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Paddy_NIwhy did I get banned Flannel?02:53
FlannelPaddy_NI: Because you're a liability02:53
Paddy_NIhow dare you no I am not02:53
FlannelPaddy_NI: You showed me that you're well aware of your actions and behaviors, and are doing them on purpose.02:54
Paddy_NIFlannel, no I did not.. what are you talking about?02:54
Paddy_NIshow me?02:54
Paddy_NIyet again it is you or IdleOne02:54
Paddy_NIthe famous two02:54
Paddy_NIliterally.. you or IdleOne.. no one else02:55
FlannelPaddy_NI: that's not accurate, but it's also not important.02:56
Paddy_NIand its spot on02:57
elkyI can't really see a point in the past half hour where your comments in -ot have been for any other purpose than to get a rise from someone.02:59
Paddy_NII was simply making an observation about a network03:00
Paddy_NIno I was not looking for a rise03:00
elkycalling snuxoll a fad boy for having a palm pre rather than the iphone you'd previously subscribed wasn't an attempt to get a rise?03:01
Paddy_NIelky, that is incorrect03:01
Paddy_NII said both where fads03:01
Paddy_NIlike pokemon and such03:02
elkySo you namecalled 2 people and you admit it. Cool. Ban stays.03:02
Paddy_NIelky, heh03:02
Paddy_NItypical.. well it can stay I guess.. I am at the mercy of OPs that need reseated03:03
elkyYour only purpose there today seems to have been to make it less comfortable for other people to be there. That's not the kind of contribution we want for there.03:03
Paddy_NIelky, you make it less comfortable on a daily basis.. yet I am at your mercy.. what am I to do03:03
Paddy_NIyou know.. leave it.. some other time03:04
funkyHatWhen rww starts having a go at people that aren't behaving properly I feel it makes it harder for me to do anything about it...03:08
FlannelfunkyHat: If he's just heckling, it's not doing any good, so it'd be good to step in anyway03:27
elkyfunkyHat, talk to him about it if it's affecting you like that. he's not closed-minded03:34
IdleOneHow did I get blamed for something I didn't do when I wasn't here in a channel I don't have ops in :/03:40
FlannelIdleOne: never let the facts get in the way of a good story03:41
IdleOneFlannel: noted03:42
elkyAnd there's no story like a sob story.04:02
jribhelp please...04:12
ubottuubuntu-bots is a channel that you can visit and see which irc clients people like and use04:12
jribubottu: forget #ubuntu-bots04:12
ubottuI know nothing about #ubuntu-bots yet, jrib04:12
jribyou liar.04:13
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: ubuntu-bots is #ubuntu-bots is a channel you can use to ask Bestbot question. Type /join #ubuntu-bots to join the channel.04:13
Flanneljrib: The factoid has no hash04:14
ubottuubuntu-bots is a channel that you can visit and see which irc clients people like and use04:14
jribI see04:14
jribubottu: forget ubuntu-bots04:14
ubottuI'll forget that, jrib04:14
jribthanks Flannel04:14
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, MTecknology said: !vg is <alias>lvm04:42
bazhangthe bot thinks I set a ban in -ot07:36
Flannelbazhang: Where?07:39
Flannelor, which ban?07:39
bazhangFlannel, in the weekly prompt via PM, on witeshark07:39
bazhang Hi, please review the ban 'witeshark!~witeshark@adsl-215-10-101.mia.bellsouth.net' that you set on Sat May 29 05:40:07 2010 in #ubuntu-offtopic,  etc/link07:40
Flannelbazhang: That's a mark, it seems.07:41
elkyIt'd have to be, and getting reminded about those is a little redundant07:56
FlannelIt might just be because it uses the same internal search as bansearch, which shows marks07:56
bazhangpepper_haze is still trying to defend the 'pixplz'07:57
macoif we're doing feature requests, could the bot prompt just once in the case of a /kb ? it wants you to comment on the remove and the ban. do we really need to comment twice?07:57
macobazhang: not the brightest bulb07:57
bazhangmaco, understatement of all time07:57
Flannelbazhang: If we stop reacting to it, I imagine it'll die down07:58
bazhanghi Tm_T08:26
bazhangjungli is back at it. I have him in PM again.08:30
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (Cokers)08:34
Tm_Tfunny person this haze08:37
bazhangtried to PM cokers but no response (back in #ubuntu )08:38
