pittiGood morning05:17
aragood morning07:21
pittihey ara, good morning07:21
arapitti, when do we expect to have the first images in the tracker?07:28
pittiara: in about 15 minutes, I think07:29
pittiI'm currently building all alternates/servers07:29
arapitti, nice :-)07:29
pittiand I prepared the tracker for maverick a107:29
arapitti, yes, I saw that ;-)07:29
pittiwe won't have desktops due to bug 58788807:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 587888 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "aufs oops in au_do_open() on maverick live system boot (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58788807:29
arapitti, that's the one we hit yesterday, isn't it?07:30
ara"It's not the end of the world if we release alpha-1 without desktop images" :D07:30
pittiScottK, Riddell: I suppose http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/maverick/kubuntu/20100601/livecd-20100601-i386.out will hit alternate installs as well?07:34
pittiseems this needs a kdeplasma-addons rebuild against libqalculate507:36
pittiok, so kdeplasma-addons failed on libmarble-dev, which needs kdeedu to build, which again needs glew in main07:42
pittiI re-promoted glew, it was in main until jaunty07:42
pittibut it also needs avogadro in main07:43
pittifiled as bug 58815007:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 588150 in kdeedu (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "build-depends on avogadro, which is in universe (affects: 1)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58815007:55
pittiara: ok, added some images to the tracker now08:07
arapitti, OK, thanks, I'll sync now08:07
pittikubuntu alternate still building, but it'll be uninstallable anyway08:07
arapitti, :)08:07
pittiah, it just finished building, too08:08
pittiI fixed the xubuntu oversizedness in the seeds, next build shold be okay08:20
pittiRiddell, ScottK ^ same for kubuntu, I dropped pt08:23
pittiI reported two RC bugs for the Kubuntu issues now08:37
arapitti, any reason why "rescue mode" now is called "alternative desktop environments" in the menu?08:45
arapitti, or is it a bug?08:45
pittiara: that doesn't sound related at all08:45
arapitti, ok, I'll ask ev and file a bug08:46
aramy installation of ubuntu alternate i386 in my mini9 is taking ages...09:44
pittion ext4? soudns like the dpkg performance regression?09:44
arapitti, yes, ext4 (full disk, no manual partitioning)09:45
arapitti, is there a bug number for that?09:45
pittiara: bug 57080509:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 570805 in dpkg (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "[regression] dpkg fsync cause massive regression in Ubuntu Server and Alternate installation times (affects: 11) (dups: 1) (heat: 86)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57080509:45
arapitti, it has to be, because it is taking very very long10:03
pittiseb128, Riddell: I prepared https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview for alpha-1; if you have something to mention for GNOME/KDE, please do10:04
pittiI'll add the "known bugs" based on the iso tracker feedback10:04
* Riddell removes kdebase-plasma from kubuntu seed10:43
Riddelllooks like kdeplasma-addons needs a recompile for that qalculate issue10:45
pittihey Riddell, good morning10:45
pittiRiddell: kdeplasma-addons is FTBFS on too old libmarble-dev (kdeedu), which is dep-wait on avogadro -> bug 58815010:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 588150 in kdeedu (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "build-depends on avogadro, which is in universe (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58815010:46
pittiRiddell: but seems the libqualculate4 rdepends is plasma-widgets-addons10:47
pitti(for unseeding?)10:47
Riddellunseeding would be the quick workaround10:47
pittiif it's working without, sure10:48
pittiRiddell: so this would also work around bug 588163 at the same time, as it seems?10:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 588163 in kdebase (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "kdebase-plasma and plasma-widget-folderview depend and conflict on each other (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58816310:48
Riddellkdebase-plasma is obsolete, I removed it already from the seed10:49
