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Prototyp1X29Ai'm puzzled what to do with this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/39971503:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 399715 in totem (Ubuntu) "alsamixer Master Front volume keeps zeroing (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Low,New]03:28
Prototyp1X29Ait says it should be sent upstream to gnome, but i don't know what it has to do with gnome, so i can hardly make a report upstream03:29
ddecatortotem is developed by the gnome devs, so if the problem really is in totem then they would be the ones to fix it03:31
Prototyp1X29Aoh i didn't see it is hinted to totem03:34
Prototyp1X29Athe text is about alsamixer03:35
Prototyp1X29Ait has nothing to do with totem03:35
ddecatoryah, just looked at it. it shouldn't be assigned to totem, my guess is seb just saw it was filed against totem and automatically put the upstream comment (unless he possibly thinks it is due to totem for some reason, i'm not good with sound bugs)03:37
Prototyp1X29Ayou should do these upstream-comments automatically by a bot03:38
Prototyp1X29Ait doesn't happen with the RT-Kernel, might it be a problem in the kernel package?03:39
Prototyp1X29Aactually a problem with the kernel03:39
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SpamapSHmm.. so there's something very confusing in the circle of "HowToTriage" and the instructions for how to join bug-control07:21
SpamapSIn order to join, one must "triage some bugs"07:21
SpamapSbut you can't set bugs to "triaged" until you're on bug-control07:21
SpamapSso really all you can do is confirm bugs07:22
drew212yes, and you can ask someone in bug control to triage a bug for you07:22
SpamapSyou mean like, work together? ;-)07:24
* SpamapS sometimes forgets there are other people in the world ;)07:24
drew212yes, i've been working with micahg for a while now on firefox bugs, he has set the triage level for some of my bugs...07:24
drew212there are some really awesome people in bugsquad that are more than willing to help you out07:24
drew212have you applied for a mentor yet?07:25
SpamapSthats another unclear point.. whether or not its required to join bug control07:25
drew212its not afaik yet, but it sounds like its going to be in the future...07:26
drew212its a great way to learn things quickly07:26
SpamapSforgive my relatively frustrated tone.. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of (excellent) documentation I've been reading07:26
drew212no, its quite alright, we were all in your shoes once...07:26
drew212actually, you're not that far behind me =D07:26
SpamapShttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-tools/+bug/199702  .. that one looks like it just needs to wait for upstream07:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 199702 in net-tools (Ubuntu) "netstat does not display all PIDs (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]07:27
drew212although the documentation is excellent, you're going to have tons of questions because each bug will be different, you cant read yourself experience..07:27
drew212well first it needs to be confirmed, and triaged07:28
vishdrew212: SpamapS: applying for a mentor is not a requirement for bug control , its just to help new members. anyone can apply for bug control once they have a good experience triaging bugs07:28
SpamapSIts been confirmed by 3 people in the comments, they just didn't know to mark it confirmed... and the patch was accepted upstream07:28
SpamapSsorry confirmed by 2 people.07:29
vishSpamapS: you can just confirm the bug for others and add a comment in the likes of: "confirming the bug from other members reporting the same issue"07:29
drew212SpamapS: i would mark it fix commited and provide a link, but take my advice with a grain of salt07:30
vishSpamapS: always remember to add a comment when you make a change in status , and for this bug , you can add the upstream task07:30
drew212SpamapS: ill let vish help you, as he sounds more experienced than I.07:31
SpamapSvish: the previous commenter added a link to berlios.de, but I think it may have been missed because it wasn't alone on its own line.. correct?07:32
vishSpamapS: yup , just noticed that link. you can add it to the top of the bug report using the "Also affects project" link07:32
drew212vish: thanks again for taking over =P, i shouldn't be giving advice07:33
vishdrew212: heh , nah , it is fix committed :)07:33
SpamapSvish: actually I think its because launchpad doesn't know what developer.berlios.de is07:34
drew212vish: i wish i was more experienced and fluent enough to be in bug control. I'm going to be a dev someday, so it is ineveitable07:34
