kamil_dig ?00:00
arooni-mobilehelp!  upgraded to 10.04 and now i see NO TITLEBARS on my desktop (w/ nvidia graphics).  tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1477151 with no avail.  also tried adding the RGBXviauals line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:00
arooni-mobileubuntu is pretty much useless without titlebars00:00
simarSlart, i have added you to my friends list so i will ask you something when i'm stuck ... i mean when you will be free ..00:00
arooni-mobilethis is with the visual effects turned on00:00
iWaldoNE_Home: It will get to the grub menu, stop responding, then the computer will restart. It will do this once or twice, then grub will just give me an "out of range pointer" error00:00
Ken8521arooni-mobile, are they there when visual effects are off?00:01
magikHalitech: I have seen it in other conky setups...00:01
arooni-mobileKen8521, they are when visual effects are on00:01
LoganSkytowerKen8521, yeah, I know that. I just don't like it as much :>00:01
kamil_oh i don't say, this xubuntu is 9.10 karmic00:01
Ken8521oh ok.00:01
Halitechmagik, so have I but never tried it00:01
arooni-mobileKen8521, i mean i get NO titlebars with visual effects on;  i get titlebars with visual effects off00:01
NE_HomeiWaldo: im asuming its grub2. Have you tried to install grub 1 ?00:01
Ken8521arooni-mobile, which nvidia driver are you using?00:01
LoganSkytowerKen8521, Thanks for thinking along :)00:01
magikHalitech: I'll try and get it from another conky script then. Cheers =]00:01
LoganSkytowerGood luck everyone!00:01
iWaldoNE_Home: Nope. How would I do that?00:01
s3acan some tell me what the name of the package is to have a mac-like bottom in gnome please?00:02
Piccolo48Ok, the keyword being ethernet,  Ethernet Controlloer, Realtek semiconductor co Ltd.  PCI express fast thernet controller00:02
* iWaldo has forgotten everything he used to know00:02
arooni-mobileKen8521, "nvidia"00:02
linxehs3a: "buy a mac"00:02
Ken8521arooni-mobile, .. ok  did you download it from Nvidia's site, or are you using the driver in the restricted driver mgr?00:02
Halitechmagik, there might be something here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186500:02
linxehs3a: I'm guessing "dock" though00:02
s3ai don't want a mac, i just want that package, i fogot what's it's called00:02
chalcednyActionParsnip, it's the little things.. how do i save in gedit with no mouse? (i tried it in vim and couldn't get it to escape, to let me :ws .. so tried what you said, i never use gedit much.)00:02
NE_HomeiWaldo: i think it's a package called grub legacy. let me see00:02
Ken8521s3a, probably either cairo-dock, or awn00:03
Slarts3a: awn or cairo-dock00:03
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arooni-mobileKen8521, i think from one poing i downloaded it from restricted driver manager;  but didnt do that to upgrade to ubuntu 10.0400:03
ActionParsnipkamil_: there is a sample xorg.conf you can use here: http://pastebin.com/cHd1SmrH00:03
brickyActionParsnip: thanks those settings are awesome00:03
Dizkonnekteds3a, your looking for a dock, open synaptic and do a search for dock or google ubuntu dock00:03
Slarts3a: they are both easy to configure (comes with a small gui-configure-dialog thing)00:03
ActionParsnipkamil_: you can use: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   to get write access00:03
Dizkonnekteds3a, you might also try youtube for some goof tutorials ;)00:03
chalcednyheh ctrl - s ..00:03
ActionParsnipchalcedny: ALT+F  then use cursor00:04
Ken8521arooni-mobile, so did you downlaod a driver from nvidia, or did you use the restricted driver manager? that last sentence made no sense00:04
eaccentiwhat's the main difference between bugsquad and ubuntu testing?00:04
ActionParsnipbricky: glad you got the gold00:04
ActionParsnip!ot | eaccenti00:04
ubottueaccenti: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:04
NE_HomeiWaldo: ok, give this command:   dpkg  -l  grub*00:04
arooni-mobileKen8521, before i upgraded ubuntu to 10.04 from 9.10; i used restricted driver manager00:04
Piccolo48OR, network controller:  Boradcom Corp, BCM 431200:04
NE_HomeiWaldo: how familiar are you with linux ?00:04
eaccentiok :)00:05
ActionParsnip!broadcom | Piccolo4800:05
ubottuPiccolo48: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:05
Ken8521Piccolo48, 4312.. that's your wireless device00:05
iWaldoNE_Not terribly so, but not super new00:05
kamil_I read on other forums, because people with strongest cpu like core 2 duo has this same problem. why xorg takes so many cpu ?00:06
tripelbI did sudo apt-get remove vuze and it's still there. (it liked mmy password, I said y to yes and it will free up space. It finished. I open the torren and there are leftover parts of vuze that start --- theus transmission does not start.00:06
Jordan_UiWaldo: Have you tried booting with super grub2 disk?00:06
Ken8521Piccolo48, that should be reasonably easy to get working...00:06
iWaldoJordan_U: Nope00:06
ActionParsnipkamil_: your GPU isn't being used00:06
Piccolo48Its very easy in windows, but for some reason it doesnt work in linux....so now what?00:06
Piccolo48Linux doesnt even detect it00:07
n8wanyone usin s2disk for hibernation?00:07
ActionParsnipPiccolo48: the guide i gave will let you install the driver for the broadcom00:07
kamil_ok so when I open a xorg.conf what I must to do ?00:07
Ken8521Piccolo48, follow the link ActionParsnip gave you, it has instructions for doing it w/o internet access00:07
Dizkonnektedkamil_, are you using an ATi radeon card?00:07
arimmerActionParsnip: send that url again plz?00:07
ActionParsnipPiccolo48: its easier to use a wired connection and you will be offered a driver00:07
ActionParsniparimmer: which?00:07
kamil_diz... no noemagic magicgraph00:08
arimmerActionParsnip:  the broadcom driver install00:08
kamil_i dont now what is it :D00:08
TommyHCan someone help me up[date my alsamixer?00:08
ActionParsnip!broadcom | arimmer00:08
ubottuarimmer: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:08
magikHalitech: I could just put my IP in manually.00:08
chalcednyActionParsnip, i think i messed up. you told me to alt f-2 first. i was already in a terminal so .. i didnt do that step. alt-f2 just now, opened a Run Application window. is it useful? i still don't have a cursor. eek?00:08
iWaldoNE_Home: tried dpkg, grub-legacy is listed00:08
Stormx2Hi all. Could someone recommend a good ubuntu-supported internal WiFi card for my desktop tower (PCI stuff, etc)00:08
ActionParsnipchalcedny: if you have a terminal you can launch commands from there directly, alt+f2 isn't needed ;)00:09
Halitechmagik, that would work but if by chance it changes...00:09
ActionParsnip!hcl | Stormx200:09
ubottuStormx2: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:09
magikHalitech: My ip hasn't changed for about 3 years now. And i can always look it up again.00:09
chalcednyActionParsnip, yes, that's what i thought.. so i didn't do alt f2 then. but now i have a gedit and run applications.. what next, please?00:09
Halitechmagik, okay00:10
NE_HomeiWaldo: i was mistaken there. That looks like documentation. the status of "grub" should be 'un' while the status of grub-pc is 'ii'.  Correct?00:10
ActionParsnipchalcedny: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub00:11
Ken8521Piccolo48, did you install from a CD?00:11
iWaldoNE_Home: Correct00:11
chalcednyActionParsnip, yes i did that.00:11
NE_HomeiWaldo: you are on another machine ?00:11
Piccolo48Ah, sorry, that was a lot to write down.  Anyway, I used like WBUI or something00:12
Piccolo48Or however you install it from windows00:12
ActionParsnipchalcedny: make the line be: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i8024.reset"  save the new file and reboot, should be ok00:12
Jordan_UiWaldo: Super grub2 disk will almost certainly let you boot. And it's generally easier to fix grub from a booted system as well.00:12
kamil_ekhmm... i can't open a xorg.conf00:12
Ken8521Piccolo48, did you use that from a CD?00:12
iWaldoNE_Home: I'm on my macbook,  but running a live CD on the broken machine00:12
octaviosudo Xorg -configure give's me this error http://pastebin.com/Uu4kqfhC . Is there a method to get the xorg.conf from ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10 via livecd?00:12
arooni-mobilehelp!  upgraded to 10.04 and now i see NO TITLEBARS on my desktop (w/ nvidia graphics).  tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1477151 with no avail.  also tried adding the RGBXviauals line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf   .. neither worked.  (this happens only when visual effects are turned on)00:13
Piccolo48Mmm, no.  I think I just ran it and installed it from windows without writing it on a CD.  I think I had trouble writing it on the CD and thus did that instead00:13
iWaldoJordan_U: Checked it out, gonna try it as my next thing00:13
oneirosFadeAh, hey - problem where on plugging/unplugging while the netbook is running (10.04 atm) will cause it to suspend, then re-suspend on wakeup, etc.  Not sure what to make of this ~ Google hasn't helped.00:13
chalcednyi don't want to reboot... arrgh!00:13
Ken8521Piccolo48, you may be in for all sorts of fun trying to do this then, you need a CD to do that.00:13
Halitechmagik, this works, just did it on mine http://forums.opensuse.org/archives/sf-archives/archives-tips-tricks-tweaks/334474-howto-have-conky-displaying-your-internet-ip.html00:14
cyborgsmurfHi! Can anyone help me, I have this question about partition lock...00:14
Piccolo48I dont think so.  I'll need a CD to downlaod the files needed but I wont need to downalod all of linux00:14
NE_HomeiWaldo: i see. So you mount your ubuntu install partition with the live-cd. We will need to run some commands to remove grub-pc and install grub00:14
Jordan_Uoctavio: Using an Xorg.conf from Xorg -configure is basically the same as using none at all, since Xorg now does auto detection at runtime. 9.10 and up (possibly 9.04 also) use no xorg.conf by default, and there's only been a very minimal one for longer than that.00:14
Piccolo48Well, we'll see00:14
magikHalitech: I'll do it tommorow. Going to bed in a min. Thanks a lot though =]00:15
Ken8521Piccolo48, ...ok. :)00:15
magikMy ubuntu 10.4 desktop is really sexy now!00:15
iWaldoNE_Home: Ubuntu partition is mounted00:15
Jordan_Ucyborgsmurf: Ask your actual question, if anyone can help they will.00:15
Piccolo48Well, thanks ahead of time.  This will probably take a few hours....00:15
Halitechmagik, no problem, I wanted the same thing but gave up awhile ago00:15
FloodBot2lokaa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
chalcednyActionParsnip left?00:15
NE_HomeiWaldo: yea. you better try booting with that supergrub thing first. Or you want to try this grub2 uninstall and grub install ?00:16
magiklokaa is that you?00:16
Piccolo48Yesterday i thought I was superhuman so its good to need help like a weenie00:16
iWaldoNE_Home: I'll try the super grub disk first00:16
Ken8521Piccolo48, probably longer than that.. good luck..00:16
chalcednyPiccolo48, you're doing a hard thing.. take credit :)00:16
cyborgsmurf-magik- good that 10.04 works for some... I had to delete mine and go back to 9.10 (USB issues... long story)00:16
NE_HomeiWaldo: ok. I'd blame your BIOS in that machine where you have problems though00:17
kamil_i haven't xorg.conf00:17
cyborgsmurfokay. There are keys in gparted and I can't resize nor unmount. How do I resize them?00:17
iWaldoNE_Home: I'd thought about the BIOS, but it loads the live CD fine. Not 100% sure if that means anything, though00:17
beartatoI am using ubuntu 9.10 with home folder encryption and everything is working fine. I am just wondering why the ecryptfs kernel module doesn't seem to be loaded? 'modinfo ecryptfs' returns 'ERROR: modinfo: could not find module ecryptfs'. How can this work without the kernel module?00:18
octavioJordan_U so if i dont find the xorg.conf in 9.10 or 9.04, it's possible that I find it?00:18
Piccolo48meh, l think youre right I'll have to install ubuntu all over again in order to access bcmwl kernel source package00:18
octavioi mean because in these versions the resolutions works perfectly00:18
tripelbmy torrents used to work fine. Now I keep getting permission denied on where I aim to put them00:18
Jordan_Uoctavio: I don't understand your question.00:18
Ken8521Piccolo48, no00:19
magikAnyone wanna see my sexy desktop?00:19
NE_HomeiWaldo: id think more a confusion of how and where the bios knows where the hard disk boot sectors are, and how and where thus passes control to a bootloader, grub in our case00:19
NE_HomeiWaldo: another thing, where did you install grub ?00:19
Ken8521Piccolo48, you won't have to install all over again, ou need to dwnload and burn a live CD, and then you *should* be able to follow those directions on your wubi instal00:19
NE_HomeiWaldo: mbr ?00:19
iWaldoNE_Home: Maybe I should try resetting the BIOS, then?00:19
octavioThe resolutions works on 9.0400:19
Piccolo48Ah, makes sense.00:19
kamil_who can tell me why i don'y have xorg.conf in my xubuntu and why cpu usage is that high (about 100%)00:19
Piccolo48Just install linux on the CD and it should read it anyway00:19
octavioit possible to get them form livecd?00:19
iWaldoNE_Home: Honestly, wherever the Ubuntu CD installs it by default00:19
NE_HomeiWaldo: no, don't go so far yet. This bios thing is still a speculation :)00:20
magikhttp://i50.tinypic.com/2vvnl9l.jp =] My sexy new ubuntu 10.4 desktop with conky. The conky script is pretty much made by me =]00:20
cyborgsmurfwhat does the keys stand for in Ubuntu - gparted?00:20
Piccolo48Do I have to put WBUI (or whatever the windows version is) specifically, or will the normal i386 install file thing work as well?00:20
NE_Homecyborgsmurf: the partition is locked00:21
kamil_anybody will help me ?00:21
Ken8521Piccolo48, download a Live CD from ubuntu.com(for whichever version you installed, 32 or 64bit).. burn the ISO to a cd then use it, to install the kernel source, etc.. following the directions at that lin.. it will rsolve any dependency errors you'll run into00:21
NE_Homecyborgsmurf: you are trying to resize a mounted partition ?00:21
Ken8521Piccolo48, ive never used wubi, but i'm pretty sure the regular i386 cd will work fine, assuming you are using 32bit wubi00:21
tripelbmy torrents used to work fine. Now I keep getting permission denied on where I aim to put them. I told it "desktop" but the permission denied says media.00:21
eaccentihow can I install gtk2.0 >=2.8 ?00:21
NE_Homekamil_: to what i know, ubuntu doesn't use x.org for its X configuration like other normal linuxes do00:22
Piccolo48ok cool00:22
NE_Homexorg.conf that was00:22
tripelbPiccolo48, use the regular livecd that would work to install Ubuntu (in any form) on your bomputer. The wubi will be on that CD.00:22
cyborgsmurfis it possible to resize the partition Im running on?00:22
* iWaldo downloads the super grub CD00:23
CaptainTrekcyborgsmurf:  no, not unless you load into livecd first00:23
Jordan_UNE_Home: Upstream Xorg has lost its dependence on an xorg.conf, though one will still be used if provided. Almost all current linux distros do not ship an xorg.conf by default.00:23
cyborgsmurfwhat is a liveCD (Im a former win-user)00:23
tripelbcyborgsmurf, then you wont be running on that partition. (so the answer is clearly, no.)00:23
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beartatodoes anyone know if the ecryptfs kernel module has to be loaded on boot for the encrypted home directory to work?00:23
cyborgsmurfyeah its pretty clear now00:24
tripelbcyborgsmurf, It's ubuntu that you can run from a CD. iT's wonderful.00:24
NE_Homecyborgsmurf: you will have to unmount it first. But that's something beyond my ability to explain. You can do it easy if you boot with the live-cd and resize the partition. The idea is that when resized, the partition should NOT be in use00:24
tripelbcyborgsmurf, you can use it00:24
NE_HomeJordan_U: yea I heared that too. But does this mean that xorg detects most of its needed parameters automatically ?00:25
cyborgsmurfwhats good about mounting linux from a live CD... isnt that going to make Ubuntu slower?00:25
Jordan_UNE_Home: Yes.00:25
n8wis pm-utils the default hibernation mechanism for ubuntu?00:25
Jon--A little off-topic: I remember one time viewing the source for different Java files [ie LinkedList.java]. Which packages would I need installed (I have JDK/JRE) and where would I find these?00:25
NE_Homecyborgsmurf: slower for using it all the time yes. But when it comes to fixing stuff and troubleshooting, it's your best friend that live cd00:26
gartralanyone manage to get wine 1.2 to work with source-engine games in 64-bit lucid? I THINK it's pulse screwing up. but i don't see an option too change the default soundcore under syste,>Preferences>Sound anymore.. why the hell was that re/moved?00:26
tripelbcyborgsmurf, you can use it to try ubuntu without installing. Anything you want to save can go on a flashdrive. And since it can read your windows drive, you can use it to save files from a disk which has windows failed. One of the wpnders pof ubuntu is that --unlike windoes-- you can take an ubuntu disk out of one machine, put it in another machine and it will boot!! Wow, no DRM to machine.00:26
Daekdroomgartral, if it's not the official version in the repos, you should head to #winehq00:26
Jordan_Ucyborgsmurf: You can't resize a partition that you are booted from (you can, but it's not worth the effort). So by booting from CD you allow yourself to resize your Ubuntu partition.00:26
gartralDaekdroom: #winehq is ignoring me00:26
cyborgsmurfthe live CD is that the same CD as the one which I burned my ISO into?00:26
Jordan_Ucyborgsmurf: Yes.00:27
tripelbcyborgsmurf, yes00:27
NE_Hometripelb: wanna see my 8GB flash drive with debian in it installed as if on a disk? the swapfile goes to a ramdisk :D00:27
Jordan_UNE_Home: Swap file goes to a ramdisk?00:27
NE_Homeswap partiotion. my bad00:28
tripelbcyborgsmurf, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD   good words here for you.00:28
gartralNE_Home: that's a Bad Thing! there's no need to double up your ram usage like that00:28
cyborgsmurfthanks. So after I've resized my partition, which I want to use, can I go back using Ubuntu with more space?00:28
tripelbNE_Home, ramdisk dies when power is off. That's what I was talking about AVOIDING00:28
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NE_Homegartral: well it was mostly a test and proof of concept. And also because I needed a tool for recovery utilities00:29
iWaldoNE_Home, Jordan_U: The Super Grub CD boots Windows fine. Whatever that means.00:29
tripelbcyborgsmurf, that's a question to be determined by experience and not me.00:29
gartralanyone manage to get wine 1.2 to work with source-engine games in 64-bit lucid? I THINK it's pulse screwing up. but i don't see an option too change the default soundcore under syste,>Preferences>Sound anymore.. why the hell was that re/moved?00:29
NE_Hometripelb: yea. But I was using the ramdisk as a swap area :)00:29
NE_HomeiWaldo: and does it boot ubuntu ?00:30
iWaldoDon't know how (or if) that pertains to the status of the BIOS and/or the grub install on the mahcine00:30
iWaldoNE_Home: Trying now00:30
tripelbNE_Home, I thought that's what the livecd did. Gee, I assumed. How does the liveCD do it then?00:30
cyborgsmurfisnt that the purpose of resizing... to be able to use more space?00:30
tripelbmy torrents used to work fine. Now I keep getting permission denied on where I aim to put them. I told it "desktop" but the permission denied says media.00:30
gartralhow do i change the default soundcore in ubuntu? Pulseaudio is broken through and through!00:31
Loshkigartral: which os version?00:31
tripelbTransmission got all fouled up somehow. How can I get it back to defaults??00:31
NE_Hometripelb: that's how it does it in a way. The live cd has a compressed filesystem in it and mounted accordingly, that's why it is SLOW.00:31
digdugwhen using brasero to copy a data cd to an image file, I'm getting the error: "please install the following manually and try again", but it doesn't list anything, anymore00:31
gartralLoshki: 10.04 64bit00:31
cafreeI just upgraded to 10.04 and I've lost scroll wheel capability on my Wacom tablet.  Is there a config tool to fix this?00:31
digdugI've already installed cdrdao and cue2toc like it asked00:31
iWaldoNE_Home: It seems to boot Ubuntu fine, as well00:32
gartralLoshki: the option used to be in System>Preferences>Sound.. but all that has now are broken options for a broken PA00:32
cyborgsmurfI always have to unlock my other partitions which gets frustrated since I know I can just copy it to Ubuntu part, however, I cant do it because a lack of HDDspace00:32
k0d3g3arne1 here using a PCI eSata card with Ubuntu?00:32
Jordan_Ugartral: Have you tried asking about your problem in #pulseaudio (preferably without trolling about pulseaudio being "broken")?00:33
iWaldoYep, boots Ubuntu fine00:33
tripelbNE_Home, you said that you have a version of Ubuntu LiveCD that will do swap on a RAMdisk. I thought it did. then you replied -NE_Home> tripelb: that's how it does it in a way. The live cd has a compressed filesystem in it and mounted accordingly, that's why it is SLOW.-  Please explain further...00:33
NE_Hometripelb: some parts of the live cd filesystem are on a ramdisk. Like the /home/ubuntu (the live system user) and maybe other parts of which I can't be sure which.00:33
love_Hi, in the server edition (9.10 I think, but let's say generally) is it possible that all ports on the server is filtered by default?00:33
miskinisMan, trying to install 10.4 on a Thinkpad A20P.  I tried vga=771 in the boot options, but I still get a garbled screen.  Is there a text option, or another vga= value I could try?00:33
love_I  have an untouched installation I'm trying to get online, now however with all ports filtered00:34
Jordan_UiWaldo: Can you try running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical grub-pc" from within Ubuntu?00:34
Loshkigartral: I had good luck fixing 10.04 sound by following the 'nosound' link in this article: http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/937-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-1004-lts-lucid-lynx (see 'nosound' in the 2nd paragraph). No idea if it will work with 64 bit though...00:34
arimmermiskinis: why not use the alternate install - al ltext00:34
tripelbOK and so what is the difference in the disk/image/ on the flashdrive that you mentioned that has swap-on-a-ramdrive00:34
gartralJordan_U: for my purposes, pulse is broken completly, i cannot pipe sound from source-engine games through pulse, it's seemingly impossible. i'm not trolling.. im just saying that for what i need, pulseaudio is completly useless00:34
Zelozelosim using ubuntu 10.04, i dl'd frets on fire from the repos, and i have a bunch of songs for it dl'd from a few sites, whree do i need 2 put them?00:35
tripelbTranmission doesnt understand the target locaation. I must be doing something wrong. I'd so appreciate some help.00:35
NE_Hometripelb: yes that's correct. That's actually a waste of ram memory from the live cd but then again, trying a complete system without installing anything, does have a cost somewhere. This cost is ram memory00:35
gartralLoshki: I want sound! that's my problem right now, pulse wont pipe sound from source-engine games00:35
miskinisSo I add exactly "-al ltext" within the params, and before the -- at the end???00:35
Zelozelosi know in windows theres a data folder in the fof folder that the songs go into, but i cant seem to locate it00:35
Loshkigartral: you can remove pulseaudio I believe. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html. I've never tried this on 10.04 though...00:35
iWaldoJordan_U: Done, takes me to grub configuration menu00:36
gothranHi guys, can anyone tell me where can I download makehuman 0.9.1 for linux? (karmic)00:36
aaronjust got ubuntu desktop: I was wondering how to enable the feature where when you drag a window to the left it takes up the left half of your screen and when you drag one to the right it takes up the right.00:36
tripelbOK NE_Home what's better about your debian flashdrive. Or is it that it is done in debian that is special?00:36
Jordan_Ugartral: I didn't mean to say that you were trolling, it's just that often people join #pulseaudio and rant about it being broken, while still expecting to be helped. I was just trying to head that off before it started just in case :)00:36
k0d3g3arJordan_U, it will happen anyway..  :)00:36
Loshkigothran: somewhere here perhaps: http://sites.google.com/site/makehumandocs/download00:37
tripelbI am wanting to rant about my Transmission being broken except that is will prolley end up that it is me who has set it up wrong or maybe not.00:37
Jordan_UiWaldo: Is it asking which drive to install grub to?00:37
Zelozelosdoes anyone know if the songs are still .ogg files for frets on fire in this version?00:37
tripelbHelp my transmission wont accept the target location correctly. I'd guess it makes some assumption. Did I ask for help yet?00:37
tripelbI'll come back. AND00:38
gartralJordan_U: ahh.. i see.. well i'm not a troll (at least, i TRY not to be a troll) but for my purposes, pulse is a giant, moulding turd that's blocking me from playing me games. and i desperatly need to work around it.. and it would seem ubuntu has removed all hope of an easy route. >.<00:38
arimmertripleb: haven't used tmission.  But I suspect your config file is something like .transmission and is a hidden file in your /home.  Enable view hidden and search.  Delete and you can reconfig00:38
iWaldoJordan_U: "A new version of configuration file /etc/default/grub is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified. What would you like to do about it?"00:38
gothranLoshki: yeah but they redirect me here http://rpmlinux.org/readme-first00:38
tripelbNE_Home, yes I'd like to see what I can about your 8G debian but I dont have the room for it till I get a new HD.00:39
sizzlefireI have two screens, and when i drag  to the edge of one, instead of splitting and displaying on both it jumps to a different screen, how can i make it split?00:39
NE_Hometripelb: no. It's that it is not a live cd, it's a complete installation. All actions are persistant, i can install and uninstall and have documents and all. It bing debian has nothing to do with it. Ubuntu can be done that way too. The magic tool is "debootstrap"00:39
iWaldoThen options to install the standard version, compare it to the installed version, and things of that sort00:39
NE_Hometripelb: oh. I'd recomend you see to build your own :)00:39
gartralLoshki: those instructions wont work, the sound menu they use is older, and the newer one lacks the options that one gives entirly00:39
cyborgsmurfwhy does the sound in some games disappear and then eventually disappears?00:39
Loshkigothran: http://makehuman.googlecode.com/files/makehuman-alpha_5_i386.deb starts a download when I try it...00:39
tripelbarimmer thanks and 've saved it in a file. I'll go do it.00:39
Jordan_Ugartral: Try seeing if #pulseaudio can get pulse to do the right thing for your setup, and just avoid voicing your opinion :)00:40
NE_Hometripelb: basically, you treat the flash drive as if it were a hard disk. And you install the system there00:40
aaronjust got ubuntu desktop: I was wondering how to enable the feature where when you drag a window to the left it takes up the left half of your screen and when you drag one to the right it takes up the right00:40
Loshkigartral: I skipped the alsa gui part which didn't apply to my version, and did the rest, and it still worked. YMMV of course...00:41
tripelbNE_Home, I'd like to build an ubuntu liveCD that has xchat and the non-free on it. and chrome.  I'll have to learn how to do that though. All suggestions appreciated.00:41
gartralJordan_U: it's a known bug in wine 1.2 that pulse has broken soure-game sound. this is confirmed on pulse forums, ubuntu forums, and winehq. i know for a fact the fix is the removal/bypassing of pulse00:41
Jordan_UiWaldo: If you haven't made any important changes to /etc/default/grub that you want to keep then choose to use the maintainer's version.00:41
NE_Hometripelb: be warned that this thing will wear your flash drive off very fast. But I can justify the costs of learning :p00:41
tripelbaaron you aer so write on.00:41
cyborgsmurfI mean why does sound in games sometimes sound crappy then completely disappears?00:41
tripelbaaron you aer so right on. I want that too.00:41
tomcylhello all00:41
gartralLoshki: YMMV? i don't understan the acronym00:41
tripelbNE_Home, I just want to build a custom install or live CD00:41
iWaldoJordan_U: Would using the maintainer's version nuke my list of OSes or anything like that?00:41
gothranLoshki: this is the alpha, the old one is 0.9.1 but is packed for mandriva and it last with .rpm... what I have to do with it?00:41
arimmergartral: your mileage may vary00:41
Jordan_Ugartral: Have you tried pasuspender?00:42
Loshkigartral: an Americanism. Your mileage may vary i.e. it may not work for you...00:42
Jordan_UiWaldo: No.00:42
vic20gmri am wondering 1]can i install low-latency kernal without reinstalling karmic?00:42
NE_Hometripelb: let me find some refference urls for you00:42
gartralLoshki: ahh, i get the reference now, I'm just not good with acronymisms00:42
vic20gmralso wud i have better gaming experience?00:42
tomcylcan some one tell me why i can not save my w/L Wpa key?00:42
iWaldoJordan_U: Excellent00:43
iWaldoJordan_U: Done. Now I assume I reboot?00:43
Jordan_UiWaldo: Yes.00:43
onetinsoldiertripelb: you might to check this out http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/00:43
gothranloshki: makehuman-0.9.1-2mapi2008.1.i586.rpm, I have downloaded it but I do not know how to extrack it00:44
miskinisarimmer: I tried adding "-al ltext", but I still got a garbled screen on the thinkpad a20p.00:44
brickyhey anybody know how to auto start with compiz enabled00:44
gartralJordan_U: no, but it looks like it may work, though i try running it and it wants options.. pasuspender -s localhost returns me to the -h output >.<00:44
arimmermiskinis: STRONGLY suggest you drop the desktop install iso, download the alternate and try that00:45
NE_Hometripelb: does your liveCD have to be ubuntu ?00:45
gothransomeone knows a pack for makehuman for a generic distro?00:45
brickynvm i got it00:45
Zelozeloshuh, thats the last place i thought id find them in media/sd100:45
Zelozelosthanks anyhow guys00:45
tomcylwhy my W/L WPA always go back to the one before00:45
Jordan_Ugartral: pasuspender wine /path/to/exe00:45
Loshkigothran: you can't easily install an rpm file on ubuntu. You need the .deb version...00:45
iWaldoJordan_U: Doesn't look like it worked00:45
miskinisAnyway, still looking for some way to get a text installer or something other than vga=771 to install 10 on a thinkpad a20p :(00:46
NE_Hometripelb: for ubuntu, a good start is here:    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization00:46
vic20gmri am wondering 1]can i install low-latency kernal without reinstalling karmic?00:46
vic20gmralso wud i have better gaming experience?00:46
arimmermiskinis: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors00:46
xorwhyIs there any way to enable a "mouse smoothing"?00:46
Jordan_Ugartral: pasuspender suspends untill the given command exits.00:46
aciculavic20gmr, you mean a preemptive kernel?00:46
xorwhyMy mouse movement is slightly jerky, and as a result my show window contents while dragging is jerky.00:46
tomcylsome things to do with keyring?00:46
gothranLoshki: how I do it by the command line?00:46
waga@xorwhy: System-?>Preferencies->Mouse00:46
tripelbI haven't found the .terminal anywhere.00:47
xorwhywaga: That doesn't appear to contain any mouse smoothing function.00:47
miskinisarimmer: I burned a CD with 10, are you suggesting I do not use it?00:47
aaronjust got ubuntu desktop: I was wondering how to enable the feature where when you drag a window to the left it takes up the left half of your screen and when you drag one to the right it takes up the right...or what its called so i can google atleast00:47
vic20gmracicula honestly im not sure, but is there *any* other kernal i cud use to possibly improve gaming?00:47
iWaldoJordan_U: When I rebooted, it got as far as the menu, then froze. Second time, it let me select an OS, then just went back to the grub menu and froze when I picked one. Third time, it just gave me a screen full of zeros00:47
Loshkigothran: download  http://makehuman.googlecode.com/files/makehuman-alpha_5_i386.deb and then do sudo gdebi makehuman-alpha_5_i386.deb00:47
gartralJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/RRebP4rw <-- REALLY?00:47
vic20gmracicula, honestly im not sure, but is there *any* other kernal i cud use to possibly improve gaming?00:47
cyborgsmurfI have windows7,XP and Ubuntu with grub... I used to be able to boot in windows but after re-installing Ubuntu  10.04 and back to 9.10, I cant run windows from grub anymore... is windows lost forever?00:48
iWaldoNow it just goes to the grub screen and freezes00:48
MrPancakevic20gmr: Heh, a Windows kernel so you don't have the abstraction layer? :-)00:48
tomcylhow do i  clear WPA key i enter before?00:48
tripelbaaron, this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o92RoCV8RU00:48
arimmermiskinis: precisely.  pretty sure you downloaded the desktop iso which is GUI by default.  the alternate iso is a TEXT BASED installer.  Quote:  This installation CD is suited for computers unable to run the graphical desktop based installation, either because their computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the live cd or because their computer requires configuration after the...00:48
arimmer...installation is complete in order to use the desktop.00:48
gartralvic20gmr: if ubuntu still has support for a realtime kernal00:48
gothranLoshki: yes, that is easy, but I would try to install the 0.9.1 version, not the alpha (its lacks of options)...00:48
Jordan_Ugartral: The man page is more clear than the --help message00:48
NE_Hometripelb: another thing of interest to you is this as well:   http://live.debian.net/00:48
gothranloshki: makehuman-0.9.1-2mapi2008.1.i586.rpm, I have downloaded it but I do not know how to extrack it00:49
iWaldoThis time it let me select an OS before it froze00:49
tripelbaaron http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/4674/00:49
iWaldoSo, no change00:49
tripelbthanks NE_Home00:49
vic20gmrMrPancake, idk if i have an abstr layer00:49
aciculavic20gmr, probably not00:49
gartralJordan_U: i read that too, still dont understand it, pasuspender -s localhost SHOULD have killed PA for a bit... but..00:49
miskinisarimmer: OK, many thanks, and I apologize for my ignorance.  Although I've used ubuntu 8 and 9, I was a redhat user, and a brief debian user only.00:49
patx_what is the default image viewer called?00:49
vic20gmrgartral, if.... then wut?00:50
NE_Hometripelb: and the ulimate goal could be this:  http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/    (the livecd link at the end, but all there is plain awesome)00:50
gothranOr maybe someones know there download a makehuman 0.9.1 for a generic distro? a gz or a bz2?00:50
gothranOr maybe someones know there can I download a makehuman 0.9.1 for a generic distro? a gz or a bz2?00:50
arimmermiskinis: not to worry.  As many times as I've been bailed out of brain dead system of my own creation, this is the least i can to00:50
xorwhy1I really wish I could make my mouse drag smoother, rather than this raw pixel-jumping cursor-purism the gnome devs were after.00:50
tomcylhi guy00:50
gartralvic20gmr: then your SoL.. try another distro like Sabayon?00:50
vic20gmracicula, prob not - to wut do u refer?00:50
aciculaif theres any gain to rebuilding the kernel for games00:51
vic20gmrgartral, i dont know if i have abstraction layer, how do i determine this00:51
NE_Hometripelb: the debian live link is in my opinion a compromise between trimming down ubuntu to a custom live cd, and that other one, linuxfromscratch which starts it all from source code.00:51
patx_what is the default image viewer called?00:52
Jordan_UiWaldo: Does the "Detect any GRUB2 installation" Option of super grub2 disk bring you to the same frozen screen?00:52
Shinydanhaving problems accessing an audio CD - error is Could not open location 'cdda://sr0/', Failed to execute child process "sound-juicer" (No such file or directory)00:52
gothranLoshki: http://sites.google.com/site/makehumandocs/download all dowm the page00:52
ShinydanRhythmbox works fine though.00:53
iWaldoJordan_U: Where is that option in the disk menu?00:53
erufuanybody here use gmailfs ? Can it work on 10.04 ?00:54
onetinsoldierShinydan: install sound-juicer00:54
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Jordan_UiWaldo: It's in the very first menu, if you're using super grub2 disk rather than super grub disk based on grub legacy.00:54
tripelbNE_Home, I'm not so advanced as that. what's a live-link?  --- I need to know the location of my config file for transmission (the bit torrent client)00:54
Loshkigothran: It's unclear to me that an 0.9.1 debian version exists...00:54
edbianerufu, I'm sure it works with ubuntu 10.04 if it's in the repos.00:54
Chuck_SchuldinerMy windows 7 installation is not working00:55
edbianerufu, Did you check the repos?00:55
iWaldoJordan_U: I'm using the grub legacy based version :|00:55
arimmerChuck_Schuldiner: more info00:55
tripelbNE_Home, I'm trying to have a computer working. One, for a start, lol00:55
erufuthe repos say deprecated package00:55
funkyHatsizzlefire: do you have a nvidia graphics card, or something else?00:55
funkyHatsizzlefire: and which version of Ubuntu are you using?00:56
arimmererufu: http://richard.jones.name/google-hacks/gmail-filesystem/gmail-filesystem.html00:56
tomcylcan anyone give me a command to clear up Keyring password?00:56
=== vic20gmr is now known as vic20gmr_[lucid]
erufuthx i want to ovoid that but ^^00:56
gartralJordan_U: does pasuspend work for you?00:56
tripelbPlease help me learn how to search in terminal for all files that have the term transmission anywhere in the char string of the name. Please help. I dont know how to use the command, and wildcards properly and the GUI fails me.00:56
NE_Hometripelb: hehe ok. Well, you can issue:  cd ; mv .transmission  .transmission.old00:56
vic20gmr_[lucid]how do i determine if i have abstraction layer?00:57
NE_Hometripelb: when opening a terminal at your home dir00:57
sizzlefirefunkyHat: I have a intigrated ATI PoA graphics card and I'm running Ubuntu 10.0400:57
tripelbne_home see above line my question.00:57
Jordan_Ugartral: No, it doesn't seem to :(00:57
gothranLoshki: yeah, I have problems to find it, but I downloaded a version from http://rpmlinux.org/readme-first end of the page in repository, a pack for mandriva .rpm00:57
gartralJordan_U: now you see my problem :P00:57
edbiantripelb, find transmission00:57
funkyHatsizzlefire: and you're currently seeing the same image on each screen, or just dragging from one screen to the other isn't working?00:57
tripelbedbian no such file or directory (I have the program installed, per standard ubuntu)00:58
erufuthe lib python-libgmail is available for ubuntu 10.04 ?00:58
chalcednyif anyone wants to know.. ActioniiParsnip's fix worked PERFECTLY - AFTER .. i removed the cat hairs from my optical mouse's 'eye'!00:58
sirlinuxdudes how can i see the nick list on the right side ? on xchat00:58
* iWaldo downloads the grub2 version00:59
edbiantripelb, locate transmission00:59
edbiantripelb, Do you have that installed?00:59
tripelbtranmission is not in the hidden files on / --> please believe me. I did ls .*00:59
