elisionistagood evening00:12
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JohanSJAhi, all00:40
n8wdo u guys know what kind of problem this errror might b pointin at?: suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)00:57
Whammohi I'm having trouble with a missing volume control, and also alsamixer returns No such file or directory01:18
jon1I have a fresh install of ubuntu, it doesnt load grub (just blinking cursor). I have a software raid.01:29
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jon1I have a fresh install of ubuntu, it doesnt load grub (just blinking cursor). I have a software raid.01:34
Barridusam i blind?  how can you change your exit messages etc in Konversation?01:37
snarkfishsystemsettings continues to crash after updating to 10.4 when i goto desktop settings01:37
snarkfishanyone else have this issue?01:37
Barridusi do snarkfish01:39
snarkfishhow do you fix this issue?01:40
snarkfishim assuming not to upgrade realeases, just do a fresh install01:40
Barridusi think it's actually an update since launch of lucid, it wasn't always that way01:41
Barridusi'm running the netbook edition of kubuntu though, i can get in to desktop settings by simply typing "desktop" into the search and launch bar01:41
Barridusi don't know if Kubuntu Desktop has something similar, i suspect it does01:42
snarkfishi type desktop in the search box on lancelot and it starts up dolphin01:42
Barridus(by that i mean i could get into desktop via system settings until recently)01:42
Barridusthere has to be a backdoor in, i'm just at a disadvantage to help since i haven't used KDE "regular" in a while01:44
snarkfishi think im just going to blow this thing away and do a fresh install.. ala windowish01:45
Barridusi don't know if thatwill help01:47
Barridusi'm running fresh, and mine also crashes going in that way01:47
Barridusi'm sure there's a simple workaround for it, i just don't know it since i'm running netbook version and the interface is different01:49
snarkfishthanx for your help barridus01:54
Rorschachdigitalhey guys02:44
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Rorschachdigitalanyone working with kubuntu 10.4 netbook?03:05
sylbotErr. The effects aren't all working.03:18
sylbotI just realized this.03:18
sylbotA notification said that they aren't.03:19
sylbotOnly some.03:19
sylbotIt says explode cube and some other ones aren't.03:19
sylbotAlso. Open gl won't work for effects.03:19
sylbotOnly xrender.03:19
FlameTai1Guys I'm having some troubles, I'm trying to bring krandrtray up03:29
FlameTai1It acts like it's going to load03:29
FlameTai1Then just disappears?03:30
sylbotIdk anyone is here.03:30
sylbotAsk in ubuntu.03:30
FlameTai1No one will answer me in ubuntu =|03:34
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tzangerhey everyone, I have run into a really weird problem03:51
tzangerI keep managing to disable my keyboard auto-repeat03:51
tzangerI go back into the system settings and turn it back on, but it turns off again at some random point03:51
tzangerI think I'm hitting some kind of keyboard shortcut to toggle it, but I can't find it03:52
onesandzeroshello all.  So, the kubuntu site mentions a repository to update 10.04 to KDE the latest version.  Will that continue on with KDE 4.5, 4.6, etc?04:08
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ms2204Why my 10.04 CUPS can not start automatically05:00
spadgeis it possible to run an lxde session and still retain phonon?05:35
Rorschachdigitalhey guys06:21
Rorschachdigitalanyone using kubuntu 10.4 netbook?06:22
moyssalguien de ustedes habla español???06:23
jmichaelxis anyone else having issues reaching security.ubuntu.com?06:34
skramer_can anybody help me set up Amarok to use Ampache Music Server?07:03
skramer_I have Ampache on my desktop & I can access it from the laptop via WLAN using the web browser07:03
skramer_but when I attempt to use Amapache in Amarok, it doesn't show anything...07:04
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UbuntuBoyHelp linux users everywhere get iTunes by signing the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/itmslin/petition.html07:24
