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stevecrozzi'm thinking about filing a 'needs packaging' issue for uwsgi (which I maintain in my ppa). I've never done this before, so what steps should I be taking now to get my package into both debian and ubuntu with the least pain?03:55
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dholbachgood morning07:59
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ari-tczewRoAkSoAx: I sent an e-mail to you. Please check.11:16
ari-tczewdupondje: pong to me if you will be able to talk11:50
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loolari-tczew: I dont maintain libsmbios, I'm listed as an uploader because I sponsored it12:11
loolari-tczew: who-uploads libsmbios > 2.0.3.dfsg-1 to unstable: Loïc Minier (lool) <lool@debian.org>12:12
loolari-tczew: I dont even have hardware to test it AFAIK12:12
ari-tczewlool: so you can't pack a new upstream release?12:12
loolari-tczew: package in Debian or Ubuntu?  I could if I get some testers12:13
ari-tczewlool: Debian. I've packed new upstream of libsmbios, but it's in queue for Ubuntu12:13
ari-tczewlool: hmm, so, would you like to sponsor my package, then forward to Debian?12:14
loolari-tczew: I could review the packaging changes and tell you whether these look ok, I'd need some testing of the final source package in each distro before uploading it12:15
loolI dont care that you test binaries that I build, but I do care that we test binaries built in each environment12:15
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karyocan I get some advice?15:44
funkyHat!ask | probably applies here15:45
ubottuprobably applies here: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:45
karyothx. I'm new to all this IRC stuff :->15:45
karyoI'd like to contribute to Ubuntu. I have some experience with ubuntu, have been reading a lot about gnu/linux/distros, have a lot of general knowledge on computers and programming but little skill15:46
karyoI want to join a team. I think triagers/motu would be nice to start. what do you think?15:47
funkyHatkaryo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted would be a good place to start reading if you're interested in packaging15:49
karyoshould I be? I found that packaging had a bit steep learning curve especially for debian/dpkg. I was starting to think that maybe I might not be able to contribute anything meaningful. Is it really hard as I think it is?15:50
porthosekaryo, if you want to triage bugs #ubuntu-bugs is the place to be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad15:51
funkyHatugh. bzr merge-package just completely failed at even attempting to merge mpd's init script.15:52
karyothx porthose. what I really want to know is which is easier? I really think I should get more experience, but I'm not sure what should be my first step.15:52
porthosekaryo, bugs would be a good place to start, it really depends on what interests you :)15:54
karyowell, I'm mainly interested in localization. I'm already involved in translating ubuntu/related projects to my native language, and found that there are a lot of issues non-english ubuntu versions face. I'm not sure how or if i can effectively handle such issues.15:56
funkyHatI filed a bug about mpd crashing, and a debdiff to fix it, but I've noticed there's a newer version in squeeze so I'm merging that16:06
funkyHatI guess I should mark my initial bug as invalid?16:06
lfaraone_There is a problem ("GDM crashes after selecting the "Sugar" desktop")for which there is a well-known fix that I have tested myself, and have committed to the upstream Debian packaging repository. I'm waiting for an upload of the fix to unstable. Can I SRU the fix to Lucid before it's uploaded to Unstable without creating an Ubuntu delta in Maverick?16:15
lfaraone_(I have the upload privlages)16:15
lfaraone_jdong, slangasek, ^^16:17
funkyHatI've just done my first merge using bzr. woop. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mpd/+bug/59130716:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 591307 in mpd (Ubuntu) "request to merge mpd 0.15.9-2 from debian testing" [Undecided,New]16:33
slangaseklfaraone_: SRUing to lucid doesn't automatically affect whether there's a delta in maverick.  We *can* copy SRUs from lucid to maverick after they've built, but can be asked not to.  What's the package?16:34
funkyHatoops... forgot to assign to myself before subscribing universe sponsors... I hope that doesn't create unnecessary noise16:37
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ari-tczewrequestsync has failed: /usr/bin/requestsync:31: DeprecationWarning: please use 'debian' instead of 'debian_bundle'17:41