vishSpamapS: turns out to be the case.07:35
* vish checking other net-tools bugs07:36
SpamapSvish: would it then be prudent to report a bug against launchpad?07:37
vishSpamapS: lp recognizes *several* upstream bug trackers, might be a known issue , you can try asking in #launchpad  why it is not yet recognized07:38
SpamapSyay.. my 21'st irssi window.. :-P07:39
SpamapScorrection, my 24th window.. :-P07:40
* SpamapS starts closing queries07:40
vishSpamapS: have you checked if there are any bugs for that issue on debian bug tracker ?07:40
vishfor some reason i cant seem to access it07:40
SpamapSvish: I gave it a quick glance07:40
SpamapSLots of bugs against net-tools07:41
SpamapSseems like they're relatively crappy and outdated quite frankly. :-P07:41
SpamapSanyway no it doesn't look like that one has been reported on debian07:42
vishlooks like Bug #560807 , could benefit forwarding as well , bug reporter has sbmitted patch as well and it is unattended for ~2months07:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 560807 in net-tools (Ubuntu) "ifconfig does not display inet6 addresses (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56080707:46
SpamapSwas just reading that and trying to see if I could easily confirm07:46
SpamapSbut my ipv6 knowledge fits on a 360k 5 1/4" floppy disk. :-/07:47
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xelisterhi, I find this annoy that ubuntu can not use LCD09:06
xelisterat least not fully, it flickers totally09:06
xelisterwhat would you say for an idea to include some utlity to allow user EASLY tune that (at least with try&error approach)?  and to hint user about this possiblity.  And against what such a bug should be reported? It especially annoying in livecd09:07
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tarunme tarun from INDIA10:33
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Guest57785I want to support in bugs10:33
Guest57785in ubuntu10:33
vishGuest57785: hi , for starters you can have a read of the Documentation: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs10:36
vish!bugs > Guest5778510:37
ubot2Guest57785, please see my private message10:37
vishGuest57785: you want to fix the bugs that have been reported?10:38
ubot2Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:45
BUGabundo_remoteGuest57785: ^^^^^^^^10:45
genuxlo all.. was wondering if someone has the time to walk thought this bug11:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 588107 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox crashes while maximizing youtube video (affects: 1) (heat: 488)" [Undecided,New]11:15
genuxto show me how to triage ?11:16
nperryFirst of all do you think the bug report has enough information? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Improving11:26
nperryIf you don't get some more information, asking for these kind of things. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs?action=show&redirect=DebuggingFirefox11:29
genuxthanks nperry shall read up thoses :)11:32
nperrygenux: This is where all the useful information is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/KnowledgeBase11:35
nperryMight be best to bookmark11:35
genuxthanks nperry.. shall bookmark :)11:37
genuxnperry: after reading the improving, it appears that all of the details are include, but I would say the bug is due to a "third" party, which would be flash player ?11:52
genuxwould you say that is correct ?11:53
genuxI could play the youtube film in full11:53
genuxI am using x86_64 and not a i686.. so since I may be using a different flash player then could be why I am not getting the same error ?11:54
genuxand also I am using a wrapped up version as well ?11:55
genuxor would you ask the person reporting the problem to run firefox in the dbg setup ? (debugger )11:56
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bilalakhtarom26er: Hi there! Thanks for noticing my name spelling error in GMP. I had already noticed it two days before you.13:12
bilalakhtarom26er: That too in time, luckily just before the release.13:12
om26erbilalakhtar, I noted it before but forgot to report so I noticed it first ;)13:14
bilalakhtarom26er: hehe13:14
bilalakhtarom26er: BTW, Shouldn't your name be umar?13:15
vishbilalakhtar: funny how you know his name better than him ;)13:16
om26erbilalakhtar, even better It would sound 'Umer' but I dont know who first wrote omer13:16
bilalakhtarvish: I have many friends who write their name as "Umar" and the westeners mistake it to be "Omer"13:17
om26erbilalakhtar, you should open a bug report too ;13:19
