josemy dad was about to throw away my PC yesterday for messing it up with ubuntu00:00
orangegloappl6: i guess my question is, how can i execute a command at a file?00:00
nero_help (rpt) i just did the upgrade and sound is non existent.  i.e. i go to sound and there are no longer any hardware devices for it : /  ... any help would be great00:00
josethe bad part about ubuntu is that it can read .EXE00:00
josei dont think theres a way to fix the SOUND DRIVER00:00
usr13orangeglo: exactly what are you trying to do?00:00
Appl6orangeglo: I don't understand your question.  The installation instructions give you a specific command to run; why are you trying to run some other command?00:01
joseis there a way to use a .EXE in a ubuntu OS00:01
nero_gahh, i had sound in my 10.04 ... i do a stupid little update and now i don't have it00:01
nero_jose,  "wine"00:01
orangegloAppl6: im just trying to do what the command told me to. it told me to execute the given command to the octoshape file. how do i do that??00:01
AstroeAnybody here have any experience with installing rockbox from ubuntu?00:01
usr13orangeglo: Bring up a terminal and do as instructions said:  ./OctoshapeClient -url:octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel00:01
orangeglousr13: i have, but it tells me that the file doesnt exist00:02
josei used to like ubuntu00:02
josei used to use ubuntu ever since 8.000:02
Appl6orangeglo: You have to give us specific error messages.00:02
usr13orangeglo: ./OctoshapeClient -url:octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel #Where -url:octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel is the actual URL.00:02
Briar_RoseOMG! There are like 1000 people on here!00:03
Zikel1477 :P00:03
usr13orangeglo: Did you cd to the directory where OctoshapeClient actually resides?00:03
orangeglousr13:bash: ./OctoshapeClient: No such file or directory00:03
bmacki just installed restricted drivers and now the plymoth boot logo is really huge, how do i change the resolution of the boot logo?00:03
orangeglousr13: yes, i am currently in my downloads file00:03
usr13orangeglo: ls  #Will give you a list of files in the current directory00:03
Briar_RoseIf I have a virus, can anybody help me?00:04
josedoes anyone know how to get a clearcase for a HP pavilion?00:04
Briar_RoseNope. Sorry.00:04
edbianBriar_Rose, Yeah I bet we can.  What makes you think you have one?00:04
orangeglousr13: the file is in my downloads folder, i just ls'd but when i enter the command it says no such file or directory00:04
joseBriar_Rose:Ubuntu has only like 2 viruses00:04
edbianBriar_Rose, Did you just answer your own question?00:04
Appl6orangeglo: Please "ls -l" and use http://paste.ubuntu.com for the output.00:05
Briar_RoseOh no, I was just making sure there were some helpful people here.00:05
edbianjose, only 2?  Where do you get that from?00:05
usr13orangeglo: Bring up a terminal and do as instructions said:  ./OctoshapeClient -url:octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel #Where OctoshapeClient is the actual name of the executable / bin file and where octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel is the correct target URL.00:05
ZikelBriar, there's like 1468 people here, I bet one of them could :P00:05
usr13orangeglo: ls  #And then look at the list.00:06
joseedbian,Thats just what i think00:06
Briar_RoseWow! I thought there was already 2000 people here!00:06
orangegloappl6: http://paste.ubuntu.com/444838/00:06
usr13orangeglo: pastebin the output of   ls00:06
edbianjose, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware00:07
orangeglousr13: ive tried that. i entered the EXACT file name, but it still says no such file or directory00:07
edbianBriar_Rose, Do you have a question about Ubuntu?00:07
joseedbian is there any way i can contact you while im recovering my windows 700:07
Appl6orangeglo: The file isn't in that directory.  Try "cd octoshape" and "ls -l" again.00:07
Briar_Roseedbian: A friend told me that there was almost 1000 people here.00:08
edbianjose, I don't think I can help with windows 7.  I've never even used it before!  I'm more of a linux guy.  Debian to be specific.00:08
edbianBriar_Rose, There are 1464 people in here00:08
usr13What is in the directory octoshape/00:08
edbianBriar_Rose, Do you have a question about Ubuntu?00:08
joseedbian you should try wnidows 700:08
joseits great00:08
edbianjose, Eh, it costs money00:08
josedo you have a 64bit Computer?00:08
orangegloAppl6: http://paste.ubuntu.com/444839/00:09
dassoukiwould a laptop consume less or more battery if it was runnign the os from an sdkey00:09
edbianjose, No.  But if I did I would use 64 bit Debian.  Please PM me if you want to stay off topic.  I'd be happy to talk but not in the channel if it's not about support for Ubuntu.00:09
ohir!ot | jose00:09
ubottujose: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:09
Appl6orangeglo: OK.  Now try the command you were trying to run before.00:09
orangegloAppl6: i just did, and there was no input00:09
usr13orangeglo: Did you run ./octosetup-linux_i386.bin and follow the installation instructions?00:09
orangegloAppl6: sorry output00:09
Appl6orangeglo: Be specific.  Was there an error?  What did it say?  What did you expect to happen?  What command did you enter?00:10
josewhats the chat to recover windows 7 and partition the hard disk to a NTFS?00:10
bastid_raZororangeglo: what are you expecting that command to do?00:10
bastid_raZorjose: ##windows00:10
orangegloAppl6: i typed in the exact directions, but there was nothing. no output.00:10
josethank you00:10
usr13Hold on everone....00:11
usr13orangeglo: Did you run ./octosetup-linux_i386.bin and follow the installation instructions?00:11
orangeglobastid_razor: i dont know exactly what it was supposed to do, it just told me to do it00:11
bastid_raZorjose: /join ##windows00:11
joseoh wait00:11
bastid_raZororangeglo: no output doesn't mean something bad.. it normally means it did what it was suppose to do.00:11
Appl6usr13: He's on step 2.00:11
pfifowhat is the point in having packages that end in *-dev?00:11
Briar_RoseWhat do you people think about Google Chrome?00:12
orangeglogot it working00:12
orangeglothanks guys :)00:12
acerimmernew sudo man page  http://i.imgur.com/rDnh3.jpg00:12
usr13orangeglo: very good00:12
dassoukii'm on a live cd ... is there an easy way to replace the ubuntu on the har drive ?00:12
BitEncryptanybody know of a good EQ for audio00:13
FloodBot4huhuhu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
Briar_Rosetoo many people00:13
bastid_raZorhuhuhu: go away with your retardation00:13
mermalinux warez lol00:13
Briar_RoseBye everybody!00:13
bacon1989is there any way to make indicator applet work with pidgin?00:14
pfifoi pirate gnu apps all the time :D00:14
BitEncryptanybody know of a good EQ for audio for ubuntu 10.0400:15
edbianCoinKoin, Audio Equalizer00:16
JLDahmerHow can I uninstall Ubuntu on a Windows 7 dual-boot setup without using Windows restore (Which I do not have) to restore the master boot record?00:16
CaptainTrekJLDahmer:  a Windows boot CD00:17
pfifoBitEncrypt, i remeber i had a nice one that worked with jack, but i cannot remember the name off the top of my head. look into all the cool apps for jack and see if you cant find one (there are several)00:17
usr13JLDahmer: You don't have to restore the MBR.  YOu can continue to let GRUB boot MS Windows.00:17
JLDahmerThe last time I just deleted the ubuntu partition and a grub error would prevent my computer from booting up.00:17
usr13JLDahmer: Just set MS Windows as the only option.00:17
natjoQuestion: I have the 10.04 Ubuntu Netbook Remix and I'd like to install it on a 16GB thumbdrive i have but i can't find nothing but Live installs to let me look at it but I want to install on the thumdrive00:18
acerimmerJLDahmer: wubi or actuall dual boot?00:18
acerimmernatjo: Startup disk creator00:18
JLDahmerActual dual boot00:18
BitEncrypt@pfifo i thought jack only worked with external media00:19
acerimmerJLDahmer: borrow a windows dvd so you rewrite your mbr after ubuntu is gon00:19
natjoi don't want to dual boot i want to have this thumbdrive because my HDD is being replaced and i want a backup just in case00:19
lewqHey. I'm having real trouble with a 10.04 server I've installed on /dev/sdb, with a data drive on /dev/sda. I told the installer to install grub2 on /dev/sdb and the BIOS to boot straight off that disk. Grub booted the first time, I installed some updates (possibly a new kernel / grub loader, not sure) and upon reboot, I get "error: out of disk"00:20
usr13JLDahmer: You can probably still do   fdisk /mbr00:20
usr13JLDahmer: Try it and see.00:20
lewqfollowing http://superuser.com/questions/89307/grub2-error-out-of-disk gives me "error: out of disk" when I try and do step 5, ls /boot/00:20
lewqAny ideas? It's gone midnight and I'm in the data centre tearing my hair out!00:20
pfifoBitEncrypt, no, jack is more like also or oss00:21
jessonchanwhat a u talking00:21
Scunizilewq: also ask in #ubuntu-server00:22
solid_liqanyone know why there's been kernel updates two days in a row for 10.04?00:22
Scunizisolid_liq: security patches?00:22
pfifosolid_liq, because the third time's a charm?00:22
Appl6lewq: Possibly https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/477430 ?  It's the alternative option to the first solution given on your superuser link.00:22
aj_____Hi I am currently having a problem with creating a new user in ubuntu server 10.04, when ever I create a new user their terminal will open and then immediately close.00:22
solid_liqanyone know without guessing?  ;)00:22
FlameTai1Can anyone help me get the visual effects working? When ever I try to enable them it flashes a few times and says Desktop effects could not be enabled, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 using a NVidia GeForce 8400 GS PCI 512MB DDR2, can anyone help me please...?00:23
alkemannso im a newb. just installed wubi. I have only my user, i verified that it is the administrator. typing 'su' and giving the password gives a authentication failure00:23
Beyecixramddo you guys know the name of the tiny distro that permits you to boot DSL, or TinyCore, or the Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora netinstallers?00:23
pfifoFlameTai1, possibly manually downgrade your nvidia drivers00:23
acerimmerBeyecixramd: damn small linux00:23
edbianFlameTai1, I can hang on a second00:23
usr13lewq: What part of the instructions did not work?00:24
Beyecixramdacerimmer: no... there's a specific distro that presents you some famous distros in a GRUB menu00:24
edbianalkemann, You can't su to root in ubuntu.  It's set up to use sudo instead.00:24
Beyecixramdaaah, there it is http://www.netboot.me/00:24
FlameTai1Alrighty hangin on edbian lol.00:24
edbianFlameTai1, Try this script.  It's very helpful for your sort of problem! :) http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check00:24
jessonchanhey anyone knows longene?00:24
alkemannedbian: what does that mean? trying to follow this guide http://tinyurl.com/r22tz . what do i do instead of "su" ?00:25
pfifodose mingw32 not get along with amd64 or something? Im having soooo much trouble building this cross compiler00:25
FlameTai1edbian: I don't dare run it, I dun want it to tell me it's incompatable T-T lol xD *Runs the script*00:25
Picialkemann: Why would you use xampp? There is a lamp stack in Ubuntu.00:26
acerimmerpfifo: that's entirely possible....00:26
Pici!lamp > alkemann00:26
ubottualkemann, please see my private message00:26
alkemannPici: because i am somewhat familiar with xampp from my windows machine00:26
BedManMMmmmmMMmm lamp00:26
dassoukiumm is there a way i can reinstall ubuntu from a live cd without going through the partition manager ?00:26
Appl6alkemann: It's encouraged to use sudo, which elevates your permissions for the next command only.  If you need a root shell, use sudo -i.00:26
FlameTai1edbian: It says  More than one graphics chip detected -- sorry, the script can not handle that.00:27
FlameTai1 Aborting.00:27
wildbatdassouki, y you want to do it ?00:27
FlameTai1Good sign or bad? lol.00:27
alkemannAppl6: but with only me using this machine. can't I tell it to just do whatever I say?00:28
dassoukiwildbat: well for some reason, ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook drops to busybox saying /dev/hda1 is missing .. i don't have /dev/hda1, i just have /dev/sda1 ... i'm not sure how to fix that, so i'm thinking of reinstailling00:28
MarcWeberHow is /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pygtk.py generated? dpkg can't find a package owning it00:28
Appl6alkemann: I don't understand what you mean.  You can type "sudo trash_my_system" to execute that command with root privileges.  What's missing?00:28
acerimmerdassouki: keep the same parts, make sure you don't format and install over the top of the existing system.  or so I'm told00:29
evonI have searched the repositories and the net and I can't seem to find the QT toolkit.  Can someone help me please?00:29
alkemannAppl6: missing was the instruction to prefix commands with sudo :)00:29
dassoukiacerimmer: i've screwed it up before; i've got a fobia00:30
=== fbianconi_ is now known as fbianconi
FlameTai1Anyone able to help me? =|00:30
wildbatdassouki, hmmm ~ you could have maually mount the root back but anyway you can have selected Manual when picking partition and Don't click format where assigning /, /boot, etc~00:30
acerimmerdassouki: well, you could back up your /home, reinstall normally and then reinstall your /home...00:30
FlameTai1I ran the script edbian gave me and it said "More than one graphics chip detected -- sorry, the script can not handle that.00:31
FlameTai1 Aborting.00:31
alkemannok trying with sudo and lamp instead00:31
BokoCan Please00:31
BokoSome One00:31
BokoHelp me00:31
CoggeshallI've gotten ubuntu to install, but now it is requesting a password. On my windows side that account has no password. Any suggestions as to why this is happening?00:31
BokoInstall an00:31
FloodBot4Boko: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:31
pfifodose anyone know if ubuntu has a pre built cross-compiler that has both SDL and Lua libs built in. Like in a unofficial repo. (im starting to feel lazy)00:31
evonI have searched the repositories and the net and I can't seem to find the QT toolkit.  Can someone help me please?00:31
alkemannproblem with ubuntu isnt that it is difficult, just doesnt follow expectations of a long time windows user00:31
dassoukiacerimmer: currently, the data sits on a windows partition ... and i'm not sure there is even a / root anymore. I see 4 ntfs drives, an ext4 and a linux-swap .. no /00:31
acerimmerdassouki: is this a wubi install00:32
=== Trek is now known as CaptainTrek
evonI have searched the repositories and the net and I can't seem to find the QT toolkit.  Can someone help me please?00:33
bastid_raZordassouki: ext4 is probably / .. / is only a mountpoint not the fs type00:33
dassoukiacerimmer: no it's not .... live usb .. netboook remix ..00:33
FlameTai1Appearently no one can help me eh?00:33
dassoukibastid_raZor: so i should specify the ext4 as root ?00:33
CoggeshallI've gotten ubuntu to install, but now it is requesting a password. On my windows side that account has no password. Any suggestions as to why this is happening?00:33
bastid_raZordassouki: no idea, i haven't been following your issues.00:34
dassoukiCoggeshall: did you enter a password while installation ? ubuntu always asks for ap assword00:34
evonflametail: what was your question?00:34
chilicui1why the package firefox-3.5 install ff 3.6.4?, is there a way I can install the real ff 3.5 in ubuntu 10.04?00:34
alkemannso i did "sudo tasksel install lamp-server" and it seemed to install ok. but what now?00:34
dassoukialkemann: read the manual or at least skim through it00:35
dassoukialkemann: i didn't mean it in rude way00:35
bastid_raZordassouki: yes, use the ext4 partition as your / and linux-swap as /swap00:35
Coggeshalldassouki: Not that I'm aware of. I ran the wubi installer and it was running through. I left it and came back and my windows side was running. I didnt actually input anything. Is there a default?00:35
pfifoChiliblue, i believe mozilla keeps previous releases of firefox in both source and .deb form on their site00:35
FlameTai1evon: Can anyone help me get the visual effects working? When ever I try to enable them it flashes a few times and says Desktop effects could not be enabled, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 using a NVidia GeForce 8400 GS PCI 512MB DDR2, can anyone help me please...?00:35
bastid_raZordassouki: format both, unless i'm missing something in your previous posts00:35
dassoukibastid_raZor: thanks ....00:36
FlameTai1evon: Then edbian gave me this script to run "FlameTai1, Try this script.  It's very helpful for your sort of problem! :) http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check"00:36
alkemanndassouki: no offence taken. im just so lost.00:36
subsumeI keep losing a variable defiled in my .profile =( What am I doing wrong? I have to source it every time I open a screen window and its annoying.00:36
FlameTai1evon: Then when ran it gives me this "It says  More than one graphics chip detected -- sorry, the script can not handle that.00:36
FlameTai1<FlameTai1>  Aborting."00:36
evonflametail: are you running sli?00:37
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
Coggeshalldassouki: Not that I'm aware of. I ran the wubi installer and it was running through. I left it and came back and my windows side was running. I didnt actually input anything. Is there a default?00:37
FlameTai1evon: I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, and IDK what sli is xD00:37
alkemannfor one. the file structure is really making me confused. how do I figure out where it installed [in this case lamp-server] ?00:37
dassoukiCoggeshall: interesting, have you tried entering no password ?00:38
jasper_Ok, so i'v managed to finish everything else, and i was wondering if somone could help me find my video drivers..00:38
bastid_raZor!filesystem > alkemann .. read this it will help you understand00:38
ubottualkemann, please see my private message00:38
Coggeshalldassouki: yeah. it says 'authenication failure' or something like that. are you at all familiar with windows XP?00:38
josehow can i open a iso file00:38
FlameTai1evon: What would sli be? o=00:38
bastid_raZor!mount | jose00:38
ubottujose: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount00:38
bastid_raZor!iso | jose .. rather00:39
ubottujose .. rather: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:39
alkemannbastid_raZor: thanks00:39
wildbatjose, just double click it00:39
evonflametail: it's when you have 2 video cards installed on your computer.  anyway have you tried envy?00:39
joseumm how about a simple way to mount it from ONE person00:39
evonflametail: it that will install the drivers automatically for you00:39
dassoukiCoggeshall: i'm not sure it copies the password over00:39
dassoukiCoggeshall: try logging in as root00:39
FlameTai1evon: Not that I know of, and I have a PCI video card and the other is an intergated motherboard one00:40
evonflametail: it should be in the repos00:40
bastid_raZorjose: do what ubottu said.. and replace ISO-filename with the iso and replace mountpoint with an empty directory00:40
Klojumjasper_:  which videocard?00:40
Coggeshalldassouki: how do I go about logging in 'as root'?00:40
FlameTai1evon:  K I'll check.00:40
evonI have searched the repositories and the net and I can't seem to find the QT toolkit.  Can someone help me please?00:40
MrDudleCoggeshall, sudo?00:40
CoggeshallMrDurdle: I'm sorry?00:41
acerimmerCoggeshall: Login name: same one you created during installation:  Password: same as you created during installation00:41
VCoolioCoggeshall: there is no root account in ubuntu; try to reset your password by booting in recovery mode; find a howto somewhere00:42
josewhat does he mean by monut point00:42
Coggeshallacerimmer: Thats the thing. I ran the wubi installer and left it alone. When I came back I was on my windows partion for whatever reason. I never input any information.00:42
acerimmerCoggeshall: have you rebooted00:43
Coggeshallacerimmer: multiple times00:43
bastid_raZorjose: an empty directory.. create a directory .. for example ~/iso   then use ~/iso as your mountpoint00:43
FlameTai1evon: "Envy is no longer supported starting from Ubuntu 10.04. Please use Jockey instead.00:43
josei wanta simple easy way im new to ubuntu00:44
Appl6evon: I have a hard time believing that you searched the net and didn't find anything on installing qt libraries on Ubuntu.  What exactly are you trying to do?00:44
joseall i want to do is switch back to windows >_<00:44
josecan you open a remote connection?00:44
acerimmerCoggeshall: when you boot wubi, the first screen is the windows bootloader.  You choose an OS (windows or ubuntu) .  Do you get the bootloader?00:44
bastid_raZorjose:  put in the windows cd and install.. that is simple enough.00:44
josei cant00:44
FlameTai1jose: Why would you want to do such a thing?00:44
josethe hard disk needs to be NTFS00:44
evonappl6: maybe i'm searching for the wrong thing. I've been typing qt toolkit. I'm trying to install ophcrack00:45
josei find ubuntu extremley confusing00:45
alkemannis it an ubuntu setting or convetion that the area where the mouse pointer turns to a window resize is half a pixel?00:45
evonjose: what do you need help with?00:45
br0ken85i need some help. i recently upgraded from 9.04 to 10.04 and i was updating all of my repositories to refelect the upgrade but now i get the following error:00:45
br0ken85E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/ppa could not be found.00:45
josecan anyone open a Remote Desktop Viewer and open this iso file for me please00:45
Appl6evon: ophcrack is in the repos.  Did you run into a problem installing it?00:45
dassoukiwould it be more power efficient to run ubuntu off a live cd or of hdd ?00:46
br0ken85anyone have an idea what this might be? haven't been able to find much after googling it00:46
Coggeshallacerimmer: yeah. I choose ubuntu00:46
evonappl6: actually i just saw that it was in the repos.  I already installed it.  Thanks. but for future reference, what should i search for with regards to installing the qt toolkit00:46
=== keffie_jayx_ is now known as keffie_jayx
acerimmerCoggeshall: then you get the grub menu.  right?00:47
BitEncryptanybody have a computer cooled by flourinert??00:47
bastid_raZorjose: you need to create liveCD with that iso then format the partition/drive and leave it blank/unformatted .. then boot into the windows CD and off you go00:47
josecan anyone tell me the easiest way to unpack a iso file00:47
evonbr0ken85: i don't know what that means and i would personally just do a fresh install00:47
josebut how do i make it a live cd00:47
joseoh my god im sooo confused00:47
josethank god today is friday00:47
acerimmerjose: learning curve00:47
bastid_raZorjose: use brasero to burn it to a cd00:47
bob__Trying to get Netgear Poserline USB Adapter runing on karmic.  How do I connect?00:47
evonjose: use a burning program to burn and image00:48
chilicui1why the package firefox-3.5 install ff 3.6.4?, is there a way I can install the real ff 3.5 in ubuntu 10.04?00:48
josehow do i get brasero00:48
Appl6evon: I used Google and typed in "install qt toolkit ubuntu" and the second hit was perfectly relevant.00:48
BitEncryptISO image00:48
evonjose: make sure you choose the 'image' option then choose the .iso file00:48
evonjose: then boot the computer with that CD00:48
joseoh found brasero00:48
Coggeshallacerimmer: by grub I assume you mean the BIOS looking screen where it asks Win XP or Ubuntu. From there it asks me if I want to boot Ubuntu, Ubuntu (recovery), etc...00:48
joseevon i boot with the livecd or windows cd00:48
evonappl6: i didn't try that. I will check it out. thanks00:48
judgetjust installed fresh Ubuntu studio 10.04 replacing my 9.10 with a fresh install NOT upgrade. No wifi what did i miss?00:48
acerimmerCoggeshall: right/  boot (recovery)00:49
Coggeshallacerimmer: yeah. I tried that. It still asks for login account and password00:49
=== Jay is now known as Guest34885
acerimmerCoggeshall: good00:49
=== Guest34885 is now known as Jay__
acerimmerCoggeshall: and that account is the one you created during the install process00:49
bastid_raZorjose: process what i've just told you. if you follow the directions you will be back installing windows in 15 minutes00:50
Coggeshallacerimmer: again, I never created an account00:50
josecan you tell me the instructions again bastid00:50
Coggeshallacerimmer: it said it was installing and I left around 80%. When I came back it was on my windows desktop00:50
evonjose: what is your ultimate goal00:50
natjookay i'm using ubuntu netbook remix but it's still a live install nothing gets saved like apps i've added or anything i'm using a 16GB thumbdrive and would like to do this any ideas?00:50
joseto get windows 7 up and running again00:50
evonappl6: thanks i didn't get any of those links when i searched. I guess the way you typed it worked better then what i typed "download qt toolkit .deb"00:51
evonjose: then just pop in the windows CD and boot from it00:51
acerimmerCoggeshall: for some reason you appear to have rebooted with installation incomplete.  I suspect a screen saver interrupt of just plain old funky windows,  Anyway, go into windows, delete ubuntu, then reinstall it.00:51
josei cant00:52
josewither a NTFS error or it just wont let me boot00:52
Klojumjose: why not download the rescue-cd of Windows7 and use that to get Win7 going?00:52
acerimmerCoggeshall: and give serious thought to dual booting - much less heartache00:52
judgetdont have the wifi picker on my task bar after the fresh install opf 10.04 any ideas what did i miss00:52
bastid_raZorjose: burn the ubuntu iso to a disk using brasero. boot to the liveCD you just created. format the partition/drive and leave it blank or to NTFS ... boot the windows cd and install00:52
evonjose i don't understand what you mean00:52
joseso i make the live cd partition to NTFS and install win7?00:53
Coggeshallacerimmer: 1) how do I uninstall ubuntu00:53
Coggeshall2) what do you mean by dual boot00:53
evonand please type my name before you say something to me so i know when you're talking to me00:53
Appl6bastid_raZor: Why not tell the Windows CD to use the entire disk for the install?00:53
bastid_raZorAppl6: windows can not see the ext* partition/disk and therefore can not partition it00:53
acerimmerCoggeshall: start windows.  go into add/delete programs.  delete ubuntu.00:53
evonjose: win7 will do that all for you when you boot from the C00:53
hopeless8009hay does any one know how to ID an IBM mobo00:54
evonJose: CD00:54
hopeless8009i need and audio driver bad00:54
EvanzoAre there any plans to ship Ubuntu with BCI enabled and the sub-pixel rendering patches applied? My understanding is that some of the relevant patents are now out of date and others would be unlikely to stand up to legal scrutiny. It would make the out of box experience so much better, as right now the default font rendering is terible00:54
josei tried to partition it to NTFS it didnt let me00:54
evonjose what didn't let you?00:54
Appl6bastid_raZor: It just has to overwrite the partition table; it's not like it has to read from the ext filesystem or interpret the filesystem codes in the partition table.00:54
Coggeshallacerimmer: and what do you mean by dual boot?00:54
FlameTai1Can anyone help me get the visual effects working? When ever I try to enable them it flashes a few times and says Desktop effects could not be enabled, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 using a NVidia GeForce 8400 GS PCI 512MB DDR2, can anyone help me please...?00:54
josethe cd instsllation00:55
bastid_raZorAppl6: windows = fail  ..00:55
acerimmer!dual boot|coggeshall00:55
ubottucoggeshall: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:55
joseok im burning the image00:55
josehow do i boto from the live cd?00:56
pfifoFlameTai1, purchase a new video card00:56
ubottuevanzo: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!00:56
bastid_raZorjose: once you get into the liveCD install gparted .. use gparted to format the drive00:56
db_locohas anyone exprienced the following. When logging out and trying to log back in all i get is a blank purple screen. it has happened many times now, ramdomly.  Is this normal or am I  missing some updates?00:56
josebut isnt the live cd a .EXE?00:56
acerimmerFlameTai1: see pfifo. you just might have to lay out some $ for eyecandy00:56
evonjose: make sure that your computer is set to check the CDrom for boot media before it boots from the HD, then turn on your computer making sure that the CD you want to boot from is already in the drive00:57
FlameTai1acerimmer: $ is one thing I don't have00:57
joseso i boot from hte live cd i used gparted then partition it00:57
josethen install the win 700:57
joseok im done burning it00:58
josewhat now?00:58
evonbastid_razor: why would jose have to format the drive before he installs windows 7 when windows 7 will do that for him? am i missing something?00:58
=== pinkrobotking is now known as apachelogger
evonjose: what did you just burn and do you already have the windows 7 cd?00:59
bastid_raZorevon: windows install disk will not see any drive available if it is partition ext3/4 .00:59
josei just burned the live cd00:59
evonbastid_razor: ok i was unaware of that01:00
evonjose: put the CD in the drive and restart your computer01:00
josethe live cd?01:00
Notch-1hi, i've noticed that the networkmanager issue that i'm having is wellknown, there is any workaround for that? it just wont work after the update from karmic to lucid...01:00
evonjose: yes, which live CD did you burn? was it an ubuntu live cd?01:00
josethe 10.0401:00
bastid_raZorjose: be sure to install gparted while booted to the liveCD01:00
pfifobastid_raZor, live cd comes with gparted01:01
evonjose: ok so put the CD in the drive and restart your computer. then open a terminal and type gparted01:01
josehow do i install gparted?01:01
josejust type in gparted?01:01
evonjose: gparted is already on the liveCD01:01
CaptainTrekjose: sudo apt-get install gparted01:01
evonjose: gparted is already comes with ubuntu. don't worry about installing it01:02
bastid_raZorpfifo: last liveCD i used was 8.10 and it didn't. good to know it has changed01:02
evondoes anyone know if xchat or any other irc programs are pre-installed in ubuntu liveCD so Jose can rejoin the chat?01:02
joseso what do i do when i partition it?01:02
evonhe will need instructions on how to use gparted01:03
abuayyoubAnyone here know anything about usenet / hellanzb?01:03
josethe live cd wont have xfire01:03
pfifobastid_raZor, yes its a welcome change, specially for older memory constrained systems01:03
Notch-1evon: empaty maybe?01:03
wildbatevon lubuntu do but no gparted01:03
josejust tell me the instructions now so i right it down01:03
evonjose: then restart the computer with the win7 CD in01:04
josethats all?01:04
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
Appl6evon: Yeah, Notch-1 is right, Empathy is there.01:05
evonappl6: ok thanks01:05
Notch-1Appl6: don't know about the irc support anyway...01:05
joseevon: is that all i do from there?01:05
evonjose: use empathy to rejoin this channel so i can walk you through the rest01:05
alkemannwhats the command for printing the contents of a small text file in the terminal?01:05
evonjose: yes that is all if you figure out to reformat the drive to ntfs01:06
joseempathy is preinstalled?01:06
evonjose: yes01:06
Appl6alkemann: Use "cat" if you want to dump all of it; use "less" if you want to be able to scroll up and down with arrow keys.01:06
josebut how will i join the chat with it01:06
joseits just a IM client01:06
alkemannAppl6: thanks01:06
evonjose. i honestly don't know. i dont use it01:07
Appl6jose: evon: Notch-1: Empathy is also an IRC client.01:07
joseill use xfire if i dont figure it out01:07
joseow do i boot from live cd01:07
evonjose ok ttyl01:07
Notch-1anybody know how to fix networkmanager or the networking in general in lucid? after the update it's all nonfunctioning... i've tried anything...please01:08
Notch-1i can't do a fresh install i need to update..01:08
josehow do i boot from the live cd01:08
=== kbrosnan_ is now known as kbrosnan
BluesKajjose, open your bios and set the boot sequemce to cdrom as first01:09
Notch-1jose just put it in, if you are talking about the ubuntu cd, i don't know windows...01:09
josewait i know now i just remembered01:09
joseif you guys want soem help about windows to mabye get you a head start with it for better support email me at josescomputershow@comcast.net01:10
joseim oging to boot wish me luck01:10
BluesKajerr boot sequence01:10
jannonoI copied the "Music" folder on my computer running OS X to an external usb drive, formatted the drive--long story--and now i'm running ubuntu and it tells me i don't have the permissions necessary to view the folder. it also says the drive is read-only. what do i do now?01:10
aSSogueroZen_SXguys, getdeb repo/site got broken?01:10
Notch-1jannono: partition type?01:10
jannonoNotch-1: sorry, don't know how to check that (you mean of the drive, right?)01:11
BluesKajjannono, right click on folder choose prperties/permissions , make executable01:11
Notch-1use gparted, it's preinstalled i think01:11
catyHeya, I've been having some problems with getting my graphics tablet to work on ubuntu OS. I found this website online and was wondering if I should follow these instructions or not http://frankgroeneveld.nl/2010/04/11/get-wacom-bamboo-fun-pen-working-in-ubuntu-lucid/ . Many thanks :).01:12
Notch-1or just type "mount" in a terminal with the drive mounted in wathever way01:12
pfifojose, I was tricked into deleting my system32 folder and then tricked into putting my windows CD into the toaster to burn it. How to fix?01:12
simple_mindhi. I've just installed gnome-shell. how do I enable it?01:13
blalbso when i log into ubuntu it complains that my cpu has security features disabled and tells me to check-bios-nx --verbose01:13
blalbwhen i do that it tells me that i can enable nx protection in my bios, but this is not true01:14
musanteis there a channel for ubuntu netbook remix?01:15
blalbi found out that "nx01:15
sebsebsebmusante: yes this one01:15
=== musante is now known as netbooklvr
homehi.  I justinstallaed qcad but i can't find it under applications.  Where could it be?01:15
Bisu[Shield]on ubuntu where would i find the php error logs?01:15
blalbi found out that "nx protection" is the same thing as "xd protection", but my bios doesnt mention that either. the only settings it has involve boot order and passwords01:15
jannonoin response to my earlier issue, it says i can't edit the permissions because i'm not the owner01:16
pfifohome, sometimes you need to restart gnome in order for it to show up, you can always just open a terminal and type qcad though01:16
blalbis there a way you know i can enable this anyway? also, does it really matter?01:16
homepfifo: ok i'll re startmy pc. thanks01:16
jannonoit says the owner is "99 -user # 99" but i don't know what that means01:16
abuayyoubhi, is there someone here who can help me with hellanzb/lottanzb01:16
mikubuntumy volume icon that was usually over in the right side of the top panel has distappeared, and i can't find it anywhere.  also, only my headphones work now, not my speakers on acer laptop01:16
abuayyoubor anyone know anything about usenet01:17
codebrainzmikubuntu, right click on the panel, click Add to panel, add the volume plugin back in, and then use it's menu to access the sound preferences, in there unmute the audio output for your speakers.01:18
netbooklvrim using easypeasy, is there a way to make the desktop not "steal focus" whenever i switch alt tab betweek applications01:18
mikubuntucodebrainz, its not in the list thats what i don't get01:19
mikubuntucodebrainz, its like it was abducted01:19
codebrainzmikubuntu, did you uninstall anything related to alsa or pulse audio?01:20
mikubuntucodebrainz, i'm not sure :(01:20
mikubuntucodebrainz, i think the volume control disappeared, and then i (re)installed pulseaudio, thinking it might be there01:21
NoCodeHow can I repair my Ubuntu partition with a LiveCD?01:21
mikubuntucodebrainz, but that was couple days now, and i'm fuzzy about it01:21
codebrainzmikubuntu, give me a sec, i'll track down the package name01:22
codebrainzNoCode, repair?  what's wrong with it?01:22
mikubuntucodebrainz, thx, i'm losing it01:23
NoCodecodebrainz, Tried the xorg-edgers in Lucid and now xorg isn't working01:25
NoCodexorg-edgers ppa01:26
codebrainzmikubuntu, try using the old volume applet, press Alt+F2 and then run the program "gnome-volume-control-applet"01:26
codebrainzmikubuntu, the new volume icon is part of something called "indicator applet" btw01:26
codebrainzNoCode, can you not select the "recovery" option in grub when your computer boots?01:27
NoCodeI don't want to do that just yet.01:27
codebrainzNoCode, it just drops you to a root shell at an early runlevel, won't hurt anything.  then you can uninstall the offending package, reinstall the proper xorg package and remove the ppa from apt sources list01:28
codebrainzthe reboot of course :)01:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:28
NoCodeCan I, "mkdir /media/chroot" "sudo mount /dev/sda3/ /media/chroot"01:28
codebrainzNoCode, why?01:29
=== charles_ is now known as Guest91237
jose__im bacl01:29
homebrewciderhey there, is there a way to write directly to the sd card in my canon printer01:29
mikubuntucodebrainz, the gnome volume control works but only for the headphones01:30
codebrainzNoCode, you just need to uninstall the bad package and reinstall the right one from the repos.01:30
Guest91237waht's this01:30
codebrainzmikubuntu, go to "Sound Prefences" by right clicking, and check the configuration, I'll bet something is muted in there01:30
mikubuntucodebrainz, what's that indicator applet you speak of01:30
mikubuntucodebrainz, right clik where?01:31
