade object and 2 lines of code12:55
ubuntujenkinsits strange12:55
nisshhand iv ruled out an lp build problem, i built the package locally and it stil did it12:56
nisshhiv also fiddled with the ui files to see if it was a packing issue but thats not it either12:57
nisshhi think ill need to ask rick how he added the scrolledwindow to the ui, how he packed it and such, that could be the issue12:58
nisshhim also getting various other warning and errors, when i try and delete all the tasks at once12:58
nisshhwhich doesnt happen in trunk either12:58
ubuntujenkinsit may be best to ask him, I can't understand what would cause it though.12:58
* nisshh is about ready to punch his screen in because of this :)12:59
nisshhubuntujenkins: hehe, i just joined #python and i dont even know what the hell they are saying13:01
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: those errors on delteing stuff is only in the ppa and the ppa has the old titles with no capital at the start of them. But its the same for local packages as well13:01
ubuntujenkinsquickly run works a dream, #python can be confusing13:02
nisshhubuntujenkins: using the --verbose flag with the ppa package also shows up nothing13:05
ubuntujenkinsthere is something crazy going on seriously13:05
* nisshh salutes Captain Obvious13:06
nisshhiv checked and re-checked all my code, its all fine, i think the way to go may be to comment out that scrolledwindow code and go from there13:07
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I don't think its the package its u and i13:10
ubuntujenkinswe have both used old versions of pytask form "source" right. In a virtual mache your package works13:11
nisshhyou tried it in a vm?13:11
ubuntujenkinsThe titles with no capital gave it away. ype works in vm13:11
ubuntujenkinsits got to be desktop couch13:12
nisshhah, could be13:12
nisshhnever thought of that13:12
nisshhi know for certain that my pytask database stil contains old data13:12
nisshhubuntujenkins: do you think that if we delete the pytask database in our local couchdb's the package may actually work?13:13
ubuntujenkinsprobably I am trying to work out exactly what to remove with out breaking other programs13:14
ubuntujenkinswhats the database called?13:15
nisshhubuntujenkins: if you browse your couchdb, pytask whole new database called 'pytask' just delete that13:15
ubuntujenkinsApparently i don't have one I have lernid and gwibber etc13:16
nisshhhmm, thats interesting13:16
ubuntujenkinsI think thats my fault i just deteled some other stuff13:16
nisshhjust hang on a sec im trying13:16
nisshhyea, ok13:17
nisshhstill not working!!!13:17
nisshhubuntujenkins: notice the munted ui on the ppa package version?13:18
nisshhhang on ill take a screenie13:18
ubuntujenkinshttp://imagebin.org/99379 is my virtual box13:19
nisshhthats right, thats exactly how it should work13:20
nisshhlook i mean13:20
nisshhnot what mine looks like though13:20
nisshhubuntujenkins: this is what mine looks like when i run the ppa package install: http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/6315/pytask001.png13:26
nisshhubuntujenkins: the only explanation that even makes sense is that we have old data on our machines13:27
nisshhthats why it works on your vm13:27
nisshhwhere the hell would that old data be though, i did a complete package purge for pytask on my machine13:28
ubuntujenkinsits not our users a different user account gives the same thing13:30
nisshhso it must be data outside our home dirs then13:31
ubuntujenkinsthats my thinking13:31
nisshhsomewhere in /usr im guessing13:31
nisshhthats where most of the pytask stuff gets put13:32
ubuntujenkinsI suggest we remove the package and try and find it13:32
nisshhi agree13:32
nisshhubuntujenkins: aha! found it!13:34
nisshhlook in /usr/local/share/13:35
nisshhthere might be a pytask directory in there for you too13:35
nisshhit contains the ui and icons13:35
nisshhwow, ok thats not all13:36
ubuntujenkinsyes i have messed up couch.db13:36
nisshhjust did a locate in that directory13:37
nisshhubuntujenkins: so have i i think, its asking for user/pass for some reason13:37
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: have got the package removed still?13:40
ubuntujenkinsI still have "pytask" in /usr/local/bin as well13:41
ubuntujenkinsAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH the package is not installing the "pytask" bin file13:43
ubuntujenkinsluke-jennings@luke-jennings-laptop:/usr/local/share$ pytask13:43
ubuntujenkinsbash: /usr/local/bin/pytask: No such file or directory13:43
* ubuntujenkins should not have deleted that file13:44
nisshhit should be, what revision are you on?13:44
humphreybcwhat do you guys think about my new CV design? http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/cv.png13:45
ubuntujenkinsI had the package uninstalled and deleted /usr/local/bin. big fail on my part. I am using the ppa package13:45