bazhangUbuntuBoy, please don't advertise07:24
UbuntuBoybazhang: you again? And for the last time I'm not advertising.07:25
bazhangUbuntuBoy, it has nothing to with Ubuntu/Kubuntu etc support.07:27
jmichaelxUbuntuBoy: why would you want itunes in linux, anyways?07:30
jmichaelxUbuntuBoy: you should maybe check out Amarok... it makes itunes look sad, imo07:33
UbuntuBoyjmichaelx: we will actually be able to sync our ipods on Linux and Windows/Mac. Using gtkpod or something on Linux will erase everything added on a Windows/Mac computer, and adding files on a Windows computer will erase everything added on a07:33
UbuntuBoylinux computer07:33
haunihi guys. got a small but annoying user problem with amarok. don't know why, but the playlist stops after every track? is this a known problem or do i just make something wrong?07:33
UbuntuBoyplus if itunes for linux was released more users would switch to Linux07:34
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jmichaelxUbuntuBoy: i would never again buy an ipod, but i have one... i started using it just before i switched to linux.... after i switched i kept adding music, and the music i had put there using windows is still there now07:34
jmichaelxFedoraLover52: i don't think most linux users would use itunes... there definitely would not be enough who would use it that it would be worth the while for apple to go to the effort of porting it07:36
jmichaelxi certainly don't want their DRM-infested junkware on my box07:36
jmichaelxFedoraLover52: i don't know what ipod model you have, but would rockbox be an option? i use rockbox on mine, and now i can drag/drop music onto it, and can play .ogg files07:37
kuwangerFor some reason, iptables-save/iptables-restore seems to be being called automatically by something.  Any idea what might be running them?07:56
haunihm. i guess my amarok problem has to do something with the RecordStream-Skript. This script writes webradio to disk and i thought it would also at the same time play the sound but it didn't. so i just recorded and played a different song. when i stopped recording and restarted amarok the playlist would continue and work normal again.07:57
mojodojo87Hello, i have a question.  I can not figure out how to install the russian keyboard, on windows if i hit alt and shift it would switch to the russian keyboard so i can talk to my friends, how do i install it on linux?08:10
jussimojodojo87: system settings -> regional and language - > keyboard08:12
jussithen there is a tab for switching options08:13
mojodojo87omg thanks08:14
mojodojo87can't believe i didn't see the regional and language button ha08:14
mojodojo87i just have to get used to this layout my windows had a russian student layout :P it was based on phonetic so if i hit b it would type б08:15
michidutais there a way to revert to kde 4.4 after installing 4.5, without having to reinstall kubuntu?08:22
mojodojo87is 4.5 that bad?08:30
michidutaCan someone tell me how cand i downgrade from kde 4.5 to 4.4?08:52
michidutaIs anyone even reading this? :(08:55
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relayhi all09:31
Mojodojo87lol apparently noone in ubuntu knows how to switch language keyboards if using gnome so ill stick with kde its much easier and imo alot better, i typed     sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop in a terminal with my ubuntu 9.10 but i get an error unable to lock the download directory how do i install kde then?09:31
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Chrissyboythis working?09:48
Guest21438is the 10.04 release a stable release or is it a beta one?09:48
ChrissyboyCan anyone help with grub menu issue for Xubuntu here please??09:49
dusterlwhat was the default calculator used in karmic? (kde)10:24
dusterluhm i mean what was it in jaunty10:26
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mendocinoxstop the ban! justice and freedom for palestina!11:02
mendocinoxhola ikonia bruder11:03
bazhang!ops | mendocinox11:03
ubottumendocinox: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger11:03
apacheloggerdang, too slow11:03
* apachelogger goes back to work11:03
rocket16Hello all,11:06
