adam__is the lack of notes etc. support just a chrome related issue, or actual ubuntu one issue?00:44
dobeyadam__: can you clarify what your issue is?00:44
adam__Our Notes, Contacts and Bookmarks database is not responding at the moment. Don't worry. This is a temporary problem and your data is secure. We have been alerted of the issue and will resolve it promptly. You can also chat with us directly to get the latest information on the issue.00:45
adam__That's exactly what it tells me on the dashboard00:45
dobeythat likely has nothing to do with chrome then, and is probably an issue with the server side that is happening at the moment00:47
adam__okay fine by me -00:47
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Elvishey there08:59
Elvisany of the developers on?09:01
Elvisif anyone is on later, I have a problem with 2 files not being synced to the server properly09:26
Elvisand could use some help fixing the problem or gathering the necessary info for a bug report09:27
duanedesignhello Elvis09:30
Elvishey duanedesign09:32
duanedesignElvis: sync performance is slow right now.09:33
Elvisyeah, so I've read09:34
Elvisalthough the client reported synchronization as being complete09:34
Elviswhile a certain file on my laptop is still not on the server, not even as 'uploading'09:34
Elvison my desktop I have the same file, including another one which is also not syncing09:35
duanedesignElvis: you can look at :  u1sdtool --waiting-content09:35
Elvisduanedesign: that gives me empty output09:35
ryeElvis, that's bug #57581709:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 575817 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Interrupted upload is not retried (affects: 98) (dups: 5) (heat: 498)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57581709:36
Elvisrye: I'09:37
Elvisll have a look09:37
Elvisrye: it still seems like a different issue09:37
Elvisrye: since it is not shown as 'uploading'09:38
Elvisrye: on the server, it is not shown at all09:38
ryeElvis, when the file is being uploaded the disconnect causes syncdaemon to _skip_ this file and it _thinks_ that synchronization is completed09:38
duanedesignrestarting the syncdaemon should fix that09:39
ryenessita has already committed the branch and the client side fix wil be available as SRU09:39
duanedesignI had a file i put in my U1 folder yesterday. It wasnt showing up just like Elvis09:39
duanedesignI ran u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c  and now it shows up when I do u1sdtool --waiting-content09:40
Elvisrye: good to hear that09:40
Elvisduanedesign: I am trying that now, curious about the result09:40
ryeduanedesign, Elvis there is a bug for nautilus extension not showing status properly - bug #58595309:41
Elvisduanedesign: it shows up in waiting-content now, together with some other files09:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 585953 in ubuntuone-client "UploadFinished signal is emitted for failed uploads (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58595309:41
duanedesignthanks rye09:42
duanedesignrye: is their a current report about removing a computer in Ubuntu ONe Preferences. Then when relaunching U1 the browser does not open to add computer.09:42
ryeduanedesign, hm, so the Ubuntu One token is still available in seahorse?..09:43
duanedesignrye: let me test it. It is a bug report09:44
Elvisby the way, was there an issue (feature request) already about showing a list of conflicts somewhere, somehow?09:47
Elvisinstead of having to locate the conflict files manually09:48
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ryeElvis, hm, i don't remember seeing such kind of request but the idea makes perfect sense10:15
gio__hi fecundobatista11:01
gio__I discovered that part of my isse was the kernel11:01
gio__I use 2.6.34-5 on lucid, it seems to stop desktopcouch11:02
gio__wit 2.6.34-4 it start11:02
gio__but with u1sdtool -s11:02
gio__I see "processing queues"11:02
gio__and u1sdtool --current-transfers11:03
gio__say me 0 up and 0 downloads11:03
gio__I'm waiting for about 1 hour11:04
gio__it seems is similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/57581711:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 575817 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Interrupted upload is not retried (affects: 99) (dups: 5) (heat: 502)" [High,Triaged]11:12
gio__but I have queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH11:12
ryegio__, you are experiencing a very slow upload performance. This is server-side issue and coupled with the bug you mentioned this is extremely hard to make the file sync now. We are going to update the system today so that the sync speed will return back to fast11:13
