dan|elAny idea what's up with this error?01:15
dan|elConflict: can't delete lib/js because it is not empty.  Not deleting.01:15
dan|elConflict because lib/js is not versioned, but has versioned children.  Versioned directory.01:15
dan|elwhy would this even happen?01:16
dan|elfound things here: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.0.92/en/user-guide/conflicts.html01:18
meoblast001does Bazaar end commit messages with a new line?05:02
spivmeoblast001: not necessarily, I think.07:42
meoblast001hm, ok07:42
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vilamgz: If you're around, care to give lp:~vila/bzr/for-babune a host on your windows host ?17:18
vilamgz: It implements some fixes for the http *thread* leaks (socket leaks will come later) but I'd like some feedback on memory consumption and overall elapsed time (I've got weird results here like it has been running for the last 5 hours while consuming very little CPU)17:21
mgzbranched, I'll hook it up for a full run now.17:21
vilamgz: oh cool you're there,17:22
vilaso about memory, performance monitor tells me ~150M, is this where you found your 1G figure ?17:22
mgzhm, exception17:23
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:23
mgzpresume that's a try/except/finally17:24
mgzwhich is a 2.4 no-no :)17:24
mgz^no, ~150M is about what the right number should be, without horrible leaks messing things up17:24
vilahmm, thanks fixed (that's what I get from running llucid where py24 is not packaged anymore :-/)17:25
mgzfull testrun working set size prior to r4920 was 177MB, and >500MB after17:26
vilayeah, but where do I find that ws sizr you're talking about ? Performance monitor ?17:27
mgzI added a thingy to my script17:27
vilaerr, task manager ?17:27
vilaCan it merged into core ?17:28
vilaCan it be merged into core ?17:28
mgzprobably, the windows version has an analogue in bzrlib.win32utils anyway17:28
mgzvila: have you pushed the try/except/finally fix to lp yet? can do it independantly here, but prefer to run off your rev17:32
vilaI'm preparing a version with more fixes included (far less socket leaks)17:33
mgzyell when pushed and I'll pull and start a run here17:33
vilayup, I'd like to let mine finish even if it takes a day or some (or not :)17:34
vilamgz: pushed17:35
vilamgz: in case it matters, it's based on trunk from a few days/weeks, I don't remember exactly when I last updated my loom17:37
mgznope, shouldn't matter17:37
vilathought so but nobody told me nothin' so I prefer to check :)17:37
mgzthere were some revs around the gio merge that had issues, but runner is resilient to import/syntax issues in tests17:38
vilahmm, I missed the review window there...17:39
vilapff, 6 hours for 2000 tests something is very wrong there17:40
mgzbut the tests are still progressing? it's not just hung somewhere?17:40
vilayeah was progressing (I just killed it)17:41
mgzbecause... er... it seems to have hung here already17:41
vilagive it some time17:41
mgzmy hang protection will kick in... just has17:41
vilaI smell some network related timeout from.... some unknown place17:41
vilatry disabling that for once17:41
mgz...I really need to get the name of the started test out before running it...17:42
mgzthe test *after* bb.test_branch.TestBranchStacked.test_branch_stacked_from_rich_root_non_stackable at any rate17:42
mgzlets see if it happens again17:43
mgzused to leak, now hangs.17:46
vilapass here17:46
vilabut I've seen weird failures involving the smaer server on windows only17:47
mgzI'll try running it just from the console and... urk, bb.* so no pdb17:48
vilathe CPU graph is flat again...17:48
mgzyup, no ctrl+break17:49
* mgz goes to kill process manualy17:49
mgzI'll try a full run minus bb.17:50
vilaor if you have data available, just compare -s bt.test_http17:51
vilaand -s bt.per_transport17:51
vilaI think that cover most of the leaks17:51
vilahmm, anyway, looks like my fixes make a lot of hangs came up,17:52
vilathe ones I've fixed... were all in the server part and have been there for a long time, I don't yet have a good explanation about why my other fixes are shaking them up though, it seem to be an overall effect17:53
vila.. which in turn means that I need to fix a lot of things together if I don't want to disrupt the whole selftest :-(17:54
mgzokay, that gave me a whole load of errors18:00
mgzsomehow broke my runner framework (are you now deleting things in cwd somehow?) but get failures run with -x blackbox from console18:00
vilaI delete nothing I can think of18:01
mgza bunch from cleanups like:18:01
mgz  File "C:\bzr\bzr\for-babune\bzrlib\osutils.py", line 2041, in connect_socket18:01
mgz    for res in socket.getaddrinfo(host, port):18:01
mgzNameError: global name 'host' is not defined18:01
vilabut I've got some basic error, yeah that noe18:01
mgzalso some from threads like:18:01
mgzerror: (10058, "Can't send after socket shutdown")18:01
vilayeah, smart server, coming from a .recv() call, which is ... ironic :)18:03
vilaI've yet to reproduce them somewhere else, but thanks for feedback, it means it still need to be addressed (I wan't totally sure it was reproducible)18:04
mgzah, maybe it's trying to clean up BZR_HOME now18:04
* mgz tries moving that in the runner18:04