Shinydanthat's done it. Need coffee, that was too obvious. 8)00:59
tripelbyes it is installed00:59
chalcednysirlinux, put your mouse's pointer in that edge and drag it toward the center .. it's there!00:59
NE_Hometripelb: dpkg -l transmission*00:59
tripelbI've been using it. But the config file got stupid and I cant anymoer00:59
tripelbNE_Home, what does dpkg do?00:59
Dizkonnektedsirlinux, click view - place a check in userlist00:59
edbiantripelb, sudo find / -name transmission01:00
sirlinuxDudes i have in the left side down "1484 Users" if i click shows me the users ...01:00
edbiantripelb, Might take a bit to finish.01:00
sirlinuxthis like a new kind of xchat01:00
TaulusWhat does everyone think of 10.04, I am running 9.10, should I update?01:00
sirlinuxis not the old one01:00
NE_Hometripelb: a lot of things. In this case it will tell you all the software installed which name start with transmission01:00
tripelbNE_Home, is that -(eye) or -(el) ?01:00
vic20gmr_[lucid]gartral: is there a way for me to determine if i have abstr layer?01:00
sirlinuxdon't update Taulus01:00
brickycan someone link me to a site to place to get compiz widgets01:00
tripelbI'm on it dpkg01:01
sirlinuxi upgrade my ubunto to 10.0401:01
sirlinuxbetter 9.04 than 10.04 ((( my opinion )01:01
Taulussirlinux why?01:01
edbianbricky, There are 2 packages that give you more compiz plugins that are in the repos.01:01
DoctehTaulus: for starters the default theme ;)01:01
NE_Homesomehow i agree with sirlinux for the 10.0401:02
sirlinuxget stucked01:02
edbianbricky, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra  and compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported01:02
sirlinuxand after update goes very slow01:02
brickyedbiam: ah, I got one of those previously ill get the second one  and see if it has them01:02
TaulusHe he! So I should reinstall 9.10 on my desktop also :)01:02
shimmr7Netbook remix desktop:  Can anyone tell me how to change my desktop back to the classic style in Netbook remix lucid?  It seems the "desktop switcher" has been removed01:02
tripelbNE_Home, $ sudo dpkg -i transmission    dpkg: error processing transmission (--install):  cannot access archive: No such file or directory   Errors were encountered while processing:01:03
edbianTaulus, I suggest upgrading.  Although I'm not running 10.04 currently I have used it.01:03
DoctehTaulus: also i think theres still a bug where ureadahead uses a bunch of ram but doesn't let go of it after it profiles01:03
NE_Hometripelb: not i. That is for something else. It has to be l (lowercase L)01:03
Taulusedbain any reason?01:03
funkyHatsizzlefire: I'm going now. If you have the same image on both screens try going to System > Preferences > Monitors and unticking the "Same image on all monitors" box. hopefully someone else can help if that doesn't solve it01:03
gartralvic20gmr_[lucid]: apt-cache state hal01:04
vic20gmr_[lucid]i have looked, and looked for ways to improve my game performance, do any of u here have any ideas for me?01:04
edbiantripelb, that commands tells dpkg (the low level package manager) to install a package in the current directory named "transmission"  Is that what you want?01:04
NE_Hometripelb: and no, you don't want to put sudo in front of dpkg unless you necessarily have to and know what you are doing01:04
edbianTaulus, It is a step forward.  Compared to other releases 1 month after release 10.04 has very few bugs.01:04
vic20gmr_[lucid]gartral: this is output01:05
tripelbedbian no. I have transmission. It just doesnt put together a well-formed target file-path.01:05
vic20gmr_[lucid]E: Invalid operation state01:05
vic20gmr_[lucid]do i need to sudo it?01:05
vic20gmr_[lucid]heh, ill just try it01:05
iWaldoJordan_U: Super grub 2 disk didn't work, but I think it was a bad burn01:05
edbiantripelb, I don't know what you mean "a well formed target file path"?  What is that about?01:05
tripelbNE_Home, I looked it up before I did t he I.01:06
NE_Hometripelb: so, when in your homedir, what gives:   ls -l  .transmission01:06
gop_how do I auto mount a samba share, at boot01:06
vic20gmr_[lucid]gartral: sudo made no difference01:06
edbianNE_Home, That command makes no sense?01:06
gop_all seem to complex01:06
Jordan_UiWaldo: Didn't work in what way? You can also dd it to a flash drive.01:06
NE_Homeedbian: why ?01:06
brickyedbiam: okay I got them now, I just need to find some widgets now ^)^01:06
edbianNE_Home, Oh, nevermind.  I get it.  Sorry about that!01:06
NE_Homeedbian: lol :D01:06
edbianbricky, Not sure what you mean by widgets?01:06
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edbianNE_Home, :)01:07
tripelbTranmission doesnt understand the target location. I must be doing something wrong. --- I keep getting no permission for location. Even when I give it the desktop it puts "media" in front of it .. it reports a location that starts with media that I cant get permission to01:07
SirLinuxdone i solve my problem :P01:07
brickyedbian: In compiz there is an option for a widget screen like a clock, weather, etc,01:07
brickyedbian: if you have it enabled its f9 by default01:07
edbianbricky, That's for integration with gdesklets or screenlets  check out those packages01:08
brickyOh those are screenlets.01:08
onetinsoldieredbian: you know those buttons you click on to close/minimize/maximize a window? those are an example of 'widgets01:08
NE_Hometripelb: you just see if you have that dir in your $home01:08
iWaldoJordan_U: It didn't recognize it as bootable01:08
tomcylwhy My WPA KEY can not be save?01:08
datakidhi, while trying to put the sound controls back into my panel, I accidentally deleted my panel01:08
brickyonetinsoldier: sweet I can change them too? nice01:08
datakidhow to put it back pls?01:09
edbianonetinsoldier, I don't think we're talking about the same widgets here.  bricky is talking about desktop widgets.  You're talking about gtk+ toolkit widgets01:09
edbiandatakid, Do you have any panels left?01:09
onetinsoldieredbian: ahh, roger. sorry01:09
datakidedbian, no01:09
edbianonetinsoldier, No worries01:09
emily_How do I check to see what version ALSA is on my system?01:09
edbiandatakid, in a term: "gnome-panel"01:09
tripelbedbian -- I think it's since I put in vuze. I cant seem to get rid of vuze.01:09
edbiandatakid, without quotes01:09
brickyebdian: im talkin about the widgets windows wishes it could have :P01:09
NE_Homedatakid: you add to a pannel what is called an "indicator applet"01:09
edbianemily_, aptitude show alsa01:09
vic20gmr_[lucid]onetinsoldier: do u think i might have better game performance with low-latency kernal?01:09
TaulusThanks all, I will stik with .10 for now :)01:10
datakidedbian, "Cannot register the panel shell: there is already one running.01:10
brickyokay, I knew I should have got those screenlets packages01:10
edbiandatakid, first kill them all : "kill-all gnome-panel"01:10
iWaldoJordan_U: Second CD works right01:10
datakidedbian, I guess I have to pkill gnome-panle and restart it01:10
edbiandatakid, Then try again01:10
onetinsoldiervic20gmr_[lucid]: i don't think so, no01:10
edbiandatakid, Yep!01:10
NE_Homewhy the hell that thing has become an "indicator pannel" I have no idea01:10
datakidedbian, ah, it turns out I do still have a panel - the bottom one :) I never thought of them as being the same thing :)01:11
edbianbricky, I got into those once but I got rid of them because I didn't find many of them more useful than the applets I could put in the panel01:11
edbiandatakid, Yep!01:11
edbianha ha01:11
tripelbedbian ps > I tried this and got this --- help I feel like Alice thru the looking glass --- >  grep vuze  bash: grep: Permission denied01:11
vic20gmr_[lucid]onetinsoldier: can i install it, have it on grub menu?01:11
iWaldoJordan_U: The "detect any grub2 installation" just takes me right back to the grub CD menu01:11
edbiandatakid, Right click the one you have and "new panel"01:11
vic20gmr_[lucid]without reinstall01:11
brickyedbian: yeah I can see that happening01:11
edbiantripelb, What are you trying to do?  grep filters things.01:12
onetinsoldiervic20gmr_[lucid]: i don't really know much about those real-time(rt) kernels. but i would think the answer to that is yes01:12
iWaldoJordan_U: ...which then stops working01:12
datakidedbian, ok, so I go to my bottom panel, I right click, I choose new panel and then...nothign01:12
edbianbricky, Yep.  They are pretty though01:12
datakidedbian, ok, don't mind me - fourth time lucky01:12
Jack__Hello, I am trying to get webcamstudio to work. While the cam works with cheese and the webcamstudio itself, it does not seem to work in ustream. I am reading vloopback is needed, but the software web site said that is not used anymore. Any ideas on what is needed?01:12
brickyedbian: =)01:12
vic20gmr_[lucid]onetinsoldier: ok, thx - do u have any suggestions i might try, in order to get better gaming ?01:13
edbiandatakid, You might have to delete all the settings for your panels.  It sounds like you did something that made a panel exist but not be visable in any way.  Does that make sense?01:13
datakidnow I try to add clock to the panel and suddenly I have 6 panels01:13
Jordan_UiWaldo: Can you check the md5sum of the download and resulting CD? It should be a9cdc2e74a012ed5c746ad0dd8ee299c01:13
edbiandatakid, :)01:13
gartralJordan_U: Batman AA works.. sound, physx and all.. >.<01:13
edbiandatakid, ha ha. You just didn't wait!01:13
iWaldoJordan_U: Er, how?01:13
tripelbedbian, yes I know. I was trying to see if there were any vuze still running. I want to completely remove vuze from my system. Tonight I did sudo apt-get remove vuze and it did a lot but vuze did not leave.01:13
arimmerdatakid: i've got the terminal commands that will reset your panels.  Then you can rebuild them as you wish and populate whatever applets you wish01:13
datakidarimmer, it seems to be working, thanks though01:14
datakidI'm rebuilding now01:14
tomcylwhy nobody worry about me?01:14
edbiantripelb, removing the package makes it so that that code can never be started again.  It does not stop instances of that code that are already running.  If you want to see what's running you can use ps -e01:14
tripelbedbian I am also trying to get a torrent to download with transmission. It used to work. So I did something that changed it.01:14
Jordan_UiWaldo: md5sum /path/to/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso && md5sum /dev/cdrom01:14
datakidis there anyway to remove the mail icon from the indicator applet?01:14
onetinsoldiervic20gmr_[lucid]: as they say in the automotive world, there's no replacement for displacement. just get the fastest and best computer parts you can to get the best performance01:14
edbiantripelb, If you want to filter the output of ps -e (cause there is a lot) send it to grep using a pipe and give grep something to filter based on like this: ps -e | grep vu01:15
CkhiKuzadi need to know how to force a drive to be writable. my stupid ubuntu drive is screwed up, and i need to delete something in the /tmp/orbit-ckhikuzad directory (or move it for backup purposes) to allow it to boot.01:15
edbiantripelb, That will show every line in ps -e that has vu in it01:15
edbiantripelb, Make sense?01:15
tripelbedbian that's what ps was supposed to to      ps > grep vuze    I thought would give me all the vuze that is running. It has in the past for firefox. What happened.01:15
datakidtomcyl, we need to know more than what you have given us01:15
datakidwhat does "it won't save" mean?01:15
tripelbok | not >01:15
NE_Hometripelb: I suggest this to all who have questions around linux in general.  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CBgQFjAA01:15
vic20gmr_[lucid]onetinsoldier: if i had the money for it, i wud01:15
NE_Homewtf.... ??01:15
edbiantripelb, ps > grep ... is bsd syntax.  Linux syntax is ps | grep ...01:15
edbiantripelb, ps -e shows all of them01:16
tripelbNE_Home, I found a great guide to ubuntu once but I keep haveing bad hard drives so I cant get to stuff yet01:16
vic20gmr_[lucid]onetinsoldier: but i dont, so i have to make the most of wut i have01:16
edbiantripelb, ps shows what's being run on that term by you or something01:16
arimmerNE_Home: you DO know that's an invalid url?01:16
Jordan_Uedbian: ps > grep isn't valid bsd syntax either :)01:16
NE_Hometripelb: i hate pasting sometimes... the idea is that that document "rute.pdf"  is a recomended one for all who feel they should learn suff for linux in general01:16
edbianJordan_U, tripelb ps > grep is just jargon ;)01:16
tomcylok , i can not connect my W/L, The WPA key always go back to the one i used before01:17
Out_Coldcan someone suggest a route to take?? i have a 120gb, 2 (windows) partition hdd that i need to image to 3 other 160gb drives.. from linux if possible, while maintaining what ever file/partition structure windows has..01:17
NE_Homeand yes arimmer, i know what that means01:17
_jokHi. could I could get a bit of installation support please? I have HDD partitioned as shown (http://i47.tinypic.com/24w9fk9.png) and would like to put Lucid in the ~25GB space at the end of the drive - the installer, however, wants to chop up my 100GB storage drive. How can I get around this?01:17
NE_Hometripelb: arimmer: please search in google for "rute.pdf" and that is what I meant01:17
CkhiKuzadis linc-114f-0-5951312c321ef a file, or folder?01:17
datakidtomcyl, how are you trying to change the WPA pass?01:17
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: u wanting an app to copy part's?01:17
edbian_jok, Using the installer choose "use available space"01:17
vic20gmr_[lucid]windows parts?01:18
Out_Coldvic20gmr_[lucid], a mix between dd and rsync maybe?? dd would be fine but i'd waste 40gb of space??01:18
tripelbedbian, there is nothing vuze running. There is vuze still under applications>internet.  Ne_home need to keep my focus in.01:18
phillyjcan i use apt-get to install the gedit latex plugin?01:18
edbiantripelb, Might be a bug that it's been left in the menu.  Does it run if you click it?01:18
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: im not familiar with those acronyms01:18
tomcylMy old WPA is 123123,01:19
iWaldoJordan_U: No md5sum in Mac terminal, and now I can't boot ubuntu off the grub 1 cd01:19
Out_Coldvic20gmr_[lucid], both are apps found in linux...01:19
datakidtomcyl that's not much use to me, and it doesn't answer my question01:19
datakidhow are you trying to change the WPA pass01:19
magikHey guys. Small problem here, just rebooted to find that my conky setup seems to always be on top of everything...01:20
tripelbedbian, now something called evince is asking me about crash recovery (I downloaded rute.pdf)01:20
edbiantripelb, evince is a pdf reader.  It must have crashed01:21
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: well i found a windows part program that must be installed under windows, but it duz copy/move/resize, etc01:21
edbiantripelb, You're doing a lot at once! :)01:21
JCI've got the newest update for Ubuntu, I went from 9.04 to 10.04 (through 9.10) and decided, "I'd like to try KDE." I used the update manager from Ubuntu and downloaded everything, and restarted my computer, i've got KDE apps now, but it's clearly still using GNOME, and is making the systems settings app crash. Any idaes how I can get KDE running from here?01:21
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: its free, "easeus" is the name01:21
Jordan_UiWaldo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM%20on%20Mac%20OS%20X01:21
Out_Coldvic20gmr_[lucid], only problem is i have 3 linux servers and 5 broken laptops..01:21
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: u might check it out01:21
edbianJC, Go to the log in screen and look at the sessions... thingy01:21
edbianJC, Do you know what I'm talking about?01:21
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: have u tried gparted live?01:21
CkhiKuzadHow do i create a socket file?01:21
LoshkiOut_Cold: read this first: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91614601:22
magikGuys how can i download torrents through terminal?????????????????????01:22
edbianmagik, Yes.01:22
CkhiKuzadthis is incredibly urgent, ubuntu wont boot without this. i need to know how to create a socket file!01:22
edbianmagik, But you need a torrent program that runs in the term.  rtorrent is an example01:22
Out_ColdLoshki, ahh that may be what i'm looking for.. thanks01:22
tripelbedbian, NE_Home  - I googled the minor question.  ubuntuforums rules.    /xxx/.config/transmission01:23
JCEdbian, got it, thanks!01:23
edbianmagik, http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2007/05/02/howto-use-rtorrent-like-a-pro/01:23
edbianJC, No problem! :)01:23
tripelbedbian, NE_Home  - I googled the minor question.  ubuntuforums rules.    /xxx/.config/transmission  (what I was doing didnt search DOWN for transmission)01:23
magikedbian: Haha yeah looking at that now01:23
NE_Homemagik: sudo apt-get install transmission-cli01:23
edbiantripelb, Good call01:23
edbianmagik, That too01:24
JCAlso, I have NO sound working whatsoever. According to the sound preferences app, i've got the driver for it, but no audio coming out through my speakers, despite the fact that programs are outputting audio. The cable and speakers work (I connected my ipod to it)01:24
iWaldoJordan_U: md5 returns as 083812b4eb170d998323141b8a5c9c8c01:24
NE_Hometripelb: oh. Well, depends on versions anyhow.01:24
JC(Any ideas?)01:24
_jokedbian, in the screeny shown earlier, the installer did not give me a free-space option because all partitions were already formatted. I deleted the last one to turn it back in to unformatted free space and now the installer _does_ give me an option to use it. Thank you for leading me to it though!01:24
magikgot both those now what???01:24
phillyjhow do i get the synaptic package manager to install just the gedit-plugin that I need01:24
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: that url looks intwersting, duz it look like it will work for u?01:24
edbian_jok, I've thought that terminology in the installer has been confusing since 7.1001:25
CkhiKuzadforget it. this channel, and entire server hasnt helped me with any of my past 5 things i have needed help with. go back with fixing a stupid torrent client while i am stuck in an old buggy debian IRC. thanks a lot, you are SO helpful!01:25
NE_Homemagik: transmissioncli somefile.torrent01:25
Out_Coldvic20gmr_[lucid], more along the lines of what i wanted01:25
tripelbNE_Home, edbian: now what's the problem.. this BACKSLASH is wierd. This in the (apparently the config) text file. -->    "recent-download-dir-1": "\/media",      "recent-download-dir-2": "\/media\/3A30C15E30C1222D\/Media - DL'ing",      "recent-download-dir-3": "\/home\01:25
tomcyli try to connect my router, i try make new connection, change router name , it ask pass, i enter the one i just make, but what ever i enter , it keek goes bake to the one i enter before01:26
NE_Hometripelb: where did you get that ?01:26
JCAlso, I have NO sound working whatsoever. According to the sound preferences app, i've got the driver for it, but no audio coming out through my speakers, despite the fact that programs are outputting audio. The cable and speakers work (I connected my ipod to it) Any ideas?01:26
_jokedbian, essentially there were three options when the last partition was already formatted (side-by-side, use entire disk, or specify manually). when i deleted that last partition to make it free space, there were four options.01:26
_jokCheers though.01:26
edbiantripelb, the other slash is an escape character01:26
phillyjwhen i try to intall with the package manager01:26
phillyji get 147 files01:26
Jordan_UiWaldo: That's not the most recent version of super grub2 disk, it's 1.30 (though it should still work).01:27
edbian_jok, Yes.  I understand.  I know it does that.  I think it's terribly confusing especially for new users01:27
_jokYes, it confused me :)01:27
magikNE_Home: What do i put for the somefile.torrent???01:27
=== squiddy is now known as Guest304
_jokedbian, I am about to chose (use largest continuous free space), I assume this way will not create a separate swap partition for Lucid.01:27
NE_Homemagik: you download one as you always do. Remember how torrents work ?01:27
Guest304hi, i've got 2 questions : how to turn off KMS and how to boot into linux with 'nomodset' ?01:27
vic20gmr_[lucid]Out_Cold: cool hope it works01:28
edbian_jok, That means "use the open space at the end of the drive"01:28
magikNE_Home: Yeah but wouldnt i need to put in a location for it aswell?01:28
DizkonnektedGuest304, send me a pm i have the exact links you need01:28
edbian_jok, If I understand you correctly (and I think I do) it's exactly what you want.01:28
phillyjwhy does the package manager try to install ~140 files when all I checked was 101:28
Jordan_UiWaldo: http://prdownload.berlios.de/supergrub/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso is the latest version.01:28
edbianphillyj, dependencies.  The file you wants needs those other ~140 to work.01:28
NE_Homemagik: the intended file will be put to the current directory, if I remember correctly01:28
acerimmer_phillyj: dependencies?01:28
ubottuJC: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:29
Dougdoug4Okay guys I'm having an issue, I can't seem to delete my last panel01:29
KungFuBearHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on an old desktop PC. I have a problem though. The keyboard that goes with the computer (a usb keyboard) doesn't work in BIOS. It doesn't start working until Windows loads up. I can't select options once the live CD boots up01:29
iWaldoJordan_U: That's the version that failed to work01:29
Dougdoug4Okay guys I'm having an issue, I can't seem to delete my last panel, it's like Ubuntu is forcing me to have at least one panel open, which I don't want, how do I fix?01:29
JCedbian, any idaes?01:29
phillyjedbian: really? its just the gedit latex plug-in01:29
aSt3raLhow do i compile with a makefile and redirect the output to a file in bash?01:29
=== emily_ is now known as EmilySC
edbianJC, What's the question?01:29
edbianphillyj, IDK ?01:29
gartralJordan_U: well... using kde fixes my sound issues.. and surprisingly, games run smoother01:29
iWaldoJordan_U: I'm using the version immediately prior to latest01:30
_jokedbian, I assume the installer will also put GRUB on the drive too?01:30
tripelbwell edbian, NE_Home -- I am trying just going into transmission and resetting. If that doesnt work I'll close it and reopen it. It might have crashed in a system crash and not recovereed. I dont know.01:30
edbianphillyj, I don't know why it would need so much.  Maybe it's installing a bunch of latex stuff?01:30
edbian_jok, Yes01:30
NE_Homephillyj: so, you want gedit to have the latex plugin. But you see, the plugin needs latex itself... which in turn might need some other things....01:30
edbian_jok, I think there is a way to tell it not to but it will try.01:30
tripelbedbian NE_home, how do I get rid of VUZE? I dont see a gui uninstall.01:30
EmilySCI've been dealing with this issues for a few hours now..  Help please?  My laptop speakers don't mute when I plug in headphones :(01:30
=== Chazz is now known as Guest16491
phillyjNE_Home: i got texlive01:30
JCKungFuBear, I've had similar problems, a lot of old BIOS setups don't include USB Keyboard Driver support. You're either going to have to update your BIOS (from the Manufacturer website, one of the only things Dell still does well for example) or use a PS/2 Keyboard for the install. Presumably it has that input considering it would make using a keyboard impossible if it did not and wouldn't let you use USB01:30
Jordan_UiWaldo: Can you check that the md5sum of the burned CD matches a9cdc2e74a012ed5c746ad0dd8ee299c ?01:30
NE_Hometripelb: i don't know what vuze is01:31
edbiantripelb, to get rid of fuse you sudo apt-get remove <allFuzePackages>01:31
Jordan_UiWaldo: The CD with 1.98s1.01:31
JCEdbian,  I have NO sound working whatsoever. According to the sound preferences app, i've got the driver for it, but no audio coming out through my speakers, despite the fact that programs are outputting audio. The cable and speakers work (I connected my ipod to it)01:31
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: try this...  make > make.log 2>&101:31
tripelbedbian, literally?01:31
NE_Homephillyj: well, you just check what that package you need depends on01:31
edbiantripelb, If you are having that much trouble with transmission you can delete the .config/transmission folder and all of your settings will be erased and it will act like it is brand new again.01:31
tripelbNE_home thanks. I'll see you later after I work this one out.01:31
tripelbedbian, brilliant01:31
iWaldoJordan_U: The 1.98 CD doesn't even mount01:31
edbianJC, I've never had to debug sound before.  I'm not sure!  Sorry :(01:32
Daekdroomtripelb, sudo apt-get remove vuze01:32
edbiantripelb, no, <thisIsAVariable> ;)01:32
magikNE_Home: I did transmissioncli Avatar[2009]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.5486729.TPB after downloading the torrent and it didn't work. It said failed opening torrent file.01:32
_jokedbian, you are right, it's in the Advanced options of the pre-install review screen.01:32
JCEdbian, any ideas where I could find someone who does? I've google'd the issue and no one seems to have a clue lol.01:32
iWaldoJordan_U: But its md5sum is 813988b1ca0f5dfba1306f9edb8d0d6a01:32
JCKungFuBear, did that help?01:32
edbian_jok, There ya go01:32
NE_Homemagik: did you put the name between quotes?   "    "01:32
tripelbedbian, just the settings.json or the entire directory?01:32
* _jok has finger's crossed.01:33
aSt3raLonetinsoldier, how can i tell if that worked?01:33
edbiantripelb, just the stuff for transmission?  I'm not really sure what you're asking01:33
Jordan_UiWaldo: That is the wrong md5sum. What is the md5sum of the .iso file? (to determine whether it's a bad download or a bad burn)01:33
magikwhat quotes? "lala" or 'lala' ?01:33
edbianJC, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting01:33
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: look in the make.log file... or do ls -l make.log and see if it has some size to it01:33
edbianJC, Also, make sure something called "PCM" is turned up in the volume applet01:33
phillyjNE_Home: its wierd, says i need 130 packages; i can understand rubber but do i need ruby installed also?01:34
JCedbian, thanks. I'm not sure where to find "PCM" though.01:34
NE_Homemagik: small trick.  Type  transmissioncli Ava[TAB]    (hit the TAB button)01:34
=== IPNixon_ is now known as IPNixon
iWaldoJordan_U: the md5sum of the ISO is correct01:34
ubuntu_preciso de ajuda01:34
john__Hey all, how do I get to single user mode on 10.04?01:34
VirginiaSteaksHello! How can i activate 3D window movement (accelerated) in window managers other than gnome's?01:34
EmilySCI've been dealing with this issues for a few hours now..  Help please?  My laptop speakers don't mute when I plug in headphones :(01:35
edbianJC, right click the volume, select open volume control.  IF PCM isn't one of the sliders edit -> preferences and add it.01:35
magikStill didnt work01:35
aSt3raLonetinsoldier, its 5mb and growing thanks01:35
Psi-JackI have some wierd issues going on with Ubuntu specifically. I have two Netgear GA311 NIC's, but when I boot it up, eth0 and eth1, the two GA311 NICs show up as-if having the same MAC HW address and both don't work at the same time as a result.01:35
magikWhat folder should it be in?01:35
magikCurrently it's in downloads.01:35
NE_Homephillyj:  well i gues it depends on what the dependencies are. I can't say for sure...01:35
ubuntu_preciso de ajuda com ubunto 10.0401:35
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: you're welcome.. sounds like a lot of messages going into it01:35
CkhiKuzadI would like to apologize to the channel for what i said last time i was in. i was angry because ubuntu wasnt booting because of a corrupt socketin my /tmp/orbit-ckhikuzad directory. i deleted this file, and ubuntu restored it correctly. so i am sorry for what i said.01:35
NE_Homephillyj: but if a package is malformed in dependencies, that can happen yea01:35
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:35
phillyjNE_Home: how do I check dependencies?01:35
aSt3raLonetinsoldier, its a ton of source the tarball was 300mb01:36
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: wow! what is it?01:36
NE_Homemagik: transmissioncli  /path/to/torrent/file/nameoffile01:36
Jordan_UiWaldo: Try burning at a slower speed, or dd the image to a flash drive instead of burning to a CD (that image is a valid bootable CD, floppy, or USB image).01:36
DoyleCkhiKuzad: no idea... but you're forgiven01:36
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: chromium?01:36
acerimmer_phillyj: highlight one of the files the update manager listed.  the information about dependencies is listed.01:36
CkhiKuzadDoyle, its a nuisance that made me hate penguins for a while.01:36
Jordan_UiWaldo: I need to reboot, I'll be back in a few minutes.01:36
aSt3raLonetinsoldier, NASA's high energy astrophysics software01:37
ubottuubuntu: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:37
NE_Homephillyj: open Synaptic and search that package name. Then check it's proprieties01:37
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
onetinsoldieraSt3raL: roger that. interesting01:37
tripelbedbian: this is what's in .config/transmission      ~/.config/transmission$ ls        blocklists  dht.dat  lock  resume  settings.json  stats.json  torrents01:37
magikThere we go01:37
edbiantripelb, You can get rid of the entire transmission folder01:38
magikI did cd /downloads/01:38
Out_ColdLoshki, i think you are my hero <3<3<301:38
magikits doing it now =]01:38
hexdump_ochosi:  alright, I located the problem01:38
edbiantripelb, When you run transmission again it will be auto-generated with all the typical defaults01:38
magikNE_Home: Thanks a lot got it all working =]01:38
hexdump_ochosi:  gdmsetup:2301 Failed to unlock: The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files01:38
acerimmer_Ubuntu: */join #ubuntu-pt*01:39
JCedbian, this is in GNOME i'm assuming? I'm in KDE.01:39
edbianJC, What are you asking me about?01:39
NE_Homemagik: cheers01:39
LoshkiOut_Cold: it's kind of a faq...01:39
jasper_Quick installation question for anybody that knows a little about 10.04 T.T01:39
edbianjasper_, What is T.T  ?  Is that a face?01:40
jasper_yeah lol01:40
edbianjasper_, What's the question??01:40
JCEdbian, in KDE, when I right click the volume icon I get KMix, which has nothing about PCM in it.01:40
jasper_it says the attempt to mount a file system with type swap in scs1 (0,0,0) partition #5 (sda) none failed01:40
NE_Homeim off to sleep. Have fun all01:41
edbianJC, ahh, yes.  I'm lost in KDE for sound!  Sorry :(01:41
iWaldoJordan_U: I think the burn failed because I ended up with a second ISO on the CD01:41
JCEdbian, I'll switch over then for a second. What is PCM ?01:41
edbianJC, IDK.  All i know is that I need to have it up ;)01:41
okapi14hi all, anyone use kita2 here? I have the following error "Kita2 needs ja_JP.UTF-8 locale." anyone know how to fix it?01:42
jasper_The drive was completely wiped just earlier.01:42
EmilySChow do I update/ reinstall alsa drivers?01:42
jasper_anybody ? xD01:43
JCEdbian, Ok, where exactly am I right clicking though? the volume icon at the top of the screen? That tells me that I can basically pin or unpin volume. WHen I click sound preferences (the only other option) I see nothing that says "edit" or "preferences"01:43
=== codnik is now known as sappho
edbianJC, Uhh... I'm not on ubuntu right now.  What do you have?01:44
=== sappho is now known as codnik
onetinsoldierokapi14: not sure if this alone will solve but, but try --> sudo aptitude install language-support-ja01:44
JC10.4 on that machine, Mac 10.6.3 on this, and Win 7 on another.01:44
magikis there a mac channel here?01:45
acerimmer_magik: try the forums01:45
magikMaybe nother time. It's 2am I'm off to bed. Bye all!01:45
JCedbian, 10.4 on that machine, mac 10.6.3 on this and Win 7 on another01:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »01:47
tomcylany one if can tell me how and why My WPA key can not be saved?01:47
tripelbrute is a reference book not a learning too. It's linear. It's dated. It has no gradients. I could use something different.01:47
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
gbear14275for some reason when I install lucid server I'm getting a flashing cursor and nothing else at boot01:47
magikwhat is the package name for vlc?01:47
h00kmagik: vlc01:47
tripelbI'll be gone a while.01:47
magiksudo get-apt install vlc?01:47
h00kmagik: yep01:48
tomcylmy WPA or WPA2 Or WEP will auto changed to a 64 digi ...01:48
gbear14275"/boot" should be bootable when you set it in the installer correct?01:48
tomcylhelp please01:48
Flannelgbear14275: Modern OSes don't pay any attention to the boot flag, but sure.01:48
gbear14275Flannel: So it has no relevance in the installer at all?01:49
edbianJC, No no, what do you have in that volume applet?01:49
Flannelgbear14275: right01:49
gbear14275Flannel: Why is it in there then?01:49
Flannelgbear14275: Because it's something you /can/ set while doing partition stuff, so if you're interfacing with some other OS, it might be significant.01:49
acerimmer_tomcyl: what's up01:50
JCEdbian, nothing changes in the upper bar (Like it would for MS word or something in Mac OS or Windows). I've got a bar for output volume set to max, and 5 tabs. Sound Effects, Hardware, input, Output, and Applications01:50
gbear14275also... is there a reason the /boot partition is set to ext2 (instead of ext3 or 4)?01:50
edbianJC, I have no idea.  Totally lost here.  Sorry bud!01:50
Flannelgbear14275: No, it shouldn't be.01:50
JCedbian, thanks any way man01:51
edbianJC, No problem01:51
gbear14275Flannel: ok, well I've got some messed up ubuntu 10.04 server disk then because I'm staring at the partition table and /boot says ext2 and I used the guided partitioner01:51
okapi14onetinsoldier: ok let me try01:52
Flannelgbear14275: That's strange indeed.  There might be some reason for not setting it ext4 (but I'm not aware of one), but ext3 is definately safe.01:52
xyzrm -rf /01:52
gbear14275Flannel: my core problem here is my system wont boot after install... I'm trying to go through manually so sorry about the questions01:52
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:53
tomcylacerimmer_ Any of WPA or WEP key i try to enter, the network will not remember01:53
JCRocketfish sound cards make me want to kick a baby.01:54
acerimmer_tomcyl: so you have to login each time??01:54
BluesKajJC, glad you mentioned that...i was looking at one on ebay01:55
tomcylno, i can even connected01:55
LMxfce-useris there a ppa for gwibber for karmic without being the daily build?01:55
tomcyli mean can not even connected01:55
okapi14onetinsoldier: yes it works, thank you01:56
JCBluesKaj, it wont load sound at all. aparently i'm not the only one to experience this. I've only seen one (reportedly) successful use of it in Linux, and it was in 9.10, on a fresh install. Nothing else. No audio is coming out at all. it's special.01:56
jasper_so anyone know why this refuses to install01:56
tarekhello everybody, i got a problem with apt-get install, i have an error everytime im trying to install something01:56
acerimmer_tomcyl: have you ever been able to connect with ubuntu01:56
onetinsoldierokapi14: you're welcome01:56
tomcyli con not login to my router using w/L01:56
acerimmer_tomcyl: ok, confused.  YOu can't get on wifi at all or can't get to your router?01:56
tarekim can pastbin the information if needed01:56
JCtarek, i've been a little busy with my own stuff till now. What's the app you're trying to get.01:56
BluesKajJC, isn't that realtek based ?01:56
gbear14275ok so it looks like the lvm partitioner is formatting my /boot to be ext201:56
gbear14275that normal Flannel?01:57
tarekJC, none of the application want to install01:57
JCBluesKaj, you'd think. Aparently it's based on whatever drunk idiot put it together.01:57
tarekJC, it all started when i tryed to reinstall mysql501:57
Flannelgbear14275: Boot shouldn't be in LVM, but I don't know why it'd be ext2 vs ext3 (I make mine ext3)  but sure, it could be I guess.01:57
tomcyli can not get to my router with WIFI01:57
JCBluesKaj, I'm trying to update Alsa, i'll let you know if it works, but good god, I;'d get something else. ANYTHING else. Not worth the hassle01:57
tomcyli using hard cable now01:58
JCTarek, how are you trying to install? terminal? software repo?01:58
acerimmer_tomcyl: can u get into router via cable?01:58
Psi-JackI'm beginning to seriously think that whatever happened to the R8169 driver in Linux 2.6.32 is seriously broken.01:58
tarekJC, terminal as always, i have tried both even with synaptic graphical01:58
acerimmer_tomcyl: can you get any other wifi networks?01:58
JCtomcyl, yes, you need to know your routers basic IP address. What is the router you're using. Also, where are you clicking to get on wifi?01:58
JCTomcyl, what system are you using, laptop right? dell by chance?01:59
acerimmer_tomcyl: laptop or desktop?01:59
gbear14275Flannel: ok, so I'm looking at my partitioning scheme here and changed the /boot to be ext4, I've got the other 30gb as LVM with two LV's, LV root and LV swap_101:59
gbear14275that look right or wrong to anyone?01:59
JCTarek, that's fun. Hmm. No applications, not even like the Sudoku game? I'm guessing if you use terminal you're more than aware enough to check hard disk space. What error comes up when you do this?02:00
tomcylmy windows system is normal, only ubuntu can not using wifi02:00
ubottuexxon: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:00
* gbear14275 install ubuntu server for 4th time tonight02:01
acerimmer_tomcyl: what kind of computer?02:01
* gbear14275 does so on the same machine02:01
tarekJC, yes none of them :)..its weird because i usually do aptitude update to fix any small error but this wouldnt get through, would you need a pastebin?02:01
JCtomcyl, it's probably a driver issue. What is your computer model and brand? I'll help you find the right driver I've done that part billions of times lol02:01
JCtarek, it'd be nice lol.02:02
tomcyli using the same router to talk , same computer, not the computer02:02
acerimmer_tomcyl: talk to jc02:02
tarekJC, like i said earlier, i tried to reinstall mysql but something went wrong, i have googled it before but nothing interesting...im gonna pastbin it02:02
JCtomcyl, I know that, but the drivers are different in linux, it doesn't always matter if it works in linux right away.02:02
JCtarek, thanks02:02
Out_Cold:o/ how do i mount a whole disk image? with multiple partitions?02:02
tomcylonly happen from yesterday02:02
tarekJC, http://paste.ubuntu.com/442528/02:03
hou5tonNeed a good ap to record video with my webcam.  Cheese is clunky.  any suggestions?02:03
Flannelgbear14275: That looks right, yeah.02:04
tomcylthis computer i been using for 6 months,02:04
JCtarek, please type my name first if you want me to answer, it pops up as a notification so I know when to answer. I have 19 windows open02:04
Out_Coldonly 19 JC?02:04
datakidok tomcyl next step: which version of ubuntu, and what brand and model is your wireless card?02:04
tarekJC, when i do ctrl-c to stop it i doesent work, so i have to do  sudo killall dpkg   to stop it02:04
acerimmer_JC: slowing down much02:04
loddonIsn't acroread the package for Adobe Reader? It is in the search list but when I try to install, the msg says "Package acroread is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source "02:04
datakidOut_Cold, he's being slack today :)02:04
