odhinnnot that I'm aware of00:01
zusmy pannel is all messed up how can i fix my default pannel? the cloc is streched and everything is scrunched in the left cornner00:01
odhinnRadSurfer: can you do "lspci" from a console and paste the results on the paste.ubuntu.com for me?00:02
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odhinnthat's without the quotes, of course00:03
RadSurferI'm trying to run audacity, seems it likes to reboot when its trying to do too much w/audacity running :( I was expecting better.00:04
zushow can i restore the default pannel?00:07
zusi cant even drag the clock to a normal size00:07
RadSurferlspci -->  nVidia NV5M64 RivaTNT2 Model 64 Rev 15 <--- lspci00:07
RadSurferAlso, this system only has 512mb RAM, is that enuff?00:07
RadSurferSo does anyone understand why rebooting looses my Display resolution settings?00:14
odhinnzus: Best I could find was  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1469243&page=100:17
odhinnRadSurfer: take a look at this and see if it helps at all00:18
zusodhinn,  thank you00:19
odhinnzus: np, hope it helps00:19
RadSurferManually tweaking xorg.conf ? why didn't I think of that!00:19
RadSurfer"nvidia-settings didn't save your settings because you should have launched it with "sudo"; sudo nvidia-settings"00:20
RadSurferI take it that was for nVidia specific driver interface00:20
odhinnthat's what I was referring to00:20
zusodhinn,  kinda, after stepping away for a minute, it dawned on me i have ff open and it wasnt in the tray....00:20
odhinnthat would make sense, zus00:21
odhinnHey, I'm just trying to help since no one else is...00:21
RadSurferWhat is the Display configuration application name in kubuntu? I'll try running it as sudo... that was it has permissions to save settings!00:23
odhinnDon't know, RadSurfer, can't find it either00:28
odhinndid find this tho: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/X/Config/Resolution00:30
RadSurfer"Note that changes you make using xrandr only last through the current session."00:34
odhinnsorry, didn't notice that, I'm tapped out00:36
ScuniziIs there a default app in 10.04 for doing RDP or VNC connections?00:36
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ScuniziKRDC is the answer for anyone looking01:23
RadSurfer2Ok. I'm official on my newly install Kubuntu 10.4 now01:27
RadSurfer2What was that special command for fetching gcc build-essentials again?01:28
BluesKajsudo aptitude install build-essential01:30
RadSurfer215 pkgs to install 3 to update "fakeroot" looks suspicious! hehe01:35
Typos_Kingif it ain't broken, why fix it?01:36
RadSurfer2gcc is required for a varity of reasons.01:36
RadSurfer2DOES anyone know why kubuntu is not SAVING my display resolution settings?01:37
RadSurfer2I tried gsku krandtray, but that doesn't work either01:37
RadSurfer2it accepts I have the modes; you'd think it would SAVE them!01:38
Typos_Kinggcc,, kubuntu already has it01:39
Typos_KingRadSurfer2:    I assume you will need to edit xorg.conf01:40
RadSurfer2then why does it say 15 pkgs needed!01:40
Typos_Kingfor the gcc installation?01:40
RadSurfer2gcc is not necessarily a proper build environment; its just bare-essentials01:40
RadSurfer2gcc alone that is. that are automation tools, etc01:41
Typos_King.. well01:41
Typos_Kingif it says it needs it, then do so :P01:41
RadSurfer2kubuntu has some similarity with Sidux...fortunately. I wonder how far that similarity goes :-)01:42
RadSurfer2Sidux is a bit harder to install though01:42
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RadSurfer2IS THERE a way to find out if this motherboard is 32 or 64 bit? That would be a useful terminal command to keep handy :)02:08
well_laid_lawnvegeta: pls don't post links without a comment mate02:09
RadSurfer2I know there has to be some way to get CPU info!02:11
well_laid_lawnRadSurfer: it is not the mobo that determines that but the cpu02:12
well_laid_lawnRadSurfer2: it is not the mobo that determines that but the cpu02:12
RadSurfer2A mb not optimized for 64-bit cpu just dropped in? oh dear me.02:12
RadSurfer2still, there must be a way to query about da CPU02:12
well_laid_lawnRadSurfer2: if you don't have more than 4gb mem and don't do math intensive computations then 64bit isn't necessary atm imo02:14
well_laid_lawntry   sudo lshw02:14
vegetahttp://mashpotatoe.mybrute.com i need some pupils please02:15
RadSurfer2that dumped a lot of info :-)02:16
vegetajust look at the web site and youll see02:16
well_laid_lawnRadSurfer2: from that you can google the mobo, cpu etc to find the capabilities thety have02:17
RadSurfer2it reports 32-bits, which is what I wanted to confirm.02:20
well_laid_lawnk :]02:20
RadSurfer2right now my only issue is getting this clunker to remember my display screen resolution!02:20
well_laid_lawnthe 32bit/64 bit thing is more mem related then anything else atm afaik02:21
RadSurfer2kubuntu doesn't want to "lock" the screen res between boots.02:21
RadSurfer2How well would kubuntu 32-bit run on a 64-bit system?02:21
well_laid_lawnusing nvidia?02:21
RadSurfer2yup TNT2 evidently02:21
well_laid_lawnjust fine02:21
well_laid_lawnthat's an old card02:22
well_laid_lawndo you have an xorg.conf?02:22
bukayooRadSurfer2: if you have 64-bit hw run 64-bit os02:26
well_laid_lawn"<RadSurfer2> it reports 32-bits, which is what I wanted to confirm."02:26
RadSurfer2/etc/xorg ?02:27
WalzmynI just tried to use my apache server for the first time since upgradeing to 10.04 and it's not parsing php files - just tries to let me download them - what do I need to do to fix this?02:36
RadSurfer2verify php proper is installed?02:37
well_laid_lawnWalzmyn: there is #php02:37
well_laid_lawnor   dpkg -l | grep php02:38
Walzmynwell_laid_lawn: yeah, but 1) there's never anybody there, 2) I'll bet this is a ubuntu specific thing02:38
RadSurfer2also, do a visual inspection of the apache config file02:38
RadSurfer2make sure all is coshure in there02:38
RadSurfer2I know in certain other distro's, it seems to work right out of da box (apache/php/etc)02:39
