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aragood morning all!06:57
* ara installs Hardy to test Firefox 3.6.407:03
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aramvo, the "updates available" systray icon is showing in maverick alpha-1, I guess that's a bug...12:47
mvoara: yes, I will fix it today12:52
aramvo, OK, is there a bug number?12:53
mvoI haven't looked :(12:55
mvobut I guess there is one12:55
matumbahello everyone! i've just set up a hardy vm for firefox testing - hardy-updates should be disabled before doing any updates, right?13:02
aramatumba, the best thing to do is to install any available updates, then enable the ppa and then dist-upgrade13:06
aramatumba, it should work even with hardy-updates enabled13:06
matumbaara, ok, thx13:07
aramatumba, thanks for testing!13:07
matumbaara, np :-)13:07
matumbaara, one final question: "Upgrade to Lucid" is just a simple LTS -> LTS upgrade? should I remove the PPA from the sources.list beforehand?14:09
* charlie-tca waves14:20
xdatapara, good evening14:20
alourie|workI would like to volunteer testing maverick-server i386 ISO. Who should I cooperate this with?14:30
charlie-tcaright here. Have you added yourself to the tracker at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/ubuntu/all ?14:33
aramatumba, sorry, I was at lunch, yes, disable the ppa (although normally update-manager will disable it for you)14:39
matumbaara, thx again14:39
aramatumba, np14:40
araxdatap, hey!14:40
mvoara: new update-notifier uploaded that fixes the icon thing14:40
aramvo, cool, thanks!14:40
mvocheers, thanks for finding it14:41
alourie|workcharlie-tca: for some reason I have trouble login in. Is the user/pass the same as on brainstorm?14:43
xdatapara, just sent you an email. Still problem with iso tracker14:43
charlie-tcaYou have to create a new login, I believe, for the qa tracker14:43
charlie-tcaoops, my mistake, it should be the same as brainstorm14:44
alourie|workcharlie-tca: nope, it wasn't. I had to create it once again...14:45
alourie|workbug? :-)14:45
charlie-tcaHere is the procedure - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures14:45
charlie-tcaara: password for brainstorm does not work in tracker?14:45
aracharlie-tca, not anymore14:45
aracharlie-tca, they are now different systems14:46
charlie-tcaah, so we need to update the tracker wiki page again14:46
aracharlie-tca, mmm, true14:46
alourie|workara, charlie-tca: and "create a new user" page on qa tracker, as it mentions brainstorm14:47
charlie-tcahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures updated14:48
araalourie|work, btw, people are reporting not getting the password email when creating an account14:49
araalourie|work, I am investigating now14:49
alourie|workara: yep, that is indeed true.14:50
alourie|workand I though I gave incorrect email :-)14:50
alourie|workcharlie-tca: btw, why isn't it possible to login with Launchpad account? That would only make sense...15:01
charlie-tcaDifferent machines completely. I think that is planned for the future, though.15:01
charlie-tcaThis was all setup before it was possible to use the single-sign-on, too15:02
alourie|workwhat software drives the tracker?15:04
* alourie|work is thinking how to automate testing15:04
araalourie|work, it is a drupal instance with an in-house module15:05
araalourie|work, lp:ubuntu-qa-website15:05
araalourie|work, wanna gives a hand? :)15:05
alourie|workara: absolutely15:05
alourie|workara: I'm just looking now at the test cases, and, well, besides the installation itself many of them can be automated15:06
araalourie|work, yes, and the installation itself as well (at least in KVM). Using kvm-autotest seems like a good approach15:07
* alourie|work is reading about kvm-autotest15:07
araalourie|work, the email sent should be fixed now, just request a password reset15:09
alourie|workara: lets see15:10
araalourie|work, cool15:10
alourie|workok, so to mark that I began test I just select it as 'started', right?15:15
araalourie|work, right15:17
alourie|workthanks for the help15:18
araalourie|work, thanks to you15:18
alourie|workara: I haven't done nothing yet :-)15:18
araalourie|work, btw, if you're interested in kvm-autotest, this is the closest soren got:15:19
arathey are not up-to-date but by that time, he automated all server tests (including installation)15:19
alourie|workara: wow, that's just so over my head....for now. I will look into it :-)15:21
charlie-tcaxubuntu appears to have three panel applets flashing in the middle of the desktop now. jockey, gnome-volume-control, and network-manager. They are icon sized windows that won't quit flashing over and over15:24
charlie-tcaWhat to reprot the bug against?15:24
charlie-tcaThey are stealing all the processor, too.15:25
