* ubuntujenkins yey ppa update is successful now I am really going to bed this time00:00
dutchieyou say that00:00
dutchiebut then I send you a link like http://i43.tinypic.com/2e2jt5l.jpg00:00
ubuntujenkinsno really, I have to start revision in the morning00:01
ubuntujenkinslol funny link00:01
ubuntujenkinsour latex packages can't really be any more up to date00:02
ubuntujenkinsnight all00:02
cwoollardCool, I am going to patch now :)00:13
dutchiestupid bloody autotools00:13
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dutchiethe "make it as easy as possible for the user, at the expense of the maintainer" policy is annoying00:13
ChrisWoollardSince I upgraded to the latest ppa that UbuntuJenkins created yesterday. I how get the following errors.08:59
ChrisWoollardPlease can you advise?08:59
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: it all works for me, are the permissons ok on the branch folder? I guess they would be as it worked before09:51
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: try make clean and then make09:53
* ubuntujenkins hopes its not the ppa its self10:03
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: you use the latex ppa right?10:16
nisshhubuntujenkins: yes im getting updates for it right now10:16
nisshh400MB's +10:17
nisshhubuntujenkins: why?10:17
ubuntujenkinswhen you have the updates can you please run make on lucid-e1 . Everything works for me. but ChrisWoollard has a problem. I don't think its the ppa but I haven't heard back from him10:18
nisshhubuntujenkins: sure but because of my slow net you will have to wait atleast 45 minutes or so10:19
ubuntujenkinsthats fine I would like to know if it affects anyone else10:19
nisshhubuntujenkins: cool, e1 is just lp:ubuntu-manual/e1 yea?10:26
nisshhdutchie: thanks10:27
nisshhubuntujenkins: also, is ChrisWoollard having trouble with a translated version or the english version?10:27
ubuntujenkinsas far as i can thell he is just using make (so the english version)10:28
nisshhright that makes it easy10:28
nisshhubuntujenkins: wow, one of the largest packages is a -doc package10:34
ubuntujenkinshmm, proabbly didn't need to update that who reads them?10:36
nisshhwell, when i first installed the texlive package from the ppa, it needed all the rest just to work too10:37
nisshhwhich is a pain10:37
nisshhi mean i do have 25GB's of bandwidth a month but it is really slow to download at this speed10:38
nisshhChrisWoollard: hey10:38
ubuntujenkinshey ChrisWoollard10:39
ChrisWoollardmy permissions should be fine. nothing has changed.10:40
ChrisWoollardI also deleted the whole branch and tried again.10:40
ubuntujenkinsyea i guessed that would be the case.10:40
ubuntujenkinso this could not be good then10:40
ubuntujenkinsare you 64bit or 32bit?10:41
ChrisWoollardI am running 32bit10:41
nisshhubuntujenkins: so am i10:41
ubuntujenkinshmm I am 64bit. I am going to reboot again just to double check. I think there is only one package that is both 64bit and 32bit. Most are for both.10:42
ChrisWoollardI am going to try doing a reinstall of all packages just in case.10:42
ChrisWoollardIt did report that they sucessfully installed, but I was running low on disk space. But i have fixed that anow10:43
nisshhChrisWoollard: dont try just yet, wait for me to test out the latest ppa updates10:43
ChrisWoollardok. I will wait.10:43
ChrisWoollardIt was lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2 that I was building10:44
ubuntujenkinsoooooo does lucid-e1 work?10:45
ChrisWoollardI have not tried that10:45
ChrisWoollardgive me a moment10:46
ubuntujenkinslucid-e2 works for me10:48
nisshhi *think* e2 works for me, i still havent got all these updates yet10:48
nisshhhave an answer to that in about 25 minutes or less10:50
ChrisWoollardI get the same with lucid e110:52
* ubuntujenkins is getting worried10:54
ChrisWoollardShould I just try that re-install of the packages10:55
ChrisWoollardjust to make sure10:55
ubuntujenkinsI am just setting up a virtual machine10:55
nisshhChrisWoollard: not yet, wait anotherm minute10:55
nisshh5 minutes and i have the updates10:56
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: can you completey remove ubuntu-manual-tex package and reinstall it please . Its a dummy package10:57
ChrisWoollardOk. It is completely removed.11:08
ubuntujenkinsnow install it again and see if that pulls in anything that could be missing11:09
ChrisWoollardI also did an apt-get clean. to clear the cache11:10
ChrisWoollardI wonder how long it will take to download11:10
nisshhChrisWoollard: a freaking long time11:11
ubuntujenkinsmy virtual machine is jsut installing the packages11:16
ChrisWoollardMine too.11:17
ChrisWoollardLooks like the download finished11:17
nisshhright im compiling e2 now11:17
nisshhthen ill try e1 as well11:18
nisshhnot knowing very much C is a huge pain when it comes to this11:20
nisshhopps wrong channe;11:20
nisshhubuntujenkins: ok, e2 works fine for me11:21
nisshhtrying e1 now11:21
ubuntujenkinshmm may not be the latex packages then11:22
ubuntujenkinsthe packages take ages to install11:22
nisshhubuntujenkins: i dont think so, it may be something wrong with ChrisWoollard's setup11:22
ubuntujenkinsyea thats my thinking, hoepfully reinstalling the ubuntu-manual-tex package my solve it11:23
ChrisWoollardI hope as well.11:25
nisshhwe all do mate11:25
ChrisWoollardI also hope the re-install fixes the issue11:25
ChrisWoollarddpkg: error processing texlive-xetex (--configure):11:27
ChrisWoollard subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 111:27
ChrisWoollardSetting up tipa (2:1.3-14) ...11:27
ChrisWoollardRunning mktexlsr. This may take some time... done.11:27
ChrisWoollardI just spotted that error11:27
nisshhi think that does it for me too but it doesnt seem to make a difference11:28
ChrisWoollardProcessing triggers for libc-bin ...11:28
ChrisWoollardldconfig deferred processing now taking place11:28
ChrisWoollardProcessing triggers for python-support ...11:28
