mathiazDaviey: https://code.launchpad.net/~ccheney/ubuntu/lucid/eucalyptus/lucid-sru/+merge/2683900:01
mathiazhggdh: which bug are you trying to verify?00:05
hggdhmathiaz: no bug right now, just trying to keep in sync00:05
hggdhand, after ccheney's SRU makes it into proposed, I will test it again00:06
mathiazhggdh: ok - so we're going to upload version of eucalyptus in -proposed00:06
mathiazhggdh: awesome00:06
lewqHey. I'm having real trouble with a 10.04 server I've installed on /dev/sdb, with a data drive on /dev/sda. I told the installer to install grub2 on /dev/sdb and the BIOS to boot straight off that disk. Grub booted the first time, I installed some updates (possibly a new kernel / grub loader, not sure) and upon reboot, I get "error: out of disk". following http://superuser.com/questions/89307/grub2-error-out-of-disk gives me "error: out of disk" when I tr00:22
lewqy and do step 5, ls /boot/. Any ideas? It's gone midnight and I'm in the data centre tearing my hair out!00:22
aj_____>Hi I am currently having a problem with creating a new user in ubuntu server 10.04, when ever I create a new user their terminal will open and then immediately close.00:23
aj_____any suggestions00:24
ScottKHow did you create the new user?00:24
ChmEarllewq, boot your box with live CD like knoppix or puppy. Hose the shitty grub2 and use puppy's grub 0.97 and write a menu.lst in classic style00:25
* ccheney back00:25
aj_____sudo adduser00:25
ScottKChmEarl: Please don't give advice to do stuff that's totally unsupported by the distro unless you plan to provide follow on support to the people that do it.00:26
ChmEarllewq, ScottK booya00:26
ccheneymathiaz, should i upload to proposed or will whoever reviews it do that?00:27
ScottKaj_____: What was the exact full command you used.00:27
aj_____sudo add user --system calvin00:28
aj_____then i added calvin to the admin group00:28
ccheneymathiaz, for 566793 we are waiting on scott to fix it properly :)00:29
ScottKaj_____: You don't want a normal user to be a system user.00:29
aj_____how do I create a second system user then?00:29
ScottKIf it's for an actual human user, it's not a system user.00:30
ScottKSystem users are used by different programs.00:30
aj_____ok so if I just put adduser calvin it will work00:31
mathiazccheney: ok - I'd suggest to upload to -proposed once the SRU reports are properly written00:31
mathiazccheney: I've a note to the review on the bzr merge proposal00:31
ScottKaj_____: You already have a user calvin at this point.  Simplest probably to remove it and then add it again.00:31
ccheneymathiaz, ok00:31
aj_____ok thanks00:32
ccheneyanyone happen to know what does the mapping from public ip to internal ip in eucalyptus, it seems that is what is causing the problem on my box, the internal ip 172.x dhcp server seems to be working fine00:33
qman__anyone know where I can get libc6-dev_2.7-10ubuntu5?00:49
qman__the latest is 10ubuntu6, but my server wants 500:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #589945 in php5 (main) "php5-cgi crashed with SIGSEGV in zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle_ex()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58994500:56
qman__it also needs linux-libc-dev_2.6.24-27.69_amd64.deb01:00
qman__ah, found them in a hardy-proposed location on launchpad01:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #589953 in php5 (main) "php5-cgi crashed with SIGSEGV in _zend_mm_free_canary_int()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58995302:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #589954 in munin (main) "munin-graph crashed with SIGSEGV in Perl_sv_clean_objs()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58995402:31
qman__gah, still can't get those drivers to compile03:05
qman__looks to be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/23395003:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 233950 in linux "No rule to make target 'asm-offsets.c' during make modules_prepare" [Undecided,Incomplete]03:05
neo_I am writing some of document, It's about linux and network. if you have interest to read it. please go to http://netkiller.sourceforge.net/03:10
CppIsWeirdtrying to install ubuntu-xen-server package on 10.04 it tells me that xen-tools package cannot be found.03:13
neo_may be xen package is too old.03:14
neo_why not, trying to install KVM.03:14
CppIsWeirdmay be some monkey threw a bannana at the ubuntu repo server thus deleting the package from existance.03:15
neo_I think the KVM is better then Xen03:15
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CppIsWeirdi am happy that you are able to form an opinion. this makes the human race look better.03:15
CppIsWeirdthough i guess i should use the word species.03:16
MTecknologyWhat is an ideal use for Amazon EC2?03:20
* ball snorts03:21
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, what kind of question is that? You have some free EC2 time you wanna burn or something?03:22
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: It was a question of curiousity - which was asked under the intention of getting a meaningful response03:24
ballMTecknology: Isn't that a hosted computer (or virtual computer) that's on-line somewhere?  Perhaps you could use it as an off-site backup.03:24
ball...or for porn.03:24
CppIsWeirdwell, a meaningful response is anything.03:24
CppIsWeirdit is a remote instant computer with virtually unlimited resources that can do anything a computer at your feet can do, only a million times more.03:25
ballThat sounds handy.03:25
ballI should get me one of those.03:25
CppIsWeirdthe only limitation is your imagination and pocket book.03:25
MTecknologyball: nah- they charge you based on how much you use - I've been trying to figure out if I want to host some of my services on it and if so - which parts03:25
CppIsWeirdwell you can hire me as a consultant. smartass remarks do not cost extra.03:26
ballSo it's one of those things that's available if you need it (or if you think you might need it).03:26
ball...but can be safely ignored otherwise.03:26
CppIsWeirdball, yep.03:26
* ball goes back to trying to remember how to use rsync03:27
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, if you feel like testing without paying you can set up a private cloud with just one computer, or if you really feel like it, you can set it up in a virtual machine then test out loading virtual services.03:27
MTecknologyafaik - you need to deploy a certain image - and then script the installation of the rest of the services - then you can easily deploy a new instance of something03:27
CppIsWeirdany virtual machines you make in ubuntu enterprise cloud are compatible with EC203:27
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: does unlimited also refer to say unlimited bandwidth?03:29