vishbilalakhtar: not really , i'v seen both spellings though , seems to be just personal repfs13:19
BUGabundo_remoteLP tags field should be larger14:59
BUGabundo_remoteI can't even read what's in there, much less edit it15:00
jpds301 #launchpad15:00
* BUGabundo_remote files a bug15:00
BUGabundo_remotejpds: LOL15:00
BUGabundo_remotefyi https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/59127415:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 591274 in malone "tags field is too small (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:05
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* jpds considers tagging that report.15:07
xteejxHey guys, was gonna a bit of gnome-games triaging for hugday early bug huday current is coming up with 20100617 not 20100610 like it should...help?15:31
xteejxpedro_: ^15:33
xteejx'hugday current' is wrong15:33
pedro_xteejx, yeah, because the other page was already created, i've put some instructions on the wiki page on how to use hugday tools with it15:34
pedro_hugday --day=20100610 close #number15:34
pedro_xteejx, try that ^ , it should work fine15:34
xteejxpedro_: No probs, just thought it might be a problem come Thursday :)15:34
pedro_xteejx, yeap, seeing the wiki now, the note is way to small , let me fix that15:36
pedro_xteejx, thanks for raising it ;-)15:36
xteejxpedro_: You're welcome :D15:36
xteejxHow do I find the changelogs for gnome-games, specifically quadrapassel? I'm wondering if bug 590214 could be a candidate for SRU?15:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 590214 in gnome-games (Ubuntu) "Quadrapassel has no sound (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59021415:39
xteejxi.e. the changes between the Lucid release and the current maverick one15:41
xteejxthink I found it in /usr/share/doc/quadrapassel no worries :)15:42
karyodo I have to be able to mangle around my system and/or be able to use VMs to be a traiger?16:00
xteejxkaryo: Not at all, but it does help if you have a VM with maverick to test if a bug can be reproduced in the latest development release, but no it's not essential :)16:03
karyoxteejx, well my main interest is in localization issues and in making LTS more stable(less bugs) does this mean anything to the bug team?16:05
xteejxkaryo: Of course. Any help is appreciated. Bear in mind that while there may be some bugs in a stable release, they may have been fixed in the dev release, hence the need for testing it, but there are a number of people on here running it, myself included so if there's anything you need testing just ask.16:06
karyoI think I should familiarize with the documentations a little more. thx16:08
xteejxmaybe not then... lol16:08
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pedro_hey folks,  who is here for the BugSquad meeting?17:00
pedro_vish, jjesse, bencrisford, hggdh, ddecator ?17:01
* charlie-tca is here17:01
ddecatorpedro_: i'm here for now, can't stay the whole meeting17:02
pedro_ddecator, no worries ;-)17:02
pedro_alright, i don't see any agenda item listed at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting17:02
* bencrisford is here! :)17:02
pedro_vish, saw you were talking about the mentoring program, want to discuss that during the meeting?17:02
vishhmm , I have an agenda , the mentors17:02
vishpedro_: yup :)17:03
pedro_vish, the stage is yours ;-)17:03
* micahg is kinda here17:03
vishwell , basically the team is now a mess of old students and new ones17:03
vishand it is hard to find out who is still interested and who is not17:03
vishthe mentors list also seems a bit confusing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors/17:04
vishmrooney , not sure if he still wants to mentor17:04
pedro_I sent an email a week ago to the folks on the proposed state, received only a few responses which I've been adding to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors/Students17:04
ddecatori need to update my available times in the next couple of weeks..17:05
vishpedro_: who are all the  mentors who have replied17:05
pedro_vish, we only asked to reply to those who are not up for mentoring , we decided to do it that way in the UDS discussion17:05
hggdhso, by definition, no reply == in17:06
vishhmm , ok. so shall we re-approve mrooney and add mentees to him?17:06
vishi havent seen him around for a while17:06
vishalso , shall we purge the old students and ask them to apply again? [apologizing for the mess of course ;)  ]17:06
pedro_vish, contact him to see if he's around first ;-)17:06
vishpedro_: ok , i'll do that17:07
pedro_vish, old students being the ones who were mentored at some point but never heard back from the mentor ?17:07
