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mininessiewhen will windicators be available01:59
NinoScriptHello :)02:20
NinoScriptdo you know why Cheese stopped working on my computer?02:29
NinoScriptmaverick uninstalled it, I reinstalled it but it doesn't work, it "auto quits"02:31
mininessiewhen will windicator be out03:06
mininessiewhen will windicator be out03:08
mininessiewhen will windicator be out03:09
NinoScriptmininessie, I don't know03:24
NinoScriptmininessie, I don't know03:24
NinoScriptmininessie, I don't know03:24
NinoScriptmininessie, but I'm looking forward to it too :)03:28
mininessieNinoScript: i think its going to be too distracting03:28
NinoScriptI too have my worries, but I'd love to see how it turns out03:29
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mininessiei've had a HUGE problem for more than 4 hours04:16
auser-userI used update-manager -d to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.01a1 but nothing is offered as an update. Is there another way without using the live cd?05:12
SwedeMiketry do-release-upgrade -d05:13
auser-usersame, "no new release found"05:14
SwedeMikesomeone else had the same problem here, I didn't read any solution to it, so it might not work right now.05:15
kklimondayou have to change settings to enable normal upgrades05:15
kklimondaby default 10.04 is set to be upgraded to lts05:15
auser-userahh ok05:15
kklimonda(i.e. to 12.04)05:15
auser-userafter changing to normal releases, which is better ? "update-manager -d" or "do-release-upgrade -d"05:16
kklimondaboth do the same05:16
SwedeMikekklimonda: where is this set? and also, why does that happen on 10.04 when I upgraded from 9.10 ?05:16
auser-userexcellent, it worked. Thanks guys.05:16
SwedeMikeah, it's a setting in update-manager05:18
auser-useri changed it in software sources05:19
SwedeMikeI changed the setting in update-manager and then -d works as expected05:19
SwedeMikeno need to fiddle in the apt.sources files05:20
auser-useri used the software sources gui :)05:21
auser-userhm i'm starting to like gnome-shell :D05:21
knittlwhat can i do to make java applets properly working? right now i only see a grey rectangle13:23
knittlgrml, some applets show up with sun-java6-plugin, but others freeze firefox13:38
knittlicedtea wouldn't show any applets at all13:38
knittland no sound in sun's java13:41
knittlarghl :D13:41
dupondjemdeslaur: you there ?14:41
mdeslaurdupondje: yes, I'm here15:39
dupondjeyou merged newest virtinst already ? on mom you say its done, but its not uploaded ?15:40
dupondjemdeslaur: ?15:46
mdeslaurdupondje: that's an old comment, let me remove it15:50
dupondjeI did the merge btw, before I saw the comment :P https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtinst/+bug/59006815:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 590068 in virtinst (Ubuntu) "Please merge virtinst (0.500.3-1) main from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]15:51
mdeslaurdupondje: cool!15:51
mdeslaurdupondje: I'll take a look at it monday15:52
dupondjemaby a small question about the transitional package .. should it be removed, or still keep it ?15:53
mdeslaurdupondje: uhm...hmm...I guess it can be removed15:53
mininessiewill ubuntu ever have a dock standard15:54
arandmininessie: There's no indication as to that currently, apart from the general copying of mac features...16:00
IdleOnehehe I love dependency hell, makes me feel all scared and stuff16:44
IdleOneDo I go ahead and remove 300 or so packages that all seem like they need to be installed to run the OS? decisions decisions16:45
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MotherMGAHi, I have just upgraded to 10.10, and my fglrx driver stopped working. When I try to install from Hardware drivers, it fails. Am I doing something wrong?18:47
DaekdroomMotherMGA, FGLRX isn't compatible with Maverick yet.18:47
MotherMGAah. is there another option?18:48
DaekdroomOpensource driver?18:48
MotherMGAis there an open source driver with 3d accelleration?18:48
DaekdroomWhich card?18:48
MotherMGAATI mobility 475018:48
DaekdroomThere is some 3D Accel, I think18:49
DaekdroomRun glxinfo | grep direct on a terminal18:49
MotherMGAX Error of Failed Request: Bad Request18:50
DaekdroomUh.. Eh..18:50
MotherMGAyeah. I'm guessing 10.10 just isn't going to work for me.18:51
MotherMGAright now.18:51
coz_MotherMGA,  you might want to remove fglrx first18:51
DaekdroomYeah. right now.18:51
MotherMGAcoz_ ok. and then?18:52
coz_MotherMGA,  I would reboot   then try hardware drivers  but actually the open source driver should work once you reboot18:52
MotherMGAok. I'll try it.18:52
MotherMGAis that the xserver-xorg-video-radeon package?18:53
coz_MotherMGA,  not real sure since I dont use  ati at all18:53
DaekdroomThat or radeonhd, I'm not sure which one of them works better.18:53
MotherMGAok. I'm giving it a whirl.18:54
MotherMGAthanks for the suggestions18:54
coz_MotherMGA,  I can tell you this from out #compiz bot    ompiz requires at least a Radeon 7000 (or M6). For 7000 to HD4xxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD2xxx and later series cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.18:55
coz_our compiz bot18:55
MotherMGAdirect rendering: Yes18:57
MotherMGAlooks like the open source driver is giving me 2d acceleration at least.18:57
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mininessieis there gui to create a custom kernel19:48
