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BUGabundoyou know what? I see my pillow looking to me side ways! I think she misses me :) nite00:40
coz_hey guys...just an update .... formated another drive in 2 partiions with ext4... opened that drive on maverick also lucid... highlighted both drive icons on the desktop  again no "unmount"  or safely remove drives" available in menu02:15
coz_when right clicking one partition it has an unmount be spits out an errorsynchornize cache failed02:16
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hifi2.6.35 arrived it seems05:10
SensivaWill be xchat 2.8.8 included in Maverick?05:12
crdlbSensiva: this early in the cycle, it is very likely05:22
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Fudgeif anyone has ever heard of vinux im testing the buildvinux script on alpha1 maverick, an error that i get from the log im not sure what means  http://pastebin.com/QcJ3KsnX12:11
arandFudge: I get that message each time i log into a tty, so it's not uncommon, anyways, I've not reported it yet though, which I'll have to do I guess..12:24
Fudgeah, I thought it was something the script is calling but i couldnt isolate it12:25
Fudgethis message is the result of a programming and version change failure12:25
Fudgethats what i found but nothing really to focus where prob is12:26
arandYea, I'm guessing it's simply apt not agreeing with the new python, but I actually don't have any idea... I'm wondering what the best package to report the bug against would be...12:27
Fudgei dont ahve speech yet at consoles so cant tell you if this is doing the same12:29
Fudgefor 230nicks in here its awfully quiet, everyone busy coding/sleeping?12:32
* gnomefreak trying to but its not working with me 12:33
* gnomefreak be back. updating atm and i need to think12:33
arandFudge: Loads of idlers..12:35
Fudgeyay for idlers, come idle on blufudge :p12:36
Fudgeircnet lol. once alpha1's installed one can continue upgrading through releases right?12:36
arandFudge: Indeed, dev-version of ubuntu is mini-rolling-release, up until it's frozen.12:37
arandNo extra steps needed to upgrade A1->A2, they're not discrete in that sense12:38
arand..when A2 is declared.12:39
gnomefreakjust use upgrade as you normally would12:39
Fudgeill use remastersys to image this then12:39
Fudgethat way i can live cd it as well :d12:39
Fudgeis edubuntu in alpha1 maverick too?12:45
Fudgenot sure all the flavours that follow12:45
gnomefreakFudge: all offial releases are at same point12:46
rippshmmm.... the video window in gnome-mplayer has become translucent12:58
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Fudgeok a wow player build that package13:03
gnomefreaka wow player?13:20
rippsDoes anybody know why the video in gnome-mplayer is translucent? I don't have anything in compiz set to do this.13:24
patdk-wkdid you change your eyes to superstrong recently? :)13:24
patdk-wkhmm, how interesting, I put one of them ipv4 vs ipv6 graphs on my website, and so far it's 100% ipv613:25
PiciI remember a similar problem with xaos a long time ago, I forget what was done to fix it though.  It definitely warrants a bug report imho.13:25
Fudgeis maverick built from lucid?13:26
gnomefreakFudge: yes and debian13:29
arandFudge: Well, initially, all package versions in MM are the same as LL, then they are upgraded/replaced throughout the dev process with newer.13:30
Fudgeok just wanted to check as i thought lucid lts was started from 8.10?13:30
gnomefreakits always the release before13:30
arandFudge: Hmm, no, 9.1013:30
patdk-wkwell, technically the build to lucid lts started with 8.1013:31
patdk-wkbut it's generally not viewed that way :)13:31
arandFudge: But one could also just as well say that it was based off debian testing, in the state it was at that point, since so much was pulled from there13:32
Fudgeoh, i wondered when i was told that how that would make sense :D13:32
patdk-wkit's like saying we got to v2.0 without using v1.1, v1.2, v1.313:32
Fudgehehehe only stupid quesiton is one not asked /me hides13:32
arandYea, they're kind of starting to talk in the terms of "aiming for the next LTS" more and more, but still, when the going-to-be lts is started, it's always completely based off the latest release.13:34
gnomefreakarand: based off unstable not testing IIRC13:36
arandgnomefreak: All auto-sync in lucid was done from testing, as a special LTS-thing, maverick will be unstable again...13:37
gnomefreakyeah LTS is from tetsting sorry i meant normal releases13:38
* gnomefreak has a medibuntu channel somewhere in this mess of channels :(13:38
arandCould anyone login to a TTY and confirm Bug #591236 ?13:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591236 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "apt/python errors displayed by update-manager-core on TTY login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59123613:45
