goodtime_well it runs better except the ram is to the roof00:26
goodtime_i reinstalled 64 bit this time00:26
goodtime_looks better too00:26
goodtime_idk maybe this thing is on the fritz00:27
goodtime_the  god damb thing is doing the network shit again00:28
ubot2Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:28
goodtime_i wonder if its my isp doing it00:28
ChesamoI know it's frustrating, I understand00:28
goodtime_i can do that00:28
goodtime_your right00:29
goodtime_so do you think that i need to do something00:29
ChesamoI'm trying to think of what it could be00:29
Chesamoit's a very odd thing to happen00:29
ChesamoYou haven't installed any extra applications yet, right?00:29
goodtime_just this one00:29
ChesamoSo it's not a bug in a program or else it'd be more widespread...00:30
goodtime_thats my irc client00:30
ChesamoI'm just trying to narrow down what it could be00:30
ChesamoYou're using Kubuntu?00:30
goodtime_ubuntu 10.0400:30
ChesamoReally? You're using a Qt app in the GNOME environment?00:31
goodtime_works fine too00:31
ChesamoYeah I know00:31
ChesamoJust a little quirk of mine00:31
goodtime_ive heard that sometime one might need to alowcate there ram00:32
goodtime_how do i do that00:32
ChesamoYou don't manuallt allocate RAM, it's something the kernel does automatically when proegrams are run.00:33
goodtime_i realy dont spell well sorry00:33
ChesamoHow large is your swap partition?00:33
stlsaintsup all00:33
ChesamoYikes o_o00:33
ChesamoHow much RAM have you got?00:33
goodtime_2gig lol00:34
goodtime_i need to change that dont i00:34
Chesamohttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ Put the output of "top" here00:34
stlsaintswap doesnt need to be all that big if you want to go past 4gigs00:35
stlsaintgoodtime_: 2gbs is fine...i run three os's of 2gig of swap00:38
goodtime_it isnt letting me copy and paste00:38
goodtime_it keeps jummping around in the terminal00:38
Chesamogoodtime_ kill top by hitting ctrl+c00:38
Chesamothen paste the output00:39
goodtime_i did it ty:)00:40
Chesamogoodtime_ Then link the Pastebin please00:40
ChesamoNo, goodtime, you have to hit "submit"00:41
ChesamoEr, "Paste!"00:41
goodtime_idk i dont see a submit00:42
goodtime_i dont understand00:42
goodtime_i got it i think idk00:43
Chesamogoodtime_ Copu the output of the (now-stopped) "top" command into the pastebin, then hit "paste"00:43
Chesamothen link us to the next page.00:44
goodtime_sorry there i got a little confused00:45
stlsaintcompiz FTW!!!00:45
Chesamogoodtime_ Xorg's at the top... no surprise there.... It looks like Firefox is taking a fair amount of resources00:45
stlsaintyouve got a zombie!! :D00:46
Chesamogoodtime_ Don't worry, a zombie isn't a bad thing :P They're just kidding.00:46
stlsaintor am i >:)00:46
goodtime_ :)00:47
Chesamogoodtime_ turn off the system monitor00:48
Chesamogoodtime_ Firefox is taking 552 mb of RAM00:48
goodtime_ok ill use opera00:49
Chesamogoodtime_ You doing something Flash- or Java-intensive?00:49
stlsaintbetter yet use chrome00:49
goodtime_but im defaulted to firefox00:49
goodtime_idk Chesamo00:50
Chesamogoodtime_: System > Preferences > Preferred Applications00:50
Chesamogoodtime_ Let me know. If you want, you can just remove FF completely.00:51
Chesamostlsaint Or better yet, Iron00:51
goodtime_i want00:51
Chesamogoodtime_ In Terminal, enter "sudo aptitude purge firefox && rm -r ~/.mozilla", and that'll remove FF completely from your system00:52
goodtime_as root?00:52
goodtime_sudo yes00:52
Chesamogoodtime_ Yes, you use sudo, but no you don't actually have to bee root00:52
stlsaintChesamo: meh00:54
goodtime_its done00:54
goodtime_sould i reboot00:54
stlsaintChesamo: go super dork with elinks!! :D00:54
goodtime_the ram is still at the top00:54
Chesamogoodtime_ Yeah, just to clear it out00:55
Chesamostlsaint :P00:55
goodtime_down to 22% ram01:01
ChesamoCool :D01:01
goodtime_a little better there Chesamo01:01
ChesamoBetter than topping out01:02
goodtime_ty very much01:02
ChesamoYou're very welcome01:02
goodtime_ :)01:02
goodtime_ok now why is my network slowly filling up my hdd01:03
ChesamoYour network?01:04
ChesamoWhat are you doing that's using the Internet?01:04
goodtime_595 bytes01:04
goodtime_im kinda idle01:05
Chesamo595 bytes is nothing01:05
Chesamoit's half a kilobyte'01:05
goodtime_so i dont have to worry01:05
goodtime_hey i like this browser01:08
stlsaintwhat browser?01:08
stlsaintyep yep...chrome is the fastest browser out right now01:09
ChesamoOpera 10.5x beats it01:09
ChesamoBut NoooOOOOooo Opera 10.5x is only in Alpha for Linux01:10
stlsaintoh dear...another opera victim!01:10
goodtime_ill brb have to goto store01:11
stlsainthehe, even if you test out chrome inside a vm running another vm its till faster than ff and opera01:11
ChesamoHave you speed-tested Opera 10.5x?01:11
stlsainti did like way back in 8.10 or 9.0401:12
stlsaintubuntu that is....01:12
ChesamoSo nothing recent01:12
stlsaintwhat speeds are it posting?01:13
Chesamohttp://lifehacker.com/5457242/browser-speed-tests-firefox-36-chrome-4-opera-105-and-extensions  Opera ties the Chrome developer version, but outstrips it in speed.01:14
ChesamoAlso Opera was excluded from the "memory use with extensions" because Opera doesn't need extensions.01:18
stlsaintand from what i see chorme is still better than opera01:18
stlsaint"if you're using Opera 10.01, you have almost no reason not to upgrade."01:20
Chesamoto 10.5x.01:21
ChesamoWhich was the browser being tested :'01:21
stlsaintbut on the test in which chorme won are want im most interesting in, primarily cold/warm starts and tab load handling01:22
ChesamoOpera won the cold/warm starts01:22
stlsaintmeh, id say split tie...opera won cold starts but NO browser touches chrome on warm starts01:23
ChesamoBy a fraction of a second...01:23
stlsaintnaw pal thats more than a fraction01:24
ChesamoSeconds (fewer is better)01:24
ChesamoI'd say that's about one-half of a second (Chrome stable) and one second (Opera 10.5)01:25