vishpedro_: might be those and those who are not interested any more , basically : https://edge.launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship/+members#active  is a huge mess17:08
vishpedro_: i like your idea of having 3months period for students , for the mentors we full approval , will make it easier to see who is mentor and student17:08
pedro_vish, ok i'll give you a hand reviewing those students17:09
pedro_it might be easy to get a list of those with launchpadlib17:09
pedro_oh and please do not approve students on the team unless they have a mentor assigned17:10
ddecatorquick question: what is the policy for students who stop communicating with the mentor?17:10
vishddecator: MIA17:11
pedro_waiting ~1 month is enough i think for those17:11
hggdhand then take them out of the mentorship17:11
vishanother issue , was how do we handle students with dual interests?17:11
pedro_then contact the admin team to say that the student is no longer available, so we can remove it from the list and the team as well17:11
ddecatorok, my student still hasn't gotten back to me. i'm going to send him one more email tonight just in case it was because of school, so we'll see what happens17:11
vishddecator: remove student from your list if you dont hear back17:12
pedro_vish, like... ?17:12
vishjust a sec17:12
ddecatorvish: right, just want to give him one more chance17:12
vishlike https://wiki.ubuntu.com/drew212 , student lists kernel and FF as interests17:13
ddecatoranother quick question: i'm about to move back to michigan for the summer and my available hours will most likely change. do i just need to change it on the wiki page, or do i need to contact the admins and let them know?17:13
ddecatorvish: oh, haha, micah and i have been working with drew some17:13
vishddecator: yup , i know ;)17:13
vishdo we assign one mentor for the whole 3 months or do we assign 1 mentor for 1 month and then switch17:14
vishto next interest.17:14
pedro_vish, ask him in which of those tasks he'd like to start to work first?17:14
pedro_in either of those he'd learn how to triage, policies, etc17:14
ddecatoryah, i believe he wants to start with firefox but eventually, once he gets a better feel for the workflow, start working on kernel. but it'd be best to ask him17:14
vishpedro_: yup, that would be the first thing , I thinking of how long to keep under one mentor17:15
charlie-tcaWhy not simply assign the student where the mentor is available. At least it allows you to spread the mentee/mentor assignments out, then.17:15
ddecatorcharlie-tca: +117:15
pedro_i like that17:15
vishcharlie-tca: thats how we have planned right?17:16
hggdhIIRC, yes17:16
charlie-tcaI thought we did. There is no need to move a student to another interest. He will pick that up along the way17:16
vishmy concern is are we satisfying the students hunger to learn about both packages? do we just give user a FF mentor and say you are good to go? or do we assign another mentor for the kernel? if so how long for each?17:17
charlie-tcaWe are not limiting them to only work with the mentor, are we?17:17
pedro_no we are not, in fact we're teaching the students to work with the 'whole' bugsquad17:17
pedro_that's why we have this channel to begin17:17
ddecatorthey can have one official mentor to teach them the basics, but they can talk to others about other packages17:18
charlie-tcaCan't he learn to triage the firefox bugs, then when he knows how to triage, he can also triage kernel bugs. He should not need a mentor for each package.17:18
ddecatori had pedro_ as my mentor and learned firefox triage ;)17:18
pedro_yeah i don't think that's a problem, really17:18
vishcharlie-tca: kernel is quite a different workflow actually17:19
* micahg talked to vish about that the other day17:19
charlie-tcaThen maybe kernel needs it own mentor program?17:19
hggdhnot really17:19
hggdhperhaps as specialisation, but we are getting them to understand triaging *in general*17:20
micahgeach of us have our specialties, we can drive the mentees to the specialists when specialized questions arise17:20
pedro_well the student can contact the kernel triager and ask him for the workflow used there and learn both ie: firefox and kernel17:20
pedro_is just a matter of communication here17:20
ddecatormicahg: +117:20
hggdhpedro_, micahg +117:20
vishoh thats clears that up as well i suppose ;)17:21
charlie-tcaThen there is no need to switch mentors17:21
pedro_there's no policy on "just talk to your mentor or a 1000 kittens are going to die"17:21
micahgthat's a lot of kittens17:21