BUGabundo_remotearand: not right now. I'm away form my MM boxc13:45
funkyHatgnome-power-manager has decided that I have a battery!15:27
rippsyeah, I'm using a desktop. The battery icon is worthless to me, it should be able to detect that I don't have a battery and remove the icon.15:33
arandCould anyone login to a TTY and confirm Bug #591236 ?15:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591236 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "apt/python errors displayed by update-manager-core on TTY login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59123615:35
popeyarand: what command are you running to trigger that?15:41
arandpopey: "username" "password" and TTY login, or actually as I noticed, "ubuntu-bug update-manager-core" :/15:42
popeysorry, it's not clear to me from the way you explain it15:42
popeyyou get that error when you run ubuntu-bug update-manager-core ?15:42
arandYep, as well15:43
popeyas well as?15:43
arandHm, it seems I only get it when loggin into TTY the first time, subsequent logins not15:43
arandpopey: As well as immediately after successul login to a TTY15:44
popeyah okay, i see, it's the thing that checks how many updates you have15:45
popeyit doesn't run every time i think15:45
popeywhich is why you don't always see it15:45
arandHmm, this time I didn't see it after a reboot...15:45
arandDon't think I updated anything related recently though...15:46
popeymaybe a problem server side that update manager can't cope with15:46
arandWell, aptitude runs fine updating it seems...15:47
arandWonder if there's a way to trigger it...15:48
yoasifanyone have any tips for making gwibber work in maverick? it simply will not start on my machine15:53
BUGabundo_remoteyoasif: yep15:55
BUGabundo_remoteuse older kernel15:55
BUGabundo_remote.34 and .35 are busted15:55
BUGabundo_remoteI'm using it right now15:55
BUGabundo_remoteLinux BluBUG 2.6.32-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 08:09:38 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:55
yoasifBUGabundo_remote, it's a kernel issue!?15:56
BUGabundo_remotesecurity issue15:56
BUGabundo_remote>.33 are lockdown15:56
BUGabundo_remoteand desktop couch won't listen15:56
yoasifthanks BUGabundo_remote will try to reboot into an older kernel15:58
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yoasifBUGabundo_remote, thanks a ton, using old kernel, works fine now16:30
mvoarand: re the errors/warnings in python-apt - I will work on this16:49
arandmvo: ok, cheers, so it's correctly reported on U-M-C at least?16:52
mvoarand: yeah16:53
BUGabundo_remoteplease save me from madness16:58
BUGabundo_remotein virtualbox, my mouse started to get locked in the guest OS16:58
BUGabundo_remoteit didn't used to do that, I could easilly move it along host and guest without hitting Ctrl16:59
BUGabundo_remoteno one?17:06
Fudgemodprobe loads kernel modules doesnt it?17:08
bjsnideror unloads them17:11
bjsniderwith -r17:11
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charlie-tcaBUGabundo_remote: mine started that in lucid17:33
charlie-tcaJust upgrading from karmic to lucid caused it here for my guest machines17:34
charlie-tcaand it is sporadic, too. Some versions, the guest works normal and the cursor will move in and out of VB, some guests it locks in17:34
charlie-tcaI do have 68 VBox machines running in lucid at different times17:35
BUGabundo_remotecharlie-tca: thanks , my boss found it18:05
BUGabundo_remoteMenu, Window Integration18:05
BUGabundo_remoteI'm SAVED18:05
coz_hey guys...just an update .... formated another drive in 2 partiions with ext4... opened that drive on maverick also lucid... highlighted both drive icons on the desktop  again no "unmount"  or safely remove drives" available in menu  when right clicking one partition it has an unmount be spits out an errorsynchornize cache failed  << mentioned that like at 1am  so thought I would repeat it  :)18:10
coz_but not be18:11
arandcoz_: I'm not sure I undrstand clearly, but it sound like a metter of a bug report to me?18:21
coz_arand,  yeah ... I already reported this on lucid bugs... I suppose I should report it for maverick as well :)18:23
arandcoz_: Well, that's just a comment really, unless otherwise stated, it implied that it still exists...18:24
coz_arand,  the big issue is that it is starting to screw up my backup drive... well  at least I have to go back into windows to get all of the partitions working again   but  I will perserver  and hold on ...hopefully it will be fixed :)18:25
arandJust make sure you have other backups (DVD?) and liveCDs available ;)18:26