ChesamoSo half a second01:25
ChesamoLess time than it takes to blink01:25
stlsaintive used opera before and ive yet to see a brower warm start as fast as chrome...01:26
stlsaintChesamo: none the less we can both agree that firefox doesnt hold a candle to either browsers01:26
ChesamoChome warm starts way longer than Opera does on all of my systems. OSX, Ubuntu, Windows01:26
ChesamoOh, certainly! I've never liked FF.01:26
ChesamoI've never been on the FF bandwagon. My coworkers thought I was weird :c01:27
stlsainti must admit that i was once very fond of firefox and i even still have it on my system for those old strolls down memory land01:27
ChesamoI've really always stuck by Opera. I switched to Chromium for a while, then Iron, then back to Opera.01:28
stlsaintive never put iron on my system...merely seen it in action on a friends system01:30
ChesamoOnce 10.5 was released on Linux I hopped right back on. They fixed everything that made me switch to Chrome :P01:30
ChesamoIron's just Chrome put out by someone other than Google.01:31
stlsainti dont like how "in touch" chrome is with google servers in relaying info01:36
stlsaintswitchgirl: sup01:38
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
switchgirlhi anyone know where i can get a charging station to put on my drive for a electric /hybrid car?01:51
switchgirli'm looking for a supplier01:51
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tenachHello Cinnamon02:32
Cinnamonim new at this02:32
tenachWelcome, then!02:33
h00kCinnamon: hello02:33
tenachIs there anything I might be able to help you with?02:33
Cinnamonwell rgiht now im downloading my gpu driver02:34
Cinnamonwiht the hardware driver thing02:34
tenachUsing an NVidia card?02:34
Cinnamonand old 620002:35
tenachMine isn't much better - 680002:35
Cinnamonbut this is a old pc02:36
CinnamonAMD athlon 300002:37
Cinnamonwiht 1gb ddr ram02:37
tenachI remember having one of thse02:38
tenachI still think it did better than this newer machine with a Celeron D processor.02:38
Cinnamonmy main pc is much better02:38
Cinnamonim having trouble with flash02:40
tenachWhat sort of problem?02:40
Cinnamonit says i need a plugin02:40
tenachYes, that is normal.02:41
tenachit should bring up a window with three options02:41
Cinnamonw8 nvm it works02:41
Cinnamonneed to try to get the sound02:42
tenachMake sure that it is not muted in the sound preferences - I have had installs start muted.02:44
Cinnamoni'll deal with it  some other day02:46
tenachDont' forget to check the forums for answers to issues you may have.  There's a wealth of information there and in the wiki. :D02:47
tenachAnd if you're really stuck, you can always as in #ubuntu or here.02:48
Cinnamonomg the download is so slow02:48
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goodtime_man my ram is almost toped out03:30
goodtime_ i got rid of firefox because it was suckin like 55%03:31
goodtime_ but i open up like 4 apps and it is still freakin topin03:31
goodtime_is there hope03:31
Appl6goodtime_: How much RAM, what window manager are you using, what applications are you trying to use03:32
FarllanUSB stick drive won't UNMOUNT/Eject/REMOVE03:49
FarllanHow do I fix it?03:49
holsteincould be bad Farllan03:51
holsteini had a few die on me03:51
holsteinand thats kinda how they start to act03:51
FarllanSticks are fine.03:51
FarllanThey work on my other machines03:51
h00kFarllan: what does it say when you try to eject/safely remove?03:51
holsteintry command line03:51
Farllan...something about FTAB or something like that03:52
holsteinsudo umount /dev/whatever03:52
Farllansudo?   This is 2010....I've got no time for that.03:52
holsteinwell let me know how you get it to work for you03:53
nitsthis is strange!04:13
nitsnobody chatting on the irc...04:13
mohi2911morning all05:07
ChesamoMorning mohi291105:08
mohi2911howdy Chesamo !!05:08
Chesamomohi2911: How goes?05:08
mohi2911how are you doing it meant =]05:09
ChesamoI'm doing well, yourself?05:09
mohi2911just now woke up after two hours of sleep :)05:09
ChesamoAh, nap well?05:10
mohi2911naw. little bit tired as only I slept for a less time and you pinged starcraftman ??05:11
ChesamoI did not ping starcraftman!!05:12
mohi2911i think everyone remembers not to ping starcraftman :)05:12
ChesamoOh certainly. Pinging starcraftman is so rude.05:13
mohi2911Chesamo, ohyeah starcraftman is always busy05:13
mohi2911like see now too. starcraftman is not responding to our pings :D05:14
ChesamoWell played, mohi2911. Well played.05:14
* Chesamo hi5s mohi291105:16
* mohi2911 waves over Chesamo 05:17
* Chesamo wanders over to mohi291105:18
ChesamoWhat's all this then05:19
mohi2911tenach, 'grats for getting cloaked :D05:19
tenachmohi2911, thanks!  I've had it for about two months now05:19
mohi2911i mean see PM05:20
mohi2911tenach, i meant that :D05:20
tenachAh, that's automatic, it does it all the time. xD05:20
tenachI haven't figured out how to get xchat to delay the joining so that the cloaking happens first.05:21
mohi2911tenach, you edited the nickserv pw right!!!05:22
Chesamotenach: I think if you disable automatic room-joining, and put the /join command into the "command on join" space, cloaking will go first.05:23
tenachAh, okay, thanks Chesamo05:23
Chesamo Er, "command on connect"05:23
ChesamoI think. Not sure.05:23
mohi2911while you get the login screen with networks, give the nickserv password there. it will authenticate first05:23
mohi2911Chesamo, but when you give nickserv pw there, it will identify you first right!!05:24
ChesamoIt will ident, but I don't think it does the usermodes right away.05:25
mohi2911Chesamo, i am quitting and rejoining. and see =]05:25
mohi2911Chesamo, PM05:26
ChesamoI guess I don't know what "cloaking" means05:26
tenachChesamo, cloaking is the ~user@unaffiliated/user05:27
ChesamoOh, hostmasking05:27
ChesamoI can't see those anyway on this client (Colloquy for the iPod Touch)05:27
mohi2911brb breakfast05:28
ChesamoSomeone needs to port XChat to the iPod :-(05:28
