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directhexsee, this is what i mean. 8 empty amd64 builders, and hours of i386 backlog01:20
wgrantdirecthex: There is a Grand Plan™ to pool the i386, amd64 and lpia builders, since they can all run all of the archs.01:22
wgrantI have an implementation that does this, but it's unclear how we should do scheduling.01:22
wgrantBecause LP's scheduling algorithm is incredibly stupid.01:23
wgrantAnd will probably end up wildly unfair without some changes.01:23
directhexunfair towards whom?01:25
wgrantdirecthex: The extra i386 builds may block all amd64/lpia builds. That sort of thing.01:26
spmwgrant: so long as I can abuse my powa to make it unfair in my favour, i have no further interest in the resulting unfairness to the rest of you lot.01:26
wgrantspm: Fair point.01:26
directhexwell, i'm glad spm said it first, so i don't look like a needy asshole01:27
directhexyou needy asshole you01:29
directhexwgrant, so if i understand your idea correctly, the plan is that rather than having ~15 i386 pbuilders and ~15 amd64 pbuilders, since they're all just xen virtual machines running on amd64 hosts, spin up a VM for the in-demand arch as needed, in a more fluid manner?01:31
wgrantdirecthex: Pretty much.01:31
wgrantExcept that instead of spinning up a separate VM, just use the right chroot.01:31
wgrant(they are all amd64 VMs, AIUI)01:32
directhexso rather than doing binary-indep on amd64 builders, you manufacture more i386 builders01:33
wgrantRight. The distro team had some concerns about building them elsewhere, although it *should* work.01:34
wgrantWe want to pool them anyway (because queue lengths differ for other reasons), and if we do then the issue goes away.01:35
directhexi know there's a tiny handful of packages (like, count-on-one-hand small) which are indep but must be built on specific arches01:38
directhexusually i38601:38
wgrantAnd occasionally powerpc :(01:38
directhexwell, that one's frequency is even lower01:41
directhex(i.e. if memory serves it's one package, something like a powerpc rom used for emulation or somesuch)01:42
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wgrantdirecthex: Yeah, openhackware.01:46
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SpamapSAnybody know if there is a plan to support external bug reports at http://developer.berlios.de/ ?07:39
SpamapSLooks like a sourceforge based site, so it should be relatively easy07:40
fta2hm.. security.ubuntu.com is barely reachable, verrry slow07:44
fta2lol, apt-get says ETA 213503982334601d 6h 53min 23s07:47
noodles775fta2: confirmed, also v. slow here... I'll let the IS guys know.07:51
fta2noodles775, thanks. i managed to pull oo after 5 or 6 retries. seems it's not a particular IP though. both and timed out on me07:56
noodles775fta2: np... thanks for the heads-up. The IS guys are looking at it now (and yes, it's just related to the OOo security fix).08:00
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fta2thekorn, hi, I just released the code for my PPA dashboards: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+junk/ppa-dashboard.trunk09:31
fta2thekorn, it's my 1st program in python so please be nice ;)09:32
bigjoolsfta2: that looks interesting09:33
noodles775bigjools: you can see it in action at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/mozillateam--ffox35.html09:35
bigjoolsyeah I saw09:36
fta2this is what i meant when i said last week that it was slow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/446539/09:50
fta2(and this version is 2~3 times faster than the old one)09:51
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glenhey. i can't merge this merge request: https://code.launchpad.net/~poing/eventum/po/+merge/27009 can i somehow specify the base version to be merged? it's actually just single file to be added...10:17
thekornfta2, super thanks, I'll have a look at it during my lunch break10:26
maxbglen: The reason you can't merge is with bzr is because the author of the branch did something rather silly. You should just take the individual file from that branch as if they'd just sent you that file alone10:28
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maxbI have a non-operational query for a losa, if there's one around: Do you have a canned query to report all the branches stacked on a given branch? If so, can you run it on lp:~russel/groovy/trunk ?10:33
mthaddonmaxb: I'm not aware of one I'm afraid10:33
maxbfair enough10:33
maxbI'll play around in a dev launchpad db10:33
BlackZwe're not able to rename our LP team, somebody knows the reason?10:35