RadSurfer2doesn't ubuntu actually have a "server edition"?02:39
well_laid_lawnin the ubuntus there's02:39
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:40
WalzmynRadSurfer2: it's always worked out of the box for me, it's just goofed since the upgarde02:40
WalzmynRadSurfer2: and I wouldn't know what I was looking at in the apache config file02:40
RadSurfer2Playing with a brand new install here tonight.02:40
well_laid_lawnWalzmyn: sometimes the upgrades do miss some stuff02:40
* Walzmyn nods02:40
RadSurfer2It pays to learn about that apache config file.02:40
Walzmynlike that ugly purple startup screen i'm stuck with?02:41
well_laid_lawntry   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade &7 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:41
WalzmynRadSurfer2: it might, but all I want is a testbed for wordpress and the like. Someone else is going to run the real one online02:41
well_laid_lawntry   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:41
Walzmynwell_laid_lawn: yeah, I'm fully updated02:41
RadSurfer2shouldn't one be at da proper run level for doing dist-upgradE?02:42
RadSurfer2doing an upgrade in "normal" run level was never recommended02:42
well_laid_lawnWalzmyn: tose three commands in order will bring in any packeges missed during the os upgrade02:42
well_laid_lawnwhich sounds like the issue here02:43
Walzmynwell_laid_lawn: I've checked, I'm fully updated02:43
well_laid_lawnWalzmyn: it is your system...02:44
WalzmynI bet it's whatever line in apache.conf tells it to send php files to the php engine instead of the browser02:44
WalzmynI *SO* do not wanna play with that conf file02:44
well_laid_lawnif you didn't change that file it should still work unless...02:45
WalzmynI don't remember if i told it to keep mine or use the maintainer's - and there's no mention of php in it02:46
well_laid_lawnWalzmyn: time to take it to #php02:47
Walzmyn#php is locked, looks like a bot hit. I'ma google it02:47
well_laid_lawnyou need to be registered02:48
well_laid_lawnit is always a struggle with illiterate people02:48
tauhello, i am using kubuntu, when i set the screen resolution in Kmenu -> Application -> Screem resize & contate it works, but when i turn off and i turn on it doesn't work anymore, it retrieves the old settings.02:54
well_laid_lawntau: it seems you need a xorg.conf file to set your preferred res on boot as it is done from scratch each boot now02:55
RadSurferSAME problem I am having :-)02:56
tauwell_laid_lawn:  humm, what is the natural xorg.conf's directory ?02:57
well_laid_lawnread the log file for X - /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:57
tauwell_laid_lawn:  sure, so, i copy it from there and do i put ?02:57
well_laid_lawntau: you need to make one - /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:57
tauwell_laid_lawn:  sure, thank u.02:58
well_laid_lawntau: the log will tell why it is using the res it is02:58
well_laid_lawndon't copy the log to that file tau02:58
tauwell_laid_lawn:  i tried sudo gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:59
tauwell_laid_lawn:  well, i am new in linux, i don't know what to do either.03:00
RadSurferif you did not know, you can keep a "root user shell" open by using --->  sudo -i03:00
RadSurferthis creates an interactive shell with root priviledges, long enough for you to do stuff. just type 'exit' to exit.03:01
RadSurfersure easier than sudo-ing each statement!03:01
well_laid_lawntau: k - what is the vid card pls - I'll google for an xorg.conf for you - lspci | grep VGA   in konsole will tell03:01
tausure, well_laid_lawn  thak you very much.03:01
well_laid_lawnnp :]03:01
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tauwell_laid_lawn: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 10)03:02
well_laid_lawnk - one min03:02
tauwell_laid_lawn:  that's what i found.03:02
well_laid_lawntau: http://kharkoma.homelinux.com/blog/?q=node/view/454 - copy the sections in the boxes to a file in your home dir called    xorg.conf   then in konsole do   sudo mv -v ./xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf   and then logout and login03:10
well_laid_lawnthat will get you 1280x1024 res03:11
tauwell_laid_lawn:  thank u , i am grateful :)03:12
well_laid_lawnnp :]03:12
jorgei need some one help  me03:14
jorgethank u03:15
jorgei fix03:15
well_laid_lawnjorge: best to just tell the issue you have and wait to see if someone knows about it03:16
tauwell_laid_lawn:  it didn't work, but thank u03:27
tauwell_laid_lawn:  hey, what is the tool's name that kubuntu uses to set up the resolution ?03:27
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RadSurfer2where are the useless "Screen saver" settings again?03:40
RadSurfer2I wish someone would realize turning OFF the monitor by default is a STUPID idea!03:40
RadSurfer2useless screen-saver is set to off, but natually monitor still blanks out. not even kubuntu fixes this problem.03:43
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cpatrick08 /msg NickServ identify <bama2008>04:09
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cpatrick08_FloodBotK1: i forgot my password can you email it to me04:14
tauhey, where can I see what changes happened when i ran any program ? for exame if i was setting a new configuration for a program it changed some files on hd so how can I see what the files are altered ?04:16
cpatrick2008_who has tried kubuntu 10.10 alpha 1 yet04:21
bronlarhi all04:35
bronlargot most of my multi-boot working now, cept openSUSE that always configure its grub entry to load by uuid which changes whenever i mess with my partition table <Sigh>04:36
tauhey, well_laid_lawn sorry for annoying you again. when i run the gnome the settings for screen resolution works correctly , do you have some idea how to fix it ?04:47
well_laid_lawntau: apart from what i suggested earlier no sorry04:48
tauwell_laid_lawn:  sure.04:48
well_laid_lawntau: you obviously didn't make the xorg.conf file as I suggested...04:49