=== bgs100 is now known as bgs000
insanity99hey guys whats this problem i'm having with the update http://pastebin.com/AsnuEzbg08:30
kermiacinsanity99: seems like you cant connect to security.ubuntu.com08:34
insanity99strange, is the server down>08:35
kermiacinsanity99: are you using a local mirror that might be down atm?08:35
insanity99dont know TBH08:35
kermiacinsanity99: hang on one sec, I'm checking to see if it's down08:36
kermiacinsanity99: ok, main server doesn't appear to be down08:37
kermiacinsanity99: can you please check System --> Administration --> Software Sources08:37
insanity99ok there now08:38
kermiacin the middle of that screen/ box it will say "Download From"08:38
kermiacinsanity99: does it say "Main Server" next to that?08:38
insanity99says server from the UK08:39
kermiacinsanity99: ah, so maybe the UK server is down. Can you please change it to "Main Server" & then close the Software Sources screen08:40
kermiacinsanity99: it will ask to reload your sources, do that & then try to install the updates again08:40
insanity99thanks that seems to have worked08:41
kermiacinsanity99: awesome :)08:41
insanity99another thing i just realised, i dont have the top of my windows08:42
insanity99like where close and minimize is08:42
kermiacinsanity99: don't forget to change it back after the updates have finished installing if you want to get faster updates again in the future08:42
insanity99yeah thanks08:43
kermiacinsanity99: are you running one of the proprietary nvidia or ati drivers? It seems like you might be... I had that issue with a customer at work today due to the recent kernel update08:43
insanity99yeah im on ATI drivers, sadly because i cant watch videos either, screen tearing is to bad08:44
kermiacinsanity99: ok, after your updates just try logging out & logging back in. If that doesn't resolve it you will need to reload the window manager (metacity or compiz)08:45
insanity99oh i ca do that easy i think cause i have fusion icon08:46
kermiacinsanity99: awesome!08:46
kermiacinsanity99: that's even better08:46
insanity99ah that did it :D08:46
insanity99is screen tearing an issue with all linux distros or just ubuntu?08:47
kermiacinsanity99: but I didn't want to assume that was installed or get you to install that. That's actually what I installed for the customer at work today to easily work-around the issue08:47
kermiacinsanity99: I think it's an ati thing :(08:47
insanity99shame they clearly dont care about linux users08:48
insanity99the screen tearing while watching videos is awful08:48
kermiacinsanity99: one thing I noticed that helped with ati was upgrading xorg - http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/qbxEHiPJ08:49
kermiacinsanity99: and installing an updated compiz - http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/nxLjhLKU08:50
insanity99oh so thats why i dont get transparency with compiz, must be out of date08:50
kermiacinsanity99: are you running lucid or karmic?08:51
kermiacinsanity99: well compiz shouldn't really be out of date.... just a newer stable version was released after lucid freeze08:52
insanity99yeah well its updating now anyway :)08:52
insanity99i will try Xorg next08:52
kermiacinsanity99: one warning if you do upgrade xorg using the ppa I mentioned above, If/when you get black screen you will need to re-install the proprietary driver again08:53
kermiacinsanity99: it would probably be easier to use "Hardware Drivers" to disable the proprietary driver first before upgrading xorg08:54
insanity99will i need to do that through CLI by pressing ctrl alt and F1?08:54
insanity99oh ok08:54
kermiacinsanity99: yup, you can do it that way if you are comfortable with the CLI08:54
kermiacinsanity99: are you using the ati catalyst driver from the ati website?08:54
insanity99new to ubuntu really, i know DOS very well but i think bash is easier to use and more powerful08:55
insanity99i just let 'hardware drivers' download the drivers08:56
kermiacinsanity99: I totally agree... DOS was easy only due to growing up with it. bash is certainly easier to use & a whole lot more powerful :)08:56
kermiacinsanity99: ok, well it would probably be easier for you to temporarily disable the driver using "hardware drivers" before upgrading xorg08:56
kermiacinsanity99: then re-enable the driver after xorg has been updated, otherwise you will (most likely) get a black screen08:57
insanity99does the hardware srivers section install the latest ATI drivers?08:57
kermiacinsanity99: have you heard of "ppa-purge"?08:57
kermiacinsanity99: no, it was the latest driver at time of lucid release. ATI has released 9.5 catalyst driver now08:58
insanity99i did download the driver of the site but cant figure out how to install it08:58
kermiacinsanity99: ok, one sec & I will show you the link for ppa-purge. it can undo all changes done by adding a ppa (revert all packages to previous versions)08:58
insanity99ok thanks08:59
kermiacinsanity99: here is a link on how to install the binary ati driver - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI   NOTE: you won't need the "qt4 libraries" in lucid09:00
kermiacinsanity99: here's info on ppa-purge09:00
kermiacinsanity99: I've gotta go finish cooking dinner for my kids... hopefully someone else will be around that can help you more while I'm away :)09:01
insanity99ok thanks again09:01
kermiacinsanity99: I'll bbl if you're still around & have any more questions09:01
kermiacinsanity99: no problem, that's why we're here :)09:01
insanity99ok thanks :D09:02
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ZachK_anybody around?09:21
insanity99yeah me09:21
ZachK_hello insanity9909:21
ZachK_insanity99: what brings you here this morning? Morning for me anyway09:21
Akoshi ZachK_ (:09:21
ZachK_ah Akos what's up my buddy?09:21
AkosZachK_: you moved to Europe? ((:09:21
ZachK_Akos: no why?09:21
insanity99yeah 9:20 AM here. woke up to sound of my computer desk falling apart09:22
ZachK_insanity99: dang..that bites09:22
