mikubuntumy volume icon that was usually over in the right side of the top panel has distappeared, and i can't find it anywhere.  also, only my headphones work now, not my speakers on acer laptop01:17
homebrewciderhey there, is there a way to write directly to the sd card in my canon printer01:22
rodriespi'm having a problem i don't know if you can help me01:59
rodriespis anybody here????02:03
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:04
rodriespwhen i do Ctrl+Alt+F1 nothing happens02:07
rodriespi don't know why02:07
rodriespit was working perfectly 2 days ago02:08
well_laid_lawndoes it work with f2?02:08
well_laid_lawnusing nvidia driver?02:09
rodriespwithout any f1, f2, f302:09
rodriespno i'm using flgrx, ati i mean02:09
rodriespi think this started to happen after updating02:09
well_laid_lawndid the update bring in a new kernel?02:10
rodriespthat is what i don't remember he, probably it did sth like that02:10
well_laid_lawncan you select an older kernel from the grub menu to check it?02:11
rodriespmmm i'll see02:12
rodriespi restart and i tell you02:12
rodriesphey, thanks, the new kernel was all the problem, i see that i updated from 2.6.32-21 to 2.6.32-22, now tty1 to tty6 works perfectly02:16
rodriespi was also having a problem with youtube in firefox, with the old kernel started working again02:16
rodriespso i'll put this kernel as default in grub02:16
rodriespthanks a lot well_laid_lawn02:17
well_laid_lawnnp :] rodriesp02:17
rodriesplet's say a bloody new kernel02:17
rodriespi just updated as a windows user, without knowing what i was updating02:18
well_laid_lawneveryone updates on trust...02:18
donakhi all03:55
donakhow do I remove a "Verve" command line from my top panel? It won't "drag" back to the "Add New Items" list.03:55
remanifestI've got a really simple/basic question... I'm trying to find the default Xubuntu background (the blue one with trees)... does anyone know where that is stored or where I can obtain it?07:01
well_laid_lawn/usr/share/wallpapers iirc07:03
remanifestnope, that's KDE07:04
well_laid_lawnI'm not on a xubuntu box to check but in /usr/share it is either wallpaper, backgrounds or themes07:07
well_laid_lawnso you found it remanifest ;]07:14
remanifestyes indeed, thank you :)07:21
pteagueif pulseaudio is crap, why is it still being installed?07:48
well_laid_lawnstubborness is my guess07:49
pteaguei heard something about it being the coolest thing since fire, and then the wheel came along07:50
edakiriWhat GUI options are there for managing user accounts? I do not have the full Xubuntu-desktop installed.08:59
MalkavianManiacim not sure about actual apps, but the webmin server has a users and groups module09:00
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.09:00
bazhangtry ebox as its supported, and webmin is not09:00
MalkavianManiac!info webmin09:00
ubottuPackage webmin does not exist in lucid09:00
MalkavianManiacseriously, just coz one thing doesnt work... they throw the whole thing away09:01
edakiriI hate web apps.  I'll figure it out from the command line first.09:01
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giuseppe_hi all... I have a problem with picasa on xubuntu 9.10. Can somebody help me?11:13
giuseppe_I installed Picasa but it does not start11:14
giuseppe_is there somebody?11:14
well_laid_lawngiuseppe_: if you open it from terminal are there errors mentioned?11:15
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, no, no error and no message... it close11:15
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn: in fact I have no idea about the problem and how to solve it11:17
well_laid_lawngiuseppe_: I don't use picasa - is there a --help option for it in terminal?11:19
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn: no...:(11:20
well_laid_lawngiuseppe_: k - one min11:22
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn: ok sure.. thanks11:23
well_laid_lawngiuseppe_: is there a file/folder called .picasa in your home dir?11:24
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, yes there is11:25
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, have I to delete it?11:25
well_laid_lawnyou might need to move it to .picasa-bak11:25
well_laid_lawnthen try to start the app11:26
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, 1 min11:27
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, now it's different11:29
giuseppe_probably it will start11:29
well_laid_lawngiuseppe_: it works?11:29
giuseppe_I have to set up11:29
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, Thanks very very much11:29
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn, now I see11:29
giuseppe_I need 2 mins11:29
well_laid_lawnnp :] giuseppe_11:29
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn: great!!!!! It works very fine!11:30
giuseppe_well_laid_lawn: thank youuuuuuu!!!!! and have a nice week end!11:30
well_laid_lawnyou too giuseppe_11:30
lumentesting out Xubuntu, looks good12:32
lumenWindows XP thrown out the window today :)12:32
