stlsaintjosefrichter__: do you have a make file in that directory00:02
pdsmediadoes anyone have a fix for this error showing while running the update manager in ubuntu 9.10:01:00
pdsmediaW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB001:00
pdsmediano one is sending a reply so I guess not01:04
iceflatlineDid you do a search on Google. It appears the problem (and the fix) are quite common.01:08
pdsmediaI'll try that again... tried before and just saw the problem with no real solutions01:12
pdsmediaI looked at the solution again. they involve running scripts from anonymous people.  don't to take a chance of destroying the OS. it would help if you know of a trusted source01:19
pdsmediadoes this look like a viable fix:01:22
pdsmediathat one has complains if you see comments01:26
pdsmediathen you find other scripts that are supposed fixed that end out giving away you root directory password01:31
geirhai got that for the vbox ppa. oracle changed the key on it after taking over sun01:47
geirhajust went back to the site and copy/pasted the wget|apt-key line again01:49
phillw1iceflatline: take a look over at http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1221323 for a trusted source01:52
phillw1oops, you can actually use http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1221323 that was the swiss mirror of the main ubuntu forum01:54
iceflatlinephillwl: thanks.01:56
pdsmediathat's a far simpler fix that what I saw on the searched sites01:57
phillw1pdsmedia: there's one nice thing about ubuntu (and linux in general), you're very rarely the first person to have had the problem :-)01:58
phillw1when you 'google' put +ubuntu at the start of it (the + is important, and no space between it and ubuntu)01:59
pdsmediaI'm aware of that but there are a lot of bogus fixes out there... maybe MS hackers trying to shut down Ubuntu installs02:00
phillw1pdsmedia: when you land on the ubuntu forums, you're pretty safe. If the thread has a few people discussing, you're even more safe, if the thread has ubuntu members / admins / QA people / LocO team members, then you are very safe. Remember, if you are at all unsure - ASK :-)02:02
pdsmediagood advice. thanks02:02
phillw1pdsmedia: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=57 will take you back to ubuntu forum, but explain it a bit more in depth02:03
linux_is_my_herogood evening :-)02:05
linux_is_my_herohows everyone doing tonight?02:05
acerimmer_hey all.02:05
pdsmediathanks phillwl02:05
mikubuntuhola, wasssup in here tonite02:05
linux_is_my_heroacerimmer_: u got any experience with sound issues? i have a bug where instead of having the speaker with sound waves in my panel, i have a hollow speaker with dotted lines.02:06
acerimmer_linux_is_my_hero: hollowspeaker?  it's muted?02:07
linux_is_my_heroacerimmer_: no, its not muted.02:07
acerimmer_linux_is_my_hero: what distro?  and have you changed any appearance configs?02:08
linux_is_my_hero10.04 lucid...and i have stock appearance settings.02:08
acerimmer_linux_is_my_hero: that is weird.  I have a script that will reset all gnome panels back to default.  But if you run it, you've obviously got to rebuild the panels...02:09
mikubuntuacerimmer, but this is not really not designated as an 'installation' channel either02:11
acerimmer_mikubuntu: i tried.  sounds like a brainstorm suggestion if not a channel mod suggestion02:12
mikubuntuya, i think so02:13
linux_is_my_heroacerimmer_: im gunna check the alsamixer at the tty to see if its the panel or actually the drivers, because im not getting any sound either.02:14
acerimmer_ok - following this one02:14
mikubuntuit was very frustrating getting up and running for me, and i didn't know ANYTHING ... when i help my friends with installations i walk them hand in hand thru the process02:14
acerimmer_mikubuntu: well that's better than my method...02:15
mikubuntuwhich is?02:15
acerimmer_trashed xp/win7 repeatedly, tried wubi then manned up to dual.02:15
acerimmer_THEN decided I HAD to have hackintosh with all 3 OS's02:15
mikubuntui hate ms so much i'd never dual02:16
linux_is_my_heroyeah it appears alsamixer has been uninstalled because i cant run it from the tty.02:16
mikubuntugotta go do a cab ride, see ya guys02:16
acerimmer_linux_is_my_hero: strange indeed02:16
linux_is_my_heroacerimmer_: and i cant install alsamixer either.02:18
linux_is_my_heroi have duty tomorrow and im watching a dvd...oh well, thanks for your help.02:18
phillw1pedro3005: either I've gone deaf, or it has quietened down ;-)02:21
pedro3005phillw1, indeed :) and you, my friend, should be asleep!02:22
phillw1I've been doing some lubuntu stuff & am still trying to get my baby forum back to as it should be02:23
pedro3005phillw1, it has grown up now :P02:24
phillw1it will always be 'my baby' :p02:25