CppIsWeirdlike i said, the only limitations are your imagination and your wallet.03:30
ballI considered Ubuntu for a project that I was working on earlier this year.  That could have been called a "private cloud" I suppose, if I were into buzz-words.03:31
GhostFreeman_Having issues booting into Ubuntu after updating from 8.04 to 10.0403:31
ballI got frustrated in the end and scrapped the project.  Couldn't find a good way to build a high-availability system from two discrete servers.03:31
GhostFreeman_Anyone know a good starting point for "Gave up waiting for root device"03:32
CppIsWeirdwhat is a "high-availability system"03:33
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: so if you hosted a drupal website there that got say 200 hits per month - how much would you say that would cost?03:33
MTecknology'basic blog site'03:33
ballCppIsWeird: In our case, something that appears (to the end users) as a single machine and doesn't go away when one server fails.03:35
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, imho EC2 would be overkill for a blog site.03:35
CppIsWeirdjust go get a virtual web host for like $5 a month for that.03:36
CppIsWeirdtheir everywhere03:36
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: that's the part that confused me - sometimes it reads like you pay for only the resources you use - and sometimes it sounds like you pay for the server itself03:36
CppIsWeirdas far as you know, there is no server.03:36
CppIsWeirdyou pay for resources.03:37
MTecknologyso how do you set things up?03:37
MTecknologyif there's no server03:37
MTecknology(from your view)03:37
* ball ponders03:37
* CppIsWeird clicks the "that was easy" button03:38
* ball can't play YouTubes03:38
CppIsWeirdsucks for you.03:38
* ball shrugs03:39
ballI'm giving serious thought to frying up some shrimp.03:39
CppIsWeirdsounds good03:39
ball...or perhaps making some mushroom toasties03:39
CppIsWeirdhot sauce or coconut?03:39
ballOnion sauce, possibly.03:39
MTecknologyI win :D03:39
ballI wonder how tall a Shorty is.03:40
CppIsWeirdI wonder wtf MTecknology is talking about03:40
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: i won free money03:41
CppIsWeirdi see03:41
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: you check the headers?03:42
* ball snorts03:43
ballBack shortly, toasties.03:43
CppIsWeirddamn it, i wanted shrimp03:43
ballI'll put the shrimp in to marinade.03:44
ballEat those tomorrow.03:44
CppIsWeirdfair enough03:44
MTecknologyhow do you turn off that annoying music in youtube that they seem to attack to every single video?03:47
CppIsWeirdyou're an idiot.03:47
CppIsWeirdeasy. know that cord that plugs into the wall from your computer?03:48
CppIsWeirdthat is the source of the music.03:49
CppIsWeirdcut the cord and there will be no more music.03:49
CppIsWeirdi would unplug it first before i cut it.03:49
MTecknologyalrighty! killed that music..03:50
CppIsWeirdmust be using a laptop.03:51
MTecknologyof course03:51
MTecknologyI only own one system03:51
CppIsWeirdjob hunting sucks. :(. im having to update my resume from like 3 years ago03:52
CppIsWeirdcompiling stuff from source takes FOREVER03:55
MTecknologythat's why i stopped using gentoo03:56
MTecknologyand the general bloat with it..03:56
MTecknologyWe're just about to start searching for someone to hire03:57
GhostFreeman_CppIsWeird: I got my last job interview from my LinkedIn page03:59
ballMTecknology: to do what?03:59
CppIsWeirdGhostFreeman_, interesting04:00
MTecknologyball: web development04:00
CppIsWeirdi have a linked in page but no links :P i'm lazy when it comes to social networking04:00
GhostFreeman_I just deleted my twitter profile04:00
GhostFreeman_My willpower is nothing04:00
MTecknologyzomg - miley deleted hers!04:00
GhostFreeman_>i care04:01
ballI don't enjoy Web development04:01
ballAlright, I'll be back later.04:01
GhostFreeman_MTecknology where is the position at04:02
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: sioux falls, sd - i'm not sure if we can go much wider right now - for tax and insurance (not sure we can afford it)04:03
GhostFreeman_I can't move to SD at the moment04:03
GhostFreeman_so i'll decline04:03
GhostFreeman_Atlanta is as close as i'm willing to move04:04
MTecknologywhat kind of web dev do you do?04:04
GhostFreeman_RAD web development in PHP or Ruby04:04
MTecknologyyou ever use drupal?04:05
GhostFreeman_Yes, i'm actually fighting with this dinky old ProLiant just so I can do some Drupal work for a friend04:05
MTecknologylike- in depth - such as building in authentication witha  kerberos mentality?04:05
GhostFreeman_Haven't done Kerberos, I did have to write a lot of order process code for a electrical supply company04:06
CppIsWeirdi did not have fun with drupal04:06
GhostFreeman_Drupal is like getting crucified04:06
CppIsWeirdwriting custom modules was a pain in the...04:06
qman__so, I'm getting a bit desperate, and I'm thinking about installing a lucid kernel on my hardy server04:07
qman__is this a very bad idea?04:07
MTecknologynot kerberos itself - just that mentality - where drupal is the kerberos server04:07
MTecknologyqman__: why?04:07
MTecknologyyes - it is a bad idea04:07
qman__e1000 driver in hardy doesn't support my NIC04:07
qman__and all attempts to compile the driver have failed04:08
qman__I've been messing with it for over five yours04:08
* CppIsWeird is still compiling...04:08
MTecknologyheh... that's nothing04:08
qman__I can't update/upgrade the server because it can't get online04:08
qman__the onboard NIC failed, and the replacement won't work04:08
MTecknologyI spent >300 hours getting my kernel 'just right' - or close to it - and that's not including compile time04:08
GhostFreeman_So are we back to "Ubuntu Server Support," because while I enjoyed the segue I really need to get this machine headless again or I will go insane04:09
qman__I don't mind upgrading the rest of the system to lucid, I just need to get it online in order to do that04:09
MTecknologyboot to a live cd and chroot04:09
GhostFreeman_The problem is that on startup, it throws that "ALERT! /dev/mapper/ubuntu--server-root does not exist" error, drops me to the initramfs shell, and I have to fumble to find the monitor cable to exit out of it to finish booting04:10
GhostFreeman_i'm looking in /dev/mapper and there's said directory there04:11
qman__according to the deps, there's no obvious reason the new kernel shouldn't work, but I guess a live environment is worth a try first04:11
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: with the two hyphens in both?04:11
GhostFreeman_yes MTecknology04:11
GhostFreeman_just to clear the air04:12
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: pastebin /etc/fstab04:12
