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DJonesIs there the start of a bot/spam attack happening in #ubuntu? Lots of joins with nick "e" and a random 4/5 digit number, all from the same ip address, floodbots seem to be catching them & changing channel mode with more joining once the mode is changed back to normal16:11
DJonesok, mass k-line just happened for them16:11
Tm_TDJones: uhhuh16:19
* jussi hugs DJones16:40
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andresmujicahi, good evening.22:13
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-irc! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:13
andresmujicai wonder if some irc operator can give us a hand at #ubuntu-charlas and #ubuntu-charlas-chat22:13
andresmujicawe're currently under siege by some nuts22:13
erUSULandresmujica: who has access on that channels ? irc council ?22:14
andresmujicahmm not pretty sure.. i suppose they have access.22:15
erUSULandresmujica: you have access all ubuntu memebers have22:15
erUSULandresmujica: so op yourself ...22:15
andresmujicayeap. i'm as op.    can you help me with some commands?22:15
andresmujicain fact i muted the channel and we're giving voice to the right ones22:16
erUSULisn't m4v around ?22:16
andresmujicahowever some of these guys are changing their nicknames using offensive words ...22:16
erUSULandresmujica: ban ?22:16
andresmujicai'm absolutely ignorant with this.. but how can i ban an ip network... ??22:17
erUSULandresmujica: /mode +b *!*@hotname22:17
erUSULandresmujica: /mode +b *!*@76.Red-79-147-20.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net22:18
erUSULfor example22:18
erUSULandresmujica: for the webchat users a ban of this type22:18
andresmujicathks erUSUL :)22:18
erUSULandresmujica: for webchat users ---> /mode +b *!~55542326@*22:19
erUSULandresmujica: just use the correct thing instead of that numbers ...22:19
erUSULandresmujica: me das voice en -charla ;P ?22:22
erUSULandresmujica: en #ubuntu-charlas-chat please :)22:23
andresmujicaerUSUL: yap.  yo've got voice now :)22:23
erUSULandresmujica: you have to kick them too22:28
erUSULandresmujica: or /remove22:28
erUSULandresmujica: /mode +b *!*@ en #ubuntu-charlas-chat22:39
andresmujicaerUSUL: how can i make a regexp??  /mode +b *!*UBUNTU@*  is valid for UBUNTUXXXX ?22:41
erUSULandresmujica: *UBUNTU*!*@* o bien *!A@*22:41
erUSULandresmujica: UBUNTU*!*@* o bien *!A@* o bien *!*@ ( para UBUNTUCACA [~A@] )22:42
erUSULandresmujica: la que pusiste no es valida22:42
andresmujicaerUSUL:  y para bloquear la red 201.255.*.* ?22:43
erUSULandresmujica: *!*@201.255.*22:43
andresmujicathks erUSUL :)22:46

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