knomelumen, congrats12:32
well_laid_lawnno windows in my home either :]12:36
MalkavianManiacwell_laid_lawn, must be a pretty dark house then12:39
well_laid_lawnheh :]12:39
RinsmasterI just 'burned' a xubuntu 10.04 image onto a USB stick using the startup disk tool in Ubuntu. Now when I boot from that stick, it all works great, until I press a key, then it starts repeats it endlessly (as if I never let go of it). This happens on all KB's I've tried.. Is this a common problem?15:45
aosyshi. i am planning on installing Xubuntu on an older laptop that has 1 60gb partition. i understand that i have to create a new partition and then split that one up into 3 parts. 1 for Xubuntu OS, 1 for data (\home) and one for Linux-swap RAM. how would you suggest I go about doing this?16:23
aosysshould i 1st create a new partition and then splitting it in to 3 parts in Windows XP using disk management tool?16:24
pedroanyone for a help?16:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:51
pedrohow to share folders?16:52
pedroI'm already connected, but i can not choose wich folders to share16:54
pedroI'm using gigolo16:55
Aquinahm... I also had some problems with gigolo. I assume you run it from the LiveCD (10.04), pedro?17:25
pedrono, my system is xubuntu 10.0417:26
AquinaMaybe I got you wring but Gigolo is an application to connect to remote locations. I nvers saw or used a local share function. I also referred to 10.04 btw.17:28
xubuntu134alguiensabe como puedo instalar un servidor apache, una base de datos mysql y php en mi pc17:38
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:39
TheSheepsorry :)17:40
Sysi-it seems that i can't get xscreensaver to stay behind when watching videos18:10
Azur12necesito ayuda18:56
Azur12need help please18:56
Sysi-!ask Azur1219:24
Sysi-!ask | Azur1219:25
ubottuAzur12: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:25
wer-ist-rogerhej everyone20:20
wer-ist-rogerI try to change the password of the password manager. How can I do that?20:21
wer-ist-rogerI'm currently using karmic20:22
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rockeshahi. unable to install xubuntu on toshiba satellite a135 s2326 previously running vista. can work on cd by setting acpi=off. any advice?22:17
JonexI have weird issues with networking. Wired networking work in SLAX, a protable version of slackware. But not in xubuntu. It sees like DHCP fails.23:10
JonexWhat differences are there between the distros that could cause the error?23:10
knomeno idea. which xubuntu versio were you trying?23:12
JonexThe computer is an old Dell Latitude23:14
knomedhcp should work in 10.0423:14
knomei mean, haven't heard of similar problems in 10.04 before23:14
JonexIt does not have drivers in windows. But if the drivers arenät23:14
Jonexaren't iworking, i would not get any enrty in ifconfig at all, right?23:15
knomei don't know.23:15
knomewired network should pretty much alwayst just work ootb23:15
JonexIt succeeds to connect to open wireless networks it seems, bot not wpa secured ones.23:16
Sysi-(exept with brand new card and debian)23:16
knomeSysi-, i said should :)23:17
Sysi-i said debian :p23:17
knomeubuntu is based on debian, so they must have somewhat similar bugs :P23:18
knomeif something is completely fixed in ubuntu, the debian developers should be wise enough to copy+paste23:18
JonexI Is there any practical ways of troubleshoting network, within the default install (not network means no apt-get)23:18
Sysi-knome: debian means ancient23:19
knomeSysi-, sure. so does "knome" in your mind23:21
Sysi-i didn't say that (right now)23:22
knomei'm not that ancient i'd forget all the things you've said :P23:23
knomeJonex, sorry, can't think of anything...23:23
Sysi-try "ifconfig eth0 up"23:23
Sysi-see if it gives errors23:23
Sysi-wlan could be issue with drivers23:24
Jonex_But, if it's the drivers, will I get it to work then?23:26
Jonex_Or is ther a risk that I'll have to install windows just because of crappy dell hardware?23:27
well_laid_lawnis it wired or wireless you want to fix Jonex_ ?23:28
Sysi-what's model of wifi card23:28
JonexInitially just about any network access, preferably wifi though, since I only have one wired conenction. But then Iäd like both to work.23:29
well_laid_lawnJonex: what's in the /etc/network/interfaces file about eth0?23:30
Jonex_Hmm, nothing23:31
well_laid_lawnJonex: add the line   auto eth0   and restart the network with   sudo service networking restart23:32
Jonex_Hmm, does that differ from using the auto eth0 thiny in the networking menu?23:37
well_laid_lawnno idea - I remove the network manager to run a static ip :]23:38
Jonex_the network manager handles static ip23:39
well_laid_lawnit didn't here23:39
Sysi-i can find where to set that up23:40
Sysi-modify connections, Auto eth0, edit, ipv423:41
Jonex_Couldn't change the interfaces file, even with sudo23:43
Jonex_But, oh well, Iäll have to continue trying this som eother time. Thanks for alll the tips!23:44

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