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milkfish2k/msg nickserv register 44425 milkfish@optonline.net03:02
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m4n1shnigelb, You there14:56
nigelbm4n1sh: partly.  In a discussion with the accessibility folks14:57
m4n1shnigelb, carry on.14:57
nigelbI have the connection from LP perfectly14:57
nigelbIts the only hooking to bts thats going wrong so far14:57
m4n1shyeah. probably Debian BTS uses newer version14:57
m4n1shso the web service fails14:57
m4n1shand bugz is for older versions14:58
nigelbI'm using reportbug that's supposed to hook up with the thing, but the authors have written back to me.  I'll peek in later.14:58
m4n1shnigelb, oh. then it's fine14:58
m4n1shnigelb, let me know when the problem gets solved. Even I want to know how to get it done.14:58
nigelbm4n1sh: heh,sure :)15:00
nigelbif nothing works, I 'll just send a mail to the mail ID15:00
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