nisshhubuntujenkins: i think a local package install contaminates the clean environment that the ppa package tries to install too13:46
nisshhhumphreybc: nice, but not a good choice of picture if you ask me :)13:46
nisshhrickspencer3: save us!13:46
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: it should not make a differnce which package is used13:47
humphreybcnisshh: yeah, I'm thinking about choosing a slightly less crazy picture :P13:49
ubuntujenkinshmm my computer is messed up the "pytask" file is in /usr/bin where is shoudl be13:51
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I think you need to remove /usr/local/bin as well but then running "pytask" doesn't work but python /usr/bin/pytask does. I still get couchdb problems13:52
nisshhubuntujenkins: right im ready to try again13:53
nisshhhere goes13:53
nisshhhumphreybc: yea :)13:53
ubuntujenkinshmm couchdb appears to be messed up how can make a new database?13:57
* dutchie points out that humphreybc missed an apostrophe the line above "excellent english" on his cv13:59
humphreybcAh, I looked into that. Apparently it's "Private Pilot Licence"14:00
humphreybcfor the official designation, no s at all14:00
humphreybccheeky bastard14:00
humphreybcokay, if you refresh, there's a less crazy photo and the grammar errors have been fixed :P14:02
nisshhi see14:03
ubuntujenkinsI think the picture is worse :P14:04
nisshhubuntujenkins: if you run pytask from the trunk code it should automatically create one14:04
dutchienow you look like a convict14:05
dutchieoh, wait14:05
nisshhdutchie: lol14:06
nisshhdoes a bit actually14:06
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/442783/14:06
nisshhhumphreybc: dont you have any cv grade pictures of yourself???14:07
* ubuntujenkins should look at what he is clicking14:07
humphreybcwhat do you classify as CV grade?14:07
nisshhubuntujenkins: oh crap14:07
humphreybcYou mean, not smiling?14:08
nisshhhumphreybc: a picture that doesnt make you look like a criminal?14:08
dutchiethe photo on my cv was one of me taken at 00:15 on new year's day for a while14:08
dutchieluckily, i never needed to use it14:08
humphreybcI could do a collage of many pictures together...14:08
humphreybcto appease everybody14:08
popeyi have never seen a photo on a cv before14:08
ubuntujenkinsI don't have a photo on my cv.14:08
popeyhumphreybc: yours is the first14:08
popeyand i have seen zillions of cvs14:08
nisshhpopey: nope, i have a photo on mine14:08
humphreybcmy CV has always had a photo on it. Normally a big fat one on the front page.14:09
ubuntujenkinsbrb restarting14:09
popeynisshh: "nope"?14:09
nisshhor did anyway14:09
humphreybcnisshh: must be a southern hemisphere thing14:09
popeyIt is the first I have seen, you cant disagree with that thanks14:09
nisshhpopey: ok, good point14:09
humphreybcif I was an employer, I'd like to see my applicants, which isn't always possible in person14:09
nisshhhumphreybc: yes, we are unique arent we :)14:09
popeywhy humphreybc ?14:10
popeyall of my last 5 jobs have been done over the phone14:10
popeyno interview ;)14:10
popeywell, telephone interview, no in-person14:10
humphreybcSo I can discriminate on age, race and gender? lol14:10
thorwilpopey: it's common in germany, but apparently unknown/discouraged in the US and UK. no clue about Canada and AUS14:10
humphreybcjust kidding :)14:10
nisshhpopey: what? thats unheard of in AU14:10
humphreybcI dunno, I just think you can tell a lot from someone by looking at them. Call me all "don't read a book by a cover"14:11
popeyhumphreybc: to be fair you dont have much experience of reading CVs :)14:11
popeyso you're not really best placed to judge that :)14:11
nisshhin humphreybc's case you can tell that he is grinning!14:11
popey"we need an insane person for this job"14:11
popey"he looks good!"14:11
nisshhpopey: hehe14:12
humphreybcbetter than a depressed person14:12
humphreybcor an emo14:12
* humphreybc is pleased Pidgin is working now14:12
popeynisshh: in my line of work people rely on your CV, technical interview over phone and what others say about you14:12
nisshhpopey: thats interesting14:13
nisshhubuntujenkins: yay! it works fine now if i install from the ppa, i think it was old files messing things up14:14
* humphreybc is trying out photoshop's "save as PDF" thing14:14
dutchieyou are doing your CV in photoshop?14:14
humphreybc16 mb PDF later14:14
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: does removing it and then adding it again work?14:15
humphreybcdutchie: yep14:15
dutchiehow delightfully insane14:15
humphreybcevince is struggling under the load14:15
humphreybcinsane, why?14:15
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: yey I have sorted mine as well.14:15
nisshhubuntujenkins: i just removed every instance of pytask from my system except my trunk files in my home dir and reinstalled it from the ppa and it worked fine14:15