jose__can anyoone help me01:31
zoidfarbhey, I've been having a miserable time getting wifi working on 10.04, I finally got it sort of working by following the steps  here: http://www.ctbarker.info/2010/05/ubuntu-1004-wireless-chipsets-and-wpa.html   and it kinda works, but most of the time it will not get an IP address correctly (even though it associates with the AP). Where should I start troubleshooting a problem with DHCP?01:31
codebrainzmikubuntu, on the gnome-volume-control-applet icon.  indicator applet is the one that you have running that used to show the volume icon but stopped for unknown reasons01:31
abuayyoubhi, is there someone here who can help me with hellanzb/lottanzb01:32
^Peteits a left click on mine - by the way --- on the speaker icon ?01:32
codebrainz^Pete, right click here, and yes01:32
NoCodeSays it's not a block device01:32
sebsebsebjose__: What are you trying to do?01:32
jose__how can i partition my hard disk?01:33
jose__i want it to be a NTFS to recover windows 701:33
codebrainzNoCode, it sounds like you're making your life hard01:33
codebrainzjose__, use the program called gparted, it's in the repos and maybe already installed01:33
mikubuntucodebrainz, i don't have an applet icon01:33
NoCodeWell, I want to chroot from the LiveCD so I can fix my problem while looking at a webpage.01:33
jose__i dont have it installed one second01:34
NoCodei don't want to do it in a tty01:34
wildbatNoCode, you can do it in terminals01:34
codebrainzmikubuntu, yes, if you run 'gnome-volume-control-applet' like i said, you will have a volume icon appear in the panel01:34
^Petemikubuntu - try system > preferences > sound01:34
NoCodeWell, it's not what I want to do.01:34
jannonohow do i make my usb drive not read-only01:34
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)01:34
Typos_Kingjannono:    do, nothing :)01:35
alkemannbeen reading up on that help.ubuntu.com site. kudos. it is very very good.01:35
homebrewciderhey there, is there a way to write directly to the sd card in my canon printer01:35
jose__i finished installing gparted how do i open it01:35
codebrainzNoCode, do you not just want to get your X server back?  it's like two or three commands from the terminal.01:35
Guest91237god can't figure out of these\01:35
jannonoTypos_King, what?01:35
dkIs there a FUSE module for squashfs?01:35
codebrainzjose__, type gparted at the shell or in the Alt+F2 run box01:35
Typos_Kingjannono:    do, nothing :), easy no?01:35
=== dk is now known as dkulchenko
jose__it says i need root privileges01:36
Notch-1anyway, it's still networkmanager the default network manager in lucid?01:36
wildbatjose__, or System > Admin. > Gparted01:36
wildbatjose__, gksu gparted01:36
codebrainzjose__, so type sudo gparted from the shell or gksudo gparted from the Alt+F2 dialog, or find it in the menu01:36
jannonoTypos_King, I don't know what you're saying. I have a portable drive and i need to chmod a folder in it but i can't because it's read-only01:36
wildbat!gksu | codebrainz01:37
ubottucodebrainz: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:37
jose__i have gparted open now what01:37
codebrainzwildbat, bullshit01:37
NoCodealright, I think I did it01:37
wildbatcodebrainz, lol01:37
codebrainzwildbat, in this case anyway :)01:38
br0ken85i have a question about 10.04. the close, maximize, and minimize buttons on windows is now on the left side instead of the right. i have found where to change the order of these buttons but i cannot find how to move them back to the top right side of the window. anyone know how to do this?01:38
dev2I'm installing ubuntu server.  I'm in the apt screen and there doesn't seem to be any way to get to the next step.01:38
Typos_Kingjannono:    you can't make a usb non-readonly, that'd be like asking how to make a duck meow, is a duck, it doesn't meow, you're assuming that's the case, why not just give us details instead of assuming, I gather your issue is a U3 partition one01:38
codebrainzbr0ken85, in gconf-editor01:38
wildbatjose__, do what you wanna do ?01:38
mikubuntucodebrainz, and pete, i have the sound prefs box, but nothing shows as muted01:38
dev2I can open the package trees and install items  but I can't "proceed"01:38
^Peteset a new theme in preferences, br0ken8501:38
webroastershey guys, need help bigtime! I'm trying to cancel a file operation and all I get is a greyed out box!01:38
jose__i want to transform /dev/sda1 to a NTFS01:39
wildbat!controls | br0ken8501:39
ubottubr0ken85: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d601:39
webroastersI'm doing an ftp file operation and i wanted to cancel it01:39
codebrainzmikubuntu, check the other settings, i'm betting it's something in there :)01:39
br0ken85codebrainz, i saw how to change the order of the buttons in gconf-editor but now their position on the window01:39
Typos_Kingwebroasters: ctrl-c :) maybe01:39
webroasterswhat do you mean01:39
webroastersthat's copy01:39
mikubuntucodebrainz, i went under every tab in the dialogue box01:39
CaptainTrekwebroasters:  not in terminal01:39
wildbatjose__, you need to backup the data from sda1 frist then format it to ntfs in gparted01:39
webroastersoh ok 1 sec01:40
codebrainzmikubuntu, not sure then, ask again maybe someone else can help01:40
jose__i didnt install anythnig or need anything01:40
^Petesystem > preferences > appearance > theme - br0ken8501:40
webroastersso im supposed to do ctrl + c in terminal01:40
webroastersto cancel the file operation??01:40
mikubuntucodebrainz, how can i get the volume control to stay up in the panel?01:40
jose__so what do i do01:40
codebrainzmikubuntu, Alt+F2 and then type it in there, it will last for your session01:40
wildbatjose__, i hope your linux isn't installed in sda1 thou01:40
jose__it is :(01:41
wildbatjose__, ubuntu can't run on ntfs ~01:41
mikubuntucodebrainz, not a perm solution, but it helps01:41
br0ken85so ^Pete, after changing to a new theme there, the buttons will be on the other side?01:41
jose__i know01:41
jose__i want to take off ubuntu01:41
jose__and run wnidows with NTFS01:41
br0ken85put in windows install disc and reboot01:42
mikubuntujose, why?01:42
codebrainzmikubuntu, yeah, i'm not sure what's up with the new indicator applet, but it's been annoying thus far.  looks nice though :)01:42
br0ken85install it after clearing partitions and formatting them NTFS01:42
wildbatjose__, you just run Windows Setup CD and repartition from there01:42
jose__ubuntu is to confusing01:42
jose__it wont let me01:42
Notch-1does anybody experienced the networkmanager explosion after the upgrade to lucid, like i am?01:42
mikubuntujose__, why01:42
Radiohow do I go about moving where notifications appear01:42
jose__it doesnt let me partition01:42
br0ken85what do you mean explosion Notch-1?01:42
br0ken85sure it does01:42
codebrainzjose__, gparted will do anything commercial partitioners will do and then some01:43
Typos_Kingjose__:   got a cd burner?01:43
br0ken85jose, it will show you partitions and you can delete what is there then create an NTFS partition with the newly freed space01:43
mikubuntujose__, partition for what01:43
Notch-1there is no way to get the network working, i've tried anything, several machines and several times01:43
wildbatjose__, that's windows issue ~ .... you can do gparted in liveCD thou ~01:43
jose__i tried to boot with out installing01:43
evonjose: i'm back. what's the update01:43
jose__wasnt working01:43
jose__evon can boot from livecd01:43
jose__tried quite a few tmies01:44
br0ken85i know someone having issues with networking manager after upgrading Notch-1, but i don't know their exact issue or how/if they fixed it01:44
Notch-1it just wont work, it gaved me this strange message during the update, and now it only tell network disabled or networkmanager not running...01:44
jose__either im screwed or i need to fix something01:44
br0ken85maybe your HDD is booting before you cd drive and you need to change boot order01:44
toolbearhello.  i see some "hotkeys" that are labeled <Alt>Button3 (or 4,5,6, etc...).  my question is, what button is Button#?01:44
evonjose: well that sucks. try downloading "system rescue cd" and burning and booting from that01:44
evonjose: it has gparted on it too01:44
wildbatjose__, you need to umount the partition be4 you can gparted01:44
Notch-1br0ken85: do you have some way to track them down?01:44
Notch-1i'm desperate01:44
Notch-1i really need to update, i'm stuck in karmic01:45
br0ken85Notch-1, possibly, i'll text him now and see what he did01:45
evonwildbat: isn't he saying that he can't even boot from the live cd?01:45
jose__wild: if i unmount SDA1 wont it affect it on installing win7?01:45
Notch-1i can only connect by typing dhclient eth0, every times, and always with lan off course01:45
=== john__ is now known as john725
Notch-1br0ken85: thank you so much!01:45
br0ken85jose__, is your cd drive booting before you hard drive? you can change that in the bios if not. it sounds like a possible easy fix to your issue (if this is even what the problem is lol)01:45
abuayyoubhi, is there someone here who can help me with hellanzb/lottanzb01:45
codebrainzNotch-1, did you muck around in /etc/network/interfaces?01:46
wildbatjose__, one thing you can try thou ~ BUT it will wipe your disk, do you have other data in the disc/ partition?01:46
Notch-1no, it is the same as it was in karmic...01:46
john725hey guys could anyone recommend the best theme/package to make ubuntu (10.04) look like mac os X? is mac4lin the best? Also, what do you recommend, docky do or AWN (avant window manager)? Thanks01:46
mikubuntujose__, what are you trying to do, install ubuntu?  or you already installed?01:46
codebrainzNotch-1, did you try rebooting to let network-manager restart?01:46
jose__wild i have a livecd and the win7 installation cd01:46
Notch-1codebrainz: yes, and also restarted it in any ways01:46
jose__so unmounting it will be a alternative partition way?01:46
Typos_Kingjose__:   got a cd burner?01:47
br0ken85mikubuntu, he's trying to remove ubuntu and reinstall windows01:47
Notch-1codebrainz: even purged and reinstalled01:47
br0ken85but can't format his hdd to NTFS via the windows install CD01:47
mikubuntujose__, have you lost your mind? :)01:47
BluesKajNotch-1, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:47
abuayyoubjohn725, there are many themes out there that can make your desktop look just like OSX, docky is probibly the best as far as docks go. CairoDock is really fancy if you like that kinda thing01:47
codebrainzNotch-1, just in case, check in the file /etc/network/interfaces and make sure eth0 or your interface(s) aren't defined in there01:47
jose__maybe lol01:47
br0ken85lol i feel the same way mikubuntu01:47
wildbatjose__, one thing you can try thou ~ BUT it will wipe your disk, do you have other data you wanna keep in the disc/ partition?01:47
Typos_Kingjose__:   http://www.hirensbootcd.net/   <-- burn it, boot it, it has a  bunch of win32 tools, along with a bootable live-win32 as well01:47
abuayyoubjohn725,  however, I think there are many gnome themes that put osx to shame.01:48
jose__i have iwn7 64bit01:48
br0ken85Notch-1, my friend replied that he hasn't been able to get it fixed himself yet either.. sorry i was no help :(01:48
mikubuntujose__, stay with ubuntu and work your problems out one at a time01:48
br0ken85jose__, if you don't mind me asking, why is ubuntu too confusing?01:48
abuayyoubjohn725, if I were you I would check out www.gnomelook.com and check out some of the themes there and why copy apple if you can make something that is alot more awesome01:48
jose__trashbin,programs,taskbar,switching desktops,finding programs,installing programs,how to use the .exe files01:49
john725abuayyoub, thanks. could you please explain what you mean about cairodock being fancy? Also, I would love it if you could recommend some themes (which one is your fave)?01:49
zorzIs there a way to run the grub 2 script again, that Ubuntu runs during install.  It seems I reinstalled windows and the UUID changed,01:49
Notch-1codebrainz: nono, in interface there are just 2 lines: "auto lo" and "iface lo inet loopback", as always01:49
br0ken85there are no .exe files.01:49
br0ken85it just takes time to learn is all.01:49
mckaycrhey all, I installed ubuntu 10.04, and I no longer can find the 3D window option in my Compiz Manager01:49
br0ken85and trust me, it could be MUCH more confusing (for example, at work we use gentoo)01:49
LordStanleyquestions...so I'm trying to watch the live stream of MLG, and i've got the octoshape part down and still need to install sun-java6-bin...however when i try to do it, it says it couldn't find the package01:49
mikubuntujose__, and those arent even problems01:49
Notch-1br0ken85: it's all i can find on the net, everybody gaved up and reinstalled from scratch, even no bug filed...01:49
jose__i know mik01:50
jose__i just dont like ubuntu01:50
wildbatjose__, Do : sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4096 count=1024;     this will wipe your disk first 4M , clear the mbr and partition table01:50
Notch-1br0ken85: anyway thank you, let me know if something changes01:50
mckaycrI love ubuntu01:50
mikubuntujose__, those are challenges that we have all learned from each other one process at a time01:50
zorzIs there a way to run the grub2 script again, that Ubuntu runs during install.  It seems I reinstalled windows and the UUID changed,01:50
br0ken85Notch-1, that sucks. i hate when the only option available is a fresh install :-/01:50
jose__wild so that will partition it and make it NTFS or jut partition01:50
jose__i need it NTFS also01:50
Notch-1br0ken85: yeah, it's a shame, all that work...01:50
abuayyoubjohn725,  Cairodock ( or XGL dock i think its called now ) it has all kinda nifty compiz features, the icons spin and burst into flame and jump all over the place if you into that kinda thing CairoDock is what you want. If you want just a simple dock that looks good and is stable go with Docky. I love Docky but it is stil buggy, they are all buggy actually AWN never really did anything for me. I actually find myself using DockbarX which is a windows 701:51
abuayyoubinspired dock bar which is amazing01:51
LordStanleycan someone help me install sun-java6-bin or point me instructions01:51
codebrainzNotch-1, it's not a fix per se, but you could try uninstalling network-manager alltogether and use 'wicd' http://wicd.sourceforge.net/01:51
wildbatjose__, windows setup will make it~ it looks the drives as if it is new01:51
br0ken85i love ubuntu. even though ubuntu is usually considered a ubuntu distro for newer users, i work in IT and maintain 5 or more linux servers so i'm fairly experienced and i still prefer ubuntu personally01:51
hiexpoevening all01:51
codebrainzNotch-1, it's debatably better anyway01:51
Notch-1codebrainz: really?01:51
abuayyoubjohn725, basically, cairo dock has a whole hell of a lot of features. you can spend hours configuring it01:51
BluesKajwhen wicd is installed ,it disables nm by default01:52
hiexpoBluesKaj, yes01:52
br0ken85now that people are talking here, maybe someone can help me out. how can i move the exit, maximize, and minimize buttons to the top right corner of the window? after upgrading to 10.04, these buttons are on the left and it's driving me wild01:52
jose__but wild the cid for installiton is a upgrade cd01:52
codebrainzNotch-1, yep, or alternatively, you can just configure your network within the /etc/network/interfaces file and ditch the gui's altogether01:52
abuayyoubhi, is there someone here who can help me with hellanzb/lottanzb01:52
jose__will it still work?01:52
Notch-1codebrainz: i never really tried but the new networkmanager let me connet with my nokia in 2 clicks, i'm afraid to change right now01:52
codebrainzbr0ken85, someone answered you up there ^^01:52
wildbatjose__,  nope then ~01:52
codebrainzNotch-1, wicd is user-friendly01:53
john725abuayyoub, mmm thanks. ill look into. yeah, i saw the dockbarx on the gnome-look site and it looks real good. Another quick question, hopefully you can help me out. if i want to customize my desktop environment so that i can have multiple desktops and use a 3d cube or soemthing, do i need compiz fusion or is there something better?01:53
wildbatjose__, you need a OLD windows, in order to upgrade !01:53
Notch-1codebrainz: nono, i have  a live system, it's on a usb pen that i attache everywere, i can't reconfigure the network anytime, i need an automatic system...01:53
br0ken85hmm i saw someone give me a URL that said that bug was a nonfix and i don't believe it can't be changed01:53
BluesKajcodebrainz, /etc/network/interfasces is easier to configure with eth0 than wlan001:53
jose__so im stuk with a ubuntu?01:53
jannonoOkay, I tried to do some research but Typos_King, I don't understand what you're saying whatsoever. How is a USB connected drive not writable? USB connected drives have always been both readable and writable in my experiences except when specifically set not to be. I have no idea what you're saying.01:53
hiexpobr0ken85, right click on them unclick lock to panel than right click again and move01:53
Notch-1codebrainz: i'm sure tring it, thanks01:53
codebrainzBluesKaj, agreed01:53
br0ken85codebrainz, can you show me what someone said? i can't find anything but that URL01:54
br0ken85hiexpo, not exactly what i was talking about but thank you lol01:54
Notch-1but still, i'd like to get networkmanager back...01:54
bastid_raZor!gparted | jose__ get a gparted liveCD to format your drive01:54
ubottujose__ get a gparted liveCD to format your drive: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:54
hiexpobr0ken85, ok01:54
viper6looking for advice on firefox video since latest upgrade01:54
BluesKajcodebrainz, ,I've tried and it's too arcane for my wifi abilities01:54
codebrainzbr0ken85, out of my scrollback, hang on a sec01:54
hiexpo!firefox | viper01:54
ubottuviper: firefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.501:54
hiexpo!firefox | viper601:55
ubottuviper6: firefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.501:55
wildbatjose__, get a non-upgrade version of windows ~ http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/7126-The-Official-Windows-7-Repository and ask in #windows01:55
viper6since upgrade, lots of green screen in firefox, suspect java01:55
br0ken85codebrainz, it really shocked me when i logged into 10.04 for the first time and those buttons were on the other opposite side haha01:55
mckaycrall, I can't find 3D Windows in my CompizConfig Manager after moving from 9.10 to 10.04.01:55
rodriesphello to all this community01:55
mewshimy right-click isn't working anymore.  can someone please help me fix it?01:55
jose__ubott and bastid i have aupgrade cd of windows 701:55
wildbatjose__, we are getting offtopic ~ pm me if need ~01:55
hiexpomckaycr,  make sure simple ccsm is installed01:56
codebrainzbr0ken85, yeah, not too many people like them, but it's not a democracy unfortunately.01:56
rodriespi wonder if you could help me with some problem I'm having with Xubuntu 10.0301:56
padhuI am having problem in empathy for yahoo messenger01:56
abuayyoubjohn725, for all the cool effects like the cube and such all you have to do is download CCSM (compiz config settings manager ) you can get it from the software center just search for it. It lets you enable all the cool little effects.01:56
padhuanybody help me to rectify it01:56
lenoxOHhello, i am trying to install ubuntu netbook for the first time and am hoping someone can help01:56
br0ken85codebrainz, well it's linux so it should be changeable lol01:56
wildbat!restristed | viper601:56
abuayyoubAnyone here know anything about usenet / hellanzb? help me with a big problem I have01:56
hiexpopadhu,  switch to pidgin better in my aspect01:56
mckaycrhiexpo: I have advanced CCSM...01:56
codebrainzbr0ken85, under gconf-editor, apps->metacity->general->button layout, i have 'menu:minimize,maximize,close'01:56
rodriespwhen i press ctrl-alt-f1 it doesn't go to console01:57
wildbat!restricted | viper601:57
ubottuviper6: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:57
kosharilenoxOH: whats the prob01:57
br0ken85yea codebrainz, that controls what order they show up on the window01:57
br0ken85unfortunately, not which side01:57
viper6thank you01:57
rodriespwhen i press ctrl-alt-f1 it doesn't go to console01:57
hiexpomckaycr, never heard of that one maybe new to ubuntu 10.0401:57
codebrainzbr0ken85, and i believe the colon in there control the side, mine are on the right01:57
br0ken85ah ok01:57
br0ken85let me double check then01:57
jannonoI have a WD Passport that I've always been able to write to from OS X but right now, via Ubuntu, it is "read-only" and I don't know why. I don't know what other information is relevant.01:57
padhuhiexpo: Pidgin in Ubuntu 8.10 also gives trouble01:58
mckaycrhiexpo: sorry, Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)01:58
codebrainzjannono, pastbin the output of the command 'mount' or just paste the relevant line here01:58
mckaycrhiexpo: I will install simple ccsm01:58
pfiforodriesp, you need to goto #xubunt as you will only get help regarding gnome here01:58
lenoxOHi used Universal-USB-Installer as directed and put the Netbook Edition ISO on it as directed01:59
hiexpopadhu, i have been using pidgin for years and never had any probwith it at all useing it on 9.10 right now01:59
rodriespohh thanks01:59
Typos_Kingjannono:   exactly my point, they're always by far R/W, but there are very few proprietary exceptions when they aren't, but you started asking as if it was the norm, reason why I though you are dealing with some proprietary read-only stuff like U301:59
toolbearis there any central location for "default settings" stored on ubuntu?  for example, when you create a new user, their account is endowed with a set of default settings01:59
lenoxOHi cannot for the life of me get the netbook to boot to the USB drive01:59
br0ken85haha that did it codebrainz. i had edited that same exact line 4-5 times. mine is how i want it now but before button_layout was "minimize,maximize,close:"01:59
mikubuntujose__, i wonder if you just din't get enough support from the start .. i know when i first came over to the Force i wanted everything now, now, now .. but the help channels don't really work that way01:59
Logicwrathanyone know where i can get a LogAnalyzer 3.0 package from?01:59
acerimmer_toolbear: there config is usually in the /home01:59
john725abuayyoub, thanks so much for all the help. it's nice to be back #ubuntu , people here are so much nicer and more helpful (not to mention smarter) than the generally d1cks over at #mac01:59
padhuhiexpo:  tell me your configuration setting01:59
codebrainzbr0ken85, yeah, i think the menu: means the menu, then the title, then the rest on the right01:59
kosharilenoxOH try a usb pendrive and unetbootin01:59
mikubuntuyou have to do/learn things sort of one at a time01:59
br0ken85codebrainz, i changed it to what yours said, but left the ":" at the end and they switched side, just with no ecit button. i removed the ":" and they were all there02:00
jannonoit says mount failed because it's already mounted, according to "mtab"02:00
hiexpopadhu, to use yahoo02:00
hiexpopadhu, with pidgin02:00
pfifolenoxOH, can you boot the stick in a different computer? if so check you laptops bios settings and/or press the hotkey at boot time that brings up the boot menu02:00
br0ken85thank you very much for the help codebrainz, that really was bothering me lol02:00
padhuhiexpo: yes., yes02:00
codebrainzjannono, just the output of the command 'mount' with no options02:00
Typos_Kingjannono:   so is mounted then :)02:00
codebrainzbr0ken85, no worries, it bothered me as well02:00
lenoxOHkoshari, i did use pendrive to create the USB, but i have no idea what unetbootin is02:00
jannonooh, sorry. yes, it's mounted02:00
hiexpopodhuone sec let me see you need a package02:00
codebrainzjannono, pastebin the output of that command, i want to see the mount options used02:01
toolbearacerimmer_: yes, but that's only AFTER the user gets created.  these settings have to come from somewhere, I just want to know if there's one (or a few) central location(s) for them, or if it is just program-specific?02:01
acerimmer_toolbear: understood.  IDK02:01
kosharilenoxOH: its a util that does the same as the usbcreator but give choice of isos, so you have a bootable usb pendrive? try it in another machine to prove it if you can02:01
toolbearacerimmer_: thanks anyways02:01
mikubuntubut i have often thought that the channel should offer some set times to start clean installation sessions, and set new users up with as complete a starter system as possible, based on their wants and needs, and what their hardware will allow02:01
lenoxOHpfifo, it seems there is a step missing in ubuntu's instruction page.  is there some point where an installation should occur, or does it just work by booting to the usb?02:02
kosharilenoxOH: you dont need to use unetbootin if you have used the ubuntu boot tool instead02:02
codebrainztoolbear, the default user profile comes from /etc/skel afair02:02
abuayyoubjohn725,  It used to be that linux was behind in the game but with this new release of Lucid and the upcoming releases of Gnome and Gnome_shell, windows & Mac are gonna be playing catch-up linux is the future man seriously.02:02
mckaycrhiexpo: now I have CCSM and simple CCSM.  Still can't find the 3D option.  in 9.10 I only needed CCSM02:02
kosharilenoxOH: you may need to enable f12 bootmanu or something similar in the bios02:02
linux_is_my_heromy sound on my computer doesn't work.02:03
mikubuntumaybe even a separate 'installation' channel to start group installation sessions at appointed times each day02:03
codebrainzjannono, it's mounted R/W.  what is the error you get again?  (Specifc text of the error)02:03
acerimmer_mikubuntu: #ubuntu-beginners02:03
pfifolenoxOH an installation of what? Im assuming you mean installing the live system to a usb stick, but you could also mean installing ubuntu to the hard drive02:03
mikubuntuand of course, i'm just talking to myself02:03
linux_is_my_heroin my panel, i have a hollow speaker with dotted lines instead of the regular speaker with sound waves02:03
toolbearcodebrainz: ok, thanks!02:03
jannonochmod: changing permissions of `Music': Read-only file system02:04
john725abuayyoub, yeah, id been using ubuntu for like 2 years, but then I bought a macbook pro for college (for the resale value) and havent really run ubuntu natively on it since over at #mac an apple tech tells me he fixes fried/over heated boards allegedly caused by natively running OSes other than mac os x...02:04
lenoxOHno, it's ubuntu's own instructions for "trial" found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download02:04
hiexpomckaycr, ok now go to system\apperance\visual effects and select custom02:04
lenoxOHi am attempting the stick in another laptop02:04
codebrainzjannono, and you get this on the /media/Password mount?02:04
mikubuntuooops, somebody heard me ... well, i've been coming to #ubuntu for three years, and thats the first i hear of ubuntu-beginners .. hahaha02:04
clayganyone willing to give me there sources.lst?02:05
acerimmer_mikubuntu: I'd say install that as one of the default urls in firefox02:05
jannonocodebrainz, the error when i mount is that it's already mounted, the error when i try to do anything is that it's read-only02:05
abuayyoubjohn725,  he's a fanboiii02:05
mckaycrhiexpo: already checked that out after install. none of the tabs give me the 3D option02:05
codebrainzjannono, on the HFS filesystem right?02:05
=== sid__ is now known as sid-
mckaycrhiexpo: CCSM actually has a lot more options available then simple CCSM02:06
padhuhiexpo: are you there?02:06
hiexpook did u install the [propitory video drivers02:06
pfifolenoxOH, is the stick known to boot corectly?02:06
hiexpopadhu, yes still looking sorry02:06
mckaycrhiexpo: duh.... my bad let me go do that now02:06
codebrainzjannono, could be your problem: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus02:06
boingtrying to install adobe-flashplugin err adobe-flashplugin is virtual02:06
lenoxOHkoshari, i finally did figure out how to get into the bios and i even set it to boot from nothing other "than removable device".  It does not find any with the stick in any of the three USB ports02:07
abuayyoubjohn725,  I started using linux off and on for the last 10 years, went to a windows machine then a mac then back to a windows machine, starting using ubuntu from Daper Drake and fell in love. Lucid tho is amazing I lvoe this distro man friggin fantastic02:07
lenoxOHpfifo, i am trying it in another laptop now02:07
Typos_Kingclayg:   http://paste2.org/p/86501402:07
padhu hiexpo: see my private message02:07
jannonocodebrainz: thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.02:07
john725abuayyoub, lucid seems nice, just installed it today on my desktop, going to try and sell my mbp02:08
kosharilenoxOH can you enable the f12 boot menu in the bios, my notbook is fickle boting from the usb unless i tell it in the f12 screen02:08
kzmanwhich is the mono package to execute clr binaries (.NET framework)?02:08
claygTypos_King, thanks how do i remove the numbers from the left side?02:08
codebrainzjannono, no prob02:08
boingtrying to install adobe-flashplugin error adobe-flashplugin is virtual02:08
lenoxOHon the other laptop, i get "missing operating system"02:08
zetherooI am wondering if it's at all possible to only accept updates of certain packages from a certain source and not from the default source?02:08
claygTypos_King, oh nm it worked, thanks alot02:09
lenoxOHi am positive now that ubuntu's instructions are incomplete02:09
mikubuntuacerimmer, i'm gonna lurk in ubuntu-beginners and see how they work ... i'm not a codewonkie like a lot of these hotshots here in ubuntu, but i have helped a lot of friends switch to ubuntu, and NONE have ever gone back ..02:09
hiexpopadhu, did you click add new that select yahoo add user name and password02:09
zetheroolenoxOH: which instrauctions?02:09
zetheroolenoxOH: instructions*02:09
lenoxOHzetheroo, these instructions: http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download02:10
Ls2can somebody help me install octoshape if they know how02:10
Ls2i've got most of it done...but i don't know what else i'm doing wrong02:10
abuayyoubjohn725,  noone can argue that apple has the sickest hardware, osx is good too dont get me wrong I do like it.  but Linux just gives you freedom ( for better or worse ) that you just dont have on osx and windows.  OsX is a good OS IMO and Windows 7 ( shoot me for saying it ) is actually ALMOST decent, but really nothing beats ubuntu these days for people who really love computers.02:10
codebrainzdoes anyone know how to get the textbox back for the address bar in nautilus, instead of these buttons?02:10
zetheroolenoxOH: what part?02:10
padhuhiexpo: already working one. But it troubles from 2 month bfore02:11
zetherooI am wondering if it's at all possible to only accept updates of certain packages from a certain source and not from the default source?02:11
Typos_KinglenoxOH    IIRC, to boot a live-usb you will  need to include Grub in the stick, -> sudo grub-install /dev/USBDEVICEHERE;  and you also need to have the boot sequence in the machine BIOS to  usb before any other device02:11
edbiancodebrainz, I'd also like to know...02:11
abuayyoubjohn725,  Ubuntu on a MBP = Win in my opinion02:11
pfifolenoxOH, it seems that the stick setup didnt work, google unetbootin and try that method instead02:11
lenoxOHzetheroo: i accomplished steps one and two, but then three makes it sound like it "just works"02:11
acerimmer_abuayyoub: why?  *hackintosh cough cough*02:12
hiexpopadhu, ok u need libpurple and a microblogging agent that is only available through getdeb which is down02:12
lenoxOHzetheroo, i have a feeling there's an installation program i haven't run or something02:12
zetheroo lenoxOH: and I gather it doesn't for you02:12
ubuntu2hello all02:12
ubuntu2when i put my usb in my gsm02:12
zetheroo lenoxOH: you are set to boot from USB in your BIOS, yes?02:12
ubuntu2and not found partition of memory card02:12
codebrainzedbian, press Ctrl+L and the breadcrumbs buttons turn into a text box.  woohoo!02:12
lenoxOHzetheroo, neither computer i tried sees the USB stick as having an OP system on it02:12
lenoxOHzetheroo, yes02:13
edbiancodebrainz, There are a couple other shortcuts02:13
abuayyoubacerimmer_, Best hardware, best software = win02:13
john725abuayyoub, yeah the would be amazing, in my opinion no other manufacture makes laptops as sexy as macbook pros, but their specs arent that great and i think there is a lot of truth behind what the main guy (branes) over at #mac says, there problem has something to do with this apple propertary  power management thing i forget what its called02:13
codebrainzedbian, oh, but it doesn't stay a textbox!?02:13
edbiancodebrainz, It doesn't stay02:13
zetheroo lenoxOH: did you create the bootable USB from Windows, Mac or Linux?02:13
lenoxOHzetheroo, windows02:13
edbiancodebrainz, I'd love to change the default.  I don't particularly care for the buttons although I do see their advantage02:13
hiexpo!pm | padhu02:14
ubottupadhu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:14
zetheroo lenoxOH: and you have inspected the USB and made certain that there are indeed the files present ...02:14
twomashiHi.. Im trying to install haskell-network but its not showing up in an aptitude search02:14
lenoxOHzetheroo, windows... using the Universal USB Installer found at the site02:14
twomashithough it seems to exist: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-network/
codebrainzedbian, in thunar file manager in xfce, it's just under the view menu, to toggle views, where it logically makes sense to have it02:15
edbiancodebrainz, Tell me about it!  I love gnome and I hate gnome :P02:15
lenoxOHzetheroo, yes, there are several directories and files including autorun, usb-creator, and wubi02:16
eccin vlc, for option "adjust vlc priority", is a negative offset or positive offset give higher priority to it?02:16
mckaycrI can't find the restricted drivers for my Dell D63002:16
Don9307Is the next version of Ubuntu Linux going to be known as Maverick McCain?02:16
abuayyoubjohn725, not sure. OSX is based on Unix and it uses intel chips so I dont see how there could be a problem. But Thats a question for someone alot smarter than me lol02:16
acerimmer_Don9307: DOH02:16
zetheroo lenoxOH: ok ... and when you created the bootable USB did you tick the box to format the drive?02:16
edbianDon9307, ha ha haha02:17
edbianDon9307, That would be great.02:17
lenoxOHzetheroo, yes02:17
acerimmer_mckaycr: what driver's do u need02:17
lenoxOHzetheroo, do i need to run autorun IN windows first, then go back and boot from the stick?02:17
zetheroo lenoxOH: believe me when I say that I know how frustrating it is when things are written as if they should "just work" and they just don't02:17
mckaycracerimmer_: video... I'm trying to enable 3D windows.. I thought I had it working in 9.10 but it might have been a D620 then02:17
zetheroo lenoxOH: no, it should be working on it's own 100%02:18
stevecammckaycr, what graphics card have you got?02:18
acerimmer_mckaycr: ubunut-restricted-extras installed??02:18
lenoxOHzetheroon, yeah it's just that i have spent most of this evening getting this set up, and now I cannot even see if i like it on my netbook02:18
zetheroo lenoxOH: I have done this only twice in the past ... and once it was an absolute hassle ... and the other time it was a breeze ...02:18
pfifo10.10 is Merry Moo Moo Cow02:18
lenoxOHzetheroo, i KNOW i don't like XP on there02:18
mckaycracerimmer_: if its not stock, probably not.  Checking now02:18
ac1dburnzmckaycr,  check System > Administration > Hardware Drivers02:19
zetheroo lenoxOH: I am going to give this a shot here and see what happens - ok?02:19
lenoxOHzetheroo, much appreciated!02:19
mckaycrac1dburnz: already checked... only thing showing there is wireless dirvers02:19
zetheroo lenoxOH: do you have any Ubuntu systems there?02:19
stevecamhave you got compizconfig-settings-manager installed?02:20
lenoxOHzetheroo, nope this is my first shot02:20
mckaycrstevecam: yup02:20
edbiannagi, Hello02:20
lenoxOHi tried jolicloud and liked it, but there's not tethering option02:20
zetheroo lenoxOH: oof, not going to well they ay ... ;)02:20
nagiI'm Japanese02:20
Don9307Anyone know how to get your favorite programs to startup at boot time in Ubuntu like you can do in the other OS (Win)?02:20
ubottunagi: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい02:21
jrib!startup | Don930702:21
ubottuDon9307: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot02:21
hiexpomckaycr, what exactly are you trying to use in compiz?02:21
edbianDon9307, System -> Preferences -> Start-Up (or maybe it's called sessions)02:21
Don9307ubottu:  Thanks.02:21
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:21
eccin vlc, for option "adjust vlc priority", is a negative offset or positive offset give higher priority to it?02:21
edbianDon9307, Damn bot.  Beat me to it!02:21
stevecammckaycr, that's all i can think of, what GPU did you have again?02:21
abuayyoubAnyone here use HellaNZB or other usenet binary program?\02:21
padhu hiexpo: what will be choice to get it?02:21
mckaycrhiexpo: when I rotate the cude desktop, my windows don't float over the cube anymore like in 9.10.  It's trivial I know, but I really liked it02:22
ChaosmosI use NZB.02:22
hiexpopadhu, your trying to make it more complicated that it really is all u need ro do is click add click yahoo add username than password routind address etc not needed02:23
zetheroolenoxOH: an you did this from Windows XP or 7?02:23
Don9307edbian:  In 10.04 it's System | Preferences | Startup Applications02:23
Euthanatoswhatever happened to menu.1st?02:23
hiexpomckaycr, did u make sure rotate cube was still checked ?02:23
edbianDon9307, There ya go.  Thanks.  Having any trouble using it?02:24
mckaycrhiexpo: of course02:24
acerimmer_Euthanatos: grub2 - menu.lst - menu.cfg02:24
hiexpomckaycr, ok u'd be amazed lol02:24
