knomehey, we have a bot attack at #xubuntu01:34
knomeanybody willing to lend a hand?01:34
Flannelknome: what's up?01:34
knomeclients from webchat turning up01:35
knome03:33  freewashcook: /!\ BREAKING NEWS /!\ #ubuntu-women is hosting our annual  WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!  For details -> http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Home01:35
FlannelOh fun stuff.01:35
Flannelknome: So, just people in and out? or what?01:35
* Flannel just joined, but I'll idle there and do what I can01:35
knomepeople in and flooding01:35
knomei set +m already for a moment01:35
knomelooks like they are killing the clients now01:36
knomei kicked 4 of them - what should i tell ubottu as the reason?01:36
knomeokay, different kind of attack now...01:37
Flannelknome: Don't worry about ubottu01:37
FlannelWho's in charge of the women wiki?01:37
knomei've no idea01:38
Flannelsince, they'll need an admin to reverse some vandalism01:38
tsimpsonknome: I suggest '/mode +q $~a' for now01:40
knomethat does what?01:40
tsimpsonquiet unidentified users01:40
tsimpsonat least then everyone else can speak01:40
knomeand -m?01:40
tsimpsonyeah, -m01:40
knomedo you suggest bans?01:40
tsimpsonno point01:41
tsimpsonthey are mostly proxies or "compromised" systems, and probably won't use the same IP twice01:41
tsimpsonbesides, they're attacking #freenode too, so staff are working on it01:41
knomeah, right01:42
tsimpsonknome: are they all gateway users? @gateway/web/freenode/...01:42
knomebtw, was ircanswersbot an acknowledged bot?01:42
knometsimpson, no, there were some from @ip's as well01:43
tsimpsonahh, the couldn't make it easy :(01:43
knomethose clients started joining when i kicked a few of the webclients out01:43
* h00k catches up after a busy weekend01:43
tsimpsonircanswers bot is approved, yes01:43
tsimpsonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots <- that will list any approved bot01:43
tsimpson(at the bottom for "external" ones)01:44
knomeIRSeekBot is in #xubuntu, while not listed in the page01:44
tsimpsonyeah, I was going to update that01:45
tsimpsonthe policy is that IRSeekBot can log anywhere where UbuntuIrcCouncil is the owner and ubuntulog is already logging01:45
knomeany advices on when to revert the +q mode?01:46
tsimpsonwell, not yet01:47
tsimpsonthe only way to know of course is to try it and see...01:47
tsimpsonbut a fresh batch just hit #freenode, so not yet01:48
knomeit's soon 4am here, so it might not be before afternoon if we have to wait for much longer :)01:48
macoFlannel: the wiki has been locked03:33
Flannelmaco: I heard03:34
Flannelmaco: thanks03:34
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:57
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:57
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:57
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:57
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:07
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:07
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:07
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:07
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:37
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu-irc (summers)08:38
summersi would like to announce a new ubuntu channel, #ubuntu-faggots, all are welcome to join08:38
elkyjussi, topyli, tsimpson you might want to have that dropped.08:41
jussiIm on it08:47
gordsummers in #u-d someone08:51
jussitrelane: can we help you with something?08:56
trelaneI'm watching.  As always.08:56
elkyWe'd really rather you did not.08:56
* trelane notes that the #u-w issue is not dealt with yet08:56
trelaneper the topic, I remain.08:57
jussitrelane: #ubuntu-ewomen is not part of this channels purview, please join #ubuntu-irc08:57
jussi#ubuntu-women even08:58
trelaneaah noted08:58
Flanneljussi: What did I miss about nisstyre?  I can't find anything in BT08:58
jussiFlannel: I forwarded the channel I just closed here, then realised my mistake.08:59
elkyThat says it all, really.09:00
elkyThis is really going to be painful in a week's time when ubottu gets around to reminders...09:01
jussiright, summers has been passsed a ticket to k land09:04
elkyanother one of them10:12
ubottuIn ubottu, satish said: why firefox is slow on kubuntu? is there any bug?11:49
knomehave the floodjoins passed already?13:08
ikonianot sure13:08
knomeand the #u-w issue13:08
knomewell, have to try13:09
knomeremoved the quite on #xubuntu13:14
elkyknome, not resolved, no.13:15
knomeelky, right. i'll hang around and am ready to put the quiet back13:16
tsimpsonrocket16: can we help you?15:07