rocket16I am an Ubuntu user, and mainly use GNOME. But I am thinking of giving Kubuntu a try. So, is there a free Kubuntu Manual like Ubuntu Manual?11:07
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:07
dcorbin_workWhich package gives me nvidia v195?  I don't see any packages with nvidia and 195 in them.11:54
KubryIn http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=lucid&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=nvidia, if you search the word "195" some results appear11:57
KubryI don't have much idea, but maybe that can help you11:57
KubrySo, If I were you, I would try installing the package "nvidia-current"11:58
_4strOyop yop12:00
dcorbin_workKubry: the problem I have is that I want remove it.  I'll try that one. Thanks.12:02
skramer_I want to get access from my laptop to the USB scanner which is connected to the desktop PC12:05
skramer_how do I make this work?12:05
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markithi, connection to security.ubuntu.com ( fails... known temporary problem?13:26
bigbrovarhi guys13:34
Barridusmarkit: prolly, seems down for me too13:37
Barridusor at least so slow it times out13:39
markitBarridus: thanks, I will wait then13:41
AlexLuya_Hello,who can tell me how to make ibus support new installed application13:43
AlexLuya_Currently,it only support appllications that installed with ubuntu itself,any new installed applications cann't be supported,such as skype,chrome13:44
apparlewhat is ibus, I had heard of dbus13:47
JontheEchidnaapparle: ibus is an input method for inputting foreign characters into text areas13:48
JontheEchidnanot similar to dbus at all :)13:48
tzangerakonadi is complaining that the mysql log has errors, but it's working fine... do I just erase the logfile to get it to shut up?13:53
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CNiblettHello, I have a BenQ Joybook A53 that unfortunately has SiS graphics. Nevertheless I have managed to get things respectable following instructions from the Ubuntu forums that are used also at ubuntugeek: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-sis-771671-mirage-3-video-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid.html14:12
CNiblettDesktop for my uses now works fine, but I have another problem: My Kubuntu plymouth splash is screwed up14:13
shadeslayerCNiblett: ah right14:13
CNiblettI now get a rather nasty purple screen with nastly looking text14:14
shadeslayerCNiblett: thats  because the older driver used KMS,the new drivers dont14:14
CNiblettshadeslayer: Is there a way around this?14:14
shadeslayerCNiblett: idk what to do for a SiS card,but i have instructions for a nvidia card14:14
shadeslayerCNiblett: do you know which driver is used by default for the SiS card?14:14
shadeslayerCNiblett: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml14:15
CNiblettshadeslayer: not sure but having a look at that article14:17
CNiblettshadeslayer: I'd be happy with just disabling the splash altogether just so it doesn't look ugly14:18
shadeslayerCNiblett: thats qute easy then :)14:25
shadeslayerCNiblett: just remove the ' splash ' option from /etc/default/grub14:25
shadeslayerCNiblett: btw youll have to edit  that file with root priviliges... and then run sudo update-grub14:26
CNiblettshadeslayer: thanks14:27
shadeslayerGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash video=vesafb:mode_option=1440x900-24"14:27
shadeslayerchange that line,and remove the splash :)14:27
gorgonizerquick question, is it normal for Xorg to be using 649MB after 51.5 hours of uptime? Using KDE SC 4.5 Beta 1, so that may explain it...14:28
shadeslayergorgonizer: hm... try killing plasma and restarting it14:28
CNiblettmine says this14:29
CNiblettGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"14:30
shadeslayerCNiblett: yes,just remove splash there14:30
CNiblettto just "quiet"?14:30
CNiblettor just hash it?14:30
shadeslayerCNiblett: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash"14:31
CNiblettwont that still show a splash?14:31
gorgonizershadeslayer: after using 'kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 2 && plasma-desktop' still using 649.5 MB14:31