lenoxOHzetheroo, i ran the Universal USB Installer in W7, but it is for a netbook currently running XP02:24
mckaycrhiexpo: it rotates just fine, the windows just don't have that hover effect02:24
padhuhiexpo: ok, I will try it one more time :-)02:24
edbianmckaycr, You can get that back in ccsm02:25
mckaycrhiexpo: totally understand, I work in a service desk02:25
Euthanatosno menu.cfg either02:25
codebrainzEuthanatos, some confusing heap of shell scripts that's hard to edit02:25
mckaycredbian: the option isn't in CCSM anymore since I moved from 9.10 to 10.0402:25
padhuhiexpo: thanks for your ideas02:25
edbianmckaycr, You're kidding!02:25
wildbat!grub2 | Euthanatos02:26
ubottuEuthanatos: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:26
FyreFoXwhen I add a disk to ubuntu and set it up with luks, when it comes time to reboot will ubuntu luksClose and umount the device or is that something I need to configure manually02:26
mckaycredbian: I can't find it, even in the advanced manager02:26
edbianmckaycr, Man Ubuntu is really taking things into a less customizable state.  You can't customize that or your log in splash anymore either!02:26
well_laid_lawnecc: there is #videolan if noone here knows02:26
Euthanatosi've been out of the loop since hardy =P02:26
hiexpomckaycr, make sure you have animations checked and go into simple ccsm and check settings it's weird sometimes they conflict each other but have to have them both to work02:26
edbianmckaycr, I guess we both should just switch to gentoo ;)02:26
mckaycredbian: i don't think its ubuntu, I think I just don't have my restricted drivers installed02:26
davem__on lucid i only boot up on a black screen and a blinking cursor on the top left afterwards comes de GDM log in, is this normal?02:27
acerimmer_edbian: of COURSE you can customize login!  http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1302:27
mckaycrhiexpo:  I have played with that option already... still no go02:27
knoppiesedbian Im still on 9.04 so that I can customize GDM, I dont know if 10.04 allows you to yet.02:27
zetheroolenoxOH: ok no worries .. just going to load my Windows 7 VM then02:27
codebrainzEuthanatos, you have to edit/add shell scripts under /etc/grub.d now02:27
anand_Hi people. Im trying to install the Linux Version of Descent Freespace. and am getting the following. /home/anand/.setup2973: symbol lookup error: /home/anand/.setup2973: undefined symbol: GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_UPDATE_POLICY02:27
edbianmckaycr, Doubtful.  You missing / having different drivers is not going to edit what code was compiled into the CCSM package :)02:27
edbianacerimmer_, I love the spirit of linux02:27
lenoxOHzetheroo, okay... in the meantime i am going to launch the autorun that's on the stick (on the netbook) and see what damage i can do02:27
anand_Hi people. Im trying to install the Linux Version of Descent Freespace. and am getting the following. /home/anand/.setup2973: symbol lookup error: /home/anand/.setup2973: undefined symbol: GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_UPDATE_POLICY02:28
rycarI'm on 10.04, and have a workstation setup with samba and lighttpd.  I can connect to it just fine from my mac, but when I try connecting from my windows machine it just sort of sits there and the connection doesn't seem to go anywhere.  Any suggestions?02:28
codebrainzanand_, try installing the gtk2 dev packages, look on package search02:28
anand_codebrainz: thanks02:28
knoppiesthanks acerimmer_02:28
mckaycredbian: very disappointing then, I really liked that feature02:28
Don9307Maybe the next version of Ubuntu will be called Mischievous Mer-cat02:28
boingneed help setting p for dual monitors02:28
edbianmckaycr, Like I said.  Switch to gentoo! ha ha :)02:28
clgy15So what happens if you just compile the kernel and nothing else? All you have on the hardrive is the kernel02:28
mckaycrUbuntu forever!!02:29
hiexpoedbian,  bad lol02:29
davem__does lucid the graphical boot is called plymonth?02:29
edbianhiexpo, XD02:29
mckaycrlol, never played with Gentoo, have to check it out sometime02:29
acerimmer_davem__: yes02:29
hiexpoedbian,  - or maybe pentoo02:30
edbianmckaycr, Customizability : Unparalleled02:30
cardamonHaving trouble getting a video playing when my EeePC is splitting display across it's screen and an external monitor (in this case, a HD television via the VGA out)02:30
anand_codebrainz: Hi, they already seem to be installed02:30
cardamonIt plays fine without the TV hookup, but apparently they don't want to play video together.02:30
clgy15So what happens if you just compile the kernel and nothing else? All you have on the hardrive is the kernel02:30
Euthanatosoffhand why might my grub menu fail to load up given I've not messed with grub yet at all since installing.  All I changed was popping another IDe HDD and a PCIe1 wifi card into the box I can't for the life of me figure out why it would cause the grub menu to fail to appear and also adjust my display resolution so my monitor fails.  Now my monitor is broken and i can't boot in failsafex02:31
kosharii dont like raid or lvm, limits recovery options02:31
codebrainzanand_, then it pretty much sounds like a bug in the s/w or you're missing something else02:31
oblukoshari: lol lame02:31
hiexpoedbian,  - ubuntu is easiest for the green02:31
=== kungfubear is now known as KungFuBear_Away
edbianhiexpo, Definitely02:31
boinghow can i up set up for dual monitors02:31
obluboing: google it02:31
anand_codebrainz: ok. Ill try to catch icculus02:31
edbianhiexpo, I learned on ubuntu then I switched to Debian02:31
anand_codebrainz: thanks02:31
Euthanatosand this new grub stuff is definately not idiot friendly02:31
well_laid_lawnclgy15: there's no initrd to get it booting and no grub to select it02:31
acerimmer_Euthanatos: different hdd would do it.  the device has a unique ID number that grub seeks out.  Change the device and ...02:31
boingoblu, then why is this channel here02:31
mckaycrhiexpo: I'm pretty green, only been playing with ubuntu for 4 years02:31
mckaycrlinux for that matter02:32
Euthanatosacerimmer_, all i did was add an IDE HDD the system boots off a SATA drive02:32
codebrainzEuthanatos, maybe try 'update-grub' ?02:32
edbianmckaycr, You're not green ;)  Some people on here don't even know what compiz is.02:32
obluboing: google it02:32
hiexpoedbian,  - ubuntu more green friendly lol almost crash proof02:32
well_laid_lawnEuthanatos: it is the same as the old grub just the ## options are moved to files02:32
edbianhiexpo, "ubuntu more green friendly lol ALMOST crash proof02:32
boingoblu dont waste the bandwith with ur lame comments02:32
clgy15okay so if you include initrd and grub what happens? what commands does it run after the kernel moves to its protected space? Is there a way to tell it to run a home made graphical manager02:32
Euthanatoscodebrainz, yeah i see that but can i run that from a liveCD02:33
obluboing: love you too02:33
cardamonClarification: Video is not visible when EeePC and external monitor are working in extended desktop.  Works fine on one, the other, or cloned.02:33
well_laid_lawnclgy15: what are you trying to do? - sounds like you need linux from scratch02:33
ne0futurhi all, i m trying ubuntu 10.04 and I cant have my external monitor working02:34
knoppiescardamon, sounds very similar to what happens with windows media player on some laptops with winXP. Im not sure how to solve the issue, but I thought it might be hardware related (ie. the vid card does not support it)02:34
ne0futurit was ok with previous ubuntu versions, I m speaking of the console mode02:34
codebrainzclgy15, if you look under arch/x86/boot you will see the code that is the boot protocol directly after the bootloader02:34
hiexpoedbian,  - i don't think he'd make in gentoo02:34
ne0futuri could have the external display for xorg, but not for the console mode02:35
clgy15Well kinda sorta lfs. I have my own graphical interface made completly made from the gtk+ libraries and the standard C libraries. So all I want to do is to have nothing that isnt required to run the UI02:35
ne0futurctrl+alt+f2 display02:35
knoppiescardamon, for your sake I hope it can be fixed, and that its not too difficult either.02:35
well_laid_lawn!lfs | clgy1502:35
ubottuclgy15: LFS is linux from scratch www.linuxfromscratch.org; not to be confused with  LTS which is the long term support version of ubuntu (6.06 and 8.04)02:35
edbianhiexpo, I wouldn't know.  I've never actually tried gentoo :)02:35
ne0futurcould it be related to a newer kenrnel not supporting very old external monitors (  800x600 )02:35
codebrainzclgy15, find a small distro with gtk and skip Xorg and use the framebuffer interface02:35
hiexpoedbian,  - thats like sending him to pentoo or backtrack02:35
cardamonI have. I like Gentoo, but it's not really worth it for the casual user.02:36
codebrainzclgy15, you can compile gtk2 with framebuffer support iirc02:36
well_laid_lawn!minimal | clgy1502:36
ubottuclgy15: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:36
codebrainzclgy15, then just remove cruft until you have the kernel, your deps and your stuff.02:36
cardamonIt requires a lot of cycles and effort to build EVERYTHING from source, and even past that point administrating it is heavily involved.02:36
edbiancardamon, Yeah I've heard those horror stories.02:37
codebrainzclgy15, also see the buildroot system, i think it has gtk2 packages02:37
hiexpogentoo is not green frciendly   :)02:37
cardamonUnless you have a specfic reason for it, Ubuntu and other package based systems are best.02:37
clgy15sorry I meant LFS.. Hmmm okay okay so is buildroot its own distro?02:37
cardamonhiexpo: Now I wouldn't say that.02:37
codebrainzclgy15, buildroot will give the absolute minimal system for your needs02:38
clgy15Perfect... I feel kinda stupid that I made my own UI and Im having a hard time running it with the lowest possible number of packages02:38
codebrainzclgy15, been there02:39
codebrainzclgy15, use gtk2 and the framebuffer, it'll be tiny, like under 25MB i bet02:39
roadfishif a filename began with "---\nxyz" how could I use "mv" to rename it to "xyz"02:39
codebrainzroadfish, did you try single quotes '    '02:40
clgy15Perfect because I have a Tegra 2 processor and 256 mb of hardrive storage and a screen! Hope this works02:40
codebrainzclgy15, easy02:40
knoppiesclgy15, I hope that is just for fun, and your not using that machine because its the best you have.02:40
judgetI just installed Ubuntu Studio 10.4 fresh install but have no wifi working It was working before when I had Ubuntu Studion 9.10 any suggestions would be appreaciated02:40
Unislahey guys, i'm trying to recover my grub bootloader after installing windows, but i'm coming across a small issue...02:41
clgy15So talk to me about the framebuffer codebrainz and yes its just for fun. If it works maybe itll be the next itouch02:41
karamorfthe motherboard i was using broke so I put a spare in. Now the sound doesn't work (checked volume/mute settings...), what do i need to do to figure out what its not doing?02:41
Fudgehi, having problems getting pine to recieve imap.gmail.com mail02:41
Unislaunfortunately, my /media/<disk name> has a space in it, and my grub-install command won't take it whatever i do02:41
MedquinTrying to add a cd drive.  It shows up in Computer:///, but when I insert a cd it disappears and doesn't mount.  Any help ideas?02:41
acerimmer_judget: you have a broadcom wifi?02:41
codebrainzclgy15, it just makes gtk/gdk use the framebuffer interface instead of xlib calls, so you don't need xorg at all02:41
codebrainzclgy15, you enable it by passing some options to the kernel in the bootloader02:42
UnislaI've tried quotes, i've tried the escape character, and it seems that the install command is copying different instances of the name to different commands02:42
roadfishcodebrainz:I keep getting ... mv: unrecognized option `---02:43
clgy15Ahhhh yeah then thats the way I really want to go! so what kind of commands should I be looking for to pass to the kernel to run my personal UI02:43
Unislafor instance, when i use quotes it gets pretty far in the process, but if i use the escape character it just stops at makedir... and when i use both, the error actually returns two escape characters!02:43
roadfishcodebrainz: however, I have found a workaround ... use KDE dolphin to rename the file ... now I'm just in curiosity mode02:43
judgetacerimmer - not sure i will do a lshdwr02:43
=== cori_ is now known as ea3fyn
Unislaso, i guess i must rename my disc name in /media. does anyone know how to do this correctly?02:43
codebrainzUnisla, what about  "my\ name\ with\ spaces"02:44
alisneakyyey first login into an IRC chat ever....can you tell im a newb02:44
edlikI am using a live cd to try to move my home file to a usb storage device, it tells me I dont have permission, is there a simple way to get this done? I need to save my home in order to do a reinstall ubuntu and yes I will be creating a seperate home partition this time:)02:44
ubottualisneaky: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:44
wildbatUnisla, just mount it in easier name then?02:44
Unislacodebrainz: it returns an error citing "my\\ name\\ with\\ spaces" oddly enough02:44
=== dev2_ is now known as dev2
judgetI have an Atheros AR9285 wifi02:44
Unislawildbat: that's what i'm thinking... how do we go about doing this correctly?02:45
acerimmer_judget: yup.02:45
codebrainzUnisla, or "my\x40name\x40with\x40spaces"02:45
arleslieI'm getting a lot of packages reporting "Cannot be authenticated!" any ideas why?02:45
alisneakyubottu: well thanx for the warm welcome and would love to help anyone if i can...i do have a question though...02:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:45
judgetacerimmer it is an ATheros AR9285 wifi02:45
acerimmer_judget: HOWEVER you got that puppy working before, you need to repeat.  pretty sure it wasn't working out of the box02:46
ubottualisneaky: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:46
judgetit just worked on the last install02:46
alisneakymy background: i'm 25, just started using ubuntu for the first time about a couple of weeks ago..running 10.04 desktop on my little netbook and loving it...i've been a windows person all my life and never saw anything in linux to attract me to it until i found ubuntu and tried it...02:46
clgy15codebrainz So I can pass to the kernel through the bootloader what programs to run after the kernel loads? Is that really what the bootloader does?02:47
alisneakyits AMAZINGly fast and attractive...02:47
Unislacodebrainz: mkdir complains, saying cannot create directory `/media/Ubuntux40System/boot'02:47
clgy15Unisla sudo?02:47
codebrainzclgy15, no i mean you can enable the kernel frame buffer with bootloader options02:47
alisneakyhow do i add a channel?02:47
Unislacodebrainz: and if i use quotes, it puts two \\ in there02:47
acerimmer_judget: suprising.  ok googlfu and see if you can find a linux driver for it - preferabbly  a .deb package02:47
methodsmy sound is allot lower in the new ubuntu... anyway to make it louder ?02:47
wildbatUnisla, umount the drive, and make dir ~ and mount the drive with mount /dev/sdX1 /dev/newDirX02:47
browsericecan anyone tell me if 10.04 has a problem with ATI cards ?  I tried both ubuntu/xubuntu live cd and my monitor blacks on on the trial !02:47
Unislacldy15: yup, sudo'd02:47
codebrainzclgy15, use some initialization system to load your stuff02:47
acerimmer_alisneaky: /join #ubunttu-beginners02:47
codebrainzclgy15, buildroot has packages for init systems02:47
arlesliealisneaky, what do you mean by "channel"?02:47
acerimmer_alisneaky: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:48
clgy15Hmmm okay so is frame buffer inside the kernel or its a lightweight xorg?02:48
Unislawildbat: and would installing grub with this mount reference work... correctly?02:48
codebrainzclgy15, it's part of the kernel02:48
codebrainzclgy15, either a module or built-in i believe02:49
clgy15Nice this just gets better and better02:49
MedquinAny thoughts on my cd drive issue?02:50
clgy15codebrainz so tell me what you think a good mobile media device like the itouch should be? Opensource is a given02:50
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
alisneakyim trying apply themes on my ubuntu but anything that i've tried doesnt affect my panels on the top and the bottom: i already know i can change the background colour of them by properties02:50
wildbatUnisla, it should02:50
browsericecan anyone tell me if 10.04 has a problem with ATI cards ?  I tried both ubuntu/xubuntu live cd and my monitor blacks on on the trial !02:51
Unislawildbat: trying it out... :)02:51
codebrainzclgy15, some of them are using matchbox.  it's pretty sweet02:51
arlesliealisneaky, System > Preferences > Apperance02:51
codebrainzMedquin, when you click the cd-rom icon what happens?02:51
clgy15So what does matchbox do?02:51
Medquincodebrainz: It goes to an empty directory.02:52
codebrainzclgy15, it's a windows manager and a desktop manager and some other stuff, that's super lightweight, and i think it'll run on the framebuffer as well, maybe not02:52
EuthanatosIsn't there a file I can edit on my installtion from a LiveCD to change the default resolution02:53
codebrainzMedquin, can you try the cd in another computer?02:53
MedquinThe cd is fine.  It works in the other drives.02:53
well_laid_lawn!xrandr | Euthanatos02:53
ubottuEuthanatos: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1202:53
clgy15It says it uses x window system so no but I see the source code. Its interesting how they use applications02:53
well_laid_lawnEuthanatos: it's not just for dual screens02:53
browsericecan anyone tell me if 10.04 has a problem with ATI cards ?  I tried both ubuntu/xubuntu live cd and my monitor blacks on on the trial !02:53
clgy15ATI graphics card driver is required!02:54
browsericeLIVE CD02:54
codebrainzclgy15, i bet it'll build against directfb02:54
browsericeI am trying out the live cd 10.04, so they should be already installed02:54
browsericecannot even see desktop, monitor blacks out after clicking TRIAL02:55
clgy15Your probably right, though it might need some dependency fixes.... Hmmmm well Im comparing my source code to these ones, I have a LOOOOONG way to go02:55
Euthanatoswell_laid_lawn, i see that but it's less than clear how to change the res on my installation from a LiveCD session02:56
rafaelsoaresbris it possible to upgrade to lucid using local repositories?02:56
codebrainzbrowserice, on the bootloader menu, see if there is a safe graphics mode option somewhere, under advanced options or something02:56
arleslieMy updates are unable to authenticate and I'm pretty sure I'm using non-third party sources except for google.02:56
browsericebut does 10.04 installed works with ATI ?02:56
well_laid_lawnEuthanatos: in terminal   xrandr -s 1280x1024   or similar02:56
Euthanatoswell_laid_lawn, that won't fix my system02:57
Euthanatosi'm talking about chaning the res on my installation because grub fails and i can't use failsafex02:57
clgy15codebraiz Your probably right, though it might need some dependency fixes.... Hmmmm well Im comparing my source code to these ones, I have a LOOOOONG way to go02:57
jose___need help02:57
dassoukidoes a fresh install of ubuntu recognize ntfs02:57
Euthanatosbecause ubuntu just boots up and flakes out02:57
arleslie!ask jose___02:57
arleslie!ask | jose___02:58
ubottujose___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:58
codebrainzclgy15, what language are you using?02:58
jose___how can i partition my hard drive?02:58
codebrainzjose___, gparted02:58
clgy15Im only using the C standard library and the GTK+ libraries. Its in C. All my own functions02:58
browsericecan I get one on one discussion for my problem ?  This chat is a pain when it comes to get answers02:59
jose___how do i used gparted02:59
dassoukijose___: if you are gonna ask how to use gparted, then don't02:59
dassoukiuse it02:59
well_laid_lawnEuthanatos: i answered - "Euthanatos> Isn't there a file I can edit on my installtion from a LiveCD to change the default resolution" - there is no file to edit02:59
jose___i need to partition my hardrive to a NTFS02:59
jose___how do i do it02:59
Euthanatosso i'm screwed02:59
Euthanatosand ubuntu will randomly flake out on me for no reason03:00
xanguajose___: with gparted thru que ubuntu live cd or gparted live cd03:00
acerimmer_Euthanatos: you running wubi?03:00
Euthanatosno windoze tyvm03:00
codebrainzclgy15, you're all set then :)  check out the directfb lib too while you're at it03:00
jose___my live cd doesnt work03:00
yjcsuperh i every one03:00
Euthanatosi'll just go back to slack03:00
jose___is there anyway to do it with terminal?03:00
browsericecan I get one on one discussion for my problem ?  This chat is a pain when it comes to get answers03:01
ubottuyjcsuper: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:01
Euthanatosonce you go slack you never go back rofl03:01
arleslie!gparted | jose___03:01
ubottujose___: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:01
alisneakyi've tried that but i dunno what type of file or package im looking for to pick..anything i pick doesnt seem to be accepted03:01
clgy15hmmmm what does that include? Oh and if I install the Nvidia driver how do I increase graphic capabilities?03:01
codebrainzjose___, use another live cd like the gparted livecd03:01
Euthanatoscan't say i don't miss ubuntu's wonderful repo though.03:01
john275Hey guys. Im running ubuntu 10.04 (great so far), and would like to know if there is any way to play back HD video (.m2ts, .mkv, etc) or flash video with hardware acceleration. I have an ATI card (radeon 4650) btw. Thanks03:01
codebrainzclgy15, do you need fancy 3d stuff?03:01
jose___isnt there a way to do it with the terminal?03:02
arlesliejose___, sudo apt-get install gparted03:02
jose___i have it already03:02
clgy15Well no not with the code I have now. But you know how it goes, once it works it needs to be improved until it breaks!03:02
arlesliejose___, then type "sudo gparted"03:02
EuthanatosSo there's no way to fix my installation which is *ONLY* screwed up because somehow the default res got screwed up (no clue how ubuntu could screw this up because I didn't)03:03
jose___now what?03:03
Euthanatosgrub fails, no way to edit installation from a live CD03:03
xangua!gksu | arleslie jose___03:03
ubottuarleslie jose___: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:03
codebrainzEuthanatos, why not?03:03
arlesliejose___, gparted should be open03:03
Euthanatosidk i'm trying to find out03:03
jose___it is03:03
g-unotman em03:04
Euthanatosand everyone is saying i've got no recourse beyond a reinstallation which i've already done03:04
jose___what do i do when it open03:04
g-unotexcuse me03:04
g-unoti have question03:04
MrDudleask away03:04
codebrainzEuthanatos, do you see the bootloader at all?03:04
Euthanatosno i don't03:04
browsericecan someone help me with my problem ?  10.04 Live CDs are OK, md5 checksums are OK, all previous versions work ok on my monitor but not 10.04 live cd03:04
Euthanatoswhich is frustrating and confusing03:04
g-unotsometimes my netbook doesnt boot up. and sometimes it does when i choose ubuntu from menu03:04
codebrainzEuthanatos, and the live cd won't boot?03:04
g-unotany ideas how to fix this?03:04
clgy15codebrainz Well no not with the code I have now. But you know how it goes, once it works it needs to be improved until it breaks03:04
Euthanatoslivecd boots fine i'm on the same computer in luvid liveCD session03:04
arlesliebrowserice, does your monitor have an "auto" button?03:04
codebrainzclgy15, worry about it later then :)03:05
MaletorHey guys. I've come to the decision to put Ubuntu on my MacBook. I've backed up my data a read the wiki for my MacBook 5,1. Anything else I should know before I go through with it?03:05
hiexpog-unot,  yah 9.1003:05
clgy15yeah okay,  well thanks alot codebrainz!!03:05
arlesliebrowserice, or do you get an error while using the CD?03:05
EuthanatosTrying to figure out if I have a way from here to edit the files on my installation03:05
g-unotLOL hiexpo u dont like 10.4?03:05
browsericearlesli, why ?  It works ok with all previous versions of Ubuntu03:05
jose___how do i partition it03:05
codebrainzEuthanatos, absolutely03:05
browsericearlesli, no CD error, md5 checksum OK03:05
dmlinuxi have delete the top panel how do i get it back on lucid lynx03:05
jose___how do i partition with GParted03:05
Euthanatosor some other way to fix either grub to boot in failsafex or fix the default resolution on my installation03:05
codebrainzEuthanatos, if you're in the live cd does your installation drive not show up in the places?03:06
arlesliebrowserice, when some live cds boot it messes with the screen, try booting the cd and hitting the auto button and see if it'll bring the screen back03:06
Euthanatosbut apparently everything has been upgraded beyond usefulness03:06
Euthanatoscodebrainz, it boots fine and access all my drives perfectly I'm trying to figure out which files to edit03:06
browsericearlesi, what if that doesn't work ?03:06
jose___how do i partition my hard drive and make it NTFS with GParted03:06
dcamp25what is the ubuntu 10.04 wireless help03:06
codebrainzEuthanatos, which directory does it get mounted to?03:06
codebrainzEuthanatos, under /media somewhere03:07
dmlinuxpls help delete gnome top panel on lucid how do i get it back?03:07
xangua!panels | dmlinux03:07
ubottudmlinux: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:07
arleslie90% of all of updates are reporting "unable to authenticate" any ideas?03:07
jose___CAN ANYONE HELP?!03:08
dcamp25need help with Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g03:08
dmlinuxok let me try sir03:08
jenueguys, how can I check missing drivers in laptop?03:08
Euthanatoscodebrainz, /media/1911856e-e65c-4ef4-bcb1-1df41407465703:08
xanguaarleslie: open synaptic, reload teh repositories and you will get a message with the keyy that you miss; add teh with: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com "numberofthekey"03:09
codebrainzEuthanatos, haha, lovely.  i can probably help you, but it involves a series of command line stuff, if you want03:09
Euthanatosi have a 2TB drive divided into 4 partitions (swap, root, home, and another i mount as /home/data for extra media)03:09
Euthanatoscodebrainz, i'm coming back from slackwarte, command line doesn't intimidate me03:09
codebrainzEuthanatos, pm me03:10
NateWto add a command at startup, i put it in /etc/rc.local ???03:10
jose___how can i partition my hard drive and make it a NTFS?03:11
dmlinuxthanks mr ubottu03:11
arlesliexangua, reloaded and it didn't say I was missing any03:11
well_laid_lawnNateW: if the command doesn't need X then yes03:11
AmethBIOS RAID or OS RAID? What is more secure?03:11
marikhow can i tell ubuntu to automatically mount a partition at startup? is there a GUI thing that does this?03:11
jose___why wont anyone help me?03:11
john275Hey guys. Im running ubuntu 10.04 (great so far), and would like to know if there is any way to play back HD video (.m2ts, .mkv, etc) or flash video with hardware acceleration. I have an ATI card (radeon 4650) btw. Thanks03:11
NateWwell_laid_lawn: okay.. thanks03:11
marikAmeth, neither. they're both the same thing03:12
TheMozartcan I rip my DVD to a small AVI file using Ubuntu only?03:12
well_laid_lawn!fstab | marik03:12
ubottumarik: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:12
marik!restricted | john27503:12
ubottujohn275: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:12
astrocubmy usb drive is mounted, but i can't remove anything from it. i'm told read-only file system in the command line03:12
astrocubi've tried mounting with -w but no luck03:12
dcamp25need help with Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g ?03:13
Amethmarik, then bios offloads raid onto the os after startup?03:13
well_laid_lawnastrocub: what filesystem is the usb?03:13
NateWastrocub: you would have to run nautilus as root, did you have this as a live usb drive?03:13
marikAmeth, yes. in linux it will show up as a virtual drive in the /dev/mapper/ folder, but it's the same thing as OS raid03:13
NateWive had it where i made a bootable usb drive and the filesystem became read only03:13
arleslie90% of all of updates are reporting "unable to authenticate" any ideas? All repositiories are there03:14
astrocubNateW: it was a live usb drive03:14
marikarleslie, are you running behind a proxy?03:14
astrocubwell_laid_lawn: i believe it's vfat03:14
arlesliemarik, no03:14
NateWastrocub: did you reformat it after you used it?03:14
marikTheMozart, probably. i haven't done it personally, but dvd::rip and such exist03:14
well_laid_lawnastrocub: you could try   sudo chmod +rw /path/to/usb/mount03:14
TheMozartcan I rip my DVD to a small AVI file using Ubuntu only?.. anyne know pls?03:15
well_laid_lawnastrocub: you could try   sudo chmod -Rv +rw /path/to/usb/mount03:15
astrocubhrm..lemme try that03:15
sumodunohi, my indicator applet wont show. i tired adding it, but nothing happens. and if it helps, my ICE autheority is missing.03:15
timbalerohello everyone, amarok doesn't sound after install, what should I do?03:15
marikwell_laid_lawn, is there a way to do it without having to edit /etc/fstab manually?03:15
jasperHow would i "Steal" some of my partition, to make a little more room on another?03:15
marikjasper, install gparted03:15
astrocubwell_laid_lawn: still told that i can't remove the contents and that it's a read only file system03:16
Amethmarik, would it be a bad idea to use os raid in windows 7 and dual boot linux, or should it be ok?03:16
NateWastrocub: ive always just reformatted using System -> Administration -> Disc Utility.. so try doing that03:16
arlesliejose___, you use gparted03:16
marikjose___, mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdaX03:16
xanguasumoduno: have you tried to reset the panel¿¿03:16
NateWastrocub: that should fix it03:16
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:16
Amethjose___, use the live cd partitioner for ubuntu.03:16
jose___im on gparted but i cant figure out how03:16
jose___i tried live cd didnt work03:16
Fudgehow can you make an iso form a cd?03:16
jaspermarik, and i can take some from my drive and move it to my unallocated?03:16
sumodunoxangua: reset panel?03:16
marikAmeth, i know very very little about Windows 7 except that I don't like it03:16
astrocubNateW: if i had gnome...i er, removed it03:16
well_laid_lawnmarik: no gui way that I know03:16
xangua!panels | sumoduno03:16
ubottusumoduno: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:16
marikwell_laid_lawn, =(03:16
Amethyou cant partition until you unmout a filesystem03:16
astrocuboh, there's an idea03:17
Ameththats why the live cd03:17
astrocubumount and run fdisk on it03:17
well_laid_lawnastrocub: the -Rv option should have given some info as to why03:17
marikFudge, dd if=/dev/cdrom of=backup.iso03:17
astrocubrm: cannot remove `syslinux.cfg': Read-only file system03:17
jose___i just want to partition my hard disk03:17
jose___how dod i do it03:17
AmethThanks marik!03:17
marikAmeth, sure thing03:17
astrocubchmod: changing permissions of `/mnt/usb/syslinux.cfg': Read-only file system03:18
astrocubfailed to change mode of `/mnt/usb/syslinux.cfg' to 0644 (rw-r--r--)03:18
astrocubthat's all -v gave us03:18
sumodunoxangua: cool it worked, but my volume contorl is missing03:18
well_laid_lawnastrocub: use   ls -l   on the usb - who owns it?03:18
astrocubi'm going to try fdisk03:18
marikwell_laid_lawn, the "Disk Utility" in system -> administration *almost* does that.. but not quit03:18
astrocubwell_laid_lawn: it doesn't specify an owner03:18
astrocubjust 399 39903:19
marik399 is the uid of the owner03:19
timbaleroamarok doesn't sound after install, what should I do?03:19
marikif you don't have the same uid, then it won't let you, and you have to escalate your priviledge level03:19
astrocubi'm root03:19
alisneakyrandom question...has Login Window changed names to Login Screen on 10.04?03:19
mariktimbalero, open up System -> Preferences -> Sound03:19
timbalero<marik> and?03:20
astrocubk, going to use the fdisk method of clearing it03:20
mariktimbalero, make sure the mute box isn't checked03:20
alisneakycoz i can see login screen but no login window...by the way..im trying to change my login window theme...03:20
timbalero<marik> ok thanks, but, others  programs sound perfect, that "mute box" is only for amarok?03:21
iwatkinsanyone here have expirence w/ setting up TwinView (nVidia)?  The nv driver seems to have no problem running both monitors, but the nvidia driver only runs 1 monitor @ 640x48003:22
mariktimbalero, go to the "Applications" tab and make sure amarok isn't muted03:22
willwill100im running proprietary drivers fine03:22
timbalero<marik> ok03:22
willwill100twin view has been working fine with nvidia03:23
Linehello! is there a virtual server for ubuntu in the repositories?03:23
marikLine, what/03:24
iwatkinswell, i've tried pretty much everything, with the nvidia driver.  i've downgraded drivers, i've tried swapping monitors, different cables, etc.03:24
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:24
chalkhi, i can't seem to listen to music from rhythmbox, it keeps on crashing03:25
Linemarik: I'm looking for a vnc server that I can run and administrate through a web, are there any such services in the repositories? I am on a headless ubuntu 9.04 server03:25
willwill100im using the most up to date drivers; used nvidias own app to apply settings, worked first time03:25
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:25
willwill100they are a bit buggy tho03:25
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:25
qm7I've been having programs freeze randomly for about 30 seconds, this happens every 10-20 minutes or so, randomly. I checked /var/log/messages and it says something about the "Ubuntu Network Kernel" and "Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed". Could anyone please help me with this?03:25
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:25
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:25
huhuhuInstall Windows: problems solved03:25
marikLine, Xvnc will do that for you03:26
chalkhi, i can't seem to listen to music from rhythmbox, it keeps on crashing03:26
chalki'm using ubuntu 1003:26
qm7I've been having programs freeze randomly for about 30 seconds, this happens every 10-20 minutes or so, randomly. I checked /var/log/messages and it says something about the "Ubuntu Network Kernel" and "Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed". Could anyone please help me with this?03:26
marikLine, it's not particularly easy to set up from what I remember though03:26
Lineoh no i want to set up virtual machines on my server03:27
marikLine, virtualbox then?03:27
Linedoes it have a web interface that lets me administrate the machines?03:27
qm7can anyone at least troubleshoot with me?03:28
timbalero<marik> ok still the same, I better check on the web site thansk aniway03:28
ZachK_qm7: what's up bud03:28
marikLine, i don't know. i've never bothered with virtual machines03:28
Linemarik: i set up vmware server 2 in ubuntu server before but that was a pain i was hoping there was something open source and convenient03:28
Linemarik: alrighty03:28
qm7ZachK_: I've been having programs freeze randomly for about 30 seconds, this happens every 10-20 minutes or so, randomly. I checked /var/log/messages and it says something about the "Ubuntu Network Kernel" and "Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed". Could anyone please help me with this?03:28
ZachK_qm7: ubuntu version/release03:29
AndrewX192How can I toggle the capslock light at the command line?03:29
ZachK_qm7: desktop notebook remix server03:29
timbalerook bye03:29
qm7desktop ZachK_03:29
ZachK_qm7: ok and did you do an upgrade or a full install03:30
qm7ZachK_: on a notebook03:30
qm7ZachK_: upgraded but this problem didn't appear until some time later03:30
Architeuthisi have opened port 5353 what do?03:31
ZachK_qm7: ok..gimme a sec and i'll see what i can find ok?03:31
imthenachomanis there anything i can install in linux that will let me mount linux drives in xp through SSH without having to install anything in xp?03:31
Architeuthisgive me exploit for port 535303:32
jribimthenachoman: I don't think windows knows anything about ssh by default...  Why do you want to use ssh?03:32
edbianimthenachoman, For a windows computer to ssh at all you need putty.  I'm not aware of any other way...03:32
imthenachomanjrib: well anyway i suppose03:32
imthenachomani just want to be able to edit my files in notepad on xp03:32
imthenachomandont ask why....03:32
jribimthenachoman: you want to mount drives on another machine in your network?03:33
chalkhi, i can't seem to listen to music from rhythmbox, it keeps on crashing03:33
imthenachomanjrib: yes, mount linux drives on xp03:33
edbianimthenachoman, You can set up a samba file server (I'm not sure you can do that on the internet)03:33
jribimthenachoman: use samba03:33
edbianimthenachoman, samba is windows native so you don't have to install anything on a stock windows install03:33
imthenachomanlet me see03:33
Architeuthisexploit DC.store? mac03:33
edbianimthenachoman, I'm sure if you opened that up to the internet though it would be a security flaw03:34
jribimthenachoman: you can just right click -> properties -> share (that's samba)03:34
imthenachomanjrib: this is server ubuntu, no x03:34
imthenachomanedbian: humm03:34
imthenachomanedbian: i can set up ssh tunnel03:34
imthenachomanand then samba03:34
edbianimthenachoman, sudo apt-get install samba03:34
jribimthenachoman: you said on your network though so presumably that's not an issue?03:34
Architeuthisdoes any one know the answer to my FUCKING question03:34
edbianimthenachoman, Yep.  But then you need to install putty on your windows clients03:34
jribArchiteuthis: that gets you ignored, not help faster...03:35
Architeuthisword brutha03:35
imthenachomanArchiteuthis: what is your f***ing question.....i'm no expert but no girls ever complained....03:35
ac1dburnzArchiteuthis,  be patienst03:35