ibrahimHai all04:54
ibrahimi am a newbie04:54
ibrahimtry to install kubuntu 10.04 LTS04:54
ibrahimnice n cool04:55
well_laid_lawnit is blue :]04:55
ibrahimyep :)04:55
bronlari prefer the green of linux mint 7, over the blue, although the blue is  pleasing to the eyes05:23
bronlari liked the green, prettier and happier05:23
bronlarhiyas lawn05:23
bronlargot my system almost all the way fixed now05:24
well_laid_lawnbronlar: you know you can type wel then it the tab button and it will complete my nick?05:25
bronlarnope dint know that. does that work in pidgin?05:27
phoenix__anyone there05:27
bronlarsorry well_laid_lawn i  dint know that tab autocompleted nicks05:40
bronlarbut ty for the info05:40
zusbronlar, hi05:41
zusanyone use virtual box?05:41
bronlarso, can u explain to me how to use kgrub editor to fix my openSUSE entry so it doesnt load by using that stupid hex string that aint gunna work?05:41
bronlarhi zus, i do occassionally but prefer vmware05:41
zusi am looking for the 3.,1.8 oracle non free version05:42
zusthis has been doing my head in the past 3 days05:42
bronlarwhat's oracle??05:42
zussun virtualbox is the open source version and oracle vitualbox is the non free... the new one is 3.2 and ubuntu WILL NOT install on it so far for me05:44
bronlaras  i said i prefer vmware05:44
bronlaralthough virtualbox has some features vmware lacks05:44
zusbronlar, true. the oracle version i prefer the mouse integration is much better than sun -OSE verion05:49
bronlarbut if u install the vmware tools, u get the same mouse and drag n drop capabilities05:50
zusbronlar, how have youve been?06:10
bronlarzus, lonely, and very depressed and stressed out, but my pc issues are becoming solved06:10
bronlari work hard, and play harder lol06:11
zuslol i just got back from the bar, talking about play harder06:11
bronlari prefer to drink alone06:12
bronlari dont do the bar scene anymore06:12
bronlaralthough  i coulkd stand having a one night stand from a woman at a bar right now rofl06:12
zusi got to this irish place, i know the 1 of the owners.. its pretty cool  not your typical bar06:14
bronlaryeh  i like the pubs06:19
bronlarespecially irish ones06:19
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bronlargoodnight all06:49
Xcalibarkind attention to the fellow experts in ubuntu who knows or owns a mac , i really need a quick help , i havent been here since the feisty release06:50
bronlari dont own a mac sorry06:51
bronlaralthough ive installed it on SPARC's before06:51
Xcalibari own a macbook pro and have windows 7 ultimate beta installed along with my mac os x , but i want to format the windows 7 and install ubuntu instead without reproduction of the bug06:51
bronlarwhich bug? have u checked the ubuntu bug forums?06:52
bronlarthe link is in this room's desc06:52
bronlarthe topic06:53
bronlaranyhow, good  luck, and good night06:53
masstorlink irc español07:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:04
well_laid_lawnnp :]07:07
azrai've installed kubuntu 10.04 in dell vostro 1014, everything works fine expect sound, i cant play any audio?07:15
azracan anyone tell me whats the exect problem07:15
SkEmOi had the same issue, turned out one of the volume controls was muted unter the master07:16
SkEmOnot the one on the traybar, i had to open the mixer07:16
azraSkEmO: u r right:)07:18
azraSkEmO: i can play audio now,07:18
azraSkEmO: But,07:19
azraSkEmO: when i plug in my heaphone speaker also plays the the, it supposed to be off when i plug in the headphone07:20
SkEmOim sorry, plays the what?07:21
azrathe same audio07:21
SkEmOuhm so you want to play something different out the speakers than from the headphones? o.O07:23
azraSkEmO: no no no, i want that when i plug in my headphone, internal sperakers automatic turn off and when in remove headphone speakers turn on automatic, the same thing i used kubuntu 9.0407:26
SkEmOi havent done that, let me try it07:26
SkEmOhmm strange, i dont have that problem07:28
well_laid_lawnmaybe set pcm as the master07:29
azrathe same destro did have problem in HP C1007:30
azramaybe this laptop is not compatible for linux07:30
azraselecting PCM as a master didn't work07:32
zusi downloaded virtualbox 3.2 and ubuntu wont install. its possible something might be not right but ealier in the week in had it working might have been 3.1.8...i can find the oracle 3.1.8 all i find is the sun version.. might some one help me please?07:34
zuswhen i had ubuntu installed the mouse capture worked and it wasnt the one where i had to right cntrl click everytime07:35
well_laid_lawnif the ubuntu iso is fine then try in the vbox channel #vbox - they'll know07:36
well_laid_lawnzus: ^^07:36
zuswell_laid_lawn,  i've tried...the .iso is fine its on a disc...with the sun version it works...but that is not the exact file i (had before, a clean install) wanted07:38
well_laid_lawnzus: I don't understand - if the iso is fine then ask in #vbox pls07:39
zusill go with out no one in there were able to help either07:40
buckfastHow come I keep having 1 blocked update: libboost-dev08:00
azraHI, i need to enable headphone detection in kubuntu 10.0408:03
azraSkEmO: i still have the same problem08:13
cjaeAnyone here notice a sharp mem increase in 10.04?08:15
SkEmOazra i dont know how to help there, im sorry08:20
SkEmOare you sure your not plugging in the jack into the mic instead the headphones?08:21
well_laid_lawnazra: telling us the soundcard type might help08:22
taui am having some problems for reinstaling the ubuntu.08:36
tauwell, i had installed the kubuntu when i got some problems and the system broken.08:36
tauso, i am trying to reinstall all by using the cd of the ubuntu but i don`t get to fix it.08:36
tauit seems to not format the directories correctly, it seems to write on top the old files.08:37
taucan anyone help me08:37
well_laid_lawntau: you need to format the partitions in the partitioner08:38
well_laid_lawnyou missed a step08:38