holsteinmininessie: i think we should go ask that in #ubuntu-beginners19:50
holsteinthats a good question19:50
holsteinwe=you ;)19:50
penguin42mininessie: If you unpack the kernel source you can do   make xconfigure that gives you a gui for the configuration menu, I'm not sure if there si a similar setup if you want to build proper debian kernel packages19:54
delightis it possible to update an lucid to maverick alpha 1 ?19:57
delight"update-manager -d" is not offering a new version#19:57
delightsorry didn't read the alpha page on ubuntu ... :-/20:00
delighteven thou it tells me just that ..20:01
NinoScriptLOL, installing "gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad" to play some files in rhythmbox, uninstalls rhythmbox and empathy :S20:05
NinoScriptThis is my first time trying software that is SO ALPHA! hahaha, it's kind of fun how unpredictable can things get :P20:07
hifidid you force installing it20:08
NinoScripthifi, no, Rhythmbox suggested it20:10
hifioh, crap, I hate putty20:13
virtualdhifi: huka dig så ska jag kuka dig20:16
virtualdsorry :p i saw a word in the bubble in the pic that means something vulgar in swedish. couldn't resist :)20:18
hifinot swedish :p20:18
virtualdi know20:18
virtualdlooks like finnish20:18
hifijust if other people look up the toon, the bubble says "I have to take him from behind whoever he is"20:19
mininessiewho gave me the link to the kernel20:20
virtualdhifi: my comment was basically the same but it rhymes :)20:20
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dupondjeIs there some CPU burner that has multi-core support ?22:20
DaekdroomCPU burner?22:21
dupondjecpuburn is only 1 thread :s22:22
MTecknologydupondje: Could a CD Burner really benefit from multi-core support?22:32
Daekdroomcpuburn - a collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU22:33
DaekdroomAcording to apt-cache search cpuburn22:33
* penguin42 finds running an md5sum /dev/zero & for each core works pretty well22:33
Daekdroom/dev/zero ?22:34
DaekdroomWhere the hell does that point to?22:34
penguin42Daekdroom: A magic device that just returns blocks full of 0 bytes22:34
penguin42it's very important on Unix systems22:34
Daekdroompenguin42, ah. I suppose /dev/one will return blocks full of 1 bytes? :P22:34
penguin42no, just 022:34
DaekdroomI know.22:34
MTecknologyI like /dev/urandom :P22:35
Daekdroomooo magic tricks I didn't know about22:35
MTecknology 9852 michael   20   0  4072  548  460 R  100  0.0   0:16.36 md5sum22:35
DaekdroomOdd. The CPU fan still isn't as noisy as it is when I'm enconding something or messing up with images.22:36
penguin42Daekdroom: OK, so md5sum /dev/zero probably doesn't heavily use memory bandwidth or cache (although it might - not sure how it pans out), but it also doesn't do any bus traffic22:37
DaekdroomI see.22:37
MTecknologymd5sum /dev/urandom x 422:38
MTecknologyMy computer still works just fine :P only mild lag22:38
MTecknologyin windows... I wonder what'd happen :P22:38
dupondjeit was going to 79°C22:38
dupondjenot good :P22:38
penguin42I've seen this box go to about 85 flat out - I'm not sure what it's supposed to go upto22:39
MTecknologyI had my laptop up over 101 deg C a few times22:39
DaekdroomLaptops are meant to handle a little more..22:39
MTecknologynot that much more..22:39
MTecknology70 deg C is about average for when this starts feeling warm22:40
DaekdroomI have no idea how hot this system runs because I didn't care about the sensors..22:40
dupondjeits to hot anyway here :p22:40
MTecknologythe hottest this thing ever got was about 110 deg C22:41
MTecknologyIt didn't run right for a little while22:41
MTecknologyi lied btw - 50-60 deg C is average for this thing22:41
DaekdroomAww. Ubuntu doesn't detect any sensor :(22:42
MTecknologyDaekdroom: acpi -t ?22:42
dupondjeCPU Temperature:        +50.0°C  (high = +90.0°C, crit = +125.0°C)22:42
penguin42Daekdroom: if it's an i[35]7 try modprobe coretemp22:42
Daekdroomacpi -t is a blank22:42
Daekdroomlib0-sensors-applet got them22:46
DaekdroomShould I look at coretemp or for the whole CPU?22:47
MTecknologyCould one of you tell me what 'file /usr/share/gconf/defaults/ln' shows you?22:48
dupondjeI hate this, computer crashing to much :(22:49
Daekdroom73oC seems quite a lot for a E4300 O.O22:49
penguin42MTecknology: I don't seem to have one - everything in that dir is number_name22:50
MTecknologypenguin42: thanks22:50
dupondjesupid mobo company :23:05
dupondjethey add new CPU to support list23:05
dupondjeand its so foobar :(23:05
dupondjecrashed all the time :(23:05
DaekdroomHow so?23:05
DaekdroomSo you switched CPU and it started to crash? Sue them! D:23:05
dupondjeyep :( plugged in a new cpu that got on their support list23:07
dupondjeand since then it crashes randomly :(23:07
penguin42dupondje: It could just be a bad chip, or maybe not seated properly or the like23:29
penguin42dupondje: But if it's a new cpu into an older model board make sure you have the very latest BIOS23:29
penguin42although runnining a BIOS upgrade on an unstable system probably isn't good23:30
dupondjepenguin42: I have the BIOS that is recommended (aka latest :))23:34
penguin42ah ok23:34
Daekdroomdupondje, have you tried reseting the BIOS configs to default?23:35
dupondjeI did :)23:35
BluesKajwhat up with dhclient not autostarting , after removing network manager that won't work either ? :)23:42
BluesKajerr after removing network manager  that doesn't connect23:44

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