dtwritesUsing 9.10 and Firefox 3.5, why can I not run videos on Yahoo News (or any other apparently)?02:29
dtwritesThere's no "you need to download plugin" sign...so ?02:31
phillw1dtwrites: head over to http://firefox-tutorials.blogspot.com/2010/05/flash-optimization.html and ensure you do not have conflicting plugins (I do it the manual way, so expect "Not found" errors as you remove everything02:39
dtwritesI think I've figured out I have no "in-use" plugins. Thanks for the connection.02:40
phillw1that set of instructions will clear everything down and give you a 'clean' flash environment, if you are still having problems, pop over to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1193567 as lovinglinux  keeps a close eye on things and is an all round 'good guy'02:43
phillw1(even if he's a zylon)02:44
dtwriteslol, thanks phillwl02:44
methodsfor some reason since i upgraded to the new ubuntu my sound is much lower i can barely hear it at full volume...02:49
Chesamomethods: in Terminal, type "alsamixer"... in there, there should be a slider called "PCM". See if that's down any lower than 84.02:49
acerimmer_methods: check your sound settings for defaults02:49
methodsyea i tried that02:50
Chesamomethods: Which... oh god.... which method? *snrk*02:50
methodsacerimmer_: defaults ? i went into pulse audio control and pushed all the volumens up... even the output device02:50
methodsi tried both02:50
acerimmer_methods: exactly what i was thinking02:50
methodsthis is very strange for me02:50
methodsi can't really seem to see any other place that i could set it higher02:51
acerimmer_methods:  and match your output to your config?  i.e. stereo  not 5.1 if that's what you have02:51
ChesamoSystem > Preferences > Sound02:51
methodsi have it set to analog speakers02:51
methodsit's a usb headset02:52
ChesamoIs the right card selected?02:52
methodswhat is the profile ?02:52
methodsprofile is set to analog stereo output02:52
ZachK_sup punks02:53
acerimmer_methods: also see >applications02:53
methodsyea they are all set up02:53
edlik I am using a live cd to try to move my home file to a usb storage device, it tells me I dont have permission, is there a simple way to get this done? I need to save my home in order to do a reinstall ubuntu and yes I will be creating a seperate home partition this time:)02:53
methodsi clicked every possible button02:53
Chesamomethods: Is there not an option to -- Hi ZachK_ -- an option to select which card to configure?02:53
methodsyea i picked the right one02:53
ZachK_hey ches02:53
Chesamoedlik: open Terminal, navigate to your home dir, type "gksudo nautilus ." You'll have permission.02:54
Chesamoedlik: include the leriod.02:54
phillw1ensure that under hardware that you do not have the modem selected, as that can also play havock with sound02:54
methodsyea i dont even see modem anywhere02:54
edlikChesamo: awesome, thanks02:56
phillw1Chesamo: I'm not in ubuntu atm, but the hardware drivers are in the Systems --> admin part?02:56
methodsyea nothing works02:56
methodsit use to be way louder02:56
Chesamophillw1: jockey-gtk? Yes, it's in System > Administration02:56
methodshm it use to say unamplified02:57
methodsnow it's better02:57
methodsperhaps messing around in alsamixer allowed me to do that02:57
methodsit's still not super loud but it's better02:57
edlikChesamo: I have obtained root premissions but nautilus now only shows the files on the live cd, is there a way to access my original "home" folder?03:02
ChesamoIs your hard drive mounted onto the LiveCD?03:03
edlikI can access it from "places"03:04
Chesamoedlik: Access it there, because that will make it mount.03:04
Chesamoedlik: Then, note where it's mounted (probably /media/something) and open Terminal. type "cd /media/<whatever>/home/<username>/" to get to the hard drive.03:09
Chesamoedlik: then type "gksudo nautilus ." (including the period) and it'll launch a file browser there.03:09
Buuntuhow big of a partition do you guys recommend for ubuntu with a separate /home partition03:47
ChesamoBuuntu: 3/4ths03:47
BuuntuChesamo, ths?03:47
ChesamoBuuntu: Three-quarters of the drive03:48
BuuntuChesamo, oh lol, nvm03:48
BuuntuChesamo, the /home partition is separate though...03:48
ChesamoBuuntu: Yes, I'm aware. "drive" != "partition"03:48
ChesamoBuuntu: The drive is the whole thing. A partition is just one "slice".03:49
BuuntuChesamo, I know, but you're saying 3/4 of the whole drive just for everything but /home???03:49
ChesamoBuuntu: My / partition is ~20GB, and my /home partition is ~80GB.03:49
ChesamoCan someone confirm that's standard practice? I think it is, but I'm not too sure.03:50
acerimmer_Chesamo: well that should be enough for the OS.  Guess you can do what you like with the rest.03:50
acerimmer_"Standard Practice" is NOT to make a dedicated /home.  You're ahead of the curve already.03:50
Chesamoheh. You know what I meant.03:51