shadeslayeroh sorry.. just quiet14:32
CNiblettah k14:32
shadeslayergorgonizer: no idea then :(14:32
shadeslayergorgonizer: which card btw?14:32
gorgonizershadeslayer: cheers for the idea though, I guess it is something that will be sorted as KDE SC 4.5 heads towardsfinal release.. Nvidia gfx14:33
shadeslayergorgonizer: default nv driver?14:33
gorgonizerusing nvidia closed source driver..14:33
gorgonizernot tried the nouveau driver as of yet..14:34
Torchgorgonizer: if something leaks  X resources this might explain that.14:35
Torchgorgonizer: i think there's not much you can do besides restart X14:35
gorgonizerTorch: cheers, will restart when my system finally slows to a crawl, still responsive(ish) atm...14:37
CNiblettStill no good... Still getting nasty artifacts and text all over the place14:45
shadeslayerCNiblett: splash problems?14:50
shadeslayerCNiblett: did you update grub?14:50
shadeslayerCNiblett: can you check /boot/grub/grub.cfg if it does not have the splash option in boot line14:51
CNiblettshadeslayer: boot line has quiet in it14:55
shadeslayerCNiblett: hmm..14:55
CNiblettbut I still get lines and nasty looking wonky text before I get to kdm login and when shutting down14:55
shadeslayerCNiblett: no idea,that should have done it,but whats keeping it displaying pymouth,no idea14:56
shadeslayeryou cant even remove plymouth,since loads of stuff depends on it14:57
CNiblettseems a lot of people with SiS chipsets are having this problem14:58
CNiblettI'm actually doing this for someone else... I didn't even realise this thing had a SiS chipset until I installed kubuntu15:00
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tdnWhat should I use to easily create simple sequence diagrams like UMLs Message Sequence Diagrams?15:24
reagleBRKLNis something wrong with repos, weren't working, and now getting authentication errors...?16:09
apparleis there any way I can mount a disk to /dev/loopx and not to a folder, for fsck16:15
DarthFrogapparle: Why do you want to do that?  You use fsck on an unmounted partition.16:16
apparleDarthFrog: wubi installtion, the root system is in a .disk file on a NTFS drive16:16
DarthFrogHmm, don't know about WUBI.16:17
DarthFrogBut anyway, I don't think you can mount a device (eg. /dev/sda1) to another device (eg. /dev/loop).16:18
ahoxHi, does ext3 gets really slow with a lot of files in one directory or is this a misconfiguration here? I have about 100'000 files in a dir and any file operations gets very slow16:32
DarthFrogHmm, you've got a lot of inode indirection going on there.  Can you put that dir on an ext4 file system instead?16:33
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fantihello! after the last dist-upgrade a few days ago, my network interfaces do not configure automatically. 'sudo service network-interfaces start' reports an error: start: Unknown parameter: INTERFACE16:38
nikitisI need some serious help from an nvidia graphics driver installer.  I went to Applications ->  System -> Hardware drivers, and there was no nvidia card option.  lspci lists 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV41.8 [GeForce Go 6800] (rev a2)16:40
nikitis  Please can someone help me.16:40
BluesKajfanti, like I told you in #ubuntu , sudo dhclient16:40
fantiBluesKaj: that solves the symptom, not the reason. my knetworkmanager doesn't work too16:41
fantiBluesKaj: no interfaces excpet lo are up after system boot16:42
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BluesKajfanti, are you courageous , if so, then uninstall network-manager and follow this tutorial http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html16:43
nikitisno one?16:43
BluesKajfanti, or you could install wicd16:43
BluesKaj!info wicd16:44
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-2 (lucid), package size 39 kB, installed size 88 kB16:44
DarthFrog!nvidia | nikitis16:44
ubottunikitis: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:44
nikitisBluesKaj: didn't work16:44
nikitisi'm experiencing a  uniqueproblem16:44
nikitiserr DarthFrog16:45
BluesKajnikitis, my posts weren't directed at you16:45
nikitisBluesKaj: sorry i realized that16:45