tauwell_laid_lawn:  yes, but i don`t have how to run the partitioner, i tried to run the gparted using the cd but it didn`t work.08:38
well_laid_lawntau: gparted always works afaik - what happened?08:39
tauwell_laid_lawn:  well, in the first step at instaling the ubuntu, i chose to del the old partitions so i created new partitions but it didn`t work, i am desperated.08:39
tauwell_laid_lawn:  i really don`t know, well i am using the live cd now08:39
tauwell_laid_lawn:  when i run the gparted it seems in its box `unallocated`08:40
well_laid_lawntau: it didn't work is hard for us to go on - can you give some details like any errors returned?08:40
well_laid_lawntau: do you know there is a brazilian ubuntu help channel? - it might be easier in your native language08:41
tauwell_laid_lawn:  well, when i try to reinstal the ubuntu it works perfectly but when i get into the system it seems to not be really formated(as i had chose).08:41
ubottuEntre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.08:41
sravanjehai , i am from india08:41
tauwell_laid_lawn:  there is but they don`t like to explain much08:42
sravanjehow can i execute java servlets& jsp programs in kubuntu08:42
well_laid_lawntau: it might be the options you choose during the reinstall08:42
sravanjehow can i connect in mysql browser08:43
tauwell_laid_lawn:  well, i done exactly as i done at fist time when i installed it08:44
tauwell_laid_lawn:  is there another partition to use without being the gparted08:44
well_laid_lawntau: and it didn't work well then? - make sure there's a partition of about 10gb and make it ext3 or ext4 and mount it as root /08:45
well_laid_lawntau: gparted is there 'cause it works very well08:45
sravanjeplease tell me anyone how can i use tomcat in ubuntu to execute java servlets& jsp's08:46
well_laid_lawnsravanje: I don't know about that but ask again in a bit and someone might08:46
well_laid_lawnsravanje: do you know there is an indian language channel?08:48
tauwell_laid_lawn:  is there some way to format my hard disk using the cd of ubuntu08:48
tauwell_laid_lawn:  and without using the gparted08:48
well_laid_lawntau: yep - there's gparted in the menu there08:48
well_laid_lawntau: there's fdisk and I believe cfdisk08:49
tauwell_laid_lawn:  sure, i will try it08:49
sravanjetell me about indian language channel08:49
well_laid_lawntau: those last two are command line apps08:49
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India08:49
tauwell_laid_lawn:  when i typed `cfdisk` i got `ERROR CAN`T OPEN DISK`.08:49
well_laid_lawnsravanje: ^^08:50
well_laid_lawntau: you have to do   man cfdisk   to learn how to use it - you didn't name a disk08:50
tauwell_laid_lawn:  i will try again08:54
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tauoh my god, i had to erase all disk to try to fix it.09:15
tauit is installing now, i hope it works09:16
well_laid_lawnluck tau :]09:18
tauwell_laid_lawn:  i had to erase all disk to fix that.09:52
tauwell_laid_lawn:  :D09:52
well_laid_lawntau: so you said earlier09:52
well_laid_lawnall good now tau ?09:52
tauwell_laid_lawn:  that's fine.09:53
well_laid_lawnwell done tau :]09:53
tauwell_laid_lawn:  :)09:53
contrastGreets, everyone... Anyone know of a good archive creator capable of making split .7z files that is _not_ Peazip?09:57
well_laid_lawn!info p7zip09:59
ubottup7zip (source: p7zip): 7zr file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.04~dfsg.1-1 (lucid), package size 350 kB, installed size 1000 kB09:59
well_laid_lawncontrast: ^^09:59
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CyberAngelHello, I upgraded to KDE 4.4.4 from Kubuntu ppa repositories and since then almost every kde application crashes! plasma-desktop, dolphin and even drkonqi when I`m trying to report the bug!10:13
CyberAngelI can still launch apps using krunner thankfully!10:13
CyberAngelanyone encountered something similar?10:14
piano_Weiß jemand, wie man 'projectx' unter Kubuntu installieren kann?10:24
well_laid_lawn!de | piano_10:26
ubottupiano_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:26
well_laid_lawnCyberAngel: tried moving .kde to .kde-bak and logging out and back in?10:27
tkbroswill it herm my coimputer if i power off it directly from ups instead of shutting down it from ubuntu?10:40
PasNoxi'm trying to use lirc with my mac10:41
PasNoxwhich driver i need to use please ?10:41
well_laid_lawnPasNox: this is for a diff distro but still kde - http://mac.linux.be/content/apple-remote-macbook-21-mandriva-2010-kde10:47
tkbros_is there any eualizer manager is available for kubuntu10:50
PasNoxwell_laid_lawn: thanks10:54
well_laid_lawnnp :]10:55
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paulchainanyone know howto fix the flickering i get when i login to ubuntu or if i open certain programs i have an ATI 4650 1gb video card11:47
well_laid_lawnpaulchain: I would think it would be a monitor refresh issue - read the X log to see what's being used?11:49
paulchaini dont think its that its set at 60 at least thats what ubuntu has11:50
paulchainit seems to be an issue with the ATI driver i think some forms from way long ago said it might be a conflict with compiz but i disabled it and the problem still occures11:51
paulchainanyone know howto fix the flickering i get when i login to ubuntu or if i open certain programs i have an ATI 4650 1gb video card11:58
well_laid_lawnpaulchain: can you tell the channel the driver you're using for it?12:01
paulchainthe latest one that ubuntu offers its the one that has ATI Catalyst12:02
paulchainits working fine i mean world of warcraft even runs fine it just that pesky flickering with black lines every now and then thats bothersome12:03
rohanwhat is the proper way to request backport of a package in kubuntu?12:04
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging12:07
rohanthanks well_laid_lawn12:09
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buckfastI converted some flac files to mp3s with soundconverter, then moved them to portable player storage card, but when I play the files in the portable player, the tags are incomplete12:51
