dholbachgood morning07:16
MooDoohello all09:22
ebelLooks like I'll be sending another harddrive to Kenya again!10:06
ebelLast time I didn't copy that showmedo videos, but I got the all clear from them that they were CC licenced.10:07
dholbachebel: maybe we should have a wiki page listing all the stuff!10:29
ebelI should write it up10:29
ebelI never got round to it last time :)10:30
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/SendAHardDrive? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/OfflineContent?10:31
dholbachin any case it'd be good to link it from NGO/Documentation10:32
ebeloffline content at least10:32
dholbachif we get it to a nice start, we should write another blog post and put something up in the facebook group and I'm sure people will have 67876543456787654345678 more ideas for stuff to put on it :)10:33
ebelYeah. :)10:34
ebelThe main problem is finding copylefted content.10:35
ebelAnd this is something that's only possible if you have the freedom to copy for any purpose.10:35
dholbachcontent + software10:39
ebelsoftware is easy.11:04
ebeljust an apt-mirror away11:04
qwebirc64195is anyone here?16:27
MooDooi am for about 10 secs - home time :D16:28
MooDoooh they quot16:28
MooDoohello all20:16
MooDoohow you doing laura?20:16
czajkowskigrand now you?20:21
MooDooi'm doing well, just installed lucid on the old lappy, running well :D20:22
MooDoonight all23:06

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