elkyAlanBell, pong?02:35
rwwAlanBell: we need to actually figure out a time for that voting thing, too. I completely forgot about it :S02:38
AlanBellrww: ah yes the voteymagig thing07:51
AlanBellakgraner: rww any time in the next 14 hours or so would be fine for me07:51
rww@now Europe/London07:52
rwwoh, we don't have ubottu. nvm.07:53
elkywe have ubot4...07:53
rwwAlanBell: is it 0700 or 0800 where you are?07:54
rwweither way, hrm. It's midnight here, I have work from 1100 to 1600, so it would have to be either in the next two hours or between eight hours and ten hours from now.07:57
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AlanBellrww: it is 08:0008:02
AlanBellrww: midnight sounds a bit late to be starting something08:03
rwwAlanBell: I usually sleep 2am to 10am ;P08:03
rwwI don't think akgraner's around right now, though, so it might be better to plan something Sunday/next week to make sure we can all do it?08:04
AlanBellI wonder why the clone bots don't have the time plugin it is rather handy08:04
AlanBellyeah, that sounds like a good plan08:04
AlanBellhow about 20:00 UTC today/tomorrow?08:08
rwwI'm working until 2300 UTC08:08
AlanBellhmm, thats midnight for me08:09
AlanBellsame for tomorrow?08:10
* rww double-checks the dates involved here08:10
rwwTomorrow (Sunday), I'm working 2pm to 6pm my time, so 2200 to 0200 Monday your time08:11
rwwso a couple of hours before then would work08:11
AlanBellyep, before then would be great08:12
rwwI'd guess we won't need more than an hour?08:12
AlanBellshouldn't think so08:13
AlanBellok, lets try to catch akgraner at some point then08:13
rwwonly downside is that that's early-afternoon in akgranerland, and she might be busy on Sundays, iono08:14
rwwbut we can figure something out hopefully08:14
AlanBellelky: want to talk about the ufa stuff?08:16
elkywhat about it?08:17
macowhats ufa?08:25
elkysomething jono came up with in 2007, i set up wiki info and a mailing list, then nobody, not even jono, had any input for it.08:26
czajkowskimaco: late one for you08:29
macoyeah im staying up all night. have a report to finish08:29
macoooh ok i remember it just never saw it abbreviated08:29
czajkowskimaco: when is i due?08:34
macomore like a few hours ago but meh08:34
macoim going with "email it before the professor wakes up"08:34
czajkowskiah tis still friday08:34
macoyes its friday til i wake up on saturday ;-)08:35
czajkowskimaco: get off irc maddem08:35
valoriemaco is sounding a bit burnt out08:35
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}} to maco08:35
macoyeah i know. i was takin a break between papers. i already turned in one of the 2 three hours ago08:35
czajkowskimaco: shite08:36
czajkowskimaco: talk about pressure08:36
czajkowskimaco: hope you get it done and then SLEEEP08:36
elkyI anticipate we'll see her again next week sometime :P08:38
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