tarekJC, i am tuping your name as always :)02:05
JCOut_cold, yeah, today is a boring day lol02:05
tomcylu 9.1 , w/l card? i benn changed 4 diffren one02:05
Talon_I need to install an ftpd on my ubuntu 10.04 LTS, theres quite a few in the package list, which one should I install?02:05
JCtarek, it sounds like you've got a major problem then. Have you tried using anything in the rescue function from a livecd?02:05
tarekJC, no i havent02:06
onetinsoldierloddon: go here an enable the 'partner' repository... System -Administration --> Software Sources --> Other Software tab02:06
tomcyli dont think this is W/L card ,02:06
onetinsoldierloddon: after that it should be available02:06
tarekJC, the weird thing is that after i kill dpkg i am able to install the program but only after killing02:06
JCtomcyl, I cannot understand your english. it may not be the card, but it might be the driver.02:06
loddononeinsoldier: thks, will try it now.02:06
JCtarek, it's an issue with dpkg then, do you have a live cd handy?02:07
tomcyljust the WPA key auto changed to a 64 bit02:07
JCtomcyl, do you detect having a router?02:07
=== cbone_away is now known as cbone
JCtomcyl, as in the top of the screen, where the network notification icon is02:07
tarekJC, not right now, but i can DL it and burn it if needed02:08
loddononeinsoldier: can i not just add the debian-multimedia line to sources.list?02:08
andrew_2Hey, I'm on 10.4 and I'm trying to connect to a vpn02:08
JCtomcyl, so you can see that your wireless network exists?02:08
Out_Cold!info acroread | loddon: need to enable multi/universe first02:08
ubottuloddon:: Package acroread does not exist in lucid02:08
andrew_2It just says each time 'Connection failed because there were no valid vpn secrets'02:08
onetinsoldierloddon: for acroread? no, i don't think so, but i could be wrong02:08
tomcylyes, but , when i enter Wpa key, it auto changed02:09
JCtarek, that's what i'd do, I've had the least problems with 9.10 disks. the ones for 10 have been extra iffy on burn. Yayyy.02:09
tarekJC, its funny because i can actully install the program but only after going through the process of killing dpkg02:09
JCtarek, I understand that lol. that's probably where your problem is, and you'd have to redo dpkg. ya know?02:09
tarekJC, redo dpkg?02:10
tomcylthe problem is ; the WPA can not been saved02:10
tarekJC, have you taken a look at pastebin?02:11
JCtarek, dpkg is probably corrupt. reinstall would have been a better choice. Yeah I saw the pastebin, dpkg is the only part of it that is returning errors.02:11
JCtarek *reinstall instead of "redo"02:12
gbear14275ok... i suspect I found the problem.  I'm at the grub bootloader screen and its asking me if I want to install it on the first hard disk... that would be sda right?02:12
onetinsoldierwhat errors is dpkg giving?02:12
tarekJC, well i understand, so what are suggesting ? :)02:12
JCtomcyl, you're saying that you changed your WPA password, and that each time you reconnect, it's got the old password saved?02:12
untmdsprtwhat would cause the menu bars to start flashing?02:13
tomcylalso , JC, it was show 15% connection what mater how close to it02:13
MaT-dgI installed google chrome and it works perfectly fine. However after a restart of ubuntu the chrome launcher is missing from the main menu. Chrome still runs by running google-chrome in terminal though.02:13
onetinsoldierif my apt/dpkg were to get broken, i would become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!02:13
LinuxVenturesystem - preferences - main menu02:14
LinuxVenturesee if that puts it back in the list :)02:14
JCTarek, well, considering dpkg is kind of required to do any install, you're gonna have a pretty hard time installing it, with a corrupt installer program in the first place... DL the live CD, and go into the rescue mode (accessable from the inital menu, remember when you were asked if you wanted to TRY ubuntu? There.) it should detect an error with dpkg, if not, boot into the live cd, and using the live cd, do the install for dpkg. apt-get dpkg o02:14
onetinsoldierwhat errors is dpkg giving?02:14
JCTomcyl, what is your router model? is there a way you can be MUCH more specific? Computer and Router model information pls.02:15
JConetinsoldier, there's a pastebin for it.02:15
tarekJC, alright i understand! well thanks for the help, ill let you know how it went02:15
onetinsoldiertarek: i'm going to have a look at the pastebin02:15
JCtarek, thanks, I'll be online.02:15
tarekonetinsoldier, thanks that would nice02:16
gbear14275ok... where do I want to install my bootloader?  on my / partition?  or on my /boot partition?  Or just to the MBR of the hard disk with the /boot or / partition on it?02:16
JConetinsoldier, it looks like every time the dpkg starts up, it's having a problem. That's why I suggested the possible corruption02:16
ubottufrostar: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:17
gbear14275no one?  where do you install grub?02:17
onetinsoldiertarek: i'm not very familiar with the lsof command, but do you get anything from --> lsof /var/cache/debconf/config.dat02:17
maco!cn | Frostar02:17
ubottuFrostar: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:17
Frostargbear14275: yes02:17
JCgbear14275, generally the default is fine.02:18
onetinsoldierJC: roger that. looks bad in the pastebin02:18
gbear14275JC:  the default is a 3tb hardware raid array... I think thats why I've been getting the "unresponsive underscore of death" after I install *just made that up02:18
tomcylJC, not just that, each time i reconnect , it is got the password saved, that password i never seen it before, it is 64 digi,(ef985be1445c9010f2b57144e6b0f22aca861dfdd7c4186b19e65bf814decde5)02:18
tarekonetinsoldier, i dont get anything from that command sorry :)02:19
JConetinsoldier, I'm hoping the livecd is going to be able to reinstall the dpkg without having to reinstall ubuntu altogether.02:19
_jokI have a question about GRUB too, I'd like to change the simple menu order there doesn't appear to be a menu.lst in /boot/grub02:19
_jokAnyone know where I can find it?02:19
clop2hi, i put ubuntu 10.04 on a new i3 system, using its integrated graphics... X seems to lock up when playing videos (with mythtv)... I can still SSH in and reboot, but ugh.  Are there any known instabilities with the driver, or suggestions for how I might figure out what's going wrong?02:19
acerimmer_jc: maybe have him reset the router to defaults and walk through configuring *buntu network settings?02:19
JCgbear14275, excellent term lol. you're trying to INSTALL ubuntu yes? have you before on this machine?02:19
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, do you get the same error output if you try --> sudo apt-get -f install  ?02:20
JCacerimmer, that's what i'd do if I were him, but i think there's a communication barrier.02:20
acerimmer__jok: menu.lst went away with grub legacy.  grub 2 is different02:20
Out_Coldwtf...... http://pastebin.com/UkkRXAKU02:20
JCtomcyl, is there anyone else in your home using your router at the moment?02:20
tomcylJC the router this bigpond netgear, i did changed to dlink  my other laptop can easy  go in,02:20
ubottu_jok, please see my private message02:21
gbear14275JC:  Yes, I'm reinstalling, I just chose /dev/sdb as my install location... I'm hoping that is correct02:21
JCtomcyl, what version of ubuntu are you using, and have you updated recently02:21
acerimmer_JC: refer to a loco??02:21
tarekonetinsoldier, yes i found that command online about forcing it but didnt do anything02:21
speirosI am having problems with downloading some of the updates.  I am running ubuntu 10.something, the newish one02:21
volvehey all, is it possibly boot an Ubuntu installation to tmpfs in ram but still have some way to sync back to disk periodically?02:21
treizeI need to sync my 5th gen video iPod from my mac with iTunes and linux. Banshee corrupted my music database is there any other good program?02:21
acerimmer_speiros: what problems02:22
tomcylJC NO body using my router , i using 9.102:22
tomcylof ubuntu02:22
JCgbear14275, if you're in ubuntu now, tell me what options you have to install to.02:22
Out_Coldtreize, i think rhythmbox does?02:22
tomcyllooks like some things to do with keyRing?02:23
onetinsoldiertarek: i don't know quite what to make of this error --> debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable02:23
JCtomcyl, ok what I would do in your situation is reset the router entirely. just set it up again, should take about a half hour for both laptops. come up with a new name, new password, and set up a new connection on both computers02:23
* gbear14275 dances 02:23
tarekonetinsoldier, i understand...but what about the last one about the mysql package?02:23
tomcylthanks anyway02:23
gbear14275ok... so I just installed server from disk.... I should run apt-get update and dist-upgrade to bring everything into the fresh correct?02:24
treizeThanks Out_Cold but I'm kinda scared to try. I wish there was someone here with first hand experience since I just restored my iPod02:24
speirosacerimmer: I had an issue with a program, which I can't remember the name of.  I think it was a database manager.  It wouldn't download, so I removed it, then it wouldn't remove.  I can't remember what it is called.  Now I can't install the PERL updates, or a few others02:24
JCgbear14275, assuming you have no desktop gui installed, yes that'd be the easiest way02:24
Out_Coldtreize, look at gtkpod i think it's called..02:24
jasper_is there a hardware detection/manager in 10.04?02:24
treizeI'll give gtkpod a look.02:25
gbear14275JC:  Actually whats the difference between dist-upgrade and aptitude upgrade02:25
Out_Coldgbear14275, you can only dist upgrade twice a year02:25
onetinsoldiertarek: well, i might know how to work around certain things, but they're all going to fail i think with the error happening that i pasted in above02:25
acerimmer_speiros: and you're using software center or synaptic?02:25
speirosI was using software centre for both times.02:26
gbear14275Out_Cold: I don't think thats the case02:26
onetinsoldiertarek: what version of ubuntu are you running?02:26
Out_Coldgbear14275, from 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 > 9.10 this is dist upgrading02:26
acerimmer_speiros: suggest you exit SC and try synaptic.  you'll see more information on what's going wrong02:26
jasper_ill take that as a no? haa.02:27
tarekonetinsoldier, the last one 1002:27
speirosacerimmer_: Thanks.  I'll try that mate.02:27
tarekonetinsoldier, the last one 10.0402:27
onetinsoldiertarek: roger. and does  dpkg -l debconf  ..show as..?  ii  debconf                         1.5.28ubuntu402:28
onetinsoldiertarek: do you get all those error messages if you try --> sudo apt-get autoremove  ?02:29
SlidingHornout of curiosity, I'm new to the whole IRC thing -- why does my channel name turn red?02:29
tarekonetinsoldier, yes but it showed me an error first lol02:29
acerimmer_SlidingHorn: incoming message02:29
onetinsoldiertarek: oh? what's the error?02:29
Out_Coldslide, it's a highlight to your name based on client configs02:29
tarekonetinsoldier, i havent tried auto-remove02:29
onetinsoldiertarek: roger. just so you know, it's not 'auto-remove', it's 'autoremove'02:30
tarekonetinsoldier, Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold02:30
tarek| Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend02:30
tarek|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)02:30
tarek||/ Name           Version        Description02:30
FloodBot2tarek: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
tarekonetinsoldier, sorry for the flood02:30
onetinsoldiertarek: i don't see an error message in there. there's no error there02:31
CaptainTrek!pastebin | tarek: FYI:02:31
ubottutarek: FYI:: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:31
iWaldoBah, time to give up on this machine02:31
tarekonetinsoldier, my bad then lol02:31
Roastedso I'm trying to install frostwire, and it's erroring out @ sun-java6-jre. error dependency is not safisiable. But I cannot install it - its not in synaptic.02:31
tarekonetinsoldier, should i try autoremove ?02:31
iWaldoI can nuke it from the top down in a few days, anyway02:31
FrozenInfernoCan someone tell me the command to create a linked folder?02:31
onetinsoldiertarek: sure.. but it'll probably bomb out02:32
gbear14275ok.... when i use apt-get install and then aptitude install package names seem to have {a} at the end of them.  Does this mean anything?02:32
tarekonetinsoldier, bomb out??02:32
onetinsoldiertarek: crash and burn02:32
tarekonetinsoldier, is it worth the try?02:32
jdeloachDoes anyone know where to set the email address for to whom sudo sents a report when someone is not in the sudoers file? I don't think my sudoers file knows.02:32
onetinsoldiertarek: sure, it's worth a shot02:33
JCI really want to break the damn sound card in half. Why the heck wouldn't a mobo have even BASIC onboard audio?02:33
onetinsoldiergbear14275: it means that package is being installed automatically to satisfy a dependency or a recommends02:33
gbear14275onetinsoldier: thanks!02:34
tarekonetinsoldier, ok!02:34
=== joshbuddy_ is now known as joshbuddy
tarekonetinsoldier, i still got the error...02:34
SamualJC, motherboards never used to come with onboard audio :P That started about 10-12 years ago really02:34
trism /lastlog Roasted02:34
FrozenInfernoSo I'm trying to create a folder in my home directory that points elsewhere. Can anyone tell me the command for doing that?02:34
Roastedtrism, what?02:34
trismRoasted: it is in partner in karmic02:35
onetinsoldiertarek: roger. sorry, i'm at a loss. you keep getting this error? --> debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable02:35
trismRoasted: err lucid02:35
Roastedtrism, I don't understand...02:35
ksbalajiI wish to compress some files (avi and some videos) Which linux app you suggest please?02:35
JCSamual, Oh I know that, you used to have to buy cards for everything, but it's 2010 lol. This mobo can't be more than 5 years old.02:35
Dr_WillisFrozenInferno:  ln -s oneplace otherplace02:35
jdeloachFrozenInferno: Create a sym link for it.02:35
trismRoasted: sun-java6 was moved to the partner repository02:35
SamualJC, some newer boards don't have it either for space for other components, namely gaming motherboards... But yeah I get your point :P02:35
Dr_Willisksbalaji:  most videos are going to not be very compressable.02:35
JCksbalaji, 7zip.02:35
Roastedtrism, the partner repo... how do I get tha repo?02:35
Out_ColdFrozenInferno, sudo mount --bind "/windows/My Documents" "/home/user/Windows Documents" from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount02:35
trism!partner | Roasted02:36
ubottuRoasted: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ RELEASE partner" » where RELEASE is lucid/karmic/etc02:36
tarekonetinsoldier, its ok, no worries02:36
ksbalajiJC, thanks02:36
onetinsoldiertarek: do you get anything from   ps aux | grep debconf  ?02:36
JCSamual, yeah, It's not a high end mobo, (clearly) but i'd want to save space too if that was the case. But... it's not. so I got a rocketfish sound card because it was cheap and I was at best buy. Works in windows, but my mobo isn't acpi compliant so I have to use linux. I like linux, but i want my audio to work!02:36
Roastedtrism, you the man! thanks.02:37
ksbalajiDr_Willis, oh? so no use for 7zip?02:37
FloodBot2Mirage-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
jdeloachAnyone know how to set the email address that recieves the indident report when a user tries to sudo but isn't in the sudoers file.02:37
tarekonetinsoldier, i found this online   http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/debian-linux-help/133537-subprocess-usr-bin-dpkg-returned-error-code-1-a.html02:37
Roastedtrism, I wish it was still in the medibuntu repo :( that'd be much easier02:37
Dr_Willisksbalaji:  most video files will not be shrunk by the various archive tools.02:37
CyLis there a good chm viewer for ubuntu?02:37
tarekonetinsoldier, what do you think about it?02:37
Dr_WillisCyL:  theres a few in the repos.02:37
Out_Coldchmviewer i think it's called CyL02:37
SamualJC, aha02:37
FrozenInfernoDr_Willis got it. Thanks.02:37
Dr_WillisCyL:  gnochm is one02:38
CyLDr_Willis: do you recommend one?02:38
CyLDr_Willis: thanks02:38
ksbalajiDr_Willis, inspite of this limitation, any suggestion of app?02:38
Dr_WillisCyL:  try them all. theres only like 4 in the repos last i checked02:38
JCksbalaji, while Dr_Willis is right, the 7z format is going to be one of the better, smaller, and more reliable compression formats. what are you trying to do with it?02:38
Dr_Willisksbalaji:  not really - its a waste of time.  Try them and see.  the archive manager tool can handle most all the formats if you have the proper  packages installed. rar/.7zip02:39
onetinsoldiertarek: at first glance, trying to install, even a newer version , of bash, might be dangerous if that's what he was trying to do there. but, i could solve that problem easily. yours is a different issue02:39
geekyogiDo corporates buy Canonical Support.? This Community provides superb support.! :)02:40
macogeekyogi: yes, corporates tend to have a policy *requiring* a 1-800-help-me1 type support contract02:40
Richiieim having problems whit my server02:40
Out_Coldgeekyogi, i think canonical offers insta-support02:40
Dr_Willisgeekyogi:  i would wager that most  of the support sales goes to businesses02:40
Richiiei can Ssh to it whit my local Ip adress, but not my domain name02:41
tarekonetinsoldier, i see but isnt the "error" kind of similar?02:41
BluesKajgeekyogi, yes there's enterprise support02:41
Richiiedebug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config02:41
Richiiedebug1: Applying options for *02:41
Richiiedebug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 002:41
Richiiedebug1: Connecting to richardm.no-ip.org [] port 22.02:41
Richiiedebug1: Connection established.02:41
ksbalajiJC, the problem is simple. I have an 80gb hdd and I have almost got it full with select downloads. I wish to zip to download more. I plan to write the zipped files on DVDs. Is it reasonable?02:41
Richiiedebug1: identity file /home/richiie/.ssh/identity type -102:41
FloodBot2Richiie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
onetinsoldiertarek: no02:41
CaptainTrekRichiie:  did you set your domain's DNS correctly?02:41
CaptainTrek!pastebin | Rifhiie02:41
ubottuRifhiie: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:41
CaptainTrekRichiie:  ^^02:41
Out_ColdRichiie, are you connecting from with in your network?02:41
RichiieOut_Cold: yeah im connecting from my laptop,02:41
tarekonetinsoldier, well im lost then02:41
RichiieCaptainTrek: yeah my DNS should be correct02:42
CaptainTrekRichiie:  did you let it attempt to propagate?02:42
Out_ColdRichiie, if your dns is set correctly, it may be that you just don't see your own network from inside..02:42
onetinsoldiertarek: me too. sorry i couldn't be of more help. nothing from  ps aux | grep debconf?02:42
CaptainTrekRichiie:  did you set your router to allow port 22?02:42
RichiieCaptainTrek: yes Port 22 is open,02:42
geekyogibluesKaj: Dr_Willis: Out_Cold: you see.. so many people trying to give suggestions and views.. there can't be any better support than community IRC support. :) hats off!02:42
JCksbalaji, it's more efficient to get a bigger hard drive if you can, to be honest with you. 1, the zipped files will be unplayable in any dvd player, only readable on a computer, and 2, they would load quite slowly on your computer, as you'd have to temporarily extract each time to view the video. Video files are generally pretty big, even at low quality. What kind of computer are you using? Brand, Desk or Laptop, Model?02:42
Richiiebut i dont understand what happend02:43
CyLDr_Willis: synaptic is telling me it has unsovable depedencies: Depende: python-gtkhtml2  but it is not installable02:43
Out_Coldgeekyogi, the great thing about linux is that for every problem there is 100 solutions ;)02:43
JCtarek, i've been busy helping a few others, what have you been able to do so far, can you catch me up?02:43
CyLDr_Willis: this is for gnochm02:43
Richiiei just installed deny hosts, and i looked in both allow.hosts and deny.hosts but cant find anything it has to to something whit my Domain name i checked online and it points correctly02:43
Dr_Willisgeekyogi:  even the term 'support' is a little vague. :) I doubt if some coprate ceo is going to call the 1-800-ubuntu # and ask what command is used to delete a file from the terminal. :)02:43
Out_ColdRichiie, ask a friend to nmap or ssh attempt your dns name from outside your network02:44
Dr_WillisCyL:  update/upgrade try again02:44
Dr_WillisCyL:  or try some of the other chm viewers02:44
CyLDr_Willis: just dont that, the error persists02:44
geekyogiDr_Willis: LOL :P then he better stay out of the community support. :P02:44
RichiieOut_Cold: do you want to help me ?02:44
CyLDr_Willis: I'd like to give this a shot first, since it is integrated with gnome02:44
RichiieOut_Cold: you can try to ssh my server if you want02:45
tarekonetinsoldier, i know i understand your help and thnk you02:45
tarekonetinsoldier, this is what i got   http://paste.ubuntu.com/442547/02:45
Out_Coldpm me your hostname02:45
onetinsoldiertarek: sure. you're welcome. good luck02:45
Dr_Willis!info python-gtkhtml202:45
ubottuPackage python-gtkhtml2 does not exist in lucid02:45
Dr_WillisCyL:  looks like it may have some bad bug going on with it02:46
JCtarek, yes no?02:46
onetinsoldiertarek: well, that did show something. but i don't know if it's the cause of the issue. but i think it might be02:46
CyLDr_Willis: should I fill a bug report?02:46
tarekonetinsoldier, i sent you the pastebin did you get it?02:46
onetinsoldiertarek: yes... it showed something that might be the cause of the issue02:46
Dr_WillisCyL:  you may want to LOOK and see if theres allready a bug report filed on it.. then file one  if theres not.02:46
tarekonetinsoldier, well lol we are moving forward02:46
ksbalajiDr_Willis, Thanks. How do I know whether I have the packages properly installed? =rar/.7zip? JC I have a desktop, with asus p5kpl-am board, intel 280ghz m-processor or something, 80gb hdd, and a sony DVD writer.02:47
onetinsoldiertarek: yes.. i just took a closer look at it. it's definitely the problem02:47
CyLDr_Willis: I'll take care of it.. thanks for your advice...02:47
tarekonetinsoldier, yes! :)02:47
Dr_Willis!rar | ksbalaji02:48
ubottuksbalaji: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:48
datakidHi all, I've restored my mistakenly deleted panel, but I can't work out what I need to add so that when I minimise/close amarok or rhythymbox (for instance) I can get it back...02:48
Dr_Willisksbalaji:  theres also some package for 7zip support02:48
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:48
JCksbalaji, it's really really inexpensive to update your hard drive, you can even install an extra alongside your current so you don't even have to reinstall your operating system. check craigslist if you're in the states, ebay if not, for an IDE hard drive, though personally i'd go with an external02:48
Dr_WillisMost every store in the USA had sales this weekend on hard drives. :)02:49
onetinsoldiertarek: what do you get from --> dpkg -l mysql-server*02:49
Dr_Willistrying to compress video files to save space - is not going to work very well. in fact you may  end up  with archives that are bigger then the original02:49
=== wertik_ is now known as wertik_rus
onetinsoldierJC: he's got an installation process hanging  ->  ps aux | grep debconf   /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.1.prerm upgrade 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.102:50
tarekonetinsoldier, here u go   http://paste.ubuntu.com/442550/02:50
=== Guest16491 is now known as Chazz
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, do --> kill -9 199902:51
JCOk, My turn to ask a question. I'm looking at the sound troubleshooting guide on the ubuntu help site, ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting?action=show&redirect=DebuggingSoundProblems ) and I get to the part where it says "Do you have the sound modules installed?" It asks me to type " find /lib/modules/'unamer -r' | grep snd"  and it tells me that the directory does not exist. Then, the guide says to use "sudo aptitude install02:52
JClinux-ubuntu-modules-'uname -r' linux-generic" but it says it can't find it. am I supposed to substitute something for "uname -r"?02:52
onetinsoldiertarek: then tell me if this works now  -->  sudo apt-get autoremove02:52
jasper_ok my my desktop has an nvidia on board graphics card, and the only moniter it has is a 32 inch tv. i cant install the driver because i cant see to login, but it work fine on live. Any help ?02:53
ksbalajiJC, I also am thinking on getting an external 500gb drive. But in the meanwhile... I just would not want to get stalled! Thanks Dr_Willis ! and bye!02:53
tarekonetinsoldier, sorry no02:54
jasper_is there any way to install the driver to the hard drive while running live?02:54
JCksbalaji, you're probably better off deleting your videos then, or getting a cheap flash drive and compressing to those. they're bigger than dvd's., more reliable generally, and you can rewrite them02:54
tarekonetinsoldier, what if i get in the dpkg file and delete the mysql stuff in it?02:54
Dr_Willis500gb? i wouldent even bother with anything less then 1tb these days. :)02:55
onetinsoldiertarek: no? arrgh. that alone won't do it. you have a running process hanging that's locking up dpkg02:55
phoebuswhat to use as a system-wide equalizer? or anything that'll let me tweak treble/bass.02:56
tarekonetinsoldier, yes i think its the mysql stuff02:56
tarekonetinsoldier, should i remove it manually?02:56
onetinsoldiertarek: if you do --> ps aux | grep debconf  ...is the hung process PID still 1999  ??02:56
Dr_Willisjasper_:  you can boot a live cd and chroot02:56
onetinsoldiertarek: PID = Process ID02:56
=== titaniumbrella is now known as Carbonish
jasper_Will that allow me to install this driver to the HDD?02:57
tarekonetinsoldier, there is no more pid process in it02:57
JCi'm wondering if the "uname -r" is supposed to be something else.02:57
gbear14275is there any reason PAM is enabled in sshd_config by default?  It seems I should disable it if I don't know what it is02:57
onetinsoldiertarek: i know a reboot will clear out the hung process for sure. but there might perhaps be a problem if your system tries to install mysql-server again02:58
onetinsoldiertarek: show me the errors from.. sudo apt-get autoremove02:58
Guest37966hello all, i've just compiled and installed cdrdao-1.2.3 to solve a lucid's problem, but now the update manager insists in suggesting me an older version. I really don't understand this behavior, and my question is if there's a way o fixing this without "locking" this installed version.02:58
bttfhey, i compiled a program in terminal.. first made a .cpp, then made it into a .o and then linked it into a .x file02:59
onetinsoldiertarek: are you in much of a hurry?02:59
bttfbut when i type hello.x to run it, it acts like nothing is there02:59
bttfwhats up with that02:59
tarekonetinsoldier, here u go  http://paste.ubuntu.com/442552/02:59
tarekonetinsoldier, not really03:00
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, that's good :-)03:00
tarekonetinsoldier, yes but im sure u got other people to help!03:00
Dr_Willisbttf:  bash basics? you are doing ./commandtorun ?03:01
Dr_Willisbttf:  bash basics? you are doing ./hello.x03:01
JConetinsoldier,  dr_willis, any idea on what that means in the tutorial?03:01
jannoncan I upgrade from 7.04 (unsupported) directly to the latest?03:01
onetinsoldiertarek: no, i don't. because i don't try to help two or three people at once. that's torture if you ask me ;-)03:01
Dr_Willisuname -r =>gives some verison info about the current running kernel03:01
bttfDr_Willis,  wasn't aware of this lol THANK YOU03:02
tarekonetinsoldier, im sure it would be too much work!03:02
gbear14275ok, so i just enabled key based sign in on my server and the status info that used to come up when I would log in is no longer there... anyone know how to reenable that?03:02
onetinsoldierJC: i'm just concentrating on tarek for now. it's how i'll get him fixed up. if i start getting distracted, well...03:02
gbear14275or why it went away in the first place03:02
Dr_Willisbttf:  Bash /PATH  fundamentals03:02
Dr_Willis$ uname -r03:02
Dr_Willisjannon:  no you cant. You have to do it one release at a time.. I suggest a clean install.03:03
bttfwhat does that mean Dr_Willis03:03
onetinsoldiertarek: does this work out ok?  sudo aptitude purge mysql-server-5.103:03
bttfBash /PATH fundamentals?03:03
bttfexcuse my noobacity03:03
Dr_Willisbttf:  go learn some BASH and how Linux handles the PATH for commands. 'the current directory is NOT in the default PATH'03:03
bttfcurrent directory is not in default path ok ok COOL ty03:04
onetinsoldiertarek: if it gives errors, i need to see them. i need to see any error messages yo receive. if it's just a line or two, then you don't have to use pastebin03:04
Dr_Willisbttf:  check 'echo $PATH' to see your current PATH03:04
Dr_Willisdos does it the opposite (i think) current dir is the first item in the path it uses03:04
tarekonetinsoldier, i got a lot of stuff coming out,   http://paste.ubuntu.com/442554/03:05
blindIs there a way to dump my iPod on Ubuntu?03:05
tarekonetinsoldier, the error isnt at the end tho!03:05
kr3wwhat package do i need to install to share files over network?03:06
phoebuswhat to use as a system-wide equalizer? or anything that'll let me tweak treble/bass.03:07
onetinsoldiertarek: roger that. we're getting there. there's two choices you have here. 1) try to get mysql-server installed, and it might just install ok and be all good. 2) edit the package list manually so that the system doesn't even know that mysql-server has even touched your system03:07
onetinsoldiertarek: if you want to try #1, then do -->  sudo aptitude install mysql-server03:07
Dizkonnektedphoebus, in a terminal type alsamixer, that will get you what you need03:08
ubottujuan: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:08
JCdr_willis, I get the error "Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched03:08
JCsame as before.03:08
tarekonetinsoldier, i think i want to try the number 1 because i need mysql...what do you think?03:08
kr3wi LOVE ubuntu!03:08
=== Maletor_ is now known as Maletor
shaonerhttp://rael.org/e107_admin/admin.php / LOGIN: admin/ PASSWORD: ensoniq03:08
shaonerhave fun03:08
onetinsoldiertarek: it's a good choice and worth a try. if it bombs out, we can fix it03:08
phoebuskr3w, mostly love it too. If only I could control treble for the sound cards and bass:P03:08
onetinsoldiertarek: it's actually likely to work03:09
kr3wdude i'm glad that i'm not using 40 gigs on just installation with all the programs03:09
kr3wlike my windows box03:09
tarekonetinsoldier, let me try it now and tell you what it gave me03:09
onetinsoldiertarek: ok --> sudo aptitude install mysql-server03:09
kr3wcan someone tell me what packages to install to enable file sharing over network though03:09
tarekonetinsoldier, i got an error because mysql couldnt be stopped03:10
onetinsoldiertarek: ok. you might have to kill hung process again. but let me see the exact error message03:12
acerimmer_kr3w: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba03:13
onetinsoldiertarek: i also want to see the output of -->   dpkg -l mysql*03:13
kr3wacerimmer_: i think i just found it03:13
tarekonetinsoldier, this is the first pastebin first  http://paste.ubuntu.com/442556/03:14
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
tarekonetinsoldier, this is about dpkg        dpkg -l mysql03:15
tarekNo packages found matching mysql.03:15
onetinsoldiertarek: i would like to see the output of -->   dpkg -l mysql*03:16
onetinsoldiertarek: you forgot the '*' on the very end there03:16
geirhatarek: or: aptitude search ^mysql03:17
ksbalajiJC, though I do not know much about yr problem, I intend to of some help. I googled and found something: uname -r = Print the operating system release level? does it mean anything to you?03:17
onetinsoldiertarek: anyway.. you need to try what it was telling you there in the message --> sudo service mysql stop03:17
tarekonetinsoldier, yes sorry, here you go  http://paste.ubuntu.com/442557/03:17
JCksbalaji, I used the release level in place of uname -r and it still came up with the same problem03:17
CaptainTrekhow can i change the ownership of all folders within a folder?03:18
juancarlospac0Hai can i haz a question?03:18
tarekonetinsoldier, ok  mysql has been stopped03:18
dfcnvtAhoy ahoy ahoy!!03:19
onetinsoldiertarek: 'cd' to a different directory and run the dpkg -l mysql* command again.. -or- run it like this -->  dpkg -l 'mysql*'03:19
geirhatarek, onetinsoldier: the glob matched files, quote it to pass it safely to dpkg, or use aptitude as I showed earlier03:19
dfcnvtAnybody have a fricking problem here!?03:19
juancarlospac0Anyone can do cat /dev/video0 ???03:19
onetinsoldiergeirha: yep, i saw that ;-)03:19
jasper_i do03:19
dfcnvtha ha, you'd like to see a raw data in those device!?03:19
jasper_a big one.03:19
CaptainTrekhow can i change ownership of a folder from root to my user?03:19
dfcnvtDoes it work!?03:19
dfcnvtSeesh, think, I'll do it..03:20
juancarlospac0root@juan-desktop:~# cat /dev/video003:20
juancarlospac0cat: /dev/video0: invalid argument03:20
tarekgeirha, here you go  http://paste.ubuntu.com/442559/03:21
onetinsoldiertarek: you need to try what it was telling you there in the message --> sudo service mysql stop  ...does that work ok if you try that?03:21
jar349CaptainTrek, sudo chown -R newuser:newgroup folder/03:21
CaptainTrekjar349: will that do all folders as well?03:21
CaptainTrekjar349: and how do I find the user/group?03:21
jar349CaptainTrek, all folders under the folder you specify, yes03:21
tarekonetinsoldier, i did  sudo service mysql stop, should i try to reinstall mysql?03:21
CaptainTrekjar349:  what about files?03:21
jar349CaptainTrek, yes, files and folders all.03:22
CaptainTrekjar349:  what would be the group to use?  myusername:???03:22
CaptainTrekjar349:  where the ??? denotes something03:22
onetinsoldiertarek: not sure. it looks like it's already installed?  try --> sudo apt-get -f install03:22
tarekonetinsoldier, this is from the command earlier   http://paste.ubuntu.com/442560/03:23
dfcnvtdoesn't work..03:23
jar349CaptainTrek, typically, myusername:myusername.  but it can be whatever group you want to give permission to03:23
dfcnvt"No such device"03:23
ybeddyj i have sendmail sinstalled on a ubuntu 10.04 server whenever i try sending a mail it gives a connection refuse(to gmail, yahoo, hotmail) how do i get things working here?03:23
CaptainTrekjar349:  thanks, i'm going to test and see whether it worked03:23
onetinsoldiertarek: roger. thank you. i think it's time to try --> sudo apt-get -f install03:23
tarekonetinsoldier, sudo apt-get -f install   tells me that there is nothing more to install03:24
dfcnvt'cat /dev/video0' --> No such device.... (tho, there is a device)03:24
CaptainTrekjar349:  w00t it worked.  thanks.  :)  i was trying to access the copy of my old install's home dir, which was secured by root xD03:24
tarekonetinsoldier, i believe its a good sign03:24
juancarlospac0dfcnvt: yes, why?03:24
CaptainTrekjar349:  had to switch ownership03:24
juancarlospac0Cat Bug ?03:24
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, you all fixed up now. i recommend you now run --> sudo apt-get autoremove03:24
juancarlospac0LOL a Cat Bug !!!03:24
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, your* all fixed up now. i recommend you now run --> sudo apt-get autoremove03:24
Visualanteanyone got a minute?03:24
Visualantewhat happens when you do ls -i? can someone paste the output for me03:24
jasper_I found the driver i need in the Synaptic manager, but how can i change the install location?03:25
tarekonetinsoldier, there is nothing left with autoremove either :)03:25
dfcnvtthis will works 'cat /dev/mouse'.. So, assuming it should do the same as /dev/video003:25
ybeddyjls -i03:25
ybeddyj132436 access           132464 aliases.db        132391 m4        132440 sendmail.cf         132398 service.switch        132384 submit.mc03:25
ybeddyj132456 access.db        132435 databases         131770 Makefile  132461 sendmail.cf.errors  132399 service.switch-nodns  132396 tls03:25
ybeddyj132397 address.resolve  132411 helpfile          132392 peers     132433 sendmail.conf       132394 smrsh                 132459 trusted-users03:25
ybeddyj132463 aliases          132460 local-host-names  132395 sasl      132462 sendmail.mc         132457 submit.cf03:25
FloodBot2ybeddyj: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:25
onetinsoldiertarek: really? ok, thought there would be. cool! done :D03:25
Visualantethanks ybeddyj, much appreciated03:25
ksbalajiJC, hey! in your command line you mention something about unamer whereas uname is the command? Would you recheck?03:25
tarekonetinsoldier, well!!!!!!! man thank you so muvh03:26
juancarlospac0why not on /dev/video* ? i do that on previous ubuntu03:26
JCit was a typo on th is computer03:26
Stevethepirateonetinsoldier: Ahoy. ^_^03:26
ybeddyj i have sendmail sinstalled on a ubuntu 10.04 server whenever i try sending a mail it gives a connection refuse(to gmail, yahoo, hotmail) how do i get things working here?03:26
onetinsoldiertarek: you're welcome :-)03:26
JCnot in the actual terminal, thanks though03:26
tarekonetinsoldier, i seriously couldnt do it again if needed03:26
dfcnvtNo, I checked in the directory to see a video there.. It is video003:26
tareki am about to save this whole chat03:26
onetinsoldierStevethepirate: hello. ever find a cli mp3 player you liked?03:26
Stevethepirateonetinsoldier: mp3blaster and cmus.03:26
tarekonetinsoldier, i am about to save everything we said03:26
StevethepirateBoth are nice, yet both crash when I load my entire music directory :/03:27
tarekonetinsoldier, let me try to install something else first...:)03:27
Stevethepirateonetinsoldier: 400 gigs of music can be asking a bit much though :(03:27
tarekonetinsoldier, what do u suggest i install for test?03:27
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, cool :) you probably won't need it after you get more experience under your belt ;-)03:27
CyLHi, is there a way to automatically open tombay at system startup?03:28
juancarlospac0anyone can do cat /dev/video ?03:28
dfcnvtis there other command similar to cat?03:28
Stevethepirate!inittab | CyL03:28
ubottuCyL: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:28
ZelaWhat is the anope services channel?03:28
onetinsoldiertarek: do you have file-roller installed?03:28
tarekonetinsoldier, how did you get all this knowledge? is part of your job?03:28
CyLStevethepirate: thanks for the advice03:28
Stevethepiratenp CyL.03:28
tarekonetinsoldier, file-roller, what is it?03:28
trismCyL: add it to System/Preferences/Startup Applications03:28
onetinsoldierStevethepirate: roger that :-|03:28
JConetinsoldier, let me know when you're done with tarek ok?03:28
tarekonetinsoldier, let me try to install fire-roller first03:29
tarekonetinsoldier, let me try to install file-roller03:29
juancarlospac0anyone can do cat /dev/video ?03:29
onetinsoldiertarek: ok, you might have it already03:29
onetinsoldierJC: ok, sure03:29
Visualantedoes cat /dev/video get a screenshot?03:29
CyLtrism: thanks for your advice also03:30
juancarlospac0nop it fails, and dont supposse to fail03:30
blindcat: /dev/video: No such file or directory :(03:30