kermiacinsanity99: ouch! that's not a good way to wake up!09:23
insanity99yeah i need a new one, had this desk since before 199909:23
AkosZachK_: because you say it's morning for you, 10:15 am here. so it's morning in europe (:09:24
ZachK_Akos: it's 3:30 am09:25
insanity99thats weird i have strange animation while minimizing even though im on metacity?09:26
Akosthat's night time!09:26
ZachK_Akos: not for me...if it's past midnight then i say it's the next day09:27
ZachK_early morning at best09:27
insanity99kermiac i think i installed new Xorg09:28
kermiacinsanity99: very good... did you get a black screen after rebooting?09:29
ZachK_Vantrax: you pinged me earlier?09:29
insanity99no but it was in low graphics mode09:29
insanity99reinstaled at hardware drivers09:29
insanity99now i just need to install the new drivers which i downloaded09:30
kermiacinsanity99: awesome :)09:31
VantraxZachK_: yeah, your applying for membership:P09:32
kermiacinsanity99: you downloaded the 9.5 driver?09:32
Vantraxjust wanted to make sure your set09:32
insanity9910.5 it is09:33
ZachK_Vantrax: why wanna give me a testimonial? I'm still taking them09:33
ZachK_Vantrax: buddy....09:33
kermiacinsanity99: haha, yeah.. that's the latest - my mistake :)09:33
kermiacinsanity99: so basically you need to enter TTY (CTRL+ALT+F1)09:34
kermiacinsanity99: then sudo service gdm stop09:34
kermiacinsanity99: cd to Downloads (or wherever you saved the file) & run "sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-10.5.blah.sh"09:35
insanity99whats that do?09:35
ZachK_Vantrax: ?09:35
insanity99tried this eil@neil-desktop:~/Downloads$ sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/Lucid09:35
kermiacinsanity99: then sudo service gdm stop   --- stops "X" - basically stops the GUI stuff running in the background09:35
insanity99sh: Can't open ./ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run09:35
insanity99oh ok09:36
kermiacinsanity99: ahh, you may need to make the file executable09:36
VantraxZachK_: im on the rmb09:36
kermiacinsanity99: chmod +x ati-driver-installer-9-12-x86.x86_64.run09:37
insanity99so just check allow execute as program?09:37
kermiacinsanity99: yup, that's does the same thing :)09:37
kermiacinsanity99: then the last step before rebooting is "sudo aticonfig --initial"09:38
insanity99ok i will stop X now, brb...if all goes well :D09:38
kermiacg/l insanity99 :)09:39
insanity99thanks :)09:39
VantraxZachK_: ill be giving my testimonial in person09:39
ZachK_Vantrax: do you know when the meeting is at?09:43
Vantrax1:17 from now09:43
Vantraxthats why the time is a link to the world clock09:44
ZachK_Vantrax: and you're on the board09:44
ZachK_finally someone i know is on the board09:44
Vantraxhe he he09:44
ZachK_Vantrax: where do you live at dude?09:44
Vantraxwell, you know half of the Americas board too09:44
ZachK_Australia? Cool09:45
ZachK_nice and toasty09:45
ZachK_stick a piece of bread on the porch..no toaster needed09:45
Vantraxwell, atm its only 10 degrees09:45
Vantraxbut in summer it hits 4009:45
ZachK_Vantrax: that farenheit or celsius09:46
ZachK_Vantrax: and you on Facebook?09:46
Vantraxyes, and celsius09:46
ZachK_what's you're profile..i'll friend you09:46
Vantraxin farenheit it would be way to cold09:46
* ZachK_ doesn't remember the celsius/farenheit conversion09:47
ZachK_haven't seen you 'round in a while09:48
ZachK_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZachK_ if you wanna look09:48
Vantraxive been around, but not chatting much09:49
Vantraxive looked09:49
kermiacVantrax: another fellow Aussie!! :)  I don't remember seeing you in #ubuntu-au before09:49
Vantraxi was talking in there today09:49
Vantraxtho not in there atm i just noticed09:49
ZachK_kermiac: now he speaks...won't talk to me....vantrax shows up though.....09:49
kermiacah, I must've missed you when I was at work :)09:50
Vantraxim also on the core team for LCA201109:50
kermiacI've never been to LCA. I wanted to go this year but couldn't justify travelling to NZ09:51
insanity99ah, that didn't go as planned09:53
kermiacinsanity99: ok, what happened?09:53
* kermiac looks09:54
kermiacinsanity99: ah... those instructions are more outdated than i thought :(09:56
kermiacinsanity99: no need for "--buildpkg Ubuntu/Lucid" at the end09:56
insanity99oh ok09:56
kermiacinsanity99: sorry about that... I didn't see that was there when I was skimming through the link I sent you09:57
insanity99its ok lol, seems to work now09:57
insanity99do i still need to do sudo dpkg -i *.deb09:57
kermiacinsanity99: no, you don't need to if you just install using the .sh - that's only needed if you use the "create deb" option09:58
kermiacthe dpkg -i *deb basically just means to install any deb in that directory09:59
kermiacoops, that should be *.deb ^^09:59
insanity99ah ok, it installed but sudo aticonfig --initial brings up this error neil@neil-desktop:~/Downloads$ sudo aticonfig --initial09:59
insanity99Found fglrx primary device section09:59
insanity99 Unable to find any supported Screen sections10:00
kermiacinsanity99: does "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" exist?10:01
insanity99no apparently not10:02
insanity99oh it is there if i go to it on file browser10:03
kermiacif it does, you will need to rename it using "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.OLD"10:03
insanity99ok done that10:04
kermiacinsanity99: you also need to stop gdm before running aticonfig10:05
insanity99ok brb10:05
kermiacok, g/l - I've gotta get kids ready for bed bbs10:05
insanity99ok thanks again :D10:06
kermiacno probs insanity99 :)10:06
insanity99hey anyone know why i can full screen youtube videos? the video just goes all grey and i have to refresh10:33
CSiDthats me just done a minimal install :D:D:D:D:D all thanks to embers of this channel10:36
CSiDbut I have 2 bugs to beat with it, apart from that it is PERFECTLY stable, and 3.3GiB full install :D10:38
CSiDanyone know how I can get the network manager thing on the icon (for wireless sort of thing)?10:40