DarthFrognikitis:  Do you have the nvidia drivers installed?16:45
nikitisDarthFrog: i had them yes, but when i went to do a lsmod | grep -i nvidia-current i get a no device found16:46
shadeslayernikitis: oh that might be a known bug16:46
shadeslayernikitis: nikitis also the module is nvidia,not nvidia-current16:46
DarthFrognikitis:  what do you get from "sudo dpkg --list | grep nvidia"?16:47
shadeslayernikitis: jockey sometimes does not list your hardware because it has no cache to check it against,refresh your apt cache with : sudo apt-get update16:47
BluesKajnikitis, do you have desktop access to kmenu / system/hardware drivers16:47
nikitisDarthFrog: Nothing,16:48
nikitisBluesKaj: yes, and nothing is listed16:48
shadeslayernikitis: you need to refresh your cache16:48
sushilchai have similar problem as fanti... and currently i am using wicd16:48
sushilchabut still it's surprising.. knetwork-manager stopped detecting wireless signals, stopped controlling wlan016:49
nikitisshadeslayer: hardware drivers still doesn't list16:49
shadeslayernikitis: BluesKaj DarthFrog https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/43953016:49
DarthFrognikitis: It sounds like you don't have the nvidia drives installed.16:49
sushilchais there anyway i can getback my knetwork-manager?16:49
chuckffanti: are you on a laptop with your issue?16:49
nikitisDarthFrog: i had them, but i uninstalled them using sudo apt-get purge nvidia*16:49
DarthFrogHow do you expect non-installed drivers to work??16:50
shadeslayerDarthFrog: jockey doesnt seem to even detect them16:50
InvaderZimThis is bothering me, since upgrade to KDE 4.4.2 (karmic to lucid) I have to type passwords to mount system drives and to install signed packages. Signed packares? Why? I guess the new polkit doesn't work as it should.16:51
DarthFrognikitis: Do "apt-cache search | grep nvidia" and install one of them. :-)16:51
sushilchachuckf: can u help me get my knetworkmanager working? u kinda have same problem as fanti is having16:51
shadeslayernikitis: you probably want to install the nvidia-current package16:51
nikitisshadeslayer: i did install sudo apt-get install nvidia-current16:52
sushilchai even tried uninstalling wicd and knetwork manager, and then again installed knetwork-manager.. but didn't work out16:52
DarthFrogshadeslayer: nvidia-current might not be a good choice for a 6800 card.16:52
sushilchachuckf, sorry  i meant.. i kinda have same problem16:53
nikitisDarthFrog: says E: You must give exactly one pattern16:53
shadeslayernikitis: hmm... you can try nvidia-current and see if it works,if it doesnt,use the 180 drivers...16:54
nikitisshadeslayer: on 9.04 on this machine i had the 195 drivers installed and working16:54
shadeslayernikitis: awesome :)16:54
DarthFrogThen you know what to install.16:55
nikitisI believe my card is like a 7000 series  in compatibility16:55
* shadeslayer goes and oogles at iphone 416:55
nikitisit's a specialty card16:55
DarthFrogshadeslayer: Just say no! :-)16:55
nikitisbut apt-cache isn't listing anything16:55
shadeslayerDarthFrog: it looks pretty sleek,and btw lets continue in #kubuntu-offtopic16:55
DarthFrogshadeslayer: We have the Evil Empire and the Evil But Stylish Empire. :-)16:56
BluesKajnikitis, did you stop kdm before trying to install nvidia-current ? (sudo service kdm stop) , the install nvidia , then sudo nvidi-xconfig , then sudo service kdm start , all this is done at the tty .16:56
nikitisBluesKaj: ah no16:56
nikitisi'll try that16:56
chuckfsushilcha: so what happens when you do 'sudo apt-get install knetworkmanager'?16:59
sushilchait is already installed chuckf16:59
chuckfso what is the problem you are having?16:59
ping__lucehi. which program could I use for extracting tracks from an audio cd into wav format?16:59
sushilchaknetwork manager cant control wlan016:59
sushilchait cannot detect wifi signals16:59
sushilchachuckf: it's pretty strange..17:00
chuckfhave you plugged into a wired network and done an 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get upgrade'?17:00
sushilchachuckf: i am not sure about that.. may be.. i did that17:01
sushilchachuckf: but wicd is working fine17:01
