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* apw yawns08:50
RAOFGood morning!08:51
jk-heya apw, RAOF.08:55
apwRAOF, heya, jk- evening!08:57
apwRAOF, did sconklin drop you a line about the lid detect bug ?08:57
RAOFapw: Indeed he did.  I've replied, and cc'd you.08:58
apwahh then i'll read m'email08:58
* apw shouts at compiz which has dumped twice in two days08:59
RAOFapw: In short, I think it's possible to fix in a way that would minimise regression potential, and be acceptable upstream, but requires more work than the pseudo-patch I dumped in the bug.08:59
ikepanhcgood morning .eu09:03
apwafternoon .ap09:08
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cooloneyikepanhc: as you are maintaining the #hwe tree, i got a question for you09:18
cooloneyikepanhc: when we got a new board defconfig and some small patches to enable a new board, 09:18
cooloneyikepanhc: do you just add a new flavor or something else09:19
ikepanhccooloney: for a custom kernel, its another branch, so I will have a new debian folder09:20
ikepanhccooloney: and restart the abi/changelog/flavour09:20
cooloneyikepanhc: ok, creating a new debian.project folder09:21
ikepanhccooloney: yeah09:22
cooloneyikepanhc: and if you got a new board which can be fitted into this project09:22
cooloneyshortly, this project has 2 boards,09:22
cooloneyboard-a and board-b09:22
cooloneywill you create 2 flavors for that?09:22
ogracooloney, if you are tlaking about the omap4 kernel above, the same omap4 kernel will run on both boards, dont bother with fiddling with different flavours10:46
cooloneyogra: the panda board use is own config file instead of the original one omap4_sdp_defconfig.11:31
ograthat will change11:31
ograjust ignore omap4_sdp_defconfig for that build 11:31
ograand use the panda one11:31
cooloneyogra: and we cannot generate 1 kernel to support that 2 boards. i just got a compiling failure11:32
cooloneyogra: yeah, that's what i am doing. 11:32
ograTI said it will be one kernel11:32
cooloneythanks for heads up11:32
ograprobably not yet though :/11:32
cooloneyok, it guess it will be panda, not sdp11:32
cooloneyno problem11:32
ograyes, main target is panda for 10.10 anyway11:32
cooloneyand one another thing is the panda config also got a problem11:33
cooloneyit built in both 8250 serial and omap serial driver11:33
cooloneyi am still working on that11:33
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Kanoapw: is it possible to change options based on enforce?12:27
apwKano, not currently is purely a check and abort function right now12:28
Kanoso how do you change options12:29
apwKano, add the new values by hand and updateconfigs normally12:31
Kanowhere to put the .config ?12:32
apwthere is a file called OVERRIDES you can put them in _temporarily_ then run updateconfigs, then remove it12:35
* cking wonders if that's documented anywhere12:39
* apw knows it is not, though the source is pretty easy to read12:40
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amitkapw: our build system is not an easy read anymore (for newcomers) :)13:51
apwamitk, bah of course it is :)13:52
amitkapw: that's like saying that "War and peace" is an easy read13:55
ericm|ubuntuapw, amitk, is there any easy way to extract the scripts of updateconfigs quickly into a separate script, so that multiple _defconfig can be used as input and a common.config and a bunch of <flavor>.config as output?13:57
ericm|ubuntuI guess that seems to be very useful for the ARM _defconfig mess we are now facing with13:58
apwericm|ubuntu, the processing works in that manner internally13:58
apwthere is a script to apply to a directory of configs13:58
ericm|ubuntuapw, which one?13:58
apwkernelconfig uses it so you can see how to13:59
ericm|ubuntuapw, thanks man - I'll take a look14:00
amitkericm|ubuntu: while it is worth looking into, I don't have high hopes that it will find too much common stuff.14:01
ericm|ubuntuamitk, well at least find a base to start the merge with14:01
ericm|ubuntuamitk, though I guess won't be very optimal14:02
* amitk nods14:05
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apwogasawara, yo ... hows -rc215:45
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ogasawaraapw: bah, I sent you email but looks like it didn't go out.  /me re-sends15:59
apwogasawara, heh thanks16:01
bjfpgraner, cking needs http://www.bluemic.com/snowball/16:05