GhostFreeman_the server is a Compaq ProLiant ML33004:12
GhostFreeman_ok give me a moment04:12
MTecknologyqman__: you just need a driver in the newer kernel?04:12
qman__yes, but I can't get it to compile04:12
qman__on the old kernel04:13
qman__or any kernel, for that matter04:13
MTecknologyit's probably not woth the effort to go that way04:13
qman__the newer kernel comes with the newer version04:13
MTecknologygrab systemrescuecd - if you have 32 bit type 'rescue32' else 'rescue64' for 64 bit - iirc04:13
MTecknologythen when you get booted up - get networking working - probably dhclient eth004:14
GhostFreeman_MTecknology: http://pastebin.com/VCsKS2VC04:14
qman__and just chroot, do-release-upgrade?04:14
GhostFreeman_oh wait changing directory04:14
qman__I'll be sure to image the disk first04:14
CppIsWeirddoes ubuntu have a zlib lib and headers package or do i have to install that from source?04:14
MTecknologythen mount everything to (say /mnt/ubuntu) - make sure to mount -o bind /tmp /mnt/ubuntu/tmp && mount -t proc none /mnt/ubuntu/proc04:15
MTecknologythen when you mount everything - cp -L /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/ubuntu/etc/04:15
qman__vaguely familiar from back when I was using gentoo04:15
MTecknologythen... chroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash04:15
MTecknologythen..... do-release-upgrade04:16
qman__ok, sounds like a plan04:16
MTecknologyTHEN!..... reboot04:16
qman__because what I've been doing is going nowhere04:16
MTecknologyqman__: before you launch chroot - could you pastebin 'mount' for me to check over?04:16
qman__not exactly, can't SSH04:17
qman__but there's three partitions04:17
qman__ /, /boot, /home04:17
qman__ /home is a RAID device, md004:17
MTecknologyok - just make sure to mount /, /boot, /tmp, /proc (in the chroot) [as described]04:17
qman__home shouldn't matter for this04:17
MTecknologyyou'll only be root04:18
MTecknologyoh.. when you become root - consider 'source /etc/profile'04:18
qman__which is good, because that's where the important data is04:18
MTecknologyyup - no reason to touch home for this04:18
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: pastebin 'ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/'04:19
qman__now if only I could find my systemrescuecd04:19
GhostFreeman_MTecknology, do you OK04:19
MTecknologyqman__: if you can't find it - it's probably out of date :P04:19
MTecknologynot that it matters... you only need the 64/32 bit kernel for a little bit04:20
GhostFreeman_MTecknology: http://pastebin.com/DyUChMqp04:20
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: and... 'ls -l /dev/mapper/'04:20
MTecknologyqman__: just carefully follow what i wrote - you'll be perfectly fine :) - enjoy04:21
GhostFreeman_MTecknology: http://pastebin.com/536JLe5g04:21
GhostFreeman_I was thinking this might be an issue in grub but I don't know04:24
MTecknologylvm sits on sdb1?04:24
GhostFreeman_to clear the air, this was an update from 8.04 LTS04:24
GhostFreeman_is it possible LVM settings did not migrate from 8.04 to 10.0404:25
MTecknologylvm sits on sdb1?04:25
qman__yeah, it's got an older kernel than hardy04:25
qman__doesn't detect the NIC04:25
GhostFreeman_That's my guess, I installed Ubuntu to use LVM by default04:26
MTecknologysystemrescuecd has a pretty new kernel in it..04:26
GhostFreeman_how could I check?04:26
CppIsWeirdok, every zlib tar.gz from every mirrior i get is failing to uncompress because of crc errors.04:26
qman__yeah, I'm downloading the latest one04:26
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: bad network?04:26
CppIsWeirdshouldnt be...04:26
CppIsWeirdive downloaded other things and unpacked them04:27
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: something with pebkac?04:27
CppIsWeirdtar xvfz file.tar.gz04:27
GhostFreeman_MTecknology: How should I go about checking to see where LVM is located?04:28
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: vg<tab><tab>04:28
qman__thanks for the help, I'm feeling a lot better about this04:29
qman__it was really driving me up a wall04:29
qman__this is what I get for spending the extra money on an intel NIC04:29
qman__a rosewill realtek probably would have just worked out of the box04:30
GhostFreeman_I got the command "vgcfgbackup" and the output is here http://pastebin.com/YdXXfnhw04:30
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: heh....04:32
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: f=etwcebrypwekahejt;echo ${f:8:1}${f:0:1}${f:5:1}${f:11:1}${f:12:1}${f:3:1}04:32
CppIsWeirdwtf is that?04:32
a3istsubstring removal04:32
MTecknologya3ist: hush ;)04:33
CppIsWeirdfine, what am i doing wrong?04:34
a3istits like being back in programming class04:34
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: idk - wfm04:34
MTecknologya3ist: that was fun :)04:34
qman__hopefully the upgrade works smoothly, otherwise I'm rather hosed04:34
a3istSlightly mean04:34
a3istbut still funny04:34
qman__fresh install and reconfigure all the services04:35
MTecknologyqman__: sounds painful - btdt04:35
MTecknologysomebody else in the world is likely struggling the exact same - without irc04:35
MTecknologythat pour sool04:36
MTecknologya3ist: btw.... I at one point made a complete sentance like that..04:36
qman__I was screwing around googling outdated package versions and loading them on with a flash drive04:36
qman__modifying makefiles, even patched a kernel source trying to get those stupid drivers to compile04:37
qman__nothing doing04:37
a3istthere's a lot of coding homework type problems out there with obfuscated text04:37
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, do you know what im doing wrong?04:37
MTecknologynot surprising that a module introduced in a later kernel couldn't be backported04:37
qman__it was complaining about autoconf files not being there, even though they were there04:37
a3istanyone familiar with xinetd that can tell me how multiple only_from sources can be set for a service?  Are they comma delimited?  Double quoted?04:37
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/libpng/zlib/1.2.5/zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz?use_mirror=softlayer; tar zxf zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz04:38
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: that worked04:38
qman__I'm not a programmer, but I do know a thing or two about compiling software04:38
MTecknologyqman__: backports suck..04:38
qman__but that one, just couldn't figure it out04:38
MTecknologyespecially in non-backportable kernel drivers :P04:38
CppIsWeirdok, well it doesnt work for me for whatever reason. i've used multiple mirrors. and i've downloaded other files, why would this one file keep coming to me corrupt. doenst make sense.04:39