buckfastbut when I open the file on the portable player storage card, all tags seem to be there12:52
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senorpedrohi folks13:00
senorpedromy alt+f2 application lauchner doesnt work anymore13:00
senorpedrohow can i re-enable it?13:01
buckfastsenorpedro: shortcut problem?13:07
senorpedrobuckfast: no, i just found the setting and it is set correct13:07
senorpedroit just doesnt start13:07
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well_laid_lawnmaybe the selected keyboard changed buckfast13:16
buckfastI'm not the one with the problem13:16
well_laid_lawnoops :]13:21
well_laid_lawnmaybe the selected keyboard changed senorpedro13:21
senorpedrowell_laid_lawn: nope, krunner wasnt running13:27
senorpedronow its fixed13:27
well_laid_lawnk :]13:28
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BluesKajhowdy folks13:52
amichairis it normal for dbus-daemon process to take up 775M RES?14:20
Tm_Tamichair: doesn't sound very normal14:20
Tm_Tamichair: how this is measured?14:20
amichairTm_T: htop14:20
Tm_Tamichair: 576 (KiB?) here14:21
amichairTm_T: any ideas how to go about diagnosing it?14:21
Tm_Tamichair: not really no, I don't know much about dbus14:22
amichairI have suspicion it's related to nepomuk/strigi or one of those, so I disabled them, but dbus remained bloated. Maybe after a restart it'll go away.14:22
Tm_Tamichair: I have nepomuk and strigi active and still...14:22
amichairTm_T: I noticed they were simultaniously active while strigi was indexing, so there might be a correlation. I guess I'll never know.14:27
amichairAt least I hope I'll never know :-)14:28
Tm_Tamichair: sure, strigi & stuff uses dbus, just like a lot of other things14:33
buckfastwhy is libboost-dev a blocked update for me?14:33
amichairwhat are the actual ppa links for those mentioned in https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuPPAs?14:46
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nerdy_kidi can only change plasma theme once, then i have to kill plasma and restart it to change the theme. any ideas?14:49
nerdy_kidi cant change my plasma theme more then once, help please?14:59
amichairnerdy_kid: sounds like a bug... did you check launchpad or the kde bug tracker?15:03
nerdy_kidamichair yeah15:03
nerdy_kidi just installed kde from an ubuntu commandline install and this issue showed up15:04
amichairyou mean you installed kubuntu-desktop on an Ubuntu system?15:04
nerdy_kidamichair no i used the ubuntu alternate cd to install a commandline system, then installed kde-minimal15:05
Eruaranhi guys15:06
nerdy_kidi just created a new user and the issue doesnt happen there -- sounds like a rm to my config files {sob}15:06
EruaranHas anyone noticed that kpackagekit waiting for authentication dialogue pops up underneath the other windows?15:06
EruaranSo the user only sees the waiting for authentication dialogue15:07
EruaranAnd might not realize whats going on15:07
amichairEruaran: Can you please report the bug?15:14
Eruaranamichair: yes15:15
amichairEruaran: Thank you!15:17
Eruaranamichair: doing it now :)15:17
* BluesKaj doesn't pay attn to kpackagekit...it's kinda flaky anyway :)15:18
BluesKajok , the desktop needs attn now ...BBL over there15:19
* amichair doesn't pay attn to kpackagekit either, but does pay attention to any kubuntu bugs :-)15:21
amichaira smooth user experience is all that's missing to take over the world! :-P15:21
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jorgehow can install some software from windows to kubuntu15:38
alakoojorge: by using wine15:39
jorgealakoo how15:40
alakooby opening a .exe or a setup file with wine15:40
alakoojorge: read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_%28software%2915:41
jorgethank u my frinds15:42
Eruaranwoo my first bug report15:45
nerdy_kidmy plasma theme wont change more then once, something in my user account it causing it -- i dont want to change accounts. help please?15:46
EruaranIts not a major thing once you know where the authentication dialogue has gone ;)15:46
EruaranBut its not a great usability feature ;)15:46
jorgealakoo where can i get WINE in kubuntu15:47
nerdy_kidjorge sudo apt-get install wine ;)15:48
GerwinHmmm, I seem to have lost most of my icons, only the GNOME ones are appearing.15:48
nerdy_kidGerwin try reapplying your icon settings in systemsettings, it seems to get screwed up now and then15:49
Gerwinnerdy_kid: There doesn't appear to be such a thing15:50
jorgenerdy_kid is my first time using kubuntu i dont no exacly15:50
nerdy_kidjorge oh ok, open a terminal (click the K icon in the bottom left) and type "konsole" in the search box.  then type "sudo apt-get install wine" (without quotes) in the terminal, type your password (you wont be able to see it that is normal) and hit enter.  When it is done you should have a "wine" folder in applications in your menu.15:52
nerdy_kidGerwin systemsettings/appearance/icons ?15:52
phong_hey guys, is kubuntu any diff then ubuntu?15:53
alakookde over gnome, it's a bit different in general usability15:53
Gerwinnerdy_kid: Oxygen15:53
nerdy_kidGerwin, right click the oxygen icons and hit apply.15:54
Gerwinnerdy_kid: Nope15:55
nerdy_kidGerwin try reinstalling the oxygen icons: open a terminal and do sudo aptitude reinstall oxygen-icon-theme15:57
jorgenerdy_kid and after that is all ready. i can install software from windows16:01
nerdy_kidjorge wine is...very buggy to put it shortly.  You will be able to run somesoftware from windows, but you have about a 50/50 chance.16:02
jorgenerdy_kid but the kubuntu is gonna be the same.16:04
nerdy_kidjorge what do you mean?  wine is a program, so yes your kubuntu system will remain the same.16:05
Gerwinnerdy_kid: Nope16:05
nerdy_kidGerwin details please....16:06
Gerwinnerdy_kid: I reinstalled the Oxygen theme, but it doesn't change anything...16:06