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vilaone more fix pushed, now it's almost all http/1.1 tests that fail for -s bt.test_http :-/18:10
vilaand stil an almost flat CPU graph18:10
mgzha, okay, worked out what the problem was here18:11
mgzone of the tests was cding somewhere and not cding back18:12
mgzfixed my isolation on that.18:12
vilaweird, the base test framework should do that for you18:12
mgzyeah, "should" being the important word there :)18:13
vilahmm, interesting, I've got thread hung detection triggered here and 10058 cant blah blah too with no smart server involved18:14
vilamgz: so, sorry for the trouble, I thought things were more stable than that :-/18:16
mgzgot some interesting results before hang there18:17
mgznot sure why `raise tests.TestSkipped('Not a local URL')` is turning up as an error... probably an exception in another thread or cleanup I'm not recording currently?18:18
vilamgz: almost all tests seem to be skipped ?18:18
mgzneed to wrestle with testtools some more.18:18
mgzthat was me forcing a blackbox skip to avoid the early hang18:19
vilahmm, so I should drill down somewhere ?18:19
mgzclick one of the yellow boxes in the last row18:20
mgzthose are thread exceptions + leaks18:20
vilaha ok, yeah, I got a can't send18:20
mgzlikewise some of the sky-blue (skip + leak)18:21
vilaso, I don't have a fix yet for the smart server threads leaks, so rule them out18:21
vilathe 10058 case... need to be fixed though18:22
vilaha, cool, I've got -s bt.test_test_server failing 1 errors 2 out of 8 tests :)18:22
vilaincluding a 10058 and a 1005418:23
mgzI'll try and get the tracebacks-from-cleanup in there as well, as that's a worry18:23
vilamgz: try -s bt.test_test_server and look at the tests themselves, some exceptions in the cleanup phase need to be caught but have a simple explanation,18:24
vilaI'm closing sockets from the main thread and the exceptions occur... either there or elsewhere :)18:24
mgzthis hangs for me: test_test_server.TestTCPServerInAThread.test_start_stop(TestingTCPServer)18:25
vilamgz: interesting... and a bit worrying too :-/ It looks like too many hangs occur that I can't address...18:28
vilahmm, but start/stop shouldn't be one of them :-/18:28
vilathose are whitebox tests though, can you see which line is hanging under pdb ?18:29
vilaoh, and this one ERROR or FAIL here18:30
mgzha, I think I forgot to kill that last run, and it seems to have got past it:18:30
mgzERROR   119984ms18:31
mgzvery interesting.18:31
mgzthat's just over my hang protection limit18:31
mgzand probably a socket timeout of some kind18:31
mgzcould explain your six hours too.18:32
mgzhm... bumping the time wasn't enough to get past my first blackbox hang18:37
vilahmm, so a bit of explanation of the traceback in your last pastebin, that's an exception crossing the thread boundary (the t.join() line is the boundary)18:38
vilai.e. an exception occurred in a thread and is re-raised in the main thread18:38
vilaI was post-poning a better mechanism to declare which exceptions should be caught when but it looks I need it *now*...18:39
vilamgz: I was referring to the first traceback in your pastebin (ending with 10058)18:41
vilamgz: the second one is similar but for the server thread18:41
vilawhereas the first was for a connection thread in a threading server18:41
mgzthat one, right?18:42
mgz(bumping the number was enough to get past that hang reliably, it seems)18:42
vilathe last you pasted is from the server thread yes, always search for a .join()18:43
vilahmm, worth renaming that 't' for the connection threads18:43
vilamgz: and since there are multiple threads involved but only one exception can be raised, as soon as one is, all bets are off since the overall server shutdown has been interrupted...18:50
vilathe idea is that server bugs are not supposed to occur and should be fixed before anything else... which is what we are encountering here I suspect18:51
vilaand more precisely here, I suspect that windows is raising exceptions that are a bit different and there are holes in my exceptions filters :)18:51
mgzthe socket errors are all a bit different, certainly :)18:52
vila...which in turn expose the flaw in my design: the "acceptable" exceptions should be easier to specify18:53
mgzgenerally, when ever you catch a en E* you also need to catch a WSAE*18:53
mgzand sometimes another one as well18:54
vilathe 1005* are WSAE* ?18:54
vilahmm, that's very good to hear18:55
vilaThe problems with the actual exception catching are: 1) too many different places in the server code, 2) a mix between exception occurring in the normal usage and in the shutdown phase 3) some windows equivalence missing18:56
vilaback to the drawing board it is...18:56
meoblast001i'm getting this error with one of my scripts20:45
meoblast001the script was tested working locally on this system, and previously worked on my server20:46
meoblast001i only made on modification (switched a split ('\n') with a splitlines()20:46
mgzserious import resolution screw up20:50
mgz  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/__init__.py", line 19, in <module>20:50
mgz    from bzrlib import branch20:50
mgzthat can't happen, did you add it?20:51
meoblast001ugh, wtf20:51
meoblast001i remove the script and the old one is running20:51
meoblast001where else could Bazaar hooks be located?20:51
