amalgameatehey guys, is there a standard ubuntu AMI you can recommend to get started with?04:30
amalgameateim insatlling http://groups.google.com/group/typhoonae and they give no instructions past use Debian Ubuntu04:30
amalgameateit apparently installs everything else fro you04:30
flaccidamalgameate: the alestic ones are good04:46
amalgameateflaccid: sweet thanks :]04:47
flaccidwell the later ubuntu ones there are canonical05:08
amalgameatehi flaccid i chose one of the most recent alestic AMI's and i'm trying to install java, but when i do apt-get java-6-sun isnt available. would you happen to know why or how to get it?05:24
amalgameate(turns out i need to insatll python2.5, and java myself)05:26
flaccidamalgameate: thats the wrong package name. java install is outlined on the ubuntu help/wiki site05:29
amalgameateo i see, thanks!05:30
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