StevethepirateVisualante: Nope. Use imagemagick. (command Import)03:30
tarekonetinsoldier, im done, thanks again!03:30
tarekonetinsoldier, good luck for the rest!03:30
onetinsoldiertarek: if you already have file-roller, then try installing   oneko03:31
VisualanteStevethepirate: yeah i know but it's kind of cool how you can cat system stuff03:31
blindi use scrot for screenshots03:31
juancarlospac0no, i want to cat my video device03:31
blindi want to cat my video device too03:31
StevethepirateVisualante: well, in this case you can't. Do you want video or just a screenshot?03:31
Visualantei want to cat my girlfriend03:31
blindcat /dev/random > /dev/dsp is fun.03:31
juancarlospac0nono, i want to cat my video device, its for use with netcat over network03:31
tarekonetinsoldier, thnak you, its confirmed, it works03:31
VisualanteStevethepirate: i want neither, i'm just curious how you could cat a device03:31
Visualantei heard you can cat mouse position and keyboard array03:32
StevethepirateSome devices you can just sommer cat, some you can't :)03:32
phoebusCheers Dizkonnekted knew that but couldn't think of it.03:33
onetinsoldierJC: ok, hello. what's up?03:33
juancarlospac0nooooo, cat /dev/dsp works!, but cat /dev/video0 dont :( i can multicast my sound but not the video :(03:34
onetinsoldierwe just have a netsplit? i was really lagged here03:34
acerimmer_onetinsoldier: yup03:34
Piccolo48Hello, I am trying to install a .deb file but I keep getting an error that says "wrong architecture".  how do I change that?03:34
StevethepiratePiccolo48: The file you have is probably for x64, and you have x86. Go online and get the correct .deb for your architecture.03:35
onetinsoldierJC: ok, hello. what's up?03:35
StevethepirateOr search the repository for the file (best solution)03:35
Piccolo48k thnx03:36
hanasakiwhat is a good low profile card gigabit ethernet03:36
dfcnvtseems I'm foolish enough to play with this "cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp"03:36
hanasakiand  good / not so good chipsets03:36
dfcnvthow do you stop this?03:36
ksbalajiJC, I get 2.6.24-27-generic substitute for uname -r. I note that this does not have any space in between. Did you try that?03:36
macodfcnvt: ctrl+C03:36
dfcnvtalready did... it still makes noises..03:37
JCYes, I did.03:37
JConetinsoldier, i'm having a bit of an issue03:37
onetinsoldierJC: roger. who knows if i'll know what to do though03:37
JConetinsoldier, idk how to PM in irc, can you tell me the command for it so that i can just type there/ I tend to use "enter" as punctuation and that would make my life much easier.03:37
Stevethepirate /query <user>03:38
dfcnvthow do you send a zero bytes in /dev/dsp?03:38
Stevethepiratedfcnvt: cat /dev/zero > /dev/dsp03:38
macodfcnvt: cat /dev/zero > /dev/dsp03:38
phoebusDizkonnekted, doesn't seem to actualize the setting, any ideas for that? Using the latest ubuntu. Audigy 2 card.03:38
dfcnvtah yes.. very well03:38
gbear14275anyone here done a jeos install?03:38
StevethepirateAlternatively you can use "yes 0 > /dev/dsp" or something like that (man yes)03:39
juancarlospac0why i cant cat my device, on lignux everything its a file or im wrong ?03:39
onetinsoldierJC: what Stevethepirate said... or, i use   /msg <use_nick> <text message>03:39
dfcnvtstrange, doesn't stop..03:39
onetinsoldierJC: what Stevethepirate said... or, i use   /msg <user_nick> <text message>03:39
Dizkonnektedphoebus, sorry? i think you have the wrong nick? lol03:39
JConetinsoldier, apparently it wont lt me. whatever. i'm following this tutorial. i'm at the part where it says do you have the sound modules installed, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting?action=show&redirect=DebuggingSoundProblemsuu03:40
Guest37966hello all, i've just compiled and installed cdrdao-1.2.3 to solve a lucid's problem, but now the update manager insists in suggesting me an older version. I really don't understand this behavior, and my question is if there's a way o fixing this without "locking" this installed version.03:40
macojuancarlospac0: i think you can only cat character devices03:40
macojuancarlospac0: as opposed to block devices03:40
ksbalajiJC, noises? I had a similar problem with audacious. I changed sound driver. (keep changing always:-)) It helps - alsa, arts,esd.,oss,pulse audio.. OK. All the best. This much for my effort.03:40
juancarlospac0but i can cat disks, strange03:40
StevethepirateDO THAT.03:41
dfcnvtI hasn't tried this.. but what about this one "cat /dev/video0 > /dev/dsp"03:41
StevethepirateI would highly recommend that you not do that.03:41
dfcnvtah, nevermind.. doesn't work03:41
onetinsoldierJC: ok. i'm having a look, but i don't know that i'll be able to help with this or not03:41
juancarlospac0why i cant cat03:41
juancarlospac0its only a cat03:41
StevethepirateYeah, but something like "cat /dev/urandom > /dev/sda1" is a BAD IDEA.03:42
JConetinsoldier, i'm more confused about the terminal part. I know what 'uname -r' does, and I tried substituting it for the result of just typing "uname -r" but both times it can't find the packages.03:42
onetinsoldierJC: so, what's happeneing right now? what are you trying to do exactly, and what exactly is happening?03:43
juancarlospac0not the same this is redirect something to a disk03:43
JConetinsoldier, I've got no audio, i'm running through the troubleshoot. this is the first block i've come across. i'm checking to see if i've got the modules installed, which it says "the directory does not exist" so i guess i don't. but when i follow the commands to get them, the system can't find the packages it requests (linux-generic-module) or whatever03:44
JConetinsoldier, "linux-ubuntu-module"03:44
onetinsoldierJC: i'm pretty sure that's because those package names are 'old'. those package names don't exist in newer version of ubuntu. that guid was made for earlier versions of ubuntu it looks like03:44
AndrewX192Anyone know howto get transparency like http://www.cimitan.com/blog/wp-content/murrine_rgba-2.jpg ?03:45
onetinsoldierJC: give me a few minutes to see if i can find the right name03:45
StevethepirateAndrewX192: That will be an option on your window manager. Compiz-fusion, etc.03:45
=== incntrl is now known as marriedman
AndrewX192Stevethepirate, not the transparency on the rest of the window, just the window decoration03:46
AndrewX192Thats with ccsm will do, I want the rest of the window03:46
AndrewX192With murrine03:47
JConesoldier, thanks man03:47
StevethepirateStill looks like just compiz-fusion with some custom theme. :/03:47
AndrewX192Stevethepirate, nah, its murrine with rgba on03:48
AndrewX192But I cant figure out howto enable rgba03:48
onetinsoldierJC: not sure why you'd be missing them. you are running Lucid 10.04?03:48
StevethepirateThen your question should be "anyone know how to enable rgba with murrine on compiz-fusion" :)03:48
onetinsoldierJC: they are installed with the kernel package03:49
juancarlospac0my multimedia multicast streaming system:  "nc -l -p 5000 | mplayer -" and "cat /dev/video0 | nc 5000" the problem is that on Lucid my /dev/video0 dont want to cat03:50
JConetinsoldier, I had 9.04 on the system, I updated to 9.10, then to 10.4. 9.10 was over a network upgrae wirelessly, (to a neighbors house ) which probably wasn't too good of an idea. I may have had a corruption in there. the 10.4 update was after I got the internet set up here (new house)03:50
JConetinsoldier, this is all over the span of a week03:50
StevethepirateJC, aptitude probably does some decent checksumming before installing packages.03:50
onetinsoldierJC: roger. i recommend you do --> apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-2.6.32-22-generic  ..then reboot and try again03:51
StevethepirateAnyway, time for some marshmallows on marie biscuits :) bbiab.03:51
Stevethepirateonetinsoldier: admit you wished I could scp you some :)03:51
onetinsoldierStevethepirate: cheers :-)03:51
shane2peru_laptoI need to find a pid of a process in a script and get the number so I can kill that particular process, I tried kill $! and that didn't work, any ideas??03:51
JConetinsoldier, i'll give that a try.  stevethepirate, you'd think lol. enjoy your marshz03:52
Stevethepirateshane2peru_lapto: ps -ax <process name>03:52
StevethepirateTo get PID, then kill -9 <PID> to kill it.03:52
shane2peru_laptoStevethepirate, ok, thanks!03:53
onetinsoldierStevethepirate: want a fairly cool weather app? i dare to get anyone to get it to compile in Lucid. i did it, but i dare anyone else, hehe. i'll send you my .debs of it if you want ;D03:53
StevethepirateNothanks, my "awesome" setup is in development atm :)03:53
onetinsoldierStevethepirate: roger03:53
dr4c4nhas anyone run into bug 546992 on xubuntu after lucid lynx and been able to find the hal upgrade in the -proposed sources?03:54
JCbtw, I keep having major problems with ubuntu disks. i've used several brands of disks, minimal burn speeds, and used 3 different os's to burn the disks03:55
JCchecked the md5 of the iso's before burning03:55
JCand after03:56
JCbut none of them boot03:56
JCon ANY computer.03:56
JCit makes me want to punch a baby.03:56
phoebusJC, weird. Assuming you know how to config the bios to boot from the cd right? :P03:56
bastidrazorthat has to be the funniest thing i've read all day.03:56
coz_JC,   did you try burning the iso at 1x?03:56
trpis there a package for pulseaudio9.15 available for 9.04?  I tried adding PPA sources i found online, but apt-get still says 9.14 is the newest available...03:57
fjsoifjsoif DCC SEND "urgayurgayugr" 0 0 003:57
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.03:57
JCWell duh. It goes to the cd, and then something always goes wrong. The ubuntu 10.4 disk got to those four dots under the ubuntu word, the text version can never get past 7% on ANY iso, the hardware is all fine. idk what it is.03:57
JCcoz, yes, that's the minimum any of my machines/software will burn at03:57
=== omniplex_ is now known as omniplex_taken
onetinsoldierJC: what model/brand of video card does the system have?03:58
JCit's onboard.03:58
coz_JC,  ok  left field question... do you smoke in that same room?03:58
JConetinsoldier american megatriend.03:58
onetinsoldierJC: and probably an Intel03:58
JCCoz, I don't smoke.03:58
coz_JC,  ok03:58
onetinsoldierJC: that sounds like a BIOS brand and not a video card brand03:58
JCCoz, neither does my roommate, our friends smoke outside. (lucky bastards, my roommate keeps it freezing)03:58
coz_JC,   ok just a thought  :)03:59
coz_JC,  I am curious if other things burn well  data discs  music discs  etc?03:59
JConetinsoldier, you're right,  I think it's thunder something? i can't remember. crap. how do I check that if it's not on the hardware?03:59
JCMusic discs are fine.03:59
onetinsoldierJC: well, command line would be.. sudo lshw -C Video03:59
JCi don't use data disks, I have flash drives03:59
coz_JC,  in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga04:00
dfcnvtOkay, I'm still on the subject about Cat Video.. I think it will only work with a cable card for television.. This set as /dev/video0 as a cable card... So, it doesn't work specifically for a video camera itself anyway..04:00
Stevethepiratedfcnvt: just use vlc mate.04:00
DizkonnektedJC, i know exactly how you feel, i even considered asking if there was a problem with the .iso's lol04:00
JCcoz, onetinsoldier, product is "Rage XL by ATI. PCI, 32 bits at 33 mhz04:00
dfcnvtlol, okay.. I just wanted to see those raw data..04:00
Dizkonnektedi gave up trying after 5 attempts04:01
JCI also can't get any resoultion higher than 800, it's hooked up with the standard monitor cord to my TV.04:01
coz_JC,  how much memory on that card?04:01
JCwhich sucks because it's 62 inches and I want to see clearer04:01
jjmartini rebooted after a crash and my touch pad does not work now04:01
JCcoz, not sure, doesn't say.04:02
onetinsoldierJC: roger. don't know how to help really. but i'd make note of the so you can tell people. so, describe the problem then you can include that info04:02
coz_JC,  ok  have you tried the  alternate cd ?04:02
StevethepirateJC, have you done a md5 checksum on the iso?04:02
JConetinsoldier, ok, I will. coz, yeah, that's the one that wouldn't make it past 7%04:02
JCStevethepirate, I have 5 gigs worth of ubuntu isos. all check out just fine.04:02
StevethepirateThen why is there a potential probleM?04:03
JCWhich was a very nice slapt to the face. I have no idae why they don't work, it's why I had no choice but to update from the only disc that worked, the 9.04.04:03
coz_JC,  are you burning these ISO's  directly from a flash drive?04:03
onetinsoldierJC: i know this, that card is really ancient history. it's probably not supported anymore04:04
rwwdr4c4n: (I'm looking at the package list now, it'll take me a couple of minutes)04:04
JCcoz, no, they're stored on the hard drive of my computer. I've used a flash drive to copy them between computers to try burning disks on them, with no avail.04:05
dr4c4nrww: thanks, I followed the instructions as to how to use the package manager for -proposed packages04:05
JCcoz, i copy them to the hd before I burn the iso04:05
dr4c4nand when I ran it could not find the hal package that the fix referred to04:05
coz_JC,  ok thats what I wanted to know04:05
alem189My empathy icon in gnome-panel keeps flashing between the regular icon and a black square with a red sign on it, is this a common problem??04:06
SailorReality DCC SEND "urgayurgayugr" 0 0 004:07
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.04:07
JConetinsoldier, ooh, new piece of info, maybe helpful (the OVERALL problem currently is I have no working sound, which sucks because i build recording studios and kinda need audio hahah) one of the devices from "lspci -v | less" is a "Multimedia audio controller : Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster" (my guess is this is the generic name for my rocketfish card) Capabilities it says " access denied"04:07
JCmy SCSI controllers say that too, but I don't have anything hooked up to them .04:07
i8degreesis anybody here familiar with RAID setups? RAID-10 specificly. I only have three disks that I am able to dedicate to the array as of this moment, with the fourth one coming in thru the mail within a week. Circumstances force me to setup this array ASAP, and so I am curious if there is whatsoever of a possibility of setting up RAID-10 with the fourth drive marked "missing" ...? I am 100% OK w/ a temporary performance & risk o04:07
i8degreesf data loss period04:07
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phoenix___hello everyone04:08
=== pure_love is now known as pure_hate
edbianphoenix___, Hi04:08
Daverix!voicespeed 1004:08
phoenix___edbian: hello04:08
onetinsoldierJC: don't know how to help there either really. original Creative Soundblaster? yet another piece of 'history' to me. my very first computer in like 1993 had one04:08
Daverix!voicespeed 6004:08
edbianphoenix___, Do you have a problem?  I'd love to help with it!04:09
rwwdr4c4n: hrm, that's odd. It should be there, but I can't find it either.04:09
JCit's a new card, I bought it a week ago04:09
rwwdr4c4n: oh, I see why. It should be in lucid-updates by now?04:09
phoenix___edbian: ya, i am trying to run yahoo messenger in wine, done some tweaks and successfully loged04:10
dr4c4nrww: I know i'm being horrible about this, but I was trying to watch a dvd movie (oh the horror), and my xubuntu lucid install unmounts the poor drive all by itself, so I can't see the dvd mounted04:10
hanlindoes anyone know how to run a script as a user from the root terminal? I'm trying to automate a script to run when internet connection is detected, but the script runs as root. I don't want the actual script to run with root privelages though.04:10
edbianphoenix___, That's not a problem ;)04:10
JCphoenix, why don't you just use a multi IM client?04:10
phoenix___edbian: wait04:10
onetinsoldierJC: oh, i see what you mean now. well, is the rocketfish soundcard known to be well supported in Linux?04:10
Daverix!vc en+1404:10
Daverix!vc en+1404:10
YosiQuestion: Newbie to Linux here...  former Windows Sevrer person...  in windows, if you don't want to spend hours restoring a backup,OS, MBR, Patches etc.. the easiest way to backup is to take Snapshots, images using something like acronis of your sever.  In linux, can you simply just backup all the files including the OS to a regular backup file or is Snapshot the best way to go too..  I want to be able to recover a 04:10
edbianhanlin, use su as the first line in the script04:10
JConetinsoldier, no, but apparently a few people got it to run out of the box.04:10
rwwdr4c4n: alright, I just double-checked: it was transitioned from lucid-proposed to lucid-updates. Do you need instructions for installing from lucid-updates?04:10
Yosiany suggestions please04:10
edbianhanlin, Simply script that the script changes user to you or something04:10
rwwDaverix: You're spamming the channel with whatever you're doing. Stop it, please.04:10
madPJKfanHi everybody - I get this strange issue where gnome desktop gets caught in "Keyboard mode" and can't use the mouse buttons.  I can navigate around via keyboard arrows etc, but can't seem to escape that mode, and things won't respond to left or right mouse clicks... anyone else seen this?04:10
onetinsoldierJC: roger... hmm04:11
JCYosi, your message got cut off at "I want to be able to recover a"04:11
edbianhanlin, su is the command to switch user (e.g. su hanlin) does that makes ense?04:11
dr4c4nrww: I should take off proposed from them first, and I will test it out04:11
edbianhanlin, s/ense/sense04:11
StevethepirateKevin Cruise is my hero..04:11
dr4c4nuno momento svp04:11
alem189does anyone know whats going on with my empathy icon in gnome-panel? it keeps flashing to a black box with a red sign in it.04:11
Quadrescenceit's un moment svp04:11
JCIn all honesty i'm probably gonna return this tomorrow and get a different card from a different store.04:11
Yosithank, I want to be able to recover a system in 10 to 20 misn tops..!04:11
hanlinedbian: i'll try it and get back to you04:11
phoenix___edbian: i am able to browse the rooms list and select on upon entering chat, at the time of showing the captcha, it hangs, i have the backtrace of wine, could you help me04:11
edbianhanlin, sure04:12
=== davidm_ is now known as Guest34370
edbianphoenix___, I don't think I would be able to offer any help.  That's pretty deep stuff I'd have to research it for about a week first.  MY first inclination is to suggest that you try empathy or pidgin.  They can chat on the yahoo network among many others seamlessly04:12
gbear14275how do you figure out what package enables a command?  I'm looking to use the brctl command but there is no pacakage called brctl04:13
Yosino one has any suggestions for backing up linux?04:13
Yosior bare metal recovery in linux?04:13
dr4c4nrww: the software updates says my installation has been completely updated, however my installation is still not automounting and it's randomly unmounting :(04:13
onetinsoldiergbear14275: install apt-file04:13
mugiwaranorenatoA good tool for backup is Back In Time04:14
alem189does anyone know whats going on with my empathy icon in gnome-panel? it keeps flashing to a black box with a red sign in it04:14
inktrimy processors are running at at 100%, but the Processes tab under System Monitor doesn't show any processes running more than a few %. how can I kill these zombie processes?04:14
DizkonnektedYosi it sounds like your looking for something like PING04:14
Yosiwill back in time work on a server04:14
edbiangbear14275, Alternatively you could search using synaptic or google but apt-file will give the best results04:14
JCYosi, you just want a quick recovery method? yeah .04:14
Yosiverty quick recovery for ubuntu servers04:14
phoenix___edbian: i like gyachi very much except that , its fonts are ugly. about pidgin and empathy, in empathy i am not able to get the rooms list for yahoo and in both messengers voice chating is not possible04:14
Yosisomething that will do a full recovery in 10 to 20 mins04:14
DizkonnektedYosi, PING will image an entire disk04:14
onetinsoldiergbear14275: when installed, then do --> apt-file search brctl04:15
edbianphoenix___, tu chet04:15
hanlinedbian: the 'su hanlin' goes in the actual script? when I tried that, it's still running as root04:15
Yosiis PING easy to use?  will it work on servers?04:15
jjmartinis there a way to get my touch pad to work without rebooting?04:15
phoenix___edbian: what04:15
JCit's french, it's a pretty common idiom used in the states.04:15
JCits like04:16
Yosii will check it out, thanks...04:16
JC"Ohhh ouch, sting man. Good dis."04:16
DizkonnektedYosi, i would suggest you read up on it from the website, it will work on any partition or entire disk that needs backing up, its also bootable but as far i know doesnt backup over a network04:16
edbianhanlin, It will probably start as root but the commands after su hanlin should be run as hanlin04:16
edbianphoenix___, typo: tu che   the french expression04:16
inktrihow can i kill processes that don't show up with "ps" or under the System Monitor?04:17
hanlinedbian: ok i got it. thanks04:17
edbianhanlin, awesome04:17
edbianinktri, ps -e    will list all of the processes04:17
rwwdr4c4n: odd. Can you copy "apt-cache policy hal" to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link the page it creates here, please?04:17
edbianinktri, That will give you their names / numbers04:17
rwwdr4c4n: the output of **04:17
phoenix___edbian: merci04:17
alem189does anyone know whats going on with my empathy icon in gnome-panel? it keeps flashing to a black box with a red sign in it04:17
dr4c4nrww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/442576/04:18
YosiSounds like ModoRescue..  I looks into that but people said it wasn't reliable...04:18
onetinsoldierYosi: i have another you might want to take a look at... http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/04:19
rwwdr4c4n: alright, that's the right version. You might try restarting and see if that helps, since hal is one of those things that's tied into everything. If not, the original bug report you mentioned earlier would be a good place to ask.04:19
onetinsoldierYosi: sure. you're welcome04:19
jjmartini made a install disk from the start up disk creator. how can i make it boot directly into the live desktop?04:20
dr4c4nrww: thank you very much for your help, I will try restarting again, btw this is an upgrade to 10.04 from 9.10, other than the random not automounting, and random unmounting, I like the release, I appreciate your assistance04:21
onetinsoldierYosi: i can't speak for it personally as i've never used it. but i've heard good things about it. but for all i know, it requires x-windows. don't know for sure though04:21
phoenix___edbian: are you there04:22
Yosifair enough, i will read up more about it04:22
edbianphoenix___, Yes04:23
edbianphoenix___, Why?04:23
phoenix___edbian: in empathy, i am not able to access the chat rooms list04:23
jannonDoes anyone know how to get wireless internet working with Feisty Fawn on a Mac? (i need wireless 'net to get a newer distro). It's not dual-booted04:24
edbianphoenix___, I have no idea.  I don't use yahoo so I've never investigated it. :)04:24
edbianjannon, Why are you using such an old version?04:24
phoenix___edbian: is there any channel for empathy04:24
edbianjannon, oops sorry. Didn't see that you need wifi to get a newer distro04:24
jannonedbian: yep :)04:25
edbianphoenix___, No, there is the developer mailing list but I don't know if that's the place for tech support.  This is the best channel.  I'm just not the best person for you :)04:25
Dizkonnektedphoenix__, i think the app your looking for is GyachE, its the best Yahoo client I have found so far04:25
edbianjannon, does your wireless card show up in the output of sudo ifconfig -a ??04:25
JCAnyone know how to update the resolution for a computer connected to a TV with the standard monitor cable?04:26
jannonedbian: no04:26
phoenix___edbian: ok04:26
trpdoes anyone know how to upgrade pulseaudio to 9.15 in ubuntu 9.04.  I tried adding the PPA repository i found for it but apt-get still says 9.14 is the latest version.04:27
edbianjannon, does it show up in the ouput of sudo lspci -k  ??04:27
=== juju2143 is now known as [J]
gartralalright, fresh install of 10.04 64 in a vbox vm, last 4 lines: gar.pastebin.com/m7VAFmaC04:28
jannonedbian: the "-k" part doesn't work, i'm not sure?04:29
edbianjannon, sudo lspci04:29
edbianjannon, Old version of the software ;)04:29
jannonedbian: http://pastebin.com/GnSmUvkz04:30
edbianjannon, Atheros Communications, Inc. Unknown device 002404:31
gartralalright, fresh install of 10.04 64 in a vbox vm (Vbox 3.2.0), last 4 lines: gar.pastebin.com/m7VAFmaC are intresting04:31
edbianjannon, That's it.04:32
edbianjannon, You're in deep.  The system doesn't even know what the card is.  I found this guide after a quick googling.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51282804:32
spvensko_hi, i'm having issues using my logitech driving force pro in 10.04... has anyone here successfully been able to get it working? is there perhaps a tool somewhere in ubuntu to calibrate it and ensure it's working correctly? thanks04:33
deepi need help please04:33
edbianjannon, I suggest though that you just get your hands on a 10.04 live CD somewhere.  You're going to be spending a long time upgrading through the versions.  Fiesty is 7.04, you have to upgrade 1 distro at a time.  7.10, 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10, 10.04  Each one is going to download 600 MB of stuff and possibly break things.04:33
deepmy system is not playing any video file. neither totem nor VLC player. what could be the issue?04:33
h00k!multimedia | deep04:34
ubottudeep: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:34
jannonedbian: i'm trying to download the 10.04 live cd, but it's going to take too long on my ethernet connection so i need to get wireless working so i can "borrow" a neighbor's much faster connection...04:34
edbianjannon, Try following the guide04:35
edbianjannon, That's my only advice.  Good long!04:35
Mattxf86hey, im needing some help in moving my distro off a sd, onto my pc, since i cant boot from pc04:35
onetinsoldierdeep: maybe you need to install the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package. i'd also installed ffmeg and x.264 while you're at it. and perhaps winff04:35
edbianjannon, I offer a bit of warning: it's going to be really hard to do.04:35
RazionAnyone have experience dealing with multiple programs fighting over who gets to use the sound?04:36
onetinsoldierdeep: close any of those apps out while you install those packages.. just in case04:36
deepI already has ubuntu-restricted-extras04:36
IzinucsWhy does 8.04 LTS not have a prompt to upgrade to 10.04 LTS?04:37
deepand I also have ffmpeg and x26404:37
deadmaushello. i got a new dell inspiron 1564 laptop, which has a i3 processor. should i install the normal 32bit ubuntu or amd64 bit version?04:37
edbianIzinucs, Go to system -> admin 004:37
edbianIzinucs, go to system -> admin -> software sources04:37
onetinsoldierdeep: ok, i'm not certain what needs to be installed... perhaps the libgstreamer stuff. try installing  libgstreamer0.10-0  and  libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-004:38
hanasakiwhich vpn software would you suggest and why?  server will be ubuntu... clients will be win/linux/maybeMac04:38
nazwhat are other good and popular email clients? ive been a thunderbird user for years now, but since i switched to using imap, i've found that thunderbird just doesn't cut the mustard for imap accounts with a lot of email04:38
JCRazion, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting04:38
Mattxf86Is there a way to move a distro from an sd card to my pc, grub is already installed, just need to get my boot placed a bootable sector04:38
JCRaizon, halfway down, "Getting more than one application to use the soundcard at the same time"04:38
deadmausnaz: evolution on linux.04:38
onetinsoldierdeep: that's probably what they're needing :)04:38
edbianIzinucs, Do you see something about the releases?  It's a drop down menu04:38
Izinucsedbian: been there and it's set for LTS releases.. if I set it for incremental releases it prompts me that an upgrade to 8.10 is available..04:38
edbianIzinucs, But it isn't suggesting 10.04??04:38
Izinucsedbian: nope04:38
nazdeadmaus is evolution available for windows as well?04:38
deadmausnaz: thunderbird works great with imap for me.. massive amounts of email too, and from 4 mailboxes. 3 imap, 1 pop04:39
deadmausnaz: no04:39
Izinucsedbian: it did this on another machine as well.04:39
edbianIzinucs, Then that's all I got for ya!  Sorry, that's odd.04:39
onetinsoldierIzinucs: you're running 8.04?04:39
edbianIzinucs, Have you seen it act correctly?04:39
Izinucsonetinsoldier: yep04:39
deadmausnaz: if you are looking at windows, then it will be outlook, thunderbird and eudora(old)\04:39
nazdeadmaus i have about 6 accounts, each with >20 mailboxes, some mailboxes have 20,000 or more mails (they're mailing lists)04:39
Izinucsedbian: what do you mean "act correctly"?  ..04:39
onetinsoldierIzinucs: have you tried  sudo do-release-upgrade  ?04:39
gartralalright, fresh install of 10.04 64 in a vbox vm (Vbox 3.2.0), last 4 lines: gar.pastebin.com/m7VAFmaC are intresting04:39
disk1of5hi all quick question, if i use ubuntu 10.4 to create a LVM raid 5 and then format the host OS, and want to restore the raid array.. is it possible?04:39
Izinucsonetinsoldier: nope.. before doing that I'll probably just reinstall via cd04:40
edbianIzinucs, Have you seen an ubuntu 8.04 system upgrade straight to 10.04 ??04:40
deadmausnaz: believe me, using ms outlook (the other popular email client) will be worse04:40
Doctehhanasaki: really depends on what you're using the VPN for, tunneling through ssh might work for you, or maybe openvpn, also "poptop"04:40
Mattxf86im trying to take my distro off my sd card, where do i need to put it in my pc. in order for grub to find it04:40
nazdeadmaus but i' find that thunderbird 3 spends a huge amount of time downloading unknown "stuff"... i've switched offline sync off04:40
edbianIzinucs, I admit that I thought you could but maybe you simply can't?04:40
Izinucsedbian: you're suppose to be able to go from one LTS to the next with no issue..04:40
deadmausnaz: i've colleagues at work who have similar sort of emails - and it takes ages, compared to imap04:40
=== Dizkonnekted is now known as Diz-Idle
deadmauser, compared to thunderbird04:40
edbianIzinucs, I thought so too04:40
onetinsoldierIzinucs: hmm? you don't even want to try  do-release-upgrade  ?  perhaps i missed something04:40
nazdeadmaus tb2 worked fine for me... they seem to have screwed it all up with their attempt at being clever with offline sync04:40
deadmausnaz: but not sure what thunderbird is doing when it tries to sync the accounts04:40
hanasakiDocteh:  poptop vs pptpd?04:40
Doctehhanasaki: ya that04:41
deadmausnaz: hm. also could be the funky indexing in thunderbird 3. it indexes headers, etc once downloaded04:41
Izinucsonetinsoldier: could.. but doing an upgrade online is a lot slower than simply reinstalling.. espicially if I have a separate /home partition.04:41
hanasakiDocteh:  looks like different sofware?04:41
onetinsoldierIzinucs: ahhh, roger04:41
Doctehpoptop might be client :-/04:41
RazionJT: I think it has something to do with Phonon, actually. Amarok and Dragon player can both play at the same time, but not Amarok/DP and Firefox/various games/etc.04:42
nazdeadmaus yea i get "downloading headers" for up to 15 minutes when opening thunderbird... it'd be ok if it only happened once, but it does that all the time... also long waits when indexing04:42
RazionJC: I think it has something to do with Phonon, actually. Amarok and Dragon player can both play at the same time, but not Amarok/DP and Firefox/various games/etc.04:42
onetinsoldierdeep: so did that work? any luck?04:42
Izinucsonetinsoldier: is there and ubottu factoid for current compatable ATI cards?  I've got an old one in this machine and would hate to be put in the position of having to yank it.04:42
nazdeadmaus like i said... i've turned offline sync off so it should only need to cache the message headers04:42
deadmausnaz: well, earlier i used to read email from imap with gnus, or mutt. but been using thunderbird for a while. would hate to move clients again.04:42
DoctehRazion: blame pulse audio! ;)04:42
onetinsoldierIzinucs: just the link to the HCL04:43
deadmausnaz: try asking in the thunderbird channel on irc.mozilla.org, see if they have some tips for settings for imap04:43
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:43
RazionDocteh: Fresh install of 10.04. :P Any idea how to kill the thing? Even uninstalling pulse didn't help.04:43
=== [J] is now known as juju2143
nazdeadmaus yea ive been there... the irc channel is about as alive as a 3 day old cow carcase04:43
olejoHi, can someone point me in the direction of a webcam package to use, I have a webcam and ant to set skype up ?04:43
Izinucsonetinsoldier: what's HCL?04:43
deadmausnaz: ms outlook that comes with Office 2010 beta is nice. in the way it organises a lot of things, but it is still slow when you do "send/receive"04:43
deadmausnaz: yikes04:43
onetinsoldierIzinucs: Hardware Compatibility List04:44
JCDoes anyone know anything about having their desktops hooked up to their TV? My samsung is a 62 inch and supports HD, but the resolution can't be set above 800 by 60004:44
Izinucsonetinsoldier: where's that?04:44
onetinsoldier!hcl | Izinucs04:44
ubottuIzinucs: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:44
CaptainTrekJC: could be because of your video card04:44
RazionDocteh: Fresh install of 10.04. :P Any idea how to kill the thing? Even uninstalling pulse didn't help.04:44
CaptainTrekJC: you checked to see if you have the updated drivers fer your card?04:44
gartralJC: how are you attaching your graphics card to your tv?04:44
Izinucsonetinsoldier: thanks.. :)04:44
JCCaptainTrek, gartral, it's all integrated.  How do I check ?04:44
edbianJC, Does your card support your monitor at higher resolutions?04:44
Docteholejo: run lspci and try googling the device id + linux and see what driver it is04:45
nazdeadmaus which is why i'm sadly taking the step of investigating alternatives... i think the tb2 -> tb3 change screwed up tb for imap04:45
onetinsoldierIzinucs: sure, you welcome. what model of ati is it?04:45
DoctehRazion: i dunno, pulse audio loves me for some reason :)04:45
gartralJC: how is your TV "intergrated" into your computer?04:45
CaptainTrekJC: System > Administration  > Hardware Drivers04:45
deadmausnaz: tell me if you find some clients that can handle the volumes and imap/pop04:45
CaptainTrekgartral: he means his vid card04:45
RazionDocteh: Well, then. Any clue as how to set it up properly?04:45
DoctehRazion: ps -ef|grep pulse and look for like pulsed or pulse<some more letters>d04:45
JCGartal, no, the video card is.04:45
=== tyler is now known as Guest21074
DoctehRazion: well if some apps dont support pulse audio theres a padsp wrapper you can use04:46
Izinucsonetinsoldier: Radeon 9600 and the list only references Hoary Hedghog and breezy badger.. a little out of date04:46
gartralJC: ok.. but you still haven'tanswered my question04:46
RazionDocteh: Where might I find that wrapper?04:46
nazdeadmaus i doubt i'll find any ones that you dont already know about... since i started using tb in about 2001 when i moved from outlook i havent looked around coz i was happy with what i had04:46
CaptainTrekJC: how are you connecting it to your TV? what type of cable?04:46
onetinsoldierIzinucs: roger. don't know if that will be supported by one of the open source driver in Lucid or not04:46
gartralalright, fresh install of 10.04 64 in a vbox vm (Vbox 3.2.0), last 4 lines: gar.pastebin.com/m7VAFmaC are intresting04:46
JCgartral, edbian missed your question in the flood of messages, sorry. I've got your standard vga monitor cable, I can get much higher res if I connect it to a monitor04:47
deadmausnaz: hehe, its sad there arent many alternatives by way of email clients04:47
JCCaptaintrek, same as above.04:47
Izinucsonetinsoldier: oh well.. at least I've got a backup Nvidia agp card lying around here..04:47
DoctehRazion: it should be in apt, sudo apt-get install padsp04:47
CaptainTrekJC: hrm...  again, check your drivers04:47
edbianJC, Because your video card supports a high resolution on your monitor using the same connection it is clear that either it is probing the TV and getting bad info or the TV really does support only 800x600 res04:47
JCgartral, captaintrek, and edbian, accoding to the "hardware drivers" app, "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system."04:47
RazionDocteh: Couldn't find the package.04:48
JCThe TV is HD, I've been playing my 360 in HD for years.04:48
gartralJC: ok, do a lspci | grep VGA04:48
RazionDocteh: You using 10.04 as well?04:48
edbianJC, But the driver for the card is fine.  You're not connecting the TV and monitor at the same time are you?04:48
Doctehi dont have it booted right now, hit up packages.ubuntu.com and use the second search box where it looks for files04:49
gartraledbian: i think i might have a solution for him either way, but i need to know if it's a Intel GMA card or not04:49
JCGartral, response from lspci is 00:01.0 VGA compatable controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27)04:49
gartralohh crap04:49
edbiangartral, k04:49
edbiangartral, ha ha ha04:49
JCedbian, no, not at the same time. I have one video output.04:49
JCgartral, yeah it's onboard. not the best lol.04:50
nazdeadmaus email isn't sexy any more... people are too busy coding facebook apps and equally pointless things04:50
nazdeadmaus there's always opera i guess04:51
JCgartral, edbian, captaintrek, any ideas?04:51
=== dan_ is now known as dan2
gartralJC: [not just that.. ATI Rage cards have crap for support in linux]  OOOOOK... this is the "hard" way: connect to tv and start a console, do randr 1920x1080x0x0 (I think, if that fails, reverse the first two figures) and see if that helps04:52
Jordan_UJC: What connection / cable are you using to connect your computer to the TV?04:52
edbianJordan_U, VGA04:52
edbianJordan_U, He just told me04:52
gartralJordan_U: VGA04:52
CaptainTrekJordan_U:  you're behind. he's using typical VGA04:52
edbianha ha04:52
edbianJordan_U, Did you get that?04:52
gartralDocteh: Resize AND Rotate04:53
JCgartral, apparently randr isn't a command04:53
Doctehtheres an xrandr, dunno about just randr04:53
gartralJC: sorry, xrandr04:53
JCit gives me a very big amount of crap04:54
JCwhat do I do now04:54
DoctehRazion: pulseaudio-utils04:54
gartralJC: pastebin said "crap" for analasis04:55
gartral!pastebin | JC04:55
ubottuJC: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:55
mzuverinkhow can I take a 10.4 lucid .iso image and make it installable of a thumbdrive?04:55
codebrainzhi.  I'm running 9.04, i have the binutils package installed.  does anyone know how i can run or where i can find 'gas' (GNU Assembler)?04:55
Doctehcodebrainz: do a search on packages.ubuntu.com04:56
gartralalright, fresh install of 10.04 64 in a vbox vm (Vbox 3.2.0), last 4 lines: gar.pastebin.com/m7VAFmaC are intresting04:56
onetinsoldiermzuverink: try this tool, but i think it still takes a fair amount of work. there is a gui though. note: i've never tried it myself --> http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/index.html04:56
Doctehoh thats odd, just lists a doc04:56
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
mzuverinkonetinsoldier, thanks04:57
gartralJC: oops ok xrandr -s 1920x1080x0x004:58