ChrisWoollardErrors were encountered while processing:11:28
ChrisWoollard texlive-xetex11:28
ChrisWoollard ubuntu-manual-tex11:28
ChrisWoollardE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:28
ChrisWoollardit has now finished the install11:28
ubuntujenkinsmake works for me as well. and so did the install. hmm there is something wrong with your setup11:29
nisshhChrisWoollard: you dont have any tex packages from the repos installed do you?11:29
ChrisWoollardThere shouldn't be11:30
ubuntujenkinswhat does sudo dpkg --configure texlive-xetex give?11:30
ubuntujenkinsI think all of the packages are superseded by my packages11:30
nisshhubuntujenkins: even so, its worth ruling out any possibilities like that11:31
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I agree11:31
ChrisWoollardcwoollard@cwoollard-desktop-sony:~$ sudo dpkg --configure texlive-xetex11:31
ChrisWoollard[sudo] password for cwoollard:11:31
ChrisWoollardSetting up texlive-xetex (2009-10ubuntuppa1) ...11:31
ChrisWoollardRunning mktexlsr. This may take some time... done.11:31
ChrisWoollardBuilding format(s) --all --cnffile /etc/texmf/fmt.d/10texlive-xetex.cnf.11:31
ChrisWoollardThis may take some time... done.11:31
ChrisWoollardseemed to work11:31
ubuntujenkinstry make now11:32
nisshhubuntujenkins: does e1 work for you?11:32
ubuntujenkinshang on maybe not tried 32bit11:32
ChrisWoollardit still gives this error on make11:33
ChrisWoollard<use  "titlepage/title_page_letter_en.pdf" > [111:33
ChrisWoollard! I can't write on file `main.pdf'.11:33
ChrisWoollard(Press Enter to retry, or Control-D to exit; default file extension is `.pdf')11:33
ChrisWoollardPlease type another file name for output:11:33
manualbotChrisWoollard: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:33
ChrisWoollardmanualbot: Great thanks. You were a great help.11:34
dutchiesilly manualbot11:34
manualbotChrisWoollard: Error: "Great" is not a valid command.11:34
manualbotChrisWoollard: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:34
nisshhChrisWoollard: are you only running 'make' not 'make filename'11:34
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: what does "make ubuntu-manual-en_GB.pdf give?11:34
ChrisWoollardI am only running 'make'.11:34
nisshhok, holy crap i forgot how big the e1 branch was11:39
ubuntujenkinslucid-e1 works on both 32 bit and 64bit11:43
ChrisWoollardOk. I have no idea what has happened to my computer11:44
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: can you run dpkg -l and pastebin it please11:44
nisshhe1 works for me too11:48
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: do you have texlive-full installed?11:57
nisshhubuntujenkins: hell no, thats HUGE11:58
ubuntujenkinsdon't worry that doesn't matter my virtual machie doesn't and it still works11:58
ChrisWoollardI am going to reboot. back in a couple of minutes11:59
ubuntujenkinsok, I really don't know what it is11:59
ChrisWoollardI just did an fschk.11:59
ChrisWoollard\nyway back soon11:59
* ubuntujenkins does not know whats worng12:06
ChrisWoollardOk. I have no idea any more. It just doesn't work12:17
ubuntujenkinsthe only thing is file permisson error this line "! I can't write on file `main.pdf'." makes me think it. but it makes no sense why it would be that.12:19
ubuntujenkinsas you have said you have a new branch12:20
ubuntujenkinsyour user home directory doen't have no standard permissons does it?12:21
ChrisWoollardShouldn't do. I haven't changed anything12:21
ChrisWoollardWhy do i get the feeling that It would be quicker to re-install.12:22
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk might know he may be up in a few hours.12:22
ubuntujenkinsits so strange that this is happening12:22
ChrisWoollardI will wait until then.12:22
ChrisWoollardI know. It is weird12:23
ubuntujenkinsI would like to know what it is if we work it out.12:23
* ubuntujenkins starts revision12:24
* ChrisWoollard is sorry for distracting you :)12:25
ubuntujenkinsdon't worry I would rather have got a fix out early so less people are affected12:30
ubuntujenkinsA question to any one: Can you think of a better way of detecting the current graphics driver in use. lshw is too slow for quickshot15:57
nisshhubuntujenkins: not off the top of my head but there MUST be another way of doing that16:02
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I figured there would be , hopefully someone will know of one16:03
nisshhlinux = 20 different ways of acheiving something16:04
shrinilspci | grep VGA16:04
ubuntujenkinsshrini: does that give the driver. I think mine is jsut the card i have16:06
nisshhyea no driver with that command16:09
ubuntujenkinsit only matters as the command used to change the resolution depends on the command to be used16:10
ubuntujenkinsit only matters as the command used to change the resolution depends on the driver in use16:12
ubuntujenkinsthat makes more sense :)16:12
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: can you paste the output of ls /sys/module16:23
nisshhubuntujenkins: ^^16:24
ubuntujenkinsis your graphics a i915?16:25
nisshhsomething like that16:26
nisshhi9xx anyway16:26
ubuntujenkinsthats ok, #ubuntu-uk are trying to think how to handle multi card setups16:27
nisshhVGA controller is an intel 946GZ16:27
nisshhah, i dont have a multi-card setup16:28
nisshhi run inbuilt gfx16:28
nisshhreally shitty unbuilt gfx...16:28
ubuntujenkinslol another way is to query runing xorg aparently16:29
nisshhyea, that might work16:29
ubuntujenkinsany idea how to do it?16:30
nisshhnope :)16:31
nisshhhang on ill help you out with my google fu16:31
ubuntujenkinsI am googleing but my laptop is on slow go as I am repartioning an external dirve16:32
nisshhhmm, found a command to find the amount of ram your vid chip has16:34
ubuntujenkinshmm, does the man page for it have anything of use16:35
nisshhmaybe, hang on16:35
nisshhubuntujenkins: aha! that same command also shows the current "kernel driver" in use by your gfx card16:37
