detrateScottL: http://www.xonotic.org/blog/ << I created this over the weekend02:07
ScottLdetrate, did you create the whole thing or just the blog part?02:24
ScottLit looks good though :)02:24
ScottLi like how the social media is off the side and not taking up valuable real estate02:25
detratethe entire site02:30
detratewith [some] integration to the forums02:31
detrateit will evolve and connect more in time02:31
detratebut it's integrated with the main social media sites and has great SEO / easy to use backend02:31
detrateit's going to serve well to communicate information about the project, both giving and reciving.  I want to do the same for ubuntu studio :)02:32
ScottLthat would be absolutely awesome!02:57
ScottLdetrate, i've been thinking that a introductory video of ubuntu studio is really needed for the new website home page04:34
ScottLi'm not good at making movies, but maybe we can find someone...maybe i'll find time to post at ubuntu forums about it04:35
detratethat's a good idea04:35
detrateusually, name, video, tag line, mission statement and screenshots are good for the front page04:36
detrateand share icons, newsletter04:36
ScottLi really am pretty excited about all this, we are really making some significant progress (in a holistic sense)04:37
ScottLyou with the website, knocking out some bugs, dealing with jack<->pulseaudio04:37
ScottLoh, jack in the main04:38
detrateyeah, organization in key04:38
ScottLif we could get someone who knows art to knock up a new theme, icon set, etc, that'd be ace04:38
ScottLit would be great if cory could come back...at least as art lead04:39
detrateI can do dark themes but I request the inclusion of gnome-color chooser04:39
ScottLi don't even know what gnome-color chooser is   :0   LOL04:39
ScottLis it the one where you pick something and it tells you which color it is?04:40
ScottLa theme around heavy metal music would be my personal inclination, not with pictures of rock'n roll peoples, just that kind of colors, theme04:41
detrategnome-color-chooser is an advanced color schemer for gnome04:41
ScottLi thought about redoing the 'human' icon set, but make it dark with some ubuntu studio blue and call it 'dead human' icon set :)04:41
detrategnome-colors man04:42
detratethat's where the sweetness is at04:42
ScottLit is in the repos yet?04:42
detrateI'm talking about two things04:42
detrategnome-color-chooser, yes04:42
detrategnome-colors... (icon set) not sure04:43
ScottLsorry, saw the answer after i typed the question04:45
ScottLadding gnome-color-chooser would be easy, just add it to the seeds :)04:46
ScottLoh vey, i'm tired, got up way too early and did way too much outside with the kids today, off to bed for me04:48
ScottLg'night detrate04:48
stochasticdetrate, you still around?05:16
stochasticdetrate, I'd love to really discuss the website with you.  I've already approached the server admins at canonical and learnt very much about what will and won't work (i.e. what's worth our time, and what's not) on a web revamp.  Let's talk.05:22
detrateI'm heading to sleep but can you give me a summary?05:26
detratewill they allow wordpress?05:26
stochasticdetrate, maybe but the system is currently running on drupal and ALL underlying changes (i.e. non-cosmetic) will need to be audited and approved by the security council05:41
stochasticI'm familiar enough with drupal that I don't think switching to wordpress is needed or worth it05:42
stochasticI'm happy to help enough that it shouldn't be needed05:43
stochasticp.s. poke me with my name next time and I'll respond faster05:44
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quadrisproScottL, ping12:58
scott-workquadripspro: once the maverick alpha iso is released and i test lv2rack/zynjacku i was going to mark the zynjacku/lv2jack bug as 'fix released'13:14
scott-workand thanks for archiving the REVU for zynjacku, i was wondering how to do that but was deferring it until maverick alpha iso as well13:15
scott-workquadrispro: way to go on lv2vocoder, i might have to grab the deb or source from debian and try this out on my testing parition :)13:20
quadrisprogood :)13:21
quadrisproscott-work, could you help improving lv2vocoder description?13:21
scott-workseriously, i'm doing a ubuntu studio presentation this weekend and lv2vocoder could make a *HUGE* impact along with rakarrack13:21
quadrisprosure, vocoders always have great impacts :)13:21
scott-workquadrispro: absolutely, it probably will be in a few days though as i have several things in my queue that are "almost" finished and i really want to clear them off my todo list13:22
quadrisproscott-work, take your time, do you already have an account on alioth?13:22
scott-workno, that's further down on my list :)13:23
quadrisproscott-work, please get one, so would be able to do lots of cool things :)13:23
quadrisprolike becoming a member of debian multimedia13:24
quadrispropushing to git repo etc13:24
scott-worki like cool things :)  i will do it13:24
scott-worki find that i manage things better if i keep a list and more or less follow it, because if not i forget things or skip things and then never come back to them13:25
scott-workand if it's worth putting on the list then i feel like it's worth doing :P13:25
scott-workbut, i'm really about to clear several items off during this week13:25