BlackZwe have tried many time10:36
maxbDoes it have a PPA10:44
BlackZmaxb: no10:46
BlackZjust the mailing list10:46
fta2thekorn, you can see how i run it by doing view-source in my pages (in the sig). add -v to see the perfs10:54
maxbBlackZ: It sounds entirely possible that a mailing list would block the rename, but if you don't get a clear error message stating why, that's a bug10:55
BlackZmaxb: we could try to delete the mailing list and then re-try10:57
BlackZotherwise we will file a question (is that correct?)10:57
maxbI'm fairly sure you can't delete a mailing list entirely without admin assistance, so you should probably file a question instead10:58
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BlackZmaxb: thanks10:59
hrwis there any usable way to filter LP generated emails?11:05
hrwbug emails are quite simple: X-Launchpad-Bug: header exists11:05
hrwbut blueprint emails? only "X-Generated-By: Launchpad" or X-Launchpad-Hash: exists but those exists also in other emails11:06
hrwor emails with notes about being added to groups or PPA access grants11:11
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kalibHi there. What's goin on with launchpad? I have created a project to translate some po files. Have uploaded 2 po files to my project. I saw them on a queue list. But, on the next day when I checked the queue list, for my surprise. It was empty. I didn't receive any note explaning why. The files weren't accepted?13:07
fta2bigjools, what's the status of bug 589068? is it supposed to work now?13:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 589068 in Soyuz "Upload rejected with "unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'datetime.datetime' and 'NoneType'" (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58906813:07
bigjoolsfta2: it's not fixed yet - it only affects packages that would be rejected anyway so it's not high on the list compared to other more urgent fixes, but we'll get to it ASAP13:07
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dpmhi kalib, it would be helpful if you could give us a link to the project where you saw this happening. henninge ^13:08
fta2bigjools, why would my packages be rejected?13:08
bigjoolsfta2: I can't answer that13:09
fta2bigjools, afaik, mine are correct, no reason to reject them13:09
kalibdpm, https://launchpad.net/~archlinux-br13:10
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fta2bigjools, but well, i'm redirecting users complaining about lack of upgrades to this bug13:10
kalibdpm, by the way... the files I was trying to upload were .po and .pot13:10
bigjoolsfta2: like I said, we'll get to it.  there are a lot of urgent bugs to fix after 10.05 was released and we can't do all of them at once13:11
bigjoolseveryone's bugs are important13:11
bigjoolsfta2: and I could be wrong about the rejection thing, sorry, I was thinking of a different bug13:12
cos^great, launchpad is fast again13:16
fta2bigjools, note that i didn't complain.. i just asked for the status ;)13:18
bigjoolsfta2: :)13:19
kalibdpm, any idea?13:22
dpmkalib, I've had a quick look at https://translations.launchpad.net/~archlinux-br , but that seems to be a team, not a project. What's the URL of the translatable project you're experiencing the problems with?13:24
kalibthat's the problem dpm...13:25
kalibit was supposed to be https://translations.launchpad.net/archlinux-br13:26
kaliband https://translations.launchpad.net/archlinux-br/+imports13:26
kalibIt was working... I did upload the files... etc.13:26
kalibbut now.. it looks like it dissapeared.. :/13:26
henningekalib: yes, by policy we don't register translation projects for a spceficit language.13:27
henningeactually, it's technically unwise, too.13:27
kalibwhat you mean?13:27
kalibwe can't use launchpad to translate our po files?13:28
kalibonly if were for more than one language?13:28
henningekalib: you should talk to the maintainer of archlinux to enable translations for the distribution.13:28
kalibgot it..13:28
cos^is there way to request build in series, not parallel? i have a lib and app which depends on lib. i'd like to build them in order so the app build won't fail due to dependencies.13:35
maxbOnly by timing the uploads appropriately13:43
BUGabundo_remote mew15:00
BUGabundo_remoteLP tags field should be larger15:00
BUGabundo_remoteI can't even read what's in there, much less edit it15:00
nealmcbI'm trying to report a bug with apport, and it keeps telling me "Searching for your bug in Launchpad took too long".  I'm using edge.  Why is this?  How can I just tell it to add the crash data to bug 448803?15:01