micahgno one can be that heartless :)17:21
pedro_oh 999 then ;-)17:21
ddecatoryou already killed one? :(17:22
vishnah , but assigning a FF mentor and the student would be overburdening a kernel mentor who already has a few students , while the FF mentor [ micahg ] gets lazy ;p17:22
* micahg goes off to do real work :P17:22
charlie-tcaThere are more than just the mentors that can answer questions and help the student17:22
pedro_vish, well then we need to find some more mentors for the kernel :-)17:22
pedro_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors/Students <- that's the current list of students17:23
ddecatorvish: well thats why we ask where he wants to start. if he wants to do mostly kernel work, then he should have a kernel mentor from the start. but if that's not something he plans to do for a while, then it's all good :)17:23
charlie-tcaI triage XFCE bugs. Am I the only person that can answer questions about xfce?17:23
ddecatorvalid point17:23
micahgcharlie-tca: depends on how speciialized the bug process is for those packages17:23
vishpedro_: then i'm gonna purge the students who are not there on that wiki, sound good?17:23
vishqense has a lot of students and I dont see any of them around ;p17:24
pedro_vish, on the Mentors page rather, there we have the list of mentors + students17:24
pedro_just want to point that there's a few students waiting for being mentored17:24
charlie-tcapedro_: I verified most of the student page17:24
vishpedro_: yup , keeping in mind the new students we assigned17:24
pedro_so if you have some time and room to take one, please do so17:24
ddecatorto take one? aren't we being assigned students? :p17:25
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pedro_ddecator, yes, but you're welcome to say ' i want to work with this fellow!'17:25
pedro_just a reminder to our lovely bugsquad ;-)17:26
charlie-tcazus has a part-time connection and will be in and out. It will be appreciated if anyone around when he can get online helps him out17:26
ddecatorpedro_: good to know, i'll take a look once i know what my available times will be17:26
ddecatorcharlie-tca: i help him quite a bit when he's on17:26
pedro_awesome!, let's just be proactive about this17:26
pedro_we always need more people to help us17:26
ddecatorpedro_: so going back to my question that never got a response, once i know my available times should i just change the wiki or let you admins know as well?17:27
charlie-tcahe really wants to learn, but when he goes offline, it could be three weeks17:27
ddecatoryah...his time is kind of unpredictable too, haha17:27
ddecatorcharlie-tca: i can take him17:27
charlie-tcai took him just because of the time thing17:28
pedro_ddecator, changing the wiki is enough :-)17:28
ddecatorpedro_: thanks :)17:28
hggdhddecator: my view is you can update your availability yourself17:28
micahgwe all get notified of wiki changes, right?17:28
ddecatorcharlie-tca: or that works too :)17:28
ddecatorhggdh: right, just didn't know if you guys wanted to be updated on changes like that17:28
pedro_i guess so, hggdh are we subscribed to all those pages right?17:28
pedro_BugSquad/* i mean17:28
vishmicahg: well , mentors subscribing to the page would be good , but when student is assigned the mentor is notified as well17:29
hggdhas far as I can see yes -- BugSquad/.* is subscribed17:29
charlie-tcaI believe we are, pedro_ . I got an update from wiki updates today17:29
pedro_awesome, so we're going to be notified by email in the bugsquad list too ddecator17:29
ddecatorgood, i'll just leave a comment when i make the change then :)17:29
pedro_anything else on the mentoring?17:29
hggdhit is always good to comment on a wiki change17:30
vishthats weird i dint receive mail17:30
charlie-tcayou made the change, too17:30
vishmailman hates me :(17:30
ddecatorhggdh: i always try to17:30
charlie-tcavish: The comment on the change is: Dave walker hasnt reported to greg-g in a while17:31
hggdhddecator: I know, this is why I did not target you on my reply ;-)17:31
vishcharlie-tca: cool! :)17:31
hggdhDave Walker? Daviey?17:31
vishhggdh: nah , another Dave ;)17:32
hggdhoh, OK17:32
* hggdh begs pardon17:32
vishhggdh: https://edge.launchpad.net/~dogatemycomputer17:32
vishthats the Dave^17:32
hggdhoh, I remember him17:32
ddecatoralright, i have to go take a final, bbl17:33
pedro_haha nice name17:33
pedro_ok any other agenda item for the meeting?17:33
yofelmeeting time? or are we going to leave it?17:34
vishyofel: meeting in progress ;)17:34
vishsloooow progresssss17:35
yofelvish: no, are we going to put it on another date? or are we going to leave it on tuesday 16:00 UTC17:35
