englhi, I'd like to add my computer to u1, but I deinstalled firefox. with google chrome, the client does not appear to work (using lucid lynx)00:15
englwell, it doesn't ask for adding my computer00:17
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grant_wondering if anyone had some time to chat about ubuntuone and android03:41
grant_hmm, did not have as much time as I thought, be back later to see if anyones around03:45
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mkarnickiif anyone sees grant_ come over, tell him I'll talk to him about U1 & Android later today :)11:06
* mkarnicki will be back later11:08
duanedesignmkarnicki: I was just about to send you a msg about that11:12
duanedesignIf i see him ill drop your nick :)11:13
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mkarnickiduanedesign: cool! I saw your msg, I was just leaving. thanks :) I'll be back in few hours.11:19
* mkarnicki waves11:19
axeljust a (maybe stupid) question: my contacts (evolution) do not sync to U-one...I've got the Netbook edition set-up is there any bug known?12:17
axeland why is there no applet for indicating obuntu one is working12:19
axelsomehow one doesn't know whether it's running or not12:19
duanedesignhello axel12:20
duanedesignaxel: in Lucid the appleet was replaced by the Ubuntu One Preferences found in the Me Menu12:21
axelok so it's always running right?12:21
axelonce you set it up?!12:21
duanedesignaxel: Contact sync is currently disabled as they implement some fixes to speed up sync12:21
axelok thanks for your fast answer! I'll wait for it then12:22
axelhave a nice weekend bud!12:22
duanedesignaxel: a few helpfull commands are12:22
axelok listening...12:22
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-content12:22
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-metadata12:22
duanedesignyou can use: u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l12:23
duanedesignto monitor a sync to gauge progress.12:23
axelagain: have a nice weekend12:24
duanedesignyou too12:24
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balachmarHi rye, told me last week that an update was going to be rolled out, that would help fix some syncing issues. However, my purchased music still will not sync. Even after touching another file in that directory.12:57
duanedesignhello balachmar13:06
balachmar@duanedesign: hi :)13:06
duanedesigndoes your music show up in your cloud storage at http://one.ubuntu.com/files  Purchased Music13:07
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balachmar@duanedesign: yes, it does.13:12
balachmarSo it is just not syncing it13:12
duanedesignbalachmar: ok13:50
duanedesignbalachmar: if you are on one of the computers can you run: u1sdtool -s13:51
balachmar@duanedesign: State: QUEUE_MANAGER14:31
balachmar    connection: With User With Network14:31
balachmar    description: processing queues14:31
balachmar    is_connected: True14:31
balachmar    is_error: False14:31
balachmar    is_online: True14:31
balachmar    queues: WORKING_ON_CONTENT14:31
mattgriffinduanedesign: sync is working *a lot* better for me this morning. just purchased two albums and they synced to my desktop within 5 min. perhaps balachmar is impacted by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/571548 and should try the workaround in the description?15:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 571548 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 5 other projects) "Songs not downloading, even after a local and server rescan, but available via the web (affects: 18) (dups: 1) (heat: 108)" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:24
balachmar@mattgriffin: I already tried that workaround. Will try again though15:44
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balachmarHey, now it actually worked! :) thanks for "making me" try again :)16:01
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DanaGhmm, anyone how to get ubuntuone not to devour 100% of one CPU core when syncing my pidgin logs?18:56
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duffydackugh.. Ive just noticed.  upgrading nautilus to the elementary version has stopped my folders sync`in21:09
duffydackthe options 'sync with U1' are there again on folders that are sync`d up already.. ugh...21:10
duffydackah, when I made a change to a file it started to sync and set the folders to sync in nautilus too..ok panic over.21:27
DanaGnow if only I could get it not to devour my CPU...21:30
DanaGUsing 100% of one cpu core is not cool.21:30
duffydackive had it do that for no reason before...its actually made my whole system unstable..  there wasnt anything to be sync`d either..21:36
duffydackI couldnt kill it either, it was in a zombie state.21:37
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mkarnickiin case anyone needs me, I'm back.22:10
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mkarnickiI just replied twice to Daniel, who want's to port ubuntu one, starting with storage protocol, to windows23:03
mkarnickiVery cool news. I'm not sure if he can handle it, but I gave him much info on the topic and wish him good luck :)23:04
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mkarnickiverterok: how are things?23:09
mkarnickiverterok: rolling out server software?23:09
mkarnickiverterok: no wait.. that's probably not your deal.. :)23:10
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verterokmkarnicki: hi23:16
mkarnickiholly f, U1 servers are faster! (looks at java storage protocol example client)23:16
mkarnickiverterok: hi!!23:16
mkarnickiverterok: happy to see you here!23:16
verterokmkarnicki: servers are a lot better :)23:16
mkarnickidude, they are :D23:16
verterokmkarnicki: also, I have change to the RequestHandler fix :)23:16
mkarnickiverterok: awesome :D:D23:17
mkarnickiI just wanted to say that it spits red23:17
mkarnickiand you're telling me you have a fix <323:17
verterokyes, I need to figure out how to fix it properly, consider this just a workaround23:17
mkarnickiwhen I saw that code run 4 seconds instead of 4 minutes I was like O_O23:17
verterok-if (this.requests.containsKey(id)) {23:17
verterok+if (this.requests.containsKey(id) && !msg.getType().equals(Message.MessageType.PING)) {23:17
* mkarnicki is f* happy :D23:18
verterokthat should make it work, but I don't really like the fix :/23:18
verterokmkarnicki: I'll push the change to the lp branch23:18
mkarnickiwith the fix: "Maximum retries (5) reached...." should I be worried?23:19
mkarnickiverterok: ^23:19
verterokmkarnicki: not related to the fix23:20
verterokmkarnicki: just pushed, revno: 2023:20
mkarnickiverterok: got it23:20
verterokmkarnicki: looks like servers aren't so happy after all :)23:20
mkarnickiverterok: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSSSS!23:20
mkarnickiverterok: good job23:20
mkarnickiverterok: good to see those filenames again23:21
mkarnickibig up :)23:21
mkarnickiI mean I'm really happy :D23:21
* mkarnicki lost his mind lol23:22
mkarnickiverterok: you where working on those server fixes, right :) ?23:25
kklimondahmm, can I connect directly to the u1 couchdb server or do I have to be running a local couchdb?23:26
verterokmkarnicki: yeap, but we didn't finish...a lot more stuff needs to be done...but that's for next week23:26
mkarnickiverterok: good job :)23:27
mkarnickiverterok: the improvement is enormous23:27
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beunokklimonda, direct access to u1 couchdhdb server is still disabld23:29
beunowe hope to try and re-enable it again next week23:29
beunowe tried it, and all the pending replications flooded our servers beyond what we could manage23:29
beunoso we're going to open them up in stages23:29
beunonext week!23:29
beunoI'm off to catch the last flight to get home23:30
* beuno waves23:30
UFO_I have a problem... I can't find out how to add my computer to ubuntu one23:40
UFO_I should see a button to add my computer, but I can't find such a button after logging in to the ubuntu one website23:41
UFO_nvm, I had to use the 'hack'23:43
mkarnickiverterok: you still busy with the servers or you could find few minutes for me?23:51
verterokmkarnicki: I'm not "working" today23:51
verterokmkarnicki: will be around for a while23:52
mkarnickiverterok: should I understand it as you'd like to get some rest or you're ok with me asking a question ;)23:52
verterokmkarnicki: hahaha23:53
verterokmkarnicki: shoot, I'll try to answer :)23:53

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