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cwillu_Kamondelious_, it's saturday, what did you expect?22:03
cwillueverybody is actually playing with their arm-based devices today22:03
rcn-ee_lptcwillu, saw your irc message, did you have any luck finding that oom defrag config option?22:04
cwillunot specifically for oom22:05
rcn-ee_lptno rush. ;)22:05
cwilluit's a case of "Carey saw a random thing added in the latest kernel, and must have it" :p22:05
cwillumemory compaction22:07
rcn-ee_lptwell... if linus does do a rc2 today, it could be avaiable in the next rc2 build.. ;)22:07
cwillurelies on CONFIG_MIGRATION I believe, although I guess that'd get set automatically22:09
cwillualso, did you see my note about 2.6.34-l0?22:09
cwilluI respun my image against 2.6.34-l1 before I left work yesterday, logging in right now to see if it's suffering the same fate22:10
cwilluand it appears that it might22:10
rcn-ee_lptthe oom-killer thing? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/221947/22:11
cwilluI'm seeing a very slow response over ssh, about a minute to get a login prompt, and 15 seconds or so to verify a password22:12
cwilluI've got a serial terminal hooked to it, which seems a bit more responsive22:12
rcn-ee_lptvery strange, i haven't hit that yet... how much are you loading your systems?22:12
cwillusec, pulling up top over the serial link22:13
cwilluit's just firefox with a backend server, streaming data to the page22:13
cwilluwhat I see is basically a swapstorm (noting that I don't have any swap configured on the system)22:13
rcn-ee_lptso then it shouldn't be too much..22:13
cwilluthere shouldn't be any io load to speak of22:14
cwilluokay, it's definitely an issue under l1 as well22:14
rcn-ee_lptokay, that's the one difference i do have swap setup on my test ones..22:14
cwillutop just came up finally, I'm seeing the same sort of symptoms22:14
cwillualso, it doesn't show up for the first hour or so22:14
cwilluI've got high wait% showing in top, with btrfs-endio-0 and kswapd0 showing22:15
rcn-ee_lptand looking at irc, it shows there is memory left, but it's going nutz..22:15
cwillusorry, looking at irc?22:16
cwillulooking at yours you mean?22:16
rcn-ee_lptsorry irc log from yesterday.. ;)   i'll setup a quick btrfs and no swap rig, and let it run for an hour to see what happens..22:16
cwillu6.85 load average :)22:17
cwilluoh, here's something22:17
cwilluCpu(s): 10.1%us, 22.3%sy,  0.0%ni,  0.0%id, 67.3%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.3%si,  0.0%st22:17
rcn-ee_lptthat's way more..22:17
cwillutop - 15:17:25 up 21:08,  2 users,  load average: 6.95, 6.19, 5.0622:17
cwilluMem:    237068k total,   168120k used,    68948k free,       28k buffers22:17
cwilluSwap:        0k total,        0k used,        0k free,    22116k cached22:17
cwillu_lots_ of free memory22:17
rcn-ee_lptyet it's stuck waiting for something..22:18

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