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drew212ddecator: hey are you around?07:09
drew212or is anyone from bug control around?07:09
dnivrahello. i know certain bugs in ubuntu have nicknames. where are the nicknames stored and how do I find out which bug is a nickname associated with?08:04
ddecatordrew212: now i am08:34
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nigelbkklimonda: ping13:42
nigelbdo you know how to do that? i.e. send a mail via python..13:42
nigelbAlso, there would need to be a little bit of editing of the text and support for that13:43
kklimondanigelb: you can use smtplib13:44
nigelbkklimonda: can we have a caht over the week on this?13:46
kklimondanigelb: you can launch $EDITOR before sending, add some simple file attachment feature. While not as easy and straighforward as using reportbug it would be much easier to code it if there are problems with reportbug.13:46
kklimondanigelb: sure13:46
nigelbkklimonda: I've asked the reportbug folks for help.  If I can't do it wth reportbug, I'll have to go this way13:47
kklimondanigelb: what problems have you had with hooking up into reportbug? have you tried using python interface or have you been trying to work nice with the program itself by passing some arguments?13:49
nigelbkklimonda: well, it hooks up fine, but the description instead of being the body, becomes the *NAME* of the attachment, which is very strange13:50
kklimondanigelb: hmm, I'll give it a shot later, maybe I can work something out13:54
kklimondaif only I could clone you branch :/13:56
kklimondanigelb: any idea what may be a problem: $ bzr branch lp:~nigelbabu/ubuntu-review-overview/report-debian13:57
kklimondabzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/ubuntu-review-overview/trunk/".13:57
nigelbkklimonda: no clue whats going wrong.  somethign wrong with lp perhaps?14:04
xteejxAfternoon all!!16:51
xteejxHave the LPGM firefox scripts been built in the PPA for Maverick yet?16:51
yofelxteejx: they have https://edge.launchpad.net/~gm-dev-launchpad/+archive/ppa/+packages17:07
xteejxyofel: Ohh it was recently :) Couldn't see it few days ago hehe thanks yofel :)17:08
yofelnp, the new version has a fixed word highlighter too finally17:09
xteejxfinally! It annoyed me with it cutting links and end of comments off17:10
xteejxwhat's this "ButtonTags"?17:10
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hggdhugh! Valentino Rossi high-sided bad in Mugello19:24
drew212oh no19:26
drew212is he ok?19:26
hggdhyeah... bad exposed fractures on right leg19:27
drew212they do go really fast in motoGP =P, exposed fractures are expected19:27
hggdhshould be going thru surgery to reduce it now19:27
hggdhgetting out alive is already a gain, froma  high-side like this19:28
drew212no kidding19:33
drew212high sides are bad =X19:33
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drew212hggdh: do you ride?19:35
hggdhdrew212: I do19:36
hggdhand my sons19:36
drew212hggdh: my son is too young to ride =P, but I do19:36
hggdhheh. Been there ;-) on the other hand, riding in the DFW area is getting more and more dangerous19:37
hggdhDallas-Fort Worth19:37
drew212ahh, why's that?19:37
hggdh(1) too many squids on the road; (2) car drivers are getting obnoxious19:38
drew212car drivers have always been obnoxious =P19:38
hggdhyes, but here they used to be nice19:41
hggdhnow it is common to have a car tail-gating you19:41
drew212keep a few paintballs in ur pocket19:43
drew212when they tailgate, you know what to do19:43
HollowPointAnyone here know anything about a bug in Lucid, where after setting up a LAMP server, when you try to browse to a php file, it simply downloads in your browser?19:44
hggdhHollowPoint: sounds more like you are missing/misconfigured the PHP mod. But, probably, the #ubuntu-server is a better channel for this19:49
xteejxHey all!20:19
xteejxbug 590190 - has anyone else noticed this? I know it's very minor but still...20:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 590190 in gnome-menus (Ubuntu) "Applications menu skips options when scrolling up with mouse (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59019020:19
xteejxWow just filed 3 bugs in 10 minutes hehe :)20:31
xteejxOn a hunt today ;)20:31
bilkulbekarhi guys, how do i start triaging the bugs?21:40
bilkulbekarhow do i start triaging the bugs?'21:49
yofelhi bilkulbekar, welcome, if you're new you should start at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/GettingInvolved21:53
bilkulbekaryofel: already went through it, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#untriaged, this is where i am..21:54