MTecknologyyou're only other option would be to grab an upstream kernel build for hardy which is probably pretty old at this point04:39
MTecknologyyou try on a different computer?04:39
qman__between the holiday, UPS guy not showing up, and this, the server's been down for over a week04:39
CppIsWeirdeh, thats too much work04:39
qman__ok, new systemrescuecd downloaded04:40
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: curl -0 http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/libpng/zlib/1.2.5/zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz?use_mirror=softlayer | tar -zx04:40
MTecknologyqman__: g'luck04:40
GhostFreeman_MTecknology, have you had a chance to see my vgcfgbackup output?04:41
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:42
MTecknology!vg is <alias>lvm04:42
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: check out those links04:42
MTecknologyGhostFreeman_: It's been a long time and i probably can't help w/o doing the same searches as you - you need to check that your volumes and volume groups are still intact04:43
GhostFreeman_Would it just be easier for me to reinstall 10.04 scratch without LVM?04:43
GhostFreeman_I'm not that far into this client's work to be set back by a fresh start04:44
MTecknologyit's up to you04:44
GhostFreeman_Well, i'm already burning an install CD so04:44
GhostFreeman_I need to understand LVM someday, but it's a matter of how much time i'm willing to commit to this project so04:45
MTecknologylvm is easy once you've done it a couple times04:46
GhostFreeman_Thanks for your help though04:47
GhostFreeman_Now if there was a way I could install 10.04 over SSH even better04:55
GhostFreeman_or at least control the install via SSH04:55
MTecknologyyou can..04:55
GhostFreeman_Is that something that can be enabled at installer setup?04:56
GhostFreeman_!install via ssh04:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:57
MTecknologyit's not something to play with when things aren't workin to begin with04:57
GhostFreeman_Ok, i'll just use a monitor04:58
tech404I'd like to have some basic power management on a server at home to keep the power use and heat down at my house. It's headless so I'd like to keep unneeded resources off of it. I don't need hibernation at all and suspend would probably never be used either. What are some good minimal packages to support dynampic cpu freq and maybe harddrive spindown? I assume acpid but acpi-support seems to have a lot of bloat.05:03
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, what version of tar do you have?05:05
MTecknologytar (GNU tar) 1.2205:07
MTecknologyqman__: how's it going?05:08
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gzip/+bug/52436605:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 524366 in gzip "Regression: CRC error an i386" [Undecided,New]05:19
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: nice to know05:25
ruben23hi guys whats the fastest and most realiable to fins a file on my ubuntu-server..?05:30
ruben23find i mean05:31
MTecknologyfallous: locate05:32
MTecknologyruben23: *05:32
NonpythonI have set up apache2 with 2 virtual hosts, but the first one (trueblogtales.com) does not work at all, just having 404 for everything, and the second one (staringintothevoidpointer.com) serves the stuff for trueblogtales.05:33
NonpythonHelp me!05:33
CppIsWeirdfind / -name porn_i_lost05:33
ruben23MTecknology:ive done it it doesnt display05:33
a3istanyone know if a client on a lan with an ubuntu server box can connect to an xinetd-spawned vnc4server without using ssh to tunnel in first?05:35
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MTecknologyruben23: did you run sudo updatedb?05:53
MTecknologya3ist: should be able to use vnc4viewer05:54
MTecknology!patience | Nonpython05:54
ubottuNonpython: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:54
NonpythonI have set up apache2 with 2 virtual hosts, but the first one (trueblogtales.com) does not work at all, just having 404 for everything, and the second one (staringintothevoidpointer.com) serves the stuff for trueblogtales. Please help.05:55
a3istMTecknology: Does it have to be vnc4viewer to spawn a vnc4server via xinetd?  Two of the clients are OSX boxes with chicken of the vnc05:56
ruben23MTecknology: im on root05:59
ruben23hi there i have directory, as i ls command i can see to many file and found ruben_011_series file numbered form 100-1000, but when i locate ruben, and find ruben- its not displaying anything, means ti not finding the file, even though ruben is there05:59
MTecknologyruben23: man find; man locate06:01
a3istat this point I'm probably just going to write up a script for the clients to tunnel vnc over ssh using pubkey authentication; my overall goal is to keep it as easy as possible for the two mac users, who wouldn't be comfortable with CLI tasks.  Which explains why they prefer macs and I'm gettin them started with ubuntu gnome environments as a transition :)06:03
MTecknologya3ist: vnc is bad - you should use something else - just fyi ;)06:04
a3istalready got them using openoffice for a while now, next step is gimp; to get their business shifted over to FLOSS06:04
a3istits only on lan, not from external06:04
a3istif I'm logging in remotely I'm doing so over ssh and using just the shell06:04
ScottKMTecknology: Just saying X is bad without saying why or offering an alternative isn't particularly useful.06:04
MTecknologyScottK: sorry - also arguing with my fiancee on the phone....06:05
MTecknologythere's freenx and others that offer MUCH greater security and are usually faster06:05
ScottKOK.  Probably better just to have one argument at a time then.06:05
a3istI'm assuming he was referring to VNC protocols sending data in the clear, but it shouldn't be a problem over a closed lan06:05
MTecknologya3ist: it's really easy to listen to traffic across lan's - sometimes06:06
a3istFreenx sounds interesting, I'll check it out06:06
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX06:06
a3istIn addition, the macs are connected via ethernet and not wireless; the only wireless client is my laptop I'm on right now running fedora 13 and using wpa and ssh06:07
ScottKAssuming the LAN is reasonably firewalled, I think your assumption is correct.06:08
MTecknologygotta go... :(06:09
a3istHe's getting kill -9'd by the fiancee06:10
a3istThanks for the tips MT06:10
qman__everything was going fine, but then the console locked up solid mid-upgrade06:29
qman__I don't know if it's a software bug or another hardware failure06:29
CppIsWeirdhow long has it been locked?06:29
qman__about five minutes06:30
qman__can't change ttys, numlock doesn't turn on/off06:30
CppIsWeirdyeah, locked.06:31
CppIsWeirdi would guess some sort of hardware conflict at least06:31