pittiah, good, so 588163 can be closed with a kubuntu-meta rebuild10:50
Riddellkubuntu-meta 1.176 uploaded10:53
pittiRiddell: thanks; buildds are clogged, so won't make this publisher run, I'm afraid; but we aren't under high pressure yet10:58
cjwatsonpitti: cdimage carries over images from the previous build, but it doesn't know to get rid of the images from the previous release cycle when we s/lucid/maverick/g - I'm going through and cleaning up the stale lucid-* images now10:58
pitticjwatson: is that a configuration change, or just rm in www.full?10:59
cjwatsonI'm going through with rm10:59
pittiah, good to know for next time, tanks10:59
cjwatsonpitti: aufs: tempting to reintroduce unionfs-fuse temporarily ...11:28
pitticjwatson: how much effort would that be?11:33
cjwatsonhopefully: re-promote unionfs-fuse temporarily, and re-seed it11:36
cjwatsonof course we don't know for sure that it still works11:36
cjwatsonbut it hasn't changed since karmic11:36
pittiit can hardly get any worse11:36
pittibut don't we also need to change casper for it?11:37
ograi think it has the code still11:37
cjwatsonyes, I left it there as a fallback11:57
cjwatsonprecisely in anticipation of this kind of problem :-)11:58
pitticjwatson: ah, so if it's there, it uses and prefers it?12:01
cjwatsonoh, actually, only if aufs *isn't* there12:07
cjwatsonso we'd have to add union=unionfs-fuse as a kernel argument too12:07
pittiok, kubuntu-meta is published, I build a new kubuntu alternate to verify that it's installable now12:56
pittiI'll rebuild the rest (xubuntu etc.) once new d-i lands; new xubuntu will fix the oversizedness12:56
pitticjwatson: ok, want me to give this unionfs a try, or are you on it already? that'd go into platform/live-common?12:57
pittioh, and needs a cdimage change for the kernel argument12:57
pittihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20100601.2/report.html \o/ -> empty13:05
pittiara, Riddell: kubuntu alternates posted to tracker for smoketesting13:05
arapitti, ok, thanks!13:06
cjwatsonpitti: I'm not on it just now13:07
cjwatsonlive-common seems plausible13:07
pitticjwatson: does that also need a publisher run? (I guess not, doesn't sound like a task)13:07
cjwatsonit will do, it's incorporated into the live task13:08
cjwatsonwell, all the live tasks13:08
cjwatsonso it'll need two publisher runs13:08
pittiah, ok13:08
pitticommitted, I'll verify the Tasks: headers in two hours then and attempt a build13:10
pitticjwatson: does that go to KERNEL_PARAMS in CONF.sh or debian/CONF.sh?13:12
pittiah, not debian/, that's old13:16
cjwatsonno no not KERNEL_PARAMS13:17
cjwatsonlet me do it :) it goes in the tools/boot stuff13:17
pittiok, thank you13:18
apwcjwatson, pitti, is there an aufs issue?13:57
pittiapw: yes, see bug 58788813:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 587888 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "aufs oops in au_do_open() on maverick live system boot (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58788813:57
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apwpitti, oh was the first CD yesterday then13:59
=== barry_ is now known as barry
apwpitti, do you have a recipe for what casper does when it mounts ?14:00
* pitti RTFS14:02
pittimount -t aufs -o noatime,dirs=/cow=rw:/rofs:rr aufs "$rootmnt"14:05
pittiapw: ^ something liek that14:05
pittifor the record, rebuilding xubuntu to fix oversizedness14:14
pitticharlie-tca: I unseeded some langpacks earlier on, but wanted to wait for the new d-i14:15
pittiara: did you already invest a lot in ubuntu alternates?14:16
charlie-tcano problem14:16
pittiara: your "rescue mode" bug got fixed, but would need a respin14:16
pittinot that bugs of this magnitude would matter much right now14:16
pitticharlie-tca: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/20100601.1/14:30
pittiadded to tracker now14:30
charlie-tcathank you. downloading14:30
charlie-tcawell, rsyncing, anyway14:32
arapitti, so, are we respining?14:36
pittiara: did anything else turn up in testing so far which we need to fix?14:36
arapitti, not really, only minor issues, update-notifier shows the systray icon, i.e.14:36
pittiara: I think we'll respin in any case; if we don't have other bugs (ugh, how unusal), then "because we can" :)14:36