BuuntuChesamo, I'll go with 15 or 20 for that partition I think.  3/4 of the drive for me would be over 200GBs :P.  I also have 2 OSs and am planning on installing other linux distros03:51
ChesamoBuuntu: Well I mean 3/4 of what space you're reserving for Ubuntu.03:51
acerimmer_80 gig is a lot.  Unless your loading up heaps of vids or music, I would think you'll be filling that space for some time to come.03:52
Chesamoacerimmer_: Transmission gets more usage than Firefox on my laptop :P03:53
acerimmer_Chesamo: i understand.  Well, hdd's are cheap...03:53
Buuntualso, will I run into problems if I use the same /home for more than one distro?03:54
ChesamoBuuntu: Not in theory, but the configs are stored there.03:55
ChesamoBuuntu: Keep that in mind.03:55
acerimmer_Buuntu: never done it, but it sounds reasonable.  google fu for multi-distro managment03:56
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ZachK__x[x]: hello08:22
hobgoblinZachK_: morning to you08:22
ZachK_ah hey hobgoblin08:22
hobgoblinhow are you ?08:22
ZachK_hobgoblin: got any idea why my ipod touch won't connect to any internet functions? The Wifi IP that's being assigned to it starts with 169 which apparently isn't good...08:23
ZachK_and i'm good btw08:23
ZachK_thanks for asking08:23
hobgoblinZachK_: sorry - I am anti iAnything and hence never buy nor have to deal with any of their iFailings :(08:24
hobgoblinZachK_: I'm oold fashioned I use a phone to talk to people and computers for internet :) you youngsters :D08:25
ZachK_it's not a phone either.08:25
hobgoblinor possibly just old ;)08:25
* ZachK_ is a bit old fashioned as well08:25
hobgoblinno I know - that is my point lol08:25
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snchello, i would like to auto mount my ext3 partition on logon (just like the system drive does)10:35
duanedesignhello snc10:35
duanedesignyou will need to add it to your fstab10:36
sncmanualy edit fstab with a text editor10:36
snci have done that before :) and after failing i had to format the drive again10:37
snc(i dont get fstab ... sorry :)) )10:37
duanedesignget the uuid of the partition using the command: sudo blkid10:39
ZachK_snc: in the Terminal paste the command taht duanedesign gave you10:39
sncyes, done10:40
duanedesignsnc: also make a copy of your fstab:  sudo cp /etc/fstab  /etc/fstab.bak10:42
duanedesignsnc: that way if things get screwy you can run the command :  mv /etc/fstab.bak /etc/fstab10:42
duanedesignto restore your original file10:42
duanedesigndecide on a mount point. like  /media/data10:45
duanedesignsudo mkdir /media/data10:46
duanedesignthen add an entry to the bottom of your fstab like:10:47
duanedesignUUID=3f8c5321-7181-40b3-a867-9c04a6cd5f2f  /media/data  ext3  defaults  0  010:47
duanedesignof course using your UUID :)10:48
sncis it the same with ext4? (i guess not, its still good to ask)10:48
sncoh and fstab looks scrambled (different spacings between entries) that slightly makes me "not want" to edit such system scripts ... is that (different spacing) normal?10:51
duanedesignsnc: yes the spacing is fine10:56
duanedesignas long as there is a space between columns10:56
sncmhm ..10:58
sncis there anything else i should do?10:58
duanedesignsnc: i think that is it10:59
sncok :) thanks duanedesign & zachk10:59
snchello again :)11:29
snci managed to automount my second drive now11:30
sncnow i would like to link it to its previously default location like "/media/Home" ... currently it is in "/dev/hda1" and none of the applications work anymore ..11:31
paulchainanyone know how to fix the flickering Ubuntu does when you open certain programs or log in with the ATI 4650 video card?12:10
duanedesignhello paulchain12:27
hobgoblinpaulchain: not had much to do with ATI cards but do you have the driver installed from hradware drivers in the sys admin menu? Driver downloaded and installed from ATI? Compiz turned on or off?12:57
paulchaincompiz is on idk how to turn it off :P13:03
hobgoblinSystem - Preference - Appearances - Visual Effects - None13:05
paulchainyeah then i have disabled it and the flickering still continues its like big black lines about 1-2 inches thick across the screen they flicker for a few min then go away13:07
hobgoblinand the other questions I asked?13:08
KlojumAnyone having experience with installing 10.04 on an Asus M3A78-EM in a RAID-setup? Ubuntu is unable to create the partitions on the RAID-disks. Is it possible that there is no default support for RAID on this motherboard??13:49
Phil__hey guys14:23
Phil__be back in a sec14:29
MagicJI intend to install a computer running ubuntu in my bar so that patrons can use it as a public access terminal.  I want to disable the icon in the panel that allows them to disconnect from the network - how do I do that?  There is no remove when I right click on it I of course get the connection info16:19
