PendulumI got an e-mail from someone who'd read the interview on fride letting me know about foss groups/events in NYC, kinda too bad I'm not still there00:23
Pendulum(although I knew of most of them)00:23
macoi saw two people expire instead of extend this week01:05
macothere are no women on the americas agenda either01:05
maco(weren't last week and not yet for this month)01:06
elkydetrate, yeah, sorry, typo02:37
detrateI thought it was a bit empty when I joined "projects"02:38
elkyshould forward now02:45
Mamarokwhat the... I can't join the other channel anymore, where I am ano op, any ideas?04:28
ellyMamarok: /msg chanserv invite #ubuntu-women04:29
Mamarokwhich makes no sens, if everytime I log off I have to ivite myself in again, something is wrong in the settings04:29
hypatiaMamarok: that's how it works when a channel is invite-only :/04:30
hypatiaeven if you're an op04:30
hypatiayou have to get chanserv to invite you04:30
Mamarokoh my, I will forget to join half of the time, guess why I set autojoins...04:31
rwwMamarok: You should be able to get in without an invite now, assuming that you're identified first, and that I did it right.04:31
Mamarokwell, I am always identified, and I was not able to join, luckily I am ops in the -invite channel and was able to04:31
Mamarokso somrthing is wrong in the settings04:32
ellyhere, I'll invex you04:32
rwwelly: I just did04:32
rwwMamarok: yes, I just set it04:32
Mamarokelly: I am in, I invited myself, but still, I should be able to autojoin,as I am identified before I join any channel04:32
Mamarokok, let's se if that works again04:33
dholbachgood morning07:16
macozz_: english channel08:20
zz_zhe ge zen me yong de08:21
ubot4For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:21
zz_thank you08:21
elkyhi :)08:22
AlanBellhow come http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UbuntuMembers is showing as an immutable page for me even though I am logged in?08:42
ellywiki's locked due to ongoing vandalism08:42
AlanBellah, so it is08:43
AlanBellnot great during testimonial period of the leadership process08:43
elkyIt's been a fun day.08:43
AlanBelloh well, no hurry, I will edit it after half term ends and the silly people go back to school08:46
AlanBellgah, and the totally non-silly people who happen to be still at school :-)08:47
AlanBellthis is what I was going to add http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uwgraph.png08:50
summersi would like to invite everyone to my new ubuntu channel, #ubuntu-faggots08:50
summers+o for everyone08:50
elkyhmm, who expired?08:50
summershi elky08:50
AlanBellelky: nobody expired08:51
elkyimmune from trolling i see.08:51
AlanBellyeah, ok :-)08:51
rwwit's percentage, so more men -> line goes down08:51
rwwnice graph, AlanBell :)08:51
elkyrww, ah right08:52
AlanBellalthough I thought someone had, it was a profile rename08:52
AlanBellhypatia turned into a man for a month or two before I noticed :-)08:53
vishAlanBell: what graph is that?  increasing users/..?09:03
rwwvish: percentage of Ubuntu Members that are female as a function of time09:04
vishrww: yeah , thats what i thought , but why are there dips? are there people who stop using Ubuntu ?09:05
vishrww: grr , nvm , it percentage :D09:06
AlanBellvish: yeah it is a percentage and there are 10 new people per month on average09:22
AlanBellso to maintain a flat line at 5% would require half a woman per month09:23
AlanBellor one every two months if you prefer09:23
vishAlanBell: pretty impressive that the *percentage* is on the raise09:23
AlanBellcuriously it isn't really since we started measuring it09:24
elkyAlanBell, I do prefer women whole.09:24
AlanBellthe graph goes back to 2005 where it really was zero for 6 months09:24
rwwof course. if you measure a thing, you change it!09:24
elkyMen too. Much less messy.09:24
AlanBellso one of my theories on the graph is that Ubuntu actually does quite well in terms of the structures and standards in place09:27
AlanBellhowever Ubuntu didn't start from scratch09:27
AlanBellit was seeded in 2005 with a bunch of people from the debian community09:27
elkyI think the consistancy of what membership is has been the biggest virtue09:27
elkysome projects flipflop all over the place09:28
elkyAlanBell, the structure/standards/governance has little to do with the debian roots though09:29
AlanBellthe initial population does though09:29
AlanBellI think09:30
elkyNot really if you take the average Debian contributor in to account.09:30
elkyDebian people are wonderful, but the community stuff is a completely beast.09:30
elkyer, completely /different/ beast09:31
AlanBellyeah, I don't know much about it tbh, all I see is the graph starting from zero09:33
AlanBellah lun_ left13:49
elkyYes. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you.13:50
AlanBellI will get over it13:51
AlanBellthere are a few pages on the wiki that link to dead places on ubuntu.com17:21
AlanBellnotably links to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/council17:22
AlanBellI would fix them if the wiki wasn't locked17:22
nigelbAlanBell: nice disguie spammer :D17:23