rocket16Hello respected Operators. I have a question about ubutto Bot system. That is, I made an Open-Source Book on GPL Licenses,15:07
rocket16Hello tsimpson15:07
rocket16And, like the Ubuntu Manual, which is displayed at !manual command, can there be any command made, in ubutto, for referring to that Free Book, which states, how Linux is conveinient to use,15:07
tsimpsonwhich free book is that?15:08
rocket16tsimpson: That is a free PDF, on GPL licenses, which is about "Why is Linux better than commercial OSes", and it is available at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ynygmlzluzw (I compiled this PDF after taking the permission from The owner of the site, whyislinuxbetter.com)15:09
rocket16I beg to state, that the quality of it, might be the least, but is it possible, that like refering to Ubuntu manual, such PDFs created by users can also be refered to by ubotto?15:10
tsimpsondoes it have anything to do with Ubuntu? (and I mean Ubuntu specifically rather than Linux in general)15:10
rocket16tsimpson: Actually, it has very less, to do in common about Ubuntu, excluding a few references to it. I think, perhaps I need to make something like Ubuntu-specific to make it included in ubotto database, am I right?15:12
tsimpsonyeah, the link to the ubuntu-manual site is because it's relevant to Ubuntu and a source of support15:13
rocket16I have another small PDF, entirely collected and written by me, at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yiykuzm0mjy which is about Ubuntu tips and tricks, and is Ubuntu-specific. I believe, it might be included in future. Well, thanks tsimpson, for your earnest support.15:14
rocket16Thank you, tsimpson and other respected operators. See you all again.15:14
rocket16Bye all.15:14
ikoniaI'd be concerned about linking to a user written document statment details about the licenses16:06
ubottuIn ubottu, elhagrasy said: this guide is not for me17:54
jussiHas anyone got a current chanserv.py17:56
ubottuSeveaz called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (stond)18:57
PiciAsked onetinsoldier not to forward people to -offtopic for support.19:06
PiciI think we need to talk about whether compiling software that is not in the repositories (or even stuff that is in the repos) is offtopic for #ubuntu.19:11
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)19:16
Picitomaw: ty.19:47
PiciI know I shouldnt be feeding, but sometimes it just gets to me.19:48
PiciI'll keep my mouth (fingers) shut.19:48
tootrootHello, why can #ubuntu-men not be made, but #ubuntu-women can? How could I start an ubuntu male project?19:49
tootrootI think that men and women should have equal rights, hence they should each have their own #ubuntu channel.19:50
tootrootUbuntu is all about promoting equality and such, right?19:50
Tm_Ttootroot: not again this19:51
tootrootI just brought this up today for the first time.19:51
Tm_Tbut we have been dealing this kind of requests many many times before19:51
tootrootAnd what is the reason why?19:52
Tm_Tthere's no real reason19:52
tootrootWhy can't men have their own #ubuntu channel, but the women can?19:52
tootrootWhat is that reason?19:52
Tm_Ttootroot: #ubuntu-women is not "channel for women"19:52
tootrootWhat is it then?19:52
tootrootAnd why can't men have their own?19:52
Tm_Ttootroot: read http://www.ubuntu-women.org/ for starters19:53
tootrootOk, why can't there be a place that encourages men to contribute to Ubuntu then?19:53
tootrootWhy can't all their practices apply to men as well?19:54
tootrootWhy can't the men do the same?19:54
Tm_Ttootroot: we do19:54
tootrootWhy can't men have their own channel to do this in?19:55
Tm_Ttootroot: it's not needed, regular channels suffice19:55
tootrootWhy can't regular channels suffice for women as well? That's sexist if you're implying they are too dumb or something to be able to use the main #ubuntu rooms, just like how men do.19:56
tootrootMen should have equal rights19:56
tootrootsame as women19:56
Tm_Ttootroot: and that's exactly the reason why -women is needed and -men isn't19:56
tootrootBut why are women so special that they are allowed to have that room, but men can not? I don't understand.19:56
Tm_Ttootroot: it's not about being "allowed", whole point of -women project is to make itself not needed19:57
tootrootuhm, but why can't there be a channel that has the same philosiphies as the -women project, but for -men ??...... humans are humans and that is what the ubuntu distro stands for19:58
Tm_Ttootroot: let's say it this way: if you want a channel from ubuntu namespace, you prolly like to have reasonable project to need that channel19:59