MagicJis this room alive?16:28
holsteinnhandler: hey16:28
holsteini would just lock that down16:28
holsteinpermission wise16:28
holsteinBUT you can just remove the notification area from the panel i suppose16:29
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MagicJthanks - and how do I lock it down or - better still remove it from the panel - this is really the question16:30
holsteinpessulus is handy16:30
MagicJactually - ignore my last question till I look at the URL you just gave me16:31
holsteinyou just right click on the whole thing on the panel to remove it16:31
holsteini used pessulus to do something kinda like what your doing16:31
holsteinMagicJ: ALSO there is the 'guest' account16:31
holsteinyou might want to take advantage of that16:32
holsteinwhere in theory, it doesnt matter what the user changes16:32
holsteinyou just restart the box, and its back to normal16:32
* holstein gotta run16:32
holsteingood luck :)16:32
nhandlerholstein: Hi17:10
MagicJI want to prevent users from clicking on the network icon and then disconnecting from the network.  How do I do this?  I can not seem to remove it from the panel since when I right-click it - this activates it18:05
ChesamoYou can uninstall the network manager applet18:10
wise_cryptMagicJ : or try this http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/add-restrictions-to-your-ubuntu-system-with-lockdown-editor-pessulus/18:30
MagicJhey guys - sorry - did not see the response18:47
MagicJI really don't want to uninstall the applet if I can avoid it because it would be nice for the other users.  But lets assume I do agree to do that,.  How would I uninstall it18:48
MagicJand wise crypt - ty - I am reading that site now18:48
MagicJI actually just installed pessus - doesn't give me the option I need here - but thanks18:49
shredder12MagicJ, why not just remove nm-applet for a while by killing the process nm-applet. When you need it back, just press Alt-F2 and run nm-applet19:00
MagicJah - now I like that - let me try it - brb19:01
shredder12MagicJ, it just removes the icon, the connection persists. I tried that19:01
holsteinhello nhandler :)19:15
buzzardMagicJ: forgive me, I'm new here, but it seems to me like the built in Guest session does just what you're asking for. When I switch to that account my networking icon in the panel disappears.19:15
* holstein was off at the local LUG meeting 19:16
buzzardI must be missing something19:16
holsteina very well attended DD presentation19:16
holsteinMagicJ: did you try that guest account?19:16
holsteinthat might be just what you need for a public machine19:17
holsteinand its easy19:17
holsteinand buzzard ^^ says the net applet is not available to guests19:17
MagicJI don't like the guest account much and it still has that icon there.  Sorry, phone rang, about to test the kill idea19:19
MagicJso much for killing the applet - it kills the connection19:26
holsteinMagicJ: let me link you somewhere19:29
holsteinthis is a local coffee shop19:29
holsteinlocal to me19:29
holsteinthe guy that set up the pubil terminals is a friend19:30
holsteinhes got them on timed logins19:30
holsteinand a custom locked down launcher19:30
holsteinim sure he would share his experiences if you can get him via email19:30
MagicJI will ty19:31
MagicJwhat is his name19:31
holsteinim sure there is a link on the site19:31
holsteinand its name is scott19:31
holsteinyou can tell him holstein from IRC suggested you conteact him19:31
holsteinhes busy, but im sure he'll share time permitting19:32
holsteinits a great set-up19:32
holsteinand quite bullet-proof19:32
holsteinhe did the setup so when the machines reboot, a lot of important system files get rewritten19:33
holsteinSO in the case of an error, or emergency19:33
holsteinthe other staff just restart the boxes19:33
holsteinthese are jaunty boxes, and AFAIK they've been running great since install19:34
mininessieis there a gui for creating a custom kernel19:50
Chesamomininessie: the kernel's written in (I asume) C, you can't graphically customize taht19:51
paultagI think there is Chesamo19:51
ChesamoThe kernel?19:51
paultagmininessie, I think there is a GTK menu. One second. What WM do you use?19:51
paultagChesamo, yeah19:51
ubot2Factoid 'chesamo' not found19:51
Chesamopaultag...... are you sure? <_<19:52
paultagChesamo, 90%19:52
mininessiepaultag, WM?19:52
paultagmininessie, window manager, GNOME, KDE, Flux?19:52
dtwritesOookay, I'm officially too dumb to figure this out. I'm trying to install stand alone flash player and I can't figure out how to make installation manager install it.19:52
mininessiepaultag, gnome19:52
paultagtry this mininessie19:52
paultagmininessie, make gconfig19:53
* holstein google fail - chesamo kennel for DOGS ;)19:53
paultagif not, try a make xconfig19:53
Chesamoholstein funny story...19:53