drknzzHi guys! I have an Acer 4540 laptop, sound works well, but recording doesnt04:58
codebrainzDocteh, no dice, nothing useful returned in the package search, except for http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/binutils04:58
onetinsoldiermzuverink: sure. you're welcome. here is where it looks like you can download it --> http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/repository/ubuntu/04:58
Doctehcodebrainz: it might not be in 9.0404:58
JCdrknzz, what program are you using to record, and are you using an interface?04:58
drknzzJC, neither skype nor arecord nor gnome-sound-recorder :S04:58
gartraldrknzz: what about sox?04:59
JCdrknzz, what are you trying to record?04:59
drknzzJC, uhmmmm, my voice? :D04:59
disk1of5hey all quick question i just re-built my array but forgot one drive..  so i did mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sd[b-d]1     but now i want to add sde1 into the existing array.. any ideas?04:59
drknzzgartral, sox? ill apt-url it04:59
JCdrknzz, oh ok, so you're just going to use it to talk, not record music, I was gonna say.04:59
Doctehcodebrainz: also you can have it search the distro you're using, good for when they shuffle packages around for fun05:00
gartral!sox | drknzz05:00
drknzzJC :D05:00
Doctehdisk1of5: what type of raid is it05:00
disk1of5Docteh, raid505:00
JCdrknzz, you may need to check your audio settings, what comes up for the input driver?05:00
meatQuestion, freenas or ubuntu server?05:00
gartral!nifo sox | drknzz05:00
deadmauson a laptop with an intel i3 processor, should i be installing the 64 bit or the 32 bit version of ubuntu?05:00
gartral!info sox | drknzz05:00
ubottudrknzz: sox (source: sox): Swiss army knife of sound processing. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.3.0-1.1build1 (lucid), package size 88 kB, installed size 216 kB05:00
disk1of5Docteh, i know i don't need it but its set up as a spare05:00
JCgartral, any luck from the pastebin?05:00
onetinsoldiermzuverink: well, i just downloaded it an noticed a problem. it wants to uninstall grub-pc. so it might not be any good for use in Lucid 10.0405:00
mzuverinkonetinsoldier, I found a utiliitty in ubuntu to do it, in admin, called create startup disk05:01
gartralJC: lastlog my posts, i said what to do05:01
drknzzJC, internal audio and ATi HD4200 HDMI05:01
Doctehdisk1of5: i think you can add it as a spare and then tell mdadm you want to add a drive to the amount thats required05:01
onetinsoldiermzuverink: roger. good deal05:01
=== dad_ is now known as Guest1132
JCdrknzz, assuming this is all integrated? sometimes the HDMI driver takes control over the whole sound system.05:02
drknzzJC, i dont know man :s, never messed around with ALSA a lot b405:03
codebrainzDocteh, it shows it's supposed to be in the binutils package for karmic and lucid, i have 9.10 whichever that is.05:03
JCgartral, I don't see it, You told me to xrandr and to pastebin, so I did, I see nothing to do in between that and what I said05:03
onetinsoldiermzuverink: i misread your original question. my bad. use the utility you found, or, you can use 'unetbootin'. it does the same thing too05:03
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91005:03
gartralJC: oops ok xrandr -s 1920x1080x0x005:03
mzuverinkonetinsoldier, thanks though, someone told me there was a utility, I just did not think it was that, I was wrong!05:03
JCdrknzz, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting?action=show&redirect=DebuggingSoundProblems05:03
gartralJC: did you get it that time?05:04
thamzcan anyone recommend a website/book to learn about linux kernel?05:04
Doctehcodebrainz: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=gas&mode=exactfilename&suite=karmic&arch=any i just see it listing something in a doc directory vs a bin directory05:04
dr4c4nthamz: what are you looking to learn?05:04
JCgartral it says that size isn't available.05:05
codebrainzDocteh, yea, that's how it is on my fs as well.  wtf!?  the gnu assembly is a pretty fundamental piece of software, i must be missing something05:05
disk1of5Docteh, thnx!05:05
thamzdr4c4n, I just want to get some understanding of how the kernel works, the directory structure of linux, etc05:06
rwwcodebrainz: it's in binutils as /usr/bin/as05:06
rwwcodebrainz: no g :)05:07
JCgartral, neither are 1280 and 1024 (and their respective wides)05:07
codebrainzrww, bless you!  i normally use nasm05:07
JCwith a monitor this thing reaches 144005:07
gartralJC: sudo apt-get install grandr and that will give you a gui for xrandr05:07
dr4c4nthamz: in general o'reilly books are pretty good05:08
Ebuntuuhh could someone help me out with accessing networks using ubuntu? ive spent the past two days trying to get the laptop to connect to the internet. I have a Compaq Presario V5304US and i have ndiswrapper installed.05:08
deadmauswhy does it say "not recommended for daily desktop usage" for the 64 bit version on http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download?05:08
JCEbuntu, ah yes, wifi with laptops. TONS of fun. what's you're wifi adapter called (you can see the driver in windows)05:08
thamzdr4c4n, thanks, i'll try05:08
gartraldeadmaus: cause the 64bit ubuntu has problems05:09
codebrainzrww, aparently it used to be called gas, cuz this makefile insists!  :)  thanks05:09
jason201I use 64 bit daily and haven't run into any problems, nothing major anyway05:09
deadmausgartral: oh. i have a intel i3 processor. should i just install the 32 bit version?05:09
JCgartral, accomplished, the only available modes are lower than 800x60005:09
gartraldeadmaus: depends, what did you need this computer for?05:09
JCdeadmaus, also how much ram you have, if you don't have a shit ton you don't really need 64 bit05:10
deadmausgartral: its a laptop. use it for internet - browser, email client, music, openoffice, etc etc05:10
deadmausJC: not a lot. 4gb, on a laptop05:10
gartraldeadmaus: 32bit05:10
deadmausgartral: ok, i'll go for the 32bit then05:11
dr4c4nthamz: there's also05:11
dr4c4nlxr.linux.no and kernelbook.sourceforge.net, just a google search brought those two up05:11
Mertz`has anyone ever heard of the ubuntu installer saying something like "unable to install bootloader on this partition, please select a different partition"?05:11
gartralJC: you'll have to make a new mode.. i suggest reading man xrandr05:12
JCdeadmaus, Pros and cons05:12
JCA common misconception is that 64-bit architectures are no better than 32-bit architectures unless the computer has more than 4 GB of main memory. This is not entirely true:05:12
JCSystem architecture on Intel x86/32-bit architecture limits virtual memory space to 3 GB, not 4 GB, due to much of the 3–4 GB region being reserved for hardware addressing; see 3 GB barrier. This is not present in 64-bit architectures, which can use 4 GB of memory and more. However x86 processors from the Pentium II onwards allow for a 36-bit physical memory address space, using Physical Address Extension, which gives a 64 GB physical address r05:12
JCof which up to 62 GB may be used by main memory.05:12
FloodBot1JC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
Ebuntucan i type something into terminal to find out what type of adapter is in the laptop?05:12
JCdeadmaus , read this. Pros and cons of 32 vs 64 http://paste.ubuntu.com/442590/05:13
Jordan_UMertz`: No, and Ubuntu's installer shouldn't be installing grub to partitions in the first place. Are you doing a guided or advanced install? What is the exact error message?05:13
deadmausJC: thanks05:13
JCEbuntu, yeah, type lspci05:13
Mertz`Jordan_U: I'ts the guided, I'm working on redoing it so I can get the exact message05:13
Doctehwow long05:13
JCgartral, i'll give it a try thanks05:13
davidm__Is it inappropriate to ask Apache questions here (new 10.04 install)?  I don't want to be pushing questions in the wrong area (I'm fearing this might be a bit of a trolling message).05:13
jason201can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of some of my osd notifications?05:13
thamzdr4c4n, thanks for the info, i'll check them :)05:13
Doctehdavidm__: worst we'll do is tell you to bug #apache ;)05:14
njrabit64-bit code is more efficient than 32-bit code05:14
Guest41577I have never IRC chatted before05:14
davidm__Docteh: Ha - there's on one over there anyway :-)05:14
njrabithwinfo (or hwinv?) is a neat tool05:14
deadmaus1 hr before the iso downloads :(05:15
EbuntuBroadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)05:15
JCdeadmaus, watch an episode of The Fringe, it'll take an hour.05:15
dr4c4nthamz: yw05:15
deadmausJC: :)05:15
codebrainzdeadmaus, it takes like 10 minutes with the torrent, if you inet is decent05:16
JCEbuntu, mmm. broadcom. these are always fun.05:16
JCEdbuntu, hold on a second, I'll get you a link05:16
deadmauscodebrainz: yeah, using a torrent. net's not fast.. about 1.5mbps05:16
collectekim building a ubuntu custom live cd for school through remastersys05:16
codebrainzdeadmaus, ah.  not sure what i have, but it was going at around 1000kbps05:17
davidm__I'm trying to get /home/USER/public_html to work and having no luck.  Used the a2enmod to add 'userdir', chmod -R 777 /public_html and still getting 'you don't have permission'.  Any ideas/sites-to-look-at?05:17
onetinsoldiercollectek: i've been reading about that a little. looks fairly involved05:17
codebrainzdeadmaus, it's just run-of-the-mill cable internet05:17
RoDiMuS-Xwhats the command to edit the gnome menu? gnome-menu05:17
FyreFoXrunning lucid 64bit are there any printer drivers for canon/brother/HP/other where you dont have to install the 32bit libs?05:17
rwwRoDiMuS-X: alacarte05:17
RoDiMuS-Xthanks rww05:18
JCedbuntu, in the terminal, type (with no quotes) " sudo apt-get install bcm43xx-fwcutter"05:18
Doctehdavidm__: check /home and /home/you for an execute bit, like: chmod a+x ~05:18
codebrainzcollectek, it's not that difficult, tons and tons and tons of tutorials on the net.  best one is in the ubuntu site05:18
collectekonenetinsoldier: nope very simple after you add the repo05:19
JCedbuntu, or search for "bcm43xx-fwcutter" in the package manager. if all else fails, use this with ndiswrapper, it's an old tutorial, but still relevant. Wifi with a lot of laptops using broadcom has been a major pain in the ass for a lot of us. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28580905:19
onetinsoldiercollectek: hmm, ok. cool :-)05:19
EbuntuJC, could you link me to a .deb package? im on a PC at the moment05:19
DoctehEbuntu: packages.ubuntu.com is quite handy for that05:20
Ebuntuill look there05:20
collectek+very customizable for ciriculum work05:20
rwwJC, Ebuntu: It's called b43-fwcutter, and you need Internet access to install it because it asks to download firmware.05:20
mikey_hi all05:21
mikey_does anyone know how to install adobe flash??05:22
collectekim back05:22
JCrww, ebuntu, I'm aware of the program, I assumed there was an ability to connect LAN to the router in Ubuntu, not the best assumption though , sorry05:22
RoDiMuS-Xmikey_ : http://www.adobe.com05:22
mikey_doesd any one know how to install adobe flash in ubentu?05:22
codebrainzmikey_, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/05:23
mikey_i wen tthere but its not owrking05:23
onetinsoldiermikey_: install the 'flashplugin-installer' package05:23
Semperfi30Hey GSF1200S, How's it goin'?05:23
collectekofficial site has it as well05:23
JCmikey, are you trying to use firefox? when you go to youtube or something it'll say you're missing plugins, then it'll install them05:23
mikey_i tried that too05:24
collectekwhat bappens?05:24
mikey_probelm is im trying to webcam on cam 4 and you need flash  lol05:24
collectekor java?05:24
mikey_jav installed ok05:24
Semperfi30So guys05:26
collectekdoes a site like youtube come up ok or what are the steps taken to knstall flash?05:26
collectekany errors?05:26
mikey_oops lol05:26
ne0futurhi all i have questions concerning the use of UUID in ubuntu for fstab05:26
Semperfi30I've got Ubuntu installed and everything but, sometimes when I tell it to shutdown it won't shutdown properly. Sometimes I have to force a shutdown or restart through the terminal for it to do it properly. ANd sometimes when I come back, my sound doesn't work and it says theres a "Dummy" output or something......05:27
ne0futurthis UUID is different for any  distro i install on my computer, so I think this UUID have nothing universal05:27
mikey_i get an error  ooccured please try later05:27
ne0futurand that /dev/sd* was MUCH more universal than this UUID system05:27
ne0futurso I wonder why ubuntu use this false universal identifier ?05:27
codebrainzne0futur, i think it's unique to the system/bus/disk05:28
JCwell,  i'm gonna head out guys. My sound issue is gonna be fixed by a new sound card, and my video issue I figured out is on the TV's end, I have to call the support line tomorrow at samsung. Thanks to anyone who tried to help, and I hope I helped some of you! Goodnight all.05:28
ne0futurso if I have 2 ubuntu on my diskm i cant chroot from 1 ubuntu to the other cause they have different UUID ?05:28
Semperfi30An example of the odd behavior is when it shuts down, it will freeze on the 3rd dot of the ubuntu logo when it shutsdown05:28
ne0futurthis UUID system in fstab will create much more problems than it is useful05:28
Semperfi30(This is Lucid Linux btw)05:28
RoDiMuS-Xmikey_: what browser you using?05:29
codebrainzne0futur, i don't think that would make any difference, /etc/fstab isn't used during a chroot afaik05:29
ricqlesyou must install ubuntu manually05:29
ricqleseuh flash sorry05:29
collectekmickey_ : if that is happening on an install of flash i would say try to run it in terminal so you can see the exact error05:29
pat5starI know this is #ubuntu, but I'm just curious about gmail because I've been having on/off problems with it for a week or so, ever since upgrade to lucid. is that a coincidence or are others having problems too. anyone with a gmail account, can you connect right now?05:30
Semperfi30Anybody have any clue whats going on here? Maybe  I need to re-install Ubuntu?05:30
codebrainzne0futur, the whole point is that you can move disks around and such and it'll always use the correct drive for that install, rather than using the /dev/sd* which change depending on where the disk is plugged in/configured05:30
FyreFoXmikey_: turn caps off.05:30
ricqlessudo apt-get install flashplayer-plugin05:30
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star: yeah no problems, have you tried cleaning out your cookies and cache05:30
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: yes, and thanks05:30
mikey_how do i copie n pasdte that05:31
ricqlesin a terminal :)05:31
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star: I am using Chrome so i dont know about firefox05:31
Semperfi30Sooo codebrainz...FyreFoX...ricqles...RoDiMuS-X any ideas?05:31
ne0futurcodebrainz: installing 2 ubuntu on the same disk will give 2 different UUID for the SAME partition !05:31
ne0futurthis is mad05:32
mikey_E: Couldn't find package flashplayer-plugin05:32
pat5starI'm using firefox and I do have quite a few google labs enabled so I'm wondering where to begin troubleshooting this. it would be so much easier if you all just told me none of you can connect right now either ;)05:32
mikey_i use both05:32
ne0futurand have nothing universal05:32
mikey_any idea?05:32
mikey_eading package lists... Done05:32
mikey_Building dependency tree05:32
mikey_Reading state information... Done05:32
mikey_E: Couldn't find package flashplayer-plugin05:32
FloodBot1mikey_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star: see if it happens in another browser first just my opinion05:32
ne0futurand breaks many things that were working before, like chrooting fron one ubuntu instance to another05:32
Doctehpat5star: install some other browser and check it like that is what i'd do05:32
codebrainzne0futur, it works pretty well actually.  if you'd rather, you can replace UUID= with LABEL= and use the volume label05:32
FyreFoXSemperfi30: perhaps hardware. did you have a previous ubuntu on that harwdare?05:33
Doctehchromium-browser for instance, might have to force the default back to firefox afterwards though05:33
onetinsoldiermikey_: sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer05:33
Semperfi30I had 9.0405:33
Semperfi30but I erased the partition05:33
ricqlesoh your sources.list not fully configured05:33
RoDiMuS-XSemperfl30, so you installed 10.04 fresh05:33
codebrainzne0futur, i don't think /etc/fstab is parsed during a chroot, unless you mount -a i suppose05:33
ricqlesi'm sorry i must go on my job05:33
Semperfi30FyreFoX: I also checked my sound cards "Realtek" with the listing on Ubuntu Wiki and it checks out as working OOB normally05:33
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: just tried with konqueror, same error: The requested URL "/mail/", is invalid.05:34
Semperfi30RoDiMuS-X: Yes I installed it over 9.04 due to the fact that I couldn't locate the Sudo password05:34
Semperfi30Basically a fresh install by erasing the previous partition and installing Lucid fresh05:34
ricqleshave a good day and search for add lines for adobe container in your source.list05:34
ne0futurthere are thousands of people having problems wit this _not_ _universal_ UUID system05:34
ne0futurI just wanted to say this05:35
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi30, hmm are you sure the previous partition was erased and not just installed on top of, i did that once05:35
brickyhey I got a problem with docky , says it requires 'composting' to work properly05:35
ne0futurI ll fond workarounds , but the best workaround will be to find a distro not using the UUID system in fstab . . .05:35
Semperfi30Yes because in Gparted I told it to format the partition05:35
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star: hmm thats weird05:35
Semperfi30Although i will say when I boot into GRUB it shows two different Ubuntu installatiosn however I don't see how that would influence anything as I pick the first one everytime05:35
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi30, what kernel are you using the 21 or 2205:36
Semperfi30How do I know (FYI I'm on Windows atm)05:36
rwwbricky: activate compiz, metacity compositing, or another compositor, then05:36
danforboa noite05:36
codebrainzne0futur, what exactly is your problem?  it's universally unique on your system, and allows you to shuffle around drives without having to touch /etc/fstab.  it's really a nice feature05:36
mikey_still get error in you tube!05:37
danforgood night for all05:37
brickyrw: okay.05:37
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi30, open a terminal and type uname -a05:37
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: you don't know the half of it lol. It's been working fine all day and just a few minutes ago this came up. It's been happening off and on a ~week. If I just wait, it'll start working again, but it could be a few minutes to an hour or so :(05:37
dr4c4ngood night all05:37
brickyI hear I just have to do 'compiz --replace' to make it start automatically??05:37
onetinsoldiermikey_: try restarting firefox now that you've installed flash05:37
Doctehbricky: worst it'd do is come back with "bloopity bloop thats not right"05:38
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star: i would try the html version and see if that gives you the same error05:38
mikey_ok let me try05:38
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: what is the url?05:38
brickyDocteh : lol05:38
Semperfi40I'm back05:38
brickyis there a better way?05:38
brickywb Semperfi4005:38
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Did you get my last message I got disconnected.05:38
mikey_still same error an error has occured05:38
onetinsoldiermikey_: i don't know then05:39
=== james0 is now known as Entrope
Doctehbricky: theres an option under setttings somewhere, but I'm not so good with guis05:39
yalexhi, I'm noticing that network manager isn't being restarted when I suspend my laptop.  Which package has the script to restore NetworkManager in pm-utils?05:39
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, i can't click the link the page loads too fast let me see05:39
brickyDotech: :)05:39
brickydocteh :P05:39
onetinsoldiermikey_: maybe someone else will have an idea of what's wrong05:39
mikey_does anyone know?05:39
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: lol, nice problem to have :)05:39
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi30, Yeah I got it, when your in ubuntu, open a terminal window and type uname -a05:40
codebrainzmikey_, the flash thing?05:40
brickyhow can you not be good with gui, lmao :P05:40
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: I live in a very remote area and connect via satellite, so I suppose my problem could be there too05:40
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi30, 2.6.32-22-generic is what kernel i am using05:40
mikey_driving me nuts!05:40
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, DNS problem possibly05:40
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: but with satellite, a page loading too fast is seldom an issue ;)05:40
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: I run my own DNS server05:40
Doctehbricky: i always have to poke around a bit to find options, every. single. time.05:40
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, that could be your problem lol05:41
codebrainzmikey_, you can try to install it manually, extract the libflashplayer.so file and put it all of the many mozilla/chrome folders, google for where they are (ie. ~/.mozilla is one i think).  then restart your browser05:41
brickytry windows 7 control panel, drove me instane05:41
Doctehwell you can search it now05:41
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: lol I've tested that already, and changed my resolv.conf to try other dns servers and still have same problem too05:41
collectekmickey_: if it was me i would run the adobe . deb and uninstall flash.... reboot the pc and then run the aptitude install05:41
mikey_where do i get the file?05:42
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, here is the basic page for gmail http://mail.google.com/mail?nocheckbrowser05:42
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: cool ty...I'll try that now\05:42
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, if that doesn't work might have another one05:43
collectekfrom the adobe website. lets see if i can pull an address with my ipod lol05:43
codebrainzmikey_, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/05:43
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Maybe I should just re-install ubuntu again...Is there some diagnostic program I can run to figure out whats causing these issues I'm having?05:43
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: The requested URL "/mail?nocheckbrowser", is invalid. :(05:43
datakidhey, when I start a vid via dbl click, my whole screen goes black before totem starts?05:43
codebrainzmikey_, get the .tar.gz one and extract the .so from it05:43
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, do you get the gmail login screen?05:43
demititananyone familiar with Back Track 4 ?05:43
rww!derivatives | demititan05:43
ubottudemititan: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)05:44
codebrainzmikey_, ummm yes :)05:44
collectekdemititan: a little05:44
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, if you type dmesg you can see your boot up logs05:44
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: when I check my dns: mail.google.com has address, mail.google.com is an alias for googlemail.l.google.com.05:44
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, let me check mine05:44
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: nope I don't get anything but that error message05:44
Semperfi40pat5star: This is the proper link: http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&nobrowsercheck=105:44
codebrainzmikey_, i think /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ is the system-wide directory05:45
deadmauswhy are you posting a google mail link?05:45
pat5starSemperfi40: ty, but it gives me this: The requested URL "/mail/?ui=2&nobrowsercheck=1", is invalid.05:45
Semperfi40Is it because of your location?05:45
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, I have 5 ip address's, here is one
iamchrisIs there a way to force ubuntu 10.4 to use a specific screen resolution?05:45
Semperfi40You're located in Sweden sooo maybe that has something to do with it05:46
Semperfi40Idk :P05:46
EbuntuJC, so i followed the tutorial and when i go to system>administration>network, nothing happens05:46
demititanback track 405:46
randerzanderI'm running 10.04 kernel 2.6.34 on a Thinkpad T60 with a Radeon X1400 and having video flickering and little grey horizontal lines occasionally running across the screen. Is this a driver issue? Is fglrx any better than radeon?05:46
demititanhow do i join backtrack support in #backtrack- linux05:46
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: that brings me to the google search page, and when I try to follow the link to gmail from there, I get same error :(05:46
mikey_it wont let me extract it05:46
codebrainzranderzander, sounds like the wrong frequency for the display, just a guess05:46
shyamranderzander: did you try plugging in another monitor?05:47
zetherooI want to throttle my CPU fan up at about 3000 RPM ... how can i do this? Desktop/ASUS MB/AMD CPU/ Ubuntu Karmic05:47
compubombanyone have any idea how i can prevent ubuntu from turning off my monitor when i close my laptop lid, currently i'm piggypacking off my HDMI port but if i close the lid the monitor turns off.05:47
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, so i have in my DNS Table 17,18,19 and 8305:47
shyamranderzander: like plugging another computer monitor to the serial output of laptop05:47
codebrainzmikey_, tar xvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz05:47
compubombthis is driving me bonkers.05:47
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, thats all the ending ip address's05:47
Semperfi40Is there another Support Channel for Ubuntu ?05:47
demititancollectek: i need a little help understanding the basics05:47
randerzandercodebrainz, shyam - The problem exists at both frequencies listed in the Display Manager (50 and 60 Hz). VGA monitors do not experience the flickering.. just the LCD on the Thinkpad05:48
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, I believe so05:48
shyamranderzander: i just replaced my LCD panel on similar grounds:(05:48
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Well05:48
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: I'm beginning to think this isn't a ubuntu, dns, browser, etc. issue at all but probably something to do with my stupid satellite isp05:48
=== administrator is now known as Guest49645
Semperfi40pat5star like I said something to do with your location05:49
shyamranderzander: in fact , i replaced it twice within a week..:) (second one obviously was free as it had warranty:))05:49
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, try #ubuntu-dev or #omg!ubuntu!05:49
codebrainzdemititan, try and find the manual for the lcd display and use those frequencies05:49
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, yeah I am leaning towards ISP05:49
pat5starSemperfi40: oh I didn't realize you were talking to me. I saw your post, something about Sweden. Actually I'm in Canada, northern Ontario05:49
Ebuntuhow do i activate my wireless card?05:49
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=== james0 is now known as Entrope
codebrainzpat5star, like sudbury?05:50
randerzandershyam - it seems to be an intermittent issue though.. occasionally connecting a monitor or swapping the refresh rate from 60 to 50 and back to 60 will fix the problem05:50
shyamranderzander: oh another important quesiton. does bios screen has that problem?05:50
mikey_The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.05:50
Semperfi40pat5star you IP address says you are located in Sweden05:50
pat5starcodebrainz: nope, farther north. I'm just north west of kapuskasing05:50
mikey_ould not download all repository indexes05:50
Semperfi40and I typed your name so when I message you my text comes up in Red which means I'm talking to you05:50
Semperfi40when I type your name I'm talking to you obviously05:50
shyamranderzander: in my case, bios too had the problem, so it was evident for me as a hardware failure05:50
demititanthanks Codebrainz05:50
Ebuntucan anyone help me out with activating my wireless card?05:51
pat5starSemperfi40: I don't know why that is, weird05:51
Ebuntusome terminal command?05:51
randerzandershyam - no. it seems to occur more frequently under load (when I have a monitor attached, for instance). Only occasionally when the card is only driving the LCD05:51
shyamranderzander: hmm..05:51
codebrainzSemperfi40, add 'apm power_off=1' to /etc/modules then reboot05:52
holoceneebuntu has wireless worked in ubuntu before? do you see it detected in lshw? have you tried to install it under hardware drivers?05:52
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, your using a Swedan freenode server your ip is reporting canada05:52
micahgSemperfi40: what's the issue?05:52
Semperfi40micahg: Hmm?05:52
Semperfi40codebrainz: what is this in refrence to ?05:53
micahgSemperfi40: you just asked about something in -devel?05:53
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, I am using an OR server but I am located in PA05:53
Semperfi40micahg: Oh05:53
codebrainzSemperfi40, problem shutting down and with sound?  I might be mistaken, maybe got the wrong handle05:53
demititananyone familiar wit back track?05:53
Ebuntuholocene, it can see it, but it says "NETWORK DISABLED"05:53
demititanbacktrack 4 in particular05:54
holoceneebuntu is this a laptop?05:54
=== barna_ is now known as barna
pat5starRoDiMuS-X & Semperfi40: thanks for your help...I'm going to do some more experimenting, I'm going to see if I can borrow a friends server to tunnel a connection through and see if it works then. That should tell me if it is an ISP problem I think05:54
Semperfi40codebrainz: My system will sometimes freeze on the ubuntu logo, and sometimes when I restart I won't have any sound, and sometimes when I shutdown or restart via the GUI nothing will happen OR it will boot me back to a login screen.05:54
Ebuntuholocene: yes05:54
holocenehas it worked before?05:54
RoDiMuS-Xpat5star, cool good luck man05:54
pat5starRoDiMuS-X: ty :)05:54
Ebuntuit has worked under windows05:54
Semperfi40micahg: Hopefully you got that too I meant to put your name on there as well.05:55
codebrainzSemperfi40, so try what i said up there ^^05:55
holoceneebuntu had the same fricking thing myself. not sure of the official fix, but I just closed the laptop and opened it back up. it is a hibernation/suspend issue.05:55
onetinsoldieranyone want a really cool weather app? it was tough as nails to get it compiled, but i got it! and now i have .debs of it :)05:55
duckwarshow can I see how much disk I've used in command line?05:55
rwwduckwars: df -H05:55
onetinsoldierduckwars: df -h05:55
micahgSemperfi40: sorry, I don't know anything about that, but it's the tail end of a holiday weekend in US & UK, there should be more people in 3-9 hours05:55
holoceneebuntu go to the ubuntu forums and search.05:56
Semperfi40codebrainz: Can you tell me specifically what that will do. So I can learn. So if this fixes my problem and I find someone else that has the same issue I will know what I'm talking about .05:56
IdleOneonetinsoldier: personal PPA :)05:56
duckwarsthanks guys05:56
Semperfi40micahg: I live on the Eastcoast I just got off work at Midnight05:56
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, I am on the east coast and I got off  at 11pm05:56
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Thats nice to know05:56
onetinsoldierIdleOne: yeah. roger that. i need to figure out how to really make proper package of it. i just used checkinstall. but man, i'd sure like to have someone else check it out :-)05:57
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, your not alone, and I support Windows XP all day and I hate windows05:57
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Support as in thats your job? And I love Windows. I just have Ubuntu for when I need to just get on the internet quickly or check something really quick then get off05:58
inzi1985hello everyone05:58
inzi1985i would like sum help from sum105:58
inzi1985is anyone out ther who can helpme05:58
holocenejust ask05:58
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, Yeah I work the help desk fixing peoples issues and adminstrating Active Directory05:59
Semperfi40coebrainz: " add 'apm power_off=1' to /etc/modules then reboot" how do I do this05:59
inzi1985Does anyone use a Compaq610 and experiencing heat issues with ubuntu 10.0405:59
Semperfi40codebrainz: adding it to yada yada directory05:59
inzi1985with win7 my laptop is ice cold.. but with ubuntu 10.04. its hot.. when i mean hot, processors on avg about 44degrees06:00
holoceneebuntu: what did you find out?06:00
inzi1985with win7 its at 4006:00
inzi1985anybody can help me out?06:00
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: Do you know what Codebrainz was talking about?06:01
holoceneinzi1985: what did google say about this laptop and ubuntu?06:01
RoDiMuS-Xinzi1985, mine is reverse win7 is like lava and Ubuntu is cool as ice around 32 got a compaq v670006:01
inzi1985holocene: it had only wifi issues.06:02
inzi1985holocene: wifi doesn't work out of the box, i have to do a kernal update and installation of the drivers.06:02
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, type from the command prompt, sudo gedit /etc/modules06:02
holoceneinzi1985: i've heard of fan problems with ubuntu.06:02
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, then add the line apm power_off=106:03
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, then save the file06:03
inzi1985holocene: i dun seem to notice any fan problems.. it seems to be working fine.. but.. i have no sensor on this laptop to detect fanspeeds, so i really can't say.06:03
holoceneyou might check the forums for overheating or fan issues in general06:03
Semperfi40RoDiMuS-X: What will that do in reality?06:04
holocenedoes your fan stay on forever?06:04
codebrainzSemperfi40, then reboot.  if it doesn't fixit then remove that line from that file06:04
RoDiMuS-XSemperfi40, turns off Advanced Power Management06:04
inzi1985holocene: no no.. fan doesn't stay on for ever.. i dun do anything heavy duty..so fan is fine06:04
codebrainzSemperfi40, it gives sets an option to the apm kernel module for when it gets loaded, to turn it off, or power it off or whatever06:04
inzi1985holocene: the processors is ok. but the heat issue is where my left palm rest06:05
Nikolai_Dguys im installing windows server 2008 guest machine with KVM, and it asks for drivers when i start installation. Any suggestion what for drivers that are? Cuz on the internet there are no single how to where there is shown anything about additional drivers.06:05
ubuntu_ayuda en espanol06:05
codebrainzSemperfi40, here is the source code if you need more info :)  http://enpc3240.eas.asu.edu/lxr/linux/http/source/arch/i386/kernel/apm.c?v=
holocenewhat component is heating up?06:05
inzi1985holocene: i have no idea wats located in that section.. so i cant really say.. i'm new to laptops06:05
holoceneyou might check with the vendor support forums06:06
inzi1985holocene: thats the thing, i dunno wat component is located there06:06
Semperfi40codebrainz: Someone asked me what kernel I was running earlier. Why would this be a possible issue? Also they asked if I was positive I had erased my previous installation of Ubuntu.06:06
inzi1985holocene:  i'll have to chek i guess.06:06
Semperfi40codebrainz: In relation to my current problem06:06
inzi1985holocene: i checked the online manual, and i dun see anything there'06:07
inzi1985holocene: do u think , the vga is heating up coz of compiz?06:07
codebrainzSemperfi40, because each kernel version would have different code managing the power stuff possibly, so it might be fixed in a newer one.  they probably though you were using your old kernel06:07
inzi1985holocene: yah,. that area was not marked06:07
holocenenew laptop?06:07
inzi1985holocene: yup new laptop.. else i would have taken it apart06:07
codebrainzSemperfi40, at the console type 'uname -r' to see what version is currently running06:08
giantpunehey guys, is there an example somewhere about how to mount a virtual filesystem in ubuntu?  i would like to create a mount point and have requests to read and write to it sent to my program06:08
Semperfi40codebrainz: When I installed Lucid Lynx I told Gparted to format the old partition. However when I boot, I have the ability to pick from two different Ubuntu's effectively though the wording and version numbers are exactly the same...06:08
codebrainzgiantpune, what language?06:08
holoceneI hear you on that. Not sure where to go next.06:08
inzi1985holocene : is there anyway to switch off compiz temporarily so that i can chk it06:09
codebrainzgiantpune, it's called FUSE, i think that's what you want, prolly a lib you can use, i bet libfuse it's called06:09
Jordan_Ugiantpune: Why do you want to do this? fifos may be a simpler and more robust solution.06:09
mcgvacin ubuntu 10.04 in gnome using metacity, it only stays on one windows decoration no matter which one i select or even if i choose a new theme any ideas06:09
holoceneyou could boot in single user mode I think. just a console. Not sure though.06:09
giantpuneJordan_U, im mounting an encrypted image and decrypting it with my program.  i would like to be able to write to it transparently06:09
holocenecheck out rescue mode06:10
KungFuBearHey folks. Where can I download Ubuntu 9.10?06:10
=== deadmaus_ is now known as deadmaus
inzi1985holocene: thanks dude.. i shall check it out06:10
bastidrazor!releases | KungFuBear06:10
ubottuKungFuBear: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:10
Jordan_Ugiantpune: Can you give a higher level explanation of what your program is designed to accomplish?06:10
holoceneok. sorry I was not more help.06:11
inzi1985holocene: i just dont want to use windows06:11
holocenejust kidding.06:11
codebrainzgiantpune, here's the project http://fuse.sourceforge.net/06:11
inzi1985holocene: alright06:12
giantpuneJordan_U, i am editing wii game ISOs.  they are encrypted filesystems on the disc image. right now, i have to open the image and parse the contents in my program.  i would like to be able to just use my program to mount the ISO and then be able to drag and drop files to change them with the other programs06:12
giantpunethis will let me not have to reinvent the wheel for many functions06:13
Stevethepirategiantpune: Check out the Dolphin emulator API.06:13
Ebuntucan someone help me with this:06:13
Ebuntueric@eric-laptop:~$ network-admin --configure wlan006:13
Ebuntu[WARN  1496] failed to load configuration file: Cannot load PolicyKit policy file at '/etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf': No such file or directory06:13
Ebuntu** ERROR **: Could not find widget: interfaces_list06:13
FloodBot1Ebuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:13
Stevethepirate!pastebin | Ebuntu06:13
ubottuEbuntu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:13
Jordan_Ugiantpune: Ahh, then you probably want to make a fuse plugin: http://fuse.sourceforge.net/06:13
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Veralixheres question, how do I restart my embedded trackpad in my laptop?  it's giving me issues and I'd rather not reboot. >_>06:15