Tm_Ttootroot: so project comes first19:59
tootrootOk so if I buy ubuntu-men.org then I could probably claim that channel?20:00
Tm_Ttootroot: no, buying domain doesn't make project20:00
tootrootHow do I make myself into a project then20:00
Tm_Ttootroot: you don't make yourself a project (:)20:00
tootrootWELL THEN. How do I claim #ubuntu-men? What do I do to earn this channel?20:00
Tm_Ttootroot: you need a project that would need that channel, then you have to ask dear IRC Council to grant it for you20:01
Tm_Ttootroot: but first, the project20:01
Tm_Ttootroot: if you don't know what is project in this context, study, for example, any ubuntu project20:03
Tm_Tthere's plenty of good (and I'm sure also bad) examples20:03
tootrootI find that absurd that there can't be a channel where ubuntu males can talk to other ubuntu males in a quieter enviornment. Thanks for your time anyways.20:03
Tm_Tyou're welcome20:05
Tm_Tubun2fgt: hi how can we help you today?20:11
Piciuh. I didn't do that.20:14
Picioh. It was all those invites I just got, wonderful.20:15
Tm_TPici: did you get the realname that had?20:17
PiciTm_T: Yeah, I saw it earlier.20:17
ikoniathe trolling season is upon us20:18
funkyHatWhen is it not trolling season?20:19
Tm_TfunkyHat: when freenode servers are down?20:23
mneptokwhen schools are in session20:26
mneptokthings should get better when summer camp begins20:27
=== MrPancake is now known as KB1JWQ
ubottubastidrazor called the ops in #ubuntu (rab13s)21:31
rab13snow that ive been kickd how would you go about making ubuntu into french?21:37
ikoniarab13s: documentation on changing the local exists in the wiki21:37
charlie-tcaJoin the french loco team21:37
ikoniahowever this is not a support channel, this channel is only used for discussing issues within the channels with the operators21:38
rab13si was kicked from regular #ubuntu21:38
ikoniarab13s: for trying to post dangerous commands21:39
ikoniaas well you know21:39
ikoniaso shall we stop playing this sily game now ?21:39
rab13srm = remake fr = french? logical?21:39
nikorab13s: vous parlez français ?21:39
ikoniarab13s: did you run the command on your system ?21:40
rab13srm en remake english?21:40
ikonianiko: can help you in french21:40
rab13sI speek english21:41
ikoniathen why do you want ubuntu in French21:41
ikoniaor shall we stop playing the silly game now ?21:41
rab13sbah srry everyone I thought i was being funny, didnt mean to get kicked21:41
ikoniano you didn't think you being funny21:42
ikoniaor you would not have kept it up in this channel21:42
rab13s2 line bad joke21:42
ikoniathe bottom line is you tried to post a dangerous command, got kicked, came in here tyring to be clever and pretend it was an honest mistake, got caught out21:42
ikoniaso I suggest until you can behave like a responsible user and actually contribute to the channel without trying to destroy someones system for a joke, you keep out of the channel, I also suggest that until you can be honest straight away with people in this channel don't speak21:43
rab13sikonia,  I gave up, by bad21:43
ikoniait was your bad - and it is your bad21:44
ikoniato play a stupid game in ubuntu is one thing, to continue it in here is another21:44
ikoniaboth are unacceptable21:44
rab13sok dad21:44
ikoniarab13s: just so I'm clear, you do know that command could have destoryed someones system if executed correctly ?21:45
ikoniaremoving the root file system on someone's system will destory it21:45
rab13swhat is root?21:46
ikoniaok, you're playing dumb again, so I'm not going to continue this21:46
* jrib agrees21:46
ikoniarab13s: please leave the channel and come back when you can discuss this properly21:46
rab13sikonia: once I stop laughing ill msg you21:47
ikoniawhat a waste of time21:47
ikoniawow - your diguise is amazing21:49
ikoniabellman: do you want anything else from this channel ?21:50
bellmanall goooood21:50
* maco headdesk22:13
macoreading scrollback22:14
ikoniahello Nakkel22:57
ikoniaNakkel: are you an op for an ubuntu channel or do you need some help with something (sorry, not seen you before)23:01
NakkelAh, no, just confused with channels, Tm_T is guiding me #elsewhere … be gone in moment23:03
ikoniano problem23:03
ikoniaand no rush23:03
ikoniajust checking you didn't need any help with something23:04
NakkelThanks, no, just collecting stray channels in my logs as I try to remember where I have been and where I am going. :)23:05
NakkelWell, was nice to read all your nicks, be seeing you all. bb23:06
ikoniaha ha23:07
ubottudrizzt_ called the ops in #ubuntu (cathats)23:10

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