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Notch-1please guys, what happened to networkmanager in lucid? i need to update...01:14
Notch-1but if i do the networkmanger explodes, i don't know what to do01:15
CynthiaNotch-1: #ubuntu would be better suited for your question01:19
Cynthiaor perhaps #ubuntu-bugs, if you want to see how many people are also affected01:20
Notch-1i think it's a major issue, i've tried in several channels, even locals, everyone gives up after a while01:20
Notch-1but i saw other people with the same issue on the net, the suggestion was always a fresh install01:21
Notch-1but i can't do it, please01:21
Notch-1you are devel01:21
Notch-1it' simple, the networking it's boroken after the reboot, i've tried everything...01:22
Notch-1more timese and on different pcs, cloning my karmic system01:23
CynthiaThe developers seem to be very busy right now. I'm not one per se.01:24
Notch-1it always give me this strange message while updating, about some resources that networkmanager suddently cannot find, and that it is a no go, but the update continues and after the reboot i can only connect by typing "dhclient eth0"01:25
Notch-1Cynthia: maybe someone...01:25
CynthiaBut it sounds like you should look for bugs on Launchpad, ask in #ubuntu every so often (timezones do affect things; the Euros at Canonical are asleep right now)01:26
Notch-1kind hearted... :P01:26
Notch-1i've tried, just some unanswered message on some forums, no bug filed anyway01:26
Notch-1the top was a guy that explained that the update is not really meant to use, it's discouraged, you should always do a fresh install...01:27
CynthiaThat guy is clearly out of it01:28
CynthiaUpgrades are fully supported by Canonical01:28
Notch-1i know, it's insane01:28
CynthiaIf you have a bug on upgrades, bring it up by filing a bug report of your own01:28
Notch-1but right now it seems just like that01:28
Cynthia'ubuntu-bug network-manager', fill out the form that appears01:28
Notch-1you know how much open bug but do i have ?01:29
Notch-1very much, all unsolved01:29
Notch-1sometimes chatting works...01:30
Notch-1that's all i know01:30
Notch-1so Cynthia please, you seem to know them, let me talk to someone for 5 minutes :P01:31
Cynthiayou're sorely mistaken, today is my first day in this channel01:34
Notch-1i don't want to bother you, i just need somebody who knows what i'm talking about...unless i'm gonna be stucked in karmic01:34
Notch-1ah fine, the 2 of us :D01:35
Cynthiaright now I'm looking at all the SVG files in the Ubuntu LiveCD to see which ones were bugged out by my use of Scour <http://www.codedread.com/scour/> on it01:37
Cynthiabecause I see that the trash bin icon has some very large artifacts01:37
Notch-1i don't know, i've always had lucid for max 1 hour, than retried the upgrade from karmic :D01:39
Notch-1another gave up on #ubuntu... some days i'm gonna find the right guy for fixing this... for now i'm gonna go to sleep, c u tomorrow...01:59
LaserJockanybody have problems with Swell Foop?02:34
LaserJockhmm, bad channel for that question I suppose02:35
uzerhello world!04:05
uzeranybody in here?04:05
uzerjoin #ubuntu04:06
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CynthiaI hate how Firefox and Eye-of-GNOME render the same SVG file differently. Makes it that much harder to debug SVG problems.04:33
Cynthiacjwatson: Starting from what time (time + timezone) will tomorrow's daily build be available?04:34
CynthiaIf you're asleep ping me tomorrow about it. I'll test the two builds' startup times and report back in the evening (GMT-4)04:35
LaserJockCynthia: he's London time I think so probably asleep04:37
Cynthiafigures, thanks LaserJock :)04:37
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ccheneyi'm trying to merge coreutils but it seems mom is on something06:52
ccheneyit pulled an ancient version of coreutils from debian (that i am surprised is still around) instead of the current one06:53
ccheneyits not even pulling the one from testing06:53
ccheneyit pulled 7.5-6 for some reason from sept 11, 2009 instead of 8.5-1 from apr 28, 201006:53
ccheneyi think i will leave coreutils alone, maybe someone can determine whats wrong with mom (or if i am just too tired, heh)06:58
* ccheney heads to bed, bbl07:04
LucidFoxHmm, question10:49
LucidFoxxvidcore in Ubuntu is synced from Debian git, but it's released on debian-unofficial.org rather than in Debian itself because of licensing issues.10:50
LucidFox-0ubuntu1 and -0ubuntu2 are based on -0debimedia1, but now they have released -1 on debian-unoffiicial.10:51