geseron lucid or on maverick?17:49
geserit doesn't work at all because of this warning?17:53
dutchiein the course of fiddling with Makefiles and things trying to make mit-scheme build on i386, i saw error messages popping up suggesting to transition 3.0 (quilt). Would this be a good idea?17:53
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ari-tczewgeser: it's only warning. I've completed the bug description, but requestsync fails at the end, during send packets to launchpad17:55
geserari-tczew: did you get any error? it might be an LP API issue, as I've seen many timeouts (503 service unavailable) recently17:57
ari-tczewheh I didn't save17:57
ari-tczewnow I requested sync manually, so requestsync should tell me about duplicate17:58
ari-tczewand I can't reproduce bug message17:58
geserI'm currently fixing the warning for trunk (thanks for the notice)17:58
ari-tczewgeser: I'll look for any sync and try again to reproduce bug17:58
geseryou might be lucky to get it through or trigger an timeout, it's not really predictable or repeatable17:58
ari-tczewgeser: I think that it's could be a timeout17:59
carstenhdutchie: different patch systems in debian and ubuntu for the same package make syncing between these distributions harder17:59
ari-tczewgeser: is it possible due to long description of bug?18:00
dutchiecarstenh: there's no patch system at the moment18:00
dutchiecarstenh: presumably, if I did, it would make more sense to submit it to debian and sync it?18:00
geserari-tczew: I don't know the reasons for the many timeouts recently. I assume they are also the reason for the FTBFS page being out-of-date.18:01
ari-tczewgeser: is it possible due to DDoS on launchpad?18:02
carstenhdutchie: I would just wait until debian switches. people don't like non-functional changes in "their" packages made by other people18:03
dutchiecarstenh: fair enough18:03
ari-tczewgeser: that looks bug requested manually, because requestsync has been crashed: bug 59134918:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591349 in chef (Ubuntu) "Sync chef 0.8.16-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59134918:10
dutchiehttp://pastebin.com/T170RhPn :(18:28
carstenhdebian's mit-scheme does not have this problem?18:29
dutchiedon't know18:30
dutchie(this is after me fiddling with it)18:30
dutchiehttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/48268732/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.mit-scheme_9.0.1-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz is the build log from the buildds18:31
geseretc/create-makefiles.sh: 53: mit-scheme-i386: not found18:35
dutchiei fixed that (probably wrongly) by doing MIT_SCHEME_EXE="/usr/bin/mit-scheme-native" ./configure in debian/rules18:36
geserdid it fix this problem?18:39
dutchieit fixed the mit-scheme-i386 not found problem18:41
dutchiebut no I get the problem I pasted just now18:41
geserhave you tried contacting the Debian maintainer for help?18:43
ari-tczewquestion to sponsors: who think that package doesn't need to be synced, because package seems to be the same?18:43
shadeslayerari-tczew: not a sponsor,but if version is same in ubuntu and debian,why sync it?18:44
geserari-tczew: have you an example?18:44
ari-tczewgeser: bug 59134218:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 591342 in mistelix (Ubuntu) "Fake sync mistelix 0.31-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59134218:44
dutchieno, not yet. should I?18:45
shadeslayerbtw anyone know how to package java stuff? please join #ubuntu-packaging :)18:45
ari-tczewshadeslayer: because if we'll sync package and Debian will release a new package revision (version), then package will get in Ubuntu automatically18:45
shadeslayerari-tczew: uh.. not true18:46
geserdutchie: you could at least try if you are out of ideas what is broken18:46
ari-tczewshadeslayer: ?18:46
shadeslayerari-tczew: the package might need a merge or sync depending on the condition whether or not i works as in ubuntu as well18:47
dutchiegeser: ok, thanks for the pointer18:47
ari-tczewshadeslayer: first heard. us job is remove diff between Ubuntu and Debian. are you a sponsor?18:48
geserari-tczew: fakesync because of different md5sum of the .orig.tar.gz?18:48
ari-tczewgeser: yes18:48
shadeslayerari-tczew: no im not a sponsor :)18:48
ari-tczewshadeslayer: I thought18:48
shadeslayergeser on the other hand probably is :P18:49
shadeslayerari-tczew: i mentioned it in my first chat ;)18:49
ari-tczewshadeslayer: "not a sponsor" heh, not precisely, who "not sponsor"18:50
shadeslayerari-tczew: hehe :P18:50
ari-tczewyou should write "I'm not a sponsor, but I think that..."18:50