qman__well, it could have crashed the framebuffer06:32
qman__the upgrade is taking place inside a chroot from systemrescuecd06:32
CppIsWeirdthen it sounds like you know more than me06:32
qman__but in either case06:32
qman__it halted06:32
qman__and I don't know how that's going to affect the upgrade06:32
CppIsWeirdeh, crashing mid upgrade is not wise, but not always harmful. depends on the package.06:33
CppIsWeirdive crashed there before and been fine06:33
qman__it had already installed the new kernel and got past grub and most of the services06:33
qman__I have to guess it was near the end06:33
qman__I don't really know enough about how the upgrade process works, maybe it'll leave the unconfigured packages flagged06:34
qman__it should have enough to boot06:35
qman__oh well, worth a shot06:35
qman__excellent, it worked06:39
qman__reset, sudo dpkg --configure -a, upgrade resumed06:39
CppIsWeirdthats right06:40
CppIsWeirdi remember that now06:40
qman__the video output looks fine, so it must have been a software thing06:40
qman__I had a video card die in a server before, it wouldn't even boot back up06:40
MTecknologyqman__: hey-back06:41
MTecknologyI've seen upgrades to 10.04 crash - never found any consistency... but always seemed to be the same issue :S06:41
MTecknologyqman__: is it finishing up?06:42
qman__I figured it was setting up console-fonts or something similar06:42
qman__and possibly the host system and the chroot got into it over the framebuffer06:42
qman__that command got it going again, seems to be doing fine06:42
* MTecknology runs off again - yay... :(06:43
fallouslocate?  homey ain't no bot ;)06:50
qman__it worked, the system is back online07:08
qman__torrentflux is broken, but I expected that07:08
qman__everything else works07:08
MTecknologyqman__: ya07:15
MTecknologyqman__: i can now go to sleep :)07:15
MTecknologyor something like that...07:16
GhostFreeman_Well, I tried a reinstall of 10.04 with and without LVM and i'm still encountering that kickback to busybox error07:16
GhostFreeman_I think its time I went to the forums about this07:16
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incorrectis there a package i can install that will check the health of my hdd's ?09:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #590060 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.7.0-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59006011:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #584943 in dbconfig-common (main) "Problem with a password containing space char" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58494312:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #589880 in chkrootkit (main) "hangs on step checking aliens" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58988012:41
mohammad6006my package installer not closed what can i forced to close a windows in ubuntu?12:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #589069 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.6.5-3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58906912:46
mohammad6006my package installer not closed what can i forced to close a windows in ubuntu?12:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #581844 in clamav (main) "package clamav-milter 0.96 dfsg-2ubuntu1.2 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58184412:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #590034 in vsftpd (main) "vsftpd default configuration may be susceptible to DoS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59003412:56
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diago1I'm setting up KVM and would like to use NFS to store the guest images. Does anyone have any opinions on this? I have been reading about creating an iSCSI target as well.14:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #590104 in whois (main) "ace domain format not allowed for .de nameservers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59010414:36
KurtKrautI have a small computer network (5 PCs running Ubuntu). How can I unify logins, passwords and home folders? OpenLDAP seems quite 'rocket science' for such a small job.14:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #590111 in whois (main) "Please merge whois (5.0.5) main from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59011115:01
KristianDKHow do i give apache access to a file, in a users directory without giviing other users access to it?15:15
yowlstexternal controller and serverA has multiple disk as raid1, can serverB access to serverA and see md0, md1 etc..   ?15:18
yowlsthi, if i attach 2 server with sas external controller and serverA has multiple disk as raid1, can serverB access to serverA and see md0, md1 etc..   ?15:19
remix_tjKristianDK: give access to the www-data group15:40
KristianDKremix_tj, what do you mean? to the directory?15:41
KristianDKlike changing the owner of the directory15:42
remix_tjto the dir or the file you want to15:42
KristianDKremix_tj, ok, i will just try it15:43
KristianDKremix_tj, did chown username:www-data directory -R and chmod 0740 directory15:44
KristianDKremix_tj, and it doesnt work15:44
KristianDKchmod was recusive too *15:44
remix_tjKristianDK: is your dir under an apache documentroot?15:45
KristianDKremix_tj, its in /home/username/config/15:46
KristianDKand the dir id did the commands on what the users homedir15:46
remix_tjbut is not the documentroot15:46
KristianDKwhat do you mean?15:47
KristianDKits a directory for .wsgi files15:47
KristianDKso you dont want them to be under a documentroot15:47
remix_tjKristianDK: you can enable the userdir module, and create public_html dir in your user's home15:47
remix_tjso you can access with http://yoursite/~username/15:47
KristianDKremix_tj, thats not what i need - im hosting django apps, which needs these .wsgi files to enable the users to add special parameters to their hosting15:48
KristianDKlike adding directories to their pythonpath or whatever15:48
KristianDKbut the thing is, if i just make the dir chmod 777 it works15:49
KristianDKso i just need to find a way to limit the access for apache only15:49
remix_tjKristianDK: you should give access to all the directories in path to www-data group15:49
KristianDKremix_tj, that was what i thought when i did chown username:www-data /home/username/ -R15:51
remix_tjbut what are /home permissions?15:52
remix_tjls -ld /home/15:52
KristianDKdrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 2010-06-05 13:52 /home/15:52
KristianDKthey have global reed as i see it, so i guess it shouldnt be a problem?15:53
remix_tjuhm, i think permissions are correct, you have only an apache configuration problem15:53
remix_tjbut i do not have idea15:53
KristianDKremix_tj, but i dont get it - how come it works if i do chmod 777 /home/username/ then?15:54