pittiara: nice14:37
pittiara: we'll still try to build desktops, but that'll still take ~ 3 hours14:37
arapitti, OK14:37
mvofor the record, update-notifier with fix is uploaded14:40
apwPitti, is there an easy way to make a squashfs filesystem14:45
pittiapw: certainly, but why not just take the one from the CD?14:46
apwpitti, DOH14:46
apwpitti, cause i am terminally stupid14:46
pittiapw: the magic runes are in the livecd-rootfs package, FYI14:46
pittiin case you want to play with a very small one14:46
pittiapw: does it work with two normal directories?14:46
pittiapw: i. e. does it only crash on aufs-on-squashfs, not on aufs-on-dirs?14:47
apwpitti, well i just tested with two local directories and its ok there14:47
pitti(or aufs-on-loop or whatnot)14:47
apwhense my question :)14:47
pittiah, ok14:47
pittiapw: perhaps the ubuntu squashfs has exactly the wrong combination of bits then? :-/14:47
apwaufs                  75210728   3580784  67809464   6% /root/ROOT14:47
apwso now i want to swap in the right sorts of FS and see if that changes things14:47
apwi have an update for aufs which i want to test, but i need to reproduce first14:48
pittiapw: mksquashfs /tmp/mychroot/ /tmp/img.squashfs -sort filelist14:49
pittiapw: so, doesn't seem to be rocket science either, in case you need it14:49
apwsounds good14:49
apwpitti, ok so i can mount a squashfs foo under an ext4 filesystem ok14:53
apwwhats the top layer14:53
apwtmpfs ?14:53
pittiI suppose14:53
pittiapw: do you get the crash as well if you boot that ubuntu CD?14:53
apwhrm ...14:54
apwpitti, you arn't the only person who has reported the disk as bad14:55
apwand an aufs2 crash into the bargain14:55
pittiapw: happened to ara, too14:55
apwso i am sure its real, just not managing to get it to pop yet14:55
apw/dev/loop0                 128       128         0 100% /root/RO14:55
apwtmpfs                  1021280        20   1021260   1% /root/RW14:55
apwaufs                   1021280        20   1021260   1% /root/ROOT14:55
* pitti -> TB meeting14:59
charlie-tcaxubuntu appears to have three panel applets flashing in the middle of the desktop now. jockey, gnome-volume-control, and network-manager. They are icon sized windows that won't quit flashing over and over15:30
Riddellwell Kubuntu installs but then boot doesn't get past plymouth (in virtualbox)15:31
pitticjwatson, Riddell: I need to leave in ~ 10 minutes (sorry, working on early hours this week, will be back to normal next week)15:41
pitticjwatson: unionfs-fuse seems to have Task: ubuntu-live, edubuntu-dvd-live now, but not yet Kubuntu15:41
pittican someone please trigger desktop builds later on, and check if they now work with unionfs-fuse?15:42
cjwatsonthat's odd, they should be simultaneous15:43
cjwatsonhm, kubuntu live doesn't have the right Task-Seeds.  Let me check the effects of fixing that15:43
cjwatsonfixed in kubuntu, but I'll check the other derivatives too15:46
arapitti, so, the respin is happening tomorrow, I guess15:50
cjwatsonwe can do Ubuntu today - I'll take care of that15:52
cjwatsonjust waiting for a baseline image to finish downloading here15:52
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apwpitti, is there a trivial way to inject a new kernel into an iso image?17:11
apwpitti, this is on a writable media obviously17:12
cjwatsonis it ABI-compatible with the one you're replacing?17:14
cjwatsonif so, overwrite /casper/vmlinuz17:15
apwcjwatson, it is abi numbered the same, though its the modules i am moding17:32
apwam trying a kernel-replacement now17:32
apwbut remaking the initrd is prooving painfully slow17:33
ograapw, use a chroot (with casper installed in it)17:36
ografor mount testing that should suffice17:36
apwogra, well i need it to do the testing as it works perfectly in any testing i do17:38
ograright, create a chroot, install casper inside and there install your test .deb and run update-initramfs ... then replace the initramfs and vmlinuz in the image17:39
apwogra, so where will it make the casperiszed initramfs's ?17:41
ograin 7boot inside the chroot17:41
apwmaking the normal ones unbootable (normally) or making additional ones17:42
ogra*inside* the chroot17:42
ograit doesnt write to your /boot if you are chrooted17:42