* nisshh shits himself in his happiness14:16
ubuntujenkinslesson learnt don't use quickly files to install14:16
nisshhubuntujenkins: cool, so we know its not the ppa package i can now finally announce the new release14:17
nisshhubuntujenkins: no kidding14:17
ubuntujenkinsyep it was just us :)14:17
thorwilhumphreybc: does PS embed fonts, save vectors or principally turn text into bitmaps when saving PDF?14:17
humphreybcthorwil: I *think* it embeds fonts, but I'm not sure.14:17
humphreybcit doesn't just draw some jpg and slap a .pdf extension on the end14:18
thorwilhumphreybc: if it is the last, it's a very good reason not to go that way. all vectors or bitmaps would also explain why Evince struggles14:18
thorwilhumphreybc: try selecting and copy/paste text from the pdf14:19
humphreybcI think evince just struggled with the large file size. It works fine if I reduce the quality a bit.14:19
* ubuntujenkins gets on with revision14:19
nisshhubuntujenkins: thanks for helping me out14:20
ubuntujenkinsno problem :)14:20
* nisshh starts writing up the release announcement for pytask14:21
humphreybcthorwil: okay, no, it does the latter. selecting and copy/pasting text don't work14:21
humphreybcthorwil: After playing with some settings, this the best compromise I've got for quality vs. file size vs. evince being able to open it without crashing: http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/cv.pdf14:29
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I don't know if you know but you can add your ppa by doing sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nisshh/pytask-releases14:34
nisshhubuntujenkins: i do thanks14:35
nisshhmuch faster than using software sources :)14:36
thorwilhumphreybc: hmm, i can select text in evince, but get garbage out. seriously, use illustrator, quarkXpress, indesign, oo writer, scribus or whatever else can generate pdf with proper text. will make you look more competent ;)14:55
thorwilnow if only inkscape could embed fonts ...14:56
nisshheveryone: https://edge.launchpad.net/pytask/+announcement/597214:56
humphreybcthorwil: hahaha15:06
* ubuntujenkins the uni internet is fast an iso of ubuntu in a minute \0/17:10
edakiriRecommendations for software to automatically produce Indices and Table of Contents in HTML documents?17:16
ubuntujenkinsedakiri: I think ours were done manualy or at least as far as i know.17:19
edakiriubuntujenkins: Here we had a discussion about various documentation systems before, so I am betting some person(s) know some tools.17:21
ubuntujenkinsyea sure, just giving my answer :)17:22
dakerhi @all :)19:00
dakerubuntujenkins, the countdown begins :)19:18
ubuntujenkinsto what? :$19:19
* ubuntujenkins is confused19:19
dakeryour exams19:19
ubuntujenkinsooo I had my first one today, not sure how it went19:20
dakermy 1 training day :)19:20
ubuntujenkinswhat are you training for?19:21
dakertwo months19:21
ubuntujenkinsnice even shinier websites :)19:22
ubuntujenkinshave fun doing it, I am just poping out be back soon19:22
dakerthanks :)19:29
artnayany schedule to update website translations?20:38
dakeri'll update them right no6w for you artnay20:39
artnaydaker: ok, thanks20:40
artnayI'll continue translating the manual itself...20:40
ChrisWoollardSpeaking of translations. Is there any word on recovering the uk translations. Or do i have to do them again?20:42
dakerthe manual or the website ChrisWoollard ?20:42
ChrisWoollardthe manual20:43
dakeroh you ask godbyk or dutchie :)20:44
godbykChrisWoollard: I haven't heard anything. I'm guessing you'll have to retranslate.20:44
* ChrisWoollard bangs his head against the wall!20:45
ChrisWoollardOk then. If I re-translate what would stop me having to do it all again in the event of something else breaking!20:47
godbykChrisWoollard: No idea.20:51
godbykChrisWoollard: You can export the po file for your translation as a backup.20:51
dakergood ideo20:52
godbykBeyond that, I don't know what to tell you.  Launchpad's translations stuff are a bit of a mystery to me. :)20:52
ChrisWoollardOk. exporting the po file sounds like a good idea.20:54
ChrisWoollardNext on the agenda is world peace. Can you do that one?20:55
godbykI'll add it to my TODO list. :)21:08
ChrisWoollardAs far as I recall, your agenda is very very long.21:11
ChrisWoollardping godbyk21:29
godbykChrisWoollard: pong21:32
ChrisWoollardDid i hear the other day that things were going to move to docbook?21:34
godbykChrisWoollard: Well, there's a lot of stuff planned.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-support-and-learning-center for an overview.21:36
ChrisWoollardYummy, thanks.21:37
* ubuntujenkins is bored of revision21:43
godbykubuntujenkins: revision?21:47
ubuntujenkinsyea exams stopping me from doing quickshot work. Over in two weeks \o/21:48
ubuntujenkinsuni end of year ones21:48
ubuntujenkinsalso means back to the most painfully slow internet connection.  I can do 700mb in 60 seconds here :P21:49
