thorwilkwwii: hi! why is the selection color of Ambiance (Colors tab) mapped to not only item selections but also buttons?12:47
thorwilthe button color is the most puzzling aspect of the theme for me, anyway12:47
thorwilvish: let it be known that i finally switched to Lucid.12:49
* thorwil had his poor pc work through the entire night to resize partitions12:49
vishthorwil: welcome to the left side of the world ;p17:20
thorwilwhat do i have to touch in the Ambiance gtkrc to get rid of the scrollbar rounding?19:15
thorwilnm, found it19:19
thorwili copied Ambiance to elsewhere, with a new name and created a symlink in /usr/share/themes19:39
thorwilmy gtkrc customization works, but the metacity stuff doesn't. looks like the metacity theme isn't found. what could i be doing wrong?19:40
vishthorwil: weird, have you copied the metacity ? and edited the "MetacityTheme=New theme name" in the index.theme?19:58
thorwilvish: yes. figured it out, commented the wrong stuff out, making file illegal19:59
vishah , k.19:59
vishthorwil: how can we permanently import a png into inkscape?20:00
thorwilvish: seems i got rid of scrollbar buttons, scrollbar rounding and all the strangely dark buttons and comboboxes. and the window close button is no longer red and the trough is gone :)20:00
thorwilvish: recent builds of inkscape ask you if you want to link or embed20:00
thorwilvish: i think there's no release with that feature, yet20:01
vishaw..it keeps throwing a fit "image not found" when imported image is moved ;)20:01
vishthorwil: scrollbar buttons? you mean the arrows?20:01
vishthorwil: ah yeah , removing them seems neat20:01
vishrecently been using it like that20:02
thorwilvish: you can edit the path to the image in image properties (or directly in the svg, if need be)20:02
thorwilvish: if the image is in the same dir or below, getting rid of the absolute path makes linking more robust20:02
vishyeah , i was hoping if i could embed it permanently and delete the source .. but will wait for the future to arrive soon ;)20:02
vishthorwil: if you install the new murrine ppa that kwwii mentioned , you dont need a separate metacity.xml, its all in 1 gtkrc20:04
vishthorwil: ie , if you plan on hacking the theme , better to do it that way ;)20:04
thorwilvish: hmm, like the gtkrc isn't complicated enough, already :)20:04
zniavremetacity inside the gtkrc?20:16
zniavrewow !20:16

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