dholbachgood morning07:16
nigelbabudholbach: Sorry about yesterday.  Got stuck in a bad traffic jam on the way back.  Got too late.10:13
nigelbabuI'll probably have to take a peak at the results of the script today10:13
nigelbabuBlackZ: Great to see on the debian-mentors list :)  Good going!10:14
BlackZnigelb: thanks! :)10:15
dholbachnigelbabu: don'T worry10:16
nigelbabudholbach: I'm already worried.  We were supposed to launch 2 weeks back.10:16
nigelbabuToday, I'll just make a list of the bugs that failed with the script and do those manually10:16
dholbachnigelbabu: let's talk about that later today10:17
dholbachwe'll figure it out10:17
nigelbabuOk.  I should be available in around 5 hours from now.10:17
nigelbdholbach: around?15:39
dholbachnigelb: yes, but I need a few minutes15:40
nigelbsure :)15:40
dholbachnigelb: I updated our documentation a bit15:45
dholbach(and generalised it too, so it can be used in other places in the wiki)15:46
nigelbAwesome :)15:46
nigelbew, I can't access the server on which the script was running.15:46
dholbachnigelb: what's the main blocker for kicking off project babu?15:47
dholbachI mean cleansweep :-)15:47
dholbachis it just fixing the bug subscriptions?15:48
nigelbWell, as of now the blocker is that not all bugs with patches are subscribed.  Some are, some aren't15:48
nigelbCan you run the script overnight today without the try catch and see what error turns up?15:48
dholbachbasically we'll subscribe the team to every ubuntu bug that is not on the blacklist that has a patch attached, right?15:48
dholbachor did I forget anything?15:48
dholbachcan do15:48
dholbachI'll start now15:49
nigelbSame as from the branch.15:49
nigelbOnly difference is you remove the try catch for "Launchpad hates me and bug #" foo15:49
dholbachnigelb: did you have a look at the merge I proposed?15:50
nigelbnope, will do that now15:50
dholbachnigelb: that script could well be a bit quicker15:51
dholbach(because it does less loops)15:51
nigelboooh.  then I'll merge it in 10 minutes15:51
xnoxcan launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator be added to the blacklist? it's ubuntu native package? =)15:51
nigelblemme get the code15:51
nigelbxnox: ubuntu native packages are not automatically blacklisted15:51
nigelbunless you're the maintainer and you don't want us helping you15:51
dholbachoops, there's a bug in what I proposed15:52
* dholbach goes and fixes it15:52
xnoxnigelb, fair enough =) I just though there were blacklisted by default =) so far we have 3 patches hanging but all of them patch-needswork ;-)15:53
nigelbxnox: We only blacklist kernel and docs and a particular X package at the suggestion of the old X team lead15:54
dholbachnigelb: resubmitted15:56
nigelbI spottd a potential bug, lemme see if thats what you fixed.15:57
nigelbdholbach: why did you remove the try catch for looping through subscribers16:02
dholbachnigelb: because I didn't think it was necessary - the way I did it should be quicker, no?16:02
nigelbdholbach: well, the script fails every time it hits a subscriber who has a suspsended account without that try catch16:03
dholbachhang on16:04
dholbachI have an idea16:04
nigelbsomething that paces us even more?16:05
* nigelb is all ears :)16:05
dholbachI just look at launchpad people who are is_valid16:12
nigelbaha, that works too16:12
nigelbIf I'm making it to this UDS, *big* hug for you! :)16:12
nigelbdholbach: merged and pushed :)16:17
nigelbYou can run it now.  Will take a few hours to run though16:17
dholbachnigelb: rock on16:17
dholbachI'll let you know how it goes16:18
nigelbawesome, thanks :)16:18
nigelbhyperair: figured out my sid pbuilder problems16:19
hyperairnigelb: oh cool. what were they?16:30
nigelbhyperair: some sid package trouble. built a testing chroot and upgraded to hardy16:31
nigelberr sid16:31
xnoxnigelb, yeap it's been like that for a while now16:32
nigelbxnox: I spent 2 weeks trying to figure that out16:32
xnoxnigelb, =)))))) lol I've tried once with one mirror, tried second time with another mirror and then tried doing squeeze -> sid =) with local apt-cacher-ng it took me about 30min ;-)16:33
xnoxnigelb, I wonder if I can bet more verbose output from deboostrap to see which package is failing to configure though16:33
xnoxs / bet / get16:34
nigelbI think i have that one16:34
nigelbAlways fails with e2fsprogs16:35
xnoxaha =) google employee the one that bashed ubuntu about the bug reporting mess on lp.net => lwn.net16:37
xnoxwell well =)16:37
nigelbxnox: what? where?16:38
xnoxnigelb, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/543617/comments/2016:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 543617 in linux (Fedora) (and 3 other projects) "Unmount of an fs with dirty cache buffers causes pathological slowdown (affects: 7) (dups: 2) (heat: 82)" [Unknown,Unknown]16:43
xnoxnigelb, http://www.outflux.net/blog/archives/2010/05/17/yay-for-barriers/16:43
xnoxnigelb, looking at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debootstrap we might need newer deboostrap in lucid there were a lot of changes16:54
nigelbxnox: I have the latest debootstrap from debian16:55
nigelblool linked me to a debian bug earlier though.  Its clearly an upstream problem.16:55
dholbachnigelb: there are private bugs :)17:10
nigelbdholbach: um, you need to use your credentials17:10
nigelbI used my credentilas on the server.17:10
dholbachsure, some are even more private :)17:10
dholbachI'll ignore those17:10
dholbachthose break the script17:11
nigelbyeah, another try catch17:11
dholbachno, just "if bug.private: continue"17:11
nigelbah, that works too :)17:11
dholbachI'll keep it running and if it works out, I'll propose another merge17:12
nigelbokay :)17:12
dholbachnigelb: the script also dies trying to add jfo as subscriber if he's already subscribed17:37
dholbachfixed that locally too17:37
dholbachwe're slowly getting there :)17:37
dholbachI'll leave it running through the night17:37
nigelbdholbach: ok :) Thank you :)17:37
dholbachanytime :)17:37
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