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hexdump_hey all!01:24
hexdump_I got a lil question here.  I forget how to change it where I automatically login on xubuntu 9.1001:24
hexdump_I went to system login screen and for some reason I couldn't unlock it to change it.01:25
ochosihexdump_, what do you mean?01:28
ochosiclick "unlock", enter your root-password and change it01:29
hexdump_ochosi:  I want to login without typing in a password because I want to ssh into my headless box.01:30
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hexdump_ochosi:  it's being stupid it won't let me01:31
ochosihexdump_, be a bit more specific, what's the problem?01:31
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hexdump_ochosi:  Ok, I when I try and click unlock nothing happens.  Simple as that.01:32
hexdump_there has to be another method.01:32
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ochosihexdump_, yes, let me have a quick look01:32
hexdump_ochosi:  thanks, I'm trying to figure it out as well.01:32
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dr4c4nhas anyone run into bug 546992 on xubuntu after lucid lynx and been able to find the hal upgrade in the -proposed sources?03:26
likemindeadDangit... wrong window; sorry.04:54
bardo_hello to all. i have a intel 855 graphic driver, xubuntu 10.04 doesen'e work correctly with that hardware, does anyone knows a solution, is there any upgrade to resolve the problem?09:26
TheSheepmaybe check the forums, they usually have the best info09:29
mthornI recently installed 10.04 and once or twice a day, my left click stops working for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, my ability to left click comes back on it's own. I've tried killing every running application, but that doesn't fix the problem. I don't think it's hardware, because I've seen it while using an external mouse13:52
mthornis this a known bug? perhaps with a solution?13:52
knomedo you plug the mouse into an usb port? have you tried an another port?14:02
mthornknome, this is a laptop, so I've tried the touchpad and 1 usb port14:17
mthornI'll try the other the next time this happens.14:17
moetunesor you could read dmesg to see if the fail gets logged14:19
Darth_Tuxmorning all14:33
charlie-tca!hi | Darth_Tux14:33
ubottuDarth_Tux: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:33
Darth_Tuxcharlie-tca: is it a big deal to "upgrade" from ubuntu to xubuntu14:34
Sysiinstall xubuntu-desktop14:35
Darth_Tuxwill i need to manually remove stuff?14:35
charlie-tcayou can do it in terminal using "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"14:35
Darth_Tuxdoing it in synaptic atm14:35
charlie-tcaIf you want a pure xubuntu environment, yes. But it is not necessary14:35
Darth_Tuxthough i usually use terminal14:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »14:35
Sysiif you want14:35
Darth_TuxSysi: ty14:36
Darth_Tuxi will probably remove more than just that as well14:36
Darth_Tuxubuntu seems a bit slow to me14:37
Sysihow much RAM?14:38
SysiDE shouldn't matter anything, but try14:39
Darth_TuxI have used xubuntu, now using ubuntu, could just be my perception14:40
charlie-tcaNew info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements14:40
Sysii use xubu because i like it more14:41
Darth_Tux4G almost seems like overkill, but i also run a virtual machine a bit14:42
Darth_TuxSysi charlie-tca thanks for the help15:02
charlie-tcano problem15:03
fm2209I've got a big problem15:03
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:03
fm2209I am using xfce with xmonad15:03
fm2209ok sorry15:03
fm2209When I log on in xfce, the desktop is there but there is no panel, so no system tray and conseguently no network-manager applet and no internet15:04
charlie-tcaYou can manually add the connection to /etc/network/interfaces15:04
fm2209I think I messed up something with the sessions, since I use a session with no xfwm415:04
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/15:04
fm2209thanks I'll try it now15:05
charlie-tcaWithout xfwm4, I don't know if you can get panels, can you?15:05
fm2209yes you can15:07
fm2209I've been using that setup for a year :P15:07
fm2209anyway now it works, thanks!15:07
fm2209going to the now-working pc15:07
astroboyI've got a laptop, my volume keys work fine, but they don't when I am playing music with goggles music manager15:49