LucidFoxSo should the next Ubuntu version be -0ubuntu3 or -1ubuntu1?10:51
cjwatsonLucidFox: since it won't be merged from unstable, it doesn't matter, so whatever makes it easier for whoever's maintaining it in Ubuntu to track it effectively10:55
* LucidFox nods10:55
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m_anishHi, I'm trying to learn the ropes of ubuntu-packaging ... and have succeeded in creating a deb ... only it doesn't contain any useful files. I'm trying to make a deb out of "http://code.google.com/p/cannon-camp/" following the steps in "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete".15:05
m_anishApparently I have been able to compile the source, (debbuild executed the Makefile) but the resulting deb doesn't contain the binary...15:06
m_anishWhat am I missing/doing wrong...15:06
m_anishhttp://dpaste.org/TLb0/ doesn't contain the binary 'cannon_camp_amd64'15:11
m_anishthis is the debuild log http://dpaste.org/JG0S/15:13
m_anishcontains ... "rm -f bin/cannon_camp_amd64 " why does the binary get removed15:14
m_anishoops, wrong channel!15:16
jjardonHey, somebody knows the nautilus-elementary devels?15:49
hyperairwhat's that?15:50
jjardonhyperair, https://launchpad.net/nautilus-elementary15:50
jjardonThey implemented a editable toolbar recently15:51
jjardonI think that would be good to work upstream to indluce that work in GTK+ directly15:51
jjardonThere is some work to add a toolbar editor to GTK+: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12064515:52
ubottuGnome bug 120645 in GtkToolbar "add a toolbar/menu editor" [Enhancement,New]15:52
hyperairah i see. editable toolbars. that's cool stuff.15:52
hyperairjjardon: check the commit logs?15:53
jjardonhyperair, yeah, but email != irc nick ;)15:54
arandjjardon: TH LP profile usually will have the irc nick..15:55
jjardonarand, yeah but the maintainer doesnt have any nick in his page: https://launchpad.net/~am-monkeyd :/15:56
hyperairjjardon: launchpad account usually shows the irc nick, does it not?15:57
hyperairjjardon: there's a kitkat on freenode, who happens to be from france as well =p15:58
jjardonI'll try to email him. Thanks for the help ;)16:01
flupkehello, where can I ask about packaging details ? (I'd like to know why QtMultimedia module is missing from python-qt4)16:22
ScottKflupke: For that one #kubuntu-devel is probably the best place.16:27
flupkethanks ScottK16:27
inal1993hi developerz17:07
inal1993I ve a question about WUBI-development17:07
inal1993anyone th3re?17:07
inal1993hey you faking ubuntu-developers17:18
inal1993fak the system17:19
ScottK!weekend | inal199317:24
ubottuinal1993: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.17:24
inal1993oh snap17:30
inal1993!weekday | buxy17:31
ccheneyanyone familiar with how MoM works?17:37
ScottKccheney: The code is in the merge-o-matic project on LP and it's not too horrible to look at.17:37
ScottKAlso, if you push changes in bzr, it gets automatically deployed, AIUI.17:38
ccheneyScottK, for some reason it appears to be broken at least for coreutils, it claims an old version from sept is the most recent one to merge into ubuntu17:38
ccheneyor i've somehow lost my mind, heh17:39
cjwatsonccheney: on my list to look at on Monday17:41
ccheneycjwatson, ok, thanks :)17:41
ccheneyi wasn't sure if it was stuck by a bug or flagged somehow, none of the other packages i checked against the list seemed out of date though17:42
cjwatsonI don't know, but I have shell access to check17:43
* ccheney bbl, have to run errands17:45
inal1993I ve a question about WUBI-development. anyone interested?17:46
inal1993I ve a question about WUBI-development. anyone interested?17:48
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ScottKinal1993: Come back on Monday.17:53
ScottKYour odds of getting a positive answer are much better than.17:53
inal1993oh why17:53
ScottKBecause the people that work on wubi do it as part of their work and aren't generally around on the weekend.17:53
ScottKAlso, repeating the same question over and over every few minutes is quite rude.17:54
inal1993oh does ubuntu have official paid-developers?17:57
LaserJockyet somehow ScottK is always around ... :-)18:30
loneowaishey everyone, I wanted to check the irc logs for ubuntu developer week. Can anyone tell me when it took place?18:41
loneowaisthe date?18:41
arandloneowais: The logs should be nicely formatted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/18:47
arandloneowais: If you're after openweek: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekLucid18:48
loneowaisarand: i got it already. Thanks anyway.18:49