coz_arand,  yeah  ...as it stands on both lucid and maverick...I cannot trust anything written to the external drive at all18:31
coz_writen from lucid or maverick I meant18:32
coz_arand,  this is what happens    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/58190418:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 581904 in Ubuntu "external drive / multiple partitions no right click unmount" [Undecided,New]18:32
coz_arand,  it is consistent across several systems I have here...al different hardware configurations18:33
arandcoz_: Could it be the drive itself?18:34
coz_arand,  no...it happens with 6 different externals I have here18:34
arandcoz_: Ah, hmms18:34
coz_arand,  on different systems  the results are identical18:34
coz_arand,  it spits out that error each time for each drive on three different systems18:35
coz_so I went back to karmic on this system for safetly reasons :)18:35
arandDrives are all the same filesystem?18:35
coz_arand,  no    ext4     ntfs   and  fat 3218:35
coz_and several with both fate 32 and ntfs  on the partitions18:36
coz_fat32 rather18:36
arandI've been using at least a usb HD with no issues seen on lucid...18:36
arandBut it's a thouroughly confusing Issue indeed..18:36
coz_arand,  well I am going to keep testing this  to see if it might possibly be something on this end...but so far no clues leading to that conclusion18:37
coz_arand,  I clean installed  lucid several times in a week  also with same results18:37
arandcoz_: Could maybe try mainline kernel builds, especially if you test the temporarily on karmic, and if the issue is seen then, you can at least pinpoint it to the kernel, I guess18:38
coz_arand,  so far on karmic with default install   ...clean installs... this does not occur18:39
coz_arand,  I think it is going to be a little more difficult to pinpoint this but I will give it a go :)18:39
coz_be back in a bit    must get to the store  :)18:39
nperryHow long does it take for a package to be updated...18:40
nperryIn the repos?18:40
arandnperry: updated, in what context? New upstream, new debian, new in ubuntu?18:41
nperryIn the aptitude changle it shows one version, however when i apt-cache policy it shows an older one available. Is it becuase the package hasn't been built yet?18:41
nperryI'm waiting for xserver-xorg-video-nouveau to update to confirm its fixed a bug :)18:42
arandnperry: Which one? It might not be built for your architecture?18:42
nperryamd64.. Might be why :)18:42
arandhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau says they're built, but in "deendency wait"18:43
arandPro tip: Always check on launchpad ;)18:43
nperryWhere did you see the dependancy wait?18:44
arandClick the little arrow to expand the info about the MM version, and hoover over the puzzle-piece icon.18:45
arandnperry: If you click on the specific arch: "Missing build dependencies: xserver-xorg-dev (>= 2:"18:45
nperryAh right I see18:46
arandSo I guess it means the source and thus changelog is available but, it will wait to build the actual binaries, until it's got the stuff it needs18:46
nperryAt a guess its waiting for the new x to be uploaded to be built against that.18:48
charlie-tcawell, another tip learned today! thanks, arand18:48
arandHmm but as per https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server there is actually no 1.7 , since 1.8 has been uploaded to MM already...18:49
nperrySo the dependancie for nouveau need to be updated!18:50
arandLikely so...18:50
arandUnless there's going to be a 1.7 somewhere still, but anyways, it would need another name, and -nouveau would still need to be fixed to use that, I think...18:51
nperryMight go nudge somone in motu18:51
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BUGabundoupdating my rsync script for MM, in case anyone is interested19:25
BUGabundojpds: if you have any tips for maximum optimization let me know them now :)19:25
arandBUGabundo: rsync? not zsync?19:26
arandah, well I don't tend to boot isos that often, testing more in-install...19:28
BUGabundoI put them on grub19:30
BUGabundoso I can kickly boot from a daily to test something19:30
BUGabundobut I forgot to leave 4GBs to put grub and a dvd there19:31
BUGabundoso now I can't remount my other partitions for fsck19:31
BUGabundoI hate to find errors, and be forced to usb boot, so I can check the FS19:31
BUGabundocause mount -o remount,ro / does nothing :(19:31
arandHmm, that sounds nice, I end up just using DVD-RW in those cases..19:32
BUGabundomy dvd drive is a bit broken19:32
BUGabundosince the time I let my laptop fall into the ground and kicked it away19:32
arandBut I'm kinda slacking when it comes to testing, just vm:s mainly..19:32
BUGabundothere are dailie live for ALL versions19:37
BUGabundoexcept ubuntu desktop19:37