Ebuntucan someone help me with whats in there?06:15
StevethepirateEbuntu: Should "network-admin" be run as a normal user, or should it be run as root?06:15
StevethepirateSounds like a permissioning problem. Before you just run it as root, check that the file exists "sudo cat /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf | wc -l"06:16
StevethepirateJust to see how many lines are in it.06:16
AndrewX192is .profile loaded immediately after logging in?06:16
StevethepirateIf a non-zero number is returning, you can probably safely run "sudo network-admin --configure wlan0"06:16
deathnight114I'm a noobie with ubuntu06:17
deathnight114i'm trying to listen to some music on youtube06:17
deathnight114Now sound06:17
FloodBot1deathnight114: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:17
Jon--I am using vim on Windows via djgpp. I would like to have the same colour scheme for vim syntax highlighting that I have on Ubuntu by default [with background=dark]. How can I do this? [I ask here because I know a lot of you guys are good with ~/.vimrc and things of that nature. VIM should be the same on the two platforms, just seems like defaults are not.]06:17
Stevethepirate!enter | deathnight11406:17
ubottudeathnight114: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:17
AndrewX192deathnight114, you can't type like that here06:18
AndrewX192Try to keep it to one line06:18
Stevethepiratedeathnight114: type "cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp"06:18
Stevethepirate(In a terminal)06:18
deathnight114okay, hold on06:18
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tyler_And the flood bots descend upon ye!06:18
StevethepirateAnd the lord Linus said "let there be spammers"06:18
deathnight114That just makes a really wierd sound...06:19
StevethepirateOk, cool. So we know your sound card + speakers are working.06:19
deathnight114come out of my monitor06:19
Glacer1See my Enter key is just bigger on my keyboard is why I hit it allot06:19
Stevethepirate(you can press Ctrl-C to kill that).06:19
Ebuntui get a zero :c06:19
deathnight114thanks, it worked06:20
Jon--I am using vim on Windows via djgpp. I would like to have the same colour scheme for vim syntax highlighting that I have on Ubuntu by default [with background=dark]. How can I do this? [I ask here because I know a lot of you guys are good with ~/.vimrc and things of that nature. VIM should be the same on the two platforms, just seems like defaults are not. Just pretend I didn't use the word...06:20
Jon--..."Windows", I dualboot ;P]06:20
StevethepirateOk, so you running Ubuntu 10.4?06:20
deathnight114but, there is still no sound06:20
ravnhow can I see what program(s) are using the network?06:20
Stevethepirate1) You sure the youtube volume slider is up?06:20
deathnight114I believe i heard a sound come from my speakers on started06:20
EbuntuStevethepirate: i get a 006:20
deathnight114It is, i checked earlier06:21
AndrewX192Anyone know howto add gnome-panel to RGBA blacklist .profile "export GTK_RGBA_APPS=allbut:gnome-panel"06:21
deathnight114I know that windows has a little volume slide thing, but i don't know if ubuntu does06:21
Jon--ravn: Check out man netstat   that's the one I know of.06:21
AndrewX192I tried that, and relogged in, but gnome-panel still has RGBA extentions going"06:21
StevethepirateEbuntu: Then the file doesn't exist. HHrrmm, I would try run as root, "network-admin" sounds like a root thing :)06:21
Stevethepiratedeathnight114: In a console type "alsamixer"06:21
AndrewX192ravn, netstat -tp06:21
bastidrazorravn: sudo netstat -napt   .. notice the ones that have 'ESTABLISHED' .. they are currently active06:21
StevethepirateAndrewX192: Still stuck with RGBA? :) Unlucky.06:22
Jon--deathnight114: Should be one at the top right.06:22
AndrewX192Stevethepirate, I have all the effects set06:22
EbuntuStevethepirate: how do i run as root?06:22
AndrewX192Take a look at that :P06:22
Stevethepirate!root | Ebuntu06:22
ubottuEbuntu: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:22
AndrewX192Pretty sexy desktop, right Stevethepirate?06:22
* Stevethepirate clicks06:22
StevethepirateMy internet is slow here in ZA :/06:22
deathnight114A little screen comes up on the terminal, showing a bunch of bars06:22
AndrewX192It's actualy mint *hushes* but its based on ubuntu anyways :P06:22
StevethepirateoO, looks pretty :) Nice. I'm still working on awesome here :/06:22
deathnight114front mi is at 006:23
Stevethepiratedeathnight114: Those are volume bars, use the up and down arrwos.06:23
StevethepirateYeah, you want to push that up. Make sure it has OO and not MM.06:23
AndrewX192I just need to add gnome-panel to RGBA blacklist and im good :D06:23
Jon--I am using vim on Windows via djgpp. I would like to have the same colour scheme for vim syntax highlighting that I have on Ubuntu by default [with background=dark]. How can I do this? [I ask here because I know a lot of you guys are good with ~/.vimrc and things of that nature. VIM should be the same on the two platforms, just seems like defaults are not. Just pretend I didn't use the word...06:23
Jon--..."Windows", I dualboot ;P]06:23
StevethepirateAndrewX192: Which widgets are those? Look amazing ;)06:23
AndrewX192Stevethepirate, google gadgets :P06:23
StevethepirateAhhh, looks like a sleek version of superkaramba :)06:24
trythilhi all -- wondering if anyone here is running an ATI Radeon 5850-based video card and upgraded from Karmic to Lucid06:24
EbuntuStevethepirate: http://paste.ubuntu.com/442613/06:24
Jon--Of course it's Google. Google make everything that is good in the world.06:24
StevethepirateQuick question Ebuntu, what are you ACTUALLY wanting to do?06:24
benliebtest test06:24
deathnight114I have it so that all the bars are up high, but still no sound06:24
AndrewX192Now I'm just trying to get coverflow in nautilus and fix this gnome-panel06:24
Stevethepiratedeathnight114: Ok, in gnome, on the top bar, System->Sound->Gmix06:24
EbuntuStevethepirate: get on the internet with my laptop06:24
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:25
deathnight114What is gnome?06:25
StevethepirateEbuntu: Ok, so you wanting to use this applet, why not use the built in wireless network applet that comes with ubuntu?06:25
StevethepirateActionParsnip: yoyoyo ^_^06:25
ActionParsnip!gnome | deathnight11406:25
ubottudeathnight114: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.06:25
deathnight114I'm a noobie with ubuntu, just installed like, two hours ago06:25
Stevethepirate!gnome | deathnight11406:25
extorWhat's the syntax for creating/exporting an smb share? I know with nfs you just plop the stuff in /etc/exports but how do I do the same thing with an smb share?06:25
EbuntuStevethepirate: for some reason it doesnt work06:26
StevethepirateHeh, ok, pretty much, it's the graphical interface you are using.06:26
deathnight114how do i access it?06:26
StevethepirateEbuntu: Rather than making a new problem, fix the existing one :)06:26
deathnight114okay, so i went to system, but i don't see a sound panel06:26
ActionParsnipExtoe: you can use nautilus or /etc/samba/smb.conf06:26
AndrewX192deathnight114, if your using ubuntu your allready in gnome06:26
naiadif I have my data partitions in my fstab with ureadahead my system hangs.  removing them directly makes it bootable again.  should I be moutning them with an upstart script if I want to continue using ureadahead?06:26
EbuntuStevethepirate: ? how?06:26
trythilextor: mount -t cifs //host/share mountpoint will work, but it's generally easier to use Nautilus or Konqueror or whatnot, unless you have a need for the console06:26
RoDiMuS-Xcheck this out http://tinypic.com/r/29zy8og/606:26
linuxcan i open codeblocks download with archive manager?06:26
extortrythil, that's on the client. I want the command for the server06:26
Jon--deathnight114: Windows has the UI and the operating system together. (essentially, don't flame me). In Linux, they are seperate. Gnome is run at startup, and it is what you use to have a user interface that you can use.06:26
AndrewX192RoDiMuS-X, nice06:26
StevethepirateHrrm, I actually don't have gnome running here :/ It should be on of the options on the top. (Someone with Gnome open give this dude a hand quick)06:27
trythilextor: oh, whoops, misread06:27
RoDiMuS-XAndrewX192, working on an Android theme06:27
AndrewX192RoDiMuS-X, nice!06:27
StevethepirateRoDiMuS-X: Heh, looks nice.06:27
Jon--deathnight114: Look for Sound somewhere under Preferences or System. Probably prefs.06:27
ActionParsnipDeathnight114: you can change desktop environment to whatever you like. Linux is flexible and allows you to change rather than Windows where there is a choice of 106:27
trythilextor: in that case, you can add the share directly to /etc/samba/smb.conf06:27
EbuntuStevethepirate: should i reinstall ubuntu?06:27
Jon--I am using vim on Windows via djgpp. I would like to have the same colour scheme for vim syntax highlighting that I have on Ubuntu by default [with background=dark]. How can I do this? [I ask here because I know a lot of you guys are good with ~/.vimrc and things of that nature. VIM should be the same on the two platforms, just seems like defaults are not. Just pretend I didn't use the word...06:28
StevethepirateEbuntu: No! It's probably just a small problem.06:28
Jon--..."Windows", I dualboot ;P]06:28
codebrainzlinux, the dev. IDE?  i think it's in the repos06:28
StevethepirateJon--: #vii06:28
StevethepirateJon--: #vim06:28
codebrainzlinux, apt-get install codeblocks06:28
deathnight114so, i still don't see a sound panel when i click on system06:28
Jon--Stevethepirate: I am there, no assistance. The channels been dead. Asked a long time ago.06:28
ActionParsnipJon--: is there a $HOME/.vimrc file or similar you can copy?06:28
extortrythil, so smb.conf is where I would tell it what my pseudo computer-name is and which directories to export as samba shares?06:28
linuxk thx06:28
holocenefor some wireless problems, it helps to connect via a wired connection then do system - administration -hardware drivers06:28
ActionParsnip!ide | codebrainz06:29
ubottucodebrainz: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator06:29
StevethepirateJon--: Sorry then :/ I use vi, but haven't needed that before :/06:29
trythilextor: yeah.  the smb.conf shipped with ubuntu's Samba packages contains a number of examples06:29
StevethepirateAnways, Macaroni Cheese :) brb.06:29
deathnight114I found it06:29
codebrainzActionParsnip, wow thanks for that newsflash!  /s06:29
Jon--ActionParsnip: Well, my ~/.vimrc doesn't have colour schemes. The issue is set background=dark in Command-Prompt, and Ubuntu. And then enable syntax highlighting and... They're different. I will have to manually configure them to match. How?06:29
deathnight114Now, what do i do?06:29
ActionParsnipExtor: yes. There are tonnes of guides. You can also set access rights too06:29
trythilextor: I'm sure there's an easier way to set it up (nautilus etc come to mind), but if you don't have access to a GUI then the Samba configuration file is the next place I'd go to06:29
Stevethepiratetrythil: You just trying to access a samba share?06:30
Jon--ActionParsnip: Not just a little different, Ubuntu has sexy colours with vim, and the vim on Windows is ugly as hell with choice of colours, I cna't live with it.06:30
extorhrmm how do I launch this nautilus06:30
trythilStevethepirate: no, extor's looking to export a share06:30
extorI have gnome running right now06:30
deathnight114I got it, thank you!!!06:30
trythilextor: nautilus is the file manager06:30
StevethepirateAhh. It's not trvial afaik. I think there is evne a GUI app for it.06:30
Stevethepirate*it's trivial06:30
StevethepirateSigh, it's too early :/06:30
trythilStevethepirate: there is -- you can right-click on folders and pick sharing options from there06:30
StevethepirateAnd that isn't an option here/06:31
ActionParsnipJon--: is there a channel specifically for vim. They may know some tricks06:31
holoceneebuntu if you have a wired connection, connect with that, then do system - administration - hardware drivers06:31
Jon--extor: You open any "folder". Try places - home or something.06:31
trythilStevethepirate: I thought it wasn't, but it sounds like extor has access to GNOME06:31
StevethepirateActionParsnip: He's been there, just idlers.06:31
RoDiMuS-XJon--: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Change_the_color_scheme06:31
trythilStevethepirate: so, yeah, going through the file manager is what I'd recommend06:31
Jon--ActionParsnip: I'm in there, asked ages ago, 0 replies, in fact, 0 messages in channel in about an hour. That's why I am here ;P06:31
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: gah!06:31
extorJon--, and then right click on it?06:31
codebrainzJon--, can you not just copy the vimrc file to the other system?06:31
brickyhey is there any way to ajust your video card settings  by chance06:31
Ebuntuholocene: ok brb06:31
StevethepirateActionParsnip: The wonders of IRC ^^.06:31
Jon--extor: Just left click. Nautilus is like Windows Explorer, it just lets you see folders and files and stuff.06:32
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: nature of the beast06:32
Jon--codebrainz: My .vimrc does not use custom colours. The defaults on Ubuntu and Windows must be different and I don't know where to find.06:32
trythilalso, broadcast for help: if anyone went from Karmic to Lucid and is experiencing significantly degraded 2D performance with an ATI video card, I'd very much like to talk with you :)06:32
=== pantsd_h` is now known as pantsd_home`
extorJon--, left click does nothing. Right click brought up a context menu where I see "share"06:32
extor"Sharing Options" rather06:33
trythilextor: yeah, that share option is what you want06:33
ActionParsnipTrythil: remove then reinstall the driver, sometimes video drivers don't survive the upgrade06:33
Jon--extor: Out of curiosity, try this. Press alt+f2, and run "nautilus"  [no quotes].  Does anything happen?06:33
deathnight114Hey does anyone know if there is an FL Studio alternative for ubuntu06:33
ActionParsnipDeathnight114: lmms06:33
codebrainzJon--, what about the system-wide one under /etc/vim/*06:33
trythilActionParsnip: I removed/reinstalled fglrx; dmesg and glxinfo report latest Catalyst driver installed06:33
extorJon--, errr I cannot run a gnome app in the console06:33
trythilActionParsnip: however, 2D performance is still junk, and I'm not quite sure what else to poke at06:33
extorIt's just going to crash06:33
Jon--extor: Then do it from terminal. :P   My bad.06:34
linuxi can't remember if i installed ubuntu as a 32 bit or 64 bit os how would i know?06:34
ActionParsnipTrythil: that's all I got. I avoid ati like paris hilton avoids talent06:34
trythilActionParsnip: hah06:34
extorSo what will my samba name be06:34
Jon--codebrainz: I have not looked there yet. Does that contain the syntax highlighting colours?06:34
codebrainzlinux, i think uname -m will tell you06:34
RoDiMuS-Xlinux: uname -a it will have x64 near the end06:34
ActionParsnipLinux: uname -a ,if you see i686 its 32bit, if you see x86_64 its 64bit06:34
jericomDoes anyone know how to fix this login error "could not update iceauthority"06:35
goddardAre older versions of ubuntu more secure?06:35
deathnight114ActionParsnip, what is lmms?06:35
codebrainzJon--, presumably it's the default/global configuration file overriden by your personal ~/.vimrc file.  i don't use vim, but that's the way it usually works06:35
jericomIt just happened out of the blue06:35
RoDiMuS-Xgoddard: more secure or more stable06:35
linuxi686 came up so 32 bit06:35
ActionParsnipJericom: boot to root recovery mode and run: cd /home; chmod -R foo ./foo ,assuming your username is foo06:35
trythilgoddard: not really -- how secure your system is depends much more on what you choose to run and how vigilant you are about it06:36
ActionParsnipDeathnight114: an alternative to frootyloops06:36
norrecDoes anyone have any experience with setting up vpns?06:36
holocenejericom: check the forums.06:36
Jon--goddard: In some sense, perhaps, but with Ubuntu, the packages are always updating. It's not like old versions keep "safe" packages. If you want security, then try some sort of minimalistic install, like Ubuntu server and install what you need. I'd recommend 10.04, it's very stable.06:36
trythilgoddard: that said, older versions of Ubuntu don't necessarily get the latest and greatest, e.g. ejabberd in the last LTS hasn't seen any updates for a long time06:36
ActionParsnipDeathnight114: like you asked for...right?06:36
trythilgoddard: and often package updates include security fixes06:36
ActionParsnip!latest | goddard06:37
ubottugoddard: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.06:37
k1_hi, i have an ubuntu server and XP clients . i know that is taking all our bandwidth, how can i find out who he is ? like the machine name06:37
Jon--codebrainz: I'll check it out lat--- right now. Haha.ext2explore.exe you are my friend. =D06:37
holocenejericom: that was a problem for people who encrypted home directory. http://ubuntuforums.org/ or launchpad will have into06:37
goddardAt some point security holes would be fixed right?06:37
Ebuntuholocene: it says your computer is using no propeitary drivers06:37
ActionParsnipK1_: ssh onto the system and run ntop ;)06:37
goddardSo why update an OS further?06:37
trythilgoddard: because more security problems may be discovered06:37
holoceneebuntu: odd.06:38
k1_ActionParsnip, from ubuntu run ntop ?06:38
goddardUbuntu is always introducing new software wont they just lead to more issues?06:38
ActionParsnipGoddard: new features. Security in any OS will never be 100%06:38
jericomholocene: I didnt encrypt the home directory, well anything06:38
ActionParsnipK1_: from the ssh session on the offending system06:38
holoceneyou choose an option on install. you sure?06:38
Jon--goddard: The LTS releases are generally the most stable. Since the latest Ubuntu is LTS, I'd go with it.06:38
jericomYes completely06:38
holocenehow old is install?06:39
Ebuntuholocene: got any suggestions?06:39
StevethepirateAnyone here familiar with "nitrogen", [not the gas :-), the program ]06:39
ActionParsnip!info nitrogen06:39
ubottunitrogen (source: nitrogen): wallpaper browser and changing utility for X. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.1-1 (lucid), package size 167 kB, installed size 500 kB06:39
holoceneebuntu sorry. I would find out if wlan card is supported.06:39
jericomSince 10.04 released06:39
goddardI appreciate the answers but I am more asking from a theological stand point not deciding which version I need because I already run 10.0406:39
k1_ActionParsnip, most probably the offending system is a windows . would i have to set it up for ssh beforehand?06:39
holocenedid you run ubuntu before that?06:40
devilinahello everyone06:40
ActionParsnipGoddard: lts is good but karmic is more mature06:40
Jon--goddard: If you want the most secure platform, go with a flavour of BSD06:40
Jon--goddard: In general, you sacrifice security for shiny things.06:40
ActionParsnipK1_: then grab another windows system and use terminal services manager in admin tools to remotely manage the system. You can then see the sessions on the pc. You can even message them ;)06:41
onetinsoldierI know how to make my OS completely secure. reach over, pull plug from internet, done :D06:41
devilinathe front audio port is giving any output, im using a desktop....please help?? is it a driver issue?? it works fine on windows06:41
jericomDid a clean install06:41
goddardonetinsoldier you cant do that to a server06:41
ActionParsnipDevilina: what windows does is moot to linux06:41
RoDiMuS-XI got a channel question, Do you recommend upgrade from previous Ubuntu installation or fresh install?06:41
k1_ActionParsnip, is there no option to do that from ubuntu, basically i just want to know the computer's name06:41
onetinsoldiergoddard: i know. it was a little joke06:41
ActionParsnipK1_: nslookup ip.address.of.pc06:42
devilinalol action..please help..i want to desperately get the front audio jack to work :(06:42
holocenejericom: ice authority has bugs but I thought they were put to rest in lucid. I would check the forums.06:42
norrecbut when it comes down to it, just about any version of ubuntu is more secure than windows, and i that alone should keep you pretty safe till the amount of windows machines drop lol06:42
tyler_I have the most secure computer of all! A commodore 64 that sits in the corner!06:42
RoDiMuS-Xkl_: nslookup ipaddress06:42
k1_ActionParsnip, thanks06:42
Jon--goddard: If you want to run a server, go with FreeBSD or OpenBSD. I don't mean to badmouth Linux, they are damn secure, but those two are used when you want absolutely the best, and safest you can get.06:42
Jon--goddard: You will sacrifice some functionality and ease of use though. Your call.06:43
goddardIs it that different?06:43
jericomholocene: What is ice authority anyway?06:43
ActionParsnipJon--: it's a known fact that bsd is usually more secure06:43
tyler_goddard: Yeah, I'm going to have to also provide a shout out for BSD. Security = rock solid.06:43
holoceneAre openbsd people pretty friendly?06:43
devilinashould i do something to the alsa-base.conf file?:(06:43
tyler_holocene, Hop on their channel?06:44
Jon--goddard: See ActionParsnip's reply. Yes. In the security community, those are very rarely found exploits. I don't remember which one, one of those two, hasn't been a remote exploit in years. It's definitely at the sacrifice of making your life a living hell in setup though. Limited.06:44
holocenejericom: has to do with passwords and security. It was a nightmare for me.06:44
holocenetyler: good idea. I've heard things.06:44
jericomholocene: Is it default in the installation or it comes with other packages?06:44
goddardJon-- I see06:45
jericomholocene: btw thanks for you help06:45
holocenetyler but I will06:45
holocenejericom good luck you will get it.06:45
daddymommyhow can i confirm whether I have a dialup/phone modem in my comp?06:45
Jon--goddard: It comes down to choice. Is Ubuntu server "secure", yes. Is it bulletproof? No. Is even FreeBSD bulletproof? Well, it's possible that it isn't, but it's the best you can get if you are concerned.06:45
ramonhelp please06:45
siriusnovaguys how in the holy heck do you disable services from starting on bootup in lucid06:46
Jon--goddard: OpenBSD is also good. Do some research.06:46
RoDiMuS-Xsiriusnova, use the start up manager06:46
siriusnovathere is no start up manager06:47
siriusnovawhere is it06:47
tyler_goddard: You could go and ask a BSD guy on a BSD channel as of why their OS is more secure then Linux. You'll get a biased answer of course, but there will probably be some useful information given out.06:47
onetinsoldiersiriusnova: unfortunately, i think they dropped the gui for doing that with Lucid/upstart. but you can look at man page for  update-rc.d, and i think the chkconfig package might be another one to have a look at06:47
ramonexcludes xchat menu internet, installed it again and appeared not give <br>I alt + f2 gksu alacarte and it appears on the menu ... As I put on the menu ?06:47
holocenegoddard: Freebsd was great and a very good community.06:48
devilinaplease help someone...06:48
annie7130789how can i create password wall in linux06:48
tyler_siriusnova: I think it's in the repositories... not sure though.06:48
holocenedevilina what is your question06:48
KungFuBearOk, I'm about to throw things06:49
ramonexcludes xchat menu internet, installed it again and appeared not give06:49
ramonI alt + f2 gksu alacarte and it appears on the menu, as I put on the menu06:49
thamzskype crashes when I start a chat in Lucid, worked well in prev versions though. Anybody having the same issues?06:49
devilinaholocene...the front audio jack is not giving any output..i did a lot of reasearch on google...tried all sorts of stuff..but doesnt work..it started after the release of karmic06:49
=== mike_ is now known as Guest37620
holocenejack is mechanically good?06:50
=== benlieb is now known as minijupe
holocenecable good?06:50
devilinayes..works on windows holocene...its working..so no probs there06:50
Jon--goddard: The main reason is philosophy. Nearly all the features FreeBSD has, except for a few key ones, are available in Linux. Key: kernel security levels. Includes better IDS (intrusion detection system), etc. The main reason? Their codebase. Linux moves forward, BSD stays where it knows it is 100% safe. Makes your life harder, but it offers better security.06:50
Jon--goddard: [I know I said main reason twice, different default packages etc differ DUE to philosophy though ;p]06:51
holoceneif you did the google thing and checked forums then I don't know. there is another very big linux channel on freenode to try. they seemed good.06:51
annie7130789can anyone help me06:51
thamzanybody having problems with skype in Lucid?06:51
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, whats your question?06:52
J2EEEhi... i got this nokia 2730 c and want to connect to the internet from that device paired to ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth06:52
jericomIn my case is working fine06:52
RoDiMuS-Xthamz, nope works great for me06:52
annie7130789ya i want to download latest sype in lucid06:52
holocenedevilina ask again and I will shutup.06:52
J2EEEi can connect via the upper toolbar but then still ping www.google.com says unknown host06:52
J2EEEthe device shows [E]06:52
brickythamz : yea, cant get my webcam to work hehe06:52
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, ok06:52
Exavionanyone here run an Intel (multicore probably) chip and have problems with frequency scaling on a fresh install?06:52
J2EEEmeans it is connected fine06:52
annie7130789@RodiMus-x i want to create password wall in linur during runlevel3 login06:53
thamzbricky, in my case, i can't start a chat even :(06:53
Jon--I am using vim on Windows via djgpp. I would like to have the same colour scheme for vim syntax highlighting that I have on Ubuntu by default [with background=dark]. How can I do this? [I ask here because I know a lot of you guys are good with ~/.vimrc and things of that nature. VIM should be the same on the two platforms, just seems like defaults are not. Just pretend I didn't use the word...06:53
Jon--..."Windows", I dualboot ;P] I have looked in ~/.vimrc and /etc/vim/vimrc on Ubuntu. Neither have any colour settings.06:53
annie7130789sorry its linux06:53
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, a password wall?06:53
annie7130789there is already one06:53
codebrainzdevilina, it's probably due to it not switching to the jack automatically, it's something with alsa i guess where it senses when something is plugged it, it's supposed to switch06:53
codebrainzmy guess anyway06:53
annie7130789and i want to creaone morete06:54
annie7130789can u help me06:54
J2EEEhi... i got this nokia 2730 c and want to connect to the internet from that device paired to ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth ... the device shows [E] means its connected correctly ... so does ubuntu show the tower in the network area when its connected .. but still ping www.google.com says unknown host06:54
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, you mean a user list06:54
thamzRoDiMuS-X, hmm, some prob with my machine, i guess06:54
codebrainzdevilina, what kind of computer is it?06:54
devilinai keep it plugged in while i boot....codebrainz06:54
devilinastill it doesnt detect..its a desktop codebrainz06:54
annie7130789no there exist a password wall in linux06:54
`blackmk4`linuxwhat would cause update-motd to disappear and apt-get install update-motd doesn't fix it06:54
annie7130789and i want to create one more password wall06:55
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, are you talking about Openwall06:55
holoceneannie what system has a pasword wall?06:55
Jon--goddard: Not to steer you in the wrong direction, I think OpenBSD is more secure than FreeBSD. Both are VERY good. OpenBSD has had TWO remote exploits in ten years, and that's while being completely open source.06:56
annie7130789@Rodi i dont know what open wall and password wall is06:56
annie7130789but some one asked me how to create it?06:56
J2EEEhi... i got this nokia 2730 c and want to connect to the internet from that device paired to ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth ... the device shows [E] means its connected correctly ... so does ubuntu show the tower in the network area when its connected .. but still ping www.google.com says unknown host06:56
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, password walls are usually used on web servers06:56
annie7130789@Rodi and what is run level 3 login06:57
brickyis there a catalyst control center of some sort for ubuntu,06:57
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, that is GDM06:57
fikrivga ubuntu eror06:59
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, yea the GUI that displays the available users and you select them and it prompts for the password06:59
J2EEEhi... i got this nokia 2730 c and want to connect to the internet from that device paired to ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth ... the device shows [E] means its connected correctly ... so does ubuntu show the tower in the network area when its connected .. but still ping www.google.com says unknown host06:59
holocenewikipedia says run level 4 is the console and networking, no gui06:59
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, GDM stands for Gnome Desktop Manager, correct me if I am wrong06:59
holocenesorry run level 306:59
annie7130789@Rodi den tell me how to create password wall in webserver of linux?07:00
devilinayes..runlevel 3 is CUI with networking..to invoke GUI type 'startx' :)07:00
J2EEEhi... i got this nokia 2730 c and want to connect to the internet from that device paired to ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth ... the device shows [E] means its connected correctly ... so does ubuntu show the tower in the network area when its connected .. but still ping www.google.com says unknown host07:00
holocenecui = cli?07:00
RoDiMuS-Xholocene, 2-5Full Multi-User with console logins and display manager if installed07:00
devilinayes holocene07:01
holoceneRodimus yes.07:01
RoDiMuS-Xannie7130789, google Openwall07:01
shazzam6999window 107:02
holocenehow do you exit the gdm in ubuntu to get to run level 3?07:02
RoDiMuS-Xhit ctrl-alt f107:02
holoceneand then to return to gdm?07:02
RoDiMuS-Xctrl-alt f8 i think07:03
RoDiMuS-Xsorry f707:03
linuxoh that code::blocks 8.02 is nice download just got to see if it works as good as it looks07:03
holocenerodimus I got stuck in the console and could not return once. the reason I ask. Ok f7 will try.07:03
devilinaholocene..to get back to runlevel 3..on terminal type 'init 3' :)07:04
zetherooI want to throttle my CPU fan up at about 3000 RPM ... how can i do this? Desktop/ASUS MB/AMD CPU/ Ubuntu Karmic07:04
devilinai think i should go back to jaunty to make my front audio jacks to work...:(07:05
devilinakarmic & lucid doesnt solve the issuee07:05
codebrainzzetheroo, i think you probably use lm-sensors for that, there's a pwm thingy in there if you system has one07:07
Twain_32Hello Everyone! how can help me to configure WINE ? correctly07:07
zetheroocodebrainz: well I have that running ... the sensors in the panel anyway .... but I didn't know that lm-sensors could control stuff ... I thought it was for monitoring ...07:08
Twain_32Hello Everyone! how can help me to configure WINE ? correctly07:08
codebrainzzetheroo, run pwmconfig07:09
codebrainzit will tell you if it can do it or not07:09
zetheroowhat am I looking for?07:09
codebrainzfor it not to say "/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed"07:09
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:10
zetheroocodebrainz: it wants to stop my fans one at a time07:10
codebrainzzetheroo, cool07:10
RoDiMuS-X/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed07:10
Twain_32guys! how to configure WINE correctly!07:10
Twain_32guys! how to configure WINE correctly!???07:10
AndrewX192!wine | Twain_3207:11
ubottuTwain_32: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:11
zetheroocodebrainz: meaning ....07:11
AndrewX192How come I can't add gnome-panel to RGBA blacklist?07:11
RoDiMuS-Xnight all07:11
ActionParsnipTwain_32: there is no single answer to that as the config will vary wildly from app to app. Some apps run well and some will even refuse to install07:11
codebrainzcodebrainz, what i pasted is what i get, not supported here, can't help.07:11
magicianlordQuestion: What is the preferred fstab mount option for solid state disk and why: noatime or relatime07:11
ActionParsnipTwain_32: check the appdb for. Compatibility07:12
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:13
zetheroocodebrainz: how do I control the fan speeds?07:13
ActionParsnipMagicianlord: http://tldp.org/LDP/solrhe/Securing-Optimizing-Linux-RH-Edition-v1.3/chap6sec73.html07:13
codebrainzzetheroo, google for lm-sensors pwmconfig07:13
codebrainzor use bing, google sucks now07:13
clint-zetheroo:  theres  echo commands you can use as well07:14
zetheroowhy does google suck now?07:14
clint-I would do echo commands on fan state files on some hp notebooks and thinkpads, but they also have that thinkpad control deal07:14
zetherooclint-: yes I use the Thinkpad Fan Control app on my Thinkpads ....07:15
Twain_32ok guys i understand it! but how can i download required items and where i must put them /07:15
Doctehzetheroo: occasionally its given me results sorted in a crap way while it gives my friend the results sorted better :-/07:15
magicianlordthanks man07:15
clint-like example, full rpm,  echo 0 > /proc/acpi/fan/state07:15
codebrainzzetheroo, they tweaked it to death, removed country options, definition, the search results are worse, it looks lame, and there's a new bar on the left that makes it not work on my netbook07:15
ActionParsnipMagicianlord: i'd use noatime as the files will be written less and make the device last longer (ssd have limited write cycles)07:15
clint-I been debating on which thinkpad to get again.. sent a T61 back,07:15
zetherooDocteh: I see07:15
clint-the T410 I like, but some things on it I don't like which is was more like the T61, but with that touchpad though, however I got a Logitech VX Revolution so.. don't matter07:16
zetheroocodebrainz: i see what you mean ...07:16
ActionParsnipTwain_32: usually www.dll-files.com is needed but again, there is no single answer07:16
magicianlordActionParsnip: and what abou using relatime instead of noatime?07:16
clint-but ze07:16
clint-you can issue echo commands to control diff levels :)07:16
clint-0 - 707:16
clint-should be, just all depends07:16
zetherooclint-: how do these echo commands work?07:17
Ebuntuholocene: i FINALLY got it to work07:17
clint-who me what you have for...  ls /proc/acpi/fan/07:17
zetherooclint-: so you scrapped the Thinkpad for a Logitech?07:17
clint-I sent the T61 back because the Top LCD Cover was warped07:17
clint-but I should of kept it :)07:17
summersПривет, кто-нибудь говорить на русском? Я урожденная помочь с Ubuntu07:17
ActionParsnipMagicianlord: http://blogs.koolwal.net/2009/01/30/installing-linux-on-usb-part-4-noatime-and-relatime-mount-options/07:17
zetherooclint-: back ... for warranty service?07:17
theadminsummers: #ubuntu-ru пожалуйста07:17
EbuntuI installed Wicd Network manager, and it connected through there07:18
ActionParsnipMagicianlord: fyi I have no idea about this stuff. I'm just websearching07:18
summerstheadmin: спасибо07:18
=== ozziem is now known as ozziem|away
Ebuntui had to connect through ethernet07:18
ActionParsnipEdbuntu: wicd is sweet :)07:18
Yaxcomment on change la partition surlequel se trouve le grub ?07:19
imprintI recently upgraded to the new Ubuntu 10, and now my computer is messed up, mouse does not function properly, and I must turn off by pushing in power button cause if I try to turn off by power icon, I get rerouted to log in screen, all in all, the upgrade is awful,07:19
codebrainzmagicianlord, noatime stops it from writing the access bits on each file each time it's accessed, relatime causes it to only update the access bits if they are different07:19
codebrainzi think07:19
ActionParsnipEdbuntu: if you always use the same wired connection you can use /etc/network/interfaces and do away completely with all gui network management apps07:19
magicianlordcodebrainz: i dont really understand the difference. i just want to know which to set on my ssd netbook07:19
ActionParsnipMagicianlord: i'd shoot for noatime. It'll make it faster too :)07:20
Ebuntulol now my sound wont work07:20
codebrainzmagicianlord, noatime=less writing to flash disk, relatime=some but not lots07:20
magicianlordthank, ActionParsnip07:20
ActionParsnip!hi | eri07:20
erii need helo to configure alsa or pulseaudio07:20
ubottueri: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:20
clint-zetheroo: , I tried the depot method twice, but the guys in mephis tenn didn't know what they were doing, so I sent it back to Morrisville , NC and waited  1 month for a free fund check because they couldn't credit the money back to my bank which I bought from my Bank Card/Master Card07:21
clint-the next time, I will just order 1 from techforless, tigerdirect, or neweggg07:21
clint-whoever has the best deal ;)07:21
clint-I won't deal with lenovo again07:21
zetherooclint-: wow that's shocking07:22
ActionParsnipclint: lenovo support linux nicely (usually)07:22
clint-but I been thinking about ordering a macbook pro, so I can do screencast with techsmith with virtual machines with suse/mandriva/ubuntu/fedora07:22
zetherooclint-: I am in Australia and service has been super quality07:22
clint-well, I support my own systems, hehe :)07:22
clint-I know they do acidchild07:22
ActionParsnipMac == $$$$$$$$$$$$07:22
clint-and you know what system to eh.. ;)07:22
clint-not on techforless ActionParsnip07:22
theadminclint-: meh, if you want to record your desktop you can always use RMD, what's the big deal?07:23
nmvictorhow do i solve this ::: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B507:23
clint-I got a sonicwall TZ 170 SP for 90% off07:23
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts07:23
clint-refresh rate :)07:23
clint-and techsmith does a great job07:23
clint-and plus, I am going to provide screencast for netinstalls and so on07:23
zetherooclint-: I won't buy a Mac due to Apple ... ! :-/07:23
clint-maybe some LFS stuff as well07:23
ActionParsnipNmvictor: search for the key code you are getting. Is there not a key command on the page you got the ppa from?07:24
clint-zetheroo:  hee07:24
ActionParsnipZetheroo: +107:24
clint-well I like the thinkpads and the macbook pro's, build custom performance workstations, etc07:24
nmvictorI get this everytime I run apt-get update. how do i solve it ::: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B507:24
ActionParsnipNmvictor: did you read my suggestion??07:25
theadminnmvictor: You have to import the corresponding public key for the repo07:25
imprintis it possible to return my computer to Ubuntu 9 without loosing all my data cause Ubuntu 10 does not function properly, any suggestions?07:25
clint-when gtk record my desktop ,and others can produce the quality techsmith camtasia studio does, then I'll think about using it07:25
=== Libfy is now known as Libfy-
zetherooclint-: I really do not like the eco-system that Apple are creating ... so i won't support them ... I also have not had good experience with their service and support in the past ...07:25
nmvictorActionParsnip: yea, i am tryin to remember how i got it in the first place07:26