jribArchiteuthis: and it's not even an ubuntu question... you're in the wrong channel03:35
edbianimthenachoman, :P03:35
imthenachomanedbian: already have tectia installed03:35
macoimthenachoman: watch your language03:35
dcamp25wireless help03:35
ZachK_qm7: you know how to use the terminal?03:35
edbianimthenachoman, tectia.... ?03:35
Architeuthiso sry, i just want tho know...lolz03:35
ZachK_dcamp25: wireless eh?03:35
macoimthenachoman: obfuscated swearing is still swearing, and watch your attitude too03:35
qm7ZachK_: yes03:35
jribArchiteuthis: ask elsewhere, this channel is only for ubuntu support03:35
macoArchiteuthis: watch your language as well03:36
john275Hey guys. Im running ubuntu 10.04 (great so far), and would like to know if there is any way to play back HD video (.m2ts, .mkv, etc) or flash video with hardware acceleration. I have an ATI card (radeon 4650) btw. Thanks03:36
ZachK_qm7: ok open it up and type in the following without quotes "lspci"03:36
imthenachomanmaco: ......i star it out and he says it for real and i'm scolded? and attitude? i was just joking with him03:36
dcamp25Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01) ubuntu 10.04 64 bit03:36
imthenachomanmaco: wont happen again03:36
macoimthenachoman: i told him not to swear too03:36
dcamp25shows up as eth103:36
ZachK_!pastebin | qm7 put the output here03:36
ubottuqm7 put the output here: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:36
dcamp25not wlan003:36
xanguajohn275: with hardware acceleration you will neet to wait to the next version of vlc, 1.2 i believe03:36
qm7ZachK_: I have to go.03:37
=== tiMMy is now known as Guest12110
imthenachomanedbian: like putty03:38
ZachK_qm7: oh..ok03:38
dotblankjohn275, Also I know you have an ati card but HW playback works with nvidia cards using vdpau03:38
imthenachomanedbian: but not open source03:38
edbianimthenachoman, oic.  That'll do it then.03:38
john275dotblank, thanks, yeah, id heard about vdpau, too bad i have ati03:38
john275xangua, thanks, hopefully theres another way to get hardware acceleration03:38
edbianimthenachoman, I suggested samba because you didn't need to install anything on the windows client.  If you already have a ssh client installed than you can file transfer over that.  If it's only one file it's not terrible03:39
dotblankIf I owned an ATI card I might know more about it03:39
imthenachomanedbian: im trying to figure out a way to edit the files in an editor on xp remotely03:39
=== mac9416__ is now known as mac9416
dotblankimthenachoman, you can install cygwin and run x forwarding03:40
edbianimthenachoman, ssh into the server, navigate to the file, use nano, or vi, or another cli based text editor03:40
imthenachomanedbian: ....lol. was looking for a more robust editor03:40
imthenachomanedbian: i've been using vi for now03:40
edbianimthenachoman, emacs03:40
jribmore robust than vim or emacs? is there such a thing?03:40
edbianimthenachoman, emacs is about as robust as you can get, some people joke that it's an operating system03:40
dotblankimthenachoman, http://www.cs.caltech.edu/courses/cs11/misc/xwindows.html03:41
qm7ZachK_: you still there?03:41
edbianimthenachoman, Sorry we've gone in circles a bit.  I think we're at a very good solution though.03:41
=== carlos is now known as Guest17472
imthenachomanedbian: can't install anything else on this work laptop...03:41
qm7ZachK_: is there a way to do this without me making public all of the personal details about my pc?03:41
imthenachomanedbian: but i think samba willw ork03:41
mac9416Hello, Lucid is not recognizing my Verizon mobile broadband. Any ideas?03:42
edbianimthenachoman, ?Then you need to install samba server....03:42
imthenachomanedbian: i can instlal on my linux server, just not on my xp laptop03:42
ZachK_qm7: do what03:42
qm7ZachK_: is there a way to do this without me making public all of the personal details about my pc?03:42
ZachK_qm7: is there a way to do "What"03:42
edbianimthenachoman, You have an ssh client.  That's all you need.  vi or emacs or vim or whatever is on the server.03:42
ZachK_the what is the question03:42
=== The is now known as Guest52130
hiexpomac9416, probally need a usb swap03:43
qm7ZachK_: fix my problem03:43
imthenachomanedbian: i know, but i want to use komodo edit as it will make things a lot easier with cut and paste and what not03:43
ZachK_qm7: ok did you do the lspci command03:43
qm7ZachK_: yes03:43
dshbusinessWhy I cannot visit a website with 8080 port under ubuntu? I can do this under windows?03:43
ZachK_!pastebin | qm703:43
ubottuqm7: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:43
mac9416hiexpo, speak noob, friend. What's usb swap?03:43
hiexpols usb03:43
jribdshbusiness: you can03:43
ZachK_qm7: paste the output there and give me the url03:43
edbianimthenachoman, komodo installed on the windows xp client?03:43
qm7ZachK_: i dont want to  make all my details public03:44
mac9416dshbusiness, go to website.com:808003:44
imthenachomanedbian: ea03:44
imthenachomanedbian: yeah03:44
ZachK_qm7: its not public my friend03:44
ZachK_qm7: http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:44
ZachK_qm7: paste the output there and give me the URL03:44
qm7ZachK_: can you just tell me what to look for?03:44
edbianimthenachoman, seems like a round-about way to do it but should work.  ssh tunnel to a samba file server...  I think it can be done.03:44
dshbusinessjrib: well, I must visit this site: http://cbt.etest.net.cn:8080. It was said the connection was reset. However, when I visit it under windows, it works03:45
edbianimthenachoman, No offense but it seems like emacs or vim is much much easier.  That's just me though.03:45
ZachK_qm7: honestly no i cannot as i need the info from that command to get an idea of what could be wrong...03:45
ZachK_qm7: i'm not trying to steal your data or something03:45
jribedbian, imthenachoman: I'm not sure why ssh is coming in, didn't imthenachoman say they machines were on the same network?03:45
edbianimthenachoman, You know you can copy / paste text into / out of your ssh client windows03:45
edbianimthenachoman, If that's true you don't need ssh at all.  I only suggested it to gain security if you planned on connecting over the internet.03:45
dshbusinessI use firefox and chrome under ubuntu. Both do not work. But chrome under windows works03:45
ZachK_dshbusiness: what do you mean chrome doesn't work on linux03:46
edbiandshbusiness, Then you don't really use them do you>03:46
imthenachomanjrib: no they are not sir03:46
=== CaptBlackwood is now known as Capt_Blackwood
* jrib agrees with edbian03:47
jribimthenachoman: ok (that's not what you said earlier)03:47
imthenachomanedbian: i know emacs, and i do like it, but it wont work for my purposes03:47
dshbusinessZachK_: I mean, when I visit the connection under ubuntu, both chrome and firefox said the connection was reset.03:47
edbianimthenachoman, ok03:47
simple_mindhi. anyone knows how to enable gnome-shell?03:47
codebrainzdshbusiness, that site shows up here, but i can't understand what it says03:47
dshbusinessZachK_: But when I use chrome under windows, I can visit it straightforward.03:48
codebrainzdshbusiness, do you have internet in ubuntu?03:48
dshbusinesscodebrainz: yes03:48
marikAndrewX192, echo -e "\033[3q"03:48
AndrewX192marik, that does nothing03:49
marikAndrewX192, *iff* the terminal supports that escape sequence.  man console_codes for more info03:49
marikAndrewX192, are you using gnome-terminal?03:49
marikit doesn't support that sequence03:49
AndrewX192konsole maybe?03:49
GhostFreeman_How do I add a beep to run when ubuntu starts up?03:50
mariki'd try xterm03:50
codebrainzdshbusiness, and you can visit other sites?03:50
chalkhow come on ubuntu 10 my internet connection is so slow03:50
=== peter_ is now known as Guest18206
thansomhey, how can I sync video and music to my ipod touch?03:50
AndrewX192marik, doesnt work either ._.03:50
marikGhostFreeman_, in the preferences -> startup applications, tell it to run: echo -e "\007"03:50
chalkthansom: try gtkpod?03:50
thansomgtkpod doesnt seem to support video?03:51
xanguathansom: maybe woth banshee then03:51
codebrainzin canada, gtkpod is soon to be illegal03:51
dshbusinesscodebrainz: yes. But this site http://cbt.etest.net.cn:8080, I can't visit under ubuntu.03:51
qm7ZachK_: get that?03:51
chalkhmm, i was able to do so03:51
codebrainzdshbusiness, well, firefox has never failed me.  no idea what's going on03:52
codebrainzdshbusiness, unless it's blocked in your /etc/hosts or something03:52
codebrainznot a networking guru03:52
dshbusinesscodebrainz: Yes, perhaps it was my configuration's problem. I will check it. Thanks, codebrainz.03:53
peglerhi all03:53
peglerI have a quick question03:54
hiexpo!hi  pegler03:54
peglerrun you run a process, it will terminate when you logout.  is there any way to let the process keep running?03:54
qm7ZachK_: HELLO03:54
peglerspeciafically, I am looking to run long jobs via ssh and not have them die when I close the connection03:54
hiexpo!hi | pegler03:54
ubottupegler: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:54
jrib!screen | pegler03:54
ubottupegler: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen03:54
acerimmer_codebrainz: wth?? rly?03:55
* qm7 splashes ZachK_ with bucket of ice cold water03:56
codebrainzacerimmer_, yeah, totally.  it's not like me, but some things i need a hard copy03:56
edbianWho asked about gnome-shell?03:56
simple_mindi asked :)03:57
codebrainzacerimmer_, whoah, wrong channel, sorry03:57
ZachK_qm7: excuse me but i'm doing fifty different things at once...managing a team for one and editing the wiki for another...please be patient03:57
edbiansimple_mind, Did you install the package?03:57
pegler3sorry, safari reloaded on me.  just wanted to say thanks03:57
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simple_mindgnome-shell? yes edbian03:58
edbiansimple_mind, Did you run it yet?03:58
=== root__ is now known as ralphv
alexandreSomeone from brazil?03:59
simple_mindedbian, yes. but didnt work. but i think I found the reason on internet. I need do disable compiz before running gnome-shell03:59
edbiansimple_mind, gnome-shell is a window manager, it conflicts with compiz03:59
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:59
edbiansimple_mind, try this: gnome-shell --replace04:00
simple_mindok. thanks edbian04:00
edbiansimple_mind, That's how I got it running.  I didn't have to touch compiz (the system manually stopped it for me)04:00
imthenachomanpegler3: nohup04:00
* imthenachoman gives hiexpo a band aid04:02
imthenachomanwhy did nobody recommend nohp? screen works but un-necessary04:02
sumodunohi, my volume controller is not showing in the applet indicator, i tried restarting it,but it didnt work04:03
jribimthenachoman: you mean nohup?  That's fine too.  Or you could just disown the job before logging out04:03
edbiansumoduno, What is "the applet indicator?"04:03
sumodunoedbian its in the panel04:04
larry_w how to use wpg2odg from the command line?04:04
edbiansumoduno, The volume applet is not part of the notification area04:04
jriblarry_: no idea what that is but try passing it --help, or calling « man wpg2odg » or reading the documentation in /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE04:04
sumodunoedbian well it was part of the indicator applet04:05
edbiansumoduno, Pardon me, it's not part of the indicator applet it's part of the notification area applet04:05
larry_it's a converter package for converting wordperfect graphics files to openoffice draw04:05
sumodunoedbian oh i see. how do i bring it back, i just turned on my computer and it just disappeared!04:05
edbiansumoduno, Add the notification applet to your panel04:06
edbiansumoduno, I don't know why it left :P04:06
sumodunoedbian hmmmmm i did that, its not showing04:06
edbiansumoduno, mmm, odd, does the actual sound work?04:06
uzerwhat irc client(s) you are using??? which is best???04:07
edbianuzer, I like xchat04:07
jrib!best | uzer04:07
ubottuuzer: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:07
Shodan__Does 10.04 desktop have an activated firewall by default on a fresh install?04:07
edbianuzer, But that's a bit off topic :P04:07
acerimmer_Shodan__: no.04:07
edbianShodan__, No04:07
sumodunoedbian actually it does. if it helps when i turned on my comp, it says that ICEauthority is mising04:07
acerimmer_uzer: chatzilla addon to ffox04:07
edbiansumoduno, I'm not sure.  I don't think I can help!  Sorry :(04:08
codebrainzShodan__, yes, ufw04:08
sumodunoedbian ahh its ok.04:08
Shodan__Codebrainz: ufw?04:08
edbianShodan__, no prob.  Is this machine at your home?  Do you have a router?04:08
codebrainzShodan__, uncomplicated firewall, at least on my install04:08
edbianShodan__, ufw is easily installed but it is not installed and running by default04:08
codebrainzShodan__, man ufw04:08
uzeroops bot didn't like that question04:08
Shodan__yea i'm at home, trying to get ssh up and running. Ubuntu 10.04 is installed in a VM04:09
codebrainzedbian, it was on mine!?04:09
codebrainzShodan__, ufw allow ssh04:09
edbiancodeabit, tuchet, it is installed, just not running04:09
edbiancodebrainz, it is installed by default, just not running04:10
codebrainzedbian, i c04:10
uzer!hello | #ubuntu-bots04:10
ubottu#ubuntu-bots: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:10
edbianShodan__, ufw shouldn't be running unless you told it to.04:10
jribubottu: #ubuntu-bots is a channel that you can visit and see which irc clients people like and use04:10
ubottuI'll remember that, jrib04:10
edbianShodan__, If you have a router that protects your LAN from the internet than that is acting as a firewall already.  Default behavior: all ports closed.04:10
* jrib thinks it's time to go to sleep...04:11
jribuzer: #ubuntu-bots is a channel that you can visit and see which irc clients people like and use04:11
edbianShodan__, I don't recommend setting up firewalls on every machine in your house04:11
edbianShodan__, Especially not on the linux ones.04:11
dotblankedbian, just because your running linux does not give an excuse to not run firewalls04:11
IdeAleSs_anyone here use a wifi tether on android 2.1 with ubuntu 10.04?  I need some help04:11
codebrainzedbian, i think he's trying to connect to a vm on his pc.04:11
uzer join #ubuntu-bots04:11
uzerjoin #ubuntu-bots04:12
codebrainzShodan__, try another network setting like Bridged or NAT (i'm not an net guy)04:12
Shodan__I got it, I was using NAT for the VM which was causing the problem04:12
Shodan__thanks for the help04:13
edbianShodan__, awesome!04:13
jimtuvGot a quick question. What is the Maximum password length in Ubuntu 10.04?04:13
edbianjimtuv, I don't think there is one...04:13
codebrainzjimtuv, probably 256 or greater, why?04:13
jimtuvJust want a killer strong password for my admin I had an attempted intrusion04:14
codebrainzjimtuv, i think you'll be safe typing 255 characters each time :)04:15
jimtuvlol I was thinking more like 2504:15
edbianjimtuv, Use the password generator.  It generates very strong passwords.  Double it up if you're still skeptical04:15
edbianjimtuv, 25 is sooo long :)04:15
codebrainzwell_laid_lawn, the first part04:15
mturnerjimtuv: if possible limit the IP scope04:16
edbianjimtuv, Did they attempt to break in via ssh?04:16
jimtuvI have done that and added a 64 character passphrase to the wireless04:16
edbianjimtuv, Nice.04:17
codebrainzjimtuv, describe the incident, i'm interested04:17
edbianjimtuv, Hide the essid as well.04:17
qm7ZachK_: are you there?04:17
jimtuvall the sudden my printer printed out without any input.04:17
codebrainzjimtuv, is that it?04:17
edbianjimtuv, Some hacker with style! :)04:17
mturnerhiding the essid doesnt always protect it ..that is more suceptible to different types of attacks04:18
jimtuvso I checked the router and it said a DOS attack was underway04:18
kopjimtuv, it was only ascii Pr0n ... D'Oh04:18
jimtuvI shut it down04:18
dotblankjimtuv, yikes04:18
edbianmturner, How does it make the network MORE susceptible ?04:18
codebrainzmturner, more?  i would say as succeptible, no?04:18
mturneryes agreed04:18
jimtuvThen I changed the passphrase and just for safeness all the passwords04:19
codebrainzjimtuv, my router shows non stop DOS attacks04:19
jimtuvbut does your printer print out pictures of sunglasses04:19
dotblankI think its becauses some statistical reporting software counts pings as an attempted attack04:19
edbianjimtuv, Did you find out anything about them?  Did they have a dhcp address?  Did you get a hostname or an IP or anything?04:19
codebrainzjimtuv, heh, sometimes?04:19
dotblankjimtuv, That is awesome04:20
kopdid the sunglasses have ... nipples ?04:20
jimtuvyes it was an aol account is sent them a abuse report04:20
yshavithas anyone here had difficulty with the clock applet? Mine was broken for a couple weeks... finally figured it out, and I don't know if it's common enough that I should report it somewhere04:20
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un214does anything break if I disable sudo?04:20
dotblankun214, um yes04:20
kopjimmy51_, aol ? abuse online ?04:20
edbianun214, Youre ability to sudo...04:20
un214don't need it04:21
edbianjimtuv, Good call04:21
iWolfYou shouldn't04:21
edbianun214, Do you have a different way to be root?04:21
un214root password04:21
dotblankun214, really its a bad idea04:21
edbianun214, Then you can safely remove it.04:21
acerimmer_un214: I wouldn't do this if I were you...04:21
jimtuvBad bad idea un21404:21
jribun214: most of the things in your administrator menu will break for starters...04:22
cpatrick2008_who has tried ubuntu 10.10 alpha 1 yet04:22
edbianun214, It's not a bad idea.  Lots of distros use su root  instead of sudo.  Red Hat / Fedora does for example04:22
jimtuvI set up a admin account and it has the only sudo rights everyone else cant sudo04:22
un214you know the rule about sudo in its own manual: "secure the sudoer's account like you would the root account"04:22
codebrainzyshavit, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/gnome-bugs probably04:22
edbianun214, Oooo, good point jrib The menus may phreak04:22
yshavitcodeabit: alright, thanks04:22
un214huh I've never used them04:22
edbianun214, Is this a server?  Do you not have a gui ?04:23
un214yeah but I believe in using console for admin04:23
edbianun214, nice, hardcore!  Then I think you're safe.04:23
jribun214: sudo is used in a console :/04:23
edbianun214, Obviously though, I've never done it so good luck!04:23
edbianjrib, but in the term su root can do anything sudo can do.04:23
un214you see if anybody wanted to attack sudo they'd patch bash in ram to launch the wrong sudo04:23
jribedbian: no it can't04:24
un214but Ctrl+Alt+F1 provides a secure console04:24
edbianjrib, What can su root not do?04:24
dotblanksome scripts make use of sudo so you may break them04:24
jribedbian: sudo allows for more refined privileges for starters04:24
un214the only thing I saw that didn't like running as root was fakeroot04:25
un214(and freeciv but who cares)04:25
dotblankun214, fakeroot?04:25
jribedbian: the converse is certainly true though.  Anything you want to do as root can be done with a sudo user with full privileges04:25
edbianjrib, more refined privileges?  I don't think that file permissions are effected at all by sudo or su root04:25
jribedbian: you can restrict what user's can sudo04:25
jriberm, delete the '04:26
un214fakeroot is used to fool certain scripts to thinking they have root when they don't -- e.g. the script that packages up java04:26
codebrainzdotblank, fakeroot allows a regular user do stuff only root can, iirc04:26
codebrainzor what un214 said04:26
edbianjrib, Now that's true.04:26
jribun214: it's your system, do whatever you want.  Running all the time as root is certainly not recommended though04:26
dotblankcodebrainz, un214 right but why use fakeroot when your already root04:27
un214I don't run as root all the time04:27
princeanyone having problems with the new java update?04:27
edbianun214, jrib whoa whoa.  Nobody said it's a good idea to be root all the time!04:27
edbianun214, That is a bad idea.04:27
un214I know04:27
edbianun214, k04:27
koproot root root root !04:27
jrib"the only thing I saw that didn't like running as root ..."04:27
un214jrib: you could postfix that with "that I tried"04:27
jimtuvyou cant su fakeroot it only give an error Unknown id: fakeroot04:28
kop"the only thing I saw that didn't like running as root ..." was my gf's myspace account04:28
edbianfakeroot is not an account it's a shell command04:28
IdleOne!ot | kop04:28
ubottukop: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:28
edbiankop, :D04:28
un214the only time I wish they gave you root automatically was the rescue cd04:29
catyHeya, I've been having some problems with getting my graphics tablet to work on ubuntu OS. I found this website online and was wondering if I should follow these instructions or not http://frankgroeneveld.nl/2010/04/11/get-wacom-bamboo-fun-pen-working-in-ubuntu-lucid/ . Many thanks :).04:29
dotblankun214, um they don't?04:29
un214in that particular case, requiring prefixing root commands with sudo is pointless04:29
codebrainzun214, the live cd does04:29
edbianun214, sudo is just ubuntu's way of doing it.  If they took it out than they would have inconsistency.04:29
codebrainzcaty, i'm surprised it didn't work out of the box04:29
edbianun214, Like codebrainz said, you can get to a root shell in the live CD can't you?04:30
dotblanksudo isn't "just" ubuntu04:30
jribun214: you know you can just issue « sudo -i », if typing "sudo" repeatedly is what bothers you?04:30
uzer where do i get ruby.h, i have installed ruby-dev | jrib04:30
uzerwhere do i get ruby.h, i have installed ruby-dev04:30
un214jrib: no, that's not it04:30
catycodebrainz, yes i am too, as my older version of the tablet did.04:30
dotblankuzer, looks like your trying to compile from source04:30
un214jrib: I believe sudo is less secure than logging in to a secure console04:30
codebrainzcaty, does wacom by chance offer a linux driver?04:30
codebrainzi never tried04:30
uzeryou are right04:30
jribun214: that's the right package04:31
edbianun214, I have seen lengthy articles about how it is not.04:31
jribuzer: erm, why?04:31
dotblankuzer, What are you trying to compile04:31
edbianun214, That's all I'll say.04:31
catycodebrainz, no, i don't think they do04:31
jribun214: erm, why?04:31
SeanInSeattleHey all.  Any thoughts on which version of ubuntu my wife should be installing?  She's got an ASUS 1201hab (11in laptop).  Its running the atom proc.04:31
jribuzer: weechat is in the repositories, don't compile it04:31
un214jrib: trojan can easily patch bash in ram to run its own sudo, grab the password, and have a heyday04:31
un214sure it's detectable but do you check every time?04:31
codebrainzcaty, what was the model again?04:31
sheerzSean:  There is a Ubuntu Netbook remix I believe.04:32
jribun214: if I can easily patch X, I think you have more pressing issues....04:32
un214jrib: patch bash, not X04:32
jribun214: oh, it's only easy to patch bash?04:32
sumodunoi have problems with the ICEauthority. when i turn on my computer, it says its missing04:32
jribun214: I meant X as a variable04:32
un214jrib: ah04:32
=== ZachK_1 is now known as ZachK_
* jrib tries to remember that is a bad choice when dealing with linux04:33
catycodebrainz, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wacom-Bamboo-Pen-Graphics-Tablet/dp/B002Q4U4AE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1275708758&sr=8-1 here's the version04:33
princeSean I put ubuntu regular on that one .... works great04:33
un214jrib: I've patched programs in RAM to do other things then the author intended before04:33
SeanInSeattle@prince seriously?  She's having issues with it crashing.04:33
dotblankuzer, if you still want to compile it from source run sudo apt-get build-dep weechat04:33
SpazStaticHey, could someone give me a hand fixing my resolution? I can't get it to go above 640x480 which makes it hard to do anything.04:33
jribun214: but if you patch bash and when you login with root you use a bash shell...04:34
un214jrib: you see, patching software on disk requires admin but patching the running image can be done by attaching as a debugger04:34
princeSean ... it has to be a newer version .... 9.10 or 10.0404:34
dotblankSure SpazStatic. can you give me some more information like how long it has been like that.. did you make a change and it broke or was it never above that resolution04:34
codebrainzcaty, if it's a new model, it might be worth straying from the xorg drivers in the repo and compiling the newest ones04:34
SeanInSeattle@prince Yep, she installed the latest, 10.04.04:34
edbianun214, Is that true?  Is it difficult?04:35
jribun214: I don't think this is a good reason to remove sudo in favor of logging in as root.  Just keep sudo installed.  If you prefer to login as root for some tasks, that's fine04:35
princeif it is intel 8xx chipset it won't work04:35
uzerwasn't really good idea 0.5G bild deps!04:35
connorhey everybody04:35
catycodebrainz, ah okay then, thanks04:35
princeSean if it is intel 8xx chipset it won't work04:35
un214edbian: true it's difficult but I've done it before so I can do it again. Sooner or later somebody else is going to figure it out.04:35
sheerzSean: Just try the netbook remix.  There is a compatibility page so you can check on the support for your lappy. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks04:35
jimtuvThere really is no good reason to log in as root. It is way dangerous.04:35
dotblankuzer, lots of deps,,, sure you still wan't to compile from source?04:35
jribuzer: install weechat directly from the repositories04:35
SpazStaticdotblank : I changed monitors. I've seen this monitor at higher resolutions on other computers, so I know it can go to something more reasonable.04:36
connorsince when is root dangerous?04:36
edbianun214, What kind of debugger are you using that lets you edit your programs while they're running?04:36
edbianun214, Are these programs compiled c code?04:36
dotblankok SpazStatic can you pastebin the output of "xrandr"04:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:37
connorcould anybody help me with python?04:37
un214edbian: I wrote my own patching program that patched them as if they were assembly code04:37
jribconnor: it's dangerous in the sense it has the power to do dangerous things...  Why are you asking?04:37
shaunoand how does altering the user's bash instance reflect on sudo at all?04:37
edbianjimtuv, Anytime you sudo something you're effectively root for that command.  Sudo is no less dangerous than the root account04:37
codebrainzconnor, i could, but there's #python for that04:37
edbianjimtuv, It is dangerous to be root all the time04:37
jribconnor: if it's about programming in python, #python is a better place.  Otherwise just ask your question04:37
un214shauno: easy, sudo root-command now runs ~/.trojan/sudo04:37
jordy82question to anyone who will be interested in my idea i wanna create an theme for kde/gnome for karamba and it should be created for an netbook.. easy to read mail, chat, music adn so one all on your desktop who will work with me ?04:37
edbianun214, c programs are not compiled (or running) as assembly code.  They're binary files.04:38
edbianun214, Again, what language was the program you "patched" ?04:38
sheerzSean: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks#Asus Eee 1201HA04:38
un214edbian: I don't know the language that I patched. I saw it as binary code04:38
edbianun214, Does "patch" mean edit the code of the program?04:38
SeanInSeattleSheerz:  the compat page that you linked to, is that a list of reviews where ubuntu normal / desktop was installed, or the netbook remix?04:38
edbianun214, So you changed the binary code of a program as it was running?04:38
un214edbian: yes04:38
edbianun214, yes to which question?04:39
un214edbian: I changed the binary code while it was running04:39
SeanInSeattlesheerz:  thx.  thats a really great link.  I appreciate it.04:39
edbianun214, So you used a debugger to gain access to the portions of the memory (ram) that you needed to edit.04:40
un214edbian: yes04:40
SpazStaticdotblank: Actually, I need to go. I'll be back later.04:40
edbianun214, What program did you use to convert your commands to binary code?04:40
un214edbian: nasm04:40
codebrainzun214, can you describe your issue again, i'm interested04:41
un214codebrainz: I was asking if anything would break if I turned off sudo. I see it as unsafe to sudo from my primary account to root in comparision to logging in as root.04:42
edbianun214, He says he can use a debugger, attach it to a running instance of sudo or bash (or any program) and live on the fly edit the binary code while the program is running.  Therefore sudo is insecure04:42
edbianun214, If you can do something like that then the entire system is insecure04:42
edbianun214, Did I get all that right?04:43
un214edbian: it's impossible to do it to processes that aren't running as you04:43
codebrainzun214, you can remove yourself from /etc/sudoers04:43
edbianun214, Unless you're running the debugger as root...04:43
un214so I modify bash to spawn a fake sudo that captures the password04:43
Jordan_Uedbian: No, strace and similar programs do not work with setuid binaries. He would only be able to do that if the debugger were already running as root, in which case what's the point?04:44
un214Jordan_U: easy. trick user to providing password to trojan then trojan uses it to sudo and have fun04:44
Jordan_Uedbian: NVM, I see you were making that point yourself :)04:45
tauhi, i am using ubuntu + kubunt-desktop, when i initialize the gnome the screen resolution works perfectly but when i run the kubuntu it set back to the old configuration, i looked for Xorg.conf at /etc/X11 but no there is such file. what can I do to fix it ?04:45
edbianJordan_U, :)04:45
edbianun214, I defy you to trick me into giving you my root password.04:45
manishun214: It is an interesting topic. I am a newbie, but its really interesting.04:45
edbianun214, I welcome the challange04:45
princeupdated my adobe flash and now my camera won't work online ..... anyone else????04:45
codebrainzun214, the whole system is designed to stop what you said04:46
un214If I gave you such a trojan (I don't have most of the pieces on hand) and somehow got you to run it you would have to decontaminate your account04:46
codebrainzun214, ok, so maybe access to $HOME04:46
un214codebrainz: anyway you can simulate it by creating a ~/.trojan/sudo and placing ~/.trojan in your path04:46
edbianun214, Yeah, if I was an idiot and ran code that some stranger gave me.04:46
jimtuvun214 I don't even know my root password. I wrote it down locked it in a safe and have no clue what it is so asking wouldn't do any good ;P04:47
Jordan_Uun214: True, and what's your alternative to sudo? su has the same problem. The only possible way around a trojan like that is to use alt+sysrq+k before ever logging in.04:47
dewmandecontaminate? wow, that sounds like a windows issue... lol04:47
un214Jordan_U: my alternative is Ctrl+Alt+F1 yielding a console that has not been logged into04:47
codebrainzun214, tty1 is for kernel messages i think :)04:48
manishJordan_U: can you please elaborate on alt+sysrq+k??04:48
Jordan_Uun214: How do you know it hasn't been logged into? It's just as easy to mimick login as it is sudo.04:48
un214codebrainz: yeah but there's a getty ghere04:48
un214Jordan_U only if you already have root04:48
=== gopa is now known as wave
un214Jordan_U if you can walk up to my computer you can compromize it by booting CD anyway04:49
edbianun214, So your method of attaching a debugger comprimises the system how?  Really the comprise comes from the trojan...04:49
codebrainzun214, if you can get a user to "become root" the world is your oyster. so?04:49
edbianun214, If you have physical access you can set the computer on fire.04:49
speirosI am having trouble with OBM.  It seems to not work on my computer, and is stopping me from downloading other stuff.  Can someone help me to get my computer to download properly again?  Thanks.04:49
un214codebrainz: I'm willing to wait until the user wants to become root the next time around04:50
=== abby_ is now known as n8cat
kmystanybody know why creating an ad-hoc wireless network fails on intrepid? it used to work on gutsy...i don't use it often but need it to work now04:50
codebrainzun214, ok, so it's kinda pointless, all systems everywhere in the world on every pc will let you f it up if you have root access/physical access.  where's the challenge?04:50
manishun214: I am really interested in your code.04:50
jimtuvun214 I have use Ubuntu now for 3 years and still haven't every logged in as root. You may have a long time to wait04:51
Jordan_Uun214: It kills any program running on the current tty and starts login, going through the kernel directly. Anything else can be spoofed.04:51
un214jimtuv: when's the last time you used sudo?04:51
edbianjimtuv, sudo is not a whole lot different ;)04:51
=== wave is now known as gops
jimtuvI cant sudo from my account04:51
edbianjimtuv, How do you update your software?04:51
well_laid_lawnshouldn't this hacking accounts stuff be in #ubuntu-offtopic?04:51
un214Jordan_U: I know about alt-sysrq-k. I also know that nobody I don't trust has access to the console thanks to a locked door04:52
codebrainzwell_laid_lawn, if other questions were going unanswered, yes04:52
jimtuvI have to log into the admin and let him do the update. That is why I have the 25 character login04:52
well_laid_lawnI didn't think it mattered what else was happening...04:52
un214jimtuv: then I think you're safe04:53
edbianjimtuv, Then you're logging in as root :)  It's very secure though with that password04:53
codebrainzwell_laid_lawn, maybe04:53
Inconis !04:53
jimtuvbut only for a few minuets every week or so04:53
well_laid_lawncodebrainz: seen the channel topic?04:53
shaunoIt's an interesting theory.  I believe selinux can prohibit processes from attaching like a debugger, if you're genuinely that paranoid04:53
kazagistarI am building an application that outputs MIDI to a channel... is there some other application I can use to GET the control signals and, dunno, play sounds?04:53
codebrainzwell_laid_lawn, just messin around.  seems pointless to enforce o/t when nothings happening04:54
Jordan_Uun214: Even though I've taken your invalid argument having root login enabled and given you a valid one, the decrease in security from logging in as root (the human factors of it) far outway this one benefit. And without alt+sysrq+k even that advantage is gone.04:54
edbianThe debugger can only attach to processes that are owned by you so no matter what code you inject you can only do things you could do normally04:54
well_laid_lawncodebrainz: just it was a boring conversation there04:54
codebrainzwell_laid_lawn, agreed04:54
calibrehow come some days my memory says different numbers, like some days it will say 256 of mem used and now it says 50004:55
codebrainzcalibre, did you spill wine in your cpu?04:55
Euthanatosi can't help but think they shoudl have stuck with more reliable versions of integral software with an LTS04:55
princecalibre: alzhimers04:56
well_laid_lawncalibre: bad mem stick or mobo socket maybe04:56
calibrewell the numbers jump04:56
codebrainzcalibre, push the ram in harder, then drink the wine04:56
calibrea lot04:56
un214Jordan_U: Anyone who can reach the console can interact with the bootloader. I didn't use EFS so it's game over at that point.04:56
shaunocalibre: Is it the total that's changing? Or the amount used / free04:56
well_laid_lawncalibre: or maybe the mem stick just needs reseating04:56
calibreIts like04:57
calibrethe MiB is like 200 and now it just jumped to 600.04:57
calibreMem and swap history04:57
codebrainzcalibre, are you watching the 'free' command?04:57
well_laid_lawncalibre: where are you seeing that pls04:57
calibreSystem monitor04:58
calibreunder resources04:58
codebrainzcalibre, the kernel is smarter than us, she knows when to use resources better than we do.04:58
calibrei see04:58
codebrainzcalibre, if you're not using it, the kernel's gonna use it04:59
calibreso I shouldn't worry about it?04:59
calibreThe numbers jump when i listen to music and stuff04:59
calibreor have multiple windows open in firefox04:59
Binary0010that is normal04:59
sumodunohow do you remove something installed by a script?05:00
codebrainzcalibre, probably not, that is what happens, that's why those programs let you watch it05:00
well_laid_lawn!checkinstall | sumoduno05:00
ubottusumoduno: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!05:00
shaunocalibre: the amount used will vary depending on what you're doing.   and what you've done recently enough to be cached.  and what housekeeping is happening behind the scenes, etc05:00
well_laid_lawnsumoduno: you do it one file at a time05:00
sumodunowell_laid_lawn well the problem is my friend did it and it's causing problems on my computer. he used app runner to install it. the program is called vettle05:01
Jordan_Uun214: There ways to exploit vulnerabilities to print to tty's you aren't on without root access. And you are making the common mistake of only thinking about security in the technological sense. Most attacks exploit wetware. By logging in as root you are making youself more vulnerable to human error, which is what you should be most concerned about.05:02
peglerhello all again05:02
acerimmer_sumoduno: two words: "Guest Session"05:02
well_laid_lawnsumoduno: I don't know that prog - you might find all the files if you can locate them with the   find   command05:02
WXZthe tomboy drop-down, it's not a launcher05:03
sumodunowell_laid_lawn i did, but nothing shows up05:03
WXZso what is it?05:03
sumodunowell_laid_lawn i think its an add on for firefox but it doesnt show there05:03
WXZand how do I create something similar to it05:03
peglerI am setting up a software raid using mdadm, and I keep trying to create a raid5 array with 6 2TB drives.  but in /proc/mdstat it says UUUUU_, which means one of the drives isn't being added to the array.  or does that mean one of the drives is bad?05:03
