soundbyterdoes anyone know how to safely uninstall pulse audio on lucid? Problem is if i try to uninstall it it goes to uninstalling ubuntu-netbook which is what i'm running (netbook)13:31
jussisoundbyter: is it just uninstalling the meta package?13:34
jussiif so, no big deal.13:35
soundbyterit wants to uninstall ubuntu-netbook13:51
soundbyterwhatever that is13:51
Bart__Hi can someone tell me more about virtual audio cable loopback things21:34
holsteinhey Bart__22:13
holsteinwhat are you interested in exactly?22:13
Bart__sound must go from application a to application b without soundcard :)22:17
holsteinBart__: check this out http://jackaudio.org/22:18
rlameiroyeap, jack then you can use qjackctl or patchage to route them22:18
holsteinhave you used JACK yet?22:19
Bart__I've tried but it is complaining it needs alsa?22:19
holsteina bit of a learning curve sometimes getting it up and running (jack)22:19
holsteinBUT quite worth it22:19
holsteintheres nothing else really like JACK22:19
rlameiroyou dont have really a soundcard....22:20
holsteinBart__: i would suggest trouble shooting jack22:20
rlameirowell that is weird22:20
holsteinBart__: if you dont have a sound card22:20
Bart__I don't have a soundcard22:20
holsteinor want to use one22:20
holsteinin qjack22:20
rlameiroso you should install a dummy soundcard22:20
holsteingo to 'setup'22:20
holsteinand select the driver 'dummy'22:20
rlameirothat may be something related to an alsa loopback or something22:20
rlameiroi really dont know how22:20
holsteinlike rlameiro ^^ says :)22:20
holsteini do that here22:21
holsteini run the dummy driver on a laptop22:21
holsteinand get in and out via netjack22:21
holsteinBart__: where are you?22:22
holsteini have a stack of soundcards if your near me at all ;)22:22
holsteinwhat are the chances though right22:22
Bart__it's a server ;)22:22
Bart__so no soundcard22:22
holsteinthe 'dummy' driver will do it22:23
Bart__hmz I see I can't even start jack22:23
Bart__cannot open existing shm registry segment (Function not implemented)22:23
Bart__no access to shm registry22:23
holsteinwhats te error?22:23
holsteinBart__: what ubuntu are you on?22:23
Bart__uh that old LTS one22:24
holsteinstill should work22:24
holsteinBart__: so are you running X on that box at all?22:24
holsteinare you starting jack from CLI ?22:24
rlameiroi think it doesnt have alsa installed22:24
rlameirojack do relies on alsa22:25
holsteini dont know the proper arguments to pass to use 'dummy' from the CLI22:25
Bart__it's virtual x22:25
holsteini suppose it wont hurt to try22:25
rlameirojackd -d dummy22:25
Bart__jackd -d dummy22:25
holsteinyou could install alsa and see if that helps22:25
Bart__same error22:26
Bart__I installed the alsa files :p22:26
holsteinother than that, have you asked in #jack ?22:26
holsteinthose guys are usually ON IT22:26
Bart__asking now :)22:26
holsteinif i think of something, i'll shout it out :)22:27
Bart__I think it's strange that there is not a easy solution for that22:27
Bart__cuz even on windows it took like 2 minutes :o22:27
Bart__but I can't use that xD22:28
rlameirosolution its possible to exist22:32
rlameirobut remind that on windows you had a full desktop system22:32
rlameiroyou are on a server...22:32
Bart__yeah I know :)22:32
holsteintough crowd over there ;)22:41
holsteinive been camped out there for about a year22:42
holsteinsomebody responded to me the other day22:42
methods2what's a good tool for video transcoding ?23:16
holsteinmethods2: how does pitivi work for you?23:38
holsteinhttp://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/ maybe??23:39
holsteinim not sure how/if they transcode23:39
methods2thanks i'll try them23:47

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