dtwritesEither from the desktop or from archive manager (which will open the folder).19:53
Chesamopaultag Neither of those affect the kernel though19:53
mininessiepaultag, neither of them work19:53
paultagmininessie, are you compiling from scratch?19:53
paultagChesamo, they will if he is hacking together a custom kernel19:53
mininessiepaultag, i haven't started19:54
paultagmininessie, you need to download linux source code, and then you can do it19:54
paultagmininessie, you can't configure an already compiled kernel19:54
Chesamopaultag I've never seen a way to modify the source code graphically like that.19:54
paultagmininessie, http://kernel.org/19:54
paultagChesamo, it's like make menuconfig19:54
paultagChesamo, except not ncurses, it's gtk+19:54
holsteinthats when i though i was looking for the package named chesamo19:55
paultagholstein, what are you trying to do?19:56
paultagdtwrites, what do you need?19:56
mininessieso is there a gtk to modify the source code of kernel19:56
paultagdtwrites, :P19:56
dtwritesI followed the directions and downloaded flashplayer stand alone on my desktop. And there it sits.19:56
holsteinpaultag: i was just interested in the idea of a custom kernel builder GUI19:57
paultagmininessie, sure, with an IDE, but there is a lot of source code. If you just want to set up how it runs, you can configure the kernel without rewriting it. If you want to contribute to the linux project, ask in #linux19:57
holsteinand i misunderstood19:57
paultagholstein, yeah :)19:57
holstein14:51 <+paultag> I think there is Chesamo19:57
paultagholstein, it works just like you think it does. Try checking out the kernel and doing a make gconfig19:57
paultagholstein, oh, sorry, I was talking with Chesamo :)19:57
holsteini thought that meant try 'chesamo'19:57
dtwritesYou have to go into a folder and pull the stand alone out. I did that. I don't know where to go from there that works.19:57
mininessiepaultag, that and if i can turn off/on options19:57
paultagdtwrites, are you trying to get flash in Firefox?19:57
paultagmininessie, yeah :)19:58
paultagmininessie, you don't need to edit source19:58
paultagdtwrites, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree19:58
dtwritesThanks, off to try it.19:58
mininessiepaultag, what do i need to do want to do with the kernel19:58
paultagdtwrites, sure thing. Don't forget to restart firefox19:58
paultagmininessie, what are you trying to do to the kernel? Change stock parameters?19:59
paultagmininessie, wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-2.6.34.tar.bz220:00
paultagmininessie, tar -xvf linux*20:00
mininessiepaultag, change like if it supports sound from realtek on version whatever but not version whatever i'd want to enbale that version that is not supported20:00
paultagmininessie, cd linux-2.6*20:00
paultagmininessie, make gconfig20:00
paultagmininessie, that will get you started. Let me find you a walkthrough20:00
paultagmininessie, this will do -- http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/compiling-linux-kernel-26.html20:01
paultagmininessie, but feel free to use make gconfig and not make menuconfig20:01
paultagmininessie, make menuconfig is a command like text based menu, and gconfig is like an application20:01
paultagBoohyeah. Quiet is good.20:09
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mininessiepaultag: what do i type in after i got the kernel20:21
paultagmininessie, read through that guide I sent you20:22
paultagmininessie, just untar it20:22
mininessiepaultag: okay i did that20:22
paultagmininessie, cd into the directory20:22
paultagmininessie, and make gconfig20:22
mininessiepaultag: make gconfig didn't work20:23
paultagmininessie, try make xconfig20:23
mininessietried that too20:23
paultagmininessie, make menuconfig20:23
mininessiefailed too20:23
paultagmininessie, did you no cd into the directory?20:23
mininessiepaultag: ?20:24
paultagmininessie, did you no cd into the directory?20:24
mininessiepaultag: no cd ?20:24
paultagmininessie, not *20:24
paultagmininessie, cd into the directory20:24
paultagmininessie, you can't run a make if you are not in the same dir as the Makefile20:24
paultagmininessie, slow down, and follow every line. They are not in there for fun, each step is critical20:25
mininessiepaultag: where does it untar at20:25
paultagmininessie, you tell me :/20:25
paultagmininessie, what commands did you run?20:25
mininessiepaultag: hold on a sex20:26
paultagwa wa wee wa20:26
mininessiesec not sex20:26
mininessiepaultag: it still doesn't work20:30
paultagmininessie, what commands did you run?20:30
paultagmininessie, slow down, let's go through this slowly20:31
paultagmininessie, this is not easy, and not meant for anyone who does not know what a virtual void struct is20:31
paultagwait, that's not even a thing20:31
paultaga virtual void private method20:31