gio__oh, thanks11:14
gio__should I update ubuntuone client to the 1.3 in unstalbe ppa?11:14
ryegio__, hm, regarding 1.3 - not sure yet, since the server-side performance will prevent any client performance improvements from being noticed. We will post identi.ca notice on http://identi.ca/ubuntuone once the update is completed11:16
ryegio__, re couchdb and kernel versions - could you please provide more info on that ?11:16
gio__well, today I use 2.6.34-4. Version 2.6.34-5 seems to break couchdb11:17
gio__dpkg -l | grep couch ii  couchdb-bin                                    0.10.0-1ubuntu2                                 RESTful document oriented database, programs ii  desktopcouch                                   0.6.4-0ubuntu3                                  A Desktop CouchDB instance ii  desktopcouch-tools                             0.6.4-0ubuntu3                                  Desktop CouchDB tools ii  evolution-couchdb11:17
gio__oh... I post it on pastebin11:17
gio__just a second11:18
gio__(bindwood is installed but disabled)11:19
gio__last, but important: i use 2.6.34-4 on Lucid, not maverick11:20
gio__On another pc I use 2.6.32-22 but the issue is still here11:27
ryegio__, how does couchdb break in this case? (updating maverick installation to see whether that can be reproduced there)11:30
gio__well, I purged 2.6.34-5, yesterday. Simply, desktopcouch doesn't start on that kernel. But I've not log here.11:31
ryegio, yup, confirming that desktopcouch-service cannot find the port for couchdb11:53
ryein maverick11:53
gio@rye: excuse me, my internet connection dropped :)11:53
giooh yes, now I remember this was the error11:53
tom-ubuntuhello... anybody here ?12:20
ryetom-ubuntu, yes12:21
tom-ubuntuhey, sorry.. family issues... I was away from keyboard12:54
Elvisrye: was afk, but about the idea of conflict overview12:55
Elvisrye: shall i file it as a feature request then?12:55
tom-ubuntuis there a general problem with ubuntuone syncronization process ?12:55
Elvistom-ubuntu: yes there is12:56
ryeElvis, i think that would be good - to file the feature request12:56
ryetom-ubuntu, yes12:56
Elvisrye: same procedure as filing a bug on launchpad?12:57
tom-ubuntuok, I am relieved to hear that.12:57
Elvistom-ubuntu: you can check the link on top of this screen for that12:57
tom-ubuntuI spent couple hours yesterday night to find what my problem was.12:57
Elvistom-ubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status12:58
tom-ubuntuyeah I am on that page now.. found out that link seconds before you mentioned it..12:58
tom-ubuntuI miss cloud icon on my taskbar. I havent seen that icon since upgrade to 10.4 LTS12:59
tom-ubuntubtw, tomboy notes syncronizes with no problem..13:00
gio@tom: icon was removed in Lucid13:00
tom-ubuntuah.. I see13:00
tom-ubuntuthanks for the information.. bye now...13:03
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CardinalFangstatik, j0!  If you have time, please put couchdb 0.11 in your PPA.13:54
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CardinalFangrye, so maverick and desktopcouch?14:12
ryeCardinalFang, yes, - it cannot find port14:12
ryeCardinalFang, do you need access to maverick vm to see how it breaks ?14:13
CardinalFangrye, I'm using Maverick on all my machines.14:13
ryeCardinalFang, wow14:13
CardinalFangI'm restarting everything.14:13
CardinalFangrye, it works for me, so far.14:15
CardinalFangrye, my updates are 1 day old.  I'm updating to see if anything breaks now.14:15
ryeCardinalFang, ok, rebooting and re-testing14:15
Guest70655hi @ all! Does the cloud work? I installed a new 10.04 since 2 days I just got 1 .pdf file and all (empty) folders. there are small files to and I can't see any traffic and the client get often disconnected automatically. I even tried to re-add this computer, but nothing happens =(14:19
ElvisGuest70655: currently file sync is extremely slow (see link on top of this page)14:36
ElvisGuest70655: so the problem you're describing is normal -at the moment-14:37
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ryeCardinalFang, RuntimeError: Can not find port of couchdb.14:42
CardinalFangrye, Hrm.14:42
CardinalFangrye, send me your log files, please.14:52
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benpuhello... i actually tried to sync some files with ubuntu one... but i didn't have success an so want to remove my account at ubuntu one... i canceled my subscribe of ubuntu one but still can lg in at web interface... is there a chance to remove my account?? thank you... sorry for my bad english16:39
