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HarrySHello, does the ubuntu team mind if I create and run the channel #ubuntu-gays? I am making it for other Ubuntu users like me who are also LGBT, in hopes for a friendly enviornment.06:20
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BasicXPhello! what do I need to get an IRC cloak?12:00
Destinethe same question huh.12:01
* ZachK_ has same question12:01
BasicXPkinda weird that i don't see any operators on the channel as in #ubuntu-meeting12:01
ZachK_being an Ubuntu channel op is like huge so...12:02
vishPici tsimpson jussi  ^^^12:02
DestineBasicXP, guess most of them are.12:02
DJonesJust wait around for a while, somebody will notice your request12:02
jpdsBasicXP: No, we only op ourselves when it is necessary to do so.12:02
vishZachK_: BasicXP: you also have to mention your lp links12:02
jpdsLike so.12:02
BasicXPoh ok12:02
vishDestine: too12:02
BasicXPdo i have to setup the irc client some way?12:03
Destinepaste the wrong one.12:03
ZachK_BasicXP: no....12:03
BasicXPyay cool12:03
tsimpsonso, who want's a cloak?12:03
* ZachK_ does12:03
* ZachK_ can it be ZachK_@ubuntu/member/ZachK_ ?12:04
BasicXPand i want ask one for malamut too. he was recently approved as a member. http://launchpad.net/~malamut12:04
tsimpsonBasicXP: they need to ask I'm afraid12:05
vishBasicXP: probably better if the members asks themselves ;)12:05
BasicXPoh okay i'll call him12:05
tsimpsonZachK_: if you set your account name to ZachK_12:05
ZachK_tsimpson: my account? nickserv or lp12:05
ZachK_ZachK_ is my nickserv account name12:05
tsimpson/msg NickServ help set ACCOUNTNAME12:05
tsimpsonok, just give me a sec here :)12:06
Destinemalamut, you finally come.12:06
BasicXPthere he is12:06
malamutDestine: yes))12:06
malamutMay i have a cloak too? https://launchpad.net/~malamut12:07
BasicXPâîò âîò )12:07
BasicXPäîëæíû äàòü12:07
* tsimpson does the admin12:07
DestineBasicXP, can't read...12:08
BasicXPDestine: that's for malamut12:08
BasicXPwe're Russians )12:08
DestineBasicXP, oh...12:08
tsimpsonVorTechS, marienz, niko: ping for one of you12:08
marienztsimpson: pong12:09
BasicXPmalamut: òåêñò òî õîòü ÷èòàåòñÿ? èëè îïÿòü ñ êîäèðîâêîé ëàæà?12:09
tsimpsonmarienz: hi :) can you give BasicXP a @ubuntu/member/BasicXP cloak please? (and stick around for a few more)12:10
malamutBasicXP: I can't read too))12:10
DestineBasicXP, ah... how can i decode that...12:10
BasicXPd'oh! :(12:10
ZachK_does this change my status on the forums too?12:11
marienzwoo I was faster than niko12:11
tsimpsonmarienz: and an @ubuntu/member/Destine cloak for Destine please12:11
jussimarienz: rock on :D12:11
malamutcan you make a cloak for me too?))12:12
BasicXPcloak is working, thanks!12:12
Destinetsimpson, marienz thank you.12:12
vishZachK_: for the forums , you have to email separately12:12
tsimpsonmarienz: and @ubuntu/member/ZachK_ for ZachK_12:12
vishZachK_: info is in the membership wiki12:12
ZachK_vish: what's the link to do so?12:12
ZachK_vish: thanks12:12
tsimpsonmalamut: can you add your IRC nick on your LP profile please12:13
marienztsimpson: sorry, I cannot put underscores in a cloak12:13
tsimpsonmarienz: oh right12:13
malamuttsimpson: I've add^ https://launchpad.net/~malamut12:13
tsimpsonZachK_: ^12:13
BasicXPtwo questions - does freenode have ssl and what encoding is standart in here?12:13
ZachK_tsimpson: ok just do ZachK then12:14
jpdsBasicXP: 1) Yes, port 6697.12:14
marienzBasicXP: ssl: yes, connect to port 7000 or 7070 for that12:14
BasicXPumm so 6697, 7000 or 7070? :)12:14
tsimpsonZachK_: do you own the nick? and can you set the account name to it?12:14
marienzjpds: no, port 6697 isn't ssl here (although it is on a bunch of other networks, so it's an understandable mistake)12:14
ZachK_tsimpson: one sec12:14
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BasicXPokay. and encoding?12:14
jpdsmarienz: True, just realized that.12:14
marienzBasicXP: varies per channel.12:14
marienzif in doubt stick to utf-812:14
ZachKnope i can't12:14
BasicXPwhat about ubuntu channels?12:15
BasicXPthey differ too?12:15
Destinere-log to see my cloak then.12:15
marienzDestine: you're already cloaked12:15
tsimpsonmarienz: an @ubuntu/member/Malamut cloak for malamut please12:15
BasicXPyes Destine12:15
marienzDestine: your own client may not show it, but everyone else does see it12:15
Destinemarienz, oh, thanks!12:15
tsimpsonZachK: looks like the nick is taken by someone else12:15
ZachKtsimpson: yup12:16
marienzand it was used recently, so I cannot drop it for you12:16
tsimpsonyou could just go with the slightly less pretty cloak12:16
ZachKum can you give me a few to think of one?12:16
ZachKwait...howcome my nick is ZachK without the underscore?12:19
