akamausI'm looking for a way to periodically run a job (chef-client) on ubuntu-9.1010:25
akamauscan upstart be used for that?10:25
akamausor I should run a service through cron job?10:25
ionUse cron for now. Cron-like functionality is in TODO.10:26
akamausion, thanks10:28
akamausI've setup a cron job to run a script containing "/usr/bin/service chef-client start &>/tmp/log" command. As a result I'm getting "exec: 129: start: not found". 12:53
akamauswhat might be the reason?12:54
akamaus"/usr/bin/service chef-client start" runs ok from the root shell12:55
akamausdoes upstart need setting a specific environment?12:59
Keybuk/sbin not in $PATH13:08
akamausKeybuk, thanks for suggestion. Actually, I messed the things up. One should run "start chef-client" not "service chef-client start"13:34
Keybukeither works13:37
akamausKeybuk, only if you have old style script in /etc/init.d13:38
akamausI was too lazy to write one )13:38
mgoetzei'm having trouble with an ubuntu 10.04 server "sometimes" not starting the tty1 .. tty6 jobs. has anyone heard of something like that?16:31
Keybukyes, there's an open bug16:31
Keybukbut without any solid information about what causes it16:31
Keybukjust wild theories16:32
mgoetzeok is there anything i could do to help you find information? (would e.g. a login on such a system help?)16:32
mgoetzealso if you have the bug number i'd appreciate it16:32
KeybukI'm not actively investigating it at the moment16:34
mgoetzesome legacy init scripts seem to be affected as well, e.g. xinetd isn't running on this boot (on another boot xinetd was running but ttyX wasn't)16:34
Keybukthat is consistent with the reported problem16:34
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