remix_tjmaybe the wsgi file requires x privileges15:55
remix_tjon directories you must have 750, not 64015:55
KristianDKill just give it a try, sec15:57
KristianDKremix_tj, seems to work :D will just try it on a new installation where i didnt do all kind of weird things and see if it works15:57
WhatWhatHello. Is there a official documentation on how to secure a Ubuntu server running 10.04LTS?16:04
ScottKThe official documentation is the server guide listed in /topic.16:14
ScottKIt depends a lot by what you mean by secure.16:14
jumbersI was browsing through my SMTP logs and noticed some logs of www-data (Apache) sending out emails and I'm not sure why it would be doing this. Is there any fairly simple way of tracking down what is causing them to be sent? It's happened a couple times and been sent to 2 addresses I'm not familiar with16:14
MasterZuFuhow do i install a GUI management for exim4?16:15
ScottKjumbers: In the mail logs, trace it back to the first entry for the transaction and then look in your apache logs around that time.16:15
MasterZuFuI found this: http://silverwraith.com/vexim/download.html but i have no idea on exactly how to install/use it16:16
jumbersScottK: Would there be anywhere that it would have logged the contents of the email?16:16
ScottKjumbers: You won't find the contents in the mail logs.16:16
lewqHow big does /boot have to be? Is 32MB enough?16:18
MasterZuFui guess no one knows how to install this thing.16:19
GhostFreeman_How do I list what groups exist on a given server installation17:24
ScottKGhostFreeman_: Look at the contents of /etc/group.17:29
GhostFreeman_Thank you17:29
MasterZuFuI'm trying to install ebox on my server. sudo apt-get install ebox worked, if I try and run sudo apt-get ebox-all it says it can't find the package. additionally, I can't access ebox gui feature from http://myhost/ebox17:30
MasterZuFubut I guess no one really cares, so crew it17:33
KurtKrautMasterZuFu, what is precisely the package name apt says it can't find?17:35
MasterZuFui'm not sure to be honest. I ran sudo apt-get install ebox ebox-network and it installed a bunch of stuff and tried to install dyndns crap that i don't even need. but when i try sudo apt-get install ebox-all or sudo apt-get install ebox ebox-all it says it can't find the package17:37
MasterZuFuE: Couldn't find package ebox-all17:37
MasterZuFui'll have to deal with this tomorrow. it's 2 am here and I have to get up at 6 am to go to work. I'll ask again tomorrow. Thanks for the support.17:39
=== MasterZuFu is now known as MasterZuFu|Bed
ScottKMasterZuFu|Bed: There is no ebox-all package in Ubuntu.17:41
MasterZuFu|BedYou can also install all the eBox packages:17:42
MasterZuFu|Bedsudo apt-get install ebox-all17:42
ScottKThen you need to talk to Ebox people about that.  We don't have such a package.17:45
jeeves_Mossis there a dynamic CPU scaling program that I can toss on my backup server so it's not sucking as much power when the load is low?18:58
cloakablejeeves_Moss: if your CPU supports it, the kernel can do it automatically.19:00
jeeves_Mosscloakable, cool.  is there a test to see if it's working?  it just seems that the cooling fans on this box are cycling a lot.  I relize that it's a tiny antec case, but......19:00
cloakablejeeves_Moss: does the CPU support frequency scaling, first?19:02
jeeves_Mosscloakable, as far as I know it does.  it's a 3.0ghz Intel P4 on a higher end ASUS board19:03
cloakablejeeves_Moss: install cpufrequtils19:05
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, one sec.19:06
GhostFreeman_I'm trying to get apache2 to load a website in /home/websites over /var/www with no success. What am I doing wrong?19:06
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, installed19:07
GhostFreeman_false alarm, it works now.19:07
cloakablejeeves_Moss: check 'cpufreq-info'19:07
jeeves_Mosscloakable, lol, unknowen on both cores19:07
cloakablejeeves_Moss: damn. Try 'sudo modprobe p4-clockmod'19:10
jeeves_Mosscloakable, kk, one sec19:10
jeeves_Mosscloakable, nothing19:10
cloakablejeeves_Moss: try cpufreq-info again19:12
jeeves_Mosscloakable, lol, there we go.  one sec19:13
jeeves_Mosscloakable, http://pastebin.com/2G6DKgLc19:14
GhostFreeman_I stand corrected, the issue is still there19:14
GhostFreeman_It will load a static HTML document now but I can't get it to load a php document needed to install Drupal19:15
GhostFreeman_if I post a pastebin, can I get some help figuring this out?19:15
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, sorry, now I have more time to focus on this.  I was just setting up spam assian19:16
cloakablejeeves_Moss: Trying to work out how to get the ondemand cpufreq govenor. :)19:19
jeeves_Mosscloakable, no worries.  I'm just trying to get SA to behave.  I hate this hosting busniess.  I guess if one is going to do it, one has to learn each peice, one @ a time19:19
cloakablejeeves_Moss: pretty much19:20
jeeves_Mosscloakable, currently, this little box hosts all of the v-domains untill I get the new hardware into a rack in the CoLo19:20
jeeves_Mosscloakable, the only reason I want it to dymaically scale is because it's sitting in my basement on top of 2 ADSL lines, and I don't feel like having her run full boar all day long.19:25
cloakablejeeves_Moss: yeah19:26
jeeves_Mosscloakable, you wouldn't know how to get sa-update to run once a day and work properlly?19:26
GhostFreeman_here's that pastebin btw if anyone can offer to help http://pastebin.com/t9ueDfDX19:26
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I think I can just make a cron job to do it19:27
cloakablejeeves_Moss: cpufreq_ondemand doesn't exist in ubuntu 10.04 apparently. wtf?19:27
jeeves_Mosscloakable, lol!!!!19:27
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I guess it's another thing they've butchered19:27
cloakablejeeves_Moss: apparently.19:28
cloakablejeeves_Moss: what version are you running?19:28
jeeves_Mosscloakable, let's not get started on ruby!19:28
cloakablejeeves_Moss: yes, lets not19:29
jeeves_Mosscloakable, hardty19:29
jeeves_Mosscloakable, *hardy19:29
cloakablejeeves_Moss: try 'sudo modprobe cpufreq-ondemand'19:29
jeeves_Mosscloakable, nada!  just a line feed19:30
cloakablejeeves_Moss: cpufreq-info :D19:31
jeeves_Mosscloakable, we did that already19:31
jeeves_Mosscloakable, the info shows it'll clock down to 375mhz19:32
cloakablejeeves_Moss: yeah, but you should be using the ondemand governor now.19:32
cloakablejeeves_Moss: what about current clock?19:32
jeeves_Mosscloakable, http://pastebin.com/2G6DKgLc19:32
jeeves_Mosscloakable, that's what I'm getting19:32
jeeves_Mossis there a CLI that shows CPU freq in real time?19:33
cloakablejeeves_Moss: it's not listing the ondemand governor. Is it modprobed properly?19:33