pgranerbjf: heh16:06
ckingbjf, I probably need to write a driver for the snowball before I can use it16:30
bjfcking, it works on a mac, and that's just like linux, i don't think there would be a problem16:31
ckingbjf, you being funny?16:32
bjfcking, yup16:32
Zhenyahi guys!16:36
Zhenyai am having lots of fatal kernel panis16:37
ZhenyaIt hasn't done it today yet, but once i switch to dual screens and run some music, i feel like its guaranteed in an hour or so16:37
Zhenyaif someone would help it would make my machine much more usable :/16:37
JFoZhenya, do you have a bug filed about the issue?16:45
ZhenyaJFo: no i do not as i dont even know how to get all the details except for dmesg and i wanted to make sure it wasnt my hardware16:45
Zhenya(however this did NOT happen when i was on 9.10)16:45
JFoyou can run ubuntu-bug linux from a terminal window16:46
JFoit will gather all that we need16:46
JFoso the command16:46
JFo'ubuntu-bug linux'16:46
Zhenyado i just wait for it to then panic?16:47
Zhenyaoh cool!16:47
Zhenyawhich is this?16:48
Zhenyakernel config? filesystem?16:48
JFowhat do you mean?16:50
JFothis pulls all the data we want and opens a bug on Launchpad16:50
Zhenyathanks for showing me this!16:51
JFomy pleasure :)16:52
ZhenyaJFo: in case you want to check it out :D https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/59133017:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 591330 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel panic - random (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]17:02
JFothanks, I'll take a look in a bit :)17:04
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 55 minutes17:08
ZhenyaJFo: next time my machine crashes should i grab the dmesg right after the crash and attach it to the log also?17:17
JFosure, that is helpful indeed17:17
Zhenyaok great.i am awaiting the caps lock wink of death17:19
JFoapw, did we ever explain the new bug process to cking?17:32
apwJFo, dunno cking ?17:33
JFoI can't remember us discussing it with him17:33
JFoand I just realized that there are a few in need of review that he may not be aware of17:33
JFokernel-acpi bugs that is17:33
ckingJFo, I'm not aware of what was discussed, got a brain like a sieve at the moment anyway, so is it documented?17:38
JFoyeah, lemme dig it up17:40
apwmore work for cking ... yay17:41
* cking sinks17:41
ckingglub glub17:41
JFoso here are the new tags we crated, did you see them cking? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Tagging17:42
JFowe used your name in vain for one17:42
ckingcool - all the yummy ACPI goo17:42
JFoyep, there isn't much17:42
JFohere is the rough idea of the process https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugReview17:42
ckingJFo, that's coherent - great!17:44
JFolet me know if you have any questions17:44
JFowe are still working out the bugs so to speak17:45
ckingno - it's easy peasy to use - thanks for making it fool proof17:45
JFowell, we try :)17:45
ogasawarajjohansen: so I'm sue you saw, but I've rebased our maverick kernel to 2.6.35-rc1 and will soon be pushing our rebase to 2.6.35-rc2...17:46
JFothe big thing is to make it super easy for you guys to get relevant and timely bugs to have a look at cking 17:46
ogasawarajjohansen: in my rebasing I spaced on dropping any AA patches like we'd discussed.17:46
ogasawarajjohansen: will that be an issue for you in bringing us up to date with the latest AA patches for 2.6.3517:46
JFoand the top 50 list at http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/jfo/kernel-Top50.html is so you can have a look  at the overall workload17:46
jjohansenogasawara: yep, its not a problem17:47
ogasawarajjohansen: cool, phew17:47
jjohansenogasawara: we can either drop them separately or, patch on top, which ever works best for you17:47
jjohansenogasawara: probably best they didn't get dropped just yet anyways as I have some compatability bugs to work out17:48
ogasawarajjohansen: cool.  doesn't make much of a difference to me if we drop them separately or just a patch on top.17:49
jjohansenokay, I'll probably drop and do a clean import for you as that will give a nice clean history17:49
ogasawarajjohansen: sounds good17:49
sconklinI just took a lucid update and now my machine won't boot. I'll let you know what I find out.17:52
sconklinok, It's not catastrophic. It boots fine when the external USB drive isn't attached.17:54