loneowaisarand: hey.. was the writing beautiful code session ever taken?18:49
arandloneowais: I don't know to be honest.18:49
loneowaisalso.. a few days back somewhere I saw a session titled Ubuntu Packaging Training18:50
loneowaisWhen did/will it take place?18:50
loneowaisany idea18:50
arandloneowais: there's some info at http://ubuntupackaging.wordpress.com/ but again, I don't really know (which does seem to be a general theme about these sessions -- few knows, unfortunately), most of the people involved should be either here or in -motu I reckon, dholbach should know, but he's not around atm..18:57
dob1hi, i have an acer 5100 and with the new relase of ubuntu this problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/44627  again, with karmic the problem wasn't present, with juanty the problem was present, i know is very difficult to find the cause but there is something in common between the 9.10 and juanty that can generate this problem?20:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 44627 in xserver-xorg-video-sis (Ubuntu) "3d support for Sis 760 DRI OpenGL" [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:12
yoritomohello everyone20:31
aretrfre34I wanna fake mic input by dumping in /dev/dsp my wav mp3s, how do fake mic, is it possible?20:32
aretrfre34espeak 'test' --stdout > /dev/dsp gives a horrible noise, help20:33
ubottuIt's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.20:34
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! mneptok, Hobbsee, cjwatson, mdz, lamont, Keybuk, or thom!20:34
virtualdaretrfre34: you're making a horrible noise20:34
cjwatsonaretrfre34: please cease this20:34
aretrfre34developers having hangover or what?20:35
cjwatsonsupport -> #ubuntu20:35
aretrfre34why this channel?20:36
cjwatsonthis channel is for development of Ubuntu itself20:36
cjwatsonit is not for support, and it is not for application development on top of Ubuntu (as it says in the topic)20:36
yoritomoi am actually working on a new algorithm which consist in a kind of vectorial graphics but i would like to apply it to any files, for exemple   110111001100111001100111111 the  algorithme check in a database and identify 1100110011001100110011 .... then it extract the identified bits  and keep the unused ones in place in the code20:36
cjwatsonit particularly isn't for flooding with "hello" type things when you don't get an answer in under a minute20:36
yoritomoit would specify the lenght of the cycle and so on , but my problem is the way to build a suitable scanning loop to work correctly on this identifications :)20:37
aretrfre34what is ubuntu then? applications on top of kernel?20:38
cjwatsonat a very simplistic level, I suppose you could describe it like that.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuArchitecture goes some way to describing it20:39
cjwatson(but incomplete)20:39
dob1well there is no one that can help me with the problem on the acer 5100?20:40
cjwatsondob1: evidently not, perhaps #ubuntu-kernel would know better and perhaps you'd have a better chance on a weekday20:40
dob1i try on that channel thanks20:41
yoritomoi think the engine should seek for the most complicate combinations to finish by the most simple,  that may be slow with about 200 differents cycles20:42
yoritomoanyone is accurate about compression or encryption algorithms here ?20:43
mneptokaretrfre34: you asked your question on #ubuntu. -devel is not a support channel.20:44
mneptokaretrfre34: and your channel spamming here is ost unwelcome and quite disruptive.20:44
cjwatsonyoritomo: it doesn't look like it.  your question doesn't seem particularly related to the development of Ubuntu (note the bit in the topic saying that this channel isn't for application development, but rather for development of the OS itself); perhaps a channel devoted to compression or encryption might be of more use?  (I don't have a specific suggestion, though)20:46
aretrfre34how to espeak raw file?20:46
cjwatsonaretrfre34: please take it to #ubuntu; this is not a support channel20:47
cjwatson(last warning)20:47
mneptokaretrfre34: this is *not* a support channel20:47
yoritomoanyone know a linux compression related chan ?20:48
* LucidFox pokes gilir21:16
gilirLucidFox, yes ?21:17
LucidFoxmkvtoolnix 4.0.0 has been released, planning to update? :)21:17
gilirLucidFox, not right now, but feel free to do it if you want :)21:19
LucidFoxis orig.tar.bz2 only available with the 3.0 format?21:22
LucidFoxah apparently yes21:23
h0ar3any wubi developers here?22:14
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