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elkyhas anyone spoken in PM with pepper_haze?08:41
bazhangI will08:41
elkybecause his only intent is to stomp on others08:42
bazhangno response so far08:43
elkybazhang, let me know if he starts shouting at you in PM and I'll help him on his way.08:43
elkybazhang, still no response?08:45
bazhangelky, not yet08:45
bazhang<pepper_haze> where do you leave improvement ideas for ubottu08:49
bazhangfinally responded, btw08:49
elkyI'm pretty sure this happens every time he comes past, fwiw08:54
elkythe nick is has a familiar sound to it to me, for the wrong reasons08:54
ubottuIn ubottu, pepper_haze said: !flame is Please don't flame on ubuntu's IRC, it is against the ubuntu's family friendly COC.08:57
bazhang<neuralsim> anyone want a free psychic reading? i'm in a rare mood09:27
bazhangaw he quit09:28
jayneanyone around? Sounds like a +q (or +b) *!*bobrown@* may be in order12:22
bazhangjayne, did so12:22
bazhangwhoops not that but the entire IP address12:22
jayneoh, no wonder I didn't see anything. I was scrolled way up.12:22
bazhangthanks :)12:23
elkyjayne, thanks :)12:23
ubottuIn ubottu, visvanath said: this ubottu is just a bot14:22
IdleOnedeep thoughts by visvanath14:36
Tm_TI'm not sure if mocking users like that would be wise in the long run though14:37
IdleOneTm_T: you are correct and I apologize14:46
IdleOneI let my stupid come out for a moment :/14:46
Tm_Tno problems, I think we all do that in times14:47
IdleOneI will try to not let that happen again14:47
* Tm_T wonders the wonders of human nature14:49
IdleOneTm_T: if you mean the ease with which a human can turn ugly, yes it is scary14:50
Tm_Tnot only that14:51
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ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: cn is For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 /join #ubuntu-hk16:50
IdleOneedbian: not sure that can be done but talk to jussi or tsimpson perhaps17:45
nhandleredbian: The only people who have access to the logs on irclogs.ubuntu.com are the canonical sysadmins. You would need to file an rt ticket (email rt@ubuntu.com) to do that17:46
edbiannhandler, thanks17:46
IdleOnethere ya go nhandler always knows17:46
nhandlerI know there were other similar tickets filed, but I am not sure whether or not the Canonical sysadmins actually remove stuff like this from the logs.17:46
edbianIf only those admins can see it do I have a lot to worry about?17:49
edbianAt least it's not like posted publicly on some web page for a thousand spam bots to scan.17:49
Tm_Tedbian: no, logs are public, but they're only one who has write access17:49
Tm_Tedbian: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/06/05/%23ubuntu.html17:50
edbianTm_T, Thanks17:50
nhandleredbian: Also keep in mind that other bots produce public logs of #ubuntu as well https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots#External%20Bots17:50
IdleOnePici: Re: puregnome factoid. My system got foo and bard it removed several apps including nvidia drivers, system was bootable and I recovered easily but I think that it may be safe to assume a new ubuntu user might get lost with outcome and recovery process not to mention upset at "us" for providing that info. I also suspect that the fact I am running Maverick may have had a large part in my issues with the factoid but can't be certain. if some18:06
IdleOneone would be willing to test it on a vanilla 10.04 install and report the outcome it would be helpful18:06
IdleOneubottu: unforget puregnome18:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, IdleOne said: ubottu: unforget puregnome18:26
IdleOneerr no access :/18:26
bazhangalready forgotten IdleOne18:27
bazhangp i c i wants to hold off on remembering it18:27
IdleOneyeah I was looking for the older version of the factoid18:27
IdleOneolder/original I should say18:29
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bazhangsame IP though18:42
jussiall gone :)18:43
macowait wait there's an *unforget* command?18:44
jussimaco: yes...18:44
macoif only humans had that command!18:45
jussiif only humans had sudo :P18:45
macosudo make me a sandwich18:46
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ikoniaI've put a mute on them, while I ask why he has clones18:47