ubuntujenkinsits so fast the server i am getting it from is the restriction21:49
* ubuntujenkins is going crazy21:49
ubuntujenkinsI aim to write the manual program alpha in three days and a beta in another 5. Its not that complex of a program tbh21:51
ubuntujenkinsafter i finish that is21:51
godbyknever underestimate complexity, though. :)21:52
ubuntujenkinsget the whole team in on testing and as many people as we can find21:52
godbykthings that seem simple when you're at the beginning of a project usually reveal their true complexity the deeper you get into them.21:52
ubuntujenkinstrue I really want a download progress bar, like the file transfer type thing. That is probably the hardest part21:53
ubuntujenkinsalot of other stuff is in quickshot like reading files form servers etc21:53
godbykas long as the file server gives you the Content-length http header, you can do that.21:54
godbyk(assuming the API you're using tells you that info)21:54
ubuntujenkinsI don't know how quickshot does it tbh i need to learn that this release. I think a dictionary file of languages and links is all that is needed21:55
godbykthe dictionary could reside on the server, too. then quickshot just queries that info from the server.21:55
ubuntujenkinsthe dictionary is on the server I think the manual program should check for langauges that the manual is avalible in form the dictionary21:56
ubuntujenkinsthat way it is easy once a new langauge is released21:57
ubuntujenkinsI want to use this to continue my learning but I am sure flan will help if i ask nicely :)21:58
godbykI agree.21:58
ubuntujenkinsi also need to as the ground control guys how they detect if the interent is up. I think they do something like that at the moment22:09
godbykI think you can find out via dbus to networkmanager or something.22:20
ubuntujenkinsyea I don't wnat to use network manager because then what about people who use wicd etc. I have asked doctormo I am waiting for a reply. I will check out dbus22:21
godbykgood point22:21
godbykthere's surely some semi-standard method by now.22:22
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: whats wrong with this http://imagebin.org/99445 ? I wonder how long it take you to notice22:29
godbykwell, it's not seeing your microphone/inputs.22:30
godbykand didn't you have multiple outputs before, too?22:30
godbykthe UI could be improved.22:31
godbyklots and lots of buttons.22:31
godbykI have no idea what it's for22:31
ubuntujenkinsits more basic than that theres no way to close the window. I have no clue how to use jack22:31
ubuntujenkinsalt+f4 doesn't work22:31
godbykI noticed that, but figured there was a close button hiding in there somewhere. :)22:31
godbykhere's how you close it: Press Alt+F2. Type 'xkill'.  Click on the window.  Closed! :)22:31
ubuntujenkinsthere is not its stupid. After talking to you when you went over quickshot i spot so many errors :)22:32
ubuntujenkinsomg another window with no close button AAGGGGHHH22:33
godbykIt's kind of fun to run through an application and just point out all the flaws you notice. :)22:34
ubuntujenkinsi need to file a bug on this after exams22:34
ubuntujenkinshmm starting jack stops my audio22:54
ubuntujenkinsI give up i am off to bed, night all22:55
c7p(really big day ...) night all23:19
dakergodbyk, ping23:24
godbykdaker: pong23:24
dakerhow many downloads we got ?23:24
godbykhaven't fixed the sql and haven't looked in ages.23:25
dakeri need to make support for browsers, so i need to know the list of the most used browsers23:26
godbykFrom the urls table is looks like there are 88948 hits on http://ubuntu-manual.org/download/10.04/en_US/screen23:26
godbykAh, I think you can snag that info from the google analytics page.23:26
godbykdo you have access to that?23:26
dakeryou have the access :)23:27
godbyklet me set it up for ya23:27
godbykdaker: what's your google email address?23:28
dakeror adnane@ubuntu-manual.org23:28
godbykdaker: okay, you should be set now.  go to google.com/analytics23:29
godbyklog in (with your google login) and you can view the reports.23:30
godbykdaker: you should also be able to view other reports here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard?hl=en&siteUrl=http://ubuntu-manual.org/23:30
dakeri can't23:33
dakerhe tolds me that the site is not verified :s23:33
godbykdaker: ah, for the second link (webmaster tools), you have to use your adnane@ubuntu-manual.org address, apparently.23:34
godbykI'll add your adnane002 address too23:35
dakeroki GA is working23:35
godbykdaker: okay, adnane002@gmail.com should be set up for the webmaster tools now, too.23:35
godbykdaker: you may have to go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools first to log in or something.23:36
godbykthen ubuntu-manual.org should appear in your list.23:36
dakerah oki23:36
dakergood night @all23:41

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