nerdy_kidGerwin, do you have any other icons installed besides Oxygen?16:06
Gerwinnerdy_kid: Not that I know16:07
jorgenerdy_kid ok excume my question, remember is my first time i never have been see that16:07
nerdy_kidGerwin:  do sudo aptitude install kde-icons-kneu and then switch to the kneu icons in systemsettings16:08
nerdy_kidjorge no such thing as a dumb question :)  glad to help :)16:09
jorgenerdy_kid thank u16:09
Gerwinnerdy_kid: No luck again16:14
nerdy_kidGerwin take a look in .xsession-errors16:14
ArGGu^^jorge always is good to google if there is native alternative for the program.16:15
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jorgeArGGu^^ ok thank16:16
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apparlehi guys, I had a powercut and I am running a desktop without a UPS. So it seems it corrupted my fs somehow, now I get run fsck manually. I cannot go into recovery mode as well. I am running a wubi installtion. Plz help17:22
amichairapparle: have you tried chkdsk from windows on the drive?17:28
apparleamichair: since I have wubi installation, I must check the .disk file of isn't it?17:28
apparle*of typed by mistake17:28
jorgemy pc doesnt has audio17:29
amichairapparle: if you're not sure what got damaged, you can try the enclosing ntfs (I'm guessing) fs, and only if everything's ok there, then it's indeed the wubi fs-in-a-file17:29
shadeslayerjorge: ok did you try and play the test sound?17:29
jorgewith the kubuntu17:30
shadeslayerin system settings under multimedia module17:30
apparleamichair: good point, I'll check the ntfs17:30
shadeslayerjorge: is this a new install?17:30
shadeslayerjorge: ok,and you are trying to play mp3's right?17:31
apparleamichair: as for the fsck, is there any way to run fsck, without booting a live CD17:31
apparlejorge: so you got sound in the multimedia ?17:31
shadeslayerjorge: did you install the mp3 codecs?17:31
jorgenop yet how can i do?17:32
shadeslayerjorge: open a konsole : alt+F2 > konsole17:32
amichairapparle: if the installed os doesn't boot... or does it?17:32
apparleamichair: doesn't17:32
shadeslayerjorge: and type : sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:32
apparleshadeslayer: wouldn't apt-get update better? :P17:33
amichairapparle: so you have to boot from something else (e.g. livecd), as far as I know17:33
shadeslayerapparle: ah yes,i didnt think of that too.. also universe must be enabled :P17:34
shadeslayerjorge: scrap that17:34
shadeslayerjorge: press alt+F2 and type kpackagekit17:34
apparleshadeslayer: universe is usually enabled :P17:34
jorgesaid cueld not17:34
shadeslayerapparle: dont think so... fresh installs usually have only main.. thats what i noticed17:34
shadeslayerapparle: see.. it couldnt find the package :P17:35
apparleshadeslayer: that is due to apt-get update17:35
shadeslayerjorge: ok open a konsole and type : sudo apt-get update17:35
jorgeadd and remueve17:35
shadeslayerapparle: ok lets see :)17:35
shadeslayerjorge: kpackagekit wont be able to resolve the package deps correctly..17:36
shadeslayerjorge: leave kpackagekit open,in case we need it,and press alt+F2 > type konsole > hit enter17:36
shadeslayerjorge: ok the update command correct17:37
shadeslayerjorge: now do : sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:37
jorgesaid done when i type update17:37
jorgeand then17:37
shadeslayerjorge: ok good,now type the second command i gave you :)17:38
apparleshadeslayer: why doesn't kpackagekit work (I myself never used it)17:38
shadeslayerapparle: the backend is broken,it will be switched in favour of aptcc in 10.1017:39
jorgecuoldn t find17:39
apparleshadeslayer: aptcc what is that17:39
shadeslayerapparle: also since the java install asks questions,kpk doesnt support those things17:39
shadeslayerapparle: apt backend written in C17:39
apparlejorge: did you do "sudo apt-get update"17:39
jorgeyes i did17:40
apparleshadeslayer: you win17:40
shadeslayerapparle: C++ :)17:40
shadeslayer!info packagekit-backend-aptcc | apparle17:40
ubottuapparle: packagekit-backend-aptcc (source: packagekit): Alternative APT backend for packagekit written in C++. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.7-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 147 kB, installed size 300 kB17:40
shadeslayerapparle: told ya :P17:40
shadeslayerjorge: ok do you have kpackagekit open?17:40
apparlejorge: then openit17:41
shadeslayerjorge: could you please open it?17:41
shadeslayerapparle: can you handle this.. ive gtg.. :P17:41
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apparlejorge: so have you opened kpackagekit17:41
jorgeyes continuo17:42
jorgeis open17:42
apparlejorge: then on click on the 3rd icon on the left side and then "Edit software sources"17:43
apparlenow select the universe checkbox17:44
shadeslayer_apparle: youll need multiverse as well...17:45
shadeslayer_!info kubuntu-restricted-extras17:45
ubottukubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Kubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 39 (lucid), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB17:45
jorgeand then17:45
apparlejorge: better select all of the ones which are unselected (but check if you are voilaating any laws of your country, by reading the licenses)17:45
jorgei am .Edit software sources.17:45
apparlejorge: do you see many check boxes?17:46
apparlejorge: select all of the ones which are unselected (but check if you are voilaating any laws of your country, by reading the licenses)17:48
jorgei select just one17:48
jorgethe other were select17:48
amichair(and I think it's not recommended to select proposed (pre-released updates) unless you really have to...17:49
apparleamichair: here we are selecting the components like universe multiverse etc17:50
amichairah, ok :-)17:50
apparlejorge: then click ok and when asked to Reload, donot reload, directly press close17:50
jorgei dont know what happen17:50
apparlejorge: what happened? where are you know17:51
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jorgenow i listing but very slow17:53
