Pendulumthat's how I was doing it :)00:00
macothe other direction just feels weird00:02
macomy wrists dont do that fluently00:02
akgranerTechnoviking, ping-a-ling-a-ling00:08
czajkowskiakgraner: tis ping a ling long :)00:09
akgranerhehe :-)00:10
akgranerI was needing some Forums Magic and since Technoviking is the guru :-D00:12
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dpmgood morning everyone07:42
dholbachgood morning07:59
dpmmorning dholbach!08:00
dholbachhola dpm08:00
bobbomorning dholbach :)08:40
dholbachheya bobbo08:41
dholbachhola randa_09:49
randa_hola dholbach!09:50
popeymorning all!09:55
dholbachhey popey09:57
czajkowskialoha folks10:21
nigelbabuevening folks :)11:51
akgranernigelbabu, evening11:51
nigelbabuakgraner: ah, you're awake! Morning!11:52
akgranernigelbabu, yeppers :-)11:52
akgranerdoctormo, ping13:01
akgranerjcastro, are you a mailing list guru?14:18
akgranerI need some help with some spam settings on a list :-/  grrrr14:19
jcastroakgraner: no I am not, I'm just the approver guy14:46
akgranerokie dokie :-)14:46
PiciJust a heads-up to the CC, I know you're all busy, but theres someone (HardDisk/Sam Azab) in #ubuntu-irc that says that he sent something to the CC mailing list a week ago and has not yet heard a reply.14:53
JanCakgraner: what are you trying to filter?15:04
jcastrobuenas mornings!15:39
cjohnstonhowdy jcastro15:46
Technovikingakgraner: what is up16:02
TechnovikingPici: don't call that name, maybe he used his real name instead. I will look16:03
popeymark replied16:03
PiciIndeed, he said that Mark just replied.16:04
Technovikingarchive.ubuntu.com is slow16:10
akgranerTechnoviking, I wanted to talk UWN and Forums news with ya :-)  I just PM'd you some info - no hurry or anything16:13
popeyTechnoviking: openoffice security update16:15
doctormocjohnston: Yes, I have a random stuff project that I've put my junk or tiny branches17:03
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day!17:31
dholbachsee you guys tomorrow17:31
dpmsee ya dholbach!17:31
dholbachbye dpm17:31
jcastrojames_w: man dude, I only just now found the debian swirlies on the blankets!17:36
james_weaster egg!17:36
jcastrototally awesome!17:37
jcastro<--- lunching, bbi 60min17:46
dpmman, the last xkcd strip made me lol even louder than usual: http://xkcd.com/750/18:10
dpmanyway, need to go though, see you all tomorrow!18:11
doctormoWoot, I'm registered for LinuxCon and I got a "I live right here and am poor" discount of 100% super cool.18:16
JFocongrats doctormo18:20
Pendulumdoctormo: busy August then18:21
doctormoPendulum: Bloody hell so, DebConf, LinuxCon, PiCon and my sister visiting.18:30
doctormoGood job UDS isn't until October ;-)18:30
jcastrovish: thanks for the link fix on that blueprint19:37
vishjcastro: ;)19:38
jcastroakgraner: I've deprecated CommunityTeam and moved the good stuff to BuildingCommunity19:38
jonojcastro, have you upgraded today?19:42
jcastrojono: yep, I dist-upgraded by spare laptop, everything good so far!19:42
jonocool :)19:42
jonoEvo crashing for me from my last upgrade19:42
jonojust went on a Oracle community videocast19:43
jonowith on of their senior managers19:43
jonoit was cool19:43
jonoI told them they need to give the MySQL community confidence they will be good stewards19:43
jcastrojono: unity isn't all in maverick yet, so if you care about that ...19:46
jcastroI have one laptop on lucid with PPA and one on maverick vanilla to cover all my bases19:47
jonojcastro, np19:50
jonojcastro, all I care about is the global menu right now19:50
jonois that in yet?19:50
jcastroindicator-appmenu and appmenu-gtk is what you want19:51
jcastroindicator-appmenu-tools if you want the debugging tools19:51
jcastroscratch that, the appmenu bits are still in NEW19:52
jcastrojono: I am still using the PPA with maverick so that works19:52
jonojcastro, ok awesome19:54
jcastrolucid PPA with normal desktop seems to be the most reliable so far while they sort out maverick19:54
jonothanks jcastro19:55
* jcastro goes to test it out now19:56