MrPicardhi guys, i require some help, im trying to run a shoutcast server19:33
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I tried the modprobe you gave me and it's not listed19:34
MrPicardill rerun the system again and provide you with the error, i know you do not support shoutcast however this may be an internal run command in unix shell19:34
MrPicardor i may be missing somthing19:34
cloakablejeeves_Moss: if it says nothing, it succeeded.19:34
jeeves_Mosscloakable, syntax again?  I'll double check19:34
cloakablejeeves_Moss: 'sudo modprobe cpufreq-ondemand'19:35
jeeves_Mosscloakable, just a line feed19:35
cloakablejeeves_Moss: then try 'sudo cpufreq-set -g ondemand'19:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #590173 in squid (main) "Error on restarting squid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59017319:36
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, done.  let's hope it works!  LOL19:37
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, there we go, it shows that "on demand" and "preformance" are listed19:38
cloakablejeeves_Moss: now run 'cpufreq-info' because the info should have changed. The kernel will set the cpu speed automatically depending on load.19:38
cloakablejeeves_Moss: Give me a new pastebin?19:38
cloakablejeeves_Moss: of the new output19:39
jeeves_Mosscloakable, http://pastebin.com/SrBkNjkf19:39
cloakablejeeves_Moss: "current CPU frequency is 375 MHz (asserted by call to hardware)." congratulations :)19:40
Error404NotFoundi have a ubuntu LAMP server serving a wordpress blog and couple of other things. Right now there are too many hits to my blog and i can't log in to my admin panel or login to mysql using commandline. any ideas?19:41
jeeves_Mosscloakable, yea!!!  Thanks man.  I just hope this'll pull the power usage lower.  Once I get the Xenon rackmounts running, I'll get them to pull low like this.  I don't have a lot of amperage I can use in the rack, and I get charged overages19:41
cloakablejeeves_Moss: Put p4-clockmod and cpufreq-ondemand into /etc/modules to get them to load on boot.19:42
jeeves_Mosscloakable, thanks!19:42
cloakablejeeves_Moss: your CPU has gone from 3000MHz to 375MHz... there will be a difference :)19:43
jeeves_Mossnext up.  getting SA to update, ClamAV (on e-mail, FTP, and Samba), then my webmail, etc19:43
jeeves_Mosscloakable, thanks again.  I just hope this'll lower the temp in the box as well!!  she's warm, and here in Suthern Ontario, it's bloody hot outside19:44
cloakablejeeves_Moss: ever touched a 375MHz cpu? ;)19:44
jeeves_Mosscloakable, lol, I have a 366mhz with 32Mb of RAM acting as our NTP server and RADIUS box.19:45
jeeves_Mosscloakable, it controlls all of the WiFi access points @ our stables.19:45
cloakablejeeves_Moss: ever touched the cpu heatsink? :)19:45
cloakableSo there you are :)19:46
jeeves_Mosscloakable, mine is never under a serious load, so.....19:46
cloakablejeeves_Moss: So it'll probably run at 375MHz most of the time.19:46
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I know the MoBo will scale the fans, so, I just had to get the power requirements under control, and I think we did it!19:46
cloakablejeeves_Moss: Whoo!19:46
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I don't think I can wake up the database server that I'm building remotley (I can't remember it's MAC), otherwise, I'd test to see if she'd scare the Xenons19:47
cloakablejeeves_Moss: not sure if the Xenons support cpu frequency scaling, though.19:48
jeeves_Mosscloakable, I know the new ones do.  @ work, we have a rack of Dells that run VMWare, and they scale, as well as have v-moation on them.19:48
cloakablejeeves_Moss: aha. Aparently p4-clockmod will work magic on them too :)19:49
HollowPointanyone know of a bug in Lucid, where after installing the LAMP server, the apache server simply tries to get you to download php files instead of viewing them in the browser as it should?19:51
jeeves_Mosscloakable, sorry about that.  damn coffee shop needs to get something more stable19:53
MrPicardHi Guys, i have been setting up a shoutcast server following http://iwtf.net/2010/01/04/setting-up-a-linux-based-shoutcast-server/ however it seems when it comes to starting the service i get this come up [1] + Done(127)                  ./sc_serv ./sc_serv.conf what should i do next?19:57
MrPicardi have looked at my current IP port however even this isnt accepting the connection19:57
jeeves_MossMrPicard, what do the logs say?19:58
jeeves_MossMrPicard, did you compile from source, etc?19:58
MrPicardi followed that site from word by word.19:58
cloakablejeeves_Moss: eh :)19:58
MrPicardused the Vi editor19:59
jeeves_MossMrPicard, how did you install the server?  did you d-load the packages from APT?19:59
jeeves_Mosscloakable, ok, now I'm my turn to "give back" to the community19:59
MrPicardNo, i used the wget command.19:59
jeeves_MossMrPicard, ok, you you installed from source.19:59
MrPicardYup the main source20:00
MrPicardone secon20:00
MrPicardill paste the commands in via ubuntu paste.20:00
jeeves_MossMrPicard, are you behind a router, or direct connect to the internet?20:00
jeeves_MossMrPicard, and I'll need your IP to see if your server is up20:01
MrPicardOk sure20:01
MrPicardim behind a router thats normally ok20:01
MrPicardmy server is running on a cloud20:01
jeeves_MossMrPicard, and you have ports 8000 and 8001 forwarded to your internal IP?20:01
MrPicardIm not sure Jeeves, this has been an experiment. :D20:02
MrPicardi used iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 8000 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT20:02
MrPicardiptables -A INPUT -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 8001 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEP20:02
MrPicardbut it couldnt find iptables.20:02
jeeves_MossMrPicard, that's becasue you're behind a router.  I don't think you have iptables installe.d20:03
MrPicardthe server its self is running on the rackspace cloud20:03
jeeves_MossMrPicard, hummmm, you need to find out how they forward ports20:04
jeeves_MossMrPicard, I'm not 100% sure how rackspace does thier firewalling.  when I nmape20:06
jeeves_MossMrPicard, I'm not 100% sure how rackspace does thier firewalling.  when I nmapped your IP, the required ports wern't open.  is there a log generated by the shotcast server?20:06
MrPicardis it ok to ask in the main ubuntu IRC channel20:08
MrPicardand see if anyone knows there?20:08
jeeves_MossMrPicard, that'll prob be your best idea.  I'm all tapped out here.  I havn't set one up before20:08
MrPicardhow does one switch off the ip tables?20:23
ScottKMrPicard: If you do:20:42
ScottKsudo /sbin/iptables -F20:43
ScottKsudo /sbin/iptables -X20:43
