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akgranerGood Morning :-)16:34
Pendulumhi akgraner16:35
akgranerPendulum, hey!16:35
nhandlerjussi showed me this today: http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/EventAggregator . I'm not sure how useful it would be for us. I personally like the current calendar setup ore, but I figured I would pass it on18:10
popeycan someone with access to the fridge calendar please fix the emea membership board meeting which should be 20:00 UTC today18:45
nhandlerpopey: Is that just this meeting? Or All meetings for the EMEA ?18:56
popeyall of them18:59
popeybut they happen on the first tuesday of the month, not sure you can schedule that?18:59
nhandlerpopey: Yep. That is how it was scheduled. Check now18:59
akgranernhandler, is the time wrong?19:01
nhandlerakgraner: It was19:01
akgraneracross the board for all of the meetings?19:01
popeyby the way, the text above the calendar says.. "The calendar below is in GMT (no daylight savings).19:01
popeywhich is wrong19:01
nhandlerakgraner: It was a recurring event, so yes19:01
popeyit should say UTC, not GMT19:01
nhandlerpopey: Google referrs to it as GMT as well, it would probably cause more confusion if we had our text say UTC19:02
akgraneroh ok - I haven't had a chance to look into that yet19:02
popeygoogle sucks then :)19:02
popeyGMT doesnt exist for 6 months of the year19:02
popeyit really should say UTC19:02
nhandlerFile a bug ;)19:03
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akgranerpopey  - I am going to email all the teams who have meetings this month and ask that they double check their times etc20:44
akgraneralso I've been sent a couple links to look at some other alternatives to the google calendar, since the fridge is getting an update :-)20:45
popeygod idea20:48

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