tgardnersconklin, does it have abootable partition?17:55
ZhenyaJFo: ok i just had a panic17:56
Zhenyaand i got the dmesg17:56
Zhenyashould i pastebin it?17:56
JFoput the file in the bug please17:56
JFosconklin, I seem to recall someone else seeing that issue as well17:57
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 5 minutes17:57
* JFo reasies for the meeting17:57
JFoI give up on typing for today17:57
tgardnerJFo, crack your knuckles17:57
JFooh wow... wonder how long I have needed that17:58
JFooh yes, hands are working much better now :)17:58
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JanCZhenya: best attach it to your bug report so that it doesn't get lost18:03
ZhenyaJanC: ok i will do it! i rerequested my password from launchpad and its taking forever to get here.....18:03
JanCheh, how did you upload an hour ago without that password?  ☺18:05
Zhenyai had one18:05
Zhenyaand i tried using it and it DIDNt work right now18:05
Zhenyai know i had the right password, very weird....18:05
JFocking, that is by far the BP that has me most excited18:11
ckingJFo, the BIOS testing one?!18:12
ckingyour're welcome to get the sources, build it, use it and give me feedback ;-)18:12
ZhenyaJFo: still no password, do you have the correct permissions to attach things to the bug reports?18:12
manjoapw, do you want us to put names along side the todo items ?18:20
JFoyes, if you are going to be doing that item18:20
JFocking, I may do that18:21
apwmanjo, thats what the instructions say yes18:21
JFoI am eager to see what it does in the testing ISOs18:21
manjoapw, AH instructions :) 18:21
apwbjf, can you remember what smb calls his 'manual' for stable18:21
apwhe has a nice name i think18:21
=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Maverick Kernel Version: 2.6.35 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - June-15 - 17:00 UTC
bjfapw, yes18:21
bjfapw, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/StableHandbook/UpstreamStableReview18:22
ckingJFo, I'd better write a README file then ;-)18:22
apwbjf, and what does he call it18:22
apwhandbook, thank you18:22
apwJFo, i think we need a Handbook section of the Kernel wiki18:22
JFocking, yes please :)18:22
bjfapw, was getting the url from bookmarks18:22
apwfor those sorts of things18:22
JFoapw, I agree18:22
apwbjf, sorry i was not actually thinking of the URL though it has the information :)18:22
JFoI think that is massively useful18:22
* bjf thinks we need some user experience people to help design the kernel wiki pages (maybe a useability study or two)18:24
* manjo getting lunch will be back soon18:24
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JFoI think that is a thumping good idea bjf18:26
JFowork the layout flow out and all18:26
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jamincmy laptop appears to be periodically rebooting as a result of a kernel crash...  however most attempts to submit the requested bug report for the kernel crash result in a "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error" response after several minutes trying to upload the data.  Is there any other way I can report this problem and provide the necessary data?18:29
JFoI think you are encountering the same issue as Zhenya jaminc 18:31
JFothere seems to be some kind of server issue18:32
jaminck... wasn't sure if it was me or the server... it's an annoying issue... leave the system for a while and come back to find it rebooted at the login screen... no idea why... only report I have successfully uploaded indicated that my kernel was too old, though I'm pretty sure it was the most current at the time18:33
apwJFo, as we do not have any advanced topics i wonder if we should make 'Advanced' into 'Other'18:35
apwthen have essentially the same list of topics under 'Topics' on there18:35
apwhrm, perhaps not, what does that get me18:35
lagRight, that's me! Night all.18:43
lamontJun  8 11:16:07 rover3 libvirtd: 11:16:07.449: error : udevStrToLong_ui:73 : Failed to convert '008' to unsigned int#01218:57
lamont wtf is up with that18:57
ckingtgardner, not sure if that patch will work - doesn't the pcmcia_request_irq require interrupts to be enabled to detect the IRQ probing?19:01
tgardnercking, as far as I could tell it did not. everything was just I/O reads and writes.19:01