codebrainzWXZ elaborate.  which drop down, where?05:04
well_laid_lawnsumoduno: I don't know it so since it isn't a package from ubuntu and was installed by a script...05:04
WXZon the panel which shows you all your notes05:04
sumodunowell_laid_lawn so to uninstall it i have to find the files and delete it?05:04
kazagistardoes anyone know any application at all that plays "live" midi data directly from an input, as opposed to from a file?05:05
well_laid_lawnsumoduno: yep - i would start in /usr/bin05:05
Binary0010sumoduno: if it is a script you should be able to parse through and trace exactly what was done05:05
=== Shodan__ is now known as shodan
codebrainzWXZ, you want to have your program show up in the panel, with a menu?05:05
WXZwell actually I want to change the tomboy menu05:06
peglerand 1 spare05:06
WXZbut first I have to understand it to change it05:06
WXZand in general, that's not a bad thing to know if I ever want to write an app05:06
peglerI just checked mdadm --detail md0 and it lists 5 active, 6 working, and 1 spare.  is that just because it is not entirely built yet?05:06
=== STiK_ is now known as STiK
codebrainzWXZ, other than the configuration provided by the program, you'd have to check out the source and hack on it a bit.  It's written in C# i think, which is nice.05:07
WXZyeah, I understand I'll need to hack the code a bit05:07
brezwow, takes longer to transfer this distro onto a USB then it did to download ;|05:07
WXZbut I don't understand, is the menu like another program or something05:07
WXZfrom which you can open the tomboy interface05:07
well_laid_lawnWXZ: you can do   apt-get source application-name   to get the source if your os is set up for it05:07
SwedeMikepegler: cat /proc/mdstat instead, there you'll see what is going on.05:07
WXZwell_laid_lawn: I have the source already05:08
codebrainzWXZ, it's a gtk program that uses the notifyicon to put an icon and menu in your tray05:08
WXZalright, so it is a seperate app05:08
codebrainzWXZ, it's likely using Gtk#05:09
WXZso tomboy = 2 apps, the actual tomboy interface + the menu05:09
codebrainzso get monodevelop and explore the source05:09
well_laid_lawnWXZ: so you are asking how to read the programming language the source is written in?05:09
SumitI have attached LCD tv to my laptop. But dont know how to get display on the TV.05:09
WXZno well_laid_lawn05:09
Sumitany idea05:09
WXZcodebrainz answered it pretty much05:09
WXZI understand what a launcher is, and what an app is.. didn't know into which category the tomboy menu fell into05:10
sumodunowell_laid_lawn i found it. thanks!05:10
well_laid_lawn!xrandr | Sumit05:10
ubottuSumit: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:10
auser-userhow can I upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 without using the live cd? I tried update-manager -d but no updates/upgrades offered05:10
well_laid_lawnsumoduno: np :]05:10
bastid_raZorauser-user: ask in #ubuntu+105:11
Sumitthanks will check the details05:11
well_laid_lawnauser-user: tried in #ubuntu+1?05:11
aruntomari'm trying to install lucid by using the localnet+pxe method, but it gives a debootstrap error, has anyone else faced the same issue, i'm using the dvd dump+http for access it05:12
Parabolawould it be safe to assume that ubuntu has an HFS driver builtin ?05:13
codebrainzaruntomar, what is the specific error?05:13
codebrainzParabola, yes, but it may or may not be r/w05:13
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE05:13
Parabolai just need read05:14
codebrainzParabola, you're gold then05:14
Parabolamaybe not05:14
Parabolaits an external that has my iphoto backup on it05:14
Parabolaand my mac got wiped for win7 for a dev project :(05:14
Parabolaand i cant find a backup on my freenas box05:14
Parabolayears of pictures gone :(05:14
codebrainzParabola, unless you dd the drive, the data is never gone!05:15
Paraboladd ?05:15
Parabolai crashed the bot05:15
codebrainzParabola, unless you wiped the disk, the data is still there05:15
Parabolaah yeah05:15
well_laid_lawn!info dd05:15
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in lucid05:15
Jordan_UParabola: Linux can mount hfsplus just fine. What problem are you having specifically?05:15
Parabolamotor is dead i think05:15
ParabolaJordan_U,  me being a dumbass05:15
Parabolaand not using my NAS05:15
Parabolaand then the cheap HDD my mac used for time machines died :)05:16
Parabolai have it in the freezer now05:16
aruntomarcodebrainz, Debootstrap Error  couldn't retrive package dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages. This may be due to a network problem or a bad CD, depending on your installation method.05:16
Parabolai've actually had that work temp.05:16
codebrainzParabola, linux will read your HFS disk if the motor will spin05:16
Parabolacan you just spin it fast for me plz?05:16
Parabolatry to get it around 7200 ;)05:16
Jordan_UParabola: I recommend that you use ddrescue to get as much off the disk as possible, before you do more damage.05:16
codebrainzaruntomar, do you have a solid internet connection?05:17
Parabolajordan: what is that, and how will that help with a bad motor05:17
punkmexichi anybody knows about the more secure firewall or the more secure way to avoid someone try to hack me if im using ubuntu_?05:17
Jordan_UParabola: i.e. Don't do anything with the drive except use ddrescue (gnu ddrescue specifically, as there are two different utilities with the same name)05:17
Sumitinstalled XrandR, but its not listing my LCD tv05:17
Parabola!info ddrescue05:18
ubottuddrescue (source: ddrescue): copy data from one file or block device to another. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.14-1 (lucid), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB05:18
naiad2if I have 2 drives in my lvm, both on the same group, but only systems files on one drive.  if I remove the non system drive will it 'cause issues?05:18
Jordan_U!gddrescue | Parabola05:18
bastid_raZorpunkmexic: fail2ban is nice for those ssh'ers who don't belong05:18
codebrainzParabola, i agree totally with Jordan_U05:18
aruntomarcodebrainz, i've mounted the dvd iso image and created a symlink to /var/www/ubuntu , so that i can access it via http05:18
Parabolai'll install it05:19
Jordan_U!info gddrescue | Parabola05:19
ubottuParabola: gddrescue (source: gddrescue): the GNU data recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 152 kB05:19
Jordan_UParabola: Use the gddrescue package.05:19
aruntomarcodebrainz, it boots the system, even partitions the disk properly, but in the installation of base components, it throws this error05:19
codebrainzaruntomar, it sounds like a network issue05:20
jordy82does anyone here own a asrock ion 330 ??05:20
peglerdoes someone have experience with mdadm?05:20
Parabolajordan please tell me it has a gui05:21
Parabolai dont know where the file i need is, i want to get it quickly05:21
Parabolaitll be faster with the file names to browse in gui05:21
Jordan_UParabola: It will first try to read the entire drive / partition without retrying (which the kernel would normally do if you mounted the partition, and which risks causing more damage). If it hits an error it logs where the error was and tries to recover that after everything else that is read without errors is recovered.05:21
codebrainzParabola, http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gddrescue05:22
jordy82or does anybody here have an remote controll for linux i am wonder if it it possible when you update your system the remote wont work again05:22
Parabolai dont want the whole drive recovered05:22
Parabolajust one bit of data05:22
Jordan_UParabola: I recommend that you read the man page completely if this data is important to you, as it explains well the concepts of data recovery.05:23
ablyssjordy82: like a tv remote?05:23
Parabolawill do :)05:23
TonisiusHow can I debug my preseed/kickstart system, the append paramter is not being used:   append auto preseed/url= initrd=ubuntu/lucid/amd64/initrd.gz -- quiet05:23
jordy82ablyss yes05:23
shaunojordy82: as a rule, configuration shouldn't be touched unless absolutely necessary when updating.  so it "shouldn't" happen (unless it really has to)05:23
Jordan_UParabola: What percentage of the data on the drive is data that you need?05:24
Tonisiusbut the PXE client is booting from the correct kernel, and i can cat /proc/cmdline and it shows what is appended to the kernel command, but the installer is still asking me questions....05:24
codebrainzjordy82, the program/package is lirc, google for how to configure it, might help05:24
TonisiusI am doing a tail -f on my apache log for that server, the installer never tries to download it, any ideas?05:24
Parabolajordan: less than 1005:24
Parabolaits like, 700mb of photos, maybe05:24
Parabolaon a 160gb drive with 100gb of data05:24
Euthanatosokay so the xrandr wiki proved to be totally useless and I'm unsure where to go next to manually set up a second display that isn't being detected or otherwise configure xorg to support my 1080p monitor05:25
codebrainzParabola, just recover the whole disk.  you can use photorec in the testdisk package05:25
aruntomarTonisius, use the key combination ctrl+shift+f405:25
jordy82shauno when i update the kernel i also should reinstall my nvidia drivers so i am wondering if that can happend also to the remote05:25
Tonisiusaruntomar: and what do I need to look for?05:25
Tonisiusaruntomar: I don't see any errors, and its not letting me scroll up05:25
ablyssjordy82: what type of remote? hauppauge ?05:25
Jordan_UParabola: If it's not much (like 1 GIG of a 1TB drive) then you are better off trying to mount it and just grab those files, if it's a signifigant amount then your best bet is to just try to get it all with ddrescue and grab individual files out later from the image ddrescue creates (which you can mount and browse through the GUI)05:26
codebrainzjordy82, what does linux detect it as?05:26
codebrainzmaybe check dmesg after re-plugging it in05:26
aruntomarTonisius, yes, it won't let u scroll05:26
jordy82i downloaded the driver from the asrock website05:26
aruntomarTonisius, what is the problem u r facing for which u would like to debug05:26
Tonisiusaruntomar: but what could I be looking for, I see DEBUG stuff, but no ERROR or ALERT's there05:26
shaunojordy82: drivers are very tied to the kernel.  *very*.  that'll happen.  lirc isn't a driver tho.  (the driver in that case would be between the receiver and the kernel, and lirc sits between the kernel and the application.  it's on a much more stable interface)05:27
jordy82my remote works but i am just wondering if it can give trouble when i update ubuntu05:27
aruntomarTonisius, if there r no errors, then ur setup is working fine :)05:27
codebrainzjordy82, just backup the lirc config files05:28
Tonisiusbut it's asking me questions, when the config I have should solve all that, the cfg file is never downloaded05:28
phoenix__where can i find the aac settings05:28
jordy82can you tell me how ?05:28
brezI downloaded ubuntu 10.4 iso from my ISP's FTP so it would be unmetered, how do I install the .iso from within 9.0405:28
phoenix__or faac settings05:28
Tonisiusaruntomar: the whole point of a preseed and using the auto kernel option is that it shouldn't be asking me any questions05:28
Tonisiusbrez: mount it to your CDrom, and use the cdrom location as an apt-get source05:28
Tonisiusand do an update, then upgrade05:29
brezah ok05:29
aruntomarTonisius, ok, so basically ur kickstart file is not getting used or accessed for installation05:29
codebrainzjordy82, if you haven't tweaked em, don't worry.  otherwise, a google search will reveal the location(s) of lirc config file(s)05:29
Tonisiusaruntomar: correct05:29
jordy82oke thanks for your help05:29
Tonisiusaruntomar: it's not getting accessed at all, I'm watching all logs that pertain to the webserver hosting it05:30
Tonisiusaruntomar: I can continue the installation, and when installing packages it will obtain them from my webserver, so I know i'm watching the right place05:30
Jordan_Ubrez: Tonisius: You can only upgrade with the alternate CD, and only from one release to immediate next one (you can't skip directly from 9.04 to 10.04)05:31
aruntomarTonisius, u need to insert a different line, rather than the preseed stuff, just a min, i'll tell u that05:31
TonisiusJordan_U: oh, I missed that... sorry05:31
Tonisiusi like my unmetered network connection :D05:32
Jordan_Ubrez: If your ISP provides unmetered isos they probably also provide unmetered repositories that you can use to upgrade (and when just normally installing packages)05:32
Euthanatosis there nowhere I can go to figure out how to support my new monitor?  Or am I just just screwed because hardware is a gamble with linux?05:33
ablyssEuthanatos: often I find out its a simple setting in the bios05:34
john275Hey guys, what's the best itunes replacement for ubuntu?05:34
SwedeMikejohn275: what aspect of itunes?05:34
Euthanatosbios settings for monitor support?05:34
Euthanatosit's not an IGP05:35
john275SwedeMike, well, i want podcast support. and if it looks like itunes thats  a plus05:35
jordy82john275 i use vlc05:35
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: have you even mentioned what gfx card you're running?05:35
SwedeMikejohn275: what does "podcast" support imply?05:35
brezTonisius: It's saying "failed to mount cdrom"05:36
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: then you should start looking in that area, "how do I get multiple monitor support on my ATI card".05:36
brezfirst time i type the command not using sudo, and it found the CD then gave me permission denied ;x05:36
aruntomarTonisius, in ur text.cfg file append install=url_to_ur_kickstart_file05:36
=== Hiz is now known as Guest35806
breztried again using sudo; no dice.05:36
john275SwedeMike, being able to subscribe to podcast feeds, hopefully support for password protected rss feeds05:36
Tonisiusaruntomar: I'll try that05:37
Jordan_Ujohn275: Rhythmbox (which is the default for Ubuntu) is pretty good. "best" is subjective.05:37
EuthanatosSwedeMike, i'm not looking for multiple mointor support i only have one 1080p monitor that i want to use i was trying to get it working as a second monitor from using my old 19" 3:4 as a failsafe because ubuntu flaked on me05:37
Euthanatossince then i just switched the VGA output and it works fine but it still can't detect this monitor to save it's life05:37
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: sorry, no experience with ATI for me.05:38
aruntomarTonisius, i'm getting debootstrap error when it tries to install the base component, r u facing anything like that05:38
EuthanatosSwedeMike, i'm pretty sure it's not an ATI issue but okay05:38
Tonisiusaruntomar: no, nothing like that, and it still ignores the append options05:38
Euthanatosimm try bios settings maybe i did miss something05:38
Euthanatosbbl count on it05:38
Tonisiusand I' know the kernel is getting them, because the cat /proc/cmdline shows the options for install=  and url=05:39
Tonisiusoooh, I'll try saying which netcfg interface to use05:40
Tonisiusaruntomar: I got the problem, and I know what it is now05:42
TonisiusI have to specify the language settings at the boot time too05:43
jenueguys, what package that can burn iso image file in ubuntu?05:43
plutonium45hi guys , does ubuntu has zenity installed by default ?05:43
jimtuvBrasero Disc Burner will burn an iso05:46
vitamin-carrotright click on your ISO file and click wright to disk if i rmeember correctly05:47
john275Hey guys, what's the best (in your opinion) itunes replacement for ubuntu?05:48
Jordan_Ujohn275: Rhythmbox (which is the default for Ubuntu) is pretty good. "best" is subjective.05:48
mobius2greetings ubuntu channel05:48
Euthanatosi can't stand music managers personally.  but if you need ipod support john275 gtkpod doesn't support the new 5's05:49
Euthanatosso no music manager will support your ipod for a while until gtkpod catches up to apples hate05:50
mobius2can someone explain to me please how to patch an executeable file which resides inside of a crossover bottle? I can easilly browse a standard wine file system but rosetta stone won't install under wine standard......05:50
ZenMastai ran aptitude safe-upgrade about a half hour ago and it seems to be stuck on this phase: Unpacking replacement linux-headers-2.6.32-22 ...   what should I do?05:50
mobius2I cannot seem to be able to find the file browser for each bottle instance05:51
SeanInSeattleHey all.  I'm having issues installing xmms.  I tried using "sudo apt-get install xmms" but that can't find the pkg that I'm requesting.  :(  I've also tried downloading the tarbal, except that when I run the .configure cmd it barks about glib, which I just installed.05:51
mobius2SeanInSeattle,  I had luck manually compiling it05:51
mobius2but my hardware is old05:51
EuthanatosZenMasta, kernel headers can be big and compression high so if your computer is old it might just take a while05:51
mobius2I think i have the installer here somewhere05:51
mobius2link i mean05:51
ZenMastaEuthanatos modern dual core cpu 3ghz with 2gb ram... so just be patient?05:52
EuthanatosZenMasta, no something is wrong, that shouldn't take oyu more than 10 or 15 minutes tops05:52
mobius2does anyone in here run crossover for any reason?05:52
ZenMastamaybe reboot and try again?05:52
Euthanatospersonally i always avoid upgrades because they fail every time05:52
Euthanatosback up and reinstall imho05:53
tauhey, how can I do to remove completely the kubuntu ? i tried apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop but it still exists in here.05:53
mobius2SeanInSeattle,  why not just use vlc or another crispy native player05:53
ZenMastaits a fresh install of 10.04 but i was just followinga guide online05:53
mobius2or are you installing 2.0?05:53
Dr_Willis!puregnome | tau05:53
Dr_WillisHmm. what is that pure gnome factoid..05:53
SeanInSeattle@mobius I'm used to running winamp on windows, and I saw how xmms was modeled after it.05:53
vagothcpp_Hey, i just installed ubuntu on an lvm, anyway, i go to mount my directorys, and /dev/lvm0-vg/ubuntu-root does not exist, the names are however correct05:53
EuthanatosZenMasta, why not use the standard update manager?05:53
tauDr_Willis:  hum05:53
mobius2SeanInSeattle,  me too ;]   a long time ago05:54
Dr_Willistau:  theres a bot factoid on  that topic. but i cant rember the package you need to remove05:54
jimtuvI have done 3 upgrades now and none have had trouble. I made sure and read the release notes first05:54
tauDr_Willis:  ;~05:54
EuthanatosZenMasta, you don't want to upgrade because you don't want 10.10 (Right?)05:54
vagothcpp_anyone got an idea as to why?05:54
brezhrm not having an easy time upgrading ubuntu105:54
SeanInSeattle@mobius so what's another "crispy native player" that would work well for my needs?  I'll need to be able to listen to shoutcast radio, play mp3s, etc...05:54
brezi should of copped the usage from my isp ;x05:54
mobius2does anyone happen to have a stylus for an m-275 gateway laying around..... I think ive lost this one for the last time05:54
ZenMastaEuthanatos just following an online guide to the letter that's all. i dont necessarily care if I upgrade or not.05:54
EuthanatosZenMasta, what guide?05:55
Dr_WillisSeanInSeattle: mosta ll the players can handle those jobs just fine05:55
mobius2Dr_Willis,  it's a nostalgia thing  ^_^05:55
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:55
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama05:55
jimtuvsunbird is kinda cool05:55
vagothcpp_i'll just add in there, i had to reboot into livecd again before i chroot'd but after the install05:55
mobius2and xmms was pretty kewl05:55
mobius2the new one blows the original out of the water05:56
Dr_Willisxmms was cool but always had odd quirks :)05:56
mobius2check out their new dev page05:56
mobius2if your hardware can take it05:56
mobius2Dr_Willis,  indeed05:56
vagothcpp_is there a way for me to let the livecd see the lvm volume group? and i have installed lvm2 already05:57
thune3SeanInSeattle: xmms2 is available in universe repo, but i don't know if it is the same as xmms05:57
mobius2the really weird thing is,  I used to be able to run the real winamp  in wine with only a little shakiness when  re positioning the app  gui.... but after  some updates the program cannot play music anymore :p  not worth trying05:57
SeanInSeattle@thune3 thx.05:57
brezcan someone help, I have the ISO for ubuntu, I want to upgrade my 9.04 -> Lucid, I didn't download through update-manager as I'm limited by speed, so I used the free alternative on their site.05:57
EuthanatosZenMasta, sorry man that's above my tech level, has it been sitting on unpacking the kernbel for an hour and a half or you started the upgrades an hour and a half ago? you might just let it sit for a while05:58
ZenMastaEuthanatos thanks anyway but it seems the server may have crashed or somethign because I tried opening a new session and couldn't connect... guess I have to wait till I get back to the office on Monday05:58
Dr_Willisbrez:  is it the Desktop cd? or the alternative cd iso file?05:58
mek8630can anyone help me figure out why when I try to install Xubuntu it wants to play the disc live instead of install, I am trying to install on a AMD k6-3D 500mhz 192MB ram05:58
Jordan_Ubrez: Have you checked if they offer uncapped repositories as well?05:58
jimtuvyou have to upgrade to 9.10 then 10.0405:58
ZenMastaEuthanatos it has been sitting on unpacking for about a half hour05:58
Dr_Willisbrez:  well if it was the alternative cd - i THINK you could mount the iso file and upgrade from that.. but not sure about the  desktop iso05:58
slideIs there a way to make any and all files added to a directory automatically a certain UID/PID?05:58
brezJordan_U: I work for them, they don't :P05:58
vagothcpp_Does anyone know what the problem is?05:58
taudoes it work if do 'apt-get remove --purge `dpkg -l 'k*' | gawk '{ print $2 }' ` to remove all packages of kubuntu ?05:59
EuthanatosZenMasta, yeah sounds like your server crashed or restarted after it finsihed updating the kernel05:59
brezI've tried apt-cdrom add05:59
brezbut I keep getting e: "failed to mount cdrom"05:59
Dr_Willistau:  i recall there being a much simpiler command/pacage to remove then that.05:59
ZenMastayep. okay well thanks anyway05:59
vagothcpp_brez: apt-cdrom add or sudo apt-cdrom add?05:59
tauDr_Willis:  yes, but i looked at google i didn't find.05:59
brezdoesn't work :|06:00
mobius2media check?06:00
brezi keep getting an error.06:00
thune3tau: remove everything that starts with k? sounds drastic06:00
mobius2memory test?06:00
Euthanatosokay, i'm reinstalling....again....if that fails then it's back to slack....dependancy management be damned06:00
wowotohi all    i cant extract ISO file in ubuntu , and this is the error report :  This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system  that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification.06:00
vagothcpp_tau: Hope you don't have any packages that start with 'k' that you need =P06:00
tauvagothcpp_:  lol06:01
vagothcpp_wowoto: define extract06:01
tauvagothcpp_:  yeah, it was what i thought.06:01
Dr_Willistau:  the bot has a factoid on it.. someone will rember what it is if you ask.06:01
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »06:01
wowotovagothcpp_:  sorry , whats define extract06:01
vagothcpp_tau: You don't have any idea what is bugging me do you?06:01
tauDr_Willis:  sure, i hope.06:01
jimtuvyou have to burn the iso to cd then mount it06:01
vagothcpp_wowoto: I want you to define how you are extracting it06:01
brezonce the .iso is mounted to disk, how can I upgrade the distro?06:01
brezI seem to have mounted it with gmount-iso.06:02
mobius2wowoto,  what are you trying to do?06:02
wowotovagothcpp_: cilck it , choose the "extract it here"06:02
vagothcpp_wowoto: using ...06:02
wowotomobius2: trying to extract the ISO06:02
Dr_Willistau:  or just fire up the package manager searc for 'kde' and strt removing stuff.06:02
wowotovagothcpp_: using what ?06:02
vagothcpp_this guy is hopeless06:03
vagothcpp_wtf are you using to extract it06:03
wowotovagothcpp_: :(06:03
tauDr_Willis:  sure, i will try it, but they will not remove all packages i guess.06:03
mobius2I think i might actually be of some help ...* maybe *06:03
Dr_Willistau:  thats part of the limitations of the package manager system and their use of the meta-packages to install whole desktops like that.06:03
FlameTai1Anyone know of a file crypting software for Ubuntu?06:03
tauDr_Willis:  yeah06:03
FlameTai1With a nice GUI06:03
mobius2wowoto,  how many .iso images does the program you are trying to install consist of?   or are you wanting to extract a data archive which is in an iso format?06:04
Jordan_Ubrez: You will need at least two alternate CD isos and some bandwidth for software not in the default install06:04
wowotomobius2: i want to extract the windows7.ISO06:04
mobius2FlameTai1,  try true crypt06:04
mobius2melt your ram port closed :)06:04
stondHi am new to Ubuntu and just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my PS3 and I was wondering what is a good toorent app easy to use06:05
stondI meant torrent app06:05
FlameTai1mobius2: Will try right now =]06:05
Dr_Williswowoto:  mount the cd via the loop option. copy files from teh mounted dir to whever you want..     is one way06:05
Dr_Willis!torrents | stond06:05
ubottustond: Lucid can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/desktop/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/server/ubuntu-10.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/06:05
mek8630stond: transmission06:05
nisstyre65stond: transmission, or rtorrent + rtorrent frontends06:05
mobius2was only joking about the RAM port thing..... reference to the cold boot attack vulnerability06:05
mobius2but damn good algo's06:05
brezF IT! I will just use update-manager!06:06
Dr_Willisstond:  there was a review of a lot of them at the webupd8 web site.  basically any of them do the basics of the job. its all about the extras you may want06:06
vagothcpp_Is there a way to 'rescan' (don't flame my terminology =P) disks so that my LVM gets recognized and i can mount it's partitions? I have LVM2 installed already06:06
stondthanks misstyres6506:06
Dr_Willisbrez:  proberly a better choice. :)  Or a reinstall clean.06:06
stondwhich one is better transmission or rtorrent06:06
Dr_Willisstond:  depends on your needs.06:06
vagothcpp_stond: tias06:07
nisstyre65rtorrent is command line only but there are GUI frontends for it06:07
bazhangstond, rtorrent is command line06:07
Dr_Willisstond:  try them both and see. rtorrent will proberly take some learning.06:07
bunnyhopxdcc send 506:07
tauhey, does the gnome use the alsa packages to run its system sound ?06:07
mek8630hey can anybody help me figure out why when I click to install Xubuntu it wants to run the cd live06:07
=== aprilus_ is now known as aprilus
Dr_Willisstond:  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/best-linux-bittorrent-client.html06:07
ParabolaJordan_U, you here06:07
Parabolaor codebrainz06:08
Parabolaso hooked into my macbook it spins up fine, on my desktops, it does not06:08
stondwell I think I will go with transmission since I not that familar with command line apps yet06:08
Parabolai'm assuming power06:08
Dr_Willismek8630:  you mean from within windows - you are installing xubuntu via the WUBI install method?06:08
Parabolaso im copying data off now06:08
Docteh_vagothcpp_: try running lvs, otherwise you might have to take a look at vgscan06:08
rdunnioni am having trouble getting my canon pixma mx860 to work on Lucid x64. The printer is seen but I get the error that pstocanonij failed06:08
shrzslide: isolate your directory on one filesystem. add a mount option to ext3 that makes it just stomp on the uid/gid of new files.06:08
brezI hope the update-manager doesn't screw me!06:09
rdunnionwhen I try to print test page06:09
brezbecause it's a headless box, and I don't feel like walking a monitor down stairs.06:09
mek8630Dr_Willis: no I am installing on a amd k6-3d 500mhz and 192mb ram and I have installed xubuntu on another computer no problem, well with this 500mhz computer everytime I hit install from boot it wants to run the cd live06:09
slideshrz, thats what i thought06:09
mobius2I swear to god I have the most vocal cat in the world....06:09
nisstyre65brez: forward X to your local computer06:09
vagothcpp_mount /dev/lvm0-vg/ubuntu-export /target/export gives me mount: special device /dev/lvm0-vg/ubuntu-export does not exist06:09
breznisstyre65: ??06:09
brezI'm still connected via VNC06:10
nisstyre65brez: your problem is you can't use GUI programs because it's headless right?06:10
vagothcpp_mobius2: Does it understand you?06:10
nisstyre65oh VNC06:10
nisstyre65I thought you were on ssh06:10
nisstyre65nevermind then06:10
shrzslide: "add" meaning write a kernel mod. good luck :)06:10
=== zver is now known as uzer
brezI am, but I can still vnc to it ;o06:10
Docteh_vagothcpp_: did you punch in lvs?06:10
brezmade sure that was set prior to leaving it in the garage.06:10
mobius2vagothcpp_,  if he see's ANY emptiness in the dish ... he wails... I have to act like im adding some  but i really just stir it around06:10
FlameTai1mobius2: I don't see it in the Software center, I found a GUI for TrueCrypt though06:11
vagothcpp_mobius2: Tried telling him to shut up? =P06:11
vagothcpp_doesn't work for me though06:11
subsumeWhat role will the ubuntu foundation play in the gulf oil clean-up given that tarballs are now regularly washing up on shore? They haven't released a statement and as a gulf coast resident I am outraged.06:11
mobius2FlameTai1,  one moment06:11
rdunnionmobius2 next time put in dog food, he'll stop06:11
Dr_Willismek8630:   if you mean its booting the cd instead of the hard drive. it could be the bootloader never got installed to the HD. or the bios boot order is  wrong.06:11
Docteh_!offtopic | subsume06:11
ubottusubsume: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:11
Jordan_Ubrez: You can use do-release-upgrade06:12
sebersolei just finished upgrading to 10.04 (laptop) and now my external monitor is all "fuzzy"06:12
subsumeI'm asking about tarballs. that's on topic.06:12
Jordan_U!upgrade | brez06:12
ubottubrez: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:12
mobius2FlameTai1,   http://www.truecrypt.org/06:12
mek8630Dr_Willis: no I am trying to install it for the first time06:12
uzerhi | uzzr06:12
FlameTai1mobius2:  I downloaded it from there and got the tar.gz but can't figure out how to install06:12
bazhangsubsume, no its not. take it to #ubuntu-offtopic06:12
brezall good, I'll just pay for the badnwidth D:06:12
mobius2one moment06:12
Dr_Willismek8630:  check that the cd can boot on other machines, double check the bios boot order.   is about all i can suggest.06:12
subsumeI want an answer!06:12
uzzrhi | uzer06:13
stondI am also looking for a really good and easy to use app to convert rvmb file to MP4 for my PSP06:13
mek8630Dr_Willis: thanks yeah its booting fine06:13
bazhanguzzr, /msg ubottu please06:13
uzerhello | uzzr06:13
vagothcpp_Docteh_: My network is frail, once i loss connectivity i have to reboot ubuntu just to get it back, anyway, while i was chrooted into my installed ubuntu system (from livecd), i lost connectivy before i could apt-get install lvm2 on my system, so i rebooted into livecd again, installed lvm2, and went to mount and hit a brickwall at 100kmh06:13
Dr_Willisstond:  winff, or mencoder or other front ends to ffmpeg/mencoder06:13
uzeri'm from weechat-curses | uzzr06:14
vagothcpp_hello | uzzr06:14
bazhanguzer, uzzr please chat elsewhere06:14
Docteh_next time fake a reboot ;-;06:14
stondthanks Dr_willis I will try Winff tomorrow06:14
vagothcpp_Docteh_: Got any idea why i can't mount? i did lvs, pvscan06:14
mek8630stond: if you just installed Ubuntu you should already have transmission06:14
vagothcpp_no luck for me06:15
uzzrand i'm from irssi | uzer06:15
bazhangstond, handbrake as well06:15
Docteh_vagothcpp_: when you run lvs is it mentioning that something is missing?06:15
bazhang!ot | uzzr uzer06:15
ubottuuzzr uzer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:15
Jordan_Umek8630: I don't understand what you mean by "it wants to run the liveCD"? What are the symptoms of the problem you are having?06:15
sebersoleforgot to mention it was perfectly fine before the upgrade :)06:15
stondwhat is handbrake06:15
vagothcpp_It finds the lg fine, pvscan finds the pv fine, lvscan finds the lv's fine06:15
vagothcpp_i just cannot mount06:15
uzzrdoes anybody else read this | uzer06:15
bazhang!handbrake | stond06:15
ubottustond: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr06:15
rippsDoes anybody have Unity working on there Lucid desktop? I can't seem to get it to start, something about widget class `GtkImage' has no property named `x-ayatana-indicator-dynamic'06:16
mek8630Jordan_U: ok you know when you put a iso disc in to install Xubuntu?06:16
stondThanks I will also try handbrake06:16
uzzri mean this piping see only you and me??? | uzer06:16
mobius2FlameTai1,  my friend just extract that file you downloaded to the desktop06:16
bazhanguzzr, please stop it06:16
mobius2then double left click it06:16
mek8630Jordan_U: and a menu will come up and the first option will be to try xubuntu without installing06:16
mobius2<code>  double left click   </cod>06:16
kinksI have eth0 set up to use a static ip in /etc/network/interfaces, but every time I boot, DHCP is used. Invoking "ifdown eth0; ifup eth0" is a workaround for now.. any ideas why this is happening?06:16
mek8630Jordan_U: the second option will be to install06:17
kinkser.. as to why this is happening*06:17
uzerno i'm testing irssi vs weechat-curses06:17
Docteh_vagothcpp_: do ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid and see if you've been typoing the device name06:17
mobius2pardon me FlameTai1  double left click the EXTRACTED file06:17
sebersoleis there a better place to go for video/monitor issues?06:17
bazhanguzer, try #test06:17
aarcaneubuntu screwed up and decided to use nvidia 173 for my graphics card instead of nvidia current..  who do I report that to ?06:17
Jordan_Umek8630: When you boot from the CD? Then yes, I know what you are taling about.06:17
mek8630Jordan_U: well if you pick the first option it will do what I am talking about and just run the op system without installing it, if you hit install then it will install the op system, which is what I am wanting to do but itstead its just running it.06:18
vagothcpp_hmm, it shows the lv as ../../mapper/lvm0--vg-ubuntu--export06:18
FlameTai1mHm mobius206:18
FlameTai1Already did that06:18
mobius2FlameTai1,  the  True Crypt gui launcher should appear by way of your apps drop down after that06:18
mobius2under accessories06:18
mobius2i drive it manually06:19
mobius2but its easy with the gui06:19
mobius2really it is06:19
Jordan_Umek8630: There is very little difference between the two options from a technical perspective, and in 10.04 you are by default given the choice after X (the GUI) has started.06:19
Docteh_vagothcpp_: the /dev/vg0/logicalvolume style names is an option, maybe its accidentally off06:19
mobius2it mounts a pre defined area of hard drive space as a new drive letter06:19
mobius2a very powerful piece of software06:19
mobius2worth learning06:19
vagothcpp_Docteh_: Know how to enable it without rebooting?06:20
vishnuI am an sbolute beginner of thge linux ubuntu. how do i enable the app center ? because it says "authentication" error.. it cant be resolved by me. i  want to install stellarium but it can[t .  also for other apps in app center. itt says the  same06:20
Docteh_vagothcpp_: no idea, You could just work around it and use /dev/mapper/stuff-here06:20
Dr_Willisvishnu:  you are logged in as your initial user? the one you made during the install proces?06:20
uzzruse apt-get |06:20
vagothcpp_Docteh_: That did not seem to work for me when i first tried06:20
FlameTai1mobius2: I have the GUI installed06:20
mek8630Jordan_U: yes I know what you are talking about. Being able to install once your desktop comes up. When I try to do it that way since it won't work the other way it crashes on me.06:21
uzzruse apt-get install stellarium06:21
Jordan_Umek8630: You can get the screen as you would see it in previous versions by pressing a key during early boot, but there isn't much of a reason to do that.06:21
vagothcpp_but i have ran 100's of commands so i'll try again06:21
katrielkinks: Are you using Network Manger? If so, try setting up your wired connection though that06:21
FlameTai1mobius2: I can't get the actual True Crypt itself to install06:21
mobius2FlameTai1,  now you wanna create a new volume06:21
vishnuDr_Willis: yes.06:21
mobius2did you sudo?06:21
mobius2at install?06:21
kinkskatriel: no, I am not using network manager.06:21
Dr_Willisvishnu:  as a test try from a terminal 'sudo apt-get install PACKAGENAME'06:21
Jordan_Umek8630: Then it will almost certainly crash with the install option also.06:21
vishnuDr_Willis:  by computer's ubuntu has only one user and that is me.06:21
FlameTai1I never did a sudo command mobius206:21
kinksor perhaps it's installed and I don't even realize it.06:22
vagothcpp_you know why it wasnt working and i spent 1hour smashing my keyboard06:22
kinksso I'll make sure it's not..06:22
vagothcpp_i spel ubuntu as ubuntu06:22
obludont you just love this ?06:22
mobius2FlameTai1,  you see a true crypt icon in your accessories list?  what happens when you clik it?06:22
mobius2or is there no icon there?06:22
mek8630Jordan_U: I don't understand why its crashing. I mean well its not really crashing its generating errors and semi crashing.06:22
Jordan_Umek8630: But if you want to try it then just press any key during early boot (when you see just the accessability icon at the bottom of the screen)06:22
mobius2crash spectacularly or not at all i always say :D06:23
FlameTai1mobius2: There is no "True Crypt" Icon it's just "Easy Crypt"06:23
mobius2ahh isee06:23
artistxMikeHey sorry to interrupt, is it possible to get some help setting up my firewire audio interface?06:23