sushilchachuckf: thanx anyway, i am gonna try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226196 right now.. i'll let u ppl know if it worked :)17:02
nikitisback, and it did not work17:02
chuckfsushilcha: do you know the type of wireless card you have?17:03
larsividid anyone experience loss of kwallet passwords with the latest kde upgrade?17:03
nikitisThe nvidia kernel module compiles just fine, dkms installs successfully, but when I go to do modprobe nvidia-current i get an error saying " No such Device"17:03
larsivikde 4.4.4 that is17:03
nikitisDarthFrog: The kernel module compiles fine, and dkms installs fine, but when i do a nvidia-xconfig it works, but when I try to load up kdm it fails, and modprobe nvidia-current says No such device.17:04
sushilchaand i am back17:06
sushilchachuckf: that trick worked17:06
sushilchafanti: that trick worked.. if u still need help17:06
sushilchafanti: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22619617:06
nikitisBluesKaj: I did all that just now, but it crashes when restarting kdm, and when doing a modprobe nvidia-current i get "no such device"17:06
DarthFrognikitis: The module is nvidia,  not nvidia-current.17:06
DarthFrognikitis: nvidia-current is the name of the package, not the module.17:07
nikitisDarthFrog: so do it again but modprobe nvidia17:07
nikitisDarthFrog: brb17:07
fantisushilcha: thanks17:11
nikitisDarthFrog: Okay, did it again, but this time after it sayd it completed etc, and I did a modprobe, it says module nvidia not found17:12
DarthFrognikitis: What about X?17:13
nikitisDarthFrog: X was closed17:13
DarthFrogWhat happens when you type "startx"?17:14
nikitissame thing, trys to start 3 times but fails17:14
nikitisi have to remove xorg.conf file to successfully do startx or kdm17:14
DarthFrogWhat is the error reported in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?17:14
BluesKajDarthFrog, stopping kdm stops X as well17:14
DarthFrogPersonally, I think nvidia-current is the wrong driver to use.  I'd try the oldest one myself.17:15
DarthFrogBluesKaj: "startx" should start X. :-)  And if not, log what the problem is.17:15
BluesKajit's dificult to know which driver is appropriate , since it didn't load a driver at all17:16
nikitisDarthFrog: Looks like its trying to load nouveau driver, but i blacklisted it17:16
DarthFrogHe's got an old card.  Nviida drops support for old cards.17:16
nikitisDarthFrog: i'm telling you i had 195 working with this card iin 9.04,  I did an upgrade and now it won't install17:17
nikitisDarthFrog: i'll load an old driver17:17
nikitisi just want hardware accelleration17:17
BluesKajnikitis, you could try the nvidia-glx-173 or even the 96 , one of those might work17:18
nikitisoh god, not 9617:18
nikitisit's not that old17:18
BluesKajnvidia-glx-173 , then17:18
nikitisjust sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173  inside of tty with kdm stopped, and then nvidia-xconfig?17:18
DarthFrogThere's not going to be that much performance difference between any of them with a card that old.17:19
DarthFrognikitis: Remove nvidia-current first.17:19
nikitisi did a apt-get purge nvidia*17:19
BluesKajnikitis, do sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current17:20
BluesKajpurgen nvidia probly won't do it17:20
BluesKajlunchtime ..BBL17:21
DarthFrogNo, it would be "sudo apt-get remove --purge ..."17:21
Andrew129hi everyone. does anyone know why amarok won't let me update album covers and cover manager doesn't seem to be working at all?17:22
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Guest38141hola a tutti17:38
Rorschachdigitalhey everyone17:39
jojo_i am having a prob witth my wifi can anybody help17:42
JuJuBeeI downloaded some login themes, where are they stored?  I want to distribute them to all workstations in my room.17:45
DarthFrogJuJuBee: Use the kpackagekit utilty to find out what files were installed.17:46
DarthFrogJuJuBee: If it's the deb packages you want, look in /var/cache/apt/packages.17:46
JuJuBeeI did this via SystemSettings Login Manager and got new themes.  Will kpackagekit know where they are?17:48
ragnorakhi i need help amarock doesnt play files normally17:48