benstealecu: I was advised to contact you yesterday - because I can't get 2 of my songs within ubuntu one - are you available ?17:12
alecuhi benste, would you mind telling me the song name and album?17:13
benstealecu: 1. In A Moment Like This (Eurovision 2010 - Denmark) - Chanée & N'evergreen17:13
bensteEurovision Song Contest 201017:13
benste2. Butterflies (Eurovision 2010 - Belarus) - 3+217:13
bensteEurovision Song Contest 201017:13
benstefirst one might have problems with & and the 2nd with +17:14
benstethat's the only reason I could think of17:14
benstealecu: btw. all other 37 songs from this album where in the cloud right away17:14
alecubenste, ok, cool. I'm on a meeting right now; I'll take a look in the server logs when this finishes. thanks for the info.17:16
benstethx for taking care of this - btw. I've sended a mail to 7digital yesterday but didn't get a real response yet17:17
benstetheir auto reply suggested to log in online and try the "locker" and enable the songs again17:17
benstebut I woun't go on disturbing you - should I stay online in this channel for your later feedback17:18
alecubenste, yes, that's 7d canned response, but the locker works differently when used from ubuntuone, so it does not apply.17:21
alecuyes, please stay online, or ping me tomorrow.17:22
bensteI'll sty online - guess you're not CET right ?17:22
bensteguess I'll stay in this channel ~ next 2 h but might take some time to respond17:23
benstesry sty = stay17:23
apacheloggerverterok: any news on getting kwallet support into syncdaemon? ... also I noticed that deskto-couch fails to start without gnome-keyring around17:48
apacheloggerindeed it goes down completel because it cannot find a dbus service provider17:49
CardinalFangapachelogger, right.  Using python-keyring turns out not to be the panacea I hoped for.18:08
CardinalFangI have a loose plan to work around it.18:08
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apacheloggerCardinalFang: currently that sort of blocks me from pushing ubuntuone-kde alpha ^^18:22
CardinalFangapachelogger, Yeah, sorry.18:23
CardinalFangapachelogger, working on it.18:23
apacheloggerCardinalFang: well, I'll just drop a patch along with alpha1 and call it a very bleeding edge alpha I suppose :)18:24
dobeyapachelogger: does kwallet in svn not have the new fdo secrets dbus api yet?18:29
apacheloggerwho would care about svn anyway :P18:30
apacheloggerdobey: only seems to be creating the kwallet dbus interface in trunk18:32
bluefirexi can't connect my ubuntu to ubuntu one!19:39
bluefirexi'm using ubuntu 10.04 LTS (installed with Wubi)19:40
bluefirexcan I get help?19:43
bluefirexis there anybody online?19:44
bluefirexi only want help :( i'm a newbie on Ubuntu One but i know ubuntu19:46
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Guest12073I have the same problem20:03
Guest12073guess they work on it20:04
verterokapachelogger: hi, apologize the delay. no news regarding kwallet, sorry :(20:05
verterokapachelogger: is there a bug for this?20:05
apacheloggerunless there was one before, I dont think so20:06
apacheloggercan report one if you want20:06
verterokapachelogger: ok, I'll digg20:06
verterokapachelogger: yes, please :)20:06
* apachelogger adds that to his todo :P20:06
apacheloggerverterok: bug 418983 or one specific to getting kwallet supported?20:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 418983 in ubuntuone-client "use the new cross platform python keyring abstraction (affects: 3) (heat: 7)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41898320:21
verterokapachelogger: I think that's ok. thanks!20:22
dobeyyeah i don't think we want to end up supporting N keyring APIs ourselves when there's already a plenty good abstraction to use20:25
dobeyno point writing another one20:25
benstealecu: hope you've had a nice meeting - sry for leaving this channel earlier, but empathy crashed :-)20:45
mkarnickiverterok: e-mail sent. good luck with that pile of messages!20:45
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benstealecu: still there ?20:46
alecuhi benste, I'm checking the logs right now.20:49
benstealecu: thx20:49
verterokmkarnicki: thanks!20:50
mkarnickiverterok: you are welcome!20:51
alecubenste, looking at the logs, I can only see one download attempt for each of those songs.21:05
alecubenste, would you mind going to the ubuntuone music store inside rhythmbox21:06
alecubenste, and then clicking on "my downloads"21:06
benstenver mind i'll do right away21:06
bensteboth or only one ?21:06
alecubenste, let's try one.21:06
benstealready clicked both21:07
alecubenste, ok, no problem.21:07
benstebtw. are you coding this page ?21:07
bensteif I click on try again I get always back to the first page instead of a refreshed p3 /4 on which I was21:08