clint-zetheroo:  every company can be a wanker with support07:26
zetherooclint-: but I will say that some of their offerings are shiny and kewl looking ... :)07:26
codebrainzclint-, using gstreamer "directly" with gst-launch utility works pretty good for me when i tried07:26
clint-I like the thinkpads a lot too my friend07:26
clint-I work on notebooks man07:26
ActionParsnipImprint: if your data is important then you will have a backup you can restore from after reinstalling 9.10. Rolling back is not advised nor supported07:26
clint-take them apart, clean the cpu die, reapply new artic silver compound etc07:26
nmvictortheadmin: how do i do that, isnt their a general method that would take the key as an argument07:27
theadminnmvictor: meh, there usually are instructions on site of corresponding repo07:27
zetherooclint-: yeah cool ... I do tech support, mostly onsite and mostly on laptops ... I have been using Thinkpads since 1999 ...07:27
clint-the point is you have to have a high end system for quality07:28
clint-techsmith handles a lot more than GTK record my desktop or even demo recorder or any others and more formats07:28
clint-I'm sure something will come about as the years to come, but for now.. it doesn't07:28
ActionParsnipClint-: I go for an easy life and buy what's super compatible :)07:28
zetherooclint-: I hear what your saying about recordmydesktop and the like ... i have been through such nightmares about those things ...07:28
clint-and I work with several distributions, maintain windows, etc, and Mac OS X, even opensolaris07:28
clint-ActionParsnip:  I hear ya07:28
nmvictortheadmin: ActionParsnip : You guys assist, It was about #Opera browser deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free  #chromium browser deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu lucid main deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu lucid main07:29
clint-I really like the thinkpads when it comes to notebooks and the macbook pros07:29
ActionParsnipClint-: dell d420 works 100% ootb with lucid. As does netbook remix on aspire on z4507:29
clint-I' support everything and love everybody LOL07:29
clint-I been thinking  I really need to support ubuntu again07:29
shazzam6999thinkpads are pretty amazing, I've had a t20 thats taken everything like a champ07:29
theadminnmvictor: It's one of the last ones.07:29
zetherooclint-:  haha ... you need to look at what Apple are doing to this world ... Steve is off his rocker me thinks ...07:29
clint-but when they jump on me about offtopic stuff thats why I love it with suse/mandriva :D07:29
clint-and opensuse-factory07:29
ActionParsnipNmvictor; are you using karmic or lucid at all?07:30
clint-plus, security is mind blowing in suse, however, I'm on some LFS stuff07:30
clint-expect to see my distribution in the years to come07:30
nmvictortheadmin: actually their is an error for opera too, the on i posted is for chromium07:30
zetherooclint-: please discuss this in #off-topic .... HAHA07:30
clint-heck, I started working with ubuntu with hedgehog07:30
clint-blow me lol D:07:30
nmvictortheadmin: and bytheway, is chromium available for ubuntu powerpc?07:30
theadminclint-: Well on the other hand, that's right, you keep support channels about support07:30
theadminnmvictor: no07:30
nmvictorActionParsnip: Lucid powerpc arch07:30
clint-I feel ya07:31
theadminzetheroo: LFS is Linux From Scratch07:31
imprintwell, I have no choice really but to roll back, my computer worked perfectly fine until the upgrade, now my computer is glitchy  and I am quite unhappy with this new version, are other people having the same bummer experience with the new upgrade?07:31
clint-but sometimes its ghostowns ;)07:31
alktorsHow do you install network manager back? I purged it to use wicd but I want to purge wicd and come back to the network manager.07:31
zetherootheadmin: thanks ;)07:31
clint-linux from scratch boss07:31
theadminubottu: find network-manager07:31
zetherooclint-: fantabulous07:31
clint-you build your own system zetheroo07:31
clint-why you think you see 100 linux distros even though theres way over 40007:31
nmvictortheadmin: so will removing the line on chromium solve one of the problems?07:31
zetherooclint-: yes ... I have been mucking around with the idea of rolling my own kernel for starters07:32
trythilhmm -- radeon driver does 2D much better than fglrx, it seems07:32
clint-even though I'm still cool with suse/mandriva/fedora/ and ubuntu07:32
ActionParsnipNmvictor: go to the ppa page and use: sudo add-apt-repository <ppa bold text on page>07:32
alktorsDoes anyone know? :)07:32
clint-I stopped working with debian, been since 2007, I worked with it from 2005 - 200707:32
theadminalktors: sudo apt-get install network-manager07:32
clint-gentoo as well07:32
holocenepls repeat how to get to console from gdm? I had major problems.07:32
ActionParsnipNmvictor: keys will be handled for you07:32
clint-and many others07:32
alktorstheadmin,  Thank you and can I ask you another thing please?07:32
clint-I got a lot of them narrowed down though07:32
zetherooclint-: Suse I liked ... Fedora - not for me!07:32
theadminalktors: Ask, of course, I'll answer if I can07:32
codebrainzalktors, sudo apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome iirc07:32
clint-I feel ubuntu is a great successor out of debian based systems period07:32
clint-and see linux mint doing a lot of things as well07:33
clint-I do some things with fedora07:33
clint-I work with suse/mandriva more07:33
zetherooclint-: yes mint is pretty interesting07:33
clint-and deploy them07:33
alktorstheadmin,  I purged network manager because it showed me "wireless networks>disconnected in gray " even thou wireless is enabled and I have the drivers installed.07:33
clint-ubuntu though, I might start offering though again for new customers07:33
alktorstheadmin,  Why?07:33
clint-I'm really big into security zetheroo07:33
clint-you could say I"m a paranoid user07:33
alktorstheadmin,  Was something wrong with network manager or something? I'm a beginner.07:33
zetherooclint-: aren't we all?07:33
clint-yeah thats why I bought a sonicwall :)07:34
theadminalktors: I don't really know such stuff sorry.07:34
clint-until I either setup a smoothwall box or pfsense box later07:34
clint-who knows07:34
alktorstheadmin,  It's ok, thanks very much for your help.07:34
zetherooclint-: into security for hobby-sake?07:34
zetherooclint-: ahhh07:34
zetherooclint-: then you know how to make and break it, ay ...07:34
zetherooclint-: you know that echo thing for the fans ...07:35
alktorsAlso guys, I want to make a wireless network under ubuntu, any tips for security?07:35
clint-I' thinking of downloading the latest LTS07:35
clint-and testing it out07:35
zetherooclint-: can you give me a command to try ...07:35
clint-and running all kinds of security audits on it07:35
clint-but also.. I been adding tomoyo linux to distros I work with and use07:35
zetherooclint-: 'cause I am just not finding anything07:35
clint-suse is already well secured enough07:36
FloodBot1clint-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:36
clint-sorry FloodBot107:36
randerzanderI'm having problems building fglrx on a 32 bit 10.04 image.. make.log complains about a missing utsrelease.h07:37
clint-yes zetheroo  I'm going to wait a min and try to get everything out on the page for you, plus I don't want to piss off any ubuntu admins07:37
zetherooclint-: ko thanks07:37
codebrainzzetheroo, under /proc/acpi/fan, if there are fans in that dir, by writing the fan speed/level to them, you can control the speed07:38
nandersonhi room07:38
clint-zetheroo: ,   list me your /proc/acpi/fans or fan07:38
clint-then what you'll do for example is like  echo 0 > /proc/acpi/fan/C20F/state07:39
zetherooclint-: it's empty :(07:39
clint-that would turn the fan or fans to full rpm07:39
codebrainzclint-, zetheroo , isn't there an ibm subdir under acpi, specific to thinkpads?  I don't have one07:39
clint-probably because it has a custom dsdt for acpi07:39
zetherooclint-: btw, do I need to disbale the cool and quiet feature in the BIOS?07:40
zetherooclint-: this is on a desktop07:40
psuastihow do i use wget to archive websites?07:40
clint-well then let it run native man07:40
clint-I don't want to screw up your bios firmware settings07:40
zetheroo1clint-: this is me on the desktop07:40
clint-what cpu socket you have07:40
zetheroo1clint-: AM2+07:40
imprintI recently upgraded to the new Ubuntu 10, and now my computer is messed up, mouse does not function properly, and I must turn off by pushing in power button cause if I try to turn off by power icon, I get rerouted to log in screen, all in all, the upgrade is awful,07:41
clint-then get an AC Freezer 64 Pro and be done with it07:41
JackStonerpsuasti: go to command and type: man wget07:41
zetheroo1clint-: AC Freezer?07:41
clint-I have built several AMD AM2 socket workstations, with Asus boards and used the AC Freezer 64 Pro switzerland copper heat pipe's heatsink, best 1 bro07:41
JackStonerThis will give u a brief manual for wget07:41
clint-5000+ - 6000+07:41
clint-it keeps the AMD Athlon 64 X2's at 45- 55 F07:41
zetheroo1clint-: ah ... it's a heatsink!?07:41
clint-replace your stock heatsink and be done with it07:42
zetheroo1clint-: is that on idle?07:42
ChigginsHey, I'm in need of some Conky help... My Conky display ends at the middle of line 137... http://chiggins.pastebin.com/dEVvherd07:42
zetheroo1clint-: well on idle mine is about 45 degrees07:42
clint-I have never had a problem with my engineering to these systems I have buit and programmed for my clients07:42
clint-well thats good then m807:42
clint-but the AC Freezer 64 Pro has a 6 year warranty :)07:42
zetheroo1clint-: on load it's over 70 though07:42
clint-thats expected bro07:43
zetheroo1clint-: 60 -7507:43
clint-the cpu isn't just going to stay idle temp lol07:43
clint-either will gpu's07:43
illuminatusdo you know something for gnome to read my feed from google reader ?07:43
zetheroo1clint-: yeah ... I was just wondering why the Fan doesn't speed up more ...07:43
clint-unless you want to start building a cooler box :)07:43
zetheroo1clint-: it's at about 2800 RPM now ... on load07:43
clint-so the bearings don't wear out over time ;)07:43
zetheroo1clint-: hehe07:44
holocene_should I be able to get to the console by ctrl alt f1 and then return by ctrl alt f7?07:44
clint-you probably can change things in bios for fan settings, but I would just leave it where its at07:44
zetheroo1clint-: ok cool ... ha ... pun not intended07:44
clint-optimum , performance, etc. quiet07:44
zetheroo1clint-: at what temp is it bad for the CPU?07:45
clint-zetheroo:  I was building Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T's for a while, the next 1 if I use them, I will get some dust filters,07:45
clint-the 250mm side fan really isn't needed only an 80/90mm side fan, the front intake is 140mm and side rears are I can't rem off hand07:45
JackStonerilluminatus: there's a plugin on evolution if u are usung evolution07:45
ChigginsHey, I'm in need of some Conky help... My Conky display ends at the middle of line 137... http://chiggins.pastebin.com/dEVvherd07:45
clint-240 F is critical metling07:45
holocene_should I be able to get to the console by ctrl alt f1 and then return by ctrl alt f7?07:45
JackStonerif not there's a lot of other good rssreaders for gnome...try google07:45
clint-gpu's run hotter than cpu's do though, they are geared very high07:46
clint-but everything is controllable to an extent07:46
zetheroo1clint-: whats that in Cel?07:46
clint-wait erm07:46
clint-115 C07:47
clint-just all depends how the cpu is engineered07:47
zetheroo1clint-: oh yeah ... that's kinda hot07:47
clint-some can take a huge stress before they start to overheat and die07:47
clint-um.. yeah07:47
clint-default engine temps are 195 - 205F07:47
onetinsoldierholocene_: are you running the live cd?07:48
holocene_onetinsoldier: no. hard disk install07:48
clint-zetheroo:  have you been using ubuntu for a while?07:49
clint-I'm going to get the latest build and work with it07:49
clint-right now, I'm just working with suse/mandriva/ mainly07:49
zetheroo1clint-: not too long ... since 200607:49
onetinsoldierholocene_: roger. then i'd say the answer is yes, you should have Virtual Terminals available with Ctrl+Alt+F1 - F607:49
clint-I started on hedgehog in 2005, and they also sent me 35cd's of breezy which I passed out to my College Coeds07:49
zetherooclint-: i think I started with 6.0407:49
clint-but I was also working with debian back in 2005 with sarge, and also testing etc, through 200707:49
zetherooclint-: yeah I got stacks too - heh07:50
holocene_onetinsolder: I can't get back from the console. I am stuck in the console and must sudo shutdown.07:50
illuminatusJackStoner: hi07:50
clint-I wrote a custom bash script to get compiz and the fusion packages from git and do the automation of compiling and configuring from source07:50
zetherooclint-: i am more of a noob and basic user ... :P07:50
Moral_What file controls which Logon manager is loaded? I currently have SliM loaded, but I want to switch back to GDM for a few things...07:50
illuminatusno I want somethinhg for gnome07:50
onetinsoldierholocene_: you might not need to shutdown07:50
clint-well you learn as ou go zetheroo07:50
holocene_then what?07:50
zetherooclint-: yeah ...07:50
clint-I' really like security zetheroo  its highly important07:51
zetherooclint-: I have helped about 20 people change to Ubuntu from Windows ...07:51
clint-suse by far has done this for my business and for myself07:51
clint-however, as I stated I'm studying LFS and working with it..07:51
zetherooclint-: sound good!07:51
clint-gentoo was something.. working with it from 2006 - 2007 spending months on custom work, and weeks etc07:51
clint-ubuntu is really a nice base, and for world wide support07:51
onetinsoldierholocene_: although you 'should' be able to get back to X with Ctrl+Alt+F7, try this if that's not working --> sudo service gdm stop   ...followed by sudo service gdm start07:51
zetherooclint-: so your clients use Linux I take it ...07:52
clint-zetheroo:  thats cool07:52
holocene_onetinsolder: noted. thanks. will try.07:52
clint-residential, business, yes, windows and linux,07:52
mneptokclint-: you have been asked multiple times to take non-support issues to -offtopic07:52
clint-and I manage virtual machiens for them, np mnemon07:52
clint-argh mnemon07:52
zetherooclint-: here it comes :P ... off-topic07:52
clint-mneptok: *07:52
clint-yeah lets take it to ubuntu offtopic07:52
holocene_onetinsolder: does suspend or hibernate have even the slightest thing to do with not being able to switch back?07:53
=== juju2143 is now known as [J]
bricky hey is there a way to restore my display drivers, or reset them to their default..07:53
Moral_Guys, I  need some help. Slim keeps booting into gnome, and I want it to boot into xfce... I have this line in slim.conf  login_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login /etc/X11/Xsession %session       where is the %session variable located?07:53
dseo80Hi i have a folder containing very long file names (~40-50char) in Korean, Japanes, English - im getting errors using different methods or trying to copy/archive it07:53
onetinsoldierholocene_: it could. i haven't had any trouble with suspend on my desktop system, but i've seen people say they've had some problems, especially with hibernate07:54
dseo80can someone give me some help in a command that will do thIS?07:54
revilodrawi feel stupid for asking this, but how do i set brasero as the default dc buring application?07:54
apriluswho know how to disable the touchpad? it seems that i can not find the disable option in preference > mouse > touchpad in ubuntu 10.04. btw, fn+f9 can disable it but i don't want to do this everytime.07:54
dseo80ive tried, cp, tar, and rsync - rsync worked best but still only get 10% of the files07:54
holocene_onetinsolder: But is hibernate or suspend somehow connected to ctrl at f7?07:54
revilodrawaprilus: there's a program called touchfreeze you could use07:55
onetinsoldierholocene_: no, not that i know of07:55
holocene_onetinsolder: ok. thanks. I miss being able to boot into a console first, then starting the gui environment.07:56
ChigginsHey, I'm in need of some Conky help... My Conky display ends at the middle of line 137... http://chiggins.pastebin.com/dEVvherd07:56
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
codebrainzholocene_, do you have alternate keys with a "function" lock or something?07:57
aprilusrevilodraw: thanks, i will try07:57
holocene_codebrainz: yes. I think it is the cresent moon key. I press it, but can never come back.07:58
holocene_codebrainz: unsure of your question though07:58
defendguini just installed lucid and i don't have a volume applet07:58
codebrainzwell, if function lock or whatever is on, it's obviously the sleep button, i would assume for some reason by the moon07:58
codebrainzso it won't change TTYs07:59
holocene_I can get to the console. but its a one way trip.07:59
codebrainzpress the Function lock or whatever key and try again07:59
codebrainzX windows should be on of the TTYs, probably 708:00
holocene_ok. pressing the lock key now....08:00
revilodraw i feel stupid for asking this, but how do i set brasero as the default dc buring application?08:00
holocene_no effect.08:01
codebrainzwhen you press Ctrl+Alt+Fn, where n is between 1-8, you don't get switched back to Xorg?08:01
codebrainzone of them should08:02
defendguinhmmm there is a difference between the indicator applet and the notification area    how odd08:02
holocene_ctrl alt f7 as I was directed has an effect but it does not return me to the gui08:02
jake__double farts08:02
onetinsoldierholocene_: did the commands i gave you to restart gdm(X) work as a workaround for now? just curious :-)08:02
genewitc1how do i start a gnome session from ssh so that i can connect to it via RDP?08:02
codebrainzholocene_, what about ctrl alt f1, f2, f3 or any others?08:03
holocene_onetinsoldier: I will try them.08:03
onetinsoldierholocene_: roger that08:03
rocket16Hello again, respected members08:03
rocket16Hello thinkstu08:03
holocene_testing now brb08:03
thinksturocket16,  I'm trying to mount ntfs system, which has VISTA, but I got message error I need to make chkdsk08:04
holocene_onetinsoldier and codebrainz: ctrl alt f7 brought me back. Yea! thanks for the help. restores my faith in this laptop08:05
HaruhiÔçÉϺÃ~ :-D08:05
thinksturocket16, how can I make chkdsk from ubunut !!?08:05
rocket16Some websites, while loading in a browser are prevented by the browser saying "Malicious content", and if we open then in Windows, infection is sure. But in Ubuntu, will there be the same?08:05
trythilhmm, looks like I solved my 2D performance problem, kinda08:05
rocket16thinkstu: I think, the matter is not related to Checkdsk, do you have ntfs-3g installed?08:05
thinkstuyes it is08:05
trythilthe OSS radeon driver has far better 2D performance than the latest Catalyst driver under Lucid08:06
trythilI'm going to chalk this one up to "ATI sucks"08:06
thinksturocket16, this is the first line of the error message $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 1).08:06
revilodraw i feel stupid for asking this, but how do i set brasero as the default cd burning application?08:07
=== karthik is now known as Guest4738
thinkstu...., how to make chkdsk from ubuntu !!!!?08:07
codebrainzrevilodraw, default in what? what do you want to happen when08:08
CaptainTrekrevilodraw:  System > Preferences > Preferred Applications, maybe?08:08
rocket16thinkstu: I see. To make it, install ntfsprogs package. Then, I think the problem will be solved. Use: sudo apt-get install ntfsprog08:08
revilodrawCaptainTrek: i looked there, nothing at all about cds or dvds08:08
codebrainzthinkstu, if you want to mount it unclean, not-recommended, use the -o force on the mount command, see man mount.ntfs08:08
revilodrawcodebrainz: hi, i want nothing to pop up when i put in a cd or dvd. any help?08:09
genewitc1so does anyone know how to start gnome-session from a remote terminal?08:09
CaptainTrekrevilodraw:  disable automounting then08:09
=== lance_ is now known as Guest74455
rocket16thinkstu: Also, instead of chkdsk, use fsck in Ubuntu, it nearly does the same function. fsck command is to be used08:09
thinksturocket16, E: Couldn't find package ntfsprog08:09
thinksturocket16, I'm using Lubuntu08:09
CaptainTrek!info ntfs-prog08:10
ubottuPackage ntfs-prog does not exist in lucid08:10
thinkstucodebrainz, force mount is not working too08:10
CaptainTrekdarn, what's its thing...08:10
onetinsoldiergenewitc1: i've never used ssh. so all i can think of is --> sudo service gdm start08:10
thinkstufsck get the same error, and mentioned that I have to fix it using chkdsk08:10
codebrainzthinkstu, if you can boot into windows and shut it down cleanly it should mount when you return to ubuntu08:10
codebrainzand run chdsk in windows on it while in there08:10
CaptainTrekthinkstu: boot to windows command prompt and type chkdsk08:10
genewitc1onetinsoldier: ok that started something, but i need to connect to it08:11
CaptainTrekFYI: Windows support is in ##windows, not here08:11
genewitc1via remote desktop08:11
thinkstucodebrainz, CaptainTrek I can't boot from windows :S08:11
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  then you're out of luck, Ubuntu can't run chkdsk08:11
theadminwhile deleting bsd-mailx, it tries to delete the checkinstall'ed nmap, why on earth?08:11
rocket16thinkstu: Sorry, the package was ntfsprogs. So use: sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs08:11
theadminCaptainTrek: It has fsck.ntfs08:11
CaptainTrektheadmin: which doesnt always work the way Windows wants.08:12
onetinsoldiergenewitc1: roger. can't help anymore than that. but that should have started x-windows (gnome session) on the remote system08:12
revilodrawCaptainTrek: i want them to automount, just for nothing to pop up once they've mounted08:12
cclmyy晕  都是英语阿··08:12
theadminCaptainTrek: That is true. It doesn't always work at all, either08:12
genewitc1i found it gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true08:12
thinksturocket16, already installed "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 67 not upgraded.08:12
CaptainTrektheadmin:  doubly true xD08:12
gbear14275can I assign a br and eth the same IP?08:13
thinksturocket16, the ntfs part in sda2, even when I'm trying to boot from it, it did nothing08:13
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  what version of windows?08:14
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  did you delete the Vista (loader) partition?08:14
theadminthinkstu: Can you boot from a windows CD, get to the recovery console and do it from there?08:14
thinkstucappicard, I'm not sure, but I didn't delete it08:14
CaptainTrekwrong highlight08:14
thinkstutheadmin, I don't have the Windows CD now :(08:14
Lazy^thinkstu: reinstall vista bootloader, then use live-cd to reinstall grub08:14
rocket16thinkstu: I see. try these commands: sudo -i first in terminal, then, ntfsfix /dev/sda2. Install the ntfsfix package for this.08:15
thinkstuI tried ntfsfix08:15
thinkstubut same problem08:15
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  you'd need to take this to a tech in my opinion, your issue is bordering on "beyond fixable via IRC chat"08:15
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  and I've seen a LOT of those kinds of issues (those being "beyond fixable via IRC chat")08:16
maitreyHi to everyone, excuse me, I have no idea how does it work here. Can I ask you only one "simple" question? I have HD radeon 4350 and I'm searching for some linux distro. Upto now tried ubuntu, but it didn't work. Is this card supported in Opensuse11.208:16
thinkstuCaptainTrek, the funny part is I'm a tec, but I'm home with no tools to use :(08:16
rocket16Try this command: ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/ntfs -o force08:16
CaptainTrekmaitrey: ask in ##linux08:16
rocket16thinkstu: Make sure it is not mounted08:16
rocket16thinkstu: Then try ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/ntfs -o force08:16
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  lol?  Perhaps you need to go get a Win Vista OEM disk08:16
KungFuBearHi, I'm having trouble booting my live cd. I'm at a (initramfs) shell prompt with an error message: Unable to find a medium containing a live file system. What should I do?08:17
thinksturocket16, let me try this command08:17
CaptainTrekKungFuBear:  sounds like a bad live cd08:17
thinksturocket16, same error :(08:17
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  again, time to invest in a Win Vista OEM disc08:18
KungFuBearCaptainTrek its not. It has to do with the computer I'm trying it on. Its an old pc. The cd works fine on my laptop08:18
thinkstucappicard, I don't have the disk :(08:18
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  again, make sure you highlight the *correct* person08:18
bricky_hey can ubuntu scan for hardware updates and missing drivers08:18
holocene_ kungfubear: I once switched out the cdrom drive with another and it worked08:18
thinkstu :)08:19
CaptainTrekthinkstu: then what I said stands, it seems you're out of luck.  this issue seems "beyond fixable via IRC chat"08:19
rocket16thinkstu: Your NTFS partition has been corrupted and you can fix it through Windows tools only. Boot up Windows OS and run chkdsk on C: Drive. In case Windows OS in not booting up, plug-in your harddisk in a machine having any Windows OS and run chkdsk.08:19
thinkstuCaptainTrek, this is the first time (for me) to find someone give up in IRC :)08:19
rocket16thinkstu: I agree with CaptainTrek to an extent, :( Sorry,08:20
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  its 3:20 AM here xD  guess why08:20
thinksturocket16, anyway thanks for trying08:20
thinkstucappicard, lol08:20
thinkstuI got it08:20
thinkstuCaptainTrek, do you have work tomorrow ?08:20
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  nope, college student off from classes for the summer.08:21
ChazrawrMay I ask a question?08:21
CaptainTrekthinkstu: not everyone here has a full time job08:21
holocene_oh, to be in college again.08:21
CaptainTrekthinkstu: i'm on call for my dad's office though...  they dont know their linux server's commands, and I do xD08:21
thinkstuCaptainTrek, lol08:21
thinkstuCaptainTrek, I think that's a very nice think08:22
CaptainTrekthinkstu: go to #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support chat with me08:22
CaptainTreki'll be there shortly08:22
theadminCaptainTrek: Uh, can't you ssh to that server? ;)08:22
CaptainTrektheadmin:  which, my dad's office server?08:22
theadminCaptainTrek: Why yes08:22
CaptainTrektheadmin:  noo.  he's a lawyer, and that server's protected by multiple firewalls xD08:23
chervawhat is the best way to chroot an sftp user ?08:23
CaptainTrektheadmin:  besides, he's a 15 minute light rail trip away xD08:23
linuxhow do i remove this <invalid\ path>  from my root?08:23
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm
theadminCaptainTrek: ic %)08:23
theadminCaptainTrek: Dunno what's a light rail, but whatever08:23
theadminCaptainTrek: Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie to me, lol08:24
CaptainTrektheadmin: streetcar, trolley, light rail transit car, New York City Subway Car, etc08:24
CaptainTrektheadmin:  those are examples08:24
thinkstuCaptainTrek, your father has a IT company ?08:24
theadminCaptainTrek: Ah, trolley, got it now, thanks XD08:24
th3seaw0lfhi everyone, i need to know something really important08:24
theadminth3seaw0lf: 42.08:24
th3seaw0lfcan anyone help?08:24
CaptainTrekthinkstu: no my dad's a lawyer, i'm his tech person though08:25
CaptainTrekth3seaw0lf:  ask your question already08:25
Jordan_Utheadmin: Damn, you beat me to it.08:25
CaptainTrek!ot | theadmin08:25
ubottutheadmin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:25
th3seaw0lfi need to install 10.04 over 9.10, without formatting the hd, but i cant uprade because the previous installation is completely broken08:26
thinkstuCaptainTrek, Lawyer !!!!, what does he need a serve for ?08:26
th3seaw0lfand i cant even reach grub08:26
CaptainTrekthinkstu:  email, LDAP, internet at his office, etc. etc. etc.08:26
=== ubuntu910 is now known as Hgrubby
theadminth3seaw0lf: I don't see a way to like that. If it's GRUB, you may reinstall it from a live CD...08:26
CaptainTrekthinkstu: lol, MOST small businesses have a server xD08:26
th3seaw0lfnow, when i use a live cd, i can only install it in a new partition, or format the whole HD08:27
th3seaw0lfand do a clean install08:27
th3seaw0lfi dont want that08:27
theadminth3seaw0lf: You can also format just one partition08:27
th3seaw0lfcuz my important stuff is on that HD08:27
Jordan_Uth3seaw0lf: How did it break? It may not be as irecoverable as it seems. (though you can re-install without reformatting by choosing manual partitioning)08:27
th3seaw0lfwell, the fstab is empty, and /boot/ is empty08:28
thinkstuCaptainTrek, I'm not sure where are you from, but server for Lawyer .....08:28
Jordan_Uth3seaw0lf: And anything important should really be backed up, in any situation.08:28
thinkstuCaptainTrek, do you mean mail. backup, LDAP .etc server ?08:28
Jordan_Uth3seaw0lf: How did that happen?08:28
CaptainTrekthinkstu: DUH08:28
CaptainTrekthinkstu: what did you THINK I meant???08:28
CaptainTrekANYWAYS, this is offtopic08:28
CaptainTrekback to support08:29
thinkstuCaptainTrek, lol08:29
th3seaw0lfia couple of days ao, while on pidgen, X restarted suddenly, and showed me the whole X error screen08:29
rubydiamondguys I am having keyserver inssue08:29
untmdsprtso what happens if you are using Ibex?08:29
thinkstuI have to try fixing my computer08:29
rubydiamondissue* http://pastie.org/98689308:29
thinkstuhave a nice day all08:29
th3seaw0lfwhere i could see the los, or choose previous settings and crap08:29
rubydiamondgpg: requesting key 7DAAC99C from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com08:29
th3seaw0lfso i tried to reconfigure raphics08:29
theadminuntmdsprt: You don't receive important updates, and you won't receive support on these channels either08:30
th3seaw0lfwhich didnt work at all08:30
Kalle__People keep dissing Webmin so I try to find an alternative and I'm recommended Ebox. Anyone using that? Is there any use for this software for the guy who wants to work with virtual hosts? I can only create, rename or remove hosts, nothing else! What's the use for this?08:30
brickyhey guys suppose I busted my display driver how can I get it back08:30
artypig78is there anyone here who runs znc on their machine?08:30
th3seaw0lfu following me Jordan_U08:30
untmdsprtis there an automatic upgrade or do you have to use a live/alternative CD to upgrade?08:30
ChazrawrHello all. I am having a problem getting Ubuntu to recognize/mount dvd's. It will mount blanks and my home movies that I've made. I have lucid fully updated. I have installed the restricted  software package.08:31
theadminuntmdsprt: You can update only to Jaunty from interpid08:31
artypig78if some1 is running znc on ubuntu, please pm me08:31
untmdsprttheadmin, ok, thanks08:32
theadminChazrawr: You'd probably need libdvdcss2, AFAIR that is available in !medibuntu08:32
onetinsoldiertheadmin: you don't have to be running medibuntu to get it installed08:33
theadminonetinsoldier: "Running medibuntu"?! It's a repo.08:34
onetinsoldierfirst you install libdvdread4. then run this included script --> sudo ./usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh08:34
onetinsoldiertheadmin: roger.. my bad08:35
onetinsoldiertheadmin: you don't need to add the medibuntu repo is what i should have said08:36
untmdsprtdo we still have to register for this channel?08:36
ChazrawrIt said sudo: ./usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh: command not found08:37
ChazrawrOh, opps. I'll try that, thanks.08:37
summersyes hello08:37
onetinsoldieruntmdsprt: don't think so. don't know that's ever been a requirement08:37
summersi would like to announce a new ubuntu channel, #ubuntu-faggots, all are welcome to join08:37
Twain_32guys! how can update my wine version ?08:37
untmdsprtonetinsoldier, I saw something like that a few days ago08:38
rocket16untmdsprt: You simply need to register your nick. In case the channel goes under Spamblocker protection, you'll be able to enter only with a registered nick.08:38
untmdsprtrocket16, I've done that with nickserv08:39
Twain_32guys! how can update my wine version ?08:39
untmdsprtare you talking about something else?08:39
onetinsoldieruntmdsprt: hmmm. afiak, you only need to register if you want to keep yourself from turning into a Guest all the time, at least if the nick you pick is already taken by a registered user08:39
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:39
rocket16rocket16: Then no problem, :) You are always welcome to join here08:39
=== administrator is now known as Guest84665
ChazrawrOk, sorry. I already had libdvdread4 installed. and it said that second command couldn't be found.08:39
onetinsoldierChazrawr: oh? hmmm. hang on a moment08:40
SmokeyDhey everyone. How can I tell /etc/fstab that a certain mount should only be done after the network is up? I have a fuse sshfs share mounted in there that I want to automount when the network is up08:40
onetinsoldierChazrawr: it should be there... what version of Ubuntu are you running?08:40
th3seaw0lfcan anyone help me please on private? :(08:40
CaptainTrekth3seaw0lf:  no08:41
ChazrawrLucid lynx fully updated.08:41
onetinsoldier!cn | dabin08:41
ubottudabin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:41
onetinsoldierChazrawr: what do you get fomr this command? --> dpkg -l libdvdread408:42
SmokeyDth3seaw0lf: just ask your question here. Don't ask people to help you, they will if they can.08:42
ChazrawrYou want the whole thing or just a particular part of it?08:42
th3seaw0lfSmokeyD its very lon and complicated, i'll paste it on pastebin08:42
theadminIs there a way to "simulate" a grub install to see if it detects all OS's correctly?08:43
onetinsoldierChazrawr: just the last line.. the bottom line08:43
insigni want install the ucc, but it need jstest-gtk and the site getdeb is out...08:43
Chazrawrii  libdvdread4    4.1.3-8ubuntu1 library for reading DVDs08:43
SmokeyDtheadmin: I think grub-probe08:44
onetinsoldierChazrawr: what country are you in?08:44
=== ozziem|away is now known as ozziem
onetinsoldierChazrawr: strange. /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh is in that package08:45
th3seaw0lfSmokeyD http://pastebin.com/vPihKT9v08:45
jetienneis there something like add-apt-repository but to remove it ?08:46
quibblerTwain_32-> have a look here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ppa08:46
ChazrawrThat's odd, its working now.08:46
onetinsoldierChazrawr: lol. ok, cool08:46
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
ChazrawrOnce I run that it should work. Right?08:47
SmokeyDth3seaw0lf: wow, that indeed sounds messed up. I guess your whole install is messed up after the connection broke during upgrade. I am sorry, but I can't help you find the real problem, other than recommending backing up stuff with a live cd and doing a fresh install.08:48
wedoI need help plz08:48
Bodman456hi guys08:49
quibblerinsign-> look here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/getdeb-mirror-site.html08:49
siriusnovawedo what is the problem08:49
wedohi siriusnova08:49
xrubyhello anyone know free account shell to practice linux cmd plz08:49
SmokeyDth3seaw0lf: you could though try to at least reinstall grub. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 for more info on that08:49
wedoI cannot shutdown or reboot my system08:49
th3seaw0lfthanks SmokeyD, looking into that08:50
CaptainTrekxruby: nope, just install ubuntu and then practice xD08:50
SmokeyDwedo: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:50
siriusnovawedo - what do you mean08:50
wedosiriusnova: when i click shutdown or reboot it does not make anything08:51
xruby:( i dont have a any pc to install it im forced to use that fukin windows08:51
wedoonly hibernate and suspend works08:51
th3seaw0lfSmokeyD, i cant install grub because my Grub is broken and i cant get to terminal :P08:51
siriusnovawhat Ubuntu is this?08:51
siriusnovawhat kind of machine08:51
wedoyep siriusnova08:51
xrubyanyone know wubi08:51
wedolaptop dell08:51
th3seaw0lfeven with a live cd, i dont think installing grub is possible08:51
theadminxruby: Yeah08:51
elvisdsI'm using wvdial to connect to the internet. But there is no system-wide notification of the connection. Firefox still starts in Offline mode, Empathy does not attempt to connect... Anything I should be doing?08:51
CaptainTrekwedo: in terminal:  sudo shutdown now08:52
theadminth3seaw0lf: It is08:52
CaptainTrektest it08:52
SmokeyDth3seaw0lf: on that link I sent you, there is a section (towards the bottom) about reinstalling grub2 using a live cd08:52
SmokeyDso you can do it by booting from a live cd and then reinstall grub from there08:52
wedoCaptainTrek:  I have this problem for one week now08:52
ChazrawrOk I ran that script earlier and I manually installed mediabuntu and it still won't mount any dvd's.08:52
CaptainTrekwedo: still do it please08:53
CaptainTrekto test something08:53
wedoi used to shutdown by using : sudo  init 008:53
SmokeyDth3seaw0lf: I would recommend method 3 from there.08:53
xrubyi already installed but when i restore windows installation is already on in windows but i cant reinstall that work but installer for wubi was destroy how can i force to reinstall it without lost grub and all my installation08:53
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gbear14275how do you restart networking?08:58
ChazrawrOk I ran that script told to earlier and I manually installed mediabuntu and it still won't mount any dvd's.08:58
wedoCaptainTrek: the command work and its shutdown09:00
codeshahhey guys, it seems I cannot access my ubuntu computer at an office building, because no incoming ports are opened... [there are routers behind routers behind routers!]09:02
codeshahare there any alternatives to regular vnc, ssh ?09:02
codeshahi.e. can I somehow have the computer connect to a 3rd party server, and somehow connect through that?09:02
mkquistgbear14275: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart    should work09:03
dm2Having a strange problem.... Randomly when I click, X shuts down, and then I get booted to a screen that says my Screen, video card (and something else, i dont remember) cannot be detected (even though they were JUST running) and it asks me to go into low video mode etc.09:03
wedocan anyone help me with runlevels09:04
mkquistChazrawr: did you install the css extras?09:04
brickysince were all asking i thought id ask for a hand in reinstalling the correct ati driver package09:04
gbear14275how do I bring down a bridge?09:05
ChazrawrI did.09:05
mkquistChazrawr: or the extra codecs to run the things that ubuntu does not come with?  like restricted codecs?09:05
smegzor1Prior to 10.04 if I launch a bash script I was asked if I wanted to run it in terminal, edit it etc.  In 10.04 it just runs.  Where do I change this back to the old behaviour?  I regularly want to edit the script immediately prior to running it (to launch Wine prefixes) and it was a LOT more convenient to be asked what I wanted to do each time.09:05
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:05
Chazrawrmkquist: Those are all installed as well.09:05
wedocan anyone help me with runlevels09:06
mkquistChazrawr: can you 'look' at the dvd and see it vob files?09:06
mkquistChazrawr: i've never had a problem with ubuntu, at least, and dvd's after installing the codecs...09:07
mkquist*not and ... with09:07