apwogra, yeah, but if i installed it outside a chroot, it would eat my real initramfs ?17:43
ograit doesnt do any harm17:43
apwjust working out how it works, in my head17:43
ograboot=casper is needed to actually tell init to use casper17:43
ograelse you just bloat the initrd17:43
ograwith the casper scripts17:43
apwthen i can just install casper on this test box then17:44
apwas i can live with a bit of bloat on there17:44
apwmore than i can be bothered to make a new initrd17:44
apwchroot even17:44
apwcjwatson, pitti, ok it looks like an aufs update could well sort out the CD booting ... did you switch over to fuse already?17:52
cjwatsonyes (pending rebuilds), but it's easy to revert that17:52
cjwatsonI'd rather stick with aufs if it's easy17:52
apwcjwatson, i am currently booted off of of my kernel with the aufs update, boy was it a bugger to get in there, but it seems to be booted ok on an amd64, which was showing the panics before17:54
apwcjwatson, the problem is a kernel respin takes about 14 hours these days17:54
cjwatsonit's not a major deal if a1 is a bit late17:55
apwcjwatson, ok i'll get the patches out to our list and let ogasawara know etc etc17:55
cjwatsonI think I'd rather have slightly late with aufs than on time with unionfs-fuse17:55
pittiapw: you can also break in casper's initramfs and insmod it manually; I think I did something similar in the past in a similar case17:55
cjwatsonwe can leave unionfs-fuse in there for the time being as insurance in case it breaks, and remove that after a117:56
pittiapw: 14 hours on i386/amd64 as well? we don't care about armel for a1 yet17:56
apwpitti, no they are more like 517:56
pitticjwatson: right, now we can just toggle in cdimage, no seed/task changes necessary, right?17:56
pitticjwatson: so we could even switch (for testing) on one and the same iso17:56
apwif you can do that, then i think its very easy for me to offer up these patches17:57
apwas if they don't work we're no worse off and still can say 'use fuse dude' and it'll work ... if i am understanding you17:57
cjwatsonyes, in fact er cough I think I forgot to make the cdimage change before respinning17:58
cjwatsontoo many distractions17:58
cjwatsonI'll not bother now then :-)17:58
ograapw, you shuld know that nobody uploaded any omap kernel yet :) so armel is out of the question17:58
pittiapw: *nod*17:58
apwogra, you sure?  i thought that omap3 was standard in our main kernel now, and indeed why it takes so long to build17:59
ograapw, oh, i wasnt aware17:59
* ogra checks binaries17:59
ograi was looking for omap3 uploads18:00
ograapw, heh, indeed !18:00
apwthere should be an omap flavour18:00
ograi wonder if it works on the XM and zoom218:00
ograanyway, dinner time18:01
pittiapw: so if that kernel won't change anything else, it wouldn't need an ABI bump, right? otherwise we'll have to change a ton of other stuf18:11
apwpitti, indeed, i built it here without a bump and noone would use the interfaces it might change anyhow, they are aufs interfaces so a forced not-bump would likely be appropriate anyhow18:12
pitticjwatson, apw: so, sounds great to me; I'll get up early tomorrow again (0430 UTC) and can start wrestling and testing early18:17
apwpitti, that sounds awful18:18
pittiapw: if you can tell me the version of the package upload, I can set up a trigger on cdimage to build live images once that kernel hits18:19
apwpitti, ok i expect it would be the just an increment of the upload number18:21
apwwill need to confirm with ogasawara18:21
ogasawaraapw: yah, lets mumble after our irc meeting and get everything coordinated18:21
apwogasawara, ack18:21
pittiapw: 2.6.32-22.34 ?18:22
apwpitti, this would be a 2.6.34 kernel18:23
pittierk, of course18:23
cjwatsonthere's an error inserting ramzswap that shows up briefly while booting the live CD, too18:23
cjwatsonis that known broken18:23
cjwatsontrying to boot with union=unionfs-fuse at the moment to confirm the fallback option18:24
pittiapw: 2.6.34-5.13 I mean18:24
apwcjwatson, i wonder if thats cause we have both now in .3418:24
apwpitti, that looks right to me18:24
cjwatsonhmm, "unknown parameter `disksize_kb'"18:26
cjwatsonmaybe the interface changed18:26
cjwatsonin which case it's probably appropriate to lob in a casper fix18:26