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/448803)15:01
BUGabundo_remotewhat's the UI project to file such a bug?15:01
jpdsnealmcb: I think 'apport-collect 448803'  should do it.15:02
jpdsBUGabundo_remote: launchpad-bugs15:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 591274 in Launchpad Bugs "tags field is too small (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:04
nealmcbjpds: Thanks.   Is launchpad just really slow now?Is there a way to do it from the launchpad interface, without re-uploading the data?15:07
nealmcbIt just seems that the way this is working now would likely result in unnecessary duplicate bugs15:08
nealmcbEven searching for just "bug 448803" gets me the same message and it looks like ubot5 ran into a problem also....15:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 448803 in evolution (Ubuntu) "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in camel_folder_summary_save_to_db() (affected: 8, heat: 16)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44880315:10
nealmcb(good job that time, ubot5!)15:10
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nealmcbjpds: it says: You are not the reporter or subscriber of this problem report, or the report is a duplicate or already closed.  Please create a new report using "apport-bug". - So I subscribed.   Now apport-collect is hung - sigh.15:24
nealmcbtried again and got: You are not the reporter of this problem report. It is much easier to mark a bug as a duplicate of another than to move your comments and attachments to a new bug. Subsequently, we recommend that you file a new bug report using "apport-bug" and make a comment in this bug about the one you file. Do you really want to proceed?15:24
* nealmcb is not enjoying the run-around :/15:24
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nealmcbTrying to follow thru on my original apport-launchpad session now yields:  OOPS-1620N138615:40
nealmcbIf launchpad is just hosed now, that's fine - I understand that.  But this seems like a very odd runaround where it first looks to avoid dups, then tells me dups are better.  What's up?15:41
nealmcbdoing a reload of the oops page worked fine.  Finally :)15:43
jcastroderyck: howdy, have you started on any of the work assessments for the patches and bugs specs?15:44
barrysinzui: hiya! you're the help contact today?15:47
sinzuiI am15:48
barryawesome.  i'm having trouble with ppas, would you be able to help?15:48
sinzuimailman/feedback hates my PGP signed messages...that is why the list never got my emails15:48
sinzuiThis has been 18 painful months of CHR and registry work15:49
barryis it filtering on those attachments?  or signed message in general?  (shouldn't be the latter since i sign everything)15:49
barryhow did you figure it out?  ;)15:49
sinzuiI have no idea. I sent a barrage of emails to the list to see which landed15:49
sinzuiI did this before and though the issue was my -- sig, but I now believe it was the GPG signing. that also explains why my script emails were accepted15:50
sinzuiso how can I help15:50
barryhow odd15:50
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barrysinzui: i'm having trouble building a ppa.  it looks like the buildd is not able to satisfy some dependencies, but i thought it pulls dependencies from: your ppa, main, universe15:51
sinzuiI think you monkey patched MM to hate my signed messages15:51
barrysinzui: oh, you found that15:51
bigjoolsbarry: check the dependencies page to see if they got changed15:52
* sinzui thinks15:52
noodles775barry: are you getting chroot fail? I saw that earlier, but think it was actually related to timeouts accessing archive.*... can you paste the link for the build.15:52
sinzuibarry, It does, but I learned recently when playing with unstable that the deps I thought were in the series were removed.15:52
barrybigjools: it says Ubuntu dependencies: Default and Ubuntu components: Use all15:53
barrynoodles775, sinzui i am trying to build packages for maverick15:53
barrythis is one of the build failure pages: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/49915587/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.gnome-python_2.28.1-1ubuntu4~ppa0_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:54
barryi'm sure i'm doing something wrong ;)15:54
barrybut this excerpt is confusing me:15:55
barrygnome-python_2.28.1-1ubuntu4~ppa0.dsc exists in cwd15:55
barry** Using build dependencies supplied by package:15:55