vishoh that!17:35
pedro_didn't we created a poll for that?17:35
* vish likes this time schedule17:35
pedro_or was it for the qa meeting on wednesdays?17:36
charlie-tca+1 vish17:36
yofelwell, there was http://www.when2meet.com/?30657-7nGss17:36
yofelwhich ended with wednesday 20:00 UTC for the most17:37
hggdhthat's QA17:37
yofelhggdh: so they use that time now?17:38
hggdhyofel: every other week17:38
hggdhone week at 1700Z, next at 2000Z17:39
yofelah, then we're back where we started :/17:39
hggdhnot really. The whole point is to try to allow different TZs to participate17:39
hggdhbut this is OT here17:39
pedro_they are 1700 and 1900 UTC17:40
* hggdh stands corrected17:41
hggdhas usual :-)17:41
yofelI'm not exactly against the current time, but right now I miss about half of the meeting as I don't get home before ~16:15UTC17:41
hggdhwe could do the same, if there is interest. I am all in favour17:42
pedro_shall we try 2000 UTC for the next meeting?17:42
vish20:00 is too late :(17:42
* micahg has no objection17:42
yofelerm, 1900 was qa...17:42
vishwhat is the current time in UTC?17:42
pedro_18? ;-)17:42
vishah then 19 is fine ;p17:43
charlie-tcashould be 16:43 NOW17:43
yofelit is17:43
vishoh , then 17 is fine :)17:43
xteejxits 17:43 now UTC I think17:43
xteejx16:43 sorry17:43
pedro_ok so... 17?17:43
xteejxUK is GMT+1 at the mo :)17:44
vish <ubottu> Current time in Etc/UTC: June 08 2010, 16:43:5217:44
charlie-tcait is 16:43 UTC17:44
xteejx16:44:28 :P17:44
hggdhxteejx: we are talking about UTC, *not* GMT ;-)17:44
* micahg wonders if we can program all of these clocks to do bug triage :P17:44
xteejxhggdh, I know i know, I corercted myself ;)17:44
pedro_haha ok let's follow on the mailing list17:44
xteejx*corrected.... again haha17:45
vishwell yofel's problem is the meeting starting at 16:00 , and he misses half hr , so 17 works for yofel right?17:45
* hggdh wonders about a bot that prints the hour (UTC) every 30 min17:45
pedro_1700 we might collide with the QA meeting at some point17:45
xteejxWhat's the meeting?17:45
vishoh yeah :s17:45
yofeltrue, so 18? That shouldn't be too late vish17:45
vishpedro_: oh , well , what ever the team decides ;)17:45
charlie-tcaqa is going to 17 and 19, right? Can we do 16 and 18 ?17:45
pedro_16 works pretty fine for me :-)17:46
xteejxwhat meeting are we talking about guys I joined halfway thru17:47
pedro_xteejx, bugsquad meeting times17:47
xteejxoh right :)17:47
vishwell , we can have it at 17 regularly and when QA clashes , we can have at 16 for those days..17:47
vishor eitherway..17:47
xteejxwhat about 17, 16, 17, 16 UTC every other week in case some can't make it as late/early?17:48
pedro_sure, we just need to announce it earlier17:48
pedro_well it's a monthly meeting17:48
pedro_vish, i like your idea17:49
xteejxpeople finish work here at 16 UTC (17 GMT) so just thinking we may end up a few short form the UK17:49
pedro_any objection to vish proposal ?17:49
xteejxso 17 is good here17:49
pedro_so 1800 when the QA meeting clashes17:50
yofelthat sounds good17:50
pedro_vish? that sounds good to you?17:50
xteejxgood here...not that the UK  matters lol ;)17:50
vishpedro_: you meant 18 or 16 ? :)17:50
vish[22:19] <pedro_> so 1800 when the QA meeting clashes17:50
pedro_vish, 18 when the QA meeting clashes ours17:50
pedro_and the normal one at 1717:51
vishpedro_: ah , ok. wfm17:51
pedro_any objections to that?17:51
xteejxnone here17:51
pedro_charlie-tca, hggdh, yofel, micahg , ddecator?17:51
pedro_ok great, i'll send it to the mailing list then17:52
pedro_any other topics for the meeting?17:52
xteejxI'll shut up and go back to hugday-ing :P17:52
xteejxpedro_: Can i suggest something?17:52
charlie-tcaWe aren't going to clash with wednesday qa meetings, ever17:52
pedro_xteejx, go for it17:52
micahghugday, today?17:53
xteejxIs there any chance we can get an update on the scripts for firefox-lp-improvements, and in regards to the meeting explain to members about it, and effective reply techniques instead of "more info pls"17:53
pedro_charlie-tca, did you check it already?17:53
xteejxmicahg: No I'm starting early17:53
charlie-tcathis is tuesday17:53
charlie-tcaqa meets on wednesday17:53
vishoh , we were breaking our heads for nothing then :D17:53
pedro_blah you guys...17:54
pedro_vish is all your fault17:54
vishpedro_: hei! it wasnt me ;p17:54
* micahg suggests getting on the fridge calendar17:54
xteejxyes it was I saw you lol17:54
pedro_haha good one17:54
xteejxgo and sit on the naughty step!17:54
yofelthat was from the original poll that suggested wednesday, we somehow mixed that up...17:55
hggdhI *thought* today was Wed, this is why I did not raise it17:55