bazhangthey should be klined any second now18:47
bazhangthe last batch was18:47
ikoniathere you go18:48
ikoniaconnection died18:48
macopfft i put teh mute first18:48
macoyou were still typing18:48
ikoniamaco: I'll remove your ip specific ban if that's ok and leave my ip range ban in place for a while18:48
ikoniagive it an hour or so in case they come back18:48
macobut the IPs they had when bazhang got them werent in that range18:49
bazhang80.10.46.79 was what they had previously18:49
macoyeah and this was a 90.x.x.x18:49
ikoniathe 80.10 got klined, the 90. didn't18:50
ikoniahence why I only put the ban on the 90 range18:50
marienzhmm, I don't have enough of an eye on this place18:50
ikoniamarienz: your eyes are everywhere, you can't watch everything18:51
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marienzikonia: can you forward them somewhere (like #-unregged) so I can see them join and take them out?18:54
ikoniaI'll change the two bans to forwards18:54
marienzthank you18:55
ikoniamarienz: what specific channel do you want ?18:55
ikoniathe actual channel #-unregged ?18:55
marienzany will do (#-unregged has the advantage that they'll also end up there if they miss your forward and hit the join throttle)18:55
marienzno, I meant #ubuntu-unregged18:55
ikoniaok, just checking18:55
jribmaco: alias unforget relearn  in humans unfortunately18:59
marienzI'll keep an eye on #ubuntu and #ubuntu-unregged for a while, but I'll probably have to leave to make dinner in half an hour or so19:02
marienzplease prod me or staff in general if another wave of those hits19:03
ikoniaall seems quiet too, looks like ##c has gone +r19:03
marienzthey were in there?19:03
ikoniamaybe worth considering it for #ubuntu if they come back19:03
ikonianot sure, but users (for some reason) are pm'ing me asking why they can't talk in ##c, it looks like it's gone +r earlier today19:04
marienzit seems unlikely the hosts these come in from will contribute positively to the network, so we're happy to kline them for a while to keep the network tidy.19:04
ikoniaI'm assuming they are linked19:04
ubottuTm_T called the ops in #ubuntu-devel ()20:34
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (meltingw1x)22:01
macoIdleOne just got called "baby girl" by a random person in #ubuntu22:43
* maco squirms22:43
IdleOnemaco: got called dude22:43
macoyes that too22:43
macobut that happens often enough to have ceased to be noteworthy ;-)22:43
mneptokincoming mental image of cross-dressing fellow ops. and it's a frickin' doozy.22:43
IdleOneI have NEVER been called baby girl before22:43
macomneptok: http://whereisandy.com/media/image/har/teslamural.jpg22:45
macomneptok: a drag night at uds could be quite amusing ^_^22:47
mneptok"excellent fashion sense" and "black nail polish" are mutually exclusive22:47
Tm_Tmneptok: are you sure it's black?22:53
MTecknologyFlannel: ping23:44
FlannelHowdy MTecknology23:47
MTecknologyhave i been banned long enough?23:49
FlannelMTecknology: I have no idea how you've existed on IRC without noticing that noticing a channel is bad.  But is it safe to assume you know now?23:49
MTecknologyit's safe to assume I know it's no ok in #ubuntu*23:50
FlannelMTecknology: It's probably safe to say it's universally considered rude, but if you wind up getting in trouble in other channels, that's none of my business23:50
FlannelMTecknology: Anyway, as long as you're now familiar with the fact that pinging everyone in a channel is rude, I've got no issue removing your ban.23:51
FlannelMTecknology: I've removed it, please join and say something to make sure I got it right.23:52
Flannelor... don't.23:53
PiciWhen did he notice the channel?23:57
FlannelPici: A few days ago, -ot23:57
Flannellet me look23:57
FlannelMay 31 06:30 UTC (according to BT)23:58
PiciFlannel: I don't care that much, just wondering23:58
Flannelor thats when I banned him anyway23:58
FlannelJust totally random, and then it took a few of his reactions to people's reactions for me to figure out he wasn't doing it accidentally.23:58
IdleOnenotcie channel? what channel?23:58
knomeIdleOne, "-ot"23:59
IdleOneI am not following23:59
IdleOnesplain plez23:59

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