barryBuild-Depends: debhelper (>=, gnome-pkg-tools (>= 0.10), python-all-dev (>= 2.5), python-all-dbg (>= 2.5), python-support (>= 0.7.6), python-gobject-dev (>= 2.17.0), python-gtk2-dev (>= 2.10.3), python-pyorbit-dev (>= 2.0.1-4), libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.6.0), libgtk2.0-dev (>= 2.6.0), libgnome2-dev (>= 2.8.0), libgnomeui-dev (>= 2.8.0), libgnomecanvas2-dev (>= 2.8.0), libgnomevfs2-dev (>= 2.14.0), libgconf15:55
barrylibbonobo2-dev (>= 2.8.0), libbonoboui2-dev (>= 2.8.0), gtk-doc-tools, dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19), quilt15:55
barryChecking for already installed source dependencies...15:55
barrydebhelper: missing15:55
barry 15:55
barryis that telling me that it's trying to satisfy the debhelper dependency, but can't?15:56
maxbbarry: You need to look lower, that's just saying that it intends to try to install debhelper later15:58
noodles775Right at the end of the log.15:58
barryah, wait: maybe the problem isn't with debhelper but with one of the other packages it's trying to install, since it's doing them all with one apt-get line?15:58
maxbWere this any architecture by i386 I'd blame arch-all skew15:59
barrymaxb: yeah, that's what mvo suggested but this is the third time i've tried.  i think i have to manually chase the dependency chain15:59
maxbapt is often cryptic, but this one is especially so16:01
barrymaxb: it's a bit petulant in this case :)16:02
deryckhi jcastro.  Sorry was on call.16:10
deryckjcastro, I haven't started yet.  I'm working through the items today and tomorrow to make sure they're covered by devs.  Then we'll work on them over the next 2-3 months.16:11
deryckjcastro, that plan sound good to you?16:11
jcastroderyck: yep, we're just getting smoked by WI's, so if you have any that you know you're going to defer ... :)16:14
deryckjcastro, gotcha :-)  I did notice jono's post on the community team a week or so back and thought, wow what a lot of work. :-)16:15
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dholbachis it a known problem that LP API gives me 503s consistently? I'm using edge16:25
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maxbbarry: gah. figured it out. It's because there's a python transition in progress in maverick, and python-gobject etc. is uninstallable16:48
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SpamapSAnybody know if there is a plan to support external bug reports at http://developer.berlios.de/ ?17:34
deryckSpamapS, you register the tracker yourself if we don't already know about it.17:44
SpamapSderyck: ooohhhhh.. I didn't know I could do that. :)17:45
deryckSpamapS, see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers for the list and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/+newbugtracker to register a new one.17:46
deryckSpamapS, if the tracker has our plugin installed or is bugzilla 3.4 or later, we can sync statuses and comments.17:47
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pmatulisanything wrong with bugs.launchpad.net?18:16
pmatulisit doesn't work18:16
geserwhat *exactly* doesn't work?18:18
pmatulisTimeout error18:18
pmatulisSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.18:18
pmatulisWe’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.18:18
pmatulisTrying again in a couple of minutes might work.18:18
pmatulis(Error ID: OOPS-1620G1637)18:18
pmatulisclear enough?18:18
salgadopmatulis, bug 590992, it seems18:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 590992 in Launchpad Bugs "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu times out consistently (affected: 3, heat: 14)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59099218:19
rye"You have used your Single Sign On ID to access a site which is <em>not</em> recognised by Launchpad Login Service:" - looks like overescaped string18:19
pmatulissalgado: thanks18:19
SpamapSOk, so I added this bug tracker here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/berlios-bugs   .. but when I try to add a link to it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-tools/+bug/199702/+choose-affected-product (link: http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?func=detailbug&bug_id=16913&group_id=4537)  I still get the error:18:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 199702 in net-tools (Ubuntu) "netstat does not display all PIDs (affected: 0, heat: 6)" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:26
SpamapS"Launchpad does not recognize the bug tracker at this URL.18:26
ftathekorn, did you have a chance to look at my code yet?18:27
sinzuiSpamapS, I so not think that berlios is an SF derivative18:31
