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Beyecixramdany Plymouth themers here? i need some help with a theme07:48
Beyecixramdi need a slower throbber07:48
zniavregood morning09:05
zniavrehttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/187396/screenshot1.png > somebody understand what is happening here ? (why the border is different)09:06
vishzniavre: it was a murrine bug , iirc it is due to the option : glazestyle09:44
vishzniavre: try changing the option, for that and see if it changes09:45
vishzniavre: it happens when buttons are slightly taller than the width09:45
kwwiithat bug is fixed in the latest code, iirc09:56
zniavreho ok thank you10:18
zniavrei will try after lunch10:18
knome"ho ok" ?10:18
knomenot very nice :T10:18
zniavreim sorry my english is short ....10:18
knomeheh np :P10:18
knomejust wearing smarty pants10:19
zniavrei do :o)10:19
zniavrevish ho yes it works10:20
knomehttp://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ho – definition #2 :P10:21
zniavrei thought i had the lastest GIT code10:21
zniavreknome,  o_O10:22
zniavreanyway vish kwwii  thank you it's solved10:23
Cimianother reason to fork :)11:57
Cimiivanka: kwwii I'm ready for the call16:56
* thorwil dreams up a conspiracy theory around "the call"17:00
* thorwil adds more raptors for good measure17:01
kwwiiCimi: hey17:03
zentilihere too23:32
zentilino one is alive23:32
zentiliof course23:32
knomewe're all dead23:32
knomeno need coming back23:32
zentilithat's why i love irc23:32
knomewe're still all dead23:32
zentilipeople use it to take it opened for days23:33
zentilibut never watching at it23:33
zentilibtw, i'm looking for someone who knows the eog stock items names23:36

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