Ampyxx1okay, the other thing that I left out is that it's plugged in via coax, so I guess I don't need a blaster huh?00:22
rhpot1991puff: you should get an nvidia card that can do vdpau, there are some pci ones that will work00:29
rhpot1991!vdpau | puff00:29
Zinnpuff: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU00:29
rhpot1991Ampyxx1: sounds like a configuration issue, or ntsc isn't working yet00:30
rhpot1991(for that card)00:31
Ampyxxdo you know how to correctly configure the hauppauge wintv hvr-1250 with Comcast and a Motorola STB00:35
jolarenAnyone managed to view the flash or the asx recordings from mythweb onto a mobile device?00:38
Ampyxxanyone know how to configure mythbuntu with comcast on a motorola box? scanning won't work. I'm supposed to go in and manually add all the channels from the guide info right?01:51
MistStlkrI just did a clean install on my Mythbuntu using 10.04LTS and set it up with the TV and a monitor, set up as separate X sessions thinking I could then VNC into the monitor session and tinker without molesting my wife's TV watching.  The question I have is that myth loads on boot as intended, but on the monitor instead of the TV.  Where do I change that behavior?  I tried peeking in the xorg.conf and the init.d/x11-common but 03:02
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].07:57
RobertLaptopQuestion I see the older advance install iso are no more has anyone documented a way to recreate them?  I need raid support something the basic install CD's don't have22:31
tgm4883RobertLaptop, you probaby would need to use the Ubuntu alternate iso, then install mythbuntu-desktop22:40
RobertLaptopI miss that disk :(22:41
tgm4883yea it was handy. Unfortunately it also was buggy and we don't have the resources to fix it22:43
chilukIf i remember correctly the default 9.04 mythbuntu disks had raid support built in.22:44
chilukbut my memory has failed me before.22:45
RobertLaptopWell I couldn't figuire out how to do raid under 10.0422:49
RobertLaptopI would greatful if you could tell me how to do that under 10.0422:51
tgm4883You can't from the live disk23:06
tgm4883he is mistaken23:06
RobertLaptopI was pretty certain that was the case.23:06

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