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happyaronhow long will launchpad refresh its karma statistics for a person?02:45
rippsOkay, I've had some gmpc-trunk packages waiting to build for over 32 hours now. Is there some way to increase there priority? I'm trying to fix an issue that some people have emailed me about.07:59
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kalib_1Hi guys. I'm new with Launchpad and have 2 questions. Anyone who can answer me? Here we go.. 1- I do always translate using po files. Is it possible to get this po file and import to launchpad to tranlate it using launchpad?  ...  2- After translating it, would be possible to export from launchpad to a po file again?13:33
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nailuj24kalib: i'm pretty sure it's possible, but i don't know how. i know it's using po files though, and that it can export them13:37
JoshBrownApparently the name 'blobber' may have legal issues. Is this true? And if so, can anyone think of an alternative name?14:06
kklimondahey, I have a problem branching https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/ubuntu-review-overview/report-debian, also most links related to this branch (viewing content, commits) lead to 40414:08
JoshBrownkklimonda: I also get 404s from most of the links.14:22
candreakklimonda: I don't know what's going on, but I think that re-pushing the branch will solve the problem14:33
nigelbcandrea: I can try14:55
nedkoi'm trying to setup automatic import of a git branch, but it fails with "The repository you are fetching from contains submodules. To continue, upgrade your Bazaar repository to a format that supports nested trees, such as 'development-subtree'"15:35
nedkoi dont want submodules to be imported15:35
maxbnedko: Unfortunately I don't think this is an option15:50
nedkoshould i file a bug?15:50
nedkowhere is the relevant bug tracker?15:50
maxbThis falls more under bzr or bzr-git, than launchpad itself15:52
maxbThere's probably a bug of some sort existing already15:52
nedkoiirc there was a special project for importing from other repos, but i cannot recall the name15:53
maxbgit imports are accomplished using bzr-git15:53
maxbjelmer would be the ideal person to talk to about this, but he's not around15:54
nedkothere was an infrastructure project in launchpad for imports, at least for svn imports15:54
maxbAre you thinking of CSCVS ?15:54
nedkoCSCVS does not sound familiar at all15:55
maxbIn that case, I can't think of what infrastructure project you're thinking of15:55
* nedko is digging his mail archive15:55
nedko"Launchpad Bazaar Integration" ?15:57
nedko"VCS imports"?15:58
nedkothe later is a team15:58
AnAntHello, how can I create a clone of this branch: lp:~bilel-khedira/muallim/muallim-1.0/ without having to upload again from my laptop ?17:45
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AnAntI mean create a clone in launchpad18:19
jmlAnAnt, there isn't a way at the moment.18:26
AnAnthmmm, that's unfortunate18:27
AnAntthanks anyways18:27
jmlAnAnt, np.18:27
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Noldorini've just gone blank... how do i give someone commit permissions on launchpad?22:00
Noldorindo i need to change the branch owner to a team that contains everyone who can commit, or is there an easier way?22:01
JoshBrownNoldorin: Yes, you'll need a team.22:01
NoldorinJoshBrown: and then change the branch owner eh?22:02
JoshBrownNoldorin: Yes, only the owner can upload to a branch - you'll need to change the branch owner to the desired team.22:04
NoldorinJoshBrown: ok, got it. thanks for the refreseher, should be simple now :)22:04
ccheneyseems launchpad keeps falling over today :-(23:47
ccheneyeg OOPS-1617E179423:48
wgrantccheney: Where'd you get that OOPS? Was it a timeout?23:49
ccheneywgrant, trying to view any status for branch on ~openoffice-pkgs bzr23:50
ccheneyi think it might have been a timeout23:50
wgrantI can see https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/openoffice/3.2.0-lucid fine.23:51
ccheneyyea i can see it now so maybe its just timing out, it happened several times though23:51
wgrantHm, that's not good.23:52

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