nisshhits: lspci -v -s 00:02.016:37
nisshhim apparently using the i915 driver16:37
ubuntujenkinsyea lspci -v might help. I wonder how it works if someone has two graphics cards.16:39
nisshhwell, both should be listed there then16:39
ubuntujenkinsyea but which one are they currently using is harder to work out16:40
nisshhwell, if someone had dual cards, wouldnt they most likely be using either sli of xfire?16:41
nisshhor xfire16:41
ubuntujenkinswhat are those?16:41
nisshhif you have two gfx cards in your machine, you just have a little, hardware "bridge" between them and then your system will use both cards16:42
nisshhlet me find a pic to show you16:43
ubuntujenkinscool thanks I will look into it16:43
nisshhright, sli is what nvidia calls it, xfire is what ati calls it16:45
nisshhits been around for about 5-6 years in mainstream16:46
* nisshh is off to watch a movie now16:46
ubuntujenkinscool, I think i should do some more revison16:46
ChrisWoollardcan you send me the paste bin  with the repository info in it.17:03
shrinigodbyk: hai17:08
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: do you mean the manual ppa stuff?17:14
ubuntujenkins?mppa | ChrisWoollard17:19
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: The manual team has a latex PPA  you can add it by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual then    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-manual-tex17:19
ubuntujenkinsshrini: I guess godbyk is still a sleep17:20
shriniubuntujenkins: oh. ok ok17:20
shriniwaiting for him17:20
shriniwill wait17:20
shrinino issues17:20
ubuntujenkinssome of us have irc on 24 hours a day you see17:20
shriniyet to confirm tamil fonts from him17:21
ubuntujenkinsI see17:21
ChrisWoollardI found the ppa17:27
ChrisWoollardI had a note anyway17:27
ubuntujenkinscool, I guess you went for reinstalling then>?17:27
ChrisWoollardWell, I now have another vm. This one works17:28
ubuntujenkinsvery strange indeed17:28
ChrisWoollardI am just not sure if i have copied all my ssh / gpg / lp keys across.17:29
ChrisWoollardThat doesn't explain why my other vm doesn't work.17:30
ChrisWoollardI will still ask godbyk when i see him17:30
ubuntujenkinsyea i can't think what is is17:31
ChrisWoollardI wonder if something went wrong when I expanded the disk on the vm.17:33
ChrisWoollardI should have cloned it first before I did anything.17:34
ubuntujenkinsI don't have much expeince with expanding the disk on a vm17:36
thorwilgodbyk: thanks for the links!17:45
shrinineed a help18:33
shriniwe have uploaded 7 chapters to LP18:33
shrinihow to check for the pdf output?18:34
shriniubuntujenkins: any idea?18:34
shriniroom is so silent18:43
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=== ilikechickens is now known as AlanBell
shrinianybody there?19:38
thorwilshrini: only halfway19:41
shrinithorwil: :-)19:59
shrinineed help on getting new pdf20:05
shriniwe updated some more in LP20:05
shriniis there any way to get latest pdf?20:06
thorwilshrini: ooh, by running "make"?20:06
dakerhey @all20:06
thorwilhi daker20:06
thorwilshrini: provided you have all the tex stuff in place, which is why i don't intend to bother with that myself any time soon again :)20:07
shrinithorwil: hi20:08
shrinii have all the things20:08
shriniyesterday did a make and got a PDF20:08
* thorwil switched partition/installation and would have to set it all up again20:08
dakergodbyk, ping20:08
shrinitoday updated lot in LP20:08
godbykdaker: pong20:08
shrinihow to make a updated pdf?20:08
shrinigodbyk: hai20:08
godbykHey, shrini.20:09
* vish watches ping-pong match20:09
thorwilshrini: make again?20:09
godbykshrini: You'd just run 'make ubuntu-manual-ta.pdf' to generate the PDF.20:09
godbykshrini: But you won't see anything new until I download the latest translations from Launchpad.20:09
dakergodbyk, i am trying to make a class that read an xml file20:09
shriniit wont get today's updates20:09
godbyk(I'll do that now and regenerate the PDFs.)20:09
godbykdaker: Using php?20:09
shrinigodbyk: how can I do that myself/20:10
godbykshrini: You can't, really.20:10
shrinias I have the bzr repo20:10
shriniwith me20:10
shrinigodbyk: fine.20:10
shriniwhat is your current time now?20:11
godbykshrini: As soon as Launchpad emails me the translations, I'll put them in the bzr repository.  Then you can run 'bzr pull' to update your repository and 'make ubuntu-manual-ta.pdf' to regenerate the PDF.20:11
shrinihow long I can trouble you?20:11
dakergodbyk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/445232/20:11
godbykshrini: It's currently 14:00 here. So I'm going to be here for quite a while. :)20:11
shrinigodbyk: ok. thanks20:11
shriniI get a new po file in mail20:12
shriniwhere to put that?20:12
godbykshrini: Rename the po file to ta.po and put it in the po/ directory.  Then just rerun 'make ubuntu-manual-ta.pdf'20:12
shrinigodbyk: okey20:12
shrinithats fine20:12
shriniwill do now20:12
godbykI'm waiting for Launchpad to email me all the translations. (It usually takes five minutes or so.)20:13
thorwildaker: <e1-10.04 name="10.04"> is either ugly i or o don't understand the purpose20:13
dakerit's just a presentation20:14
thorwildaker: if the element represents a revision, the revision should be an attribute and the element name would have to be neutral20:14
shrinigodbyk: did that20:15
dakerthorwil, it's to hard to make a code for that20:15
shrinifont issue is there20:15
thorwildaker: the only other unclear thing is %s%.pdf20:15
thorwildaker: go and stand in a corner! ;)20:16
shrinigetting only boxes20:16
dakerwith my presentation : i should just call : $oTree->element("e2-10.04", "en", "print", "mirrors", "mirror1");20:16
shrinii think your version of pdf may be good20:16
shriniwaiting for your pdf version20:16
dakerthorwil, to get the first mirror20:17
dakeror $oTree->element("e2-10.04", "fr", "print", "mirrors");  to get an array of all the mirrors of the printed edition (e2)20:18
godbykI don't know if you can use . in xml element names.20:18