alecubenste, no, I didn't code that page; I only coded a program that fetches the songs from 7digital to the ubuntuone cloud storage.21:08
alecubenste, yes, that's a bug.21:09
benstealecu: which seems to reported if you knwo it :-)21:09
alecubenste, yes, let's try to find if it's already reported, and file it if not.21:09
bensteI'll do you amy concentrate on the copy21:10
benstealecu: It's not reported yet - I'll do so within https://bugs.launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store21:11
alecubenste, great. So you've clicked on "retry" for your two songs right now?21:12
benstei did before my message that I did for two21:12
bensteshould I do it again ?21:12
alecubenste, yes, please click it again for your both your songs.21:16
bensteI'll do in the meantime you may confirm21:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 588462 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store "Using MyDownloads page refreshments prombt to p1/x (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]21:17
bensteclicked both21:18
mkarnickiverterok: bah! I might have left my oauth token+secret in MyClientExample, or an invalid pair.21:18
benstealecu: sry forgot to write you nick - clicked both some mins. ago21:18
verterokmkarnicki: oh!21:19
verterokmkarnicki: kill that token :)21:19
mkarnickiverterok: I'm killing like 30 daily xD but yeah, I'll kill 'em all !21:20
benstealecu: still nothing in there ?21:28
benstedid you ever encounter problems with sepcial characters like & and + ?21:28
alecubenste, we did have some problem with special characters, but it's been solved for over a month now.21:30
benstepossibly the update wasn't yet ported to the ubntu stable system21:31
bensteor is it a server site app ?21:31
alecubenste, yes, that's a server app.21:31
benstestrange thing is that all other 37 songs in the same purchase and album worked fine - some had to be reloaded but worked after clicking once only21:32
alecubenste, ok, in order to get more info on your problem, we'll try the edge instance:21:32
bensteedge = upstream one ?21:33
alecutry clicking only ONE of your tracks in this address: https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/music/store/library21:33
bensteah !21:34
alecubenste, try it only once, so I can check the logs and see if any error shows up.21:34
bensteworking !!21:34
bensteand all other files show 0 MB downloaded21:34
benstealecu: should I click the 2nd one two ?21:35
alecubenste, no, let's check if the first is downloaded21:35
alecubenste, check in the files url for u121:35
alecubenste, https://one.ubuntu.com/files/21:36
benstefully downloaded21:36
bensteshould i try the other one now too ?21:36
alecubenste, ok then.21:37
benstealecu: got the 2nd one too21:38
bensteall is fine now21:38
benste-- what's the diff between those two versions ?21:38
alecubenste, ok, cool.21:38
alecubenste, the edge version always has the latest code, so there must be something that has not reached production yet.21:38
alecubenste, inside rhythmbox you always get the stable page.21:39
benste- in rhythmbox I still could quote song failed21:39
alecuoh, that's weird. Anyway, if the song is in your storage, it means it worked ok.21:40
benstealecu: most of the suers doens't know that it is a beta - it might be apropriate to add a red label to the shop that it might not always work21:41
bensteor ?21:41
benstelinking to the wiki page would be kind21:42
alecubenste, what wiki page are you looking at?21:42
benstethe one quoting that there are many bugs21:43
alecubenste, oh, right. Well, it's not beta anymore; there are a few errors like the one you've experienced, but we are working on fixing them.21:45
alecubenste, and by the way: thanks for your help so I can get the logs to fix this problem!21:45
bensteI apriciate the way i was suggesting it but in my view (coming from dropbox) u1 itself is a mess - it's not even usable for the simplyest filesharing21:46
benstebut it sync my notes at least with the web - that's the reason why i didn't remvoe it21:46
bensteand regarding the music store I had to pay 50ct more than on amazon - which I thought would be a nice investment into music store - don't know whether cannonical get's money out of it - but next time I'll defenitly use amazon again -- i think it's a bit early to include it into an LTS release21:48
ryeupdate about couchdb migration / replication restore - rescheduled to tomorrow morning21:56
ryeUS time21:56
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sille777any word on when contacts sync will be enabled?23:31
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