Chazrawrmkquist: What do you mean look?09:07
mkquistChazrawr: can you manually mount the dvd and 'see' the files on it?09:08
wedohow can I enable a verbose boot09:08
mkquistChazrawr: as in can you browse the dvd...09:08
wedoI want to see all the messages and procedures happens while loading09:09
rwwwedo: sudo nano /etc/default/grub, remove the quiet and splash entries from the relevant line, save, and do "sudo update-grub"09:09
Chazrawrmkquist: Hmm, I don't know how to manually mount it. What's the command?09:09
mkquistwedo: do you want to 'see' what is happening on boot?09:09
wedoyes mkquist09:09
wedoty rww09:09
mkquistChazrawr: sudo mount /dev/whatever drive it is... after making a directory in (probably) media09:09
gbear14275can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here... I seem to have a zombie bridge: http://paste.ubuntu.com/442675/09:10
mkquistwedo: you can remove the "quiet" by editing the boot line in grub and see what is actually happening instead of seeing, like a progress bar09:10
gbear14275no matter what I do I can't seem to kill this br109:11
mkquistwedo: by default ubuntu boots in 'quiet' mode.. which does not show what it's doing...09:11
wedomkquist: yes I do not see anything after the grub choices until i have the login screen09:12
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mkquistwedo: you have to edit the choice you want to see09:12
pat5starwedo: dmesg09:12
wedoI have some start up programs does not start and I have to start it manually each time09:12
gbear14275anyone... zombie networking... any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/442675/09:13
mkquistwedo: it's an option when grub pops up09:13
wedopat5star: I tried dmesg but couldn't find anything related09:13
ChazrawrOk, It's late for me. I can barely think. I'm gonna try again tomorrow, thanks for all the help.09:13
pat5starwedo: the programs you want to autostart, are they in /etc/rc2.d?09:14
mkquistwedo: you can go into preferences and add them to startup applications.  That might take care of it09:14
wedopat5star: the runlevel is unknown09:14
waheedisudo adduser --group www-data deploy what should this command do ?09:15
pat5starwedo: why? you mean you don't know what runlevel you're on?09:15
wedomkquist: network-manager does not start automatic, do I have to put it in autostart09:15
waheedii think it creates new user deploy under group www-data09:15
pat5starwaheedi: that adds a new user called 'deploy' and adds 'deploy' to the group 'www-data'09:16
untmdsprtdoes anyone use a different language besides English?09:16
waheedipat5star:  wrong09:16
waheedipat5star: $ sudo adduser --group www-data deploy09:16
waheediadduser: Specify only one name in this mode.09:16
rwwuntmdsprt: We have different channels for different languages. Which one do you want?09:16
wedopat5star: i know the runlevel but when i check it it gives me unknown09:16
pat5starwaheedi: wrong?09:16
untmdsprtwell I want to know how to correctly set up Ubuntu so when I want English I get all English, and when I want Japanese I'll get all Japanese09:17
waheediit gives me this adduser: Specify only one name in this mode.09:17
* gbear14275 runs away from zombie network... shooting ifdown's as he goes... anyone help?.... Bueller? *pow* *pow*... [from the distance] mmm brains http://paste.ubuntu.com/442675/09:17
untmdsprtI'm getting a mixture of both right now09:17
_Yang_is backtrack rip of ubuntu?09:17
rww!derivatives | _Yang_09:17
ubottu_Yang_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:17
_Yang_Error : /opt/metasploit3/app/ruby: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:18
_Yang_explain /opt/metasploit3/app/ruby: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:18
donkeysalve a tutti09:18
rww!it | donkey09:18
ubottudonkey: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:18
theadmin_Yang_: Something wrong with the application or you are running it the wrong way09:18
mkquistgbear14275: having fun now are you?09:19
_Yang_any ruby prblm?09:19
* gbear14275 fires more ifdowns... bleeding from the ankel... *pant* "Need more cardio"09:19
gbear14275mkquist: no... damn zombie wont die09:19
Moral_good evening, I ve slim installed and it was booting into gnome, I wanted it to boot into xfce, I made a  .xinitrc with "exec startxfce4 &"  and In slim.conf I had it point to that .xinitrc file. It didnt work and  now I cant even boot back into gnome. In the slim.conf file there is login_cmd           exec /bin/bash09:19
Ebuntugbear14275: lol09:19
Moral_ -login /etc/X11/Xsesion %session where %session is defined as default, or xfce4. whhen I switched it back to  ... Xsession %session gnome didnt boot. So somehow the default variable got messed up and it doesnt know  where to boot from. When i ctrl-alt-f5 and killall x and slim and remove the locks in /tmp  then startx or  startxfce i get this error http://haxnet.org/pastebin/index.php/view/aaf16df3 it's at the bottom, regarding  the keymap. An09:19
Moral_It should also be noted, when I login as root and startx or startxfce it loads the window managers normally09:19
onetinsoldierwaheedi: i think, if you already have the www-data group on the system, you would add the user to that group. if not. make the www-data group, then add users to it09:20
waheedionetinsoldier: www-data group already exists09:20
waheedibut when i try to add user deploy it says adduser: Specify only one name in this mode.09:21
linuxok i finally got codeblocks working and program for test came out something like this #include <iostream>09:21
linuxusing namespace std;09:21
linuxint main()09:21
linux    cout << "Hello world!" << endl;09:21
FloodBot2linux: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:21
linux    return 0;09:21
waheedionetinsoldier:  this works sudo useradd deploy -g www-data09:21
waheedibut adduser does not09:21
linuxoh floodbot k09:21
* gbear14275 sighs and states, "well, guess this is it..." as he hits the big red button... "reboot"09:21
rethushave change /etc/inputrc. have i to restart a deamon to mkae changes take effect?09:22
onetinsoldierwaheedi: ok, roger. i think the aaduser command would just be...  adduser deploy www-data09:22
onetinsoldierwaheedi: if you had already created the deploy user09:22
peppomy indicator applets for network and bluetooth have disappeared. how to get them back? lucid, indicator-applet-session 0.3.6-0ubuntu209:23
* gbear14275 cheers! success!09:23
waheediyeah true, thanks onetinsoldier09:23
onetinsoldiergbear14275: congrats :-)09:23
onetinsoldierwaheedi: cheers09:23
gbear14275onetinsoldier: thanks... wen't down with em... luckily I have lots of lives left09:23
linuxi also tried <stdlib.h> and see if i could execute a file without using a './ execute file'09:23
jetienneis there something like add-apt-repository but to remove it ?09:24
onetinsoldiergbear14275: bears also have nine lives? hehe09:24
gbear14275something like that... how many times did g_unit get shot and still live?09:24
gbear14275I'm a gbear (this is almost too corny for me to say... almost)09:25
onetinsoldiergbear14275: :-)09:25
Moral_What file do you change if you want to use GDM09:26
Moral_I have slim09:26
Moral_and I want to switch it back to GDM09:26
Lazy^Anyone here who knows about Wine...09:26
Moral_I forgot what I modified09:26
erUSUL!anyone | Lazy^09:27
ubottuLazy^: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:27
Lazy^Ok, does wine have problem if you have compiz enable. Programs / Games start /works fine.. but i cant set correct resolution.09:27
schlaftierMoral_: easiest is probably if you do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm09:28
theadminLazy^: Don't use Compiz with WINE, many known issues with it09:28
Moral_alright, thanks09:28
Lazy^theadmin: so basicly i should change window manager before i start using wine ?09:29
theadminLazy^: Yeah, disable compiz trough appearance settings09:29
theadminLazy^: Or write a script which will do something like "metacity --replace && wine /path/to/your/thing.exe && compiz --replace"09:29
xlrllrri already installed but when i restore windows installation is already on in windows but i cant reinstall that work but installer for wubi was destroy how can i force to reinstall it without lost grub and all my installation09:30
xlrllrru understand my problem?09:30
Lazy^theadmin: yes yes, but it seems that the same problem is there.. Games tent to use 3280 x 1200 resolution.. which is both of my screens...09:30
erUSULLazy^: #winehq ?09:31
Galerienxlrllrr: not relay...09:31
bardo_ hello to all. i have a intel 855 graphic driver, xubuntu 10.04 doesen'e work correctly with that hardware, does anyone knows a solution, is there any upgrade to resolve the problem?09:31
theadminLazy^: oh o_o anyway, we don't support WINE here, please go to #winehq09:31
xlrllrrGalerien i installed wubi in windows all worked good ok but i lost my windows09:31
xlrllrri repair windows09:31
Lazy^theadmin: yep, i did bo there.. Thanks erUSUL09:32
xlrllrrso wubi still work with grub09:32
xlrllrrbut in windows i cant see wubi09:32
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xrubywhen i try reinstall told me u cant choose same folder09:33
xrubyu understand now ??09:33
Galerienxruby: Yes... Well, I haven't use wubi in ages...09:34
GalerienCan you still boot on ubuntu?09:34
xrubyyes bro09:34
xrubyi can inter normaly09:34
xrubybut in windows really the installer is gone09:35
xrubyjust reportory of wubi still on09:35
xrubyu see09:35
Galerien!enter | xruby09:35
ubottuxruby: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:35
xrubyok :P09:35
GalerienSo, ok, you want to save you installation (like installed software) and reinstall?09:36
xrubyyes i want reinstall it or save it without lost my windows again09:36
Galerienok, hold on a sec09:36
xrubyif i loose ubuntu no problem09:36
GalerienTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:37
xrubybut i dont want lost my boot.ini with grub or lilo i dont remember what wubi choose09:37
xrubylose sorry09:37
stevecamxruby, what is your natural language?09:37
xrubyi had vista :/09:38
xrubyfrench ...09:38
Galerien... Are you French, German? Italian?09:38
GalerienOk, on passe en privé ;)09:38
gbear14275i got stuck in vim... how do I save?09:38
stevecamgbear14275, press the escape key, then press : then s09:38
stevecamthen enter09:38
stevecam:q will quit, and if you want to quit without saving it is :q!09:39
gbear14275stevecam: e21: Cannot make changes, modifiable is off09:39
stevecamgbear14275, read only?09:39
Yuiouphey all09:40
stevecamgbear14275, try :s!09:40
YuioupI have a question: .gz files in /usr/share/doc ... what is the best way to read them?09:40
gbear14275stevecam: Vim is the devil to me... no clue what part of the dungeon i'm in lol09:40
stevecami love vim09:40
gbear14275same error09:40
llutzYuioup: zless09:40
erUSULYuioup: zless09:40
onetinsoldiergbear14275: it's w09:40
Yuioupah.. ok09:40
anassHow I get my enternal & external IP in order to Access to it remotely via Internet?09:40
stevecamgbear14275, try sudo vim, it sounds like you are trying to edit a file that is owned by another person09:41
gbear14275i love nano and other no degree required editors... i know its powerful, but dang is it confusing09:41
onetinsoldiergbear14275: :wq09:41
YuioupWhat I did was copy the files to ~ and then used gunzip... this saves time09:41
stevecami mean :w! not :s!09:41
Yuioupthanks ... and BTW vim rulez09:41
nettezzaumanahi there09:42
stevecami havnt tried nano yet, its just a matter of personal opinion, i wanna try emacs09:42
nettezzaumanacan i somehow disable desktop effect by using cli command?09:42
nettezzaumanalike in KDE4?09:42
anassHow I get my enternal & external IP in order to Access to it remotely via Internet?09:43
rwwanass: http://www.whatismyip.com/09:43
gbear14275wtf!  had to go back in... how the hell do you actually change something in this damn program?09:43
llutzanass: internal: ifconfig, external see rww09:44
gbear14275backspace just moves the cursor backwards09:44
rabidweezlenettezzaumana, I know you compiz --replace to turn it on...09:44
gbear14275onetinsoldier: stevecam:  I'm going to need a walkthrough here...09:44
gbear14275onetinsoldier: stevecam:  How do I edit a file?09:45
rabidweezlethen metacity --replace & to switch back09:45
stevecamvim <filename>09:45
anassllutz: Sorry, I know this 2 Ways but the External ip direct me to Router page09:45
nettezzaumanarabidweezle: mmmt09:45
stevecamgbear14275, just a curiosity, if you are fine with nano, why don't you stick with it?09:45
gbear14275stevecam: I have summoned the beast... now I must know the magic order to make him listen (all backspace is doing is moving the cursor... how do i put it in edit mode... or whatever)09:46
llutzanass: you need to setup port-forwarding in your router to access machines in your lan from outside09:46
rabidweezleuse the & on the end of both09:46
stevecamgbear14275, press the insert key09:46
anassllutz: but the router isn't mine>09:46
gbear14275stevecam: and now the dance of saving?  (ok done editing... how do i save and quit?)09:47
stevecamwhen you have finished editing press the escape key, now you can use the commands you invoke them starting with the : key, w is write, q is quit and ! is force09:47
linuxdchello everyone09:47
baskakhi, anybody can help me with canon bjc-240 printer under 10.04? the text quality is very poor (blocky), on the contrary to images. there's a thread about it here: http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8952137, but no solutions. iti is said it was good on some earlier versions.09:47
linuxdci have some questen about wirless card rtl8185 did that card suporting injection ???09:48
SmokeyDgbear14275: :w saves and :q quits. You can combine them with :wq09:48
linuxdcthanks anyway09:48
SmokeyDgbear14275: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/vimcheat.html09:48
* gbear14275 bashes head against alter... file change rejected (error: internal error No <source> 'bridge' attribute specified with <interface type='bridge'/>)09:48
Error404NotFoundin karmic i used twidge as commandline twitter client, i can't find it in lucid. howcome?09:49
linuxdcyou can use gwibber09:49
SmokeyDbaskak: have you checked openprinting.org?09:50
* gbear14275 dances and chants... makes it do bidding successfully... happens to rain too09:50
SmokeyDbaskak: your printer is in there as "working mostly". See http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Canon/Canon-BJC-24009:50
baskakSmokeyD: nope, lemme check09:50
Galerienlinuxdc: my gwibber has some huge ram issues...09:50
rwwError404NotFound: It's only set to build on ARM for some reason. I'm looking into why.09:51
X-Raimohello, what's wrong with this http://paste.org.ru/?wa7mzt ldif?09:51
* rabidweezle makes a couple of launchers to switch compiz on and off09:51
Galerienlinuxdc: and sometime uses like 40% of my cpu (2,53 gz * 2)09:51
rwwError404NotFound: oh, wait, no, I'm misreading it >.>09:51
linuxdci dont have any problems with gwibber09:52
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rwwgwibber isn't command-line based09:52
linuxdcmy misteke09:52
wedoI cannot find the inittab file, can anyone help plz09:53
rww!inittab | wedo09:53
ubottuwedo: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:53
llutzwedo: there is none anymore, *buntu uses upstart now. look at /etc/init/09:53
baskakSmokeyD: i see. how do i check if  i use recommended driver?09:53
linuxdccan some post link tutorial how use aircrack09:53
linuxdctext mode09:53
Galerienlinuxdc: http://www.remote-exploit.org/09:54
rwwlinuxdc: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=tutorial09:54
wedothank you09:54
onetinsoldiergbear14275: sorry. i was gone for a bit there and i have to go. hope you get the help you're looking for. cheers09:54
SmokeyDbaskak: System->Administration->printing. Right klick the printer, choose properties and then with "Make and model" press change.09:54
xrubyty galerian resolved09:55
rwwoh, there we go09:55
rwwError404NotFound: It was removed from lucid because it failed to build from source, and thus violated https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-lucid-supportable-binaries09:56
baskakSmokeyD: it's the recommended one. what about the alleged regress between ubuntu versions then?09:56
Galerienxruby: no problem09:56
SmokeyDbaskak: you do need the proper packages installed. Check if you have installed all gutenprint packages (check in the Ubuntu Software Centre)09:56
Error404NotFoundrww, hmmmm, okay any commandline alternates?09:57
SmokeyDI don't know this specific printer or the canon drivers, so I can't help you there unfortunately.09:57
SmokeyDbaskak: ^09:57
rwwError404NotFound: no idea; I use the identi.ca IM bot to post, haven't really looked at clients. sorry :(09:57
Error404NotFoundrww, thanks :)09:57
baskakSmokeyD: there are some gutenprint packages installed. and the printer properties says: CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.5 Simplified. what do you reckon?09:57
SmokeyDbaskak: with me I have also isntalled the foomatic/gutenprint-ijs drivers which are also listed with your printer (besides the cups+gutenprint ones). I think that requires the foomatic-db-gutenprint package to be installed. Maybe try that. I wouldn't know which driver would be best of the two and I have no way to check.10:01
SmokeyDbaskak: also make sure you have openprinting-ppds installed10:02
linuxdcthanks galerien and rww10:05
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lightbrickoAnyone know if Intrepid repositories have changed lately? Like today or yesterday?10:06
jpdslightbricko: Nope.10:07
akamausI need to run a job periodically, can Upstart be used for that?10:08
jpdslightbricko: And Intrepid is beyond it's end of life, so you should upgrade. :)10:08
lightbrickojpds: I'm using an old package, "GPSBabel 1.3.5" from the Intrepid universe repo. I need it for a specific application (but I use Karmic). But today it is no longer installed, an in synaptic it is marked with red color without version numbe.r10:09
lightbrickojpds: And since it's the first day of the month today I suspected that the repo was ended or something like that.10:10
jpdslightbricko: My mirror logs don't show anything changing in intrepid.10:10
jpdslightbricko: And nothing about gpsbabel.10:10
lightbrickojpds: Ok thanks for checkting that, then the issue must have another cause.10:11
sixofourso everytime my laptop goes into ram mode after i close it, the sound no longer works, how to i fix this? also i just rebooted and now sound doesn't work, is there a command to restart oss?10:11
sunsonis there a way to "undo" an apt-get upgrade?10:12
sunson(I don't have the list of packages as it was _before_ the upgrade)10:12
jpdslightbricko: Hmm, only recent ref to gpsbabel I can find is from May 31st 17:52UTC.10:14
baskakSmokeyD: changed the driver to foomatic gutenprint (full) and the problem's gone. thanks! it also has much more appropariate options. is it a bug that ubuntu by default installas the wrong driver?10:14
wrongiteapache mod svn (dav_svn)  on ubuntu 9. Cannot view file content from browser, it ask me to download only. How do I fix it?10:14
lightbrickojpds: That is too new for my application. I'm using PyTrainer with my sports watch, and for some reason it only works with gpsbabel 1.3.5 from 2008. They haven't made it work with newer versions for some reason.10:16
jpdslightbricko: And that was just the timestamp on the gpsbabel/ folder changing.10:16
krazkiddsunson: try 'sudo tail -n /var/log/apt/term.log' where n is the number of lines to print. This will print the last n lines of apt's log. You can start there.10:16
SmokeyDbaskak: no there are different drivers for different printers. For this one printer, you need another one that the default. That is why openprinting.org was setup. There are also printers for which no drivers are available. It is in the end all up to the printer vendor to support their printer for linux. Quite some vendors do. But I am glad yours works now. Glad to be of help.10:17
magik_Hey. I need some help with my conky. When i log in to my ubuntu user account the conky automatically appears as always on top untill i go to my conky config and save it. How can i stop this?10:17
lightbrickojpds: One sec, I will try to look it up (I haven't checked the folder yet, just got the error message that 1.3.5 is needed today, and then saw that it was marked as red in synaptic and no longer having a version number)10:17
sixofourso everytime my laptop goes into ram mode after i close it, the sound no longer works, how to i fix this? also i just rebooted and now sound doesn't work, is there a command to restart oss?10:17
Galerien(I don't know what you are talking about exactly, but HP has a pretty awesome soft that select driver for its printer...)10:18
ocs_hi. how can I synchronize my pc with this ntp server ? Tempo.cstv.to.cnr.it10:18
ugliefrogi ve lost my mail and sound icons on task bar in 10.04...is there a reset or something they were there a few days ago10:19
rocket16sixofour: Just hit Ctrl+Alt+F6 and login to the Virtual Console there. Now, enter: killall -user username (your username there)10:19
rocket16ugliefrog: Reset the panels,10:19
rocket16!resetpanel | ugliefrog10:19
ubottuugliefrog: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:19
sixofourkill all that my use has started? idk bout nthat10:20
magik_Hey guys. I also need help with moving my menu bar to the bottom. When i go on properties and select it to go to the bottom it doesn't go to the bottom and changes back to top. Any help?10:20
ugliefrogrocket16, that did the trick thank you10:20
rocket16ugliefrog: My pleasure, :D10:20
llutzocs_: ntpdate <server>10:21
sixofour_rocket16: didn't change anything10:21
sixofour_oss is still not detacting sound10:22
sixofour_even though i have an mp3 runnings10:22
rocket16magik_: I believe, you need to reset the panels, and then try that. Reset the panels using: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel (Terminal)10:22
=== krazkidd is now known as its2am
ocs_thanks llutz10:22
magik_rocket16: Worked thanks bro.10:22
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
rocket16sixofour Did you try ALSA?10:22
rocket16magik_: M pleasure, :D10:23
sixofour_i don't have alsa10:23
sixofour_i removed it and used oss410:23
sixofour_it worked until very recently10:23
sixofour_now even a reboot won't fix it10:24
magik_rocket16: What do you have on your desktop?10:24
sixofour_and i didn't change anything system wise10:24
Aidar-Nagatohi, i wanted to install other os, but i already have 4 primary partitions. can't i make a new partition on this one where ubuntu is installed?10:24
=== Juiced_ is now known as Juiced
rocket16sixofour OSS has many bugs and problems. It often crashes, so I believe, using ALSA is better. Anyway, from http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/restart-esd-491154/, it is evident that OSS can't be restarted, as it is a kernel module10:24
rocket16magik_: Ah, friend, I have Ubuntu 10.04, :) On my Laptop, and Gentoo on my Desktop (Ubuntu is better)10:25
magik_rocket16: I also am running 10.4. Wanna see my desktop?10:25
sixofour_rocket16:  page not found10:25
rocket16magik_: Sure, you can post a screenshot on imagebin, :D I am posting one of mine10:26
sixofour_oss4 works fine really, and has much better controls than i found with alsa10:26
sixofour_and with oss i don't need jack and an assortment of other arbitrary programs10:26
lightbrickojpds: The following search found nothing at all, so maybe it has been uninstalled: sudo find -iname gpsbabel10:26
magik_Whats image bin?10:27
rocket16!imagebin | magik_10:27
ubottumagik_: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.10:27
rocket16sixofour Here is the link: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/restart-esd-491154/10:27
sixofour_thats from 2006 lol10:28
jpdslightbricko: I don't know why it would uninstall itself.10:28
sixofour_oss4 was updated like..a few days ago?10:28
magik_rocket16: http://i48.tinypic.com/2k1sno.jpg << There's my 10.4 desktop.10:28
sixofour_and has been constantly updated for 3-4 years10:28
jpdslightbricko: What does 'dpkg -l gpsbabel' show?10:28
magik_rocket16: Do you like it?10:30
lightbrickojpds: Output is at: http://tinypaste.com/0320810:30
magik_Heloooooooooooooooooooooooooo any body here!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!10:31
magik_ damn10:31
rocket16magik_: Ah, nice. I am really inspired, :) Well, my Laptop is low on memory, and I just like simple ones, so here is mine: http://imagebin.org/9936110:31
magik_rocket16: Thanks a lot haha =] I love your's tbh. Nice and clean =] I might make another desktop.10:32
magik_Can you code java on ubuntu?10:33
magik_Or is it just python?10:33
Galerienmagik_: yes10:33
rocket16magik_: Sure, we can, :)10:33
rocket16!java | magik_10:33
ubottumagik_: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.10:33
Galerienthat the point fo java10:33
magik_rocket16: What irc client are you using?10:33
Galerienmagik_: i'd say Xchat is the best one... imho10:34
jetiennemagik_: i use konversation10:34
rocket16magik_: I am using Pidgin, slightly customized with Adium Themes and special plugins, :) Still, I use only a single client, as a communication centre10:34
Galerienbut I know what this chan think about the word "best"10:34
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:34
magik_Im using irssi in terminals. But for my other desktop i want something a little more cleaner and easier to use. Anyone got any suggestions?10:34
rocket16magik_: To me, Pidgin is the best. It had Friend's list, all-in-one Communication system, and is vastly extensible via Plugins10:35
magik_Ravenwolf: Gonna go switch desktops now then I'll come back.10:35
magik_woops i mean rocket1610:36
Northwoodshi , i downloaded the ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386 file from  http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#bt10:36
NorthwoodsIs it an ISO format , how can i install ubuntu from this file10:36
Northwoodsits about 699 MB10:36
rocket16magik_: Sure, no problem. By the way, here is a screenshot of How Pidgin IRC looks: http://imagebin.org/9936310:37
GalerienNorthwoods: burn it on a cd10:37
Galerienor you can use a usb key...10:37
magik_rocket16: Thanks =] That's pretty sweet.10:37
Galerienhey people, what the "! " for usb installation ?10:37
rocket16magik_: My pleasure, :)10:37
NorthwoodsGalerien: i know its there in site , ubuntu.com10:38
NorthwoodsGalerien: what is the format any idea , the one file which i downloaded10:38
magikcback =]10:38
Northwoodsi'm trying to write it to DVD , is that an issue ?10:38
llutzNorthwoods: that a cd-image to be burned on cd10:39
rocket16Northwoods: You can extract it in Windows (using extractor) and run Wubi from it, or better to burn to blank CD to make your own Ubuntu CD. USB is there via Unetbootin, but it is troublesome.10:39
magikcOk. For my new CLEAN desktop I am going to need a wallpaper. Any ideas what kind i should use?10:39
llutzNorthwoods: or dvd10:39
fredlhi folks, is there a way to make empathy go online when I login on GNOME??10:39
Northwoodsllutz: can i use DVD for it10:40
llutzNorthwoods: you can10:40
siriusnovahey guys10:40
Galerienmagikc: http://www.hebus.com/10:40
siriusnovai need to find out what provides a .h file10:40
siriusnovahow do i do this10:40
llutzsiriusnova: apt-file search file.h10:40
Northwoodsllutz: what i downloaded must be an ISO then ?10:40
rocket16fredl: Sure, just go to System-Preferences-Start Up Apps, and insert a new command, empathy there.10:41
Northwoodsbecause it doesn't show me any extensinos10:41
fredlI see the empathy icon in the right corner after I login on GNOME, but I have to manually disable/enable all my accounts to make them go onlineafter I login10:41
llutzNorthwoods: you said it is an ISO10:41
ibuclawsiriusnova, or:   dpkg -S file.h10:41
Northwoodsanyway , its being written right now , lets see if it works10:41
llutzibuclaw: works only on installed packages10:41
magikcAnyone here ever used a program called Fences for windows?10:41
ibuclawllutz, true... but then you can just use: http://packages.ubuntu.com10:41
Northwoodsi'll get back to you , i'm on windows , should i re-boot and select boot device as my dvd-rom10:41
LaibcomsNorthwoods, if it is an ISO, you should "Open File/ISO" then burn the content.  Do not burn the ISO file itself ;)10:41
rocket16magik_: How about this one: http://windowsxpstuff.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/windows-vista-mountain-wallpaper.jpg10:41
fredlrocket16, empathy starts up automatically already but it does not show me as online automatically10:41
rocket16fredl: Did you set your connection to start automatically? You must do it to let empathy do that.10:42
llutzsiriusnova: or you use the bot here, "!find file.h"10:42
siriusnova!find dvdio.h10:42
ubottuPackage/file dvdio.h does not exist in lucid10:42
fredlrocket16, I don't know where to do that. Is there a way to do it after making the connection?10:42
LaibcomsNorthwoods, and yes, you need to go to your cmos/bios and set your DVD as the first in the boot sequence.10:42
fredlrocket16, all the accounts have the 'Enabled' checkmark set10:43
rocket16fredl: To set your connection to start automatically, right-click network applet, and then, click "Edit" and select your connection, and click edit button. There, check "Connect Automatically" box in the connection, and click ok.10:43
Northwoodsthankyou Laibcoms  and everybody10:43
ibuclawsiriusnova, it don't lie ;) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=lucid&arch=any&mode=exactfilename&searchon=contents&keywords=dvdio.h10:43
plouffeis there a way to transfer all (ubuntu) programs installed on one computer to another? Maybe dump a list of installed programs and then read that list with apt-get install ..10:43
rocket16fredl: Not the Empathy connection, I mean the Network connection to connect to Internet there.10:44
siriusnova!file cdio.h10:44
fredlrocket16, oh.... yeah the network connection is started automatically10:44
siriusnova!find cdio.h10:44
ubottuFile cdio.h found in gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-doc, libcdio-dev10:44
rocket16magikc: How about this one? http://windowsxpstuff.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/windows-vista-mountain-wallpaper.jpg10:44
ibuclawsiriusnova, trying to compile mplayer ?10:45
siriusnovahow did you guess10:45
fredlrocket16, I want my empathy to show me online when it starts up.10:45
ibuclawsiriusnova, apt-get build-dep mplayer10:45
siriusnovaibuclaw i pulled the svn10:45
siriusnovaits newer then in the repositories10:45
ibuclawsiriusnova, dvd ... cd ... and a gentoo thread :>10:45
NorthwoodsIs there a disadvantage of using WUBI , the dvd is ready it shows me that i can install ubuntu using WUBI , is there any harm in it , or should i go for clean install ?10:45
NorthwoodsOR clean install through system boot10:46
llutz!clone | plouffe10:46
ubottuplouffe: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate10:46
rocket16fredl: It will do it, if you have Empathy selected to start at startup, and the network to be connected automatically at startup, Once, you set this, Empathy will automatically show you online at startup.10:46
fredlrocket16, okay, but it does not do that.10:46
fredlrocket16, so how do I find out what's wrong and why it doesn't do that?10:46
darkViruzhi one question is there one speziel pw for my root? i havent choose one10:46
ibuclawsiriusnova, apparently dvdio.h is freebsd specific: http://packages.debian.org/search?suite=squeeze&arch=any&mode=path&searchon=contents&keywords=dvdio.h10:46
siriusnovaoh ok10:47
plouffethanks llutz10:47
fredlrocket16, I also cannot set myself to 'Online' the statusses are grayed out10:47
rocket16fredl: But, did you make changes, that your System will automatically connect to net on startup? Otherwise, if your System isn't online, Empathy can't be online10:47
darkViruzhi one question is there one speziel pw for my root? i havent choose one10:47
ubottuWe do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.10:47
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:47
LaibcomsNorthwoods, it's ok to use WUBI but Ubuntu will be installed "inside" Windows, as a "folder" to be exact.10:47
rocket16!wfm | darkViruz10:47
ubottudarkViruz: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/10:48
Northwoodsaah , i think fresh install would be better10:48
LaibcomsNorthwoods, but to login to Ubuntu, you have to reboot and choose Ubuntu.10:48
fredlrocket16, no, the network is up and running and after I login on GNOME, empathy starts up automatically but it doesn't allow me to go online nor does it do it automatically10:48
Northwoodssince i have left about 80 GB for ubuntu , as unallocated disk space10:48
NorthwoodsLaibcoms: gotcha10:48
LaibcomsNorthwoods, yep that will be the best option, different partition or HD.  :)10:49
GalerienNorthwoods: my ubuntu uses less than 6 Gb...10:49
ubunt99uIs it possible to SSH to a machine in my local LAN network offline?10:49
Galerienso you are good10:49
lightbrickojpds: If you want to take a quick look, you can connect to my machine using VNC (It is already configured)10:49
llutzubunt99u: how would you connect to an offline-pc?10:50
ubunt99uwith a router?10:50
fredlrocket16, any other tips?10:51
=== julie is now known as antoine[mbz]
LaibcomsI think what ubunt99u meant is connecting to his other machine via his local network instead of via the Internet10:52
zaryazwho using backtrack press 110:52
llutz!backtrack  > zaryaz10:52
ubottuzaryaz, please see my private message10:52
rocket16fredl: I think, simply reinstalling Empathy will help (I use Pidgin, so not much familiar with Empathy).10:52
fredlrocket16, Hmm, maybe it's not empathy that I'm talking about but the 'Indicator Applet', does that make any difference?10:52
rocket16fredl: Indicator Applet? I see, Indicator applet does not mean Empathy, it is just a notification on what services are running on your system10:53
rocket16fredl: See, go to System-Preferences-Startup Applications, and there, select "Add" button, and insert the name as Anything, but the command as: empathy10:54
rocket16fredl: This will help to solve your problem. From the next time, whenever you log in, Empathy will be online.10:54
fredlrocket16, okay, sorry about that then. So the Indicator Applet. when I click on it shows 'Chat Accounts'. When I choose that, I see my chat accounts in a window called 'Messaging and VOIP accounts'. All the accounts there shows as 'Offline - Status is set to offline'. What I'd like to know is how these will go online automatically10:55
fredlrocket16, do I need empathy if I want to do what I described above?10:55
rwwfredl: yes10:56
rocket16fredl: You need that if you wish to start Empathy at startup. Well, your problem is not so hard probably. Do you see in the top-right corner, next to the Shutdown button (to left) there is a button with your username written on it?10:56
rwwfredl: click the envelope icon on your menu bar, click Chat10:57
zaryazany program look like yahoo messenger in ubuntu?10:57
fredlrocket16, oh okay I guess I do huh? I just started up empathy from the command line and it makes the indicator applet go online10:57
Laibcomszaryaz, Gyachi10:57
rocket16fredl: If yes, click on on it, and select Available. And yes, if that be so, then addimg: empathy command in Startup apps will settle the problem.10:58
zetherooanyone know of an opensource alternative to this: http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx10:58
fredlrocket16, gotcha, got it sorted out now, thanks!~10:58
zaryazlaibcoms, how i can get that program? use apt-get install??10:58
rocket16zetheroo: Remote Desktop Viewer,10:58
zaryazlaibcoms, how i can get that program? use apt-get install??10:58
rocket16fredl: 'twas My pleasure, :)10:59
zetheroorocket16: is that cross platform?10:59
fredllestry it...10:59
magikcAnyone got that wallpaper where there's like a sun and it's all colourfull and the sun is firing lazers and there's a big box saying WHY ARE YOU NOT OUTSIDE?10:59
rocket16zetheroo: Yes, :) It can login to Windows, Mac or Linux or any other OS using VNC. SSH is for UNIX-Family though.10:59
jpds!ot | magikc10:59
ubottumagikc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:59
zetheroorocket16: I have not heard too much good about VNC performance wise11:00
Laibcomszaryaz, visit this: http://gyachi.sourceforge.net  then you'll see a link to this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~loell/+archive/ppa11:01
conb123Why does 64 bit flash on ubuntu suck so much?11:02
tgywanslookup is not working on ubunntu ... how can I fix that ?11:02
tgywaI ahve added servers to /etc/resolve.conf11:03
lightbrickojpds: The issue is now solved. I do not know why it was uninstalled, but now I managed to re-install it.11:03
zetherooconb123: works very well for me :)11:03
lightbrickojpds: Thanks for helping me on the way!11:03
rocket16magikc: Well, I don't know about one such, but it is a good one: http://www.phototravelpages.com/wallpapers/sunny-gardens-1600.jpg11:03
tgywabut still nslookup seems not working11:03
jpdslightbricko: No problem.11:03
tgywathe error ... "connection timed out; no server could be reached.11:04
conb123zetheroo: Well? Really? Are you using the version from adobe labs? It is unbelievably laggy11:04
tgywathe error ... "connection timed out; no server could be reached." is the error message I got11:04
tgywanslookup is not working on ubunntu ... how can I fix that ?11:04
zetherooconb123: I am using
PozzoI see a lot of "lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions" in /var/log/messages11:05
Pozzoa new message each minute...11:05
Pozzoany idea to solve this ?11:05
conb123zetheroo: Yeah mine is 10.0.r4511:06
zetherooconb123: this is an alpha installer ... whatever that means . ha11:06
siriusnova!find vbe.h11:07
ubottuFile vbe.h found in xserver-xorg-dev11:07
siriusnovai have that installed11:07
siriusnovabut its not showing up11:08
magikcAnyone know if there is a white version of the defualt 10.4 theme? Or anyone know if there is any themes like it? I would be really really greatfull!11:08
conb123Anyone else having lag issues with 64 bit flash?11:08
Galerienconb123: I had when I was with 9.04x6411:08
tgywanslookup is not working on ubunntu ... how can I fix that ?11:08
conb123Galerien: But not now?11:08
tgywahelp .........help ...........help ......11:09
llutztgywa: use dig11:09
Galerienconb123: I'm with x86 :s11:09
tgywallutz, used dig11:09
llutztgywa: some details?11:09
Galerienconb123: I needed it too bad for some website (like canal+, a french tv chanel) so I reinstalled11:09
conb123Galerien: Ah, damn, and flash works well? I think I might just switch to x86 solely for this reason11:09
Laibcomsconb123, works fine on my end. 64-bit flash on Lucid11:09
tgywaand gave the following error message "connection timed out; no server could be reached".11:10
tgywallutz, and gave the following error message "connection timed out; no server could be reached".11:10
conb123Laibcoms: How about if you do something like bump a youtube video up to 720p and then go full screen, I noticed a lot of lag then11:10
tgywallutz, when I type dig vg.no11:10
Laibcomsconb123, will try...11:10
Galerienconb123: well, no problem with X86, I have some with my graphic perfs, so not as sweet as with windows (don't hit me) but nice11:10
PozzoI see a lot of "lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions" in /var/log/messages ... any idea to solve this ?11:11
timmillwoodbast IRC client in Ubuntu? go!11:11
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:11
conb123Galerien: haha, flash is a lot better on windows, anyone that says otherwise is wrong11:11
jetiennePozzo: you can safely ignore it11:11