nigelbkidding :p17:23
AlanBellI have been fixing the factoids17:24
ubot4Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership17:24
AlanBellyup, that one is done now17:24
AlanBellI did a search on wiki.ubuntu.com and that is an eating the elephant sized task to fix17:25
AlanBellwiki.ubuntu-women.org looks to be a small pony sized problem17:25
nigelbAlanBell: ask akgraner to get you editing rights.  I think a few people can edit.17:26
nigelbor ask one of the sysadmins for rights17:27
akgranerI have emailed elmo already :-)17:29
nigelbakgraner: \0/17:32
akgraneras soon as I know something I'll let everyone know - I know it's a but of a hassle but we'll keep them locked for a little while longer sorry for any frustrations or in convenience this causes anyone, please keep of list of things/pages that needs updating and again as soon as I know something I will let everyone know17:34
nigelbActually, its a less inconveience locked up.17:35
pleia2akgraner, elky and I all have admin there, so we can still edit pages17:52
AlanBellthats fine, the main reason I mentioned things here was to get them in the logs and visible to other people so I don't forget17:52
pleia2just let us know :)17:52
AlanBellgeneral edits can wait, however the testimonials may be an issue if it stays locked17:53
pleia2ah, true17:53
akgranerhmmm -17:53
akgranerwell we can unlock and just take shifts watching them? or - want me to move them to wiki.ubuntu.com17:54
pleia2or ask people to put testimonials on our wiki.ubuntu.com pages17:54
AlanBellsurely the wiki can be locked from anonymous edits17:55
pleia2(no need to move everything, I think)17:55
pleia2AlanBell: these people had lp accounts, they weren't anonymous17:55
AlanBelloh :-(17:57
akgranerpleia2, I'm on call now but let me know if you need me to do anything17:58
pleia2akgraner: thanks, I think we're ok for now (and I'm at work anyway)17:59
airurando_Hello akgraner and elky21:02
czajkowskiairurando_: hey21:02
czajkowskijsut to let folks know airurando_ daughter Orla won the 1st prize21:02
airurando_Yes I'm logged in through webchat so not familiar with setup.21:03
AlanBellhi airurando_21:03
AlanBellI have an Orla too21:03
airurando_Hi AlanBell21:04
macois that a popular name these days?21:04
akgranerhi airurando_ !21:04
AlanBellit is an irish name, reasonably popular I think21:05
AlanBellI had never heard of it 8 years ago21:05
airurando_Just wanted to say a very big thank you again to all the folks in here especially akgraner, elky and czajkowski.21:06
akgranerairurando_, you are very welcome!  it was very exciting for all of us as well21:06
airurando_AlanBell not as popular as you might think.  Orlaith is possibly the more popular gaelic spelling21:07
czajkowskiwe do like to support our team members :)21:07
AlanBellI think there are three Orlas in the primary school that Orla goes to21:08
AlanBellin Surrey21:08
airurando_akgraner She can't wait to get the interview questions.21:08
czajkowskiand orla is coming along to the next Ubuntu hour21:08
akgranerThat is awesome!21:09
airurando_AlanBell that is amazig.  Never thought it was so popular.21:09
MichelleQcongrats airurando_21:09
czajkowskiairurando_: when orla get her laptop you'll have to show her IRC so she can log on in here21:09
airurando_Thanks MichelleQ21:11
airurando_czajkowski will do21:11
AlanBellthere is #ubuntu-youth too for the younglings21:13
czajkowskididnt know that21:13
MichelleQneither did I21:15
* airurando_ didn't know that either21:15
airurando_AlanBell: what age profile hangs out in #ubuntu-youth?21:16
AlanBellno idea, I am too old!21:16
AlanBellissyl0: ^^21:16
airurando_Fair point21:16
airurando_I promise I will get Orla to log in to this channel as one of her first tasks with the Terra A20.21:21
czajkowskigood stuff21:22
czajkowskiakgraner: I shall taake a photo of orla at the hour ;)21:22
airurando_once again heartfelt thanks to all.  I’m sure this competition will grow year on year.21:23
czajkowskiaye should be good again next year21:23
airurando_It is a great advocacy tool21:23
airurando_must dash, bye for now.21:24
valoriehaha, AlanBell - "younglings" has an enhanced meaning for Rob't Jordan fans23:17
AlanBellit was a starwars reference23:18
valoriehmmm, I don't recall that one23:18
AlanBellAnakin went to the Jedi temple and killed all the younglings as he turned to the dark side23:19
rwwah, it's from the prequels that I didn't watch ;P23:19
valorieme either23:19
AlanBellthey are the children who are strong in the force and have the potential to become Jedi23:19
valoriethe Younglings in the Wheel of Time series are a sort of youth army23:20
valoriecreated out of one of the conflicts23:21
valoriethese young men are also powerful, or have the potential23:22
valorieso it's a nice ring to it23:22
AlanBellhttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_Initiate there is a page all about them on "Wookieepedia"23:24
AlanBelland I was being species neutral, how about that for political correctness!23:25
valorieoops, this should have been in the other chan23:29

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