CSiDthe other bug is that my ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 doesnt show in rhythmbox10:43
CSiDI installed rhythmbox rhythmbox-plugins10:45
CSiDI was told it would include the libgpod which is installed10:46
CSiDis there any other requirements?10:46
CSiDanyone here?10:47
CSiDwhat does the -y do in sudo apt-get install -y <package>10:50
Akosit applied yes to all the questions that would have come up10:50
CSiDperfect :D10:51
CSiDhow do I make the icon area have the networking thing?10:51
Akosi have no clue :P10:51
ZachK_CSiD: Networking?10:53
CSiDI need the networking applet on the top right bar in gnome10:54
CSiDI think everythins alread installed10:54
CSiD(worked from minimal install)10:54
ZachK_CSiD: one sec10:54
ZachK_i can't seem to find anything at the moment10:56
ZachK_also i have a meeting that i must attend..when i'm done i'll continue the search10:56
ZachK_while you're waiting i'd google google google10:56
CSiDI will, thanks m810:56
ZachK_CSiD: also you can try looking for help in #ubuntu10:57
* Vantrax prods paultag to vote to make quorum or abstain11:24
paultagVantrax, >:(11:25
paultagVantrax, I have like 3 minutes :/11:25
=== Akos is now known as Puck`
=== ZachK_ is now known as ZachK
CSiDanyone know how ipod touch 3rd gens can be made visible in rhythmbox from a minimal install?12:22
ZachK_CSiD: ah you have to install a few different packages and you have to do some other stuff i believe12:23
CSiDI put in:12:24
CSiDrhythmbox rhythmbox-plugins12:24
CSiDthe plugins took care of libgpod12:24
CSiDI can browse the ipod in Nautilus12:24
CSiDjust cant see it in rhythmbox12:24
CSiDand I checked its rhythmbox 0.12.812:24
CSiDthe ipod touch is running firmware 3.1.312:25
ZachK_that might be the case...12:27
ZachK_is your ipod unlocked? meaning the home screen...is it able to be used/touched to run apps12:28
ZachK_i had to slide to unlock mine before it worked12:28
CSiD1 sec12:28
CSiDunlocked, unjailbroken... nada12:29
ZachK_No I mean when you have your iPod on...say you turn the screen off...to turn it back on you have to do the slide thing and put in the passkey if you chose to use one...i had to turn my screen on before it'd recognize12:30
CSiDI dont use one, and I tried playing music on it at the same time and typign notes at the same time as wekll ut nothing12:31
ZachK_weird..might be the 3.1.3 firmware12:31
CSiDworked before12:31
CSiDbut now I did a minimal install everything is a dream except this12:32
CSiDwhat are the requirements? I can check them one by one?12:35
CSiDthe other issue is on the icon bar at the top right there is no app for network selection, yet it is install, please help12:40
ZachK_CSiD: ok...hmm12:43
ZachK_network selection? wonder why that wouldn't be there...odd12:43
CSiDprobably because of Linux fro mscratch I instaled gnome in parts and gdm e.t.c... was lighter12:44
ZachK_that might do it12:44
ZachK_let me see what i can find12:44
ZachK_CSiD: take a look at that...might help..12:45
ZachK_bksalt: welcome!12:45
bksaltthank you12:46
bksaltjust courious12:46
ZachK_bksalt: courious about?12:46
bksaltthis site, Im not really new12:47
CSiDbtw, cud u do me a quick favour while I'm reading up o nthat and tell me if there is anything I have forgotten to change: http://forum.xtremehacking.com/showthread.php?tid=255&pid=1338#pid1338 ?12:47
ZachK_bksalt: ah ok..new to linux?12:47
ZachK_CSiD: what's the thread about12:48
CSiDthe bototm of it is my ideas on how to improve hte forum, just want opinions because I am VERY impressed with al lof you :D12:49
bksaltno Been useing Linux for about 4yrs12:49
ZachK_CSiD: well that's the Beginners Team for ya12:49
ZachK_bksalt: oh cool!12:49
ZachK_bksalt: what distro?12:49
bksaltfirst mandrake than Ubuntu12:50
bksaltbut still need help once in a while, this will be nice to have in case of questions12:51
ZachK_contribute at all?'12:52
bksaltwhen I can12:52
ZachK_what areas?12:52
bksaltjust basic info our twin boys are more tecnical12:53
ZachK_ah cool12:53
* ZachK_ is a BT Mentor/Wiki Lead and Ubuntu member12:53
bksaltgot to go nice chating12:53
bksaltwill pass you on to others12:54
bksaltbye for now12:54
ZachK_hellol shredder1213:25
ZachK_and hello to you too malev13:25
insanity99hey guys13:34
ZachK_welcome insanity9913:35
insanity99i got a number of of issues currently lol. some reason since i updated my ATI drivers (dont know if this is related or not) i cant full screen youtube videos13:37
insanity99the play just turns into a grey box13:37
insanity99can anyone help me with this?13:40
ZachK_insanity99: gimme a few as i'm working on a few wiki pages...13:42
ZachK_while waiting either go to #ubuntu or google google google13:42
insanity99yeah i have looked on google. how do i join multiple channels using empathy IM client?13:43
ZachK_insanity99: pidgin is better13:45
insanity99oh is it13:45
ZachK_yes it's what i use on windows13:45
ZachK_i use xchat on linux13:45
insanity99is xchat better than pidgin?13:46
ZachK_depends upon what you like13:48
ZachK_i can give you two links on how to set them up13:48
insanity99ok cool thanks13:48
sogeking99hey this is insanity lol had to change my name14:00
ZachK_sogeking99: lol14:01
sogeking99do you, by any chance use python or any other programming language?14:02
ZachK_I don't at this time...want to though14:02
ZachK_need help with python?14:02
sogeking99kinda yeah14:02
ZachK_sogeking99: type /join #ubuntu-beginners-dev14:03
sogeking99ah thanks14:03
sogeking99i love doing python but the math in this book i am reading is insane for me. i suck at math. but i love programming. dont know if i can though sadly14:04
ZachK_hey Chesamo14:04
ChesamoHello ZachK_14:05
sogeking99can anyone tell me how to register my nick?14:09
Chesamosogeking99: ./msg nickserv register <password> <email address>14:09
Chesamo./msg nickserv help14:09
ZachK_Chesamo: beat me to it14:09
sogeking99./msg nickserv help14:09
Chesamosogeking99 without the periods14:09