Docteh_vagothcpp_: ouch, just keep in mind to look in /dev/disk/* in the future06:23
Chak82hello everyone06:23
artistxMikeI don't need drivers for mac, will I have to somehow install them on my live cd?06:23
mobius2FlameTai1,  which package did you download?06:23
mobius2back at the truecrypt site?06:23
mek8630Jordan_U: I think it has something to do with the fact its such an old computer06:24
vagothcpp_Docteh_: I was not aware of that feature, i'll keep it in mind for i waste more of my, and others time06:24
lookwhere is grub in ubuntu 10.04?06:24
vagothcpp_Docteh_: Thanks for the help06:24
Docteh_vagothcpp_: yw06:24
Chak82how can i change the login window in ubuntu 10.04?06:24
FlameTai1mobius2: Linux Standard 32 bit (x86)06:24
kinkskatriel: well, network-manager was indeed installed (and no longer is); hopefully that fixes the issue, thanks.06:24
lookwhere is grub in ubuntu 10.04?06:24
katrielkinks: n/p06:24
Chak82how can i change the login window in ubuntu 10.04?06:24
Jordan_Umek8630: If you have integrated graphics then you just barely don't have enough ram for the liveCD installer. Try the alternate (text based) install CD06:24
bazhang!grub2 | look check here06:25
ubottulook check here: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub206:25
mobius2FlameTai1,  making sure that is in fact the one you downloaded,  open a terminal and sudo up,    then start nautilus06:25
vishnuDr_Willis: for some reason that i dont know, the app center stated that error yesterday. but it doesnt show that error today. also terminal installing works. thank for reply.06:25
=== dabomb69 is now known as Chazz
Jordan_U!alternate | mek863006:25
ubottumek8630: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal06:25
Chak82how can i change the login window in ubuntu 10.04?06:25
mobius2find the archive you downloaded from the truecrypt site and extract it again,  REPLACE the existing one06:25
Dr_Willisvishnu:   i never use the ap center, synaptic or apt-get is what i do 90% of the time06:25
Chak82how can i change the login window in ubuntu 10.04?06:25
WolfyCROHeloo..... I cant make login on 10.0406:25
nisstyre65Chak82: google gdm themes06:25
Dr_WillisChak82:  depends on what you want to change about it.  Theres a few gdm tweak tools06:26
phoenix__any advanced users here06:26
vagothcpp_woohoo, now that i have chroot'd into my installed ubuntu, it cant resolve anything =D06:26
vishnuDr_Willis: I am an absolute beginer.  i will use advanced tools now. where is synaptic06:26
Dr_WillisChak82:  10.04 uses gdm2 - so the old gdm themed dont work06:26
mek8630Jordan_U, ubottu: I can't use this cd to switch to that one you are talking about some how?06:26
mobius2FlameTai1,  open a terminal and type sudo,  then enter your password,    then  after that  type    nautilus06:26
Dr_Willisvishnu:  in the system -> admin menus somewhere06:26
Jordan_Umek8630: No.06:26
vishnuDr_Willis: thank. Bye, Happy day06:26
g-unotsudo rm -rf *06:26
hikariSystem > Administration > synaptic06:26
mobius2FlameTai1,  a file system browser named......nautilus  will appear06:26
Chak82actually, before version 9.10, ubuntu was become with a module (login window) in the preferences menu06:26
mobius2its awesome aint it06:26
FlameTai1I see o-o06:27
mek8630Jordan_U: oh man figures....Alright well thanks for your help]06:27
vagothcpp_curious, even though i chroot into my target, does it still not use my livecd network connection?06:27
Dr_WillisChak82:  that was the old GDM.. its now using GDM2 and has been radically redone.06:27
Jordan_Umek8630: You're welcome.06:27
mobius2FlameTai1,  re extract the archive as root  then install06:27
artistxMikeAnyone think they can help me set up my Presonus Firepod firewire interface with Ardour? I think I need drivers (I didn't need them with my mac), is it even possible to install drivers onto this live cd?06:27
mobius2double click the extraced file then read everything06:27
Dr_WillisChak82:  its not as themeable/tweakable as it used to be06:27
TomGDoes anyone know if it's possible to backup a list of installed packages and run that list in a new install?06:27
Chak82Dr_Willis: so, how can i change the login window in gdm2?06:27
mek8630ubottu: thanks for your help06:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:27
sebersolei just finished upgrading to 10.04 (laptop) and now my external monitor is all "fuzzy".  Worked fine before ugrade.  Anyone have ideas?06:27
Dr_WillisChak82:  i asked earlier what Sort of changes do you want to do?06:28
Dr_WillisChak82:  theres a few 3rd party tools that let you do some tweaking.06:28
vagothcpp_Would i be correct in my assumption?06:28
mek8630holy crap I just said thanks to a bot06:28
Jordan_UChak82: https://edge.launchpad.net/gdm2setup06:28
Chak82Dr_Willis: i want to change the usplash and login window06:28
hikariTomG  :  sudo dpkg --get-selections > installedsoftware06:28
mek8630nobody say that right06:28
* mobius2 is attempting to install Rosetta Stone German 1-5 under Crossover Pro06:28
ac1dburnzsebersole,  check the drivers System > Administrator > Hardware Drivers06:28
Dr_WillisChak82:  usplash is not used any more. its 'plymouth' now. thats not part of gdm.06:28
vishaltelangreTomG, apt-get install aptoncd06:28
Chak82Dr_Willis: i will probe this package06:29
Dr_WillisChak82:  and what parts of the login window do you want to change?06:29
mobius2But I cannot seem to figure out how to  get to the  bottle instance file browser06:29
sebersoleac1dburnz: it only showed wireless driver06:29
Dr_WillisChak82:  the wallpaper is easy to change. other bits are a little harder.06:29
TomGtwo different answers, I think hikari is closer06:29
TomGhikari: How would I run that against apt?06:29
Chak82Dr_Willis: yeah, i want to change ONLY the wallpaper06:29
Chak82Dr_Willis: how can i change it?06:29
Dr_WillisChak82:  find the default wallpaper, edit it/copy somethintg else over it.. is one way. or use that gdm2setup tool mentioned earlier06:30
hikarithis command will make a file with ALL of your installed packages06:30
vishaltelangreTomG, Apt on CD allows you to make CD/DVDs of installed packages on your machine to use them on non-internet-connected machine06:30
Chak82Dr_Willis: ok, let me work with this option06:30
Chak82Dr_Willis: please wait06:30
Dr_WillisChak82:  its in /usr/share/backgrounds/06:30
FlameTai1mobius2: It's still giving me the error T-T06:30
Dr_WillisChak82:  i just copy some other image i perfer over that Ugly purple slotchy image.06:31
mobius2FlameTai1,  could you chmod your extraction folder 0777?06:31
TomGI am looking into not just knowing what packages I previously had, but to run that list all in a single command with little to no hassle06:31
mobius2FlameTai1,  lemme know if you dont follow06:31
tauDr_Willis:  i guess i commited a mistake.06:31
TomGI suppose with apt on CD, I could create it and remove all other repositories06:31
FlameTai1mobius2:  I way don't follow xD06:32
=== aburch is now known as ansgar
Chak82Dr_Willis: python-gdm2setup?06:32
sebersolei have this realy nice big monitor, sure would be nice to be able to use it06:32
Xcalibargreetings all , who here is an expert with dual boot ? i have a macbook pro booting windows and mac os x , but i intend to format windows partition and have it replaced with ext4 ubuntu operating system , ive got rEIFT installed , im not sure if i have bootcamp i hope im not complicated06:32
mobius2FlameTai1,  no problem, we are going to make sure the permissions are correct for the program to be able to install06:32
tauDr_Willis:  i looked for the dependences and recommendeds packages with dpkg -s kubuntu-desktop, later i did a script to remove all dependeces and recommendeds packages which are descrited there.06:32
CppIsWeirdhow do i install zlib headers?06:32
mobius2FlameTai1,  open a terminal06:32
hikariTomG to run the file just type: sudo dpkg --set-selections < installedsoftware06:32
vagothcpp_Does apt-get download a dpkg of what i want and install it or...?06:32
TomGhikari: Thanks.  That's what I needed.06:33
hikariand will install all the packages of the file06:33
FlameTai1mobius2:  can we go into a pm? lol this text is bugging me xD06:33
TomGhikari: I appreciate it, both of you06:33
hikaribut u need an internet connection06:33
mobius2hit me up06:33
Jordan_U!clone | TomG06:33
ubottuTomG: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate06:33
Dr_Willistau:  did you ask in #kubuntu ? they proberly rember a better way to do it.06:33
vishaltelangreTomG, you can use the CD made by Apt on CD on other machines as a offline repository, you don't need any internet connection neither to download and install packages again!06:34
tauDr_Willis:  it doesn't need anymore, i guess my system is death.06:35
TomGI think I got it all now, thanks again for the help06:35
mondragonanyone know why 10.04 won't let me set the MTU on my ethernet interface where 9.10 did?06:35
hikaribut in apt on CD what if you clean the system downloads?06:35
hikariyou can select them if they are already installed but not the .deb in the downloaded packages?06:35
Xcalibarcould any1 help me with mactel?06:36
mondragonSIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument :-/06:36
Dr_Willistau:  boot to console, install  some desktop/window manager.. rebuild it better, faster, stronger06:36
Chak82Dr_Willis: it works !!!06:36
Chak82Dr_Willis: thank u so much !!!06:36
tauDr_Willis:  yes, i will.06:36
vishaltelangrehikari, yeah... It only backups installed ones via aptitude06:36
tauthank u Dr_Willis06:37
akavI'm getting screen glitches like crazy in Lucid whenever I use vim. Anyone have an idea what might cause that?06:37
Dr_Willisakav:  using vim on the console? or in a gnome-terminal?06:37
akavDr_Willis: Actually gvim.06:38
Dr_Willisakav:  ive not noticed any issues with using vim under 10.0406:38
Dr_Willisahh - never use gvim. so cant say06:38
CppIsWeirdim trying to install zlib lib and zlib headers. i downloaded zlib and configured and installed it. the program i was trying to compile no longer asks for the lib but still cant find the zlib headers. any help please?06:38
akavoh, just got it here. Maybe not connected directly to gvim.06:38
Xcalibarkind attention to the fellow experts in ubuntu who knows or owns a mac , i really need a quick help , i havent been here since the feisty release06:38
akavjust mostly see it when I'm using that.06:38
Dr_WillisCppIsWeird:  why did you not use the versions in the package manager?06:38
Dr_Willis!find zlib06:38
ubottuFound: libcompress-raw-zlib-perl, libruby, libruby1.8, perl, perl-modules (and 16 others)06:38
CppIsWeirdcuz none of the packages available sounded like they would work06:39
Dr_WillisCppIsWeird:  and what are you trying to compile?06:40
viatechanyone know how to enable network devices in Ubuntu Studio? I  lshw -C network and it shows both adapters as disabled?06:41
silv3r_m00nI have xp and ubuntu together , and a virus comes on xp , is there any risk that it will do anything to ubuntu ?06:41
CppIsWeirdalso from source06:41
Dr_WillisCppIsWeird:  you can use the apt system to 'install' the needed building dependenciues automatically06:41
Dr_WillisCppIsWeird:  since the (older?) version is in the repos. that makes it easier to get all the dev packages installed thatway06:42
CppIsWeirdyeah well for whatever reason nothing could find xen_tools06:42
CppIsWeirdand since no one would help me there, ive gone running head first down another path06:42
CppIsWeirdzlib headers06:42
CppIsWeirdhow do i get them?06:42
Dr_Willislibzlcore-dev - ZLibrary cross-platform development library (development files)06:42
XcalibarDr_Willis have you got experience with mactel?06:43
viatechsilv3r_m00n: As long as you're not emulating ubuntu inside of xp they should be seperate and it's also unlikely that your windows based virus will have any effect on Ubuntu even if it does find your files.06:43
Dr_Willisassuming zlib = ZLibrary06:43
CppIsWeirdfrom what i can tell in the output of the make install on the zlib source, it put zlib.h in the /usr/local/include06:43
Dr_Willis!find zlib.h06:43
ubottuFile zlib.h found in autoconf-archive, doc-linux-ja-html, erlang-doc-html, libboost1.40-dev, libboost1.40-doc (and 37 others)06:43
vagothcpp_oh how helpful, AFTER ALL THIS TROBULE, it doesnt work06:44
CppIsWeirdvagothcpp_, welcome to linux.06:44
Dr_Willisvagothcpp_:  assume we have the attention span of a newt... we dont know what you are talking about.06:44
vagothcpp_Dr_Willis: Installed LVM to Livecd, made PV's, VG, LV's, installed ubuntu on it, livecd crashed, rebooted, rebooted livecd, installed lvm again, mounted lvm, chroot'd into it, installed lvm to that06:45
vagothcpp_and it doesnt work06:45
RudyValenciaI think there's a bug in b43.06:45
Dr_WillisI am reminded of why i dont use LVM's and such things :)06:46
gewti wish my wifi cards driver didn't suck so much06:46
Dr_WillisRudyValencia:  i was thinking theres some alternative drivers now to the b43 . One of my old laptops used that one. I think it canuse the 'sta' driver now06:46
vagothcpp_This is why i was a CentOS users, built-in support for LVM so i didnt have to do all the effin around06:46
gewtit joined a network06:46
gewtpulled an ip06:46
gewtbut nothing worked06:46
gewtcouldn't even ping the router06:46
RudyValenciaDr_Willis: I had to use ndiswrapper to get it up.06:46
Xcalibarsilv3r_m00n as for your question , i think its better to always backup ur important files in an external harddisk and save ur repository   list so you can load them for installation in ur next format if things go wrong , as for your added  repository ,  you can locate them somewere in ur ubuntu and copy that file so later on you will have your system as it was whenever you have ubuntu in a...06:47
Xcalibar...fresh install you can load your system previous settings at its exact , for your settings in GUI theyrs a way to save your work , ask along the experts ;)06:47
Logicwrathis anyone using phplogcon and snare agents with rsyslog06:47
vagothcpp_im gonna crawl up in a hole now, goodnite06:47
CppIsWeirdDr_Willis, the apt-get install that dev package seems to have worked, however, since half of this is installed from source and the other half from package, i would still like to know how I would manually get the zlib headers in the future.06:47
CppIsWeirdactually, i spoke too soon. it failed again.06:48
viatechwhy is "System>Preferences>Hardware Information" missing in Ubuntu Studio? I've installed it and feel like it's completely different than normal Ubuntu.06:48
Dr_WillisCppIsWeird:  In theory the following would Pullin all the needed files -->   sudo apt-get build-dep xen-hypervisor06:49
RudyValenciaCppIsWeird: sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev06:49
zver_which one is the best DE?06:51
zver_which is better gnome or kde???06:51
Xcalibarzver: depends on choice :D how old are you ;)06:52
soreau! best06:52
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:52
Dr_Williszver_:  try them both. decide for yoruself06:53
viatechwhere is the "gnome-device-manager"?06:53
viatechor is that not installed by default?06:54
vishnuhello.. i m a absolute begginner. ijus have doubt, y ubuntu is not prone to viruses even when the source codes are avialable..06:54
vishaltelangre!find gnome-device-manager | viatech06:54
ubottuviatech: Found: gnome-device-manager, libgnome-device-manager-dev, libgnome-device-manager006:54
sebsebseb!virus | vishnu06:54
ubottuvishnu: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:54
goddardI installed a new video card and I want to make sure I have the right drivers installed....It appears as if everything is working great..my old card was Nvidia and my new card is Nvidia and I was using the propritary drivers...thanks06:54
RudyValenciaDr_Willis: so you suggest I try Broadcom's STA driver?06:54
vishaltelangreviatech, install it w/ aptitude06:55
vishnusebsebseb: thank u06:55
sebsebsebvishnu: Oh that factoid has changed since I last used it.06:55
Dr_Willis!info hardinfo06:55
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 240 kB, installed size 684 kB06:55
Xcalibarzver_ , an operating system is an operatinggggg way of operating a system depending on your confidence , i tried all kinds , im in love with Gnome because of flexibility , the rest are flexible but the way Gnome gives flexbility is just simple to my brain analogy , i only use 1 panel with some cool gadgets and a dock that appears as a screenlet whenever i click F4 , so whenever im on a...06:55
Xcalibar...fullscreen app and i want to see my favirote applications i click F4 , or mouse gesture mousebutton 3.06:55
viatechvishaltelangre: what if my network devices are disabled?06:55
kiamohow do I repair bad sectors on my hard drive?06:55
Dr_WillisRudyValencia:  try it and see. I just used whatever the Hardware Drivers tool suggested. I recall it having STA and some BM### entry for me. Sta worked.06:55
vishnusebsebseb: what is it now?06:55
sebsebsebvishnu: the message the bot showed you06:55
wildbatkiamo, you don't repair them ~ to mark them and prevent system form using it06:56
vishnusebsebseb: fine06:56
wildbatkiamo, man fsck or badblocks06:56
RudyValenciaI seem to have better luck with ndiswrappwe06:56
RudyValencia* ndiswrapper06:57
nomad77RudyValencia: try this if you know how to compile an app. works fine on my bcm94311 rev 02 b43 does not06:57
sebsebsebvishnu: ok bye06:57
vishaltelangreviatech, no idea! :(06:57
nomad77RudyValencia: http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php06:57
RudyValenciaI do know how to compile things06:57
TomGkiamo: I believe hdparm has an option to repair bad sectors, although they suggest not using it haha06:57
gewtrealtek chipsets are absolutely great.06:57
RudyValenciabut I think I will use ndiswrapper until b43 stops panicking.06:57
kiamoThe smart data thing picks up on them and reallocates them.  Is that good enough?  Or should I still try fsck or badblocks as you say?06:57
vishnusebsebseb: i compiled a program in g++.. no errors.. how to viw the output.. plz tell06:58
nomad77RudyValencia: if your kernel updates a major version,will need to rebuild the module06:58
gewtthe windows driver works properly06:58
gewtmaybe ndiswrapper would work.06:58
goddardI installed a new video card and I want to make sure I have the right drivers installed....It appears as if everything is working great..my old card was Nvidia and my new card is Nvidia and I was using the propritary drivers...thanks06:58
sebsebsebvishnu: uh you said your new, and already doing stuff like that06:59
vishnusebsebseb,  how to view the output in gcc?06:59
RPG-MasterOK, why when I create a business card for my Avery paper in OpenOffice, there is allot of space on the left but none on the right? My cards end up being cut off.06:59
gewtgoddard: why thank us, we did nothing!06:59
=== titaniumbrella is now known as Carbonish
vishnusebsebseb,  jus seein how linux rocks...06:59
XcalibarRPG-Master you want to reset to defaults in openoffice?06:59
vishnusebsebseb,  mind answering it , dude?07:00
XcalibarRPG-Master i would check openoffice wiki07:00
RPG-MasterXcalibar: It can't be the settings, I've tried it both on my laptop and my other computer which I have barely touched07:00
sebsebsebvishnu: programming help isn't really Ubuntu support.  or do you mean your compiling a program from source?07:00
Dr_Williscould be wrong default settings...07:00
goddardgewt its a proactive thanks07:01
vishnusebsebseb, no buddy, how could i all do that when i m a begginner? jus an ordinary beginner program.. anyway thanks.07:01
well_laid_lawnvishnu: man gcc gives the options for it07:02
vishnuwell_laid_lawn, thank u very much07:02
Sa[i]nTIs there a program for LED circuit layout for ubuntu?07:02
RudyValenciandiswrapper works finr.07:02
goddardgewt hahahaha07:02
RudyValenciaI'll use it until/unless they fix b4307:03
Dr_WillisSa[i]nT:  ages ago there was 'spice' i recall.. but not sure how a LED circuit differes from  electrical circuit07:03
RudyValenciaI wonder if providing kern.log data will help07:03
Sa[i]nTDr_Willis: Is there one for elec circuits?07:03
Dr_WillisRudyValencia:  im not sure theres much work on B43 any more. I thought it got all shifted to the STA driver07:03
Dr_WillisSa[i]nT:  fire up package manager and search. There should be some07:03
RudyValenciaI've blacklisted b43 anyway07:04
Dr_Willis!info spice07:04
ubottuPackage spice does not exist in lucid07:04
Sa[i]nTDr_Willis: I am.07:04
Dr_WillisHmm. perhaps the name is different now.. been years ago07:04
zhobbs___anyone know what package provides the "kdb" xorg module?07:04
RudyValenciaah, I'm wrong07:06
RudyValenciait's called ngspice07:06
RudyValenciahttps://electronics.wiki.usu.edu/ngspice_Install <- install guide07:06
Dr_Willis!info ngspice07:06
ubottungspice (source: ng-spice-rework): A Spice circuit simulator. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 20-1 (lucid), package size 2357 kB, installed size 8256 kB07:06
RudyValenciarather, https://electronics.wiki.usu.edu/ngspice%20Install07:06
Dr_WillisRudyValencia:  install -> sudo apt-get install ngspice       :) who needs a guide.07:06
RudyValenciaThere we go.07:06
RudyValenciaI didn't know07:07
Dr_WillisNow actually USING it.. that may need a guide07:07
kiamohmm, so is it a bad idea to fsck my root filesystem?07:07
RudyValenciaWhy doesn't Ubuntu have Blackjack anymore?07:07
Dr_Williskiamo:  ive often booted a live cd. and fscked my fileystems befor  (when they get badly trashed)07:07
viatech!network | viatech07:08
ubottuviatech, please see my private message07:08
SprungeHello all.07:09
kiamoDr_Willis, Do filesystems often get trashed?  Iv been trying ubuntu periodicly for the last year and every time my fs gets trashed somehow.  Gets remounted as read only, and I have never successfully repaired it.  :(07:10
kiamoits rather discouraging :\  but I DO want to use linux instead of windows lol07:10
gewtridiculous hacker rap is weird07:10
RudyValenciabtw, I wasn't offered the Broadcom STA driver for my BCM4306 card07:10
Dr_Williskiamo:  ive rarely had it happen.07:10
kiamoDr_Willis, could it be these bad blocks that are causing it?07:11
Dr_Williskiamo:  power outages while doing things is about the only time i have the issue. Or harddrive faulure07:11
Dr_Williskiamo:  possibaly07:11
Dr_WillisHard drives are the weakest link these days it seems07:11
remanifestDoes anyone know where the default Xubuntu background is located, or what it's called?  I can't find it07:11
Dr_Willisand they are rather easy to change. :)07:11
Dr_Willisremanifest:  perhaps  in /usr/share/backgrounds or /usr/share/wallpapers07:12
kiamopower outages aren't an issue for me, hasn't happened and im on a laptop anyway.  Yea I've wondered about the integrity of my hdd, however it runs perfectly fine in windows.  I don't quite believe windows is doing something better than linux... is that possible? lol07:12
RudyValenciadarn gnome-games programmers removed blackjack from their package07:12
RudyValenciaI want blackjack, darn it!07:12
remanifestDr_Willis: nevermind... found it right after I sent the message07:12
remanifestthank you07:12
Dr_Williskiamo:   if the hd is partitioned into space for wundoiws and linux. its possiuble the bad part of the HD is  allocated to the linux half.07:12
SprungeSo I screwed up installing GRUB2 during my Lucid update. Guess I should have just done a fresh install.07:13
kiamoit is07:13
mobius2I have blackjack07:13
mobius2i think it comes installed?07:13
RudyValenciain lucid?07:13
Dr_Williskiamo:  one of the best upgrades i did for my laptop was upgrading its HD to a faster/bigger one.. well worth the effort.07:13
remanifestXubuntu's running great on my nb20507:13
mobius2ahhhh im just getting back in here07:13
RudyValenciagnome-games doesn't install blackjack07:13
RudyValenciathey removed it.07:13
kiamohowever, i was using the current linux partition in windows fine too.  Although it wasn't a root partition07:13
RudyValenciaI want to find a blackjack game and I don't want to play on a site like bodog07:14
wildbatkiamo, you can do a full rw scan of your hd with badblocks thou if you want.07:14
mobius2has anyone gotten one of those infra red metal webcams to work in linux?07:14
mobius2has six little IR sensors on em07:14
mobius2fine little cam07:14
kiamothe badblocks man page suggest not running badblocks, and instead running fsck though...?07:14
mobius2ill prolly have to install frikkin vmware to get it working07:14
RudyValenciaoh I found something07:14
mobius2there ya go07:15
mobius2i like my little blackjack game07:15
mobius2I think i finally got out of debt07:15
wildbatkiamo, also update the hd firmware if it have one ~ manufacture doing lousy job on firmware nowadays that can crash systems and even data lost07:15
mobius2i was down BAD07:15
mobius2for the longest07:15
mobius2then one night i got drunk nad started making crazy bets07:16
SprungeOn boot I have a single entry for Win7 that starts a different GRUB2 install which has all the normal options, yet its Win7 simply references itself apparently. So I can only boot into Ubuntu, and only by going through two GRUB2 installs. Anyone care to touch this one? Heheheh07:16
mobius2now i have almost a half a mil07:16
kiamowildbat,  ooo good call.  Didn't think of that07:16
mobius2well its midnight fifteen in colorado07:16
mobius2good night people07:16
mobius2good luck07:16
RudyValenciamobius2: hey07:16
RudyValenciayou're in CO too?07:16
mobius2Fort Collins07:17
RudyValenciaI'm in greeley07:17
mobius2oh wow07:17
RudyValenciaclose by!07:17
mobius2what are the fucking odds of that07:17
dan14is there any good reason to move from heron to lynx?07:17
Jordan_USprunge: Can you pastebin the output from this script: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ ?07:17
RudyValenciamobius2: one in a million?07:17
mobius2well thats my night :D07:17
RudyValenciapm me real quick07:17
sebsebsebI found a guy once from here, that lived near me07:17
karmstAnyone around?07:18
sebsebsebkarmst: yes07:18
wildbatkarmst,  nope ~ ^^07:18
karmstSo I have a question hopefull someone can help me with07:18
karmstWhat is the fastest file system to use for Karmic?07:19
Jordan_USprunge: And also the output of "debconf-show grub-pc".07:19
SwedeMikekarmst: fastest for what?07:19
FyreFoXanyone familiar with luks?07:19
goddardwhats the easiest way to monitor system temp07:19
karmstin reads and writes07:19
SwedeMikeFyreFoX: yes.07:19
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.07:19
FyreFoXSwedeMike: if I don cryptsetup luksClose a device and the machine gets powered off uncleanly...07:19
SwedeMikekarmst: duh, that's like answering "what is the best car?" -"for what" -"for rolling forward with"07:20
karmstbasically to build a NFS server with07:20
karmstto store backupexec disk backups07:21
SwedeMikeFyreFoX: was that a question?07:21
SwedeMikekarmst: I personally prefer xfs for such usage.07:21
FyreFoXSwedeMike: Ok I have a luks setup using cryptsetup on a second disk right, I am wondering what the ramifications of not issuing a cryptsetup luksClose device and having the power go out, what state is that device in when I power back on ?07:22
SwedeMikeFyreFoX: I've never had any problems, luksClose is as far as I know only to free the device from the OS point of view, it doesn't really write anything to the luks header.07:22
FyreFoXSwedeMike: is it locked or unlocked? potential corruption? loss of data?07:22
goddardis 31 C good for cpu?07:22
darttthere is sudden visual tearing of my display....nyone know wats hppenig...i got intel 965 series07:23
SwedeMikeFyreFoX: from luks point of view, there shouldn't be any problems.07:23
FyreFoXSwedeMike: Ok, I suspected as much07:23
SprungeJordan_U: Here's the debconf output: http://pastebin.com/zSXU0UA007:23
SwedeMikegoddard: good for what? it's low and nice for normal operating temperature.07:23
FyreFoXSwedeMike: thanks07:23
karmstso xfs is faster the ext407:23
SwedeMikekarmst: again, you have to quantify what you need it for. there is no such thing as a "fs best at everything"07:24
Docteh_karmst: that probably depends on whats on the filesystem07:24
karmstwell for backup and restore07:24
SwedeMikekarmst: for nfs server reads and writes of large files, there isn't really any difference afaik07:24
Docteh_karmst: ext4 would be better for large files07:24
FyreFoXkarmst: depends what you need it for.. ie type of setup raid, type of files big small etc etc07:24
karmstI want something that for DR will require the least amount of time for restore07:24
goddardSwedeMike I just cleaned my system of all the dust that was in it and put some new thermal paste on the CPU wanna make sure everything is working correctly07:24
goddardAlso installed a new fan07:24
SwedeMikegoddard: your cpu can go to 50-60 C before you really have to worry, 31C is excellent for running system.07:25
=== [SW]Dodge`oFF is now known as [SW]Dodge
Docteh_karmst: fastest to restore one file or all files?07:25
karmstall files07:25
SwedeMikekarmst: you need a few hundred megabits/s right, then all fs should work properly.07:26
darttthere is sudden visual tearing of my display....nyone know wats hppening...i got intel 965 series07:26
Jordan_USprunge: You should install grub to the mbr, and never to a partition. "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" to get that setting correct.07:26
SwedeMikedartt: don't repeat your question without adding more information, in the last 3 minutes there really won't be anyone new who knows anything, so most likely you're not providing enough information.07:26
SwedeMikeJordan_U: there are times where you want grub on a partition, so please don't use "never" in that context.07:27
Jordan_USprunge: You will be asked other questions, leave them at their defaults (some will be blank, that's OK).07:27
Docteh_karmst: if you're using slow disks for backups, compressed tarballs on ext407:27
Jordan_USwedeMike: Very rarely is it ever the best solution.07:27
Docteh_i'd recommend trying a few ideas out though07:27
SwedeMikeJordan_U: "best" is subjective. it's not common to do it, but there are prefectly valid scenarios to do it.07:28
SprungeOk, yeah the message box during the Lucid update had me clueless. I recommended installing grub to every partition if I wasn't sure what I needed. So I just chose What I thought was the MBR. *shrug*07:28
zver_how do i ssh to windows machine?07:29
Dr_Williszver_:  install a ssh server on the windows machine...07:29
Jordan_USwedeMike: It's unreliable to install a bootloader to a partition because it requires blocklists, and I can only think of one good use case for installing grub to a partition.07:29
foxmulderzver_: putty is all you need.07:30
SwedeMikeJordan_U: chain loading is perfectly good use case.07:30
j0rdi'm connecting to internet via WiFi on my laptop, can i share my internet to other computers via WiFi as well with just one wireless card?07:30
kiamoDuring startup, ubuntu doesn't ask me which OS to boot.  How do I enable that and add my windows partition to the list?07:30
j0rdor am i full of crazy07:30
SwedeMikej0rd: you can share it via another wifi card, yes.07:30
zver_thanks | Dr_Willis07:30
Jordan_USwedeMike: What is the use case for chainloading grub from a partition?07:30
j0rdSwedeMike: can i share it using the same wifi card?07:30
foxmulderzver_: I run WinSSHD on my Windows server and use putty to connect/manage from Linux.07:31
SprungeJordan_U: Hmm, the very first step asks me to verify a command line extracted from /etc/default/grub but it's just blank.07:31
SwedeMikej0rd: not easily.07:31
zver_what about telnet | Dr_Willis07:31
j0rdSwedeMike: that sounds like yes :) I assume i can createa a virtual interface or something?07:31
SwedeMikeJordan_U: to havle multiple installs completely separated from each other, so you load install2's grub from install1's grub.07:31
Jordan_USprunge: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector to get windows booting again.07:31
SwedeMikej0rd: I'm not touching that with a 100 foot pole. yes it can be done, no, I'm not going to help you.07:32
SprungeAwesome, thanks.07:32
Jordan_USprunge: That is normal.07:32
j0rdSwedeMike: if you have any howtos I'll take a read. or some useful keywords for me to search on google it would be appreciated07:32
j0rdSwedeMike: ok thx07:32
Sam_FisherWhy does Grub suck so bad when it breaks?07:32
Sam_FisherHowdy Ya'll!07:32
SwedeMikej0rd: look for masquerading, that's the term used in linux for NAT.07:32
Jordan_USwedeMike: A more reliable way to load grub2 in that case is to use "multiboot /boot/grub/core.img"07:32
Docteh_Sam_Fisher: mbr's are tiny is why07:32
zver_i tryed telnet it says `Connection refused` who refused? | Dr_Willis07:32
j0rdSwedeMike: ok07:32
Docteh_zver_: the other computer07:33
Sam_FisherDocteh_: the area for memory?07:33
foxmulderzver_: Don't use telnet.07:33
Jordan_USwedeMike: Or rather, since you are talking about loading from grub legacy "kernel /boot/grub/core.img"07:33
Dr_Williszver_:  You installed what ssh server to the  wineows machine?07:33
aditsu_hi, how can I install adobe flash 64bit in firefox in ubuntu?07:33
SwedeMikeJordan_U: oki, I don't remember grub having that, so if grub2 has a better way, then that use case might be gone.07:33
SwedeMikeJordan_U: I'm from the lilo days of mid 90ties :P07:33
kiamoaditsu_, install the ubuntu restricted extras07:33
kiamoI think.  that's what I am doing at the moment07:33
aditsu_kiamo: how do I do that?07:34
loopoolWhen i run 'sudo apt-get update' in the terminal, it does everything normally and 'hits' everything, but at the end it says 'W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B5'07:34
kiamosearch for "restricted" in the ubuntu software center.  It should come up among some other stuff07:34
Jordan_USwedeMike: Correct, grub legacy can't be loaded via multiboot, so it does sometimes make sense to install grub legacy to a partition.07:34
loopoolhow do i fix this?07:34
Docteh_Sam_Fisher: first stage is ~400 bytes, which is enough to point somewhere but not enough to go looking for it if it moves07:34
kiamoit installs support for various video codecs, mp3, flash, java and other stuff07:35
uchigo46373i need help!!!07:35
SwedeMikeloopool: try googling for the error message, I'm sure you'll find hints on how to solve it.07:35
SwedeMike!ask | uchigo4637307:35
ubottuuchigo46373: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:35
uchigo46373i need a driver for a sony bd player07:35
zver_no have't, i cant access it | Dr_Willis07:35
Dr_Willisloopool:  you dident install a 'key' for some repo you have. thats just a warning i recall. not critical07:35
uchigo46373on my laptop07:35
uchigo46373for verson 10.4 desktop07:36
aditsu_kiamo: that seems to pull in zillions of things07:36
insaneNessHi, I want to partition my hard drive so I can install Ubuntu side-by-side with Windows 7, and I have 150GB of free secondary memory. If I'm going to use Ubuntu for light use (creating documents, not media manipulation), how much should I give the Ubuntu partition?07:36
Dr_Williszver_:  then you are out of luck I guess. unless you can go physically to the windiows box or some how remote in to install some services07:36
SwedeMikeuchigo46373: what part of "in one line" was hard to understand?07:36
SprungeJordan_U: So /dev/sda rather than /dev/sda# will install it to the MBR, correct?07:36
foxmulderzver_: You'll have to setup a ssh daemon/server on the windows system before you'll be able to connect to it.07:36
Dr_WillisinsaneNess:  10-20gb is Plenty for many people i find.07:36
Jordan_USprunge: Yes.07:36
kiamoaditsu_, it does, but on my screen ubuntu restricted extras is 4rth down the list07:36
foxmulderzver_: What about rdp?07:36
mariya!package gnome07:37
insaneNessDr_Willis: ok, thank you so much07:37
Sam_FisherinsaneNess: 149gb07:37
Sam_FisherinsaneNess: ok maybe a little less. I use 25gb and have room to spare.07:37
Sam_FisherinsaneNess: I don't use a swap file area eaither cause I rool like that!07:38
mariyawhat is a command to reinstall a gnome desktop?07:38
uchigo46373what i need is drivers for a sony optiarc bd rom 5500s07:38
Sam_Fisheropps misspelling roll is not kool07:38
ZonkieNutinsaneNess: Normal Ubuntu installation only took up about 3.4G on my system07:39
zver_ok, i got it first i need sneak some remote control app into winbox | Dr_Willis07:39
Sam_FisherDocteh_: any experience with CDLinux? They say they can't build a reliable partition installer!07:39
insaneNessSam_Fisher: I'm not comfortable with much anyway, I'm not very good with manipulating things07:39
loopooli fixed it, i just needed to download the keys from the error :)07:40
foxmulderuchigo46373: Perhaps you'll have better luck on the UbuntuForums.org instead of trolling in here. <rolls eyes>07:40
insaneNessZonkieNut: Ok, thanks07:40
mneptokinsaneNess: is this a desktop or laptop?07:40
Docteh_Sam_Fisher: first i've heard about "cdlinux"07:40
insaneNessmneptok: laptop07:40
sebsebsebmariya: Don't think there is one, whats the problem?07:40
loopoolmy other problem is i cant connect to my wireless network. My wireless driver is working fine; it can pick the signal up okay, it just won't let me connect. Is there a way I can manually do this in the terminal? I get no error message, it just fails.07:40
uchigo46373thanks dick07:40
mneptokinsaneNess: do you want to be able to suspend or hibernate?07:40
Sam_Fishermariya: hello friend how are things?07:40
Docteh_Sam_Fisher: extlinux might be hardier than grub07:40
insaneNessmneptok: Yes07:41
mneptokinsaneNess: then you should create a swap partition of 2x the physical RAM07:41
foxmulderuchigo46373: You're welcome.07:41
Blue1i use 1.507:41
Sam_Fishermariya: What did you do to your desktop?07:41
sebsebsebfoxmulder: already left07:42
Blue1but then otoh if it's gotta swap 2 g of ram, you're in trouble anyway07:42
Docteh_loopool: if you're using wpa the wpa supplicant handles associations and encryption, otherwise fiddle with iwconfig07:42
mariyasebsebseb, gnome does not start normally, all I see is an empty background without pannels, here is a xsession-errors file http://pastebin.com/fzf3HWuF07:42
mneptokBlue1: not when suspending or hibernating.07:42
foxmuldersebsebseb: Great. It worked.07:42