apparlejorge: listing means?17:54
jorgethe sound17:55
apparlejorge: did you select the various option isn edit software resources?17:57
apparlejorge: did you select the various option in edit software resources?17:57
ArGGu^^jorge you mean that you are listening, but the sound is quiet?17:58
jorgewhat happen17:58
jorgeyes i did17:58
apparlejorge: what happened after that17:59
jorgei listing but very slow17:59
apparlejorge: did you click on 'Reload' after you clicked ok?18:00
apparlejorge: so is it reloading the lists?18:01
apparleshadeslayer_: you there?18:02
shadeslayer_apparle: barely18:03
shadeslayer_any issues?18:03
shadeslayer_you could just hit cancel you know... :P18:03
apparleshadeslayer_: when you said 10.10 may have aptcc, so we are dropping packagekit18:03
shadeslayer_apparle: no no no,its just the backend,kpk is here to stay till we find a better alternative which doesnt require changing alot of code18:04
shadeslayer_people worked really hard to get kpk working with 9.04 .. we dont want to change that18:04
shadeslayer_apparle: you can use aptcc in lucid too18:04
apparleshadeslayer_: no, I am not talking about kpk, are we dropping Packagekit18:04
apparleshadeslayer_: after all kpk is a gui isn't it18:05
jorgewell other day18:05
apparleshadeslayer_: I myself am working on shaman2 (hoping to make it solid enough for kubuntu)18:05
jorgethank u18:05
apparlejorge: did you cancle it18:05
shadeslayer_apparle: awesome :)18:06
shadeslayer_apparle: you can set DefaultBackend=aptcc in /etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf18:06
shadeslayer_( of course you need to install the backend itself as i mentioned eaarlier )18:06
apparleshadeslayer_: so we will not be using packagekit or is aptcc a backend for packagekit only?18:07
shadeslayer_apparle: its a backend for kpk ... kpk is only the frontend18:07
apparleshadeslayer_: ok so we are dropping packagekit. Nice I never liked it18:08
ArGGu^^but the only aptcc backend in the repos is for packagekit :O18:10
apparledamn it18:10
apparleya I also looked that up18:10
shadeslayer_apparle: yes :)18:10
apparleshadeslayer_: :(18:10
shadeslayer_apparle: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuMaverickKPackagekitAppStore18:11
apparleshadeslayer_: how much done?18:11
shadeslayer_apparle: waiting for dist-upgrade support : https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo18:11
apparleshadeslayer_: I am working on this http://drfav.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/introducing-shaman-a-new-universal-package-management-frontend/18:12
shadeslayer_apparle: yes ive heard of shaman :)18:13
shadeslayer_saw it in the chakra project18:13
bittinHello, i was trying to Update my Grand Paretns Kubuntu, system but Kpackagekit failed when it was 22minutes left of installing packages and i rebooted the computer, to see what happend and now i got a broken Kubuntu system, is there anyway to let it continue the update, or check what packages its missing?18:13
apparleshadeslayer_: so if it works out as expected, I hope it will integrate into kde and kubuntu :)18:14
shadeslayer_apparle: looks great and almost like synaptic :P18:14
apparleok bye guys18:14
shadeslayer_apparle: bye :D18:14
apparlegot to go18:14
apparleshadeslayer_: its more concentrated on libshaman rather than the front end18:14
shadeslayer_bittin: what you can do is,switch to a tty with ctrl+alt+F1 > login > type : do-release-upgtade18:14
bittinshadeslayer_: yea i can only use ttys18:15
shadeslayer_apparle: ah ok18:15
bittinshadeslayer_: thx :)18:15
shadeslayer_bittin: that will be enough :)18:15
bittinhow do i open a new tab in byouby?18:15
apparleshadeslayer_: who is the developer of kpackagekit, since I am working on the gui of shaman, it might be some help18:15
shadeslayer_bittin: also if your sources are of lucid,then just do : sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:15
bittinshadeslayer_: they are lucid18:15
shadeslayer_apparle: no idea,google is your friend :P18:16
apparlek thanks bye18:16
shadeslayer_bittin: ok then the dist-upgrade command,and if it still doesnt work,use sudo apt-get -f install18:16
bittinyea they are lucid18:16
shadeslayer_then dist-upgrade18:16
bittinit gets alot off error messages?18:17
shadeslayer_bittin: like?18:18
bittinits scrolls so fast i can't see it18:18
shadeslayer_bittin: hmm....18:19
shadeslayer_bittin: its upgrading right?18:19
shadeslayer_or does it halt?18:19
bittinshadeslayer_: it tries to18:19
bittinit halt18:19
shadeslayer_bittin: whats the last error message then?18:19
bittinwill check later, trying the aptitude trick i got in #ubuntu-se atm18:20
bittinbut if that dosen't work i will be back and pastebin what apt says18:20
shadeslayer_bittin: what aptitude trick?18:20
bittinaptitude install -f18:20
bittinbut i got dependency hell kinda18:20
shadeslayer_bittin: i told you that too :P18:20
shadeslayer_bittin: sudo apt-get -f install18:21
bittinbrb reboot and see if it works otherwhise i will pastebin the error18:21
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bittinstill got problems :(18:22
bittinlast message is: dpkg cancel becouse of to many errors (1)18:23
shadeslayer_bittin: see the 3rd line18:27
shadeslayer_bittin: please run dpkg-reconfigure ...18:27
shadeslayer_google translate not working too well here :P18:27
shadeslayer_yeah,try that :)18:28
bittinit wants a package to reconfigure18:28
shadeslayer_bittin: dpkg-reconfigure -a18:28
bittinah there was a -a option18:28
shadeslayer_this will reconfigure all packages18:29
shadeslayer_bittin: ive gtg cya later18:29
daneel_having trouble with opengl after upgrade to lucid18:29
bittinhope it works as i don't feel like reinstall this machine18:29
bittinshadeslayer_: ah, yea cya later, thanks for all help :)18:30
daneel_window compositing works fine with my nvidia 9500GT, but glxinfo gives error18:30
daneel_and opengl apps don;t seem to work18:30
daneel_name of display: :0.018:31