cjwatsonor initramfs-tools or wherever it is that lives18:26
apwcjwatson, i think there was an interface change coming, i think we knew about it ... i seem to remember us updating it during lucid and you spotted the difference and we backed it out for lucid18:27
cjwatsonI don't remember that but brain like a thing with holes in18:27
lamontScottK: I'm curious now... have we actually hit any cases of builds taking too long where it _didn't_ come down to "excessively abusive use of lzma where it should not be" ?18:27
ScottKlamont: I don't know of any that weren't lzma builds.18:28
pitticjwatson, apw: ok, I set a trigger for 2.6.34-5.13 which then builds all live CDs; if something bad happens, just kill the wait-for-package process on antimony18:28
pittisince I need to leave now18:28
lamontScottK: I find I'm starting to lean towards "fix this when it's actually an issue" then.  or should some of the failing lzma builds not fail and still be lzma?18:28
ScottKlamont: Can you do an ia64 test build for me if I give you a package?18:29
lamontScottK: sure18:29
ScottKOK.  I'll continue fiddling.18:29
ScottKThe only place I've seen the timeouts is on armel and there space tends not to be an issue.18:29
ScottKSo in theory lzma should work there, but in practice it's just some added complexity in the packages to not do lzma on armel.18:30
* pitti waves goodbye now; please don't hesitate to call my mobile on any urgencies18:30
cjwatsonramzswap change is non-trivial, requires pulling in a package with rzscontrol; I won't do that for a118:50
ScottKcjwatson: Please let me know when you have a few minutes free.  I still have my question for 'the release manager' from last Friday.18:52
cjwatsonScottK: oh, sorry, I just reached the end of my day18:53
ScottKcjwatson: No problem.  It's still not a rush.18:53
smosermarjo, slangasek i would like data from http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/maverick/20100601/ uploaded to tracker19:11
marjosmoser: ack19:12
marjosmoser: hggdh will work with you on this request19:14
slangaseksmoser, marjo: I'll take care of it; quicker for me to do it with the script19:43
marjoslangasek: ok, thx19:43
slangaseksmoser: is ap-southeast-1 meant to be posted to the tracker at this stage?19:47
smoserslangasek, yes.19:47
smosersorry for failure to raise that.19:47
smoserwe will need those additional 4 entries (2 arch * 2 roots)19:48
slangasekok, let me get those in the db then :)19:48
slangasekstgraber, marjo: has anything changed regarding the db setup of iso.qa that I'm not aware of?  My changes to the qatracker_testcase table on quandong aren't being reflected on the website19:57
slangasekand indeed, Maverick Alpha 1 isn't in this db19:58
slangasekiso.qa seems to point to cranberry, which I don't have access to, so I can't add the new Asia-Pacific EC2 products smoser needs19:59
elmoslangasek: limequat20:00
elmoit was the release day madness, not yet reversed20:01
slangasekelmo: ah, thanks - can I assume that if and when it's reversed, you guys'll take care of the db migration?20:02
marjoelmo: may i leave this issue in your capable hands?20:02
elmono, please don't20:03
elmoI have no idea what to do with the DB20:03
elmobut if slangasek had access to the DB for, he still does20:03
elmoon limequat20:03
marjoelmo: ack20:04
elmo(if he doesn't/didn't, I can puppet for someone and/or give them access)20:05
slangaseksmoser, marjo, elmo: all done, Asia-Pacific is posted to the tracker20:06
smoserthank you20:08
ogasawaracjwatson, pitti, apw: just fyi, the 2.6.34-5.13 kernel with the aufs update is uploaded.  looks like the i386 build has already started and amd64 has an ETA of about and hour to begin building.20:51
cjwatsonthanks - I'm going to watch a film and I'll give things a poke later on21:06
apwcjwatson, excellent thanks21:25
apwogasawara, fingers crossed :)21:25
lamontslangasek: oh btw, I broke your armel/live machine until londontime tomorrow.  (needs a good powerstabbing)21:38
lamontwell, the /I/ in that is supposition on my part, but I fear I'm right.  unless you were hammering on the poor thing a little while ago21:39
slangaseklamont: wasn't me22:03
lamontwell, that just makes it near certain it was me then22:05

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