mneptokBlue1: during those time everything in physical memory is dumpoed to swap07:42
Blue1mneptok: i never do that.07:42
insaneNessmneptok: I'm not sure how to do that, would it be ok to leave out suspending/hibernating?07:43
Docteh_I have zero swap :-/07:43
mneptokinsaneNess: sure.07:43
loopoolDocteh_: im using WEP07:43
Sam_FisherZero swap rules!07:43
mneptokinsaneNess: 15GB as a primary Linux system partition is probably enough for light work.07:43
Blue1Sam_Fisher: indeed07:43
mneptokSam_Fisher: not on laptops it doesn't.07:43
sebsebsebmariya: That doesn't mean much to me.  Which version of Ubuntu?  Clean install or upgrade07:43
Blue1mneptok: my netbook has 2 g and zero swap07:44
=== Darky is now known as zz_Darky
SwedeMikeI'm only using 5 gigs on my laptop, 15 gigs for / should be plenty.07:44
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
Docteh_loopool: disable networkmanager or wicd before you start fiddling with iwconfig. I have a cheapo access point that needs to get reset occasionally07:44
Sam_FisherI have a 2 TB drive so what do I care? I used to partition 150GB X 407:44
SteveThingcan someone help me with mediatomb?07:45
=== Darky is now known as zz_Darky
insaneNessmneptok: Thanks, how might I create a swap partition?07:45
mariyasebsebseb, clean install, 10.0407:45
loopoolDocteh_: i have no idea what iwconfig is - is that where I should be to fix the connection problem? It was working fine on Jaunty07:45
mneptokinsaneNess: it's aprt of the installation procedure. create a partition, choose to use it as swap space.07:46
Blue1insaneNess: gparted07:46
mariyasebsebseb, what is the output of your: ls -l /home by the way?07:46
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:46
Docteh_loopool: iwconfig is the cli tool that changes wireless settings, like the essid it should connect to/ the mode / wep key07:46
Blue1swap on/swap off reminds me of the clapper07:46
Inzi1985hello everyone07:46
sebsebsebmariya: on this computer,  I only have Ubuntu in vm, since another distro07:47
Docteh_loopool: so you could manually give the wireless card settings and see if that helps :-/07:47
insaneNessmneptok,Blue1: Thanks, would I have to create two partitions then, or will it do this in the installer?07:47
Sam_FisherBlue1: lol07:47
sebsebsebmariya: anyway so the panels never showed properly?07:47
Inzi1985does anyone know if ubuntu supports the intel x3100 graphic card natively07:47
Docteh_mariya: network install or from the livecd07:47
Sam_FisherInzi1985: no we don't07:47
Inzi1985or are there proprietary drivers that need to be installed07:47
SwedeMikeInzi1985: define "natively" ?07:47
Blue1insaneNess: if you are installing linux from say the live cd there should be an option to do that - but honestly don't remember07:47
kmystanyone use nm-applet to create an ad-hoc wireless network?  mine keeps failing...used to work back it gutsy which is when i used/needed it last07:48
Sam_FisherInzi1985: have you tried it yet?07:48
Inzi1985Swedemike : i belive the vga on my laptop is over heating, i have a compaq 61007:48
SteveThingi'm having some trouble getting mediatomb to start on login, can someone help me out?07:48
Blue1kmyst: what do yo mean by adhoc wireless?07:48
mariyaDocteh_, why does this matter, from a livecd07:49
SwedeMikeInzi1985: what does that have to do with whether ubuntu supports it "natively" or not?07:49
Sam_FisherDocteh_: In CDlinux they have a nice wifi program oh I mean APP that is very visual and I want it on my 10.04 what is the best wifi tool?07:49
hikariInzi1985, have you tried the laptop-mode-tools ?07:49
sebsebsebmariya: remove the GNome .folders from home,  when in something else such as KDE,  then re install Gnome, that might work07:49
Inzi1985Sam_fisher : yes i did install ubuntu on my compaq 610, i had no problem with cpu overheating issues, coz that was the general complain, instead the area under my left wrist seem to heat up alot, and on windows 7, its ice cold07:49
sebsebseb!purekde | mariya07:49
ubottumariya: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »07:49
Sam_FisherSteveThing: dump MT07:49
kmystBlue1: adhoc wireless is two wireless devices (i.e. laptops) in a sort of peer to peer mode07:49
Inzi1985hikari : how do i work with the laptop-mode-tools07:49
mariyasebsebseb, no, it was working well, since I have restarted after an update two day ago07:49
kmystBlue1: no wireless router needed...if that makes sense07:50
Sam_FisherSteveThing: Get PS3Mediaserver and don't look back!07:50
insaneNessBlue1: ok, cool - I'll see how I go installing Ubuntu, then...thanks, everyone!07:50
sebsebsebmariya: ok so the panels won't show is that the only issue or?07:50
SwedeMikeInzi1985: could be that it's running the cpu at full speed, not lowering the clock when cpu is idle?07:50
Blue1kmyst okay I don't have anything like that07:50
Blue1mariya: there's no place, like gnome!07:50
jimmyz80Heya, having a problem. just installed Gentoo alongside Ubuntu, and after i run update-grub, it seems ok, but gentoo is not present in the grub list of OS's when I reboot http://pastebin.com/052whtB0 Anyone have any suggestions?07:50
SteveThingSam_Fisher: any particular reason?07:50
Inzi1985SwedeMike: but the fan isn't running all the time,.. cpu idles at 43 degrees, wheni run sensors07:51
hikariInzi1985, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Laptop-mode-tools07:51
kmystBlue1: well it is occasionally useful...just left click nm-applet and create wireless network....well that used to work, seems broken now07:51
codeabitmy gnome just crashed.  I re-logged back in.  can anyone tell me the best way to gather information so I can report a bug?07:51
SwedeMikeInzi1985: then I have no idea.07:51
Docteh_43 at the cpu isn't too bad07:51
Blue1kmyst: I have a wireless router -- i am running dd-wrt07:52
mariyasebsebseb, all I see a clean background, and nothing more, that is the issue07:52
Inzi1985Docteh_ : i know.. my cpu is fine, but the region left of the touchpad heats up alot,.. but on win7 it is cold07:52
=== KungFuBear_Away is now known as KungFuBear
Inzi1985SwedeMike : thanks dude07:53
sebsebsebmariya: well I guess do what I suggested before try and install something else, and then remove gnome .folders from home and that.07:53
sebsebsebmariya: or just clean install?07:53
Inzi1985hikari : thanks, i shall check it out soon07:53
kmystBlue1: same here...but i was in a situation where no router was present and wanted to wireless network with another computer which is what adhoc is...used to work once upon a time :)07:53
Docteh_SwedeMike: set the cpu scheduler to uh, take a look what it has and try conservative maybe07:54
sebsebsebmariya: does the log in screen show?07:54
Blue1not fam with that07:54
Docteh_i did that wrong07:54
mariyasebsebseb, I use autologin07:54
sebsebsebmariya: ah07:54
sebsebsebmariya: and you can't even get to the terminal and such anyway?07:55
Inzi1985Swedemike : do u think i should try and older version of ubuntu07:55
SprungeJordan_U: Ok, I'm in testdisk attempting to fix the Win7 boot sector now and that page says to select "BackupBS", but the closest option to that is "Rebuild BS". The other options are "Quit", "List", "Repair MFT", and "Dump". Should I rebuild it?07:55
geekyogiam using Ubuntu 10.04 on Intel i7 860 processor.. I wanna monitor the temperature of the cpu and disks..  lm-sensor doesn't detect the sensors.. any idea which kernel module or package will help me...07:55
SwedeMikeInzi1985: if you decide to, don't try older than 9.10 anyway, because then you'll run out of support soon, and you should also report it as a problem in case 9.10 works better.07:55
sebsebsebmariya: why not clean install,  obviously something has gone pretty wrong07:55
sebsebsebmariya: if you got data on there, you can access it using the Live CD, and then back up and such07:56
Inzi1985Swedemike : intel x3100 is actually this Intel GL960/GM965, do i need to install any drivers?07:56
SwedeMikegeekyogi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto perhaps?07:56
SwedeMikeInzi1985: I don't know, didn't have to do anthing special with my intel 4500.07:56
sebsebsebSwedeMike: Inzi1985  well 8.04 has untill the end of April next year on the desktop07:57
geekyogiswedemike: will try07:57
Docteh_Inzi1985: see if glmatrix screen saver works is easiest test i think07:57
mariyasebsebseb, it's too complicated, and there is no guaranty, that this will not happen again, so what is the point of doing so?07:57
Inzi1985Docteh_ : it works.. no problems.. its just the heat issue i'm worried about07:57
purveshi want to resize my image exact Pixels any Software for that in Ubuntu ?07:58
sebsebsebmariya: right, but my other idea that I am thinking at the moment, may not work either07:58
bazhangpurvesh, clone?07:58
SprungeJordan_U: Ah, I think I found it. *crosses fingers*07:58
shadyabhiI have an NTFS partition... When I run "df" (disk free coammand), its hows as space occupied.. But. the directory which had the ost contents is empty.. Its like directory entry is deleted.. There is a "GetDataBack for NTFS" software for windows, whats the quiivalent for linux?07:58
SwedeMikepurvesh: gimp is a good image editor.07:58
Inzi1985SwedeMike: i shall try and 9.10, and 8.04.. if they work properly.... i'll lodgein a complain to ubuntu07:58
sebsebsebmariya: the point is so you have a system that probably works07:59
purveshSwedeMike, hey but it will not resize exact pixels07:59
sebsebsebmariya: updates don't normally do that kind of thing though07:59
Inzi1985SwedeMike ; Now i have to go look for my cd..07:59
sebsebsebmariya: so something else probably caused it07:59
jacob_Does anyone know of any better music players than Rhythmbox for Linux, or does anyone know of a way to actually be able to customize Rhythmbox, e.g. be able to move the status bar to the top?07:59
SwedeMikepurvesh: no? It resizes by pixel count when I last tried anyway.07:59
Inzi1985SwedeMike :  i'm not a very technical person.. ahah.. so i'm quite a newbie with ubuntu07:59
sebsebsebmariya: maybe you installed a graphics card driver quite recently for example,  and something went wrong with that08:00
SwedeMikejacob_: I use audacious for playing mp3:s08:00
purveshSwedeMike, u can try now i had tried08:00
SteveThingcan someone help me with mediatomb?08:00
SerephI don't havge the little speaker icon anymore in the top right, how can I get it back?08:00
SwedeMikepurvesh: I tried yesterday and it could resize by pixel count then anyway. It could do that all the times I tried the past 5 years as well.08:00
musexuwhat is it08:00
celeritasSereph, try running alsamixer in your terminal08:01
mariyasebsebseb, no, I can get a working gnome manually, by running from a tty DISPLAY=:0.0 gnome-panel, nautilus and so on...08:01
Inzi1985Thanks guys for all ur help.. im gonna go install and try it out now..08:01
Inzi1985catch u soon..08:01
musexuit's my first time enter the software08:01
bazhang!hi | musexu08:01
ubottumusexu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:01
sebsebsebmusexu: you can  use tty for some commands,  or recovery mode from the boot loader08:01
purveshSwedeMike, i had said it resize by pixel but i want exact pixel like 192 x 192 that it cant......! :)08:01
musexuare all your guys Chinese?08:02
celeritasSereph, it won't give you the icon back but if alsamixer fails, then there may be a problem with your drivers rather than your interface08:02
sebsebsebmariya: silly auto complete, see above :)08:02
Serephalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory08:02
purveshbazhang, hey clone can resize image exactly like 192 x 192 Pixels ?08:02
bazhang!cn | musexu08:02
mariyasebsebseb, sorry?08:02
ubottumusexu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:02
SwedeMikepurvesh: I don't see why not, or you don't actually mean "resize" and mean something else.08:02
sebsebsebmariya: I just messaged wrong person08:02
bazhangmusexu, /join #ubuntu-cn08:02
celeritasSereph, try sudo alsamixer08:03
Serephno luck08:03
=== kamal is now known as Guest56720
musexuhow to join ubuntu-cn?08:03
Guest56720wht is it ?08:03
purveshSwedeMike, its k bro......! but i had used word exact ... anyways .. Thanx bro for info. i ll take care of my words08:03
bazhangmusexu, /join #ubuntu-cn    <----type that08:04
celeritasSereph, its failing because you don't have access to the file08:04
SprungeHmm, os-prober outputs "/dev/sda1:Windows 7 (loader):Windows:chain". Should ":chain" be there?08:04
Serephceleritas: I used sudo08:04
celeritasSereph, are you a member of the audio group?08:04
musexuhow to join ubuntu-cn?08:04
bazhangmusexu, I just told you08:04
bazhangmusexu, /join #ubuntu-cn08:04
purveshwinston84, hi08:04
purveshbazhang, hey clone can resize image exactly like 192 x 192 Pixels ?08:05
bazhangpurvesh, you are using GIMP? something other? what have you tried?08:05
sebsebsebmariya: delete the Gome programs and  .folders in home for Gnome, and then re install and it may work.  Can't do that whilst Gnome is running in your install though,  so would have to use another desktop environment such as KDE if that will work without the same problem,  or  a Live CD.  Or recovery mode.  Probably easier and better to clean install.08:06
SwedeMikepurvesh: I just scaled an image to 192x192 pixels in gimp.08:06
celeritasSereph, take a look at your /etc/group and make sure you are a member of the audio group08:06
Serephceleritas: how would that make a difference if i use sudo08:06
purveshbazhang, i had used gThumb and Gwenview08:06
mariyasebsebseb, omg, are you crazy !?! I do not want to break my system? have you ever tried something like this?08:07
purveshSwedeMike, k .... but what is the Procedure can u tell me .....!08:07
SwedeMikepurvesh: imagemagick can do it from the command line.08:07
celeritasSereph, did sudo give you the same error? snd_ctl_open failed?08:07
sebsebsebmariya: uh your system is already broken by the sounds of it08:07
sebsebsebmariya: and yes if I remember correctly I have tried something like this in the past myself08:07
SwedeMikepurvesh: you go to image->scale image, then you enter the amount of pixels you want there, and press scale (undo the "chain" if you dont want to keep aspect ratio)08:08
purveshSwedeMike, so for installing imagemagick i have to type any cmd..08:08
sebsebsebmariya: or I got another idea08:09
Serephceleritas: yes...08:09
sebsebsebmariya: make a new user in recovery mode or   something, and try and log in to that08:09
FullFlannelJackeTrying to open Openoffice Word and am getting an error that "/home/username/%F does not exist."  Is this some problem with Gconf?  how do i fix it?08:09
SprungeOk, time to reboot. Here goes nothing....08:09
celeritastry sudo chmod 666 /dev/snd08:09
cjaedoes anyone else notice adobe flash is quite mem and cpu intensive in ff as of 10.04?08:09
Serephceleritas: dont have a /dev/snd08:09
SwedeMikecjae: it's always mem and cpu intensive.08:10
=== mike is now known as Guest22340
aditsu_kiamo: I installed the restricted extras; still no adobe flash08:10
owenllpurvesh: sudo apt-get install imagemagick08:10
cjaeSwedeMike: is there a good replacement yet?08:10
SwedeMikecjae: not that I know of, last I tried gnash it didn't work well.08:10
purveshSwedeMike, Hey Thanx for that Chain.. lol .. Finally done .08:11
SwedeMikepurvesh: just a tip for you, you really should work on your "asking questions" skill, if it was the aspect ratio you didn't succeed in not keeping, saying so would have cut this conversation down by a lot.08:13
cjaeSwedeMike: I am running an old p4 machine with a 1gb of ram, and since 10.04 I can barely watch youtube and download ubuntu at same time08:13
SwedeMikepurvesh: saying "it won't resize to 192x192 but instead I can only choose one figure and it calculates the other" would also have worked.08:13
cjaevia torrent08:13
cjaeusing kde though08:13
purveshSwedeMike, see m bit noob may be .... but every one Starts from there so shortly i ll reach at some level08:15
atroy1994Hello everybody..  for installing ubuntu, ineed atleast 256 mb ram, but i hav only 246. so, i want to do swapping. how will i do?08:15
jacob_SwedeMike, how do I get rid of the numbering on the far left?08:16
jacob_Not the track numbering, but the # for each song..08:16
jacob_I don't want that there08:16
sebsebsebatroy1994: ok yeah swap08:16
sebsebsebatroy1994: have you tried desktop cd on there?08:17
martez89hey all, how can I backup my home folder from a 10.04 live cd  to an external hdd?08:17
sebsebsebatroy1994: for Ubuntu08:17
atroy1994sebsebseb: which one u call the dekstop cd?08:17
SwedeMikejacob_: I have absolutely no idea. read the manual?08:18
sebsebsebatroy1994: are you sure you have a bit under the amount of RAM it says you should have?08:18
jellowmartez89: mount the external hd , and move the files from $HOME to the hd ?08:18
sebsebsebatroy1994: the Desktop Live CD08:18
martez89jellow: ive tried that, but i need permissions08:18
atroy1994atroy1994: yes, iam sure about ram.08:19
celeritasSereph, does lspci show your card?08:19
martez89but i don't know the right sudo commands for that08:19
sebsebsebatroy1994: ok messaged yourself08:19
atroy1994sebsebseb: i hav the liv cd08:19
sebsebsebatroy1994: have you downloaded an Ubuntu ISO yet? no?08:19
sebsebsebatroy1994: ok have you treid booting the Live CD?08:19
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Serephceleritas: its an oss problem apparantly, i tried oss and it blacklisted alsa08:19
atroy1994sebsebseb: oh, sorry.  that was a mistake :-)08:19
atroy1994what is ubuntu ISO? i hav just ordered the ubuntu10.04 cd and got it08:20
sebsebsebatroy1994: ok08:20
jellowmartez89: you need to use chmod -R 777 "Director You want Permission on"08:20
sebsebsebatroy1994: ISO is  what you download when you make your own,  the contents of a CD in a file, then burn contents to CD,  (ideally check its a good download ISO first as well)08:21
celeritasSereph, have you tried running the snddevices script08:21
sebsebsebatroy1994: have you tried to boot from the CD  you ordered?08:21
Serephceleritas: nope08:21
jellowmartez89: sudo chmod -R 777 "Some dir"08:21
atroy1994How ill i boot fom cd? sebsebseb08:21
sebsebsebatroy1994: you were asking about RAM,  so  I thought that maybe you had tried from the CD,  and  things  were really slow to boot up or somethign08:22
Jordan_Uatroy1994: Usually you just reboot with the CD in your CDROM drive.08:22
martez89jellow: ill try that08:22
celeritasSereph, the script builds the device list in /dev/snd. its inside alsa-drivers08:23
atroy1994do u mean, just starting computer, inserting cd, and again restarting?08:23
jellowmartez89: You can get to irc from the live cd so ask for help as you're doing it08:23
sebsebsebatroy1994: yes08:23
martez89jellow: i'm on another laptop currently08:23
sebsebsebatroy1994: might have to go into bios  and make it boot from CD first though.08:23
ZonkieNutatroy1994: if "boot from cd" is enabled in bios08:24
SprungeJordan_U: Hey thanks for all the help. Everything seems to be exactly as it should now. I'm on Win7 right now as a matter of fact. :-)08:24
atroy1994sebsebseb: the next time i restart what will happen?08:24
anodesniI cant install ubuntu. I have 80gb space between windows and archlinux partitions left, however, the arch partitions are not an extended partition and I cant make one in the 80gb space. Can I convert the arch partitions into an extended partition??08:24
sebsebsebatroy1994: lets go back to that08:24
sebsebsebanodesni: why were you asking about RAM?08:24
Jordan_USprunge: You're welcome.08:24
atroy1994sebsebseb: what is bios?08:24
atroy1994sebsebseb: i think its not enabled.....how will i check it?08:25
rwwanodesni: no08:25
sebsebsebatroy1994: You know what RAM and SWAP is, but not a BIOS hrm08:25
anodesnirww, maybe displace partitions?08:25
sebsebsebatroy1994: if the CD boots, it will let you try Ubuntu from CD, and even let you install it,  but  have any data backed up and such first08:26
martez89jellow: it says no such file or directory08:26
sebsebsebatroy1994: the CD boots up into RAM08:26
sebsebsebatroy1994: if you do not have enough RAM, things will be really slow, or not work properly at all08:26
martez89I use this command: sudo chmod -r 777 media/blabla/home/bart08:27
atroy1994sebsebseb: when i restart the pc, no change is there.   ?08:27
sebsebsebatroy1994: with the CD in the drive?08:27
atroy1994sebsebseb: yes08:27
sebsebsebatroy1994:  desktop or lap top?08:27
junglikaushal chutiya08:27
jellowmartez89: can you run "mount" from terminal and paste the results?08:28
bazhangjungli, english here08:28
MyWayhello, after i upgraded my acer 5520 to kernel 2.6.32-22 (using lucid x64) i don't have audio anymore, somebody can help?08:28
martez89jellow: pasting the results will be kinda hard because im working on 2 laptops08:28
sebsebsebatroy1994: ok you will have to change the boot order in the BIOS, make CD the first boot device or it won't load08:29
martez89but can you tell me where to look?08:29
ac1dburnzMyWay,  what sound driver you have ?  desktop or laptop ?08:29
MyWaylaptop, acer 5520, how to check what driver it is?08:29
atroy1994sebsebseb: how will i check whether "boot from cd" is enabled or not08:29
sebsebsebatroy1994: or maybe you should actsually try Ubuntu using Wubi to begin with08:29
sebsebsebatroy1994: except the requrements for Wubi is 256MB RAM, and apparantly you have a bit under08:30
ac1dburnzMyWay, use this command on terminal lspci, see if youre driver recognized08:30
MyWayAudio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a108:30
jellowmartez89: Sounds like there is a problem with your path to the external hd, You sure you have the riigth path?08:30
sebsebsebatroy1994: by going into your computers BIOS, it will say how to do that when it loads up,  then be careful in there,  only change the boot order, nothing else, and save it, and the BIOS will tell you how to change stuff in it08:30
ac1dburnzMyWay,  please use lspci on terminal, and send me the report08:30
jellowmartez89: usually /media/somefolder ?08:31
MyWayac1dburnz: http://pastebin.org/30827508:31
wo_os!! is it proper to pronounce XFCE as "X-force"?08:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:31
atroy1994sebsebseb: how will i change the boot order?08:31
sebsebsebatroy1994: that depends on your BIOS, we don't all have the same BIOS08:31
martez89jellow: i copied the path from the mounted hard drive08:32
atroy1994sebsebseb: from where bios will open?08:32
sebsebsebatroy1994: maybe you should find out what a BIOS is by  doing a Google search or maybe asking in ##hardware before going in there08:32
well_laid_lawnwo_os: it is just x f c e08:32
ac1dburnzMyWay,  youre driver seems to be fine,  try  check the sound if its muted or not08:32
ac1dburnzMyWay,  run alsamixer on terminal08:32
atroy1994sebsebseb: i did the search08:32
well_laid_lawnwo_os: keep it in the channel pls08:33
atroy1994Bsic input output system08:33
ac1dburnzMyWay, make sure Master is not on mute08:33
tauhey, i am having several problems, i installed ubuntu later i installed kubuntu so i got some problems for defining screen resolution , i tried to remove the kubuntu when i did a big mistake and i got my system broken, now i am tring to install from the zero the ubuntu by using the cd which i have, but when i install it still keep having problems it seems to not have formated the initial partitions which were created when i installed the ubuntu at08:33
MyWayac1dburnz: it says no such file/directory08:33
MyWaywhen i do alsamixer08:33
SmartGuywww.numpal.com and pls giv suggestion08:33
sebsebsebatroy1994: and once your booted from the CD and trying out Ubuntu well, this will be useful08:33
sebsebseb!manual | atroy199408:34
ubottuatroy1994: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:34
ac1dburnzMyWay,  hmm nhold on a sec08:34
Jordan_Uatroy1994: When you boot there should be a message saying something like "Press F8 for a boot menu" (it may go by fairly quickly). Press whatever button it says to press to get a boot menu and choose to boot from the CDROM drive.08:34
sebsebseb!ops | Cokers08:34
ubottuCokers: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!08:34
tauhow can I install the ubuntu using the cd, i have already the ubuntu installed(it isn`t installing correctly, i don`t know why).08:34
ac1dburnzMyWay,  hmm nhold on a sec08:34
jellowmartez89: can you cd to the external hd and run pwd ?08:34
MyWayyes, sure08:35
SmartGuyany suggestion08:35
martez89jellow: I accidentally used a -r in stead of -R08:35
celeritasMyWay, alsamixer said snd_ctl_open?08:35
atroy1994Jordan_U: in which sreen will it say to open the boot menu ?08:35
martez89jellow: now it seems to work, I can copy the files08:35
MyWayit says: impossible open mixer: no such file or directory08:36
MyWayor something like this, my translation to english may be bad08:36
wildbattau, so now you wanna install the system from zero then ?08:36
uzversudo apt-get install alsa-utils | MyWay08:36
Jordan_Uatroy1994: When you boot your computer it will usually start with a black and white text only screen. Do you see such a screen when you boot?08:36
jellowmartez89: splendid, hopefully you're good now08:36
ac1dburnzMyWay,  try running it with root08:36
MyWayit's already installed/upgraded08:36
atroy1994ok. ill see08:37
martez89jellow: thanks a lot!08:37
celeritasMyWay, try sudo alsamixer08:37
MyWayceleritas: this works, thanks08:37
MyWayac1dburnz: which values should i check?08:37
jellowmartez89: Happy to have helped08:38
martez89jellow: I'm actually doing this for my little brother. ubuntu on my own laptop works great08:38
ac1dburnzMyWay,  make sure Master is not muted08:38
MyWayit's not08:38
celeritasMyWay, make sure that you are a member of the audio group08:38
Sam_Fishernight night08:38
MyWaymyuser adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare08:39
MyWaymaybe i'm not?08:39
Cokerssynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tubesynch tube08:39
FlannelCokers: Please stop that.08:39
KungFuBearthanks chanserv <308:39
Tm_TKungFuBear: please don't use that acronym here08:40
KungFuBear>.< my bad08:40
wildbaty always there are some idiots try to screw up the channel....08:40
jamil_1Hello, Eclipse gets stuck on loading at the splash screen in 10.04 saying loading the Workbench.08:42
celeritasMyWay, add your user to the audio group and try running alsamixer08:42
jellowjamil_1: Does it say any more errors when you launch from terminal?08:42
alpha_sometimes I cannot boot ubuntu and get Gentoo up. It is stuck with an emergency shell because the date & time seems off, so I'll have to run fsck in these cases (and this fixes the problem). I have a laptop. What is the problem?08:42
BPowerHey, how would I mount an additional .disk file (ext4) to my Lucid machine so I can access the files?08:43
martez89after i made a backup of all the files, is there any way to recover ubuntu instead of reinstalling it. because it wont get past the purple boot screen08:43
jamil_1jellow: nothing is printed in terminal08:43
MyWayceleritas: i've added it to the audio group, but i'm still getting no such file directory, should i reboot before?08:43
halliburningHow would one completely remove banshee? trying to reinstall, but old configs show up.08:44
ac1dburnzjamil_1, try to move the workspace directory to a temporary folder then run eclipse08:44
celeritasMyWay, before reboot, chmod 666 /dev/snd08:44
piyushmishrahi anyone here used 3d desktop?08:45
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, i do08:45
piyushmishraac1dburnz: hi hows it? what do i need to install it on lucid lynx?08:46
ac1dburnzjamil_1, let me know if it works08:46
purveshpiyushmishra, hey hi08:46
jamil_1ac1dburnz: sure08:46
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, do you want to enable the effects, such 3d cube ?08:46
purveshpiyushmishra, you are from india ?08:46
piyushmishrapurvesh: hiya :)08:46
piyushmishrapurvesh: ya08:46
piyushmishraac1dburnz: yup08:47
purveshpiyushmishra, u know we have our own channel also #ubuntu-in08:47
loopoolI have a Windows 7 Partition on my laptop, as well as my Karmic Ubuntu partition. Is it possible to run Microsoft Word 2007 in Wine? I just tried, but Wine is a bit confusing.08:47
piyushmishrapurvesh coming there too sec08:47
purveshpiyushmishra, howz 3d Desktop08:47
purveshpiyushmishra, k08:47
sebsebsebhalliburning: look in the  hidden .config folder in Home08:48
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager08:48
pepper_hazewhere do you leave improvement ideas for ubottu08:48
pepper_hazeon irc?08:48
uzverjoin #ubuntu-bots08:49
sebsebsebpepper_haze:  asks ops, or well theres a way to do it in pm with the bot08:49
jellowloopool:  It does work have you tried running the installer with wine?08:49
sebsebseb!bot | pepper_haze08:49
ubottupepper_haze: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins08:49
Jordan_Upepper_haze: /msg ubottu foo is bar08:49
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, or you can install it through Sypnatic Manager System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager) and do a search for compizconfig-settings-manager. Check the install box and click apply08:49
piyushmishraac1dburnz: ty working on it08:49
piyushmishraac1dburnz: is there anythin else after this?08:49
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  let me know, when you have it installed08:49
jamil_1ac1dburnz: it is still stuck at Loading workbench08:50
piyushmishraE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)08:50
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  then ill guide you through the settings08:50
MyWaythank you all, my audio is back :p08:50
ac1dburnzjamil_1, try this Open your Eclipse.ini ( in eclipse's folder ) and add this line: -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/usr/lib/xulrunner08:50
piyushmishraac1dburnz: ohk I had my synaptic package manager installed08:50
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ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  did you install compizconfig-settings-manager ?08:51
pepper_hazehow do I msg the bot with my improvement ideas?08:51
sebsebsebpepper_haze: asks the ops in #ubuntu-ops08:52
Flannelpepper_haze: Please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.08:52
piyushmishraac1dburnz: yup finished just now08:52
piyushmishrawht shuld I do now?08:52
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, Now, if you go to System>Preferences you’ll see that a new menu item has appeared – “Advanced desktop effects settings”. Open the menu08:53
loopooljellow, im unsure how to do that. I have the disc in my CD drive, and i clicked the 'setup.exe' file, and i also went into my windows 7 partition, and selected the 'WINWORD.exe' file. Neither are working?08:53
paky78salve a tutti08:53
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:53
jamil_1ac1dburnz: Yay! it is now loading eclipse. Can you tell me what was the original problem ?08:54
piyushmishraac1dburnz: yup its the compzig settings manager there now08:54
ac1dburnzjamil_1, The earlier workaround of deleting the workspace directory contents,08:55
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, okay, sos do you want the 3d cube ?08:55
piyushmishraac1dburnz: but I cant see the advanced dtop effects08:55
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piyushmishraac1dburnz: ya08:56
loopooljellow, i got it working, but it is saying that one of the files is either corrupted or missing, but that isn't true as it works fine in my PC?08:56
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  Under “Desktop” check “Desktop Cube”08:56
piyushmishraac1dburnz: I have that checked already but I was starting rotate cube08:57
mvki messed up my apache config files in /etc/apache2, then after trying to reinstall it...08:57
piyushmishraac1dburnz: it says some conflicts with viewreport 808:57
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, Goto General Opyions08:57
mvki now get > wtf error is gone08:57
mvkok, ... all ok now ;d08:57
NakkelIm trying to boot from a USB device made with usb-creator but all I get is some icons on the bottom, white box, =, and a circle with a human figure inside?08:57
piyushmishraac1dburnz: yup m thr08:57
xtheunknown0Hi, I'm having trouble with ubuntu and the internet; I hover over the taskbar and I get 'Wireless network connection ['network name'] active: ['network name'] (0%) but Firefox can't load Google.08:57
BPowerHey I'm trying to mount a virtual disk, but it's not working.  My command is $ sudo mount -o loop /home/myuser/Temp/root.disk /wubiD08:57
BPowerAnd i get this error: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error08:58
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  click on Desktop Size tab08:58
piyushmishraac1dburnz: done08:58
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  change the Horizontal Virtual size to 408:58
jellowloopool: you're probally better asking #winehq, Did the /cdrom aswell as Win7 come back as corrupt?08:58
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, and leave other to 108:59
piyushmishraac1dburnz: how much can it handle I have core2 duo n 3 gig ram08:59
vectorman1why do I keep getting a "nick in use" error? i'm registered..08:59
piyushmishraac1dburnz: vertical is 2 should I set it to 1?08:59
loopooljellow, i will do. and no, it didn't even respond08:59
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, yes set other to 108:59
piyushmishraac1dburnz: ok :)08:59
Flannelvectorman1: You seem to have a few nicks on.  You can ghost the others to knock them offline so you can have your nick one (you have four on right now?)  /msg nickserv help ghost09:00
piyushmishraac1dburnz: now?09:00
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  did you check Rotate Cube09:00
piyushmishraac1dburnz: still says resolve conflicts09:00
MikeChelenthe nvidia driver seems to be working fine with my geforce mx 4000, except that the max resolution in nvidia x server settings is 800x600 (well below card & monitor max)09:01
jellowloopool: look at winecfg , mess around with those setting sometimes helps09:01
piyushmishraac1dburnz: I think its having problems with the view report switcher09:01
piyushmishraac1dburnz: The new value for the key binding for the action Rotate To Face 8 in plugin Rotate Cube conflicts with the action Switch to Viewport 8 of the Viewport Switcher plugin.09:01
piyushmishraDo you wish to disable Switch to Viewport 8 in the Viewport Switcher plugin?09:01
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  disable Viewport Switcher09:02
piyushmishraac1dburnz: done :)09:02
pepper_hazedoes ubuntu have a release chat room besides, off toppic, I was wanted to get info on the online software store they are planning on adding to ubuntu's software center09:03
piyushmishraac1dburnz: what abt clone n expo?09:03
piyushmishraexpo is checked09:03
foxmulderpepper_haze: There's probably a development irc channel here somewhere.09:03
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, try Hold Ctrl Alt and Click And Click on Desktoptry to move it around if it works09:03
bazhangpepper_haze, there is a development channel for testing the unreleased version of ubuntu09:04
piyushmishraac1dburnz: i changed it to windows n arrow keys. ya it works09:04
macopepper_haze: discussion between users and developers happens on ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com09:04
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, there you go09:04
bazhangpepper_haze, you 'd be better served checking the blueprint/roadmap online09:04
piyushmishraac1dburnz: now how many workspaces can it handle on my config?09:04
TommyHhow do i switch to the root user on Ubuntu, i keep getting "authentication failed", i tried every possible password i installed the system with (i just installed it 5 minutes ago), but none of it works09:05
piyushmishraand what abt the zoom thing?09:05
bazhang!lists > pepper_haze09:05
ubottupepper_haze, please see my private message09:05
macoTommyH: sudo -i09:05
macoTommyH: that'll get you a root shell with root's environment09:05
macoTommyH: if you don't want root's environment, sudo -s09:05
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  as much as you like, you can try 6 and so on09:05
jellowTommyH: Root is disabled by default on Ubuntu use sudo09:05
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, ive tried 10 before lol09:05
TommyHoh i see!09:05
deveahdoes anybody know a minimal Linux distro with gcc on it?09:06
piyushmishraac1dburnz: lol I had 12 workspaces without 3d one09:06
deveahall I need is linux, bash and gcc09:06
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, lol09:06
piyushmishraac1dburnz: n funny thing i had somethin opened in all workspaces beat that !!09:06
bazhang!minimal > deveah09:06
ubottudeveah, please see my private message09:06
deveahcheers, ubottu09:07
Aidar-Nagatoi have clearly installed ubuntu, but i still can't install fglrx driver, have anybody the same problem?09:07
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, lol ive only used 3 workspaces with stuff opened, but i have dual monitor that makes em  9 workspaces lol09:07
deveahI mean, cheers, bazhang09:07
piyushmishraac1dburnz: I cant move in y axis?09:07
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  meant 6 lol09:07
piyushmishraac1dburnz: vertical move isnt supported or I am doin somethin wrong?09:08
Damascenewere I can find "wink"?09:08
uzvertry removing everything and leave linux bash gcc from ubuntu | deveah09:08
greezmunkeySweet :) Vnc'ing to my ubuntu box through a ssh tunnel09:08
uzver!try removing everything and leave linux bash gcc from ubuntu | deveah09:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:08
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  try changing the number of Vertical Virtual size09:09
bazhanguzver, no need to !09:09
piyushmishraac1dburnz: I did I made it 2 but its not workin :(09:09
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  change it to 109:09
uzverbazhang: what no need to?09:09
piyushmishraac1dburnz: works with one09:09
jellowuzver: you would end up in dependency hell09:09
bazhanguzver, no09:10
