humphreybc-minii'm off00:00
humphreybc-mininight, dutchie00:00
ChrisWoollardGood night all.00:21
humphreybcdid I break it dutchie?00:21
humphreybche's not here00:22
dutchiehumphreybc-mini: you're back!01:20
nisshhhumphreybc: liked your rant about ubuntu on omgubuntu yesterday :)01:49
godbykHey, daker.  How hard is it to add more manuals to the website (for when we start releasing the translated versions)?02:41
dakeri am working on02:42
dakerusing the xml file02:42
dakergodbyk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/446387/02:44
godbykWe can probably simplify the xml a little bit.02:45
dakerfeel free to do anything02:46
dakerjust found that http://code.google.com/p/openbookplatform/02:50
dakerping humphreybc,02:54
dakergodbyk, wiki+book = http://wookicentral.com02:55
epkugelmassgodbyk, daker, could we have a meeting soon to talk about l-e2 and m? we really don't have a lot of time...02:56
epkugelmassi will try my best to make it =]02:57
godbykepkugelmass: Yeah, I'd like to have a meeting soon, too.  I'll see if I can set one up.02:57
epkugelmassthanks godbyk02:57
godbykNo problem.02:57
godbykIn the meantime, are there any specific questions or issues I can try to help with?02:57
godbykdaker: That site looks pretty neat.02:59
epkugelmassgodbyk, are we going to get a release schedule for e2? when are the specifications for m going to be drafted? who's going to assign work to the authors (like myself)? what's the release schedule for m? I figure we need to have a beta release out by 9/1/10 at the latest.03:00
godbykLet me find the release schedules that humpreybc and I drafted.03:01
godbykWe'll have to adjust the schedule for Maverick if they've decided to move the release date around on us.03:01
epkugelmassthe release date is 10/10/1003:02
godbykYeah, we'll have to adjust our M schedule then.03:03
godbykFor the 10.04 second edition, it looks like we have 29 July as the release date.03:03
dakergodbyk, is there any way to parse the xml file very quickly03:21
dakerin php03:21
godbykdaker: I'm sure there is. Let me look.03:21
godbykIf not, we could always just put the data into a mysql database.03:23
godbykdaker: it looks like SimpleXML is the easier way (for our small xml file): http://us2.php.net/manual/en/book.simplexml.php03:24
dakeroki i'll try to write something03:26
godbykHa! Google just turned this up: http://7zoom.com/www.ubuntu-manual.org03:31
dakerwe are 192,60003:36
daker& google is n°103:37
dakerSite Worth:$20,046 not bad :p03:41
dakerWhere is ubuntujenkins ?03:51
dakerhe should see "Exam" the movie03:51
dakeroki see you, time to sleep04:07
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ubuntujenkinsmorning all07:27
nisshhubuntujenkins: yo07:28
ubuntujenkinshey nisshh07:28
nisshhwhats up?07:28
* nisshh is doing some browser bookmark sorting and adding07:29
ubuntujenkinsuni wor07:29
ubuntujenkinsuni work07:29
nisshhuh, not uni :(07:29
ubuntujenkinsits ok just bored of revising now07:30
nisshhmy cuz is doing exams right now too07:30
ubuntujenkinsonly a week left, then loads of quickshot and manual stuff07:32
nisshhsame with me, im pretty busy until about july07:33
nisshhmostly non-computer stuff unfortunantly07:33
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: the tmail one on builds.ubuntu-manual.org looks really cool07:34
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: :(07:35
* dutchie should be revising, but is instead backing up the windows laptop :(09:18
* ubuntujenkins should also be revising but is trying to persuade fedora 13 64bit to install on a virtual machine09:19
dutchieis it a 64 bit host?09:23
ubuntujenkinsit alsways locks09:23
ubuntujenkinsit always locks up towards the end of the install09:24
dutchiesure am glad i've got an ssd09:25
dutchielots and lots of disk access, and it's utterly silent09:25
ubuntujenkinsevery other distro i have done works. an ssd would help my laptop gets very hot09:26
ubuntujenkinsand the noise of course09:26
dutchiethis laptop has no moving parts09:26
ubuntujenkinsshow off09:27
ubuntujenkinswho is your vps hosting with?09:27
ubuntujenkinshmm, Their charges for extra disk space are quite allot. I would like a remote back up location09:29