SpamapSsinzui: its a very old SF version from what I can tell.18:32
sinzuiSpamapS, deryck. I know there is no documentation on how to tell, but I read the code recently and believe that the url must have group_id and atid to work18:32
SpamapSsinzui: ah so have to register each project as its own tracker?18:32
SpamapSat the bottom.. "SourceForge is a trademark or registered trademark of VA Software Corporation in the United States"18:33
sinzuiSpamapS, deryck: Again i read the code recently try to understand what bugtrackers are so broken from the user perspective. We assume all sf trackers re shared my many projects. For projects (I do not know about source packages) there is a remote_product field that is used to workout the group_id and atid. if it is blank the code false back to the projects sourceforge field18:35
sinzuiSpamapS, deryck: this is what I noted https://dev.launchpad.net/Registry/BugConfiguration18:35
SpamapSwell either way, the bug is already committed .. so I don't think it matters all that much.. but I figured for future cases it would be nice to have it there18:37
SpamapSI can't edit net-tools from what I can see, so I can't set remote_product .. nor do I see any documentation on exactly what I'd need to set it to. :-/18:38
sinzuiSpam I am a registry admin. I can set /net-tools to the new bug tracker18:38
SpamapSsinzui: ok.. that would be really awesome. :)18:39
thekornfta, no, sorry, I only had a quick look over the code, but was unable to test it, because I had no lplib installed on my system at work, will try to play with the dashboard tzthis evening18:40
SpamapSsinzui: heh, now I got OOPS-1620E176918:41
SpamapSsinzui: yeah, now something is very broken whenever hitting this link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-tools/+bug/199702/+choose-affected-product18:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 199702 in net-tools (Ubuntu) "netstat does not display all PIDs (affected: 0, heat: 6)" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:42
sinzuiSpamapS, I do not think that func belongs in the URL, but I cannot find a better url18:45
* deryck is glad sinzui is working on bug tracker config18:56
deryckIs the problem that we make assumptions about all SF derivates, but the assumptions don't hold?18:57
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jcastroabentley: okk so one of the upstreams I am interested in for daily builds has a submodule19:44
jcastroand the automated import fails because of this19:44
jcastrois there something we can do for vcs-imports to make this work?19:45
jcastroor would we have to update the repository format?19:45
abentleyjcastro, no.  Importing submodules requires changes to bzr itself.19:45
jcastroabentley: ok so what do you recommend?19:46
abentleyjcastro, use james_w's import if there is one.19:47
jcastrohe's importing upstream trunks?19:47
abentleyjcastro, no.19:48
abentleyjcastro, lack of submodule support is bug 40281419:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 402814 in Bazaar "Importing revisions with submodules is not supported (affected: 6, heat: 46)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40281419:48
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paultaghey LP hackers. I'm cleaning up my LP Profile and there is one project that never even got started (( my buddy bailed on me ). Can I request you purge the project?21:17
micahgpaultag: you can file a request here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad21:19
paultagty micahg21:19
marti1125hi, me url of mi account is https://launchpad.net/~marti1003-deactivatedaccount "deactivatedaccount" why?21:20
BlackZmarti1125: I can see your account as activated. Did you recently deactivated and reactivated your account?21:24
BlackZmarti1125: and that's your launchpad ID, you have chosen that as ID (you can change it)21:25
marti1125name! i put marti1003-de..21:26
BlackZmarti1125: yeah, you changed it21:26
marti1125ok :D!21:26
BlackZhave a nice day21:26
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lfaraonejames_w: hey, for some reason https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/sugar-0.88/lucid has an older version in VCS than rmadison is reported that is available in Lucid. (same with the maverick branch)22:04
barrymaxb: which python transition is in progress?  i'm slowly trying to build everything up for py27 in my ppa22:53
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james_wlfaraone: please report a bug on the 'udd' project23:41
* asac says good bye23:53

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