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mquinsomeone with revert access on help.ubuntu.com may wish to take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto - seems to have had some malicious alterations in the last few days14:34
ZachK_mquin: i'll take a look14:35
ZachK_mquin: what malicious alterations do you see?14:36
ZachK_or what appears to be such alterations i should say14:36
mquinlooks like they're trying to direct the unwary to a few trollpits on another network14:38
ZachK_ok i'm going to have to grab that person....thanks for pointing that out14:38
ZachK_the launchpad id is invalid...go figure14:39
mquinlorez is one of freenode's staff, so that's likely impersonation14:42
ZachK_I hate that crap14:44
cody-somervilleThe person is Thomas Pynchon14:47
ZachK_ok we shall have to do something about him14:47
sommer mdke:any problem with me updating the HTML version of the serverguide on h.u.c15:01
LoRezhow would I go about claiming my name on launchpad?15:03
LoRezor maybe not launchpad, but help.ubuntu.com... (dunno if that uses launchpad)15:05
LoRezeverything 'LoRez' has edited should probably be reverted as well.15:06
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jo-erlendhttps://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/bazaar.html states that documentation comes bundled with Bazaar, and is installed by default in /usr/share/doc/bzr/html. But there is no such directory after installing it.17:46
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ZachK_LoRez: how do we figure out what he's edited?18:40
ZachK_go about looking for it?18:40
LoRezit's your wiki, not mine :)18:40

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