quadrisproscott-work, I tried many times to maintain a kind of TODO list, but I always lost them :/13:26
quadrisproscott-work, BTW, maverick will be a release with a lot of great multimedia-related stuff13:27
scott-workquadrispro: i have also bookmarked both of the links you gave us earlier about debian multimedia and the launchpad team, i really do plan on joining :)13:27
quadrisproI'm happy to hear that :)13:27
scott-workquadrispro: i hope so (greate multimedia-related stuff) and i hope it works well13:27
quadrisproyes, indeed we need a lot of testing13:27
quadrispromore stuff = more testing13:28
scott-workquadrispro: i've been meaning to ask, for the lv2 stuff, are you using that matrix to keep up with what you are doing?13:28
scott-workwhat i mean is, is that the best place to find out what is working or already in debian?13:28
quadrisproscott-work, for now I'm using that matrix and (again, for now) is not a wrong place.13:29
scott-workgood :)13:30
scott-worki wanted to have an idea for moderating the menu entries in ubuntustudio-menu13:30
quadrispromaybe in the future, when lv2 plugins number raises, we would need to find a better platform13:31
scott-workbecause of the sub-menu all the new applications will be under 'sound & video' originally instead of 'audio production'13:31
scott-worki've talked a little with persia about it before, he seemed to be against making gross changes to the menus that create a bigger delta from the desktop standards13:32
scott-workthe freedesktop standards seem to be tailored for a generic desktop, and more than a little unwieldy for a multimedia distro13:33
quadrisproyes, but there are a lot of sub-categories..13:33
quadrisproI know the standards but I don't know much about how to manage this kind of things...13:35
scott-workalso, we may need to prod some people in REVU (or possibly out of REVU) to get the packages falktx submitted pushed through and into the repositories13:35
quadrisprocan you mail me the URL?  I have to leave now13:36
scott-workre: standards and menu - i *think* persia's main complaint was that the standards exist and should be used OR fix the standards, don't just jimmy around and hack a solution rather than fix the problem13:36
scott-workdo you have a preferred email quadrispro , i can get several from your wiki pages13:37
quadrisproscott-work, LOL you're right13:38
quadrisproi have too many mail address13:38
scott-workis gmail account okay?13:38
quadrisprobut let's use my *new* mail address13:38
scott-workoooohhhh, sweet!   i'm jealous :)13:38
quadrisproscott-work, please don't use gmail address, I've set some rules based on the recipient address 13:39
quadrisproscott-work, eh eh eh, fresh DD, just from yesterday13:39
scott-workCONGRATULATIONS!  that is uber sweet13:39
quadrisproscott-work, leaving, see you later! :)13:40
scott-workbye, email sent also13:40
scott-workin opensourcemusicians we were discussing setting up jack and a thought occured to me14:16
scott-workthe standard setting that come in jack with a new isntall is pretty cappy, even for onboard audio14:16
scott-worki wonder if we could change those settings to something a little more "sane"14:17
scott-workthis might cover a lot of the "it should work out of the box" complaints14:17
falktxhowdy all!14:55
scott-workhi falktx  :)15:30
falktxhi scott15:30
rlameiroscott-work: do you have the link for the LAC talks video/audio?16:02
scott-workrlameiro: http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2010/recordings/day1_1400_Pro_Audio_is_Easy_Consumer_Audio_is_Hard.ogv16:03
scott-workthat is what i had, you can probably get some other stuff from there as well :)16:04
rlameirothanks scott-work 16:05
rlameiroscott-work: i set the !571368 to invalid16:06
rlameirobug  !57136816:10
scott-workbug #57136818:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 571368 in rosegarden (Ubuntu) "jack & rosegarden can't play sound realtime using midi device" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57136818:14
scott-workrlameiro: yeah, i saw that, it looks like it was as i suggested earlier in the bug18:14
scott-workit actually turned out pretty good because he was sort of arrogant about his bug and i wanted to show him it wasn't ubuntu studio so it forced me to actually use Rosegarden for the first time18:15
scott-worknow i want to use it more :)18:15
falktxscott-work: ardour 2.8.8 is out18:26
falktxscott-work: is the mute patch there?18:27
falktxscott-work: or you don't know?18:27
scott-workohhh, i don't know, i'll have to look :)18:27
falktxscott-work: did you create a bug inthe ardour tracker?18:28
scott-workthere was one already there...hold on, i can get it quick18:28
scott-worklooks like rlameiro posted there as well18:29
falktxi'm not sure if the patch get applied18:30
scott-workreading the release notes it doesn't look it falktx 18:33
falktxthen we'll  have to patch it again18:33
falktxi'll be back tomorrow18:33
falktxsee ya!18:33
detrate-yeah... so sans wordpress... I don't really have a drop in solution for you guys19:36
detrate-my friend is still working on a design19:36
detrate-which I can slice and pass off to someone else more familiar with drupal19:36
detrate-but I do not have the time to dedicate to building a drupal site from the ground up19:36
detrate-especially with tight restrictions coming from the top19:37
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