dutchieyou wouldn't buy a VPS for remote backups09:29
ubuntujenkinswhat would you get? I know nothing about servers09:30
dutchiesomething like http://rsync.net/ or amazon S309:30
thorwiljust wanted to point to rsync.net, too :)09:31
ubuntujenkinsok thanks, I will have a look09:31
ubuntujenkinsok I better start working be back in awhile 0/09:38
vishdaker: hi, could you pretty up this progress bar > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OperationCleansweep , similar to the one we used for the manual?14:24
dakeri'll do it for you, but not for now14:26
vishdaker: sure , not immediately ;) ..  could you join #ubuntu-reviews , dholbach is there we can talk more about it ?14:26
dutchiegodbyk: style question on ML15:13
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godbykdutchie: thanks.  I replied.  for the second time. :)17:09
dakergodbyk, i have an idea20:03
dakerwhat about making a timeline20:04
godbyk-saganHey, daker.  Timeline foe what?20:14
dutchie(I'm sure i've asked that before)20:14
godbyk-sagandutchie: You have.  'sagan' is the name of my laptop.20:14
godbyk-sagansagan is my laptop, feynman is my desktop, newton is my mythtv box.20:15
godbyk-saganI'll have to come up with a new name for my netbook that's coming soon.20:15
* dutchie wonders if godbyk can work out what my naming scheme is20:15
dutchie"rigel" on the laptop, "alcor" on the netbook, and "polaris" is the server20:16
dakergodbyk-sagan, a timeline for our project20:16
godbyk-sagandutchie: Wow.. using stars means you can have a lot of PCs. :)20:16
dutchiewell, there are only so many with names20:17
dutchiebut there's still plenty of room :)20:17
dutchiegodbyk-sagan: hawking20:17
dutchieneed moar brits20:17
godbyk-sagandutchie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_proper_names_of_stars20:17
godbyk-saganAnd when you run out of names, you can just start using their designations.20:18
dakergodbyk-sagan, like this http://www.google.com/corporate/timeline/#start20:18
dutchiecould get tricky remembering the long numbers20:18
godbyk-sagandaker: cool. have we been around long enough to have a timeline?20:18
dutchieHR 8799 is not hugely memorable20:19
godbyk-sagandutchie: true.  kind of like ip addresses. ;-)20:19
godbyk-sagan"Hey, dutchie, did you reboot HR 8799 yet?"20:19
dakergodbyk-sagan, no :D20:20
dutchiegodbyk-sagan: "No, I meant HR 7899!"20:22
dakertake a look http://www.google.com/search?rls=en&q=world+cup&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-820:24
vishgodbyk-sagan: pff , always the spoil sport ;p20:25
vish" have we been around long enough to have a timeline?"20:25
godbyk-saganvish: :)20:26
godbyk-saganUbuntu Manual Project Timeline20:26
godbyk-sagan2010: Released first edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04.20:26
godbyk-saganEnd of Ubuntu Manual Project Timeline20:26
* ubuntujenkins is bored of revision20:46
c7phey godbyk-sagan what's up?20:54
godbyk-saganHey, c7p. Right now I'm trying to figure out of I can combine a bunch of C++ classes into one class with configuration.20:57
godbyk-saganTerribly exciting, no? :20:57
godbyk-sagan(Went all Cheshire cat there for a moment.)20:57
c7pwow :p20:57
dakergodbyk-sagan, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG5qDeWHNmk21:18
dakervery good physics engine21:19
* ubuntujenkins procrastinates and looks at xindy21:22
dakerubuntujenkins, you didn't finished your exams ?21:26
ubuntujenkinsno daker a week to day two more left21:26
ubuntujenkins!seen shrini21:31
manualbotI have no seen command21:31
ubuntujenkinsquickshotdevs has a seen command but I keep shutting my laptop down to avoid distractions21:32
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: do you know anything about tamil? from what i can gather combing a constant and vowel gives you a letter that is different to the ones you used to put it together. this is a good example http://www.thetamillanguage.com/cvchart.html22:03
ubuntujenkinsIt does make the index rather fun to try22:04
c7pnight all22:35
ubuntujenkinsnight all22:56

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