sogeking99ah thanks14:09
ChesamoZachK_: I get questions like that on another server I'm on that caters well to IRC noobs14:10
ZachK_Chesamo: what is it?14:11
ChesamoZachK_ I'd rather not say in public ;-)14:11
sogeking99zack did you ever figure out my youtube issue?14:13
ZachK_sogeking99: Sorry dude i've been quite busy with editing a team's page(s) haven't had time...you can ask Chesamo though14:14
Chesamosogeking99: What's up?14:14
sogeking99ah ok np14:15
sogeking99i cant watch youtube videos in full screen suddenly, when i press the button it just turns the player into a grey box14:16
sogeking99i recently updated my ATI drivers, dont know if that is the cause or not14:16
Chesamosogeking99: When you hit the "fullscreen" button, the normal-sized player turns gray and the video doesn't appear fullscreen?14:17
Chesamosogeking99: What version of Ubuntu, and what version of Flash player?14:19
Chesamosogeking99: Also which browser are you using14:20
Silver_Fox_Does it play correctly when not in full screen mode ?14:20
sogeking99i have 10.4, not sure about flash and i use chrome, but it also happens in firefox14:20
sogeking99yeah plays fine in normal view14:21
Chesamosogeking99: Find your version of Flash in about:plugins (in Firefox)14:22
sogeking99'shockwave flash 10.0 r45' is that it? i thought flash was adobe14:23
Chesamosogeking99: Adobe bought it from Macromedia, and "Shockwave" was Macromedia's line of Web-based interactivity environments.14:26
Chesamosogeking99: Not to be confused with Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave Player, a very similar (but little-used) system by the same company.14:26
sogeking99ah right, i used flash action script when it was still macromedia lool14:27
Chesamosogeking99: Have you run updates recently?14:28
sogeking99yeah just a couple of hours ago14:29
Chesamosogeking99 Yeah I have that version too. Let me do some testing real quick...14:31
Chesamosogeking99: Hm... working fine for me under Opera. What version of the ATi drivers are you using?14:32
Chesamosogeking99: Paste the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA please?14:39
sogeking99neil@neil-desktop:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA14:40
sogeking9901:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc RV770 [Radeon HD 4870] [1002:9440]14:40
duanedesignhello Chesamo14:40
Chesamohello duanedesign14:40
Chesamosogeking99: Pastebin ( http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ ) the output of fglrxinfo please?14:41
Chesamosogeking99: Is this a system you performed a distribution upgrade on?14:46
sogeking99you mean hardware? no i built this PC a few years ago now14:47
sogeking99i upgraded from 9.10 to 10.4 recently though14:47
sogeking99but youtube was working afterwards14:48
Chesamosogeking99 Yeah that's what I wanted to know. Try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6358750&postcount=614:50
Chesamosogeking99 Then, after a reboot, run sudo aptutide install xorg-driver-fglrx14:50
sogeking99ok i will try now thanks for all the help man14:52
Chesamosogeking99: No problem; it's what we're here for14:53
sogeking99:) i will restart now and do the command. should i just install the driver 'hardware drivers' installs rather than 10-5 which i downloaded from the AMD site?14:54
Chesamosogeking99: I don't personally like jockey-gtk (the "Hardware Drivers" applet). Run sudo aptutide install xorg-driver-fglrx after a reboot instead.14:55
sogeking99oh that will install the driver then yeah?14:55
duanedesignChesamo: i gave you a testimonial on your wiki :) Kepp up the good work14:59
Chesamoduanedesign: Thanks! :D15:00
insanity99im back15:00
Chesamoduanedesign: It's unsigned though. Don't know if that matters.15:00
insanity99i get this error neil@neil-desktop:~$ sudo aptutide install xorg-driver-fglrx15:00
insanity99sudo: aptutide: command not found15:00
Chesamoinsanity99: WHOOPS! aptitude*15:01
duanedesignChesamo: lol, good catch15:01
insanity99should it be apt?15:01
insanity99ah ok15:02
ChesamoI'm trying to build a KDE version of my minimal script; does anyone know what the KDE equivalent of gnome-core is in Lucid? http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gnome-core15:02
insanity99ok i ran the command shouldi reboot again?15:04
Chesamoinsanity99: I would, yeah15:06
sogeking99my theme seems to be all grey now rather than the black and purple15:08
Chesamosogeking99: Are you able to reapply your customizations? The new driver may have reverted them. An odd thing to happen, but possible.15:09
sogeking99seems to be ok now, however youtube videos still wont full screen XD15:10
Chesamosogeking99: Hm... I was hoping driver misconfiguration would be the problem. Let me think...15:11
Chesamosogeking99: How did you install Flash player?15:12
sogeking99i just followed this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668315:13
sogeking99and entered this sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/`lsb_release -cs`.list --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list; sudo apt-get -q update; sudo apt-get --yes -q --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring; sudo apt-get -q update15:13
sogeking99according to jocky thing no drivers are active15:14
Chesamosogeking99: You used the Mediabuntu repos, then... hm. You can try the new (beta) version of Flash player. http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html15:15
Chesamosogeking99: You're going to have to uninstall Flash player before doing that though, and I don't know what the package is named in Medibuntu. Synaptic would be good here.15:16
sogeking99so uninstall 'flashplugin-nonfree?15:17
Chesamosogeking99: Yes15:21
sogeking99hmmm the installer from the link wont work15:22
Chesamosogeking99: I believe it's just the plugin, not an installer. Drop it into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin15:23
Chesamosogeking99: The untar'd version, I mean15:23