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra,  lol09:10
piyushmishraac1dburnz: :(09:10
TommyHIs there a way to change the Grub bootloader to always automatically boot into Ubuntu (i have a multi-os with Windows 7)09:11
bazhangpiyushmishra, you have tried in #compiz , correct?09:11
Damasceneops, it's not open source. is there any alternative to wink?09:11
piyushmishrabazhang : no lol is there a channel for that!!!09:11
ac1dburnzpiyushmishra, yes there is /join #compiz09:11
bazhangpiyushmishra, sure, /join #compiz09:11
piyushmishraac1dburnz: cool09:12
bazhang!cn | xxg09:12
ubottuxxg: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:12
piyushmishrabazhang ty ty09:12
xxg#ubuntu -cn09:12
bazhangxxg, /join #ubuntu-cn09:13
Jordan_U!grub2 | TommyH (see the part about GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT)09:13
ubottuTommyH (see the part about GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT): GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:13
piyushmishrathe zoom is cool :P09:13
Jordan_UTommyH: Though it should auto boot into windows after a timeout by default, if it isn't then that's a different problem.09:15
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jacekowskiwhat was name of that app that could create a core dump without killing application?09:15
mariyahow to reinstall all installed packages?09:17
Pirate_HunterI need a simple if not basic spreadsheet app that works in cli, I need to just note a few elements and wont be doing any extensive calculations can anyone tell me the name of such app?09:17
well_laid_lawnjacekowski: strace?09:18
foxmuldermariya: Reinstall from scratch.09:18
well_laid_lawn!clone | mariya09:18
ubottumariya: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:18
foxinesshi how can i know what kind of kernel i installed on my server 32 or 64 ? " arch : is this for my CPU , uname -a that what i know for now"09:19
foxmuldermariya: Why exactly do you want to reinstall all packages?09:19
foxmulderfoxiness: That's it "uname -a"09:19
jacekowskiLinux jacekowski.org #1 SMP Tue Dec 29 14:41:12 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:20
rwwfoxmulder: run "uname -a" in a terminal. If you see "i686" near the end, it's 32-bit. If you see "x86_64", it's 64-bit09:20
rwwfoxiness: run "uname -a" in a terminal. If you see "i686" near the end, it's 32-bit. If you see "x86_64", it's 64-bit09:20
rwwfoxmulder: sorry, mistab09:20
rwwsoo many foxes :(09:20
foxmulderrww: It's all good!09:20
C-Ottohi there09:20
C-Ottooh, this is a large channel09:20
foxmulderC-Otto: And a busy channel at that.09:21
jacekowskiwell_laid_lawn: no09:21
jacekowskiwell_laid_lawn: strace can only trace system calls09:21
C-OttoI'm administrating one of the mirrors for ubuntu and wonder about the traffic. Is it correct that users first need to update their sources.list manually or download a new release where our mirror is selectable in the installer?09:21
foxinessfoxmulder,rww  thanks :D09:22
foxmulderfoxiness: No worries.09:22
C-Ottostated differently: what do you as an ubuntu user need to do to use a new mirror?09:22
sravanje  how can i execute java servlets and jsp programs in ubuntu using apache-tomcat server manager09:23
C-Ottowith opensuse, mozilla, vlc, eclipse the answer is: nothing :)09:23
gkasinathhello everyone!09:23
CircsCould updates be handled by bitorrent in the future to reduce server load?09:24
arandC-Otto: Edit sources.list, or if you are an official mirror go to souftware sources and choose the mirror from the extended list there..09:24
gkasinathquestion - DVICO Fusion HDTV on 10.04 me-tv no tuner error. How to solve?09:24
=== ac1dburnz is now known as zEr0ToXiC
C-OttoCircs: maybe try a different server? what about http://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de :)09:24
foxmulderCircs: No.09:24
=== zEr0ToXiC is now known as zer0t0xic
inzi1985installed ubuntu 9.1009:24
C-Ottoarand: okay, thanks - I guess there's not much need to do these steps as long as everything works09:24
CircsC-Otto, I'm not having problems it was more of a technical question to further my understanding09:24
inzi1985hopefully this doesn't overheat too09:25
Circsfoxmulder, Why not?09:25
neuralsimanyone want a free psychic reading? i'm in a rare mood09:25
bazhangneuralsim, wrong channel09:25
arandCircs: yes, there are already, but not heavily in use though09:25
C-OttoCircs: ubuntu CD releases are spread using bittorrent, I remember uploading with close to 2 GBit/sec using bittorrent a while ago09:25
zer0t0xicinzi1985, its not the operating system if youre laptop is overheated, sometimes its caused of the fail HDD09:25
inzi1985anyone here haveing problems with ubuntu overheating ur laptop09:25
foxmulderCircs: Because it's not what torrents are for. And that would require implenting a torrent client/server model into the update manager would isn't really the "correct" thing to do.09:25
thune3jacekowski: gcore maybe09:25
Circsarand, Anything for me to be able to find more info as to educate myself?09:26
rwwCircs: There are various projects that tried to implement bittorrent in apt. None of them really took off :\09:26
foxmulderCircs: As mentioned, try a different server.09:26
inzi1985zer0t0xic windows runs super cool on mine.. and its not the hdd thats heating up, its the left side... my hdd is on the right09:26
rwwCircs: "apt-torrent" would be one example. There's another that I forget the name of.09:26
Circsfoxmulder, Not having any problems on my end I'm just trying to learn and my google-fu was too weak to provide me with much info.09:27
Circsrww, Thanks09:27
zer0t0xicinzi1985, try updating youre BIOS09:27
HaakonKLinzi1985: I had those problems wiht my laptop.09:27
inzi1985HaakonKL : how did u solve?09:27
HaakonKLinzi1985: Basically, my problem was dust in the machine itself.09:27
arand!info apt-transport-debtorrent | Circs look at this for example09:27
ubottuCircs: apt-transport-debtorrent (source: apt-transport-debtorrent): an APT transport for communicating with DebTorrent. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 27 kB, installed size 124 kB09:27
inzi1985zer0t0xic, i cant seem to find the updated bios for my compaq 61009:27
ter10check server09:28
Circsarand, Ty :)09:28
HaakonKLinzi1985: Thus, I had to blow some compressed air over it. If you know what you're doing, you might want to open up the machine and see for yourself, but this is overkill and should not be done unless you know what you're doing.09:28
C-Ottook, thanks, bye09:28
gkasinathquestion - DVICO Fusion HDTV on 10.04 help?!09:28
shrzjacekowski: memfetch09:28
HaakonKLinzi1985: I just went for the fans and blew them with compressed air, and now my laptop loves me again.09:28
arandCircs: There are apt-torrent servers available for debian at least I think, I don't know about ubuntu, and if they are in use much...09:29
HaakonKLgkasinath: what's the problem?09:29
foxmulderI can't imagine you'd get very good speeds d/loading updates from torrents even if they were available. Even on a slow mirror, it'd still be faster than torrents.09:29
pLrfoxmulder: u underestimate a torrents top speed but ur still right09:29
zer0t0xicinzi1985, i think its caused of the modules on ubuntu09:29
Circsfoxmulder, Probably, it was more curiosity an the desire to understand that drove me than attempt to fix something. Provocative maintenance if you will.09:29
arandfoxmulder: If everyone would use torrents, they would be much faster, but of course, if no one does, they're not09:29
gkasinathHaakonKL - I've never had it working. And am wondering how to. Followed most instructions on ubuntuforums in vain09:29
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
HaakonKLgkasinath: what graphics card are you using, which drivers do you use, and how do you connect to the tv?09:30
acidspoonkann mir jemand bei der konfiguration von slim helfen bitte09:30
inzi1985HaakonKL, its not the processor thats over heating.. its the region near my left wrist... processor is fine, idles at 4309:30
Jordan_U!de | acidspoon09:30
ubottuacidspoon: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:30
=== root is now known as Guest53863
zer0t0xicinzi1985, try Edit /etc/modules and add powernow-k7 on a seperate line and reboot.09:31
simple_xhi. i just installed cairo-dock but i dont know how to enable it each time ubuntu boots09:31
HaakonKLinzi1985: Yeah, but the fans would cool the entire laptop, no?09:31
gkasinathHaakonKL - Latest error is me-tv starting up with No tuners. But /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 exists. Nvidia card, DVB card was recognized at startup automagically by the kernel.09:31
inzi1985zer0t0xic : i shall try tat..09:31
arandCircs: One major problems with debtorrents I guess is that many ISPs do traffic shaping...09:31
inzi1985HaakonKL : i thought the fan was only for the processor.. coz thats where it is located09:31
HaakonKLgkasinath: so you're using a media center software thingie? I'm unfortunately not good with that sort of thing... :(09:32
zer0t0xicsimple_x,  System-Preferences-Sessions-Startup Programs-add. enter "cairo-dock" in the command box.09:32
zer0t0xicaz_s_za is offline   Reply With Quote09:32
Circsarand, Yeah, I am fortunate enough to not be impacted directly by that. AT&T however is evil.09:32
HaakonKLinzi1985: Nah... I've had my computer shut down on me for many things. nVidia mobile cards can get quite warm.09:32
zer0t0xicsimple_x,  System-Preferences-Sessions-Startup Programs-add. enter "cairo-dock" in the command box09:32
HaakonKLinzi1985: but you really should clean it out with compressed air anyway, as it is part of laptop maintenance. ;)09:33
=== nitesh is now known as dartt
FinnishWhat's the solution to play blu-ray movies in ubuntu?09:33
atroy1994sebsebseb: r u there?09:33
inzi1985HaakonKL : mine is a intel X3100, GE965 series09:33
sebsebsebatroy1994: yes09:33
CircsGod I hate kernel upgrades, they make me super nervous and lag out the system so hard.09:33
inzi1985HaakonKL: impossible for that o ver heat09:33
zer0t0xicHaakonKL,  he says it runs pretty cool on windows, im sure its the modules on ubuntu is the problem to shutdown the laptop09:33
atroy1994i used ubuntu but its very slow. sebsebseb09:33
HaakonKLzer0t0xic: Okay, I didn't catch that reply. Sorry.09:34
zer0t0xicHaakonKL, dont be lol09:34
sebsebsebatroy1994: well yes09:34
atroy1994sebsebseb: why was it so? due to ram?09:34
zer0t0xicinzi1985,  did you try adding powernow-k7 on the /etc/modules ?09:34
darttis there a performance difference between installing inside windows and a seperate dual boot?09:34
sebsebsebatroy1994: 1.  it will be a bit slow from Live CD.  2.  with a bit less RAM than 256MB RAM,  it may be a bit slower from the CD09:34
drygrainoh herro09:35
=== jackal_ is now known as Guest6267
miskihello guys, the first time i installed ubuntu on my laptop, it detected the bluetooth device automatically, i just formatted my HD but this time it didn't recognize the device...any ideas ??09:35
gkasinathHaakonKL - No media center mate. Just the card and read somewhere to use me-tv, a smallish player to watch TV.09:35
inzi1985i'm adding it now09:35
zer0t0xicsimple_x,  did that fix youre problem ?09:35
Dr_Willisdartt:  i wouls say there has to be one. It maybe  slight. but there proberly is some differance.09:35
drygraini believe something is wacky with my interwebs connection09:35
atroy1994sebsebseb: how will i shut down in ubuntu?09:35
inzi1985zer0t0xic : i'mm adding it now..09:35
greezmunkeydartt: wubi vs. partition install == huge differance.09:35
Dr_Willisdartt:  i suggest doing a normal install.09:35
HaakonKLgkasinath: and it's the me-tv part that's the problem?09:35
=== Guest6267 is now known as jackal__
sebsebsebatroy1994: when its installed, and you got 512MB SWAP,  things will be faster09:35
gkasinathHaakonKL - I m open to other suggestions! :)09:35
chris____hi, my install of 10.4 (i386) version on my laptop seems to have gone a little funny. I now only have access to the command line, no gui. Is there any way to install that from the command  line?09:35
inzi1985zer0t0xic: how do i add it? open it up in gedit?09:35
simple_xzer0t0xic, i'm going to try now09:36
miskihello guys, the first time i installed ubuntu on my laptop, it detected the bluetooth device automatically, i just formatted my HD but this time it didn't recognize the device...any ideas ??09:36
HaakonKLgkasinath: It's just that I don't know anything about those things, so I can't help you. I thought that the problem was getting video to the TV.09:36
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup09:36
sebsebsebatroy1994: plus can use Lubuntu for even more speed, if  the default Gnome is to slow09:36
gkasinathmiski - USB bluetooth or built in?09:36
miskibuilt in09:36
zer0t0xicinzi1985,  sudo gedit /etc/modules09:36
Jordan_Umiski: Stupid question, but does your laptop have a switch for disabling bluetooth / wireless?09:36
gkasinathHaakonKL - ah.. nah.. step one aint working here :)09:37
TommyHis there a way to hide drives in the ubuntu File Browser (I have a windows partition that I want to make sure i never edit delete or modify in any way so i want to hide it in the file browser completely)09:37
darttactually my friend tried installing inside windows n he got a swap of only 256mb tat cannot be changed..does swap matter?09:37
miskijordan_u yes it does have a switch09:37
HaakonKLgkasinath: So you can't get video out?09:37
zer0t0xicinzi1985,  add it on separte line09:37
Jordan_Umiski: It it in the on position?09:37
=== Emil is now known as Guest49716
C-Ottohi again, another thing09:37
miskijordan_u hehehe yes man of course09:37
inzi1985zer0t0xic : thanks.. i just added. it.. i'm setting up my wireless now.. will restart as soon as it can get it working k09:37
zer0t0xicmiski,  try use wubi to install ubuntu09:37
gkasinathHaakonKL - Cuz I cant see if the card is indeed working on Ubuntu or not. How do I scan for channels without a player?09:37
=== meowbuntu is now known as captq
C-Ottocould you please check whether ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de appears as an official mirror in the list of mirrors that is available inside ubuntu configuration stuff?09:38
HaakonKLgkasinath: I have no idea, sorry. :(09:38
miskizer0t0xic- if i install using wubi, i need to install windows first ?09:38
simple_xyes it works :) thanks a lot09:38
inzi1985gkasinath : setting up a dvbcard is such a headache.. i tried so many times with mine.. and i finally gave up09:38
Jordan_Umiski: Was it when you booted? Some drivers have bugs when trying to recover after bluetooth being disabled.09:38
Dr_Willismiski:  wubi installs in windowes.. so yes.09:38
gkasinathmiski - I dont bluetooth at all. But can you check dmesg and see if something comes up indicating what the problem is?09:38
zer0t0xicmiski, yes09:38
inzi1985miski : dont u have windows already installed??09:38
Dr_Willismiski:  i dont reccomend WUBI at all. i see to many problems with it in here every week09:38
zer0t0xicsimple_x,  no rpoblem09:39
Dr_Willismiski:  You may as well set up a Dual boot system if you have NO os installed right now09:39
Notch-1hi, can someone please paste me the content of /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.freedesktop.NetworkManager* file(s) ?09:39
gkasinathinzi1985 - I m with you mate! Especially the DVICo I think. I m stuck with Windows (had to PAY for 7!!) just so I can watch TV!!09:39
inzi1985Dr_willis : do u have any idea, as to wat is usally under the left wrist, on a laptop09:39
inzi1985gkasinath : yah dude.. its terrible..09:39
miskiis there anything like a device manager in ubuntu ?09:39
darttthere is hardinfo09:40
simple_xcairo-dock is much like mac os x dock :) very nice09:40
zer0t0xicsimple_x,  yes09:40
inzi1985gksanith : where are u from?09:40
gkasinathmiski - yes there are.. lspci -v should tell you what pci devices you've got.09:40
arandC-Otto: It does not in Lucid.09:40
C-Ottoarand: hm, thanks09:40
miskithanks gkasinath09:40
C-Ottoit is listed as official, though09:41
inzi1985Dr_Willis : r u there?>09:41
C-Ottoarand: the name is "RWTH Aachen University", maybe hidden in that?09:41
gkasinathinzi1985 - Perth, WA09:41
Dr_Willisinzi1985:  hmm?09:41
[Screamo]does Transmission support RSS feeds?09:41
=== rcsheets_ is now known as rcsheets`
Dr_Willis[Screamo]:  its a rather basic torrent client. It myght have the feature.  Check its docs09:41
arandC-Otto: There is vest.informatik.rwth-aachen.de, but not the one you specified.09:42
inzi1985Dr_willis  i have a compaq610,  only with ubuntu , the region under my left wrist heats up a lot, but on win 7 not so much09:42
C-Ottoarand: k, thanks. do you know if that list is updated automatically?09:42
chris____I'm also getting a "startx: command not found" error message too.09:42
inzi1985anyhardware guys out there could help , i'd appreciate it alot09:42
sebsebsebinzi1985: ##hardware09:42
inzi1985sebsebseb wat do u mean?09:43
chris____is there anyway to get it fixed besides reinstalling?09:43
sebsebsebinzi1985: theres a channel for hardware issues09:43
inzi1985sebsebseb : hardware issues on ubuntu?09:44
Damascenethere is too many updates for the kernel09:44
arandC-Otto: I would guess that it may be defined by a package, by which case it is likely froozen as of the release of an ubuntu version (possibly updated later on if need be, but far from automatically... my guess)09:44
sebsebsebinzi1985: for any OS/hardware09:44
C-Ottoarand: okay, so we need to wait for N* N*...09:44
inzi1985sebsebseb : i just tried.. i cant join there.. it says i need to be invited.. lol09:44
C-Otto(when is that going to be released?)09:45
arandC-Otto: Why not Maverick?09:45
sebsebsebinzi1985: maye you need to be registred on Freenode to join if your not09:45
darttguys there was a gpg key error yesterday for lucid release...its had gone now...but i hv stopped getting security updates09:45
C-Ottoarand: i think we got official (again) after the release of maverick09:45
inzi1985sebsebseb, i dun think im registerd.. i shall do so soon09:45
=== KungFuBear is now known as KungFuBear_aslee
sebsebseb!register | inzi198509:46
ubottuinzi1985: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:46
khelvanHello, I am trying to add gconf-editor to my menu - I have right-clicked on applications and chosen Edit Menus, and I see the option for System Tools, but it won't allow me to check it for display. Can anyone tell me why?09:46
arandC-Otto: Maverick is not released yet and is still undergoing heavy changes, so I would assume if you are official it is highly likely that you might get in there09:46
lunikPessoal, alguém aqui sabe algum software no estilo fruity loops pro linux? (mixagem de audio)09:46
zer0t0xickhelvan, i think you need to be root09:46
lunikoh shit09:46
lunikwrong channel09:47
C-Ottoarand: oh, i see. like squeeze? :)09:47
arandDamascene: Not really, there are security updates, which I doubt people would want to miss.09:47
khelvanzer0t0xic, thanks - is there an easy way to do that through the GUI? or do I need to use the terminal?09:48
arandC-Otto: Kind-of, Maverick is somewhat of a rolling release at the moment, but in time for 2010-10 it will get "frozen" and released.09:48
C-Ottowe'll see09:48
C-Ottoi expect a lot of traffic from ubuntu09:48
C-Ottobye :)09:48
zer0t0xickhelvan, try clickin on the application category and youll be able to check what programs you want to show on the menu09:48
zer0t0xickhelvan,  let me know is that fixed youre problem09:49
dartthelp me ....i am not getting security updates after an error in lucid release gpg key....is setting all keys to default in software sources an option?09:50
Euthanatoshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1364460  <---I have been trying this to get 1080p working but step 5 fails with this http://pastebin.com/j6yRu5KR which seems retarded because of the very last line listing it as displayed09:50
junglihello how can i see in which drive installed the ubuntu like sda8 or sda9 ..etc ?09:50
khelvanzer0t0xic, That's what I did, but when I check it, the checkmark disappears and the new menu doesn't show up for some reason. It unchecks itself without me doing anything, about two seconds after I check it. I don't know why :P09:50
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
Euthanatosanyone have experience making 1080p work when ubuntu fails to detect?  It's not ATI or a hardware issue because I've had it working before.  For some reason Ubuntu just decided to be a ......09:51
zer0t0xickhelvan, i see that what do you want to add in the menu ?09:52
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: so how far does the monitor work in the bootup process?09:52
junglihello how can i see in which drive i installl the linux09:52
Euthanatosit boots.  I'm in 1440x900 on the monitor now09:52
oCean_jungli: if you use the command "df -h" you can see current partitions. Use "sudo fdisk -l" to list all partitions on all of your drives09:53
EuthanatosI tried reinstalling to no avail same issue.  idk wtf i did to get it working in the first place tbh09:53
zer0t0xickhelvan,you gotta check on the category first, such Accessories, then add the program you want to add09:53
khelvanzer0t0xic, Oh! If I don't have an item checked, the menu won't show up. Sorry, I'm an idiot. :P09:53
simple_xis there a way to change or remove the splash screen?09:53
Euthanatosi do know part of the problem is that i retained my /home partition which will really piss me off to have to get rid of09:54
Euthanatosand reinstall...again...because ubuntu fails09:54
zer0t0xickhelvan,  yes, and no youre not lol :P09:54
gkasinathjungli - Fire up a terminal and type mount.09:54
smart_hello every body09:54
TommyHHow do I change my default media player to be VLC Player for everything?09:54
Euthanatosi mean seriously....this video thing is old as hell09:54
drygrainhello smart_09:54
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: are you sure about that 173Mhz? seems excessive?09:54
gkasinathjungli - if you see something like /dev/sda on / then you know the ubuntu installation is on /dev/sda09:55
zer0t0xicTommyH,  right click onthe file and Click Open With Other Application..09:55
EuthanatosSwedeMike, no i thought that was retarded to but that's what cvt says....furthermore it's NOT 173...it's 6009:55
jungligkasinath: i install two destors in my system09:55
junglione is fedora and second is ubuntu09:56
Euthanatosbut shit if any of that makes sense to a layman or i would know how to change that modeline when it's suppose to just work09:56
oCean_Euthanatos: watch the language09:56
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: and this is via vga, not hdmi/dvi ?09:56
Euthanatosyeah sure09:56
TommyHzer0t0xic:  i do that, but then when i try to open the file again by double clicking it opens some other media player09:56
Euthanatosright vga09:56
jungliok ok i get it09:56
darttis there a way to manually download updates...i hv stopeed getting security updates09:56
zverTommyH:check it in gconf-editor09:56
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: and you don't have DVI? In my experience EDID usually works on DVI09:57
zer0t0xicTommyH,  then choose which program to use, and Checked RememberThis Application for..09:57
foxmulderzver: Do you know the package name? If so, just google it.09:57
Euthanatosi don't have a DVI->DVI cable09:57
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: look here http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Modeline_Database and try some of those modelines09:57
junglibut i ahve one more question how to label it like ubuntu and fedora09:57
erUSULdartt: System>admin...>update manager09:59
Euthanatosoh right because finding a needle in a haystack where my brand isn't even listed is easier than writing it myself09:59
Euthanatosassuming there is a needle09:59
TommyHzver: do i just type in "vlc" as the value ?09:59
=== andrea is now known as Guest53739
OldPeteTommyH: If you install and use Ubuntu Tweak, you can change the default apps for all kinds of media from a single menu.09:59
erUSUL!gpgerr | dartt09:59
ubottudartt: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <key> && gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »09:59
erUSULdartt: pleaee keep it in channel; thanks10:00
TommyHHow about hiding partitions/volumes in the File Browser? (i hae a windows partition i want to make sure i never touch)10:00
phandoxHi, I have a problem with iPod touch and Ubuntu 10.04. Ubuntu doesnt recognise connected iPod. Do you have any solution? Thanks.10:00
Haagimusis there any way to create my own private room in this IRC10:00
Euthanatosholy crap.  if i'd have know this was such a pitfa fail pos i wouldn't have wasted $170 for 1080p  lame10:01
Haagimusi tried to /join #custom room name but that didnt work10:01
well_laid_lawnHaagimus: try   /j #haagimus10:01
well_laid_lawn /j #haagimus10:01
OldPeteTommyH: If you never want to touch it, just don't mount it at boot.10:02
Haagimusdisregard i figured it out10:02
Haagimuswas just lag10:02
TommyHOldPete:  How do i not mount it at boot?  i just installed ubuntu, and it automounts all my partitions10:03
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: spend another 10USD for a DVI cable and you'll get better picture and easier to get it to work.10:03
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: my 1920x1200 monitor was detected automatically, no problem at all.10:03
EuthanatosSwedeMike, no DVI=HDMI10:03
EuthanatosHdmi is just w/ aduo10:03
Euthanatosso there won't be anything to be had from DVI over HDMI10:04
OldPeteTommyH: Do you know how to edit fstab from the command line?10:04
BPowerAnyone know of file splitting/joining software that works on both Ubuntu and Windows10:04
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: whatever, DVI, HDMI, whatever connectors work for you.10:04
TommyHOldPete: no :'(10:04
Euthanatosit's not a frikin hardware issue10:04
MikeChelenBPower: 7zip with .rar or .tar?10:04
darttits in synaptic10:04
SwedeMikeEuthanatos: ok then, you seem to know best. Have a nice life.10:04
OldPeteTommyH: You know how to use the command line at all?10:04
TommyHOldPete: ya, i know how to enter commands haha10:05
BPowerMikeChelen, Oh. Didn't know you could do that with 7zip. I'll try that out. Thanks10:05
Euthanatosyeah well i'm no guru but i didn't forget to plug it hur dur thanks anyway10:05
damienHi all, I'm occasionally getting Plymouth issues when booting. Instead of seeing the nice purple, I get a broken screen well Dell logos spread suspiciously across the top. Which room should I report this in?10:05
MikeChelenBPower: check which file formats it supports, probably ones allows splitting10:05
Euthanatosback to slack screw it10:06
Dr_WillisTommyH:  you could install/run the ntfs-config command - it might let you just 'check box' the drives to ignore.10:06
lindsaymobil22hey is it advised to run updates on a wubi install?10:06
BPowerMikeChelen, thanks! :) I'm going to try now on the Windows side. brb10:06
OldPeteTommyH: Okay.  I'm not sure what text editor you have installed, so the command I'm going to give will have to be changed for whatever it is.  I use one called pico.10:06
bupssshi all10:07
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  I think it can be done. but watch out for  Upgrading to the next release.10:07
OldPeteTommyH: sudo pico /etc/fstab10:07
BoWenLihey, guys. have anyone useing Netbeans 6.8 Developer?10:07
bupsssdoes anyone knows if it's possible to use kde power manager on gnome?10:07
bupsssit has great power schemes... that i really need10:07
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: i know im not upgrading to 9.10, it sucks, and im not upgrading the kernel of 9.04 either10:07
Propelsup folks!!!10:08
OldPeteTommyH: Look for a line that will be labeled showing where the windows partition is currently being mounted.  Comment out the line after that with a #.  Then save.10:08
PropelI finally jumped ship! :D10:08
Propelabout time10:08
Propelofficially a geek :P10:08
AhmedBHhi all10:08
Pinguishas anyone here gone from karmic to lucid? I'm thinking about upgrading but I'm not sure10:08
OldPeteDangit ... Is imagebin.ca down for everyone, or is it just me?10:08
wildbatPropel, did you passed the geek exam ?;p10:09
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  personally i wouldent use Wubi at all10:09
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: in the recommend updates it lists an intel display driver for my laptops card, is ubuntu 9.04 any good at upgrading drivers? does anyone get problems, like BIG problems?10:09
fishcookerdr_willis: is it true that writing partition on the first always from the outer cyclinder?!10:09
AhmedBHcan anyone tells me why the hell my HDD is so slow whiling copying from ext4 to ext4 when its fine and fast as hell on NTFS on windows7 SAME DRIVE by the way 7200 RPM it pissed me off @_@10:09
Propelso far, so good wildbat! :P10:09
bupsssPinguis i just did.... :D10:09
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: wubi was my only option, the os that cant be named wouldnt let me shrink the partition, and i dont like GParted10:10
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  windows couldent shrink its self? odd...  theres alterantives to gparted.. and you could of used virtualbox..10:11
damienPinguis - All works fine for me except Netbeans now won't start and an occasional Plymouth issue.10:11
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  i hopd your wubi setup dosent just self destruct some day like i see many people in here have happen.10:11
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: nope, just came up saying 0 mb to shrink, yet i have like 110GB of free space10:12
lindsaymobil22i tried perfectdisk, didnt work10:12
TommyHOldPete:  There's no windows drives listed there, i guess the issue is not that my drives are being mounted10:12
AhmedBHanyone wanna help me ? jhhhhhhhh10:12
TommyHIt's that they are even listed in my File Browser10:12
Gryllidahow do I check whether a package is installed? I know its name10:12
TommyHI want to remove them from all visibility as if they never existed10:12
erUSULGryllida: apt-cache policy packagename10:13
well_laid_lawnGryllida: dpkg -l | grep packagename10:13
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  i always defrag/scandisk befor i resize. never seen the issue.10:13
EgyParadoxAhmedBH: at what rate is the copying?10:13
wildbatAhmedBH, define slow and fast ....10:13
OldPeteTommyH: If it's being mounted, it's listed there somewhere unless you're doing it manuall, which it doesn't sound like you are.10:13
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: ive tried everything under the sun, still dosent work10:13
Gryllidawell_laid_lawn, erUSUL, which one should I use?10:13
well_laid_lawnGryllida: either :]10:14
phandoxHi, my Ubuntu 10.04 cannot recognise connected iPod Touch OS 3.1.3. Does somebody know solution?10:14
TommyHOldPete:  I think i found a post on the ubuntu forums! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99086&page=2 so i think that will work out exactly what i need10:14
fishcooker1/dev/sda1 is more outer than /dev/sda210:14
erUSULGryllida: both can tell you if it is installed or not10:14
=== mohammad is now known as mohammad6006
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: thats why  switched, i might even dual boot os x and ubuntu on this laptop, ive had enough of windows on laptops,10:14
AhmedBHEgyParadox:  i copied a ripper dvd it was 700mb and it was at 20 to 22 mbps i was so pissed10:14
OldPeteTommyH: Yeah, that should help you.10:15
EgyParadoxMbps or MBps?10:15
EgyParadoxand how did you know?10:15
TommyHthanks all for the help! im going to sleep now!10:15
EgyParadoxit should be MB actually10:15
mohammad6006how can i disable docky?10:16
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: anyway, is ubuntu 9.04 any good at updating display drivers, or xorg, updae manaer as an update for my laptops video card, dont know if its the right update, i kinda need a video update, online videos stutter in fullscreen on ubuntu, fine on windows and os x10:16
mohammad6006help me plz10:17
mohammad6006i want disable docky on ubuntu10:17
Dr_Willislindsaymobil22:  im all 10.04 on all my machines now.   I alwyas keep up with the latest releases10:17
Gryllidahang on10:17
zvermohammad: how you got it enabled?10:17
Dr_Willismohammad6006:  so uninstall it.. or tell it to not start a t login10:17
mohammad6006unistalling is one way to disable docky?10:17
inzi1985Dr_willis: just got my wireless fixed.. do u hve any idea  wats near the left wrist region on a laptop10:18
Dr_Willistht would be ONE way of course10:18
Dr_Willisinzi1985:  i dont have X-ray vision so no..10:18
inzi1985Dr_willis : that area on my laptop is quite hot10:18
mohammad6006how to uninstall docky?10:18
mohammad6006im newbie10:18
[Screamo]inzi1985, you would have to google and look for schematics =/10:18
inzi1985Dr_Willis : i know that.. just figured u might know. ehhe ..10:18
Dr_Willisinzi1985:  gpu, cpu, or hd....10:18
Dr_Willismohammad6006:  use the package manager tools.10:18
mohammad6006dr willis10:19
lindsaymobil22dr_willis: theres some niggles with 10.04 right now, i started with 9.04, and loved it, that was may 200910:19
inzi1985Dr_willils: yah i tried that, but i cant seem to find to the schematics for compaq 61010:19
mohammad6006where is package manager?10:19
AhmedBHwildbat:its about 20 to 2210:19
EgyParadoxSystem-> Administration-> Synaptic Package Manager10:20
inzi1985mohammed6006 : go to system > Administration > Synaptic package manager10:20
Gryllidamohammad6006, applications, Synaptic package manager10:20
wildbatAhmedBH, huh sorry i lost connection?10:20
AhmedBHoh huh10:20
AhmedBHwelcome back10:21
AhmedBHwildbat: so10:21
fishcookeri lost connection too10:21
AhmedBHwildbat:  any idea whats so wrong when its fine on NTFS10:21
wildbatAhmedBH, what is the rate on NTFS and ext4?10:21
fishcooker/dev/sda1 is more outer of cylinder disk than /dev/sda210:22
wildbatfishcooker, usually but not a must10:22
AhmedBHwildbat: i gotta check both are same 7200 RMP but i gotta check wait10:22
AhmedBHbut other sda2 has NTFS on it so ? copying from ext4 to NTSF wont really solve anything10:22
AhmedBHit will have its own spee10:22
BPowerMikeChelen, you're the best :) Thanks for pointing out 7zip for me10:23
junglihello how i install launcy ?10:25
kopBPower, some are actually able to help , I'm just here to laugh at10:25
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
Gryllidajungli, sudo apt-get install launcy10:25
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:26
BPoweroh. poo.10:26
BPowerWould I have any problems if I install Ubuntu to an external hard drive?  The goal is that I could switch between computer systems (like Live USB but more powerful).10:26
jungliGryllida: i think i see you in freenode10:26
MikeChelenBPower: there are tons of good archive programs for linux, 7zip is nice though for being crossplatform :)10:26
jungliGryllida: do you remmber ?10:26
Gryllidajungli, that's right..10:26
BPowerMikeChelen, agreed10:26
kc7zzvThere are some bugs in https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt.  Where should I rebort them or how should I fix them?10:26
* jungli jungli hugs Gryllida 10:27
* kop crawls back under a rock10:27
tkbroswill it harm my computer if i power off it directly from ups instead of shutting down it from ubuntu.10:28
Dr_Willistkbros:  always best to properly shutdown10:28
inzi1985tkbros : yes it would, so best shutdown through ubuntu10:28
kc7zzvIt may harm your OS or data if you just cut the power.  The computer should be fine though.10:28
Dr_WillisBPower:  a normal install to a usb hd can work. but moveing theat hd from one box to another. can have issues - depending on the video drivers and so forth t hat you install10:29
unoptkbros, the UPS should signal a shutdown when reaching a minimum threshold10:29
lindsaymobil22should i run the recommended updates in jaunty?10:29
lindsaymobil22its just the xorg that has me worried10:29
junglicat /proc/partitions but what are the blocks ?10:30
zultellmy friend10:31
zultelli need help10:31
BPowerDr_Willis, You think there are ways I can setup conditional drivers? Ex: switch (mac_address_orwhaever) { ... }10:31
lindsaymobil22should i run the recommended updates in jaunty? its just the xorg that has me worried10:31
zultelli got problem when i install my friend with win xp got he display driver detect10:32
zultellbut when i install lucid dont have it]10:32
kc7zzvlindsaymobil22: Any reason you'er worried about the updates?10:32
AhmedBHwildbat: same speed10:32
AhmedBH19 mbps10:32
well_laid_lawnlindsaymobil22: why wouldn't you?10:32
fishcookernumbering of cylinder is started from the outer?!10:32
kc7zzvzultell: What graphics card?10:32
lindsaymobil22kc7zzv: this is a wubi install and ive heard bad things about upgrading xorg with intel graphics chips10:32
zultellcan anyone help me10:33
zultellati radeon 350m10:33
lindsaymobil22i aint upgrading the kernel, no sirrey10:33
well_laid_lawnzultell: you need to tell the channel the prob mate10:33
wildbat!ati | zultell10:33
ubottuzultell: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:33
=== ZachK_1 is now known as ZachK_
kc7zzvlindsaymobil22: In my experence, Intel graphics cards had a lot more bugs in Karmic, but most of the NEW bugs are fixed by now.10:34
AhmedBHwildbat: hello ?:P10:34
[Screamo]ewww intel gfx =/10:34
lindsaymobil22kc7zzv: i hate karmic, im using jaunty,10:34
wildbatAhmedBH, hmmm ?10:34
AhmedBHwildbat: its slow as i told you 20 mpbs10:35
lindsaymobil22screamo: tell me about it, good thing i have a gaming pc with an ati hd465010:35
thune3lindsaymobil22: then update everything but xorg stuff if that concerns you10:35
[Screamo]i cant even run ubuntu on my dell because of the intel card10:35
kc7zzvlindsaymobil22: I don't think any of those updates ever ended up in Jaunty though.  Also, I haven't had any trouble with Intel graphics cards in Lucid aside from general slowness.10:35
lindsaymobil22thune3: its just i think i might need a graphics update because online videos stutter in full screen in ubuntu, fine in windows and os x