brycehrickspencer3, btw Monday is looking like it will be "X upgrade day"01:14
rickspencer3bryceh, tell me more01:14
brycehrickspencer3, Sarvatt is going to prepare debdiffs this weekend, and I've offered to help sponsor uploads01:14
brycehwhat'll happen is this01:14
brycehxserver will update (it's already in git and ready to go now)01:14
rickspencer3I am just starting to upgrade to Maverick at this very moment01:14
brycehall drivers will break, since there's a new ABI01:15
rickspencer3sounds great!01:15
Sarvattit's been brewing in git for 3 weeks now but we haven't had anyone to upload :)01:15
brycehthen we'll update drivers as quick as a lark01:15
brycehand then things will be unbroke01:15
rickspencer3what's not to love about "all drivers will break" ;)01:15
Sarvattthe large majority of the drivers are already synced and in depwait01:15
brycehbut we may want to put out a warning that for a day or two things might be sketchy01:15
rickspencer3so some poor suckers will update in the minutes between new xorg-xserver, and new drivers01:15
Sarvattbut there will be a chunk of time where if people try to upgrade it'll try to remove packages, and we all know people will just do it :)01:16
rickspencer3you can say "don't do the upgrade if it says it's goingt o remove things you don't know about"01:16
rickspencer3but some people will do it anyway :_01:16
brycehalso, this marks the point in the release cycle when the proprietary drivers stop working.  I don't know that anyone is running meerkat with proprietary drivers currently, but if they are they'll have to switch to the foss drivers in the interim until NVIDIA and ATI give us new drivers01:17
rickspencer3I think perhaps 24 hours notice would be nice01:17
Sarvattnvidia works fine, they just need to be rebuilt. I think they should stop providing an ABI because they work with multiple ABI's fine and its just the package manager thinking its broken01:17
rickspencer3since RAOF is on the weekend, maybe someone could send out a quick heads up to @ubuntu-devel?01:17
Sarvattfglrx doesn't work outside of x-updates anyhow :)01:17
brycehok - Sarvatt you want to do that or shall I?01:18
Sarvattone thing people can do is use xorg-edgers in the interim, i have every package in there01:18
rickspencer3so, fun day Monday01:18
rickspencer3xorg-xserver update AND rolling out updated Mozilla to Hardy and Jaunty01:18
Sarvattthis is xserver transition 1 of 2 for this cycle too probably :) 1.9 branches off in a few days for an august release and thats what was being targetted I believe, that brings about a whole nother set of breaking the world :)01:19
brycehrickspencer3, Sarvatt and RAOF have the status of merges/syncs needed documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/PackageNotes01:20
Sarvatti merged everything I could in debian and got them uploaded there and filed sync requests since I can't upload to ubuntu01:20
rickspencer3looks like a lot of work01:23
rickspencer3gonna reboot before I upgrade, brb01:25
brycehSarvatt, shall I send an email about this to ubuntu-devel@ ?  Fine with me if you'd prefer doing it.  Or maybe we can let RAOF do it when he comes online.01:27
rickspencer3574MB to download, so almost a whole new system01:32
brycehrickspencer3, ok Sarvatt and I decided it'd be best if the email came from RAOF01:32
rickspencer3sounds good01:32
rickspencer3if he does it in his morning it will be plenty of time for most people01:32
brycehso I'll shoot him an email and let him know to do it01:32
rickspencer3and really, all he's saying is "don't dist-upgrade for a bit"01:32
rickspencer3so TIL why my PPA shows up in the left hand channel of software-center, but other PPAs don't01:33
rickspencer3I wish tremulux was around01:33
rickspencer3East Coast people not working on Friday night at 8:34pm01:34
rickspencer3what's the matter with them?01:34
rickspencer3wait, I was wrong01:34
rickspencer3never mind :/01:34
* ccheney is hoping to get OOo 3.2.1~rc2 uploaded tonight also01:49
brycehrickspencer3, guess what... the xserver in lucid puts my email address in /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:50
brycehyeah, guess it was a "feature" debian added01:50
rickspencer3xorg-server 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7 (Bryce Harrington <bryce@ubuntu.com>)01:51
brycehanyway, now I'm getting all manner of random end user emails wanting help with basic stuff01:51
rickspencer3bryceh, can you can come up to Seattle and help me set up my dual monitor?01:51
bryceh"how do I file a bug report?"01:51
ccheneyprobably a feature because users for some reason supposedly complain to debian about ubuntu bugs01:51
brycehone guy gave me his whole story of how his wife was in a bad car accident, and on life support01:52
brycehand now ubuntu won't boot, and he can't figure out how to get help01:52
brycehand what a bad week he's had01:52
brycehrickspencer3, anyway, I've filed an SRU to fix this, and have Xorg.0.log point at the standard http://ubuntu.com/support page01:53
rickspencer3good idea01:54
brycehoh hey, in launchpad news...01:55