daneel_Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig18:31
shadeslayer_bittin: np18:31
bittin`dpkg-reconfigure -a diden't work18:36
bronlarhi all18:42
yunkwan_hi, I'm compiling kimpanel on kubuntu 10.04. I encounter a problem when i run ' cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ' . It said " Unknown CMake command "qt4_add_dbus_adaptor". "18:43
yunkwan_which package am I missing here?18:44
bronlaroh i forget what app to install that identifies package names. there's an apt you can install that when u type in <command> qt4_add_dbus_adaptor identifies which package u need18:44
bronlarits on the forums. that's where i found it. google the cmake error18:44
yunkwan_bronlar: just google "cmake error" ?18:45
bronlarno, google the entire error18:45
ArGGu^^bittin` in your paste it says to run defoma-reconfigure -f. Have run it?18:45
bronlarif u find the app name that identifies packages from compile errors lemme know18:46
bronlari forget what it is18:46
yunkwan_bronlar: I googled the cmake error but I couldn't find anything about the app you said.18:47
bronlardid it tell u what package you were missing tho in yer search results?18:48
yunkwan_bronlar: I only got libkde4-devel but this package is on opensuse18:49
* hubutm20 is away: Estoy ocupado18:49
yunkwan_bronlar: I found kdelibs4-dev in ubuntu repo, but I've already installed kdelibs5-dev which is newer18:50
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yunkwan_ArGGu^^: what is the use of defoma-reconfigure -f ? I just ran it when I saw ur message. But still I can't succesfully compile...18:51
ArGGu^^yunkwan_ it was not for you18:53
ArGGu^^it was for bittin but just noticed that bittin quit before I said it18:53
purerumbleHi all ubuntu+kde loving people18:57
purerumbleWhat's the name of the irc-client installed in kubuntu per default?18:57
purerumbleIt was a good client, and with xchat I kind of miss it.18:57
purerumblethank you so much, indeed that's it!18:58
purerumbleBut now of course I've revealed that I switched to ubuntu. ;-)18:58
bazhangyou can still use it no problem18:58
odhinnAfternoon, all18:59
bronlarheys zus, you atk?19:25
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zusbronlar,  i am now19:32
zusbronlar,  not sure for how long exactly19:32
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bronlarim settingn up linux mint now20:08
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
zusbronlar, ya atk?20:15
bronlaryup, just preparing to compile kgrub20:16
bronlarinstalling the junk i need for it20:17
zusbronlar,  im trying to get this sorted my self20:21
Mausschubserhello, after the change to 10.04 my K-menu has left me20:50
Mausschubsercan anybody help me to get it back?20:50
amichairMausschubser: right click on the panel -> add widget -> add the k menu back20:51
amichairMausschubser: (the widget is called application launcher, you can recognize the icon)20:52
Mausschubseramichair: ok, but what about the bar?20:52
amichairMausschubser: which bar?20:52
Mausschubseramichair: the k-bar? or system bar20:53
Mausschubseror however you want to call it20:53
amichairMausschubser: you mean your entire panel disappeared?20:53
amichairor just the k-menu?20:53
Mausschubserthe whole thing20:53
Mausschubserleft me20:54
amichairMausschubser: try right-clicking the desktop -> Add Panel20:54
Mausschubseramichair: ah, there it is!20:55
amichairMausschubser: does it have everything on it? if you want the whole thing recreated from scratch, you can delete the configuration file20:56
Mausschubserit's totally empty20:56
MausschubserI added the k-menu but the rest is missing20:57
amichairMausschubser: maybe http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146924320:57
Mausschubserthanks, I will have a look20:57
Mausschubseramichair:  do I need a restart? my whole desktop has gone21:01
Mausschubserafter deleting the config file21:01
Mausschubserthe result was: <unknown program name>(27863)/: "Application plasma-desktop could not be found using service org.kde.plasma-desktop and path /MainApplication."21:01
amichairMausschubser: that last plasma-dekstop command should bring it back21:01
amichairor you can logout and back too21:02
Mausschubserah, ok, I will try that one, brb21:02
amichairMausschubser: the first command quits plasma-desktop (which is the process running the desktop, widgets, etc.). second line deletes the config file. Third line starts the desktop process again, at which point it should create a default config file21:05
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amichairskyrocket: hi21:47
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wornofI just upgraded to kubuntu 10.04 from 9.10, and various virtuoso-t and nepomukservices processes are taking up a lot of cpu space. Is this likely to be a one-off indexing run, or will they likely always be like this?23:37
wornofIf the latter, I may as well disable them now...23:37
well_laid_lawnprob the former afaik23:37
wornofOkay, cool23:38
zeltakhya..anyone know of an plasmoid to get mac like menues in the taskbar?23:41
_4rt3zeltak: not a plasmoid i think but take a look around cairo-dock23:43
zeltakmmm nah im looking for it to be on the taskbar (saving space on my laptop) but thx _4rt3 for the tip23:44
well_laid_lawnzeltak: you could try this - http://www.downv.com/Linux/download-Open-Leopard-10006092.htm23:47
zeltakopen leoprad whats that?23:48
well_laid_lawnfrom that page " Open Leopard allows you to make your KDE look like MacOSX"23:50
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shadeslayer_well_laid_lawn: only mac OS X can be made to look like mac OS x23:51
shadeslayer_everything else is just a cheap copy23:51
shadeslayer_besides i like my desktop to breathe some 'Air' which has loads of 'Oxygen' :P23:52
well_laid_lawnzeltak: plenty of plasmoids here - http://kde-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=70x77x78&PHPSESSID=f2b106b0ec7a0009a81f2a1cb24eff9623:58

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