ragnoraki hit play and nothing happens :|17:48
BluesKajJuJuBee, try http://kde-look.org/ , you can DL them to your home dir and give everyone a link to those themes right from the website17:52
BluesKajragnorak, amarok17:53
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs17:53
ragnorakanyone else have the same problem?17:55
BluesKajragnorak, this might help if you are running an older kubuntu version , sudo aptitude install libxine1-ffmpeg17:57
ragnorakoh thanks17:57
ragnorakit might be coz i didn't update after installing :|17:58
BluesKajragnorak, make sure you have kubuntu-restricted-extras too17:59
senobogosi want to update my ubuntu 9.10 to the 10.0418:03
senobogosbut my internet connexion is to low18:04
DarthFrogsenobogos: Get a free CD from shipit.kubuntu.com18:04
ubottuShipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org - Shipit will send !Lucid (10.04) CDs18:04
senobogosone of my friend give me the Ubuntu 10.04 Edition Francophone(vcd)18:04
ragnorakand don't upgrade make a clean install18:05
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: found them /usr/share/kde/apps/kdm/themes  copied over to other machines ...  thanks anyway18:05
ragnorakupgrading was just messy18:05
BluesKajJuJuBee, ok, the website is agood source tho18:05
JuJuBeeYes, but I wanted to replicate them on 20 machines without having to go to each and download them...18:06
BluesKajsend links18:06
JuJuBeeeasier to copy a folder of themes over18:07
bigbrovarjust to be sure, I have to download the source of dolphin and apply the patch and then compile it to get this ( http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Dolphin+context+menu+menubar?content=125320 )  to work on kubuntu right ?18:07
BluesKajJuJuBee, no such folder here : /usr/share/kde/apps/kdm/themes18:09
BluesKajJuJuBee, aha found it , /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes18:15
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NailbarHey all! So I got this Mobile Broadband USB stick and it works using the Networkmanager in GNOME, but not with KNetworkManager in KDE. I get three "Object::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter" errors though I filled the exact same fields with the same info as in Networkmanager. Any ideas?18:55
shadeslayerNailbar: idk how to fix it,but you can get it to work under kde with nm-applet from gone18:58
shadeslayerNailbar: just press alt+F2 and type konsole > sudo killall NetworkManager > alt+f2 > nm-applet18:58
NailbarOkay thanks I'll give it a shot18:59
shadeslayerNailbar: youll have to do all of those commands quickly.. NetworkManager starts after it has been closed19:00
FlameTai1Guys I need some help lol19:04
FlameTai1I pressed meta++ and it zoomed in19:04
FlameTai1How do I unzoom?19:04
shadeslayerFlameTai1: hmmm... meta--19:04
FlameTai1I tried that19:05
FlameTai1Not working...19:05
shadeslayerFlameTai1: and what about meta 0 ?19:05
FlameTai1There we go19:05
FlameTai1shadeslayer: Do you know where to adjust this shortcut?19:05
shadeslayerFlameTai1: i think systemsettings > Desktop effects > All effects19:06
shadeslayerFlameTai1: btw zoom out is meta-19:07
shadeslayerFlameTai1: btw the effect is called Zoom... i have it disabled... not a really usefull effect :P19:08
FlameTai1shadeslayer: It's useful to me for going on www.iscribble.net but other wise it isn't lol19:09
shadeslayerah.. :)19:11
shadeslayerFlameTai1: you know you could just use : ctrl+scroll up in your browser :P19:11
shadeslayerit increases the text size :)19:11
FlameTai1shadeslayer: Shush xP lol19:11
shadeslayerhehe :P19:12
drostieis anyone familiar with a recent regression in the 9.10 versions of kubuntu where plasmoids just randomly disappear?19:30
drostieI think it has to do with the fact that the "shut down" button stopped working in my kubuntu, so I've been using the "halt" command. So it might be a completely new and unreported bug.19:31
clarnisti have update kde to 4.5 annd qtcreator to version 2 and it's crashed with segmentation fault19:42
clarnistcan anybody help me?19:43
ethohello;  i have an ecryptfs directory in my home directory, and a link of ~/.kde to   ~/encrypted/.kde19:52