bladernr_ara, I know the desktop ISOs aren't ready (if I read correctly, it's only alternate and server that are ready to test), but are the bits there at least to do the upgrade testing to Maverick?15:33
aracharlie-tca, wow that's weird15:35
arabladernr_, I think so, as the packages are in the archive15:35
bladernr_ara:  cool, I'll try a Karmic - Maverick for great justice ;-)15:35
arabladernr_, that's not an upgrade path, I think15:36
bladernr_yeah, just discovered that15:36
moustafabladernr_ I think the upgrade paths make you go through each release15:36
bladernr_oh well, was worth a shot, so now it'll be Karmic - Lucid - Maverick15:36
arait is only Ubuntu -> Ubuntu15:36
arait is only Ubuntu -> Ubuntu +115:36
araor LTS -> LTS +115:36
bladernr_though I HAVE noticed a few times in various mailing lists that users DO (and they have done so historically) things like version - 3 -> version15:37
bladernr_or more easily, version -> version +315:38
bladernr_not that I'm saying we need to support that kind of wackiness15:38
moustafaI usually just go for a clean install by wiping the root drive.  I love the separation of /home and /15:40
* alourie|work needs to reboot15:42
sbeattiebladernr_: it's a little confusing because what ara said was mostly true, but there was also support for kubuntu updates going from 8.04 straight to 9.04 and 9.10 (IIRC on the latter).16:41
sbeattieBut generally, skipping releases is not a supported upgrade path.16:41
alourie|workwould some curses garbage be considered a bug in server install?16:41
sbeattiealourie|work: you're seeing it in the installer?16:42
arathen yes, it is a bug16:42
alourie|work(and have a screenshot to prove it)16:42
araalourie|work, create a bug against debian-installer16:43
alourie|workara: ok. Should I attach the screenshot?16:44
araalourie|work, yes, please16:44
araalourie|work, then, if the installation finishes correctly, mark the test as "Passed" (Failed are only for really bad bugs), but make sure to add the bug number16:45
alourie|workara: the bug itself is on ubuntu, right?16:46
araalourie|work, is on the debian-installer in ubuntu16:46
araalourie|work, let me find a link for you16:46
alourie|workara: awesome, thanks16:46
araOK, calling it a day16:53
sbeattieara: thanks, have a good evening16:54
alourie|workhm, what do I do with this thingie: http://img210.imageshack.us/f/loginz.png ? File another bug?16:57
charlie-tcawhich image?16:59
charlie-tcaIt looks like a bug in the bash-completion-scripts. Is that the server install?17:00
alourie|workcharlie-tca: yes17:00
alourie|workvanilla iso17:00
charlie-tcaThen, yes, it is another bug to be filed, but the install will be a pass17:01
alourie|workand file it against bash-completion-scripts?17:02
* alourie|work will continue a bit later17:03
matumbasee https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion/+bug/54679417:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 546794 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Smarter lib* aware autocompletion? (affects: 26) (dups: 7) (heat: 198)" [Medium,New]17:05
charlie-tcaso, just add the bug number to the tracker17:06
bladernr_Ok.. stupid question... to do the upgrade testing, at this point do I need to edit the sources list to point somewhere, or should update-manager -d -c at this stage catch the Maverick updates?17:15
sbeattiebladernr_: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/maverick.tar.gz is there, so I would think that update-manager should catch it.17:20
bladernr_hrmmm... ok...17:24
bladernr_it's not, so bug or maybe just wait until the next milestone...17:24
bladernr_sbeattie:  yeah, no luck with update-manager -d -c, also do-release-upgrade -d also says "No new release found"17:33
bladernr_and I DO have network connectivity17:34
sbeattiebladernr_: does it find it if /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is changed from lts to normal?17:43
sbeattiebladernr_: ah, yep, changing that causes it to be detected.17:46
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bladernr_So... metacity appears to be broken20:00
bladernr_or at least, upgrade breaks it20:00
fader_bladernr_: My guess is that if you ask cr3 he'll tell you that window managers are for wimps20:02
bladernr_I'd be inclined to agree with him to a point20:03
bladernr_but pr0n looks much better in a GUI than in ASCII20:03
cyphermoxas long as you're not in a pure vt, you're using a wm :)20:05
fader_alt-f2 ; gnome-terminal ; f11 ; killall metacity # ;)20:19
moustafafader_ If cr3 could have his way, we'd all be using Lynx with vi20:39
moustafaWhile eating croissants20:39
fader_moustafa: Heh, true.  He doesn't realize that it's all about w3m, nano, and cheese danish :)20:40

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