craigbass1976WHat's this polkitd that keep eating up resources?15:53
maxamillioncraigbass1976: the policykit daemon, it *should* be able to be disabled safely unless you are utilizing security policies using it15:56
visitor1what about the gam_srever?15:57
craigbass1976I'm not running much for security anything on this box.  How would I know?15:57
maxamillioncraigbass1976: 'sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep -i pol' .... can you pastebin the output of that?16:00
maxamillioncraigbass1976: we should be able to go from there16:01
visitor1its using often a lot of cpu power this gam_server and i wonder if deinstalling is a good idea?16:01
craigbass1976maxamillion, ^^16:02
maxamillioncraigbass1976: do you have a command called 'chkconfig'? try 'sudo chkconfig --list' and see if bash yells at you for it not being a known command16:05
craigbass1976maxamillion, None; I remember it from my fedora days...   apt-get install chkconfig?16:06
maxamillioncraigbass1976: nope, sorry ... that turned out to be a goose chase :P .... it appears that polkitd is launched as an autostarted app16:07
maxamillioncraigbass1976: so just settings->Auto Start and then remove it16:07
maxamillioncraigbass1976: that *should* work16:07
maxamillion(should being the operative term)16:07
craigbass1976I thought chkconfig was something to turn things off at boot, rather than edit the rc.d stuff16:07
maxamillioncraigbass1976: right, it is16:07
maxamillioncraigbass1976: I thought polkitd was launched at boot, it apparently isn't16:07
craigbass1976can I just get out of xfce, or have to reboot?16:08
maxamillioncraigbass1976: should work to just logout and log back in, or you can kill the process and just stay logged in16:09
craigbass1976I also noticed this weekend that service apache restart is the preferred method, rather than /etc/init.d   True?16:09
maxamillioncraigbass1976: 'sudo killall polkitd'16:09
craigbass1976Still running, according to top16:10
maxamillioncraigbass1976: yes, service is preferred16:10
maxamillioncraigbass1976: 'sudo killall -9 polkitd'16:10
maxamillionit might need a little more of a kick in the pants16:10
craigbass1976Oh, that's harsh... ;)16:10
craigbass1976Really...  Still there.  Let me get out.  brb16:11
craigbass1976maxamillion, still there.16:14
craigbass1976/usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd is what's running I guess, and root started it16:15
maxamillioncraigbass1976: you might have to uninstall it ... but I honestly don't know what negative effects that might have on the system and polkit is pretty integrated these days16:16
Sysiit appears in sessions & startup → autostart16:16
craigbass1976Policykit Authentication Agent16:17
craigbass1976It's off there16:17
maxamillionSysi: yeah, we already tried removing that but it still runs16:17
maxamillioncraigbass1976: did you try rebooting? I'm wondering if there's something else just running in the background that's not dying just from a log out16:18
* maxamillion hates offering up rebooting as a fix on a *nix system ... but meh16:18
craigbass1976maxamillion, I did reboot; I've just killed it again (PID this time)16:18
craigbass1976maxamillion, me too; someone told me I need to reboot my point of sale server every month, but couldn't tell me why.  "You're to used to windows" I said16:19
craigbass1976polkitd is running again...  sheesh16:19
craigbass1976what is this process actually doing, besides leaking?16:20
maxamillioncraigbass1976: well, its supposed to listen for events from apps that utilize pkcheck, pkexec, and pkaction then it checks policies in /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/ to find out if the user or group attempting to perform the action is authorized to do so16:23
maxamillioncraigbass1976: it just allows for fine grained policy control16:23
maxamillioncraigbass1976: its not supposed to leak :/16:24
ReixoI want to download xubuntu on a laptop that I have (intel celeron 1,5 GHz, 192MB ram) and I'd like to know what version of xubuntu is reccommended17:10
Sysiwith that ram lubuntu or crunchbang could be better17:11
ReixoNever heard of them.17:11
ReixoBut i'm looking for something that would run smooth on such a pc17:12
ReixoI found some neat vids of Xubuntu.17:12
Sysiyou'd need 512mb RAM for xubuntu to run smoothly, though that processor is pretty powerful17:13