thorwildaker: do you handle cases where the number of mirror may be = 0 or > 2 ?20:19
dakeri think we can20:19
dakergodbyk, the code is working for me20:19
godbykdaker: I'd change <e1-10.04 name="10.04"> to <manual id="10.04-e1">20:19
dakerthat's problem20:20
dakermy class doesn't handle that20:20
godbyklet me start these translations real quick, then I'll come back to your xml, daker.20:21
godbykshrini: the font issue will still be there, yeah. I haven't fixed that yet.20:21
dakertake your time20:21
shrinigodbyk: okok20:21
shriniwe have release party20:25
godbykshrini: I saw that. It looks awesome!20:25
shriniwill try best to bring the tamil pdf20:25
shrinigodbyk: wow20:26
shrinisaw already?20:26
godbykGoogle found the page and emailed it to me.20:26
godbyk(It tells me when it see 'ubuntu manual' on a website.)20:26
* ubuntujenkins gets bored of revision20:27
thorwilubuntujenkins: what is this revision you keep mentioning?20:27
ubuntujenkinswe are they top of google when you search "ubuntu manual"20:27
godbykshrini: I've put all the translations in bzr now, so if you run 'bzr pull' you should get the latest.20:27
ubuntujenkinsthorwil: I have end of second year uni exams20:27
godbykI'm also building all the translated PDFs now.  It'll take about 30 minutes for them to finish.20:27
shrinigodbyk: great20:28
ubuntujenkinsthorwil:  heat transfer and fluid flow and electronics to finish20:28
ubuntujenkinsheat transfer and fuild folw is one exam20:28
shrinigodbyk: doint that20:28
shrinidoing that20:28
shrinithe diff only updated. right?20:29
godbykshrini: It looks like someone may have already translated the Tamil LaTeX stuff for us: http://www.mail-archive.com/xetex@tug.org/msg00063.html20:29
thorwilubuntujenkins: revision is if you have to take an exam again? (there are several translations of the term that could work in this context)20:29
godbykshrini: I'm going to see if I can track down a copy of those files.20:29
shrinigodbyk: fine20:29
ubuntujenkinsthorwil: revision = study in preparation for exams20:31
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: ping20:31
ubuntujenkinschannel: ping20:31
* ubuntujenkins wishes that worked :P20:31
godbykChrisWoollard: pong20:31
ChrisWoollardyou mean that20:32
* godbyk wishes he could replace himself with a small shell script20:32
ChrisWoollarddo /ping #ubuntu-manual20:32
ChrisWoollardgodbyk, can you have a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/444989/20:33
ChrisWoollarddo you have any idea what might be going wrong20:33
godbykUm.. I'm guessing it's a file permissions problem.20:33
godbykwhat's 'pwd' say?20:34
godbykand then show me 'ls -ld .'20:34
ChrisWoollardcwoollard@cwoollard-desktop-sony:~/Projects/lucid-e2$ pwd20:34
thorwilwho would ever think godbyk could be replaced with a small shell script?20:34
godbykand then try 'touch main.pdf'20:34
thorwilthough then again, maybe some mysterious perl one-liner??20:35
ChrisWoollarddrwxr-xr-x 21 cwoollard cwoollard 12288 2010-06-05 15:44 .20:35
godbykthorwil: sadly, perl is probably what you'd have to use, as scatter-brained as I am most days!20:35
ChrisWoollardtouch main.pdf works fine20:35
godbykrun 'make clean'20:36
godbykthen run 'xelatex main'20:36
ChrisWoollardI even tried deleting the braet and getting it again20:36
godbykdo you have an existing main.pdf in that dir (as a file or folder)?20:38
ChrisWoollardthat's what -rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard   447 2010-06-05 20:39 main.aux20:39
ChrisWoollard-rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard     0 2010-06-05 20:36 main.glo20:39
ChrisWoollard-rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard     0 2010-06-05 20:36 main.idx20:39
ChrisWoollard-rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard 43325 2010-06-05 20:39 main.log20:39
ChrisWoollard-rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard     0 2010-06-05 20:36 main.out20:39
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: Error: "rw-r--r--" is not a valid command.20:39
ChrisWoollard-rw-r--r--  1 cwoollard cwoollard  1762 2010-06-05 08:55 main.tex20:39
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: Error: "rw-r--r--" is not a valid command.20:39
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: Error: "rw-r--r--" is not a valid command.20:39
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: Error: "rw-r--r--" is not a valid command.20:39
quickshotdevsChrisWoollard: Error: "rw-r--r--" is not a valid command.20:39
* ubuntujenkins hits quickshotdevs 20:39
godbykBad, quickshotdevs! Bad!20:40
* ubuntujenkins tries to work out why its using -20:40
godbykChrisWoollard: Well, obviously tex can write files to that directory, so that's not the issue..20:40
ChrisWoollardIt happened after patching the ppa.20:41
ubuntujenkinsbut its not the ppa, as we checked it this morning20:42
ChrisWoollardAnd I installed a whole new vm and installed the ppa again and it was fine20:42
ubuntujenkinsI checked in a vm and nissh did an update .20:43
ubuntujenkinsI checked the 64bit on a real machine20:43
ChrisWoollardThe only thing I could think of was that there may be a corruption in my vm.20:44
ChrisWoollardHave you any ideas?20:44
godbykHere's what the LaTeX Companion has to say about that error:20:45
godbykTeX is not allowed to write data to the file <main.pdf> [in our case].  It is probably read-only or you may not have writing permission for its directory.20:45
godbykOn some TeX implementations (e.g., those on the TeX Live CD), the error may be preceded by a line like the following:20:46
godbyktex: Not writing to /texmf/tex/latex/base/latex.ltx (openout_any = p)20:46
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins: Error: "1" is not a valid command.20:46
godbykThese TeX installations are by default configured to be "paranoid" (hence, "p" above) when writing to files.20:46
godbykThey allow you to write only to files below the current directory and not to any files specified with an absolute path name or starting with a dot in their name.20:47