ZachKit didn't revert back to a random one12:19
vishZachK: probably the user is not logged in right now12:19
Tm_Tunique nicks <312:20
ZachKok what's the not pretty hostname in full12:20
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ZachK_because ZachK_ is what i use most everywhere because it's unique12:20
vishZachK_: you can use you nick , the cloak will be named differently12:21
vishyour* nick12:21
tsimpsonit'll be @ubuntu/member/ZachK/x-some-random-chars12:21
tsimpsonI think :)12:21
tsimpsonis that good with you?12:21
ZachK_i've been dealing with ZachK_@zachk_/Zachk18 for some time so yeah i think i can handle it...its the nick people see anyway..not the hostname12:22
tsimpsonmarienz: can you set that please12:23
vishZachK_: yeah , like for Tm_T his cloak is different bug we know Tm_T ;)12:23
* marienz mashes keyboard12:23
BasicXPthank you for the cloak! good bye!12:23
tsimpsonanyone I missed?12:24
Tm_TDestine: ?12:24
Tm_Toh he got already, ignore me (:12:24
DestineTm_T, hi?12:24
Tm_TDestine: was just making sure you got your cloak (:)12:25
tsimpsonok :)12:25
* tsimpson goes back into the depths of the intertubes12:25
* Tm_T huggles tsimpson12:25
DestineTm_T, thank you.12:25
nikotsimpson: some days ago legreffier asked for his ubuntu cloak too12:25
tsimpsonlet me see if they are about12:26
tsimpsonthough the idle time makes me think not12:28
tsimpsonooh, wrong12:28
ZachK_thanks all12:28
* ZachK_ must go to do some stuff12:28
legreffierhello :)12:28
ZachK_legreffier: hello12:29
ZachK_what can we do for you?12:29
tsimpsonlegreffier: can you post your LP profile please12:29
ZachK_ok thanks all..12:30
* ZachK_ out12:31
tsimpsonniko: would you give legreffier an @ubuntu/member/legreffier cloak please :)12:31
legreffierniko: yeah plz :)12:32
legreffieroh cool :) thanks12:32
tsimpsonwell done to all the new members12:32
_HardDiskmay I say something? and it's not being spiteful.14:43
_HardDiskI was rejected as a member and from what I've seen of other new members, where I've placed more work than them, I don't understand on what basis do I get rejected.14:44
vish_HardDisk: its kinda off topic here, but you can appeal to the council if you feel you were unfairly rejected14:45
vishcommunity council14:45
_HardDiskI've sent a letter of appeal to the council members.  It's been over a week no one replied.14:45
Pici_HardDisk: Which council did you contact?14:46
_HardDiskone sec.14:46
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HardDiskthat's the email I sent to14:49
HardDiskit was sent June 2nd14:49
PiciHardDisk: I just left a message myself to the CC asking that someone try to get back to you.14:53
HardDiskappreciate it.14:54
vishPici: hmm , didnt know you were at the UDS , could have met you in person :(15:00
Picivish: I couldn't make it to this last one, but I've been to the 9.04 and 10.04 ones.15:00
vishPici: oh! you werent there?  phew! ;)  i missed meeting ~5 people and thought i didnt meet you as well :)15:01
vishPici: weird , i read on some channel that you were there , hence the confusion ;15:02
Picivish: It would be news to me ;)15:03
vishPici: heh , must be the classic Pici <-> pitti tab fails15:03
PiciI haven't gotten his hilights in a while, although I'll probably get a bunch of them now.15:04
* h00k waves to everyone15:30
HardDiskPici, thank you btw, I just received an email from Mark Shuttleworth.15:54
PiciHardDisk: Cool beans.15:54
HardDiskI think I'm gonna post his message on my ubuntu blog :D15:55
HardDiskthe Egypt Team guys will love this15:55
tsimpsonHardDisk: make sure you ask permission first, it's not polite to post private emails on a public blog15:57
HardDiskoh of course.15:58
tsimpsonunless it was sent to a public list, of course15:58
HardDiskand it was sent to me and to the community council15:58
HardDiskbut of course I do know internet etiquette15:58
HardDiskI will ask permission first.15:58
tsimpsonbtw, the cc list is not public16:00
HardDiskwhich is why I'll ask permission first.16:03
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MTecknologyI'm trying to remember - how do you remove somebody from a channel w/o +o16:35
HardDiskyou ask someone with +o16:37
MTecknologyYou can remove w/o being opp'ed - I can't remember how though16:37
PiciNo, you cannot.16:38
MTecknologyPici: oh.. what can you do w/o being opped?16:38
PiciMTecknology: Change the topic, (un)mute someone, (de)voice someone16:39
MTecknologyPici: oh, thanks16:39
PiciMTecknology: see /msg chanserv help16:40
arandFor ubottu PMs, can one look at channel-specific factoids somehow+20:09
nikoarand: how a bot could know ?20:10
jussiarand: yes,20:11
jpdsarand: /msg ubottu !hi-#ubuntu-lol20:11
arandjpds: Ah, thank.20:11
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