ReixoOkay, oh, and can all of these ubuntu...versions...or mods....run all of the default ubuntu programs?17:14
ReixoGimp, wine etc.17:14
Sysiof course17:15
ReixoBasically it all works on the same terminal17:15
ReixoI can't find a download on Lubuntu.net17:15
ReixoHope this isn't going off topic17:15
maxamillionReixo: http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.04.iso17:16
maxamillionReixo: its the "Get lubuntu" link on the right hand side of the page17:17
Sysior http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.04.iso.torrent17:17
maxamillionReixo: they apparently aren't hosting from lubuntu.net17:17
ReixoThanks alot!17:19
Sysi(they should really stop calling xubuntu lightweight)17:19
ReixoOh and Sysi: Ubuntu wiki called xubuntu the light version of ubuntu.17:19
ReixoAnyways, Thanks alot.17:20
astroboywhat is the terminal command to lock the screen?17:33
charlie-tcaSysi: lightweight and low memory are not the same thing17:47
charlie-tcaIs lubuntu lightweight because it uses 30% less memory?17:47
Sysias i understant lightweight pretty much is lover memory17:48
Sysibecause that's the thing xubuntu is better than ubuntu17:48
charlie-tcaWell, compared to Ubuntu at 1GB of ram, I think a minumum of 256 is very lightweight17:49
knomeSysi, lover memory? oh my...17:49
Sysidoes xubuntu actually run well on 256?17:49
charlie-tcabut lightweight also refers to the applications used, and the amount of memory and size of the cpu they work well with17:49
Sysiknome: *should* be17:50
knomeSysi, lower = vähemmän, lover = rakastaja17:50
charlie-tcaIt does, if you do not open a bunch of windows at once. You have one application at a time running17:50
Sysiknome: harhar17:50
* likemindead doesn't dig LXDE.17:50
knomelikemindead, do you digg it then?17:50
likemindeadXfce > Openbox > GNOME17:51
Sysilxde is okay but bit limited/hard of course17:51
knomeSysi, why "of course"17:51
charlie-tcaXubuntu does not actually aim for the lowest memory systems in use. We leave that to distros like dsl, crunchbang, puppy...17:51
knomecouldn't lightweight systems be easy to use?17:51
Sysithey can17:51
Sysibut that don't happen too often17:52
Sysibut point taken, xubuntu don't fit really well for old systems, IMO17:53
knomesaying "of course" leaves the image that they can't be17:53
Sysinever say never17:53
charlie-tcaI don't know. I tried running lubuntu in 192MB, and it was not any better than xubuntu at 256MB17:54
knomecharlie-tca, maybe we can think changing the memory requirement to something bigger than 256 now when ubuntu has 1GB17:54
Sysiif any buntu would work with my old intel i'd try17:55
knomecharlie-tca, (i remember we had a discussion if 256 is good after all)17:55
Sysiif it has tested to be, let it be17:55
charlie-tcaWe could, but if it will install and run one-two applciations per the strategy document, it is not needed to be changed17:55
Sysiubuntu wasn't good with 512MB at least, xubuntu was17:56
charlie-tcaSysi: which makes Xubuntu "lightweight". We compare directly to Ubuntu17:56
Sysicompared to ubuntu, xub is a bit more lightweight, but still not low-end business17:58
likemindeadAgreed, Sysi.18:02
likemindeadSweet. :D18:03
Sysiis it worthless to ask here about compiling kernel?18:04
Sysi2.6.34 compiling crashed my entire machine18:04
charlie-tcaIsn't 34 in maverick already?18:04
likemindeadhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile probably won't tell you much you don't already know...18:05
charlie-tcaWe have the maverick alternate images today18:05
Sysii just wonder is that common problem and how much older could work..18:05
Sysibut maybe #elsewhere18:06
charlie-tcaThere's always #ubuntu-kernel18:06
charlie-tcaMight ask in #ubuntu+1, too.18:07
Sysiahem, i'm compiling on ubuntu but actually i now need it to other machine18:07
Sysiubuntu worked of course (:) but fedora lacks that one driver from vanillakernel18:08
ReixoHi, since #lubuntu is dead, i'll ask a few questions here, is it okay?18:12
ReixoFirst off: is it possible to install Lubuntu in windows, like you can install Ubuntu?18:13
ReixoOr I need to burn in to a CD and boot it up that way?18:13
drizzt_what is Lubuntu? it isn't supported distro18:13
ReixoLubuntu is ubuntu running LXDE desktop18:14
Sysii wouldn't recommend wubi-installation18:14
ReixoI think that's correct18:14