godbykTo change that behavior, you have to modify the settings in the file texmf.cnf.20:47
quickshotdevsgodbyk: Error: "-EOF--" is not a valid command.20:47
godbykSadly, I don't think any of that applies.20:47
godbykWe're trying to write to main.pdf in the current directory, right?20:47
ChrisWoollarddid you kill him?20:48
godbykI hope so. :)20:48
ubuntujenkinsyea I can';t remember how to change the settings whilst she is online20:48
ChrisWoollardyes it is in the current directory20:49
godbykChrisWoollard: copy main.tex to m.tex and then run 'xelatex m'20:50
ubuntujenkinsyey sorted20:51
godbykubuntujenkins: great!20:51
manualbotubuntujenkins: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.20:51
godbykthorwil: Maybe I can replace myself with an IRC bot. :)20:51
ubuntujenkinsI can't think of anything that will call it by mistake now20:51
ubuntujenkinsyey it is raining outside20:51
shriniwhat is this commands?20:53
thorwilgodbyk: would you like to talk about being replaced?20:53
godbykshrini: commands for what?20:53
shrinigodbyk: make: *** [ubuntu-manual-ta.pdf] Error 120:55
ChrisWoollardoops, sorry. i missed that. will do it now20:56
shrinigetting 8 pages only20:56
godbykshrini: Can you paste your ubuntu-manual-ta.log file to paste.ubuntu.com for me?  I'll take a look.20:56
* ubuntujenkins races godbyk to find the error20:56
godbykIt's still building the translations here -- it's on the Ks.  Might be a while before I get to TA. :)20:56
ChrisWoollard! I can't write on file `m.pdf'.20:57
ChrisWoollard(Press Enter to retry, or Control-D to exit; default file extension is `.pdf')20:57
ChrisWoollardPlease type another file name for output:20:57
manualbotChrisWoollard: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:57
ChrisWoollardYou aren't20:57
ubuntujenkinsthe build error is a missing } I am just going to find it20:58
godbykChrisWoollard: Okay.  Last check:20:58
shrinigodbyk: http://pastebin.com/52EGmQH020:58
godbykcreate a new directory (say ~/test) and create a new .tex file.20:58
godbykin it, write:20:58
godbyk \documentclass{article}20:59
godbyk \usepackage{lipsum}20:59
godbyk \begin{document}20:59
godbyk \lipsum20:59
godbyk \end{document}20:59
godbykthen run 'xelatex myfile'20:59
godbykshrini: It looks like you've forgotten a }21:00
godbykshrini: Probably around one of the \marginnote commands.21:00
ubuntujenkinsI am trying to find it21:00
shrinigodbyk: where?21:00
godbykshrini: Good question. We'll see if ubuntujenkins can find it first. :)21:00
ChrisWoollard! I can't write on file `myfile.pdf'.21:02
manualbotChrisWoollard: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:02
ubuntujenkinsok found one I am going to update the translations in luanchpad as i find them21:02
godbykChrisWoollard: Okay, it sounds like your TeX install might be horked.21:02
godbykubuntujenkins: 'kay. I usually check the box that says 'this translation needs to be verified' or whatever it's called.21:03
ChrisWoollardWe did do a dull remove and reinstall21:03
godbykthat way someone can double-check and ensure I didn't screw something up.21:03
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: will do21:03
ChrisWoollardI'll do another remove and reinstall21:03
godbykChrisWoollard: I'll have to do some Googling on this one. I've never seen it before.21:04
godbykBut it seems odd that it's happy to write to .aux, .log, etc. but not .pdf.21:04
ChrisWoollardis there a library that deals with pdf21:04
dutchiealmost certainly21:05
godbykI think all the PDF stuff that tex and family deal with is internally written. they don't rely on libraries.21:06
godbykbut that's just my guess.21:06
ubuntujenkinsshrini: can you check the transaltions i have marked for review on launchpad please21:06
godbykshrini: Unfortunately, the LaTeX Tamil file I found didn't actually include the translated text I need. (Not sure why.) I've emailed you a list of the words I'll need you guys to translate for me.21:12
godbykshrini: Then I can finish the LaTeX code and get the Tamil fonts working.21:12
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I can get the tamil manual working but have no index. is that expected?21:14
ubuntujenkinsshrini: http://ubuntuone.com/p/6AH/ is my build of the tamil manual21:16
godbykubuntujenkins: yeah, the indexer doesn't know anything about Tamil right now, so it freaks.21:16
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: cool that explains my one error.21:16
godbykthe glossary probably freaks, too.21:16
ubuntujenkinsI am impressed with only two } missing in the whole translations.21:16
ubuntujenkinsyea no glossary21:17
ubuntujenkinsping me if you want me i am going to do more revision21:24
shrinigodbyk: checking mail21:27
dakerguys i think we should change our domain from ubuntu-manual.org to ubuntu-manuals.org21:28
godbykdaker: If someone wants to buy ubuntu-manuals.org, it could also be pointed to our site. :)21:29
c7psince it's the "ubuntu manual project" i think it's ok the current domain21:29
shriniubuntujenkins: how to check those text in LP?21:31
shrinithat you marked for review.21:31
ubuntujenkinsshrini: that is one of them https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/ta/71/+translate21:33
askhl_Hi.  Consider a translatable string such as "\newglossaryentry{applet}{name={applet}, description={An applet is a small program that runs in a \gls{panel}. Applets provide useful functions such as starting a program, viewing the time, or accessing the main menu.}}".  Should the first argument of the glossaryentry ("applet") be translated?  Should 'applet' in "name={applet}" be translated?  How should a translator know what to translate?  Is there a docu21:34
shriniubuntujenkins: awesome21:34
shrinimissed a }21:34
ubuntujenkinsaskhl_: http://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf21:34
askhl_ubuntujenkins, thanks21:34
shriniubuntujenkins: how did you find that?21:34