bilkulbekaryofel: but is it okay to try it on my personal machine, or on a VM?21:55
yofelfor triaging you don't need a VM, for reproducing bugs it might be helpful to have a VM of the development version, testdrive is an easy way to get one21:56
yofelbilkulbekar: and if you're new, it's easier if you start by triaging bugs for software you're already familiar with, the desktop for example21:57
bilkulbekartestdrive? its ok.. i have VMWare workstation..21:57
bilkulbekaryofel: yeah totally new.. not with the testing.. but with ubuntu testing... thanks.. i wil start with the destop21:58
yofelthat's certainly fine too21:58
bilkulbekaryofel: launchpad doesnt have enough searching options.. need to search for Desktop.. and new bugs22:04
yofelbilkulbekar: the general list of desktop related packages is kept by the desktop-bugs team: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~desktop-bugs/+packagebugs22:18
yofelchoose a package, go to advanced search, uncheck all status boxes other than new, and click search (sorting by 'newest first' helps too)22:19
yofelbilkulbekar: like I did for evince (document viewer) here: http://u.nu/93zdb22:20
bilkulbekaryofel: and the package here will be desktop?22:20
yofelno, the package name is the source package name of the package that contains the application22:22
yofelbilkulbekar: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage explains that a big22:22
yofelbilkulbekar: you'll find a lot of helpful information in our knowledge base https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/KnowledgeBase - read it when you have time for it22:25
bilkulbekaryofel: thanks, i am going through it.22:25
chelzare bug reports independent of ubuntu version, as in are bugs that affect multiple versions of ubuntu marked such that they are labeled with multiple ubuntu releases (karmic, lucid, etc) or is there a separate bug per ubuntu release?22:34
yofelthey are marked with multiple releases22:35
yofela bug is always against the current development release, if the bug exists in a stable release and the fix qualifies for a SRU then you propose it for that release22:36
chelzso to begin the process of an SRU someone has to check if the bug is present in the latest version?22:37
yofelseehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates (you can nominate it for the stable release it affect yourself, the devs will decide if they'll fix it there)22:37
yofelyes, for a bug to be fixed in a stable release it first needs to be fixed in the devel release22:38
yofel*see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates22:39
bilkulbekaryofel: what about feature testing for the next ubuntu?22:39
chelzis there a commonly-used process for say a bug that is present in a past ubuntu release, but isn't present in a newer release? say if the bug is the result of multiple packages interacting, how does one figure out where the issue is?22:40
yofelbilkulbekar: for testing ubuntu you should contact the ubuntu testing team (#ubuntu-testing) as the bugsquad is only for triaging of bug reports22:41
bilkulbekaryofel: thanks22:41
nickname1238any way I can help out on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/linux/+bug/574462 or is there already enough attached info? I have a machine with an affected drive that I haven't put Lucid on yet.22:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 574462 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "udisks-probe-ata-smart causes HSM violations (affects: 6) (heat: 152)" [Undecided,In progress]22:43
chelzis it all that common for bugs present in older releases to just not get SRUs because no one cares enough to put in the work to fix them?22:46
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hggdhchelz: not that no one cares enough, but usually because the bug does not meet the criteria for SRU23:19
hggdhor that nobody raised it in the first place...23:19
chelzwell SRU requires a patch be provided right? requesting a SRU can't be done without a patch23:20
chelzi think i read23:20
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hggdhchelz: yes, they usually require a patch (or, better still, a debdiff)23:39
hggdhchelz: so one would cherry-pick the devel (Maverick) patch for the issue, and retrofit it (say, on Lucid)23:40
chelzyeah that would require some experience and quite a bit of time. i'm all for offering up running test fixes and providing info about my system but i don't really have the resources to track down the cause of bugs (and potential fixes), only really investigate the nature of them and perhaps provide workarounds that could help in resulting fixes23:42

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