mininessiepaultag: i ran wget then untared it then cd it then ran make menuconfig make xconfig make gconfig20:32
paultagmininessie, can you please pastebin exactly what you did20:32
paultagmininessie, vauge stuff does not do it20:33
paultag!pastebin > mininessie20:33
ubot2mininessie, please see my private message20:33
paultagwell that defeats the purpose20:33
mininessiepaultag: http://paste.ubuntu.com/445245/ i'll get you the rest in a minute20:35
paultagthat's not what I need mininessie20:36
paultagmininessie, I need the _commands_ you ran20:36
mininessiepaultag: wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-2.6.34.tar.bz220:36
mininessiepaultag: then i ran  tar -xf linux-2.6.34.tar.bz220:37
paultagmininessie, what next20:37
paultagmininessie, then what20:37
mininessiepaultag: then i ran make gconfig20:38
paultagmininessie, I said to cd in20:38
paultagmininessie, cd linux-2.6.3420:38
paultagmininessie, then run your make.20:38
paultagmininessie, you should follow the guide I gave you20:39
mininessiepaultag: i did line for line20:39
paultagapparently not :)20:40
mininessiepaultag: hold on getting kernel again20:42
dtwritesI'm back! "sudo apt-get install etc, etc." didn't work. Says... can't find flashplug... so forth.20:55
dtwritesStupid plug in is sitting on my desktop.20:56
paultagheyya dtwrites20:57
dtwritesHey paultag.20:57
paultagstno, flashplugin-nonfree20:57
paultagerm dtwrites *20:57
paultagdtwrites, what's the output of lsb_release -a ?20:58
mininessiepaultag: when i untar it i got an error20:58
dtwritesPaultag, you might as well be speaking greek. where do I find lsb_release -a? In terminal?20:59
paultagdtwrites, yeah20:59
dtwritesA minute20:59
mininessiepaultag: it gave me no such file or directory on many many files20:59
paultagdtwrites, run this for me ( quickly ) after you run that --21:00
paultagif [ "c$(cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep multiverse)" != "x" ]; then echo "OK"; else echo "No"; fi;21:00
mininessiepaultag: help me21:00
dtwritesNo LSB modules are available.21:00
dtwritesDistributor ID:Ubuntu21:00
dtwritesDescription:Ubuntu 9.1021:00
paultagmininessie, I'm going to. Jesus christ, I'm not getting paid to help you guys. One at a time21:00
paultagOK dtwrites, and that command I gave you that I Just whipped up that looks like garbage21:01
paultagmininessie, you are trying to do something hugely complex. dtwrites has a simple issue. Hold on.21:01
paultagdtwrites, if [ "c$(cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep multiverse)" != "x" ]; then echo "OK"; else echo "No"; fi;21:01
mininessiepaultag: running that kernel thingy21:01
paultagdtwrites, is the output of that "OK" or "No"21:01
paultagdtwrites, copy and paste works better then transcribing. When you do it by hand it's prone to errors21:03
paultagshit, and change that to "c" not "x" dtwrites at the end21:03
dragondongreetings all!  'm trying to stop iptables from logging evry dropped connection.  've deleted the rule that tells it to but it seems there's something else going on....21:04
dtwritesbash: syntax error near unexpected token `then' (okay)21:04
paultagmininessie, here, you can get some help while you wait in #ubuntu-kernel21:04
paultagdtwrites, remember the ;21:04
paultagdragondon, wait around, someone will get to you, I'm swamped right now :)21:05
dragondonpaultag: thanks dude, have fun :)21:06
paultagdragondon, sure thing21:06
paultagdtwrites, any luck?21:07
dtwritesNo yet21:07
dtwrites*not yet21:07
paultagdtwrites, what's it doing?21:07
paultagdtwrites, screw it. Can you copy and paste the text to pastebin for me? gedit /etc/apt/sources.list21:08
paultag!pastebin | dtwrites21:08
ubot2dtwrites: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:08
dtwritesbash: syntax error near unexpected token `else'21:08
paultagdtwrites, I did not know you were writing this out by hand. Are you on a different machine then the one you are working on?21:08
paultagdtwrites, you should not transcribe, it is always better to copy and paste verbatim21:08
dtwritesNo, I'm on the same machine.21:09
paultagdtwrites, copy paste! :)21:09
paultagdtwrites, shift + ctrl + v to paste in a terminal21:09
dtwritesI've got it, now to put it on tinyurl21:10
paultagwait, what?21:10
paultagdtwrites, dtwrites,21:10
paultagdtwrites, http://paste.ubuntu.com21:10
dtwritesThat's what the bot says.21:10
paultagdtwrites, you read it wring :)21:11
paultagdtwrites, For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com21:11
dtwritesI'm not surprised.21:11
paultagthe second is for images21:11
dtwriteshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/445274/ <- with luck!21:12
paultaglooks good dtwrites :)21:12
paultagOne sec dtwrites21:12
dtwritesNot a problem, Paultag. Take your time.21:13
paultagAhha dtwrites, you are missing multiverse21:13