ubuntujenkinsthere is a chapter for translators21:34
ubuntujenkinsshrini: its in the /topic21:34
* c7p ubuntujenkins is quick :)21:34
shriniubuntujenkins: haha21:35
ubuntujenkinsshrini: with practice there is another one but i can't work out where21:35
shriniubuntujenkins: I asked on how did you find the missing }21:35
ubuntujenkinsyea i realised. It takes practice21:35
godbykHey, c7p. I think it's your turn. Where did I leave off with the Greek translation?21:36
shriniubuntujenkins: fine21:36
ubuntujenkinsshrini: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/ta/1394/+translate21:36
ChrisWoollardWhat gets me is that ubuntu-manual.com is still available.21:37
ubuntujenkinsshrini: thats the other one if you can aprove it please21:37
shriniubuntujenkins: approved21:37
shriniubuntujenkins: great21:37
godbykshrini: If you run 'make ubuntu-manual-ta.tex' then 'xelatex ubuntu-manual-ta', it will tell you what line number the error is near.21:37
ubuntujenkinsshrini: did you see my link with the manual as it is21:38
ubuntujenkinsnow you tell me godbyk21:38
godbykubuntujenkins: heh. :)21:38
ubuntujenkinsI have other ways :P21:38
c7pgodbyk: nice my turn :). The translation and proofreading is completed if that's what you mean.21:38
godbykubuntujenkins: Yeah, the Makefile is set to run through the compilation regardless of errors. But if you run xelatex yourself, it'll go into interactive mode and sometimes give you line numbers and useful hints.21:38
askhl_ubuntujenkins, translators normally see only the strings and comments in the Launchpad template.  I suggest that you add a link/reference to that pdf in a very visible place (the launchpad project page or something like that).21:38
godbykubuntujenkins: On the other hand, it sometimes gets confused about what the actual problem is and leads you on wild goose chases.21:39
ubuntujenkinsaskhl_: we have tried to add it to launchpad but there is not a way to21:39
godbykc7p: Okay, let me find my translation editors to do list.  See what else needs to be done. :)21:39
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I will try and rember your way my way works well usually21:39
askhl_ubuntujenkins, Launchpad will linkify URLs in e.g. the project description.  If you just type it, a translator will find easily find it (it would be the first place to look when in doubt)21:40
godbykaskhl_: We can't add text to the top of the translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual page, though.21:40
askhl_ubuntujenkins, of course you may not want to add too much 'mess' on the main launchpad project page, so it's just a suggestion in order to minimize the error rate21:40
godbykaskhl_: Is there another page you think we should add the link to?21:41
shriniubuntujenkins: 'xelatex ubuntu-manual-ta' breaks in some point21:41
godbykubuntujenkins: Is there a link on the ubuntu-manual.org site to the style guide? If not, we should probably add one. (with the author/editor/translation instructions or something.)21:41
shrinihow to find the error is on 71 and 1394?21:41
askhl_godbyk, give me a moment while I double-check that I didn't miss it in an obvious place (I looked at a few pages before asking here)21:41
ubuntujenkinsshrini: best not to edit the po file manualy21:42
godbykaskhl_: sure.  I think he hasn't been posted or advertised very much, though, and we definitely need to do a better job of that.21:42
shriniubuntujenkins: never did that21:42
askhl_godbyk, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/translators <-- this would be one obvious place21:42
c7pshiri: if you want some help with bug tracking i'm here21:43
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: no the pdf is not on the translators section or eitors21:43
godbykaskhl_: Yeah, sadly, that's the page where we *can't* add it.21:43
godbykubuntujenkins: we should add it there. :)21:43
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: yep21:43
ubuntujenkinsshrini: get launchpad to e-mail the new po file21:43
ubuntujenkinswe could also add the ppa godbyk21:44
askhl_godbyk, what do you mean you can't add it?  Surely you could add an URL?21:44
askhl_(to the wikipage I mean.  Don't know about adding files etc.)21:44
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: we can add the translators pdf to the launchpad home page21:44
godbykaskhl_: Oh! Sorry. I misread your url.21:44
godbykaskhl_: I'd love to add the link to this page, but it's not possible (yet): https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual21:45
askhl_https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual <-- I also looked for something at this page (as I know it cannot be added on translations.launchpad.net, the project overview page would be another good entry point)21:45
* ubuntujenkins adds it to the lauchpad hme page21:45
askhl_godbyk, right :)21:45
godbykubuntujenkins: we should also kill the wiki stuff and have it redirect people to your website.21:45
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I will do that if you like21:46
godbykubuntujenkins: go for it! If there's stuff on the wiki that we need to add to our site, we should figure that out as well.21:46
* ubuntujenkins does rm -rf wiki21:47
ubuntujenkinswhat branch is the website?21:48
dakerubuntujenkins,  lp:ubuntu-manual-website21:48
askhl_ubuntujenkins, godbyk: thank you very much21:49
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: how do we want the first page of the wiki to look? there is stuff on it thats not on the website I think make all the home page buttons link to the website. delete the "get involved" page21:49
ChrisWoollardthe wiki has details of meetings21:49
ubuntujenkinsaskhl_: no problem what langauge do you translate out of interest21:50
ubuntujenkinsI think i will keep the meetings page for now21:50
godbykubuntujenkins: yeah, we probably need to keep the meetings page there.21:50
ChrisWoollardnot that21:50
ChrisWoollardthere has been a meeting for a while21:51