brycehyou know how when you have bug A with 42 dupes, and you realize it's a dupe with bug B with 24 dupes, you have to manually re-dupe all the 24 dupes?01:56
ccheneyfun stuff01:56
micahgor use lp-set-dup01:56
brycehderyck figured out how to fix that.  next week on edge probably it'll take care of automatically moving all the dupes for you01:56
* ccheney is doing an alpha 1 install and noticed on vmware it goes to 800% complete on setting the clock02:14
rickspencer3hey tremolux02:15
rickspencer3isn't it FRiday night there?02:15
tremoluxrickspencer3: isn't it Friday night *there*?02:16
tremoluxrickspencer3: :D02:17
rickspencer3only 6:1702:17
rickspencer3and I'm about to leave to go to a buddy's b-day party02:17
rickspencer3just waiting for the wife to get back with the car02:17
tremoluxwe just got back from dinner, our 14th (!!) wedding anniversary02:18
tremoluxgonna watch a movie with the kids02:18
tremoluxthanks  :)02:18
rickspencer3I was gonna say ... don't you have more duties to attend to ;)02:18
rickspencer3bryceh, thanks for the note for RAOF02:19
rickspencer3good to help navigate through the first release02:19
brycehrickspencer3, hey btw you know how you always complain about how sucky the launchpad API docs are?02:38
brycehif there are particular issues you have with it, let me know.  I'm collecting such data with the goal of getting the docs fixed up.02:39
bryceh(diffs against the generated .html file would be great, but I'll take any input)02:40
LaserJockdoes anybody know if the old gnome-games were kept in the archive at all?02:43
nigelbbryceh: we all do it, I think you've got my latest rants fixed up :)03:08
brycehnigelb, great03:15
didrocksasac: there are some (data/handlers) classified by hardware type09:05
didrocksbryceh: sweet for the dupe thing. This annoyed me so much!09:18
didrocksbryceh: still awake? :-)09:19
brycehsure, it's only 1am09:19
didrockshum, on Friday evening… that's ok ;)09:19
brycehnot like I'm working or anything ;-)09:24
brycehdidrocks, how are things with you?09:24
didrocksbryceh: I'm fine, thanks :-) very busy. Hope to be able to push the whole unity thing in maverick next Monday09:25
didrocksthen a lot of MIR and netbook seed playing :-)09:25
didrocksbut otherwise good, thanks09:25
didrocksand you? Diving into LP isn't so hard?09:26
brycehI'm finding the code is not too hard09:26
brycehthe difficulty lies in crafting good tests though09:26
didrockssure, is it the same than for the API/fundation built, that is to say doctests?09:27
brycehliterally, I spend 10 hours of writing tests for every 1 hour coding a fix to a problem09:27
brycehmostly doctests yes, some unit tests too09:27
brycehthey're trying to move away from doctests, although most of the codebase is still covered by doctests currently09:27
didrockswell, at least, you ensure not having regression, even if you spend 10 more time to get a test working09:28
didrockson which field of Launchpad are you working, btw?09:29
didrocksbugs (as it seems you change the dup thing) :)09:29
brycehyes, bugs09:29
didrocksthat can be fun09:29
brycehI didn't change the dupe thing, that was deryck, I just was impressed to hear about it09:29
brycehso far just been fixing random trivial bugs throughout the codebase09:30
didrocksoh ok, that's good for learning it in any case. You think you will have the time to work on some features, then? :-)09:32
brycehnot this month, but I hope to work some on a feature for simplifying the upstreaming of bug reports09:35
brycehlaunchpad only plans work one month in advance; this month my duty will be just general bug fixing09:36
Laneydidrocks: broken how? I rebuilt it for Lucid and it works14:30
LaneyI'll set up a VM later unless you have a fix14:30
Sarvattanyone know whats going on here? http://people.freedesktop.org/~ickle/Screenshot.png17:02
Sarvatt(netbook-launcher related)17:02
Sarvattlooks like it thinks the window on the second screen is unmaximized on the first and its showing it underneath the faded out netbook-launcher?17:07
Sarvattthats strange17:22
faganSarvatt: ask during the week sometime17:35
faganSarvatt: poke didrocks about it17:35
faganSarvatt: it more than likely wont be a problem in 10.10 because that launcher is getting a revamp17:37
Sarvattyeah was just asking incase someone was around :) turns out that persons on a netbook so its an -efl problem, trying to dig through bugs17:37
faganSarvatt: probably not17:47
fagan-efl is for ARM netbooks in 2d17:48
faganthe regular netbook edition looks similar but has some effects built in17:48
Sarvatthe's on efl because his gpu has a maximum texture size of 2048x204817:49
faganSarvatt: get him to log out and say what session is loading if it has -2d beside it its -efl if its just netbook edition then its not17:52
didrocksLaney: crash at start20:23
didrocksLaney: don't have the time to have a deeper look this week TBH :)20:23
didrocksSarvatt: netbook-launcher doesn't support multiscreen. There are already bugs about it20:24
LaserJockhi didrocks21:24

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