ScottKThat will remove all the active rules so iptables isn't doing anything.20:43
ScottKIt doesn't turn it off, but does make sure it isn't doing anything.20:43
qman__don't forget to set the policies to accept20:44
qman__sudo /sbin/iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT20:44
qman__sudo /sbin/iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT20:44
malchiascan someone direct me to a wordpress shared hosting guide for security?   Specifically I am confused on permissions that each directory needs to be set when I set it up20:49
malchiasI can lock it down, but in doing so, I can't get wordpress to work.  And when it's working, it has 750 and 777, or even 644 on some files so someone could change a wordpress theme file and simply open the database connection files - how do I prevent that?20:50
malchias(or worse write to it by the same manner)20:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #590201 in qemu-kvm (main) "OpenSolaris (previously working) no longer boots: kernel panics early" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59020120:56
wieshkaPROBLEM: i am doing do-release-upgrade, and it stuck at the Setting up javascript-common (6) ...21:23
wieshkawhat are my options/best solutions21:23
wieshkabump - anybody here ?21:27
wieshkafound solution - i killed apache221:30
wieshkabefore that i disabled sites running with SSL21:33
ScottKHow long was it stuck?21:33
wieshkafor 20 minutes21:37
wieshkaand no CPU load21:37
wieshkai supouse it wanted to restart apache221:37
wieshkabut i have ssl passowrd prompt21:37
wieshkato stdinout21:37
wieshkabut script sends it to dev/null21:38
wieshkai removed from sites-enebled ssl webs21:38
wieshkaand script after 5 sec finished proccess21:38
wieshkafuck, i supouse my ffmpeg install will be replaced21:39
wieshkai forgot to check out21:40
wieshkanow i have to find my notes to rebuild it for my needs21:40
malchiasIs there a recommended way to do updates?  (cron apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)21:59
=== jesperhenriksen is now known as LeAstrale
wieshkamalchias: you mean scheduled updates ?22:04
malchiasis that a bad idea?22:05
ScottKIt is.22:07
malchiasso, manually check the deb security releases, and approve manually on some schedule I can live with?22:08
ScottKOn a server, I tend to think you should not use automatic updates.22:09
malchiasI can understand why, just looking for best practices22:09
ScottKWhat I do is subscribe to the security list and then do manual updates when something is fixed that concerns me.22:09
Q_ContinuumI'd agree with ScottK.22:10
malchiasok, cool, thak you guys22:10
Q_ContinuumAlso on some regular basis I'd run updates, but that's just me.22:10
malchiashow about best practices security for wordpress installs?22:10
ScottKIsn't that rather orthogonal?22:10
malchiasI am confused about directory permissions (what they should be to allow both wordpress to function and to be safe)22:10
* ScottK doesn't run it, so doesn't know.22:11
malchiasI'd have to look that word up22:11
wieshkai am daily doing something on server via ssh22:11
ScottKsecurity and wordpress seem like contradictory topics.22:11
wieshkait writes in motd if there is some updates aviable22:11
wieshkaif yes, i check what and deside - update or not-to-update22:11
Q_ContinuumI do like some of that featureset they added22:12
wieshkamalchias: for example now i am already spent 2 hours to migrate from jaunty to lucid22:13
wieshkaok that is release upgrade22:13
wieshkabut still - upgrades only manually22:13
malchiasso, forums, etc where users can create php files - what would be the general method of securing the directories but still allow php to read/write to them - or is that simply impossible?22:14
malchiasfor example, if I had users in /var/www/someuser/htdocs    how should I normally set the permissions for each part of that directory tree so someuser1 can't see/use/manipulate someuser2 files?22:18
malchiasI'm running them as someuser.www-data but people can easily create a script and if apache can read it, they can have their script read sensitive files22:19
MTecknologyCould one of you tell me what 'file /usr/share/gconf/defaults/ln' shows you?22:50
CppIsWeirdMTecknology, still interested?23:05
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: only slightly now - I told a guy to rm the file and then rm a different one- and things work for him now :P23:06
CppIsWeirdoh, ok.23:07
CppIsWeirdso then no.23:07
MTecknologyCppIsWeird: maybe not the best choice - but a cyclic symlink is kinda :S23:07
MTecknologyIOError: [Errno 40] Too many levels of symbolic links: '/usr/share/gconf/defaults/ln23:07
MTecknologyone symlink links to the other23:08
MTecknologyand vise versa23:08
MTecknologyI'm going to go get something to mash up potatoes with - bbiab23:08
CppIsWeirdi just started attacking compiling xen-hypervisor again. it looks like it might actually finally finish.23:08
CppIsWeirdbut usually when i say that everything breaks23:09
CppIsWeirdwhat package do i need to install to install "latex"?23:14
CppIsWeirdwell... i have a problem. after installing the xen-hypervisor, ubuntu wont boot23:26
coafcvhi. if I type ssh 192.168. in my console, and then hit tab, it suggests ''. This seems to be highly suspicious (note the 2o7.net). has anyone an idea how this completion could have been suggested my console?23:27
CppIsWeirdbill gates hacked ur box23:28
CppIsWeirdobviously you typed it in there, thats the only way it got there unless someone else has physical access to your machine23:30
CppIsWeirdi'd test it out on my ubuntu box but its currently broken. >_<23:31
wieshkahmmm i have weird problem23:38
wieshkaafter migrating from jaunty to lucid23:38
wieshkamy apache error.log says23:38
wieshka[Sun Jun 06 01:32:02 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/javascript/jquery-1.3.2.min.js, referer: http://cms.remote3.lv/23:38
wieshkawhy it tryis to access /usr/share ?23:38
wieshkanot my DOCROOT ?23:39
tsimpsonwieshka: see /etc/apache2/conf.d/javascript-common.conf23:41
wieshkatsimpson: thx - there is the path :)23:42
wieshkacommented out Alias - tsimpson thx :)23:43
sudotuxSomething happened and now ubuntu wont boot it is stuck just booting into the memtest screen how do i fix23:43
wieshkaor maybe better to move all javascripts to that folder23:43
sudotuxSomething happened and now ubuntu wont boot it is stuck just booting into the memtest screen how do i fix23:46
coafcvdo bash consoles consult DNS servers for DNS completion when typing something like ssh half.of.a.domai ?23:51
wieshkaThx everyone - my migration from jaunty to lucid has been finished succesfully, there was only problems with restoring postgresql dbases.23:59
wieshkahave a good night everyone23:59

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