ubuntujenkinswe could do with one21:51
godbykwe probably need to have a meeting soon, too.21:51
ChrisWoollardHow difficult would it be to migrate the meetings page also?21:52
ubuntujenkinsdaker: can you do a button that says "Website" please or "Go to Website"21:52
dakersure :S21:53
dakersure :D21:53
shriniubuntujenkins: wow21:53
askhl_ubuntujenkins, Danish.  I'm the coordinator for ubuntu translations, so it's mostly other people who'll do the translations.  I'll see to it that the work runs smoothly etc.21:53
shrinigot a pdf for 146 page21:53
ubuntujenkinsaskhl_: cool, I like to know whos who21:53
ubuntujenkinsshrini: yep :P21:54
shriniadded screenshots too21:55
shrinicreated a folder "ta"21:55
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: thoughts on putting http://paste.ubuntu.com/445286/ on the top of http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved21:55
shrinicopied images from en21:55
shriniawesome output21:55
monkeylibrehi, I´m trying to compile the Spanish traslation to .pdf but always I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/445283/ when I do make, the English version is compiled. What have I do before compiling the traslation? Thanks in advance.21:56
* ubuntujenkins compiles spanish21:56
shriniubuntujenkins: http://pastebin.com/x9jpgswb21:56
shriniubuntujenkins: got this error along with pdf21:56
ubuntujenkinsdaker: can you e-mail me please xchat transfre never works i think its the uni internet21:56
godbykubuntujenkins: not too bad.  fun is repeated in the last paragraph, though.  maybe the second paragraph will help clear up the 'official' label?21:57
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: can you submit a suggestion to it please21:58
godbykmonkeylibre: Are you using the lucid-e1 or lucid-e2 branch?21:58
godbykubuntujenkins: sure, in just a bit.21:58
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: run make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf21:58
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk21:58
ubuntujenkinsthere are missing } in the translation i wil fix them21:58
monkeylibreso must I use the lucid-e2 branch?22:00
ubuntujenkinsdaker: yep tahts fine thanks22:00
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: nope lucid-e1 is fine22:00
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: does "make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf" work?22:01
monkeylibreno, but the others traslations also show me the same error http://paste.ubuntu.com/445283/22:02
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: can you run make clean then make please22:02
ubuntujenkinsthen "make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf"22:03
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: can you aprove https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/es/102/+translate please i have added an extra }22:04
monkeylibreI did make clean, make and make ubuntu-manual, but i have the same problem also I fixed https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/es/102/+translate22:08
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: you need to do "make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf22:08
ubuntujenkinsthansk for approving22:09
monkeylibresorry, make clean, make and make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf and also others traslations but I still have the problem22:11
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: hmm22:12
* ubuntujenkins nudges godbyk 22:12
godbykwhat's up?22:12
ubuntujenkinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/445283/ is monkeylibre error he ahs tried  make clean, make and make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf an22:13
godbykLet me look on mine real quick.22:13
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: mine works there are mising } errors22:14
godbykYeah, there are some errors there.22:14
godbykmonkeylibre: can you paste the results of 'bzr info'?22:14
ubuntujenkinsI have found one but can't find the next22:14
godbykmonkeylibre: also the results of 'cat revision.tex'22:14
monkeylibreStandalone tree (format: 2a)22:15
monkeylibre  branch root: .22:15
monkeylibreRelated branches:22:15
monkeylibre  parent branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/22:15
godbykmonkeylibre: Ah, you're trying to compile lucid-e2.22:16
godbykmonkeylibre: You need to check out lucid-e1 instead.22:16
shrinigodbyk: replied for your mail with the list of tamil words22:16
godbykshrini: great, thanks!  I'll get that code written in a bit.  that should also help with our font problem, too.22:16
shrinigodbyk: thanks a lot22:16
godbykmonkeylibre: you'll need to run 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1' to get the lucid-e1 branch.22:17
godbykmonkeylibre: then running 'make' and 'make ubuntu-manual-es.pdf' should work.  (aside from the errors ubuntujenkins pointed out.)22:17
ubuntujenkinsdaker: thanks for the button22:18
ubuntujenkinsI have deleted the conributors wiki page and linked to the website if ben wants it back i have a copy locally ( godbyk )22:19
godbykubuntujenkins: works for me.22:20
dakerubuntujenkins, no problem22:28
shrinigodbyk: is it possible to get a neat tamil font in pdf today?22:30
godbykshrini: I don't know when 'today' ends for you, but I'll try to get one in during the next couple hours.22:30
godbykRight now I'm working on the Greek manual with c7p.22:31
shrinimytime is now early morning 322:31
shriniwill be awake22:31
* ubuntujenkins can't find the missing }22:31
godbykshrini: okay.  my time is 4:30 in the afternoon.22:33
* ubuntujenkins found it22:33
shrinigodbyk: thats fine22:33
shrinihow do you people get time to hang on IRC in your day time?22:33
* ubuntujenkins is a student but I am always busy/should be doing other things22:34
godbykshrini: It's on a weekend here, so I'm not working.  (I'm also a student, though.)22:34
godbykI usually work from home, so I can be on IRC then.22:34