paultagdtwrites, One sec, let me brew up a command for you21:13
dtwritesIs this not something I'll find on my add/remove pages program?21:13
paultagnope dtwrites :)21:14
dtwritesI'm doomed.21:14
paultagdtwrites, this will add a whole lot of software to your system once you do an update21:14
paultagdtwrites, not if you ctrl + c, then ctrl + shift + v21:14
paultagdtwrites, I got your back21:14
dtwritesThanks. I didn't know this was a two-day project. =)21:15
paultagOh shit :/21:15
paultagdtwrites, it's power pc?21:15
paultagOne sec dtwrites :/21:15
paultagdtwrites, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Flash,%20Flash%20video%20and%20Gnash21:16
paultagdtwrites, they work _ok_21:16
dtwritesThanks. Wish me luck. ;)21:17
paultagdtwrites, it's nothing like it should be, but it "runs". You will be able to get some degree of success with these packages, but _noting_ like an x8621:17
paultagdtwrites, Good luck!!!21:17
paultagdtwrites, sudo apt-get install mozilla-plugin-gnash21:17
paultagdtwrites, give that a copy paste and restart firefox :)21:17
dtwritesIt's working!!!! You're a genius!!!!21:19
paultagdtwrites, nah :P21:19
paultagdtwrites, good luck! hope it works for you :)21:19
mininessiepaultag: is it my turn yet21:19
paultagmininessie, sure. What's up21:20
dtwritesThanks, paultag. Later21:20
paultagdtwrites, cheers21:20
mininessiepaultag: okay i am trying to do the custom kernel thing and when i tar -xjvf linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2 -C /usr/src it says there is not such file or directory21:21
paultagdtwrites, sudo mkdir /usr/src && sudo chown -R `whoami`:`whoami`21:21
paultagshit not you dtwrites21:22
paultagmininessie, ^21:22
paultagdtwrites, you're all set :P21:22
mininessiepaultag: that doesn't work21:23
paultagmininessie, what's the error21:23
paultagmininessie, you have to help me and give me error messages. I can't ESP the screen from here21:23
mininessiepaultag: mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/src': File exists21:23
paultagwell shit, then tar is lying21:23
paultagmininessie, run the second half21:23
paultagmininessie, the chown21:23
mininessiepaultag: Try `chown --help' for more information.21:24
paultagmininessie, sudo chown -R `whoami`:`whoami`21:24
paultagOh doh21:24
paultagmininessie, sudo chown -R /usr/src `whoami`:`whoami`21:24
mininessiepaultag: chown: invalid user: `/usr/src'21:25
paultagmininessie, sudo chown -R `whoami`:`whoami` /usr/src21:25
mininessiepaultag: okay that gave me no error21:26
paultagmininessie, re run your tar command21:26
mininessieokay it worked21:27
paultagmininessie, continue with your guide now21:27
mininessiepaultag: okay i did but it doesn't work21:28
paultagmininessie, you can't be vague21:28
paultagmininessie, if you are then I will be, it's all I can do21:28
paultagmininessie, if you want exact help, give me exact details21:28
mininessiepaultag: okay i ran cd /usr/src21:28
mininessiepaultag: then i ran make gconfig make xconfig make menuconfig21:29
paultagonly one of those mininessie21:29
mininessiepaultag: i did then one at a time21:29
paultagmininessie, what' the output of pwd?21:29
mininessiepaultag: make: *** No rule to make target `gconfig'.  Stop.21:30
paultagmininessie, ls | grep Make21:30
mininessiepaultag: okay then what21:30
paultagmininessie, oh then do something21:30
paultagmininessie, I need command output!!21:31
paultagmininessie, I still am waiting on pwd and the ls | grep Make21:31
mininessiepaultag: pwd is /usr/src21:31
paultagmininessie, cd linux*21:31
paultagmininessie, make gconfig21:31
mininessiepaultag:   HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep   HOSTCC  scripts/basic/docproc   HOSTCC  scripts/basic/hash * * Unable to find the GTK+ installation. Please make sure that * the GTK+ 2.0 development package is correctly installed... * You need gtk+-2.0, glib-2.0 and libglade-2.0. *   HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o scripts/kconfig/conf.c: In function ‘conf_askvalue’: scripts/kconfig/conf.c:105: warning: ignoring return va21:32
paultagone sec mininessie21:32
mininessiepaultag: okay21:32
paultagmininessie, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libncurses-dev21:33
paultagtwo more after that mininessie21:33
mininessiepaultag: okay what do i when that is installed21:33
paultagmininessie, sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libglade2-dev21:34
paultagmininessie, then try make gconfig21:34
mininessiepaultag: just a sec21:34
mininessiepaultag: okay it worked a new box showed up21:37
paultagmininessie, fire away and follow the rest of that guide.21:37
mininessiepaultag: i just go to make sure i know what i am doing21:37
paultagmininessie, I don't know what I am doing after this point -- if you need help on the kernel, try #ubuntu-kernel21:38
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malev_how can I use ls to search for a file in a directories structure?23:05