ari-tczewgeser: have you objections about sync package if packages seems to be almost the same or the same?18:51
geserno objections in general18:51
geserbut because this is a fakesync, I'm not sure if it's really worth it18:51
ari-tczewgeser: really18:52
geserI see the benefit of being able to auto-sync in future (when a new upstream version is uploaded). but till then fakesyncs are needed.18:52
nperryHello MOTU, wondered if somone could have a look at xserver-xorg-video-nouveau for maverick, it seems to of failed its last build becuase its still depending on Xserver 1.718:53
ari-tczewx-swat team should help us in xserver18:54
gesernperry: there is a Xorg transition in maverick going on right now but I don't know how far it's already done18:55
nperryI thought it has been completed18:55
nperryHang on a second, I dont think it should be motu should be talking to shouldn't it be X swat?18:56
arandnperry: xserver is in main, so nope, motu are not the ones properly in charge no.18:57
geseryes, #ubuntu-x should know better about the Xorg state in maverick right now18:57
nperrySorry my mistake!18:58
ari-tczewnperry: Timo Aaltonen is knowledge developer of X packages. you can find him on launchpad18:58
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solarionwhat're the units on the disk utility's benchmarking tool's horizontal axis (percentage of what)?19:01
shadeslayergeser: btw are all your merges done?19:09
shadeslayeri checked yesterday and only 3-4 were left :P19:09
ari-tczewshadeslayer: are you looking for work?19:11
shadeslayerari-tczew: hehe.. yes,but i can do it only from friday19:12
gesershadeslayer: didn't check recently19:12
shadeslayergeser: of the 26 there originally only 3-4 are left in universe :P19:12
shadeslayerari-tczew: basically i know some packaging and am looking at enhancing my knowledge19:13
geserthere are also some in main19:13
shadeslayergeser: if theyre not gone till friday ill have a look :P19:13
ari-tczewshadeslayer: maybe you want to get some knowledge in fixing security issues?19:14
shadeslayerari-tczew: hmm... how tough is it? ive been using kubuntu for the past 1.5 years and have packaged some kde apps and help out in packaging KDE, my lp page is : launchpad.net/~rohangarg19:15
shadeslayerari-tczew: so maybe you can guide me with how to proceed :P19:16
ari-tczewshadeslayer: sure, but now I'm going to cycling19:17
ari-tczewshadeslayer: please read yesterday's logs from this channel19:17
shadeslayerari-tczew: any specific time?19:17
ari-tczewI teached dupondje to prepare security fixes19:17
shadeslayerthanks :)19:17
ari-tczewsimiliar to now19:18
ari-tczew18-20 UTC +2H19:18
shadeslayerari-tczew: ill just do a search for dupondje19:18
shadeslayerari-tczew: found them :)19:20
ari-tczewnice, I'm going on bike, see you19:22
samliuhi motu, I was wondering if someone could help me with packaging a java application19:36
samliuin particular, open-source liferay, src can be found at http://www.liferay.com/downloads/liferay-portal/additional-files19:36
samliuI read all of http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide but I can't seem to make it work -- I can edit the control file and run debuild, I've set up my gpg key but I get a 1.7kb empty deb package19:37
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RainCTsamliu: I'm not familiar with Java packaging, but do you have some particular problem?20:11
samliuoh hi Rain, yes I am not sure how to package my application20:23
samliuin particular, I'm confused about the whole ./configure make make install thing20:23
DeeJay1jono: hi, where I can find more info about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-m-document-daily-builds ?20:23
samliuisnt' that only for C/C++ programs? how do I create an installer for my program, I guess that's my question20:24
jonoDeeJay1, email dholbach - he can give you all the details20:29
DeeJay1jono: ok, will do as I'm really interested in it (as currently I run the daily builds for Emerillon manually )20:30
jonoDeeJay1, it is really awesome - he can give you the details :-)20:32
DeeJay1jono: I've noticed that a few cool things are coming in Launchpad and some nice improvements for Rosetta also (the one thing I still miss in Rosetta is "add comment" function for reviewers)20:36
RainCTsamliu: Yes, that's only for stuff using autotools.20:56
RainCTsamliu: In your case it'll be different, depending on what build system your application uses.20:56
RainCTsamliu: I can't find any info on packaging for Java, so I guess the best would be to look at some similar existing package as example.20:58
samliuthanks Rain, I will look into it21:20
lfaraone_slangasek: sugar-0.88, but I haven't uploaded it yet.21:27