jonohmm xserver-xorg-core held back19:56
jonothat could be bad news19:56
akgranerjcastro, cool :-)20:04
doctormojono: Re Oracle, sounds interesting, I hope it pans out. I know we've had the MySQL guy at UDS a few times.20:36
doctormojono: xserver was held back because of massive changes, wasn't there an email about that in devel mailing list?20:37
jcastroI would have thought we passed through the xserver transition already21:40
czajkowskijono: ping22:34
jcastroanyone see this? http://blog.thesilentnumber.me/2010/06/why-ubuntu-locos-should-move-to.html22:38
jcastroI totally don't get it22:38
czajkowskijust reading the mails now22:40
czajkowskiwhy doesnt he just go set up a lug22:41
czajkowskiand leave locos alone22:41
jcastroyeah, it sounds like he's talking about lugs22:41
jcastrohey greg-g22:42
jcastroI thought of you today22:42
czajkowskijcastro: and some lugs promte all sorts of linux so I'm not sure why he mailed loco contacts about this22:43
czajkowskikinda odd22:43
czajkowskishrugs each to their own though22:44
cjohnstonjono: I am ready whenever. :-)22:54
jonocjohnston, cool, give me a few mins22:55
AlanBelljcastro: what an odd blog post22:56
czajkowskiAlanBell: tis on the loco contacts mailing list also22:56
AlanBelljcastro: http://bit.ly/UbuntuBusiness <- what the UK loco and Canonical are launching tomorrow22:56
jcastrooh neat!22:57
czajkowskiAlanBell: :D22:57
AlanBellczajkowski: so, up to anything good on the 13th of July?22:57
czajkowskiAlanBell: I'm in leeds the previous week I think...22:58
czajkowskimust dig out that work,22:58
czajkowskidoing an open source work shop & women in oss22:58
czajkowskithursday 8th July I'll be in leeds23:00
greg-gjcastro: awww, shucks23:00
jcastrogreg-g: ask me how!23:01
greg-gjcastro: how?!23:01
jcastroI had steak!23:01
jcastro"Every time you eat a steak, a hippie's hacky sack falls down the gutter."23:01
greg-guh, thanks(?)23:01
jcastrogreg-g: did that happen to you?23:01
greg-gI knew it wasn't me!23:01
czajkowskijcastro: *hugs* you craack me up!23:01
greg-gI was totally going to get that one, and then whoosh, out of no where this big gust of wind came and pushed it down the drain23:02
jonocjohnston, skype?23:03
cjohnstonone sec23:03
cjohnstongo ahead jono23:04
jonocjohnston, one sec23:04
jonocjohnston, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperStackTour23:10
cjohnstonjcastro: can we schedule a time for a chat?23:27
jcastrocjohnston: sure23:27
jcastrotommorrow ok?23:27
cjohnstonanytime before 1600 utc23:28
jcastroyou're EST right?23:28
cjohnstonsorry.. any time before 1600 etc23:29
cjohnstonnot utc23:29
cjohnstonbig difference23:29
jcastroI have no calls tomorrow except 11-12 our time23:29
jcastroso just snag me on irc23:29
cjohnstonsounds good23:30
cjohnstonjcastro: http://hall-of-fame.ubuntu.com/23:30
jcastrowhat happened there?23:30
cjohnstonI'd guess the redeisign killed it23:31
AlanBelljono: http://bit.ly/UbuntuBusiness23:32
AlanBellnight all o/23:33
cjohnstong'nite AlanBell23:34
cjohnstonjcastro: I'm talking to newz about atleast getting the HoF theme back to the way it was23:35
cjohnstonjcastro: bug 591491 if your interested23:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 591491 in ubuntu-website "Hall Of Fame design broken by ubuntu.com redesign (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59149123:38
jonocjohnston, ok, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityContributePages - I added a structure and wrote up most of the Developer one23:46
jonocjohnston, if you can source people to write the rest, that would be awesome23:47
jonolets see how much we can done done this week :)23:47
cjohnstonsure thing23:47
jonocheers, pal23:47
jonothis will be awesome :)23:47
Pendulumcjohnston: is there anything there I can help with?23:47
cjohnstonPendulum: Gonna try to get people from the different teams to write the section for their team..23:48
Pendulumcool :)23:49
jonoPendulum, how are you getting on merging in the Art Of Community content?23:55

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