pedro_thought so too17:55
pedro_i blame vish17:55
* pedro_ runs17:55
* charlie-tca back to hiding now17:55
* yofel takes half the blame17:55
yofelas I brought it up17:55
hggdhthis is another reason why myself and calendars don't go too well together17:55
xteejxlol crazy people :)17:55
vishfinally! ;p17:55
* micahg wonders why we'd be meeting on a Wed17:55
pedro_let's share it :-P17:55
xteejxpedro_: Anything on my suggestion? :)17:56
pedro_you're all so crazy folks17:56
yofelso tuesday 17UTC?17:56
pedro_xteejx, let's talk to bdmurray about it when he's available, he's maintaining that project17:56
xteejxHave to be crazy to work alongside you lot ;) hehe17:56
xteejxCool, I meant telling the BugSquad about it and how to write replies to bugs effectively instead of a generic "more info please"17:57
charlie-tcastill second TUESDAY of the month?17:57
xteejxit IS the 2nd Tuesday of the month....its the 8th today :S17:57
pedro_charlie-tca, that's correct17:57
charlie-tcathank you17:58
micahgpedro_: are you acting bugmaster ATM?17:58
hggdhguess so :-)17:58
pedro_micahg, oh no no, i'm just helping bdmurray with some tasks but he's still the bugmaster :-P17:59
vishpuppet-master ;p17:59
* xteejx maybe isn't shouting loud enough17:59
hggdhin absentia, but still THE bugmeister17:59
xteejxCan you hear me now???  *echo*........ :P17:59
vishxteejx: hmm?17:59
micahghence the word acting as in not official :)18:00
* bdmurray looks around18:00
hggdhheh. Hi Brian, we were talking about you :-)18:00
pedro_ok do we have any other topics?18:00
xteejxvish: About the BSQ meeting (didnt think BS was appropriate) .... i.e. getting new triagers to write more effective replies18:00
vishxteejx: we already have reply templates18:01
xteejxthey're not being fully utilised :(18:01
xteejxesp. by newer triagers18:01
pedro_xteejx, ask to the triager to use them :-P18:01
vishxteejx: why new templates? they just need to be used , and to be pointed out ;)18:01
xteejxof course...I was thinking maybe we could bring that up in the meeting?18:01
bdmurrayit'd be best if they were in the xml file used by greasemonkey and not the wiki18:01
Flare183And where is this new template at?18:02
vishFlare183: not new , but existing replies : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses18:02
micahgbdmurray: BTW, are tags supposed to work in ff-lp-improvements?18:02
Flare183Ah, alright18:02
xteejxI have wondered about the lp_button_tags thing...what is it?18:03
bdmurraymicahg: no, those are broken due to launchpad requiring a referer...18:03
micahgbdmurray: ah, ok18:03
bdmurrayits bug 56497818:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 564978 in launchpad-gm-scripts "lp_buttontags is broken on edge (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56497818:04
xteejxahhhh :)18:04
micahgI guess it's good to have the list though as autocomplete in the tags box works18:04
pedro_Folks, anything else for the meeting?18:06
pedro_going once18:06
xteejxonly my one if needed otherwise nothing else18:07
pedro_alright, thanks everybody for attending!18:07
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
pedro_btw i've been working on revamping the bugsquad landing page on the wiki18:07
pedro_so if you have some time to review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PedroVillavicencio/bugsquad18:08
pedro_feedback is more than welcome ;-)18:08
vishpedro_: "Setting the priority of bugs reports." , maybe we can move/remove it , since bugsquad cant really do that. Also there was a question about that a couple of days ago18:10
vishor add exception in the brackets18:11
pedro_vish, what about putting a (BugControl only) and a link to it?18:11
xteejxpedro_: "When joining the Bug Squad, please keep up-to-date with bug management policies. Changes are always announced on the mailing list. " maybe we could add "for futher information please check the wiki form time to time or check with other members on irc.freenode.net at #ubuntu-bugs" ?18:12
pedro_xteejx, sounds good18:12
pedro_i'm off for lunch, ill be back later18:13
vishpedro_: is signing the Code of Conduct needed for Bugsquad?18:13
vishlater ;)18:13
pedro_feel free to edit the page, we can move it later18:13
xteejxvish: It is now, has been for 5-6 months I think18:13
* pedro_ -> lunch18:13
vishxteejx: it was used considered then it wasnt.  i'm a bit confused bout that ;)18:14
xteejxvish: You and me both lol :)18:14
bdmurrayIts been required since about January.18:20
xteejxthought so :)18:21
vishbdmurray: yeah , i thought so too , that seemed the point of the whole purge.. someone confused me after that :s18:21