godbykSometimes I have to attend meetings, though. :-(22:34
shriniyou people are rocking22:35
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: can you approve https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/es/115/+translate please changed ) to } at the end22:35
ubuntujenkinsthat was hard to spot in bright pink22:36
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: this  \\keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha izquierda o \\"22:38
ubuntujenkins"keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha derecha} para cambiar de espacio rápidamente.}" in english is  \\keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha izquierda o \\"22:38
ubuntujenkins"keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha derecha} para cambiar de espacio rápidamente.}" where should the } go is it after the word "izquierda ?22:38
* ubuntujenkins notes line 2607 (using irc)22:39
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: can you also approve https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/es/494/+translate please22:41
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: what does this error mean http://paste.ubuntu.com/445297/ ?22:42
monkeylibreyes, \\keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha izquierda} o \\keystroke{Ctrl+Alt+Flecha derecha} para cambiar de espacio rápidamente.}22:43
godbykubuntujenkins: there's not much context to tell, but it's probably something messed up with a \screenshot command.22:43
ubuntujenkinsmonkeylibre: thanks i will sort it on launch pad22:44
godbyk(given the \floatalignment command as a clue)22:44
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I will check the \screenshot ones then22:44
monkeylibrealso I fixed more wrong traslation but Launchpad hasn´t still imported22:45
godbykmonkeylibre: It won't import the po files. You'll have to fix the translations through Launchpad.22:46
monkeylibreok no problems22:46
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: this is the output of xelatex ubuntu-manual-es any other suggestions these errors are a lot harder to find than normal http://paste.ubuntu.com/445317/22:58
godbykFor the glossary entry errors, check to make sure the right stuff is translated, make sure you have all the braces {}, commas, and equals signs in the right place.23:01
ubuntujenkinsok I will double check23:01
godbyk\newglossaryentry{notranslate}{name={translate}, description={translate}, plural={translate}}23:02
c7pI had the same sneaky problem, check also if the command (i.e the "\newglossaryentry") isn't misspelled23:04
ubuntujenkinsi will do c7p23:07
godbykubuntujenkins: the applet entry has the first parameter translated when it shouldn't be23:10
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk which line?23:11
godbyk12, I think.23:11
godbyk(I'm looking at the po file.)23:11
ubuntujenkinsline 37 in the po file looks mor elikely23:11
godbyksame with dialup connection.23:12
ubuntujenkinsnow i see doh! I did not know that23:12
godbykwell, that's the line number in the po, yeah.23:12
godbykI thought you meant the line number in the .tex file.23:12
godbykubuntujenkins: line 128 in the po file has the Ethernet port label translated.23:13
godbykline 191: maximize.23:14
godbykline 218: minimize23:14
godbykline 233: notification area23:14
ubuntujenkinsthese are all fixed in alunchpad atm23:14
godbykline 249: output23:15
godbykah, okay.23:15
ubuntujenkinsI think i will get the new po file and check it23:16
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk23:17
godbykubuntujenkins: I think the specific error you pointed out was related to line 408 in the po file.23:17
ubuntujenkinshow do you do it its alot to find in it all23:18
monkeylibrethanks for all, tomorrow I will fix all wrongs traslations, bye23:19
ubuntujenkinsbye monkeylibre I may leave some for you to aprove23:19
godbykGoodbye, monkeylibre.23:19
dakerubuntujenkins, have you watched "Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time" ?23:40
ubuntujenkinsdaker: I have not23:42
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: there are lots of errors in the spanish translation I have found all i can tonight23:46
ubuntujenkinswe are on 72 pages so far23:46
godbykubuntujenkins: 'kay.23:46
ubuntujenkinsthey are 100% translated on launchpad so you will have another one to work on :)23:47
ChrisWoollardg'night all. until tomorrow.23:47
dakerubuntujenkins, http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1386171529097&ref=share23:47
ubuntujenkinsnight ChrisWoollard23:47
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: its nice to see lots of translations coming out of the wood work23:48
godbykubuntujenkins: yeah, it's pretty awesome.23:48
godbykI'm working with c7p to create a checklist so that we can get future translations moving faster.23:49
ubuntujenkinshopefully I can help in 10 days when i finish23:49
godbykThe first one is always the most difficult. :)23:49
ubuntujenkinso good then I might be able to help you help the translators23:49
c7pgodbyk: I hope you haven't forgot that http://typewith.me/rE4pCABOXs :)23:50
godbykc7p: Nope, I haven't forgotten!23:50
godbykThat's what I've started with.23:50
c7pgodbyk: cool :d23:51
godbykI'd like to have a huge checklist of all the niggling details I worry about so that the translation editors and I can just go down the list and check off each item.23:52
godbykOnce everything's checked off, we're ready to publish! :)23:52
godbykI have to check with daker, too, to ensure our website is ready for translations.23:52
godbykLots of stuff going on in the background.23:52
ubuntujenkinsdaker: that film looks really cool23:53
godbykI'm going to find something for supper. Be back in a bit.23:53
ubuntujenkinsI am off to bed night all23:54
dakerubuntujenkins, this Morocco :)23:54
ubuntujenkinslooks very pretty23:54
c7pwooow lots of stuff cograts godbyk for your effort23:55
c7pgood night all23:59

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