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ethonow my symbolic link got removed and replaced by an new .kde directory19:52
ethodo you know why?  is this dangerous in your opinion (the link), because of race conditions when logging in? (i don't really know if the ecryptfs is reliably mounted before the .kde directory is accessed)19:53
ethodo you have another idea, how to keep my data "private" (mostly the email stuff, and thumbnails of my image collection) (and no, to your surprise i am not talking about pr0n ;)19:54
well_laid_lawnyou could   chmod go-rw /home/you19:56
ethoi am more afraid, that somebody could steal the notebook and access the data (medical stuff...)19:57
ethoand in that case i really need to encrypt the data19:57
etho[this is not my computer, i have no problems in restoring the link, and even make enough backups so that a race condition wouldn't be a problem, but the person i am configuring the notebook for, wouldn't be able to]19:59
drostieetho: tmpfs on /tmp, symlink ~/.thumbnails or whatever it is onto a folder in /tmp, add encrypted swap for when the filesystem fills? :D19:59
drostieit's not persistent, but I'm not sure you need persistence.20:00
ethodrostie: but that would only be necessary, if the .kde link into the encrypted filesystem really is a problem20:00
drostiecorrect. probably it just depends on when the drive is unlocked.20:01
ethoassuming that the encrypted filesystem definitely is mounted before kde accesses it.  Why was my .kde symbolic link replaced?20:01
ethowhat program could that be?20:01
drostieetho: I've no real idea, but suppose we restore the symlink in /etc/rc.local. Problem solved?20:02
ethoit's probably even good enough, to do that in some user owned login file.  I will try to find out, when and how the ecryptfs is mounted20:04
ethoecryptfs is mounted using a pam module20:20
ethothe pam module forks and one thread: execl("/sbin/mount.ecryptfs_private", "mount.ecryptfs_private", NULL);20:21
ethowhereas the other waits:  waitpid(pid, &rc, 0);20:21
pingvenoDoes Kubuntu in a VM take a significant performance hit?20:21
ethowhich IMO means, that there is no way, that the ecryptfs isn't mounted completely before KDE uses it20:21
ethopingveno: i use virtualbox everyday at work20:22
ethoi noticed a difference until i gave my Virtualbox high priority (in windows)20:23
ethoi don't use any graphic effects... though20:23
pingvenoThis will be on Mac. I'm not sure if there's any difference.20:23
pingvenoI will definitely be wanting the pretty graphics :P20:23
mimehi ppl nice to meet ya. ive got sum binaries and when try to run them it appears kate instead of opening the app... any idea? thnx all.20:55
mimehi ppl nice to meet ya. ive got sum binaries and when try to run them it appears kate instead of opening the app... any idea? thnx all.20:57
shadeslayermilardovich: simply open a terminal and go to the location of the binary and type : chmod +x name;./name21:07
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shadeslayermilardovich: did it run?21:11
milardovichshadeslayer: that was a sarcastic comment :P21:12
shadeslayermilardovich: :|21:13
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doleybHi when I had karmic I could play dvds with dragon, but now in lucid the Play Disc button does nothing.  What should I do?21:21
etho_FYI: annma_ in #KDE told me to use $KDEHOME instead of creating a symbolic link.  I exported it in .xsessionrc and got rid of the symbolic link21:52
DarthFrog!dvd | doleyb21:58
ubottudoleyb: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:58
theDEAD Is there a .deb or how can i install FireFox 3.6.4 beta?22:14
shadeslayertheDEAD: use the mozilla daily ppa22:15
shadeslayertheDEAD: if you google it youll get the address22:16
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shadeslayerGuest3676: hello22:48
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wedohow to enable sharing between two kubuntu machines on wireless network23:34
* shadeslayer forgets what he had to fix....23:45
wedohow to enable file sharing between two kubuntu machines on wireless network23:48

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