BUGabundoeven http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-netbook/daily-live/current is there :)19:37
BUGabundostill needs some love, but here is draft 1 $ pastebinit zsyncu  http://paste.ubuntu.com/446783/19:38
BUGabundo800 min till its over19:46
BUGabundodon't you love 1st syncs?19:46
BUGabundoThe following packages are BROKEN:19:46
BUGabundo  xserver-xorg-core19:46
BUGabundooh great19:46
BUGabundothanks Sarvatt19:46
C-S-Bwhen to join the fun, that is the question. :)19:48
Sarvattyou didn't see the emails to ubuntu-x and ubuntu-devel and it being on phoronix and me mentioning it to you  in irc last week?19:49
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Sarvattit'll probably take a few days to fully go away, the new server breaks anything that provides xserver-xorg-input-7 and xserver-xorg-video-6 (you can see what provides those in a custom search in synaptic)19:52
Sarvattor just use xorg-edgers where i did the transition on all packages already for a few days and ppa-purge after :)19:52
GatoLokois it me or totem refuses to play xvid/divx on maverick?19:53
SarvattBUGabundo: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-x/2010-June/000897.html19:54
BUGabundoSarvatt: I did not read the emails... I should but I lack time and motivation!19:55
Sarvattmost everything is just in depwait waiting to be built against the new server that just went through NEW19:55
BUGabundoI did read what you said... just not hoped it hit this late19:55
BUGabundoSarvatt: I could just DON'T do this upgrades, right?19:56
BUGabundountil all packages transition19:56
BUGabundoas long as I don't get major breakage while on Vacations, next week19:56
BUGabundoI'm fine.... bw access will be limited19:56
Sarvattdont upgrade, yeah19:58
Sarvattit'll remove other things if you try and break your metapackages19:59
BUGabundoI'm fine for now20:00
BUGabundojust blocked from some other upgrades20:00
Sarvattinstall those manually?20:00
BUGabundowill have too20:01
BUGabundoaptitude is smart but not that smart20:01
BUGabundounless I pin the packages, and it ignores them20:01
justin_question : if i upgrade through the update installer to 10.04 LTS from 9.1 will it wipe my hard drive?20:04
arandjustin_: #ubuntu for lucid support20:06
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jpdsBUGaTakeAwayfewd: Maximum what?20:48
jpdsOh, zync.20:49
coz_hey guys where is the rgba conf file to exclude certain applications from the rgba list?20:58
coz_I dont see a  /etc/profile.d/gtkrgba.sh.21:15
BUGaTakeAwayfewdGatoLoko: all codecs broken for 3 weeks now21:20
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BUGabundohey sebsebseb21:21
sebsebsebBUGabundo: hi21:21
coz_I noticed with global rgba on maverick ...of course some applications do not have rgba support and I need to exclude them but I dont see an /etc/profile.d/gtkrgba.sh21:24
coz_any idea which file can be edited to exclude some applications?21:24
bsmith093can i run the iso from within lucid and install to a blank partition?21:30
bsmith093or is that just insanely lazy?21:30
Jordan_Ubsmith093: You can use grub2's looback feature to boot from the maverick iso without burining it to a CD, but I'm not sure if it will complain about installing to the same drive that it's reading it's iso from21:31
coz_bsmith093,  never tried that so I cant confirm it is insanely lazy :)21:31
bsmith093is there a guide or preferably a gui for that21:31
Jordan_Ubsmith093: The closest thing to a GUI for that is super grub2 disk, but then you'd have to burn a CD anyway :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1288604 explains how to create a menu entry for an Ubuntu iso, then just put that entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom and "sudo update-grub"21:33
Jordan_Ubsmith093: I'm hoping that before 10.10 is released it will include a script to set up this type of thing automagically, integrated with testdrive (which has a GUI)21:35
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methril_worksomeone taking care of linux-rt kernel?22:11
methril_worki see no upgrades in the kernel fro some time22:11
Ian_corneAnyone else got no sound?22:13
Ian_corneIt's weird because on my laptop it does work22:13
BUGabundoIan_corne: wfm22:16
BUGabundomuted ?22:16
BUGabundofresh boot?22:20
BUGabundopaman? pavucontrol?22:20
Ian_cornevery frash boot22:22
Ian_corneit's back BUGabundo !22:25
Ian_cornepavucontrol did the trick :p22:25
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BUGabundoI lost sudo mojo power23:34
BUGabundos$ sudo rm -rf /media/fat_/.Trash-1000/23:34
BUGabundorm: cannot remove directory `/media/fat_/.Trash-1000': Directory not empty23:34
SensivaBUGabundo that's not a sudo issue, try -R23:41

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