paultagmalev_, do you want to as an exersise or just find a file?23:06
malev_just to find a file23:07
paultagmalev_, find .23:07
malev_it's not working. for example I need ot find test_helper.rb23:10
malev_find . test_helper.rb23:10
malev_and it list me all the files in the . structure23:10
paultagmalev_, | grep23:10
paultagmalev_, find . | grep test_helper.rb23:10
gloriousHow can I change that ugly, ugly lockout screen to something nicer looking?23:12
paultagwhat lockout screen glorious?23:13
gloriousThat's the one thing I feel embarrased about letting preUbuntu folks see.23:14
paultagwell OK then23:14
paultagglorious, what lockout screen23:14
gloriousum when you walk away from the computer and come back and it asks for your password.  A book I read said it was called the lockout screen23:15
paultagglorious, press ctrl + alt + l23:15
paultagglorious, that screen?23:15
drubinglorious: He wants a themed lock screen23:15
drubinblah paultag ^23:15
drubinand yes that screen23:16
paultagdrubin, you can help him, I don't know how to do it :)23:16
gloriousyes, that's the one23:16
drubinI don't know either23:16
drubinall I know is that running gnome-screensaver-command --lock puts it there23:16
paultagwhat's so ugly about it?23:16
paultagperhaps we can get a patch in place23:17
drubinglorious: Did you google at all for this?23:17
paultagI don't see an issue with it, I actually like it glorious23:17
drubinpaultag: it is just a personal preference.23:17
paultagI know drubin23:17
gloriousits so bare plain.  I switched to Ubuntu studio and it looks a little nicer now, but still23:17
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drubinwow lag is killing me, I hope that link is helpfull it was the first one in google and was marked "solved" but it isn't loading for me23:18
paultagglorious, what do you want it to look like?23:18
drubinglorious: looks like you are going to have to download  another theme for it23:18
* paultag thinks it's GTK based23:19
paultagyou should be able to hack it23:19
gloriousdrubin, Yes, that looks like it might help.23:20
gloriousI wanted to learn how to change it 'cuz there are some folks that I want to introduce Ubuntu two, but I am hoping to change that part so it won't be so plain.23:21
gloriousand embarrasing to me23:21
drubinI wont be able to help you but  there is the source theme you should be able to download it and play with it23:21
drubinsorry can't be of more help23:21
gloriousHey that will probably help lots.  I'd googled w/o luck so thanks!23:22
gloriousthis is my first time on this channel.  I wanted to figure out how to get on so that I could support these potential new ubuntu folks23:23
gloriousActually is been probably 10 years since I used irc.  I think I used mirc on Win9523:24
gloriousfrankly I had trouble figuring out how to get here.  I finally succeeded using Konversation23:25
drubinglad we could help you23:25
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gloriousbefore briefly I tried and failed with empathy, xchat-gnome, pidgin,irssi,23:27
gloriousI'm glad too.  Thank you drubin and paultag!23:27
gloriousI think Konversation is working for me because I can figure out where to go to do things with its interface.  I couldn't with the others.23:29
mininessiepaultag: help i put in make modules_install make: *** No rule to make target `modules_install'.  Stop.23:30
gloriousthanks again folks!23:30
paultagmininessie, what's the output of pwd23:30
paultagmininessie, _you need to be in your project dir to run make_23:30
paultagmininessie, cd /usr/src/linux*23:30
mininessiepaultag: pwd23:30
mininessiepaultag: i got it thanks23:31
mininessiepaultag: i ran mkinitrd -o initrd.img-2.6.34 2.6.34 and it said mkinitrd command not found23:36
paultagmininessie, mkinitramfs23:37
mininessiepaultag: how do i load into my new kernel if it does give me the grub menu option to choose what kernel version i want23:42
paultagmininessie, sudo update-grub23:42
mininessiepaultag: yeah but its not the top of of the list the kernel 2.6.34 is not a top of the list23:43
paultagmininessie, dunno. I'm not a grub expert :)23:43
gloriousI found out the 'screen lock' is also called the lock dialog screen (and probably other names also)23:45
paultagthat's the one I know it as glorious :)23:46
gloriousI see why I had a hard time learning about it -- there aren't too many custom ones offered on gnome-look.org and they go by several different names.23:48
gloriousacerimmer thanks for the help on the other channel23:48
acerimmerglorious: do it worked then??23:48
acerimmern p23:49
dragondonGreetings all,  how does one stop iptables from logging every dropped connection into the system logs.  I've deleted the rule that tells it to...23:53

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