ckingtgardner, ok - well, then I'm very happy with it ;-) Thanks for picking this up - I'm the slacker19:02
tgardnercking, lets see if it actually works :)19:02
ckingtgardner, if it does, the same code should be applied to a bunch of those drivers that use the same probing/config methodology 19:03
apwlamont, odd isn't it, i saw that when testing kvm myself.  i had assumed it was a udev/libvirtd interaction19:05
apwlamont, and therefore blamed kirkland 19:06
ZhenyaJFo: you mean on launchpad or kernel wise?19:11
apwtgardner, i think your script which adds ~lucid1 has gotten a little out of hand as its adding them everywhrere there is a ) ... should only apply on lines which do not have whitespace as the first character19:17
ckingJFo, I've dumped a readme file in the top level of the test suite - it's ready for you to play with19:18
bjfpgraner, if I go to http://voices.canonical.com/kernelteam/ i'm not getting any of the links on the right side of the page (so I can't go to admin and post) 19:23
bjfpgraner, is it working for you?19:23
* pgraner looks19:23
pgranerbjf: nope19:24
tgardnerapw, I had that fixed once. sed '1s/..../19:28
apwtgardner, hrm well its unwell again i am afraid19:28
tgardnerapw, no worries. I'll figure it out.19:29
tgardnerapw, fixed and pushed19:32
apwtgardner, cool19:32
* cking attends to kids - seeya tomorrow19:33
ZhenyaJFo: still no way to access launchpad20:11
jamincZhenya, what problem are you having accessing launchpad?20:13
jjohansen-> Lunch20:59
cndhooray! I think I'm finally out from under pm-utils work :)21:05
cndtwas a little more than I bargained for when I took it over at the end of the lucid cycle...21:06
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* bjf is here21:12
apwpgraner, is emerald ok21:24
tgardnerapw, no tyler either21:25
apwyet pgraner is here ... odd21:25
methril_workis here the proper place to ask for linux rt kernel?22:21
methril_worki see some updates in the rt preempt patch taht are not reflected with the rt kernels22:21
apwmethril_work, abogani is the man for those kernels, though they are not here at the moment22:22
methril_workapw: thanks. Do you know his time zone?22:23
apwi think .eu though its sometimes hard to tell as that might be his off work time22:24
methril_workapw: i´ll try to catch him later22:25
Zhenyajaminc: cannot log in or retrieve password22:29
smoseranyone around who can answer a quick question before i open it as a bug ?22:33
smoserjjohansen maybe 22:33
jjohansensmoser: whats up22:33
smoseri'm playing around with eucalyptus, and attaching a bunch of EBS block devices , detaching them, reattaching them.22:33
smoserthe block devices get (in udev) KERNEL=/dev/vda at first22:34
smoserthen vdb22:34
smoserthen vdc .... vdz22:34
jamincZhenya, hmmm can do both here... simply can't submit a kernel crash bug report22:34
smoserthey are never re-used22:34
jamincJFo thought we might be experiencing the same issue, but doesn't seem to be22:34
Zhenyajaminc: gotcha.i think they are ahving server isssues22:35
jjohansensmoser: hrmm, that seems wrong22:35
smosermy experience with other busses (scsi) is that when a block device was detached, and then reattached it would be freed.22:35
smoserok. i'll open a bug. just wanted to make sure it wasn't obviously working as expected from the kernel perspective.22:35
jjohansenyeah, that is generally the case22:35
jamincsmoser, esata doesn't reuse unless you explicitly tell the kernel to delete it22:35
jaminctry echoing 1 into /sys/block/${DEV}/device/delete22:36
jjohansenright there are some exceptions22:36
jamincthat's how I get the kernel to remove the old esata devices22:36
smoserwell, i'll open a bug, and let kernel deal with it.22:37
jjohansensmoser: subscribe me to the bug22:37
smoserjaminc, well, there is only at this point a /sys/block/vdag entry (no others)22:37
smoserso presumably i'd have to do that before the entry was removed.22:37
smosermaybe thats housekeeping that udev is supposed to do ?22:37
jaminchmmm I'd think the device names would be reused if the entry no longer exists...22:38
jamincis there a time limit on uploading lauchpad bug data via apport?22:40
smoserjjohansen, bug 59146923:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 591469 in linux (Ubuntu) "virtio block devices names are not recycled (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59146923:29
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