meoblast001mgz: this is proving to be much more painful than anticipated20:55
meoblast001it was supposed to be as simple as move files to bzrlib like always, run, everything is happy20:55
meoblast001i tested it locally, everything works20:56
mgzwell it looks like you've screwed up your bzr installation somehow20:56
meoblast001i THOUGHT i overwrote the old files20:56
meoblast001ok, so i have to uninstall and reinstall Bazaar :/20:56
mgzremoving it all and starting from scratch might be easiest20:56
meoblast001sudo apt-get purge?20:56
mgztry it.20:56
meoblast001mgz: ah thanks20:57
meoblast001it removed everything but my files20:57
meoblast001so now i can find where the old ones were20:57
lifelessmgz: hai20:57
mgzwotcha lifeless.20:57
meoblast001hm, didn't realize i have custom repositories for bazaar on my server20:58
meoblast001considering i'm still running hardy >.>20:59
meoblast001thanks mgz21:00
meoblast001seems i did overwrite Bazaar critical files21:00
mgzpaella awaits, back to hack in a little bit.21:07
meoblast001another Bazaar question... i'm using post_change_branch_tip in my script that announces updates in our source respositories21:34
meoblast001if the server has to pull somewhere though, it also will announce there21:34
meoblast001is it possible to make it only call a script if the server has been pushed to?21:35
lifelessin your script, check the url or config of the branch which changed21:36
meoblast001lifeless: ok, thanks, good idea21:45
meoblast001lifeless: i'm having some trouble finding a listing of branch members, you by any chance know where that would be otoh?21:46
meoblast001wait, think i found it21:47
meoblast001hm, maybe not, hard to tell21:50
meoblast001lifeless: is it possible for me to store a file in the .bzr directory of a project and then check it later?21:52
meoblast001i could create a function bzr <something> where it will then create a file that is checked21:52
meoblast001when i try to check the location i get bzr: ERROR: exceptions.TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects22:09
meoblast001doing a print "COMMITTING TO: " + result.branch.get_parent()22:09
lifelesswell parent can be None22:11
lifelessif you want to store a config value use branch.get_config()22:12
meoblast001well, that seems like the only thing in the docs remotely close to a location22:12
lifelessoh, the branch itself is branch.base22:12
lifelessthough it will be in a virtual chroot, so not the same path you'd see on disk22:13
meoblast001lifeless: yeah, i get file:///home/braden/test/22:14
meoblast001could i just pop the file:// off of it and go with that?22:14
exarkunHey, why is the snow leopard bzr installer link a 404?22:20
lifelessI don't know, why is the snow leopard bzr installer link a 404?22:21
exarkunhttp://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/MacOSXDownloads -> http://launchpad.net/bzr/2.1/2.1.1/+download/Bazaar-2.1.1-2.dmg -> 40422:21
lifelesslooks like duplicated info -> badness22:21
exarkunOkay, I can get behind that, although I don't really know what you mean.22:21
exarkunAnyway where can I download bzr 2.1.1 for OS X?22:22
lifelesshave a look at http://launchpad.net/bzr/2.1/2.1.122:22
exarkunOkay thanks22:22
lifelessthough 2.1.2 is out now22:23
exarkunhttp://launchpad.net/bzr/2.1/2.1.1/+download/Bazaar-2.1.1-OSX-10.6-3.dmg can't be downloaded with curl.22:24
lifelessanyway, basically I think the wiki page is stale22:24
exarkunOkay.  Unfortunately that didn't help.  Is there some way to have libtdb on OS X?22:36
lifelessyou want bzr-svn on macosX, right ?22:42
lifelessis http://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/2.1/2.1.2/+download/Bazaar-2.1.2-OSX-10.6-1.dmg what you grabbed ?22:42
exarkunI got 2.1.1 I think22:43
exarkunI can try 2.1.2 though22:44
exarkunI tried 2.1.2, still no libtdb22:46
lifelessis the mac installer project22:47
lifelessis bzr-svn bundled in the installer ?22:50
lifelessor are you installing it separately ?22:50
lifelessI'm about to go out22:53
lifelessbut I suggest the following:22:53
lifeless - if bzr-svn isn't bundled in the installer, you're going to need to roll your own dependency chain22:53
lifeless - but I think it is bundled in the installer, so start by filing a bug saying 'its bundled but not working' and work up from there.22:54
lifeless - if you're time-sensitive about getting this fixed, or willing to fix it yourself, the home page for bzr-mac-installers seems to describe how to get going with the code to do installs22:54
lifelessand you could probably figure out whats going on fairly straight forwardly, if you know mac stuff.22:55
exarkunOkay, I just built libtdb myself and apparently it works although it was a horrible experience.  But now I'll go file a bug against something.22:59
lifelessplease do!22:59
lifelesshttps://edge.launchpad.net/bzr-mac-installers is the thing23:00
PsyberShas anyone created a script(s) that will do a bzr log on every file, gather a list of all committers, and then update the file itself to list them (probably replacing some fixed/annotated block in the comments of the file)?23:53
PsyberSbasically so every source file can have a 'copyright 2010 author1, author2, ...' etc that is automatically updated based on who has committed that file23:53

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