xteejxvish: Wasn't me :p18:22
ddecatorpedro_: that time works for me (even though it looks like it was already decided on :p)18:55
jcastropedro_: If I want to file a bug on the status.qa.ubuntu.com pages I file it against ...?18:58
vishissyl0: hi. a while ago you had applied for bug squad mentor , are you still looking for a mentor?19:07
vishif you are we can assign you a mentor : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors19:08
pedro_jcastro, under ubuntu-qa-website19:09
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
vishhmm , mrooney is active on lp , I'm just gonna approve hima nd he can report back if he doesnt want to mentor ;p19:26
vishhehe, that was a quick reply ;)19:52
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
hggdhyeah, so now we know the does not want it20:06
hggdhdid not reply to email, but acted quickly when you added him in20:06
vishhggdh: the main catch was "we will be assigning students soon" ;p20:13
hggdhvish: nothing like incentives ;-)20:16
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marti1125hello :D21:10
xteejxHi marti112521:12
xteejxmarti1125: Did you resend your Bug Squad application with your Launchpad ID?21:15
marti1125i am new in team BugSquad, https://launchpad.net/~marti1003-deactivatedaccount21:16
xteejxmart1125: Your account has also been deactivated21:18
marti1125how activate21:18
xteejxspeak to the guys at #launchpad they should be able to sort it out for you :)21:18
marti1125thank you21:19
xteejxNo problem :)21:19
BlackZhey xteejx ;)21:20
=== BUGaTakeAwayfewd is now known as BUGabundo
marti1125but i am member BugSquad21:21
BlackZmarti1125: so you have chosen the ID ~marti1003-deactivatedaccount21:22
BlackZit isn't deactivated :)21:22
BlackZ(I guess)21:22
xteejxBlackZ: Very doubtful, prob *was* a deactivated account but logged into recently, maybe the name doesn't change21:22
BlackZxteejx: he can change the name21:23
xteejxBlackZ: Hi by the way, here I am in my normal buggy world not motu haha :)21:23
BlackZxteejx: maybe it's a launchpad bug21:24
xteejxOh hang on it's going to the page now, (it was bitching before)21:24
xteejxmarti1125: You are already a BugSquad member21:24
hggdhxteejx: the account is active, I added it in21:25
BlackZxteejx: I said that21:25
BlackZso, probably that's his launchpad ID21:25
hggdhit's just the nick ;-)21:25
marti1125heheh, in me account, i edit me profile name: marti1003-deactivatedaccount, i change name :D21:25
xteejxBlonde moment guys :D21:25
hggdhso, marti1125, what can we do for you?21:25
BlackZmarti1125: welcome aboard21:26
marti1125thanks :D21:26
xteejxmarti1125: Welcome to the Team :D21:27
xteejxmarti1125: As hggdh said, how can we help?21:27
BlackZI think I solved his question in #launchpad21:27
=== lfaraone_ is now known as lfaraone
marti1125i join 5 A Day Participants21:28
xteejxmarti1125: Cool21:28
BlackZmarti1125: happy triaging! if you have any doubt or you want to talk with a ubuntu bug control member ask!21:28
BlackZmarti1125: that's good :)21:29
xteejxmarti1125: If no-ones around when you need a question answered or if you don't get a reply within say 20 minutes, post it on the BugSquad mailing list :)21:29
marti1125what do you make?  5-a-day-ing21:32
xteejxmarti1125: What do you mean?21:33
marti1125what is Triage?21:34
xteejxmarti1125: Have you read the BugSquad wiki page?21:35
xteejxI thought that was one of the requirements for entry to the BugSquad???21:35
xteejxhggdh: ^21:36
hggdhxteejx: no, it is not a requirement, but strongly encouraged21:36
xteejxah right - bit worrying lol21:36
hggdhmarti1125: you really should read the page xteejx gave you.21:37
marti1125i read about bugsquad21:38
BlackZmarti1125: if you join a team it's supposed to know what the team does, isn't it?21:39
marti1125yes but i read about BugSquad but i didnt read about Triage, i start now21:41
DrKenobiHi! I'm new here. Need some help. I think this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/393121 it's not a proper bug, I think it'a a support request. Someone help me please!21:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 393121 in ubuntu "Canon pixma MP190 support (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]21:52
greg-gDrKenobi: that appears to be a valid bug, "Choosing the bundled MP180 ubuntu driver allows the printer to print but scanner will not function."21:56
xteejxthe definition of Triage and what it covers is in the link I gave earlier https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad - it's like the first thing on it, 2nd paragraph...22:08

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