charlie-tcaReixo: I think you would have to have a "wubi" installer for it to install in windows, and I don't think they have one18:14
ReixoDarn it.18:14
ReixoI just uninstalled ubuntu 10.0418:14
ReixoOr it was 9.x18:14
ReixoBut if I had some kind of Ubuntu installed, what would my Lubuntu install look like?18:17
Reixosudo apt-get lubuntu? :S18:17
charlie-tcasudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop18:18
ReixoAnd then I will be able to delete the previous Ubuntu?18:18
Reixo(Sorry if I'm asking too many questions)18:19
charlie-tcadrizzt_: lubuntu is now in the repositories. It is another dirivative distribution of Ubuntu using the lxde environment18:19
ReixoWhen I install Lubuntu from Xubuntu for example. Will i need to partition my HDD again?18:44
ReixoOr it will use Xubuntus partion18:44
charlie-tcaif you installed it using "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop", you will not partition, it will simply install along with what is there. You will be able to choose which desktop to use when signing in, I think.18:45
ReixoThanks again.18:46
blue_annahey -- how involved is it to try out xfce on ubuntu? I mean to see the difference in speed too, not just to see what the xfce wm looks like :)21:12
Sysiinstall xubuntu-desktop and choose at login to use it21:13
blue_annaSysi: thanks -- that's pretty simple :)21:14
charlie-tcaSysi: thank you for all your time and help in here21:14
Sysiyou're welcome21:15
alesiowhy can't i connect to msn on pidgin?22:50
dr4c4nalesio: which version of pidgin?22:51
dr4c4ntry the latest release?22:53
dr4c4nalso I remember msn adding something to their login protocol at some point, whereupon, pidgin refused my connection, but I updated, and it worked thereafter...22:54
dr4c4nhope that helps?22:54
alesiook. i will. thanks!22:54
dr4c4nnp, r u running xubuntu by any chance? that's what I had, and also you may have to download source, if apt package isn't the latest version, do you know how to do that?22:55
alesioi'm running xubuntu. could that be the problem?22:58
alesioi also have problems with hotmail22:58
dr4c4nrunning xubuntu isn't a problem.22:59
dr4c4nthe problem is most likely with your version of pidgin and the updated msn protocol for connecting to their network..23:00
alesioi'll try the latest release then. do you know which one would that be??23:03
dr4c4nlooking at the pidgin site, it says 2.7.0, I'm not sure that's the *nix release..23:04
_Anthonydr4c4n msn is usually backwards compatible no?23:16
_Anthonyand if you are aspecifying an older protocol23:16
_Anthonyit will use the older one23:16
dr4c4n_Anthony: I had this same problem a while ago, and did a google search on it, other users of pidgin were having the same trouble till they updated to the latest version..23:17
dr4c4n_Anthony: I just offered a suggestion, as that's what I did to fix my problem.. :)23:17
dr4c4nbrb cracking my case, so to speak23:20
MalkavianManiacamsn ---- A very nice MSN compatible messenger application. Works pretty much like its Windows based counterpart. Perfect for keeping in touch with those friends who have not yet seen the light.23:20
_Anthonyi see23:23
_Anthonyit seems a bit odd that it would stop wrok23:23
drizzt_how to use gigolo?23:23
drizzt_it shows icon of resource but nothing happens whe i'm clicking it and i caanot fing it mounted anywhere23:24
dezza_khey all. When I go to Applications>System>language support, I get asked to install language support but it doesn't accept my password (which I know is right). Any ideas how to fix this?23:24
drizzt_dezza_k, then it's wrong23:24
dezza_kdrizzt_, I have it in plaintext in a text editor, copied to the clipboard. It works when I paste it into a terminal using the sudo command, but no when I paste it into the gksu/gksudo window for language support23:26
drizzt_dezza_k, run sudo gnome-language-support in terminal then23:27
dezza_kdrizzt_, dezza@Demetria:~$ sudo gnome-language-support23:28
dezza_ksudo: gnome-language-support: command not found23:28
dezza_kI have my suspicions that the language support is using gksu, when it should be using gksudo23:29
drizzt_oh it's -selector23:29
dezza_kthat worked, thanks23:29
blue_annawhat is the name of that keyboard layout panel item?23:56
blue_annathat things beautiful23:56

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