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slangaseklfaraone: ok - that package already has a newer version in maverick, so no risk of clobbering anything there anyway21:29
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lfaraoneslangasek: okay, just uploaded, re bug 542338. it'll show up in the queue in a few minutes.21:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 542338 in sugar-0.88 (Ubuntu) "GDM crashes when Sugar session is selected" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54233821:56
funkyHatAny chance someone could take a look at my merge of mpd? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mpd/+bug/59130722:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 591307 in mpd (Ubuntu) "request to merge mpd 0.15.9-2 from debian testing" [Undecided,New]22:01
* ajmitch really wishes that the diffs generated for merges were against debian22:04
slangasekajmitch: bzr diff --old lp:debian/sid/$package22:04
ajmitchslangasek: right, it's just a bit harder to eyeball a 25k line diff on launchpad22:05
dupondjeI have a control.in file with @PLUGINS_DESCRIPTION@, where is that fetched from ?22:05
ajmitchI'm fetching the branches now & will do that, it just takes more time to check it22:05
slangasekoh, on launchpad; I wouldn't attempt to review a bzr branch through the web gui22:05
slangasekespecially when my very next step would be to download the branch anyway22:05
ajmitchI tend to look at the diff on LP to catch any obvious issues before grabbing the branch22:06
ajmitchsaves time on my abysmally slow connection :)22:06
slangasek(need a good way to have local source mirrors of bzr branches though; hmm, maybe I should file a bug on udd about this)22:06
* ajmitch fetches both ubuntu & debian branches into a shared repository before diffing22:07
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit-plugins/+bug/590831 => does the merge look good ? :)22:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 590831 in gedit-plugins (Ubuntu) "Merge gedit-plugins 2.30.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New]22:11
dupondjeRiddell: nice going :)22:12
ajmitchfunkyHat: you seem to have missed the changes to debian/control in the changelog22:14
funkyHatajmitch: I didn't make any changes myself, are they not just a result of the merge?22:16
lfaraoneslangasek: huh. LP had an older version of the package so it was rejected as being older than the current version in lucid. reuploaded.22:16
* funkyHat looks22:16
ajmitchfunkyHat: they are, but you need to list all remaining changes from debian22:16
ajmitchsee the changelog entry for 0.15.4-1ubuntu122:17
funkyHatajmitch: oh... silly me22:17
funkyHatajmitch: can I simply amend the changelog, commit and push again, or do I need to do something different?22:18
ajmitchapart from that it looks good at a glance, though listing previous changes that are dropped in this upload can be useful, like the patch from upstream22:18
ajmitchyes, you can just do that22:18
ajmitchfunkyHat: given the speed of apt-get update in pbuilder, it may be a little while before I can upload it :)22:39
funkyHatajmitch: ⢁)22:39
Riddellporthose: ping23:46
Riddellporthose: what gives you authority to ack bug 590202 ?23:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 590202 in pybliographer (Ubuntu) "Sync pybliographer 1.2.12-3.2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59020223:47
ari-tczewRiddell: what is wrong in above bug ^^ ?23:49
Riddellit's been ACKed by porthose but he doesn't seem to be a member of ubuntu-dev23:50
ajmitchRiddell: he does upload rights to some packages, iirc23:50
ajmitchbut I can't recall how that's checked23:50
geserRiddell: he is a MOTU (https://edge.launchpad.net/~cjsmo), 3rd badge from left23:51
geserand Latest memberships mentions even the date (MOTU since 2010-01-08)23:52
ajmitchI didn't think people were still getting added to ~motu, but to ~ubuntu-dev (which he's an indirect member of)23:52
geserubuntu-dev = motu + core-dev + ppu23:53
Riddellso ~motu gives you upload rights?23:53
ari-tczewRiddell: of course23:53
geser~motu gives uploads rights to universe and multiverse23:54
Riddellwhat's the one which is just a membership but doesn't give you upload rights?23:54
kklimondauniverse contributors23:54
Riddellah, that's my mistake then23:55
ajmitchRiddell: thanks for doing syncs anyway :)23:58
ajmitchnow that heimdal is in, I can file one for krb5-auth-dialog23:58
Riddellbut since I'm done with syncs for today it'll probably stay there until my next archive day next week :)23:59
ajmitchsurely they'll be done more than once a week?23:59

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