sogeking99put it in  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins but there is no /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin15:26
Eddie_LeeHello, I was wondering if there is a problem with the medibuntu repositories in todays 10.04 update. I got a notification for "new updates available" when I started my pc and when I did a CHECK for new updates I got a list of "failed to fetch" packages, originally I was getting updates from the server in my country (Mexico) but to see if this was something specific to that server I switched to the US (in general) and I still got the same issu15:27
leoquantlibflashplayer .so ======> ./mozilla/plugins   if dowmloaded from the adobe site15:28
sogeking99sorry i gotta go guys15:29
leoquantand be aware of security updates15:29
Chesamosogeking99: That's fine. Also leoquant is right, drop it there as well. (/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins is the global storage location, ~/.mozilla/plugins is the local [user] location)15:29
ChesamoEddie_Lee: That's happened to me before... It could be that the repos are just not fully updated yet15:29
leoquantflash is almost malware15:29
sogeking99cya guys15:29
sogeking99thanks again]15:30
Eddie_LeeI see, so, should I just run the update with the available repos or should I wait until I get everything alright?15:30
ChesamoEddie_Lee: Try later.15:31
Eddie_LeeExcellent, thank you very much :).15:31
Silver_Fox_Hello DiegoTc16:44
Silver_Fox_How is Honduras ??16:44
DiegoTchi Silver_Fox_16:44
DiegoTcSilver_Fox_:  well here in my city is hot :S16:45
DiegoTcSilver_Fox_: still in california?16:45
Silver_Fox_I got back to California on sunday night.16:45
Silver_Fox_I went south of the border into Mexico :)16:45
DiegoTcdid you ate tacos?16:46
DiegoTchahah great16:46
Silver_Fox_And lots of tequila16:47
ZeRoDeAtH50435it their a way to install 64bit operating systems in vbox18:21
=== compiledkernel is now known as Guest69182
sogeking99can anyone help me with this problem please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150464219:03
sogeking99is anyone around?19:37
Chesamosogeking99: Yup19:37
sogeking99hey man, things are messed up for me here19:38
sogeking99cant activate drivers at all and my youtube problem is still there19:39
sogeking99should i make a clean install do you think?19:39
sogeking99also for some reason i seem to have lost the default theme19:47
CSiDI got the minima linstall :D:D:D:D:D19:48
sogeking99hey CSiD19:49
Chesamosogeking99: That's odd... If you want to do a clean install I guess that's fine. I'd rather not need to take such a drastic step though.19:49
ChesamoSCiD: Which one?19:49
CSiDI used you script and added some stuff to it19:49
sogeking99i dont know what to do, any ideas?19:49
CSiDwhats wrong sogeking99?19:50
sogeking99all sorts, i cant activate my drivers, my default theme seems to be gone, replaced by all grey and youtube wont full screen lol19:50
CSiDif its somethign missing from the install, try installign on same partition without formatting.. thats what I did once with an ATI-radeon19:51
CSiDbtw, chesamo = I have 2 problems with the system19:52
ChesamoYes, CSiD?19:52
CSiDyou know the applet with the networkign for WiFi?19:53
sogeking99it will be a pain because i dont have the live USB i used to install anymore19:53
Chesamonetwork-manager-gnome, yes19:53
sogeking99also i tried repair in recovery mode19:53
CSiDnot visible...19:53
CSiDand I checked, wlan0 is there19:53
CSiDbut ethernet auto runs right away19:54
ZeRoDeAtH50435how do I use my computer to check a windows computer to see if it has been cracked and a backdoor installed19:54
CSiDlook at netbios using backtrack19:54
ChesamoWho put that button there.19:54
ChesamoCSiD Have you made sure network-manager-gnome is installed? Might be a bug in the script19:55
CSiDdriver there, software there... its probably a 64-bit config bug , the script was a dream19:55
CSiDI gave the script to my uni system admin to use on their servers with a few modifications19:56
ChesamoCSiD Coolio :D19:56
CSiDbut any ideas how to get my network applet visible? and also networks dont appear on network connections from system-preferences, but neither does the network I'm on19:58
=== phillw_away is now known as phillw
CSiDany ideas?20:01
CSiDcos thats one of the two ONLY issues20:01
ChesamoI don't know, it works fine for me20:02
CSiDshould I reinstall?20:03
ChesamoYou mean reinstall network-manager-gnome? sure20:04
CSiDyeah, worth a shot20:04
CSiDthe system runs FAST though.....20:05
CSiDthe only delay is somethign called "jetty" starting20:05
justin_question : if i upgrade through the update installer to 10.04 LTS from 9.1 will it wipe my hard drive?20:06
CSiDnope justin20:06
CSiDit will replace al lsystem configurations in most cases due to beign stored in files20:06
CSiDbut will leave anything in your home directory (including desktop) intact20:07
justin_thank you20:07
CSiDback up jsut in case though, always safer to be sure20:07
CSiDis there any ways I can contribute to this place more? its amazing here20:08
CSiDhey a guy i know owns a forum, he is meant to be travelling soon for education and wants me to look after the forum as admin.... if you want I could make a section to advertise this place and for us to put commonly asked questions with solutions?20:10
CSiDI also want him to try and push the open source movements a bit by encouraging people to show source codes of everythign they program20:11
CSiDdoes anyone liek that idea?20:11
CSiDreinstallign didnt help20:15
ChesamoWhooooo... that could have been bad. Accidentally re-released UMD with a bug that wiped /etc/apt/sources.list20:15
ChesamoGood thing I caught it though20:16
CSiDgood job indeed that you caught it :O20:16
ChesamoFortunately that particular code isn't on the LaunchPad version of the script20:16
CSiDthank god, I probably would have run it :P20:17
ChesamoI'm working on the KDE version of the script20:17
ChesamoIt yelled at me that "alsa-utils" wasn't a valid package... I thought "wait a second... KDE and GNOME both use ALSA..."20:18
CSiDvirtual machine?20:18
ChesamoYes, thank goodness20:18
CSiDbrb gonna test something, please tell me what distro's you are trying this o nwhen I come back please, would be great to make one that ran on multiple OS's20:19
CSiDit went bad20:29
CSiDI trid using wifi-radar20:29
CSiDwudnt connect to my router, gonan try with my ipod to test20:30
CSiDnow my ipod touch cant see it, wtf is going on :S20:32
ChesamoCSiD Urk D:20:32
CSiDmy ipod connected to it now20:33
CSiDand the ipod disconnected from it again i nsecodns :S20:34
CSiDI hve tried so much times now I have memorised the wep key backwards!20:35
CSiDwith wep do I set "security" to open or restricted?20:36
CSiDI am just trying to work out how to get this sytem on wireless so I can calbe up nmy netbook to install ubuntu (once i find its charger20:40
ChesamoI'm sorry, I really have to focus on something, I'll be back later20:40
nhasianCSiD, open network means there is no password.20:43
nhasianCSiD, why are you using WEP instead of the more secure WPA2?20:43
paultagNot to mention memorizing a key backwards is silly20:47
paultag<CSiD> I hve tried so much times now I have memorised the wep key backwards!20:47
paultagHey CSiD20:47
paultagNot to mention memorizing a key backwards is silly20:47
CSiDu think I could help it?20:48
paultagCSiD, that's what I just wrote about you >:)20:48
CSiDI know it both ways20:48
CSiDall I saw was : <paultag> Hey CSiD20:48
CSiD<paultag> Not to mention memorizing a key backwards is silly20:48
CSiD<CSiD> u think I could help it?20:48
CSiD<paultag> CSiD, that's what I just wrote about you >:)20:48
CSiD<CSiD> I know it both ways20:48
paultagI saw your part20:48
CSiDI'm just trying to set up my wireless, to make sure it works20:49
CSiDresult= not going good20:49
CSiDfor some reason my mind even has a jingle for the key :S20:50
CSiDgod I cant work out a filesyste mfor my home directory20:53
ZeRoDeAtH50435anyone know anything about vbox20:55
CSiDI use it :D20:56
CSiDwhats wrong?20:56
ZeRoDeAtH50435I cannot get the internet to work20:56
lazybugi try to delete a file on my desktop by using sudo rm; sudo rm -r; sudo rm -R and sudo rmdir  but the only answer i get is: "rm: cannot remove `/home/lazybug/Desktop/new_folder_to_be_deleted': No such file or directory20:57
CSiDlazybug filename, and does it have a space in it??20:58
CSiDZeRoDeAtG50435 , dd you set up in the "system settings" of the specific machien to use "host's conenction as bridge"?20:59
ZeRoDeAtH50435no NAT20:59
CSiDNAT ?:S20:59
ZeRoDeAtH50435its the default20:59
CSiDtry setting it to act as if the host machine is a network bridge21:00
CSiDno NAT = default give no network21:00
CSiDlazybug, does the file/folder have a space in the name?21:00
ZeRoDeAtH50435bridge network21:00
lazybugCSiD: here the command i used: "sudo rm /home/lazybug/desktop/new_folder_to_be_deleted"21:01
CSiDthis will make your virtual machien share the connection, as if its an application such as skype on your host machine21:01
ZeRoDeAtH50435still no net21:02
CSiDdid you try sudo rm -rf /home/lazybug/desktop/new_folder_to_be_deleted?      use this command with EXTREME care as if you say the wrong folder or even root... ure fucked21:02
CSiDand ZeRo , did you restart the machine after changing settings?, and have you tried runnign a second virtual machine to see if its specific to that machine or if it is a settings error?21:03
CSiDhiya goran21:04
ZeRoDeAtH50435no ill try that21:04
CSiDthat work lazybug?21:05
lazybugCSiD: no i do not want to use rm -rf as it could delete everything then i would prefer to delete the file just with the mouse i wasn't sure if i miss a command as i try to use the command line more often21:07
CSiDwell tbh u can run sudo nautilus21:08
lazybugCSiD: thanks21:08
CSiDonly one thing: make sure no software is using it, thats the only other thing I could think of21:08
CSiDsorry I cudnt be of more help21:09
CSiDI feel like programming21:12
CSiDany suggestions?21:12
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CSiDis the problem fixed lazybug?21:17
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
lazybugCSiD: yes i can delete the file with the mouse i'll not try rm -rf21:18
CSiDrm -rf ... -r means recursive, -f means force (but actually fakes everything worked)21:19
CSiDso say you had a folder with 60 or so folders in it, all inside eachother21:19
CSiDthats when you use rm -rf21:19
ChesamoCSiD I usually avoid -f, I just do rm -r21:20
CSiDbut if you want I know a safety net of using it21:20
CSiDwell I set up aliases to alert me first21:21
CSiDhow do you pm on here?21:21
lazybugCSiD: i read the "BeginnersBashScripting" that it could delete everything but the folder it self is entirely empty i played just with commands to learn how the terminal works21:21
ChesamoCSiD /query <name>21:21
CSiDI read "mastering unix shell scripting?" and covered a lot of it at University with a man who has worked for Sun and is an honourary associate of 4 universities for his unix research21:22
CSiDthat work Chesamo?21:23
ChesamoCSiD I didn't get a message, no. What client are you on?21:24
ChesamoCSiD /query <name> then once the tab opens type your message21:24
ChesamoCSiD Alternately right-click on the name and select "Open Dialog Window21:24
CSiDgetting the messages now?21:25
Phil__hey i have a real easy uetion22:03
Phil__i have dual displays22:03
Phil__and one is a 15 " laptop videscreen diplay22:03
Phil__and the other is a 17 inch22:03
Phil__can i resize the 17" so it fits the screen22:03
Phil__its set on the same res as the laptop22:04
Phil__can i do it on windows too>22:04
phillwhi, what is the command to force vesa on boot with grub2?22:58
kermiac_workphillw: iirc it's "xforcevesa"23:06
paultagmeeting for all UBT members in #ubuntu-meeting23:59
